TRACIE-C's SparkPeople Blog TRACIE-C's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community 4 months later..... i woke up this morning and realized i am 4 months into my spark program! <BR> .....caution i'm not sure how to not ramble through the last 4 months of this update.... <BR> <BR> i reached my weight loss goal of 18 lbs about 3 months after i started. <BR> i thought i would write a blog post when i hit my goal somewhere the time got away from me. <BR> <BR> when i started to spark i thought.... <BR> just get started. somewhere some how this mess i made HAS to get turned around. JUST START!!!... Mon, 11 Mar 2013 05:04:06 EST 10 weeks of my sugar detox and stuff... i'm 10 weeks into my sugar detox!!! whoooohooooo!!!!! <BR> <BR> i started this because i knew i was out of control already and the holidays were coming and i thought what do i have to loss... <BR> well i had 20 lbs to loss but i thought i have to get a handle on this business because i knew i was already in a bad place and it was only going to get worse. <BR> <BR> btw, i do not drink soda or sugar drinks, i gave those up 20 yrs ago. <BR> my issue was with baked goods/ice cream/chocolate/c... Fri, 11 Jan 2013 03:25:11 EST frustrating 'support' many times on our evening power walk we make good use of our time out and about and pick up groceries from the market. <BR> this week walking home from the market in the snow and wind about 1.5 miles (2.5k) from home my husband carrying a bag of groceries and i with a kilo (2.2lbs) of tangerines... he kept telling me he would carry my bag also. <BR> i insisted i wanted to carry it. <BR> <BR> finally after the 3rd time he offered..... <BR> i mentioned that 5 weeks earlier i had been carryin... Sat, 15 Dec 2012 04:40:44 EST keeping at it! week 5 last week: <BR> 7 days of power walking and 6 days on the mat. <BR> <BR> keeping my sugar in check. had the equiv of 3 tbls of holiday baked goods. all seemed super sweet and not that appealing, that's a great sign the sugar detox is working. <BR> <BR> kept my cal/carbs/fat/cholest in range or below daily goal for 7 days. fiber intake at or above goal. <BR> <BR> at goal or above daily with my water. <BR> <BR> i was surprised after all my hard work my weight stayed the same... a little d... Mon, 10 Dec 2012 02:55:02 EST taking the sweet tooth challenge! i took the sweet tooth quiz and i have situational sugar issues! not a shock for me. <BR> when i am around baked goods i am pretty weak and then i crave them until i get almost sick. <BR> <BR> i have went several years with it right out of my system. i haven't consumed soda in almost 20 yrs. broke that addiction so that is not an issue. <BR> it's cookies, pie, cake.... they are the death of me. <BR> <BR> i have been getting my sugar intake under control for the last 4 weeks and have done ... Thu, 6 Dec 2012 05:26:25 EST winter and the last few days winter has come to helsinki in the last few days. it hit all at once after a normal gray rainy november with temps in the mid 30f range. wednesday night it started snowing and that was it. 36+ hrs of pounding sideways blowing snow. <BR> <BR> i got out on thursday made myself do my 1 hr walk route. it was tough and took me a little extra time with the wind/temps/snow/ice pellets hitting my face i came back sweating and exhausted. it was a real work out. it felt like a victory. <BR> <BR> f... Sun, 2 Dec 2012 03:34:05 EST