TNTITANSFAN1's SparkPeople Blog TNTITANSFAN1's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Woot Woot I had to step on the scale like 4 times to believe what I was seeing LOL!!! Down 3 pounds from last week, putting me at only ONE POUND SHY of 50 pounds lost!!!! Holy Crap! Words cannot describe how I am feeling today :D I don't normally share what my actual weight is, but it's 158!!! I haven't seen the 50's since before I met my husband!!!!!!!! This is AMAZING!! <BR> <BR> Thank you EVERYONE for your continued support......IT REALLY DOES HELP! <BR> <BR> <em>345</em> <em>... Tue, 11 Mar 2014 11:37:38 EST Hmm Hmm...I seem to have skipped a week! How did that happen!! Oh well, lol. Back on track with my T25...haven't missed a day yet! On the second level now and boy does it feel good to get my butt kicked!! Lost a few more pounds to boot! Approaching a number that I haven't seen in over 16 years :) I'm so excited and of course, that in itself gives me a little added motivation. Still drinking my lemon water every morning (don't know if it's really doing anything or not though). Bought myse... Tue, 4 Mar 2014 07:59:52 EST New Routine - update #6 Yes! The scale is going DOWN again :) I've passed the half way point for my total weight loss goal and I couldn't be more excited!! Major changes recently...we switched to plain old bottled water instead of the flavored sparkling water (a big change if you really know us, lol), kicked the caffeine habit - no more coffee at all - now I drink an herbal tea each evening and I also started drinking a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning. Easy to do...I squeezed a bunch of fres... Mon, 17 Feb 2014 06:35:05 EST New Routine - update #5 Alrighty. No loss to report this week, but no gain either ;) You'll have that, and I am totally ok with it. I've set myself a goal of hitting 155 by 5K time. I have 6 weeks to accomplish that.....2 pounds a week is totally acceptable and VERY attainable. This weeks daily treadmill mileage will increase by .5 mile and going to add in a heavier set of weight (from 5 pounders to 8). Small steps will lead to big outcomes :) Still doing my T25, but I'll admit...only 3 days a week. Will try... Mon, 10 Feb 2014 07:35:44 EST New Routine - update #4 Well...a lot has happened the last week so I really wasn't able to accomplish what I set out to do. First my van broke down...mechanic says internal engine failure...$6000 to replace. No way. So, I've been wanting an older model Honda Odyssey for a few years now so I bought myself a 2005 :) Finally got the other van towed back home. Guess what...stupid ass mechanic. Engine is fine, turns out it's the catalytic converters that are clogged. What an idiot. On the bright side, I got me my... Tue, 4 Feb 2014 12:54:31 EST New Routine - update #3 Ok...this week I only lost 1.5 pounds, but a loss is a loss! I'm stressing at the moment, my van "died" yesterday conveniently right after I spent $70 filling up the gas tank :( Tow truck came and got it earlier today so now I'm waiting to hear back from the mechanic...ugh. Other than that, my smoothies are so good especially now that I bought a Ninja blender. What a was on clearance at Lowes...$99 marked down to $59 and then it was the display so I got it for only $42!!! Can't... Mon, 27 Jan 2014 15:31:07 EST New routine - update #2 Another 2.5 pounds lost!! Yay :) I was hoping for a couple more, but it's that "time of the month" lol, so 2.5 is good. Once again, stuck to my routine like clockwork and stayed within my calorie range. I managed to stay away from bananas the whole week, so this week I'll treat myself to one ;) Really enjoying my green smoothies for lunch. Getting in kale or spinach along with my almond milk and healthy fruits into one shake that tastes amazing is wonderful for me. No processed foods t... Mon, 20 Jan 2014 07:50:59 EST New Routine - update #1 It's weigh in day!!!! Down almost 4 pounds!! Woot Woot!! I was shooting for 5, but hey...not complaining! I'll just have to push myself a little more this week. It's raining today, so I'll have to clean off the treadmill, lol. Making sure I walk 2 miles a day, get in my T-25 and eat those delicious fruits and veggies. Going to steer clear of the bananas this week. Too much sugar. Until next update....have a great week, eat right and I'll see you a little skinnier!! <BR> <BR> <em>9... Mon, 13 Jan 2014 07:50:53 EST New routine So I've started a new routine and so far it's awesome! I've begun having a shake to replace my I always had trouble eating lunch anyways. I have a grapefruit and cup of black coffee as my morning "wake up". Then its out the door for a brisk 2 mile walk with my dad. Breakfast follows...usually egg whites, jalapeno slices and turkey bacon :) Then I do my new workout called T-25. It's amazing and hard work and I love it. Then I have my shake. Sometimes it's an herbalife shake,... Thu, 9 Jan 2014 07:17:04 EST Thursday 12-5-13 Another good day. Really staying motivated by my strength and will power! Only got in 3 miles today, but also did a whole heck of a lot of cleaning. My kitchen sparkles!! Calories are within range, so all is good!! <BR> <BR> Hope you all are having a good day too :) <BR> <BR> <em>244</em> <em>244</em> Thu, 5 Dec 2013 17:41:58 EST Hump Day 12/4 A little early for me to be posting, but I'm so excited! I managed to squeeze in 5 miles today!! Woo Hoo!! Dinner is already planned out, calories are looking real good and I'm in just an overall fantastic mood :) Lost the few pounds that Thanksgiving put on so I'm back on track and lovin' it. Going to try and continue this 5 miles a day. I should have no problem dropping 8 pounds by Christmas!!! Have a great evening y'all ;) <BR> <BR> <em>521</em> <em>244</em> <em>9</em> <e... Wed, 4 Dec 2013 16:53:01 EST December 2nd Good day today. Stuck to my calories exactly, lol. No exercise, but I had to work overtime so hopefully I burned a few extra calories there. Tomorrow the treadmill shall feel some overtime!!! Have a good night everyone! <BR> <BR> <em>381</em> Mon, 2 Dec 2013 19:25:01 EST The Holiday Get Together Why must we overeat just because it's a holiday?? Having been the ONLY one cooking, I'm sure I ate more than I think I did considering I also tasted along the way to ensure everything was good. Here's what our menu looked like: <BR> Appetizers- <BR> Cheese and Crackers <BR> Mini Crescent roll sandwiches w/ assorted lunch meats and cheeses <BR> Ham, cheese and pickle rolls <BR> Deviled Eggs <BR> Dinner- <BR> Turkey <BR> Ham <BR> Cracker Dressing <BR> Mashed Potatoes <BR> Creamed Carrots <BR>... Sat, 30 Nov 2013 16:13:06 EST Hello Monday Well, the weekend went as planned. Exercised, stuck with my calories...job well done. Today I spend the afternoon shopping with mom and then we stopped at a diner for lunch. Nothing but junk there, not even a salad. So I ended up going over my calories by about 150, but that's ok. Mom and I had a good time and I even bought 3 new sweaters.....a size smaller than the last time I went shopping ;) <BR> <BR> Have a good night to you tomorrow!! <BR> <BR> <em>465</em> ... Mon, 25 Nov 2013 19:55:15 EST TGIF :) Another successful day :) Stayed within my calories, walked 4 miles and finally made it into the 160's!!! Haven't seen that number on the scale in years! My goal is to be in the 150's by Christmas...even if it's 159.9. I'm sure if I continue on this path, I will reach my goal easily. Thank you to all of you who give me much appreciated support. You're true blessings. <BR> <BR> Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be back on blog on Monday! <BR> <BR> <em>521</em> <em>192</em> <... Fri, 22 Nov 2013 18:51:38 EST Ah the joy of pets Today was a good day calorie and exercise wise. My kittens on the other hand, had to visit their vet this afternoon. They have a bout of, well, the runs. Vet thinks it's a bacterial infection. They have 4 different medications to take :/ Gonna be a long 10 days, but hopefully it'll get them all fixed up and we can return to a normal "non stinky" home, lol. <BR> <BR> Have a great evening everyone!! <BR> <BR> <em>239</em> Thu, 21 Nov 2013 19:09:41 EST Ditto Well today was another perfect day. Once again, I stayed within my calorie limit and walked 4 miles. Feels good. I'm really hoping to lose 15 pounds by Christmas. I know I can do it, as long as I stick to my guns. One cheat day coming up....Thanksgiving, but I don't intend on going overboard...just not going to worry about having that cookie for dessert ;) <BR> <BR> <em>521</em> <em>364</em> <em>9</em> <em>429</em> <em>315</em> Wed, 20 Nov 2013 19:47:32 EST Yay! Today was a perfect day :) I stayed within my calorie limit and got my 30 mins on the treadmill in. Love that thing! Yesterday's cookie splurge is definitely the past and this girl is movin' forward with a smiley face!! Gotta keep training....I have a 5K on Dec 7th and Dec 14th!!! <BR> <BR> Have a great evening everyone!! <BR> <BR> <em>30</em> <em>521</em> <em>364</em> Tue, 19 Nov 2013 19:40:24 EST What the heck!! 11-18-13 <BR> <BR> So, I started out sooo good. Went for a 2 mile walk with my dad. Came home, did a few chores, had my herbalife shake with a banana for breakfast. Then all hell breaks loose. I had to make a bunch of cookies for my husbands work. Normally, this is not an issue for me. I have willpower. I can say no. NOT TODAY!!! Nope! I ate one cookie from each batch....that was 10 cookies total. So there went 960 calories right down the toilet!! Don't get me wrong, I fully inte... Mon, 18 Nov 2013 17:41:50 EST New Job Hey everyone! I haven't really been on Spark much lately. I've been very busy trying to get my new business up and running. I make homemade cards for all occasions, been doing it for awhile now, so I decided to open up an online shop and try to bring in some much needed dollars lol. If you get a chance, please take a moment to swing by, let me know what you think, and maybe even buy a card or two :) I also take special orders so feel free to request something!! <BR> <BR> Tue, 20 Sep 2011 12:15:14 EST Training Well, I'm in week four of my 10 week 5k training and doing GREAT!! Hubby went and bought me a treadmill so now it's even better!! <BR> <BR> Not only do I do the training, which is only 30 minutes long, I also walk 5 miles on the treadmill daily! I'm going to have the best legs in this one horse town, lmao!!! <BR> <BR> Be back soon! <BR> <BR> ~Lexi Tue, 8 Feb 2011 07:05:42 EST Day 3 Well, today is day 3 of my "First Day to 5K" training and so far so good!! Legs are a "little" sore, but nothing that I can't handle :) <BR> <BR> Calorie counting is going great. I have this really awesome app on my phone (android market) called MyFitnessPal. It's so neat, all I have to do is scan the upc code on the thing I'm eating and it pulls it up for me with all the nutritional facts. I only occasionally have to look something up manually. <BR> <BR> Strength training starts Monday... Wed, 5 Jan 2011 08:59:48 EST 2011 - A fresh start Hey all. It's been a REALLY long time since I sat down and blogged, so here goes lol. <BR> <BR> 2010 was a great year. I met a lot of new friends and made some progress in the weight department. I've been slacking REALLY bad these last couple of months and I have no one to blame but myself. On October 14th, I weighed in at 171.4. That was the last time I weighed in until today. Well, close your's weigh in was 185 :( Funny thing is, I'm not upset. I knew this was going ... Mon, 3 Jan 2011 08:03:36 EST Week of July 5th Hi Guys. I just wanted to let you all know (especially Brini, lol) that I will be away this week with the in-laws (joy). I don't have a laptop, so I probably won't be able to get on Spark and I didn't want anyone to worry. <BR> <BR> Last week was absolutely horrible!!!! Uncle Tom was here. I gained a few and just flat out fell apart, lol. This week probably won't be much better. The in-laws decided to take the kids on a "family vacation". To Wisconsin Dells. So much for my routine, l... Mon, 5 Jul 2010 09:09:14 EST Farewell my darling Although I am nowhere near as imaginative as Brini, I wanted to say my goodbye. <BR> <BR> Dear 180's, <BR> <BR> We've been together for a couple of months now, but alas, it's time to say goodbye. I wish I could say it's been fun, but the entire time we've been together my only thoughts were about 170's. Don't feel too bad, 170's won't be in my life for too long either as I've already begun to dream about 160's. Farewell 180's. <BR> <BR> Love, <BR> A better me Thu, 20 May 2010 10:57:15 EST Tennessee I need to vent. It's such a shame that when Haiti and Chile had their earthquakes it was all over every single news station across the US and talked about for months after. I know the devastation was horrible and I'm not saying that we shouldn't have helped, but HELLO?????? Tennessee is suffering now and all I see on TV is a stinking 30 second bit about Opryland. WTF! Why is it so difficult for the US to help the US??????????? <BR> <BR> So many people down there have lost EVERYTHING. ... Wed, 5 May 2010 14:33:19 EST Again? Ok. I've finally got the scale moving in the right direction again with a big desire to get rid of the 180's by this weekend. Well, wouldn't you know it. <BR> <BR> I'm getting sick and tired of Uncle Tom and his visits. Anyone know a polite way to tell him not to come for a couple months?? LOL. It took me two weeks to get the 4 pounds he brought me last month back off and now he's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Argh. I understand he needs to make his appearance, but does he ALWAYS have to br... Fri, 9 Apr 2010 08:11:59 EST Uncle Tom Ok, so I know we gain a few during our visits but he's gone and I've gained 4 pounds?!?!?! Please tell me I'm seeing things! I stuck with my diet and my exercising, this can't be! I have a mini goal to reach by Sunday and now I won't even come close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is horrible! I wanted to be 180 by the 21st, last week I was 185....totally doable, now...189! Ain't gonna happen! I want to SCREAM! Ok, calming down. Vented. Blogged. <BR> <BR> Love You Guys!!! <BR> <BR> :) Mon, 15 Mar 2010 09:48:31 EST Beautiful Day Ah what a beautiful day it is! I really don't have too much to blog, but I wanted to make sure that I SCREAMED WITH JOY.......................................<BR>.........20 POUNDS!!!!! I finally hit that 20 pound mark......WOO HOO! <BR> <BR> Down one pant size (maybe two, but I like them a little looser anyways lol), many inches and 20 POUNDS! <BR> <BR> Sabrina - I'm trying to dig up a photo of me before I started, but I'm usually the one taking the pics or they are all head shots!!! ... Sun, 7 Mar 2010 07:52:58 EST Yoga Experience Ok. So I finally bought that mat along with the band, belt and ball. It came with a DVD that has 5 workouts on it so I figured I was set.............WRONG! Either I'm completely "duh" or that dvd truly stunk. She went from one pose to another within seconds and didn't say what she was doing so when I got one down, I had to look up and sideways at the tv to see if I was doing it right and she was doing a totally different move already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <BR> <BR> Please, if anyone knows ... Thu, 4 Mar 2010 09:07:10 EST 2-24-2010 So I was hoping to have lost a bit more than I did, but seeing as I logged in over 400 minutes of exercise..................I had better have gained some muscle!!!! According to the scale, I only lost .8 pounds this week. Now I know I had a bad weekend (Hubby's B-day and both sets of parents took us out to dinner!) but I expected to lose at least 2 pounds. Ah well. I really wanted my second anniversary to be marked with losing 20 pounds but that's not going to happen now. I WILL BE CLOSE... Wed, 24 Feb 2010 09:41:18 EST Happy Tuesday!! Hello to all my spark friends! <em>220</em> Just wanted to leave a few lines... <BR> <BR> My new dvd arrived yesterday, Line Dancing 101. <em>335</em> It's a little on the slow side, but I still burned some calories and finally learned how to do the electric slide!!!!!!! Woo Hoo! Today I'm going to learn the Cotton Eyed Joe! My legs are a bit sore since I was movin' in ways I don't normally go, but that's OK!!! <em>81</em> <BR> <BR> It's snowing here in IL again. <em>425</em> I... Tue, 23 Feb 2010 07:57:55 EST New Mini Goal! I had to add a couple new mini next one is ERIC CHURCH on March 21st!!!! WOOT! I really like the whole mini goal thingy, thanks again Rachel!! <BR> <BR> It's definitely a lot more motivating than waiting for the big one!! <BR> <BR> Anyone have any suggestions for a good low impact exercise dvd? I like my Leslie Sansone dvd's but I need to change it up a little for variety. <BR> <BR> <em>331</em> Sat, 20 Feb 2010 09:52:25 EST First Mini Goal Well today was the deadline for my first "mini" goal. I didn't make it, BUT, I was only 2 pounds off so I'M TOTALLY OK WITH IT!!!!! Tonight, hubby and I are going to see Eric Church at Joe's Bar downtown Chicago <em>276</em> cool!!!! Despite my not making the goal, I still fit in the smaller jeans that I wanted to wear so WOO HOO!!! Just a hair snug which I can deal with, lol. I'm wearing them all day so that I can give them that extra little "stretch" by tonight, LOL! ... Thu, 18 Feb 2010 09:16:16 EST Back on Track So far so good! I'm back on track with my eating...the peanut butter idea was great!! I also veered off to the computer and jumped on sparkpeople to read an article when I started getting the munchies...........that worked great!! <BR> <BR> I'm losing weight again and feeling good about myself. I love you all. You are a wonderful support group and I hope I can help you out the way you've all helped me!!!!!!!! <BR> <BR> <em>220</em> Fri, 5 Feb 2010 12:40:22 EST Ugh... Why can't I control my eating after dinner???????????? I was doing so good and then the last week and a half-----------------the bomb dropped!!!!! My breakfast is filling and healthy, my lunch is filling and healthy, my exercise is right on track and then *POW* dinner is a failure. I eat dinner, satisfied. Then 30 minutes later I'm in the kitchen looking for more!?!?!?!?!!?!?! I try eating an apple or a grain bar. 30 minutes later*BAM*, right back in the kitchen!!!!!!!!! <BR> <BR> What... Wed, 3 Feb 2010 08:09:31 EST January 31st So. This week has been an absolute disaster. I don't know what happened, I just completely fell apart. I did continue with my exercise routine (thank the stars), so I didn't gain any weight, but I definitely didn't lose any either. Very depressing!!! My fault though. For some odd reason my willpower went on vacation!! That's ok though, we all screw up once in awhile...right??? :( Anyways, yesterday I bought myself the spark people t-shirt that says "Fitness in Progress" along with som... Sun, 31 Jan 2010 08:31:18 EST January 24, 2010 Well, I know I'm not suppose to weigh myself until Monday mornings, but I just couldn't wait. And....................................10.<BR>2 pounds lost!!!!! WOOT WOOT!! I'm so excited, can you tell LOL!!!! I messed up bad on Wednesday, but I got through the rest of the week with flying colors and it obviously paid off. A hell yeah shout out to all my friends here on Spark...thanks for all the encouraging words and for just being there! Looking forward to my next weigh in already!! Ok... Sun, 24 Jan 2010 07:23:21 EST January 17th Ok. So I only lost one pound this week, but hey...I LOST not gained! LOL I'm totally ok with it. We had a lot going on this weekend. Had company both days due to the football games and of course, beer and snacks! Yesterday was also mine and hubby's 12th wedding anniversary so of course I wasn't paying too much attention about what I was eating and there was definitely no walking. But today it starts again and no worries! I'm still motivated, I'm still losing and I'm still HAPPY! <BR> ... Mon, 18 Jan 2010 08:47:11 EST January 10th Well, one week down and things are moving nicely. I've lost 3 pounds and have started to get used to drinking a little more water (yuck). I'm enjoying reading about all the awesome ways to replace certain ingredients to lower the calories. This weeks praises go to Brummel and Brown Yogurt Spread instead of butter. It actually tastes better than butter!!! It's only 45 calories a tablespoon and 5 grams of fat. Nice! Until next week... <BR> <BR> <em>224</em> Sun, 10 Jan 2010 14:10:27 EST