TRENTDREAMER's SparkPeople Blog TRENTDREAMER's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Weigh-In 06/25/2016: 1 Month Until Goal **GOAL: 204.x By 7/23 <BR> Ultimately I'm looking to go below 205 by the end of July. There's an event on the 23rd that I've been planning to go to for awhile that I've been looking forward to. How much more perfect would it be to have just hit a major goal that morning? <BR> <BR> I always whoop it up big for the 205 pound milestone. 210 is usually really easy to hit with some basic effort. Going below 200...well, let's just say it kinda speaks for itself. <BR> <BR> 195 is the ultimate... Sat, 25 Jun 2016 19:46:31 EST Wait, That's Right! I'm a...... SP MOTIVATOR AWARD <BR> Recently a dear SparkFriend, all of whom I love very much was given a SP Motivator award. I'm not going to call her out by name, but if you look through my friends it will likely *dawn* on you which one based on her *success* here on SP #seewhatididthere <BR> <BR> In her, I could totally see why. High energy. Great success. Practicing what she preaches. Being and keeping it real. Being actively and effectively involved in a SP community. I am very thankful for ... Wed, 22 Jun 2016 09:47:43 EST Weigh-In 06/18/2016: 4 Pounds Next Week!! THIS WEEK (DIET) <BR> Overall did OK in the beginning. The big thing was eating out Wednesday, Thursday and Yesterday. Thursday was a much larger meal than the other two. And yesterday I ate out later than I usually do on Friday. <BR> <BR> "Threw the weigh-in" would be overstating it. "Sabotaged it" would be more accurate <BR> <BR> <BR> THIS WEEK (EXERCISE): <BR> I am extremely happy with my exercise. I'm working out 5 times a week 35-40 minutes a pop. Worked slowly up to that over t... Sat, 18 Jun 2016 08:46:04 EST Weigh-In 06/11/2016: Attack of the Hungries **THIS PAST WEEK <BR> Eating was good. I tracked for a couple of days to get a baseline. Exercised 5 times, very intensely. <BR> <BR> <BR> **THE HUNGRIES <BR> I know that the workouts are starting to pay off because of Wednesday. After 4 straight days of doing some pretty intense workouts. I started feeling extremely hungry. Like, all the time super-hungry! <BR> <BR> No matter how much I ate, the body just kept wanting more and more and more and more. <BR> <BR> Last time this happene... Sat, 11 Jun 2016 10:21:12 EST This Week, I'm Trying...... --THE HOLY GRAIL <BR> Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight has had this experience at least once (usually many times). They get a piece of advice which is considered the holy grail of weight loss. It's the Rosetta stone. The advice is given with great confidence. It is absolute; THIS is the key. <BR> <BR> Then the one desiring weight loss tries it. They are able to do it for a day (maybe 2). It's very hard. They "fall off track". They feel guilty. Try again and fail again. Rins... Tue, 7 Jun 2016 09:59:11 EST Weigh-In 06/04/2016: 8 Ounces None the Poorer **THIS WEEK........ <BR> The midweek(s) showed expected amount of resistance. Was down an ounce or two. <BR> <BR> Frankly I made the mistake of changing my workout too much too fast (will likely blog about it midweek). This lead to me only working out once or twice. The time off was kind of cool, though. <BR> <BR> The eating was meh, but not too bad. Ended up eating out last night, but only had a few small items. The foundation of my eating is tight. That being said, water intake has... Sat, 4 Jun 2016 21:26:56 EST Yeah, I rewarded myself.....With Food!! OK, so here's how I know that I am going to succeed. Not because I am making some religious effort to eat better and exercise more. It's because I am changing my life for the better. <BR> <BR> <BR> **THIS MORNING <BR> I had one of those meetings (one sees them in rom coms and dumb yuk comedies all the time). It was the one where if it went well, it could take my career easily to the next level. If not, would take some recovery. I prepped for it as best as I could and was r... Wed, 1 Jun 2016 11:56:39 EST Weigh-In 05/28/2016: And *Boom* Goes the Dynamite **6 WEEKS AGO <BR> I started back on SP in mid April. Though my official first weigh-in back was 212.8, I had been floating more around 214/215. <BR> <BR> **LAST WEEK <BR> I ate out a grand total of twice and could feel the difference. Less cheap carbs less salt. Mid-weeks were pointing to going below 210.0 as all but an inevitability. <BR> <BR> **WEEKLY WIGH-INS SINCE <BR> 212.8@23% (initial) <BR> 211.6@24% <BR> 211.4@24% <BR> 211.6@24% <BR> 210.4@23% <BR> 210.0@24% (Yeah, that happen... Sat, 28 May 2016 09:57:12 EST *THAT* Workout It was awesome. I have no idea why, but I showed up at the gym and had THAT workout. It felt really good. I felt well, but not over, exercised. My body felt like it was asking for more all throughout the workout. As such, I actually added one set of each ST exercise and 5 extra minutes on the elliptical. <BR> <BR> Even through my right forearm was sore, I did a full body workout including bicep curls. My workout included: <BR> -10 minutes on the elliptical <BR> - 5 minutes on the han... Tue, 24 May 2016 19:14:39 EST Weigh-In 05/21/2016: Yup, THAT Happenned **LAST 3-4 WEIGH-INS <BR> It's been trippy. Never in my 7 years her on SP have my mid-weeks and weekly weigh-ins been so consistently disconnected. <BR> <BR> Yeah, back in 2009/10, I would have a weird sunspot week here and there. Even so, 99 out of 100 times I could take my midweek number, look at the remaining days until official weigh-in and know at least whether I was going to lose or not. <BR> <BR> So for the last 3-4 weeks, my midweeks would point to high 209.x or very low 210.x offi... Sat, 21 May 2016 10:46:17 EST Judgment Jeans (dah duh DUHHHHH)!! OK, so at any given time I usually have 6-7 pairs of wearable jeans for whatever weight I am at. They generally fall into one of four tranches of my collection: <BR> * The Fat Jeans: Usually loose 38" or 40" best when I'm 215+ <BR> * Heavier Jeans: most size 38" jeans I own. Fit best when I'm 205-215) <BR> * Transition Jeans: mostly loose 36" jeans. When I'm losing weight and am usually 200-207ish) <BR> * Victory Jeans: These are the size 36" jeans that fit best when I am 196-202 pounds.... Tue, 17 May 2016 16:44:02 EST Weigh-In 05/14/2016: You Can Bet.. **THIS WEEK - EATING <BR> Ate really well. Did not eat out a lot. Did not eat as many of the foods that bust sugar cravings, but also did not eat nearly as much sugar. <BR> <BR> <BR> **THIS WEEK - EXERCISE <BR> Hit the gym 4-5 times and got a good workout. But even better, I did 4 major walks (including one yesterday evening) <BR> <BR> <BR> **THE BUILD UP <BR> So yesterday, I decided against a fast food lunch. Had a very light dinner. Drank water throughout the day. I have been at t... Sat, 14 May 2016 10:13:24 EST The Ba-con Was a Mista-con PIZZA CRAVINGS <BR> So Saturday night I was craving a meat lovers pizza. I usually get every topping and sub the ham for onions (not out of a sense of needing veggies, just like onions with both sausage and hamburger). At the same time I've been focusing on healthier carbs, so the crust was not desirable. The craving was strong though. <BR> <BR> In the end I realized pizza after 7:00pm usually translates into a poor night of sleep, so I decided to treat myself to a next day hot breakfast ... Wed, 11 May 2016 10:18:12 EST Weigh-In 05/07/2016: You can't say..... #THIS WEEK <BR> ate relatively well. worked out 6 times @ 22 minutes a pop (I count a set of a ST exercise as 1 minute). I have a good routine going and even have a cheat. I will do 5 minutes of cardio and 4 ST exercises at home (earlier) and still magically do 20 minutes when I get to the gym for a "total" of "22 minutes" #winkwink <BR> <BR> <BR> #MIDWEEK <BR> It was still stagnant from last weeks weigh-in, but still pointing to a decent 1-1.2 pound loss this week. but then as the old... Sat, 7 May 2016 09:48:58 EST Weigh-In 04/30/2016: I'm Positive...... **THIS WEEK <BR> I ate well. 2-3 smoothies a day. Actually kept my self engaged and active enough to consistently go 3-4 hours between meals and snacks to let my food digest properly. Been doing the whole not combining meat and carbs thing (Not religiously. A blog for another day). <BR> <BR> **EXERCISE <BR> I actually hit the gym 6 times (20 minute workouts, slowly working up). Have been doing 3-4 time per week for a few weeks now. <BR> <BR> **MIDWEEK WEIGH-IN <BR> Went *eerily* well. ... Sat, 30 Apr 2016 10:05:22 EST Smoothie Recipie Back in 2014, I got into smoothies. Really into them. Like 2 a day usually into them. <BR> <BR> Being that I bought my personal blender as a means to more efficiently get more fruits and vegetables in my diet, I've kept the ingredients relatively pure (never use ice cream, sugar, etc in my recipes). Mostly fruits, vegetables and super-food seeds (flax, chia, cacao, acai) <BR> <BR> Carrots have been a tough food for me. The taste and texture have been a struggle, even with smoothies. No... Wed, 27 Apr 2016 08:03:30 EST Weigh-In 04/23/2016: And it begins **RESTART: <BR> Restarted on Spark a couple of weeks ago. Am trying to go heavy on the foods that lost me over 20 pounds a few years ago. They are the ones that chop down sugar cravings <BR> <BR> **KIND OF FREAKY <BR> I was grocery shopping and almost forgot to buy chocolate. This has not happened in awhile. I literally walked past the chocolate section twice. Had to force myself toward the end of the trip to go pick up my weekly stash. <BR> <BR> I am literally craving quinoa, garlic, ... Sat, 23 Apr 2016 09:51:52 EST D*rn Proud of Myself OK, So I am re-instituting a super-food diet that kills off sugar cravings. It helped me lose 20 pounds back in 2013. It takes a few days to totally kick in, but tonight I got a big time NSV (*). <BR> <BR> I was craving an chocolate-covered coconut candy bar. Basically a Mars Bounty Bar, coconut covered in chocolate. There might be other candy bars like that, but I'm not aware of them`. #trolling <BR> <BR> So Anyhoo...I was craving it but not as strongly as before the SF diet. <BR> <B... Thu, 21 Apr 2016 19:55:28 EST [Weigh-In] & [The 11 Month Plan] OK so after 3 months of not being on SP, I've decided to come back. Suffer my first weigh-in. I'm essentially the same weight as when I restarted earlier this year. <BR> <BR> **WEIGH-IN** <BR> 212.8@23% <BR> I've been walking a lot over the past couple of weeks, and have noticed the % going down. <BR> <BR> As such I am going to shoot for two15-20 minute walks a day for 5-6 days this week. As I lose weight, we'll see if that goes down to 22 then 21. I will look for stagnation and then ad... Sat, 16 Apr 2016 09:13:15 EST The Forgotten 11 Months..... **REFLECTION <BR> A lot of my frustration has been my initial success, followed by a lot of stagnancy. I've been running it through my head for the last 5+ years. As I pondered it: <BR> * I joined SP <BR> * struggled a bit at first <BR> * got on my game and lost the 25 pounds very quickly <BR> * finally went below 200 <BR> * almost hit my goal <BR> As I remembered it it was a short time from joining to when I went below 200. <BR> <BR> <BR> **BUT....... <BR> last night as I was looking ove... Thu, 14 Apr 2016 20:33:45 EST Weekly Weigh-In 01.09.2016 **This Past Week: <BR> So I ate well, but the eating out and sugars killed most of my progress later in the week. Really epic midweek weigh-in. I think this week I am going to try to eat out as little as humanly possible and start re-upping the foods that have killed off sugar cravings in the past. <BR> <BR> !! I've lost over 4 pounds in a week before and if there was ever a week where I could do it again it could be this one. <BR> <BR> **Weigh-in <BR> Last Week: 214.4@24% <BR> This Week... Sat, 9 Jan 2016 08:45:35 EST What the Dreamer Drank For Breakfast Anyone who has read my blogs from years ago know that my biggest food type struggle besides sugar is eating vegetables. I've occasionally been able to make salads or stir-fries to get by, but usually my enjoyment of them comes from other ingredients (usually the fruits, sauces or nuts that accompany). <BR> <BR> Smoothies have changed that <BR> <BR> Back in August of 2014 a friend and I were at the mall and we hit the personal blender display. The smaller older version of the product was o... Tue, 5 Jan 2016 08:24:58 EST Once Again.... I really am giving this one more shot. <BR> <BR> Weight loss will really be my main and only real goal of 2016. <BR> <BR> I weigh myself on both NYE and NYD on every year. On NYD 2015, I was 206.0@22% (only 11 pounds from my goal :S). over the last 12 months the only thing I have succeeded in is gaining almost 10 pounds. <BR> <BR> Today, 2015.01.01: 214.4@24% <BR> <BR> even failed at my goal to be below 210 by NYE!! Nothing new. <BR> <BR> I know the mantras: <BR> * "Don't beat yourse... Fri, 1 Jan 2016 09:11:18 EST Weigh in and NSV (a tighter belt) **WEIGH-IN <BR> So I started my triumphant return to Spark people last week at 211.8. I've been stuck at around 213 for about 5 months. Not going to lie, it's been a bit painful. <BR> <BR> 2 pounds is a lot for a week, but the weight loss is always easier for me at 210/215 than it is 196/200. Midweek looked good, but that certainly doesn't guarantee success (especially when we're talking 2 pounds a week). All that said.....(drumroll)........ <BR> <BR> Last Week: 211.8 @ 23% <BR> This W... Mon, 14 Dec 2015 19:52:35 EST Come Party With The Dreamer (Party Next Monday) Back in 2010 I was on the verge of going below 200. It was a half a pound a week for awhile, but the habits were in place. It was just a matter of time. My weigh-ins were religiously on Saturday morning (blogs still there if you're having trouble sleeping) <BR> <BR> I stepped on the scale one Saturday and the weight was weird. Despite a really good week of eating, I was up to 201.x. I knew the number was off. I then made a promise in my blog "I will be below 200 next weigh-in. I not o... Tue, 8 Dec 2015 11:17:26 EST Another Year, Another Failure and Another Restart **Gained 10 Pounds This Year <BR> Wow. I was reading the 2 other blogs I posted this year (will try to be more consistent going forward). One was a weigh-in in February. I was 10 pounds lighter. <BR> <BR> Back when I was more active on Spark ('09/'10), I bought into a lot of the "positive" "thinking". I tried to avoid (arguably) negative terms like: <BR> - "Complete failure" <BR> - "Total waste" <BR> - "Sc**wed the Pooch". <BR> - "Jersey Shore" <BR> <link>http://images.fashionnstyle.... Sun, 6 Dec 2015 09:30:38 EST Unfinished Business I joined SparkPeople 6 years ago. my goal was simple. I wanted to weigh 195 pounds again. I wanted a body fat ratio of 15%. In 2009/2010, I made several small changes to my diet that yielded a consistent, albiet slow, weight loss (didn't always seem like I was making progress #hindsight2020). <BR> <BR> I amassed a great number of wonderful SparkFriends. Ones who were there for me and allowed me to be there for them. Commenting on each others blog, liking and commenting on daily statuse... Sun, 28 Jun 2015 08:18:51 EST Weekly Weigh-in (02.22.2015): New Week, New Low ==THIS WEEK <BR> Not a lot on the exercise front, but a decent amount of physical activity. Eating was pretty good. Nothing to report. Upping the number of daily vegetables has changed a major aspect of my life. The grocery store chain I've been shopping at regularly for the past several years doesn't do as well with their distribution when it comes to veggies. <BR> <BR> Their price-point is considerably better than the health-food store down the street. As one who needs to buy 21 servi... Sat, 21 Feb 2015 09:12:07 EST Weekly Weigh-in (02.15.2015): Boom Week!! As those of you who have known me longest know, my blogs become very scarce when there's nothing really new to report. In a lot of ways I feel as though I just really don't have that much to say. I sometimes feel as though my time at SparkPeople is already over. I don't know <BR> <BR> **LAST 4 WEEKS <BR> My weight has been seriously stagnating over the past month. Every week it's been 204.x or 205.x. It's been frustrating and it's hard to be encouraging when no progress is being made. ... Sun, 15 Feb 2015 09:42:39 EST Weekly Weigh-in (01.24.2015): Never Seen THAT Before... ==THIS WEEK <BR> I exercised three times this week, but did much more walking than usual on one of the others. I ate out a fair amount, but am starting to realize a lot of the choices I started making back in the early 10's really have become ingrained habits and are paying pretty big dividends. <BR> <BR> Smoothies have become a regular habit and I am now starting to branch out and find other ways incorporate vegetables. For dinner I try to fry up a vegetable with chicken. Sometimes onion... Sat, 24 Jan 2015 08:29:03 EST Weekly Weigh-in (01.17.2015): No Apologies ##EATING <BR> <BR> Overall good. My typical not-so-good days are when I only get two vegetables a day rather than 3. <BR> <BR> My team at work had it's company meeting this week. We ate and ate. That's how we roll. The midweek showed a gain. <BR> <BR> Last night I got a last minute call from a friend who was new in town who wanted a birthday celebration dinner. I figured "What the heck". <BR> <BR> Here's the thing..and I make no excuses.... <BR> <BR> ##EXERCISE <BR> I'm up to 4 pret... Sat, 17 Jan 2015 08:09:42 EST Evil Plan Part II: Defining Success On MY terms **BACKGROUND <BR> My first year on SparkPeople was great. I started at 225 having already lost 25 pounds. My goal was 195 pounds. I fought for that goal. Three times between 2010 and 2011 I was literally less than a pound from that goal. My goal was and still is 195 I hit 195.8 stayed there for a few weeks and then my weight would go up a few pounds and stay there. <BR> <BR> I found especially after losing over 25 pounds, any expression of frustration of having not met my goal was met w... Wed, 14 Jan 2015 21:08:58 EST Weekly Weigh-in (01.10.2015): It Didn't Suck Too Bad ##EATING <BR> OK, so this week I ran into two major obstacles: <BR> - a couple of social events that involved eating out at restaurants that I liked. <BR> - I ran out of food in the fridge at the odd amount of time where going shopping wasn't reasonable. <BR> <BR> As such the eating suffered. <BR> <BR> ##EXERCISE <BR> I worked out 3 times. I've taken about 4 spin-style classes since Mid December and I really like them. (Taking one later this morning). One of them was this week. <BR> <BR>... Sat, 10 Jan 2015 09:31:50 EST Evil Plan Part I: Not Tracking ALL of My Food So I've decided to unleash my evil plan in parts. There are going to be several really evil facets to my master plan that will be really evil, really facet-ey and really plan-ey. <BR> <BR> The First One: Not Tracking All Of My Food!!!! <BR> <BR> Years ago I had a personal trainer who was hard-core about nutrition tracking. Me? Had never done so. She gave me the "if you bite it, then you gotta write it" mantra/ultimatum/dogma (*). That being very much work for someone who had never don... Thu, 8 Jan 2015 08:23:27 EST Weekly Weigh-in (01.03.2015): The Third Number Set Is Lying!! ##Third Number Lying##### <BR> Well, the numbers don't lie...except for the 3rd set below. I do my first of year weigh-ins after a night of either a nye party or eating a really heavy meal out. Either way, the information I'm giving you is 75% honest. <BR> <BR> ##Evil Weight Loss Plan##### <BR> This Week I will unhatch the first part of my evil weight loss plan. <BR> <BR> ##The Numbers:##### <BR> --Weight When I first Started on Spark (@bodyfat) <BR> 225.0@25% <BR> <BR> --Goal Weight <BR... Sat, 3 Jan 2015 08:00:34 EST Official First Weigh-in For the Year. I've Already Epic Failed #Hopeless ==Premise <BR> The 24 hours between 8:00am on December 31 and 8:00am on January 1 are my favorite 24 hours. My last day of the year weigh-in establishes my final weight for the year as a sobering sense of accomplishment, good or bad. The next morning's weigh-in establishes the number that is the baseline for the end of year weigh-in that I have a whole 364/365 days for. <BR> <BR> I always inflate the later number each year to yield a better former one by (and I use a very deep academic psy... Thu, 1 Jan 2015 09:29:53 EST End Of Year Weigh-in (The Dawn of the Quit) #HisStory <BR> For those of you who I haven't met yet, my name is Trent. I joined SparkPeople in 2009 (yes those new years '200x' sunglasses worked back then). My goal was 2-fold. I wanted to weigh at or below 195 and have a bodyfat ratio of 15%.. My starting numbers were 225@25%. <BR> <BR> I lost a ton of weight (like "literally" a #TON of weight) (*). At one point I was literally 0.8 pounds away from 195 (**). I lost all of the weight I've lost in the first year here on SparkPeople. ... Wed, 31 Dec 2014 08:07:48 EST September 2014 Weigh-in #SMOOTHIES <BR> Back in mid August, I became a born-again smoothie junkie (2 on most days, 3 on weekends). I bought one of those really small blenders that makes 1-2 portions of any given smoothie recipe. My weight had been consistently 204-207 and I was really tired of being in that rut. <BR> <BR> One thing which a lot of non-veggie eaters on YouTube pointed out, is that a lot of the vegetables get really drowned out of the taste equation when combined with 2 pieces of fruit, vanilla flav... Sat, 27 Sep 2014 10:52:48 EST Weigh-In 06/21/14 **Warning. This blog contains expressions of frustration. If you are someone who doesn't feel comfortable with this (or needs to squelch such expressions with the usual "don't beat yourself up" or "tomorrow is another day" yada yada), then please either don't read or read and don't comment** <BR> <BR> **THIS WEEK <BR> Did not get my footing a lot of stress. Didn't even log onto SparkPeople. Didn't really address the SparkDiet. I'll get to it tomorrow. <BR> <BR> **IN GENERAL <BR> I'm fr... Sat, 21 Jun 2014 09:08:21 EST Weigh-In 06/14/14 OK, so I didn't really stick to my fast break goals this week. Tracking is really hard for me. Fact of the matter is I eat a lot and I am not consistent with my eating patterns. I don't have that bowl of cereal with fruit every morning for breakfast, sandwich/salad for lunch. I snack throughout the day so remembering is hard and writing everything down is a chore to say the least. <BR> <BR> I'm still ruminating over a small portion of the book that I had planned to read every day. <BR>... Sat, 14 Jun 2014 08:12:58 EST Focus: Values and Beliefs **FOCUS <BR> <BR> So last week for the fastbreak portion of my SparkDiet I read the chapter addressing the cornerstone of "Focus". It includes three building blocks: <BR> <BR> * Values and Beliefs <BR> * Purpose and Vision <BR> * Goal setting <BR> <BR> Each one builds on the one before it in the process. I'm not going to lie. As a guy I found it kind of touchy-feeley at first. The goal setting thing made sense, but the other two seemed kind of enigmatic and unnecessary. I read the sec... Wed, 11 Jun 2014 20:17:32 EST SparkDiet: Week 1 Recap and Weigh-in ** PROJECT RESTART <BR> <BR> So last week, I made the decision to recommit myself to SparkPeople. Unlike last time, this time is going to be about following the program as designed. I got heavily involved in the community aspect of the site back in the late 00's early 10's. <BR> <BR> I've been reading the new member guide and it points out 3 basic pillars to the site: <BR> * Tracking <BR> * information (articles/videos) <BR> * Community <BR> <BR> Tracking has always been something that I... Sat, 7 Jun 2014 08:48:51 EST My 3 FastBreak Stage Goals So recently, I've decided to give SparkPeople a true try. Over thee last few years I have been not done well. I wonder if the program works. Whenever I wonder if something really works or not, I choose to follow it. By its own defintion, both in letter and in Spirit <BR> <BR> So I am now doing the SparkDiet and reading the book "The Spark" by SP founder Chris Downie. I am also going through the new member welcome guide. <BR> <BR> As I read the book this week, I am reading the chapter o... Tue, 3 Jun 2014 19:01:30 EST More Than Burnt Out. I Give Up. I'm Giving SP a Try. "Burnt Out" doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about being on this site. That would have described me two years ago when I had only been on for 3 years and was still nowhere near my goal. At the five year mark I don't even know if there is a word. <BR> <BR> Don't get me wrong, I love my Sparkfriends. I love blogging and commenting on others blogs. I love the support that I've gotten as I've striven for my goals. It has been an experience..... <BR> <BR> At the same time, I'm just... Sat, 31 May 2014 21:13:44 EST Yup, That About Sums It Up So I was having lunch with a friend a few months ago. We were at a restaurant that was well known for it's southwest portion of the menu. <BR> <BR> As a 23x-24x pound guy, I could easily shoot down a plate of nachos as an appetizer, and then eat both the 8oz burger and big plate of fries. As a 20x pound guy, not so much. <BR> <BR> So I asked the waitress what some options were to sub out fries. All of them were either another version of fried potato or white rice (no brown, I asked). I ... Tue, 20 May 2014 08:35:53 EST How I Lost 25 Pounds With Practically No Effort (Part III) *This is Part 3 of a 3 part blog series about how I lost the 25 pounds I did before joining SparkPeople. I don't tend to talk about those days much* <BR> <BR> OK, So I had lost 13+ pounds by making one change to my diet a few years prior. Instead of a sausage biscuit, 2 hashbrowns, a 12oz coke and 6 mini donuts for breakfast every morning I was eating a bowl of whole grain cereal, 2T walnuts, 1/2c skim milk, and protein (eggs, chicken steak, etc.). All organic. I went from 250+ down to 2... Fri, 16 May 2014 15:47:28 EST How I Lost 25 Pounds With Practically No Effort (Part II) *This is Part 2 of a 3 part blog series about how I lost the 25 pounds I did before joining SparkPeople. I don't tend to talk about those days much* <BR> <BR> In my previous blog I outlined the basic day of eating that got me up to and kept me at about 250 pounds. McDonald's pretty much every morning. Pizza pretty much every day for lunch. Fast food or hoagies for dinner. Candy throughout the day <BR> <BR> I had tried all sorts of fad diets. I'd take out the books from the library, re... Mon, 12 May 2014 17:44:44 EST How I Lost 25 Pounds With Practically No Effort (Part I) *This is Part 1 of a 3 part blog series about how I lost the 25 pounds I did before joining SparkPeople. I don't tend to talk about those days much* <BR> <BR> ***It was a really dark day for me. <BR> I knew that I had gained a huge amount of weight since a very tough breakup a couple years prior. I was at a friend's gym where the scale had a reputation for being fairly generous compared to the one I had been using. <BR> <BR> it said 249. I stopped weighing myself at that point, because I... Thu, 8 May 2014 17:58:59 EST Did Trent Go Back up ABOVE 205 this week? OK So this was a major swing week. I had some extremely good workouts. I wasn't at home very much to prep food, but have become fairly savvy especially when eating out. My midweek had me well above 205 and yesterday I had a large lunch, but curiously I wasn't hungry for most of the rest of the day. I felt hungry around 8:00, but decided to forego eating so late. I finished the day with a 2ish mile walk. <BR> <BR> I mentally guess what the scale is going to say when I step on it. I thin... Sat, 3 May 2014 12:21:45 EST Did Trent Go Below 205 This Week **LAST WEEK'S WEIGH-IN <BR> OK so last week I took a solid 1.5 pound drop by simply not eating out the two days before weighing in. My stats were 205.6@23%. Going below 205 seemed pretty reasonable for this morning. <BR> <BR> <BR> **THIS PAST WEEK <BR> I ate out a lot last weekend due to social commitments. My midweek showed a potential gain, but not much of one. Wednesday afternoon, I decided to go hard-core on the foods that fight sugar/simple-carb cravings. I plan to continue to do ... Sat, 26 Apr 2014 07:36:56 EST