TIFFANYHADSELL's SparkPeople Blog TIFFANYHADSELL's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community PersonalTraining= Personal Suffering 2nd personal training session last night. Had roped my bestie (who is full of exercise excuses) into coming along. With sick kids, she backed out at literally the last minute. (We were scheduled for 4p, she ditched me @ 3:59p). Anyway, I stayed true and didn't cancel- Glad I didn't! <BR> <BR> We worked on legs. Eli, my trainer, stuck my on these contraptions that looked like midevil torture devices. Adjust this seat, change the back postion, shirten the leg bar, decrease the weights- my mind... Fri, 1 Mar 2013 11:14:50 EST Monday Monday It was definitely a Monday! I slept through all 7 alarms this morning, and I started the day off feeling defeated and upset. The important thing, though, is that I recognized these feelings and didn't let them ruin the rest of the day for me. Got my alarm set for tomorrow!!! Mon, 25 Feb 2013 20:42:14 EST I like to Move it, Move it Yesterday I wrote about my early week blahs. I am happy to report I found my rhythm again. Tabata yesterday morning and a rulk (run/walk) on the treadmill, then Zumba toning and Tabata again last night. I realize I won't have time for days like this routinely, but I felt very empowered and proud of what I did. I had an early morning at work today, but actually woke up BEFORE my alarm and headed to the gym. 31 minutes on the treadmill, dips & pull ups, girlie pushups and crunches before 7 am. ... Fri, 22 Feb 2013 08:13:40 EST Lazy Town I've been lazy. No other way to put it. I skipped 1 routine group fitness class, and that was enough to get me unmotivated and out of my routine. I started feeling sluggish that day, and ended up vegging out that evening. The next day was another yucky day, as was the next. Thankfully, I saw the trend happening. I WAS NOT going to lose the progress I had worked so hard to obtain. <BR> <BR> Last night I set my alarms (all 7 of them) so I would be sure to wake up in time for my class. I was ti... Thu, 21 Feb 2013 15:22:52 EST Motivation We make time for what's important. For everything else, we make excuses. I was up and at em at 6am. I've made exercise a priority. It's important to my health and well-being. I actually have MORE energy getting up early and exercising than when I hit the snooze and duck back under the covers. <em>128</em> Fri, 15 Feb 2013 14:21:07 EST Am i addicted? Hi. My name is Tiffany and I'm an exercise addict. I am new to this addiction, but I am beginning to crave physical activity. I love the high it gives me. On days I don't get my fix, I'm grouchy and sluggish. Thankfully, this is a good problem to have and I look forward to a lifelong addiction. Wed, 6 Feb 2013 09:35:27 EST Sore and loving it! Enjoying the new outlook on my health... 4th session of tabata this morning and was able to increase my weights. Did my first personal training sessions last night, did dips and pull ups (assisted) for the first time, AND even ran a bit on the treadmill. <BR> <BR> I feel so accomplished and like I'm really doing something to help myself. I'm eating better and have an extra spring in my step :) Thu, 24 Jan 2013 10:27:57 EST