TELOPEA1's SparkPeople Blog TELOPEA1's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community The wow factor.... For so long I felt unwell. Not really sick but not well either. My focus was on losing weight instead of general wellbeing. <BR> I have learned so much these last few months. Tomorrow is the first of June, the first day of winter and I am looking forward to the three colder months for the first time. <BR> I used a lot of comfort eating in the past, as an excuse. My sugar intake was 15 times more than the recommended or safe amount. In other words - sugar was my friend. And I mean refined suga... Wed, 30 May 2012 18:45:27 EST Feeling on top of the world! Hi there, <BR> <BR> This is it for me! I still log in for weight and measurements but I don't record the food daily. So once a week is enough. I have lost 500 g every week so far and that shows me that I keep on doing what I'm doing. <BR> The liquid day once a week is no big deal any more. It is just the day I don't eat solid food. I don't feel hungry and that tells is all in the mind. <BR> I have more energy, blood sugar is level at it's best and I feel happy and content. <BR> <B... Sat, 5 May 2012 18:46:55 EST No big deal..... Hello fellow travellers, <BR> <BR> I survived the first day of fasting. From now on I will do this every tuesday and see how I go. <BR> Report: <BR> I made a big pot of green tea in the morning, drank also water, then made another big pot of weak peppermint with ginger tea. <BR> <BR> Interestingly enough there was no big hunger pang at any time. OK, it is easier for me because I don't have to prepare food for anyone else and there are no tantalising scents of yumminess floating through th... Wed, 4 Apr 2012 21:56:08 EST April Has anyone got experience with 1 day fasting? I am doing it today, only green tea and water. Have no idea how it is going to be later in the day because so far I have no real desires or hunger. <BR> My energy level is probably a 8/10 which is fabulous! <BR> Does this show me that I eat when I'm not hungry? Just because it is a habit? Hmmm.. <BR> Food for thoughts. If it works really well, then I will do this every week for 24 hrs. <BR> My nutritionist promotes this especially for people wit... Tue, 3 Apr 2012 20:45:13 EST I will start again..... This week no weight lost and I know why. I have been eating out more than usual and enjoyed desserts more than usual. Chocolate cake for breakfast? Why not! <BR> The really good news is that I did not put anything on, I am surprised. That would mean that I left out foods later on if I had eaten more at meals. Somehow this worked without even thinking about. <BR> So now to get back on track with reducing weight again, I will look at the amount of carbs I eat. Also it will be the week to look ... Sat, 24 Mar 2012 17:54:33 EST A new month March is the month of birthdays in my family and so there will be cake! <BR> I have lost a little more weight and I am really happy about it. Bloodsugar is so good too at the moment. It does work with 3 meals and no snacks to keep it stable. I do hope it stays that way. <BR> Funny how I am looking for a stumbling block! Yes, but, yes, but...... No more! <BR> I am not going to sabotage myself. <BR> These self-affirmations help me to focus on what is and not on what might be. <BR> My daughter... Sat, 3 Mar 2012 16:54:04 EST It's all good... This week there is no weight loss - however - I feel great! <BR> My energy has come back, I have done a little bit of exercise almost every day and today the sun shines! <BR> We are having so much rain, mould is happily growing everywhere and there is no end in sight. So I live in the moment and enjoy what is. <BR> <BR> I am making progress integrating the new lifestyle into my day to day routine. I prepare much more interesting meals for 1. This will remain a challenge as there is nobody ... Sat, 11 Feb 2012 16:31:17 EST Saturday 4th of February This week has been great. I have enjoyed great food and not put on weight. It really is working! Whatever I do - keep it up! <BR> <BR> <BR> The thing to improve on is exercise. With the baby I was so occupied already first thing in the morning that I slacked. I find it difficult in the evening when my energy has left me.... And the rain has provided a great excuse! <BR> <BR> Challenge for the coming week: more protein. There are so many great dishes in the recipe bank, I will search for so... Fri, 3 Feb 2012 16:46:16 EST A disaster week! Well, this week was all very chaotic. Eating out often, eating the things I liked rather than the foods low on calories contributed to no weight loss. However, I am surprised that I didn't put some on in spite of the eating. <BR> To me it seems that the exercises I do, even if I'm not at home, walking the dogs and stretching has helped me to keep the weight at least where it was last week. So it is not all a disaster. I do not want to fail again..... If I fall - I'll get up, dust off and star... Sat, 28 Jan 2012 00:15:26 EST week 2 Tonight I am going to the Opera with friends and will be eating out. <BR> <BR> Thoughts about vegetables and fruit: <BR> I am not counting potato as a vegetable in my nutrition tracker. Potato to me is like bread, pasta, rice etc.... <BR> Also I'll balance cooked and raw foods so there is a bit of each. <BR> <BR> These are notes for myself. <BR> Had a weird sugar craving last night and I am wondering if it has to do with carbs at night. Will observe myself and keeping a diary is going to b... Mon, 23 Jan 2012 17:23:49 EST The first week Just a quick note: <BR> Weigh-in today 81.5 kg! Wow - without starving or hassle - brilliant. I could not find the right spot to enter the new weight so I deleted the start weight by mistake. <BR> <BR> I started last week with 83 kg - lost 1.5 kg in 1 week. <BR> <BR> My challenge now is not to get too obsessed with how I do this. I don't ever want to diet again, I want to live a new lifestyle. <BR> <BR> Happy sunday! <BR> <BR> Sat, 21 Jan 2012 17:03:35 EST The first week So far so good and on top of having fun I lost some weight too. Weigh-in will be tomorrow and I am looking forward to it! <BR> <BR> Some of the recipes people share here are absolutely fabulous and I am going to try something new every week. <BR> Sunday will be check-in day, shopping list day, weekly meal planning too. <BR> Tomorrow is Zumba on the exercise plan! <BR> <BR> I still have a few problems finding things on the website - hey it is only week 1 :-) Sat, 21 Jan 2012 05:30:48 EST This is day 3 Finally I am getting the hang of how this site works and all the additional "stuff" that makes life interesting. <BR> - Done Zumba for 20 minutes. This is already the second time this week that I am doing something for my fitness. And it was fun too! So now I will alternate when I'm home between Pilates and Zumba. <BR> <BR> What I am wondering though, knowing me so well, how am I going to limit the time on the computer? By the time I have played with trackers, recipes, blogs and whatnots....... Wed, 18 Jan 2012 19:07:41 EST