STARWARSFAN2's SparkPeople Blog STARWARSFAN2's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community May the 4th Be With You. Today is Free Comic book day. My son and I went to the local comic book store and accepted our limit of complimentary graphic novels. It is a bit chilly again today but the sun is out and it was an nice day to be out and about. <BR> <BR> I had a Younker's coupon so I purchased a new dress for the concert season. One more incentive to stay within calorie limits and get some more exercise. <BR> <BR> I hope everyone has a great week. <em>88</em> Sat, 4 May 2013 16:20:39 EST Warmth! Spring has finally arrived in the Midwest. I believe the AC will be turned on in no time. Thank you, God. How wonderful! <BR> <BR> Getting outside with my son has been the highlight of the weekend. We explore together: him on his bike and me on my Razor. Checking out the wildlife, breathing fresh air, saying 'hi' to other folks, and just chatting. Life is good. <BR> <BR> I've also had much time to continue studying Spanish. My plan is to brush up during the next couple of months and ... Sun, 28 Apr 2013 12:47:39 EST Another first step. Well. I am back. I am determined to be back. Busy times are over the horizon but I can stick with it if I prioritize. The weather in the Midwest is very yucky! It literally feels like winter outside today. Bummer. I'll just workout inside until Spring/Summer decides to arrive. My son keeps saying, "I want to play in the backyard, mama." I just tell him, "I'm sorry. It is just too cold to play outside." He will be happy when it warms up, too. <BR> <BR> Might be entering menopause. ... Sat, 20 Apr 2013 21:15:52 EST Goal weight I was 1 lb. below my goal weight this morning. Sat, 22 Dec 2012 23:29:33 EST Some time off I have some time off work beginning today. I plan to log on daily for at least the next 7 days. <BR> <BR> My job responsibilities changed this year and it has been kicking my butt as far as being able to sign in to sparkpeople regularly. I'll have to see if I can figure something out. <BR> <BR> I've been eating many sweets this holiday season. There is a family get together coming up. My plan is MODERATION. <BR> <BR> I will weigh myself tomorrow morning to see where I am as far as goal... Fri, 21 Dec 2012 21:34:25 EST I'm back I've completed my grad class and have the time to check in again. I managed to not gain weight during my time away. But I am off my exercise routine and must work to get back into the groove. <BR> <BR> It is so good to be back. <em>213</em> Sat, 10 Nov 2012 19:27:05 EST Turning the heat on We needed to turn the furnace on yesterday. It is beginning to feel like Fall. <BR> <BR> My grad class began on Monday. Another one begins in a couple of weeks. I am only tracking my food on the weekend, tracking my fitness minutes full time. My classes would have been done this summer, but they got cancelled. <BR> <BR> Here are my calories for last Sunday and yesterday (2,000 cal./day limit): <BR> <BR> Sunday, September, 16, 2012 - 1,714 <BR> Friday, September 22, 2012 - 1,539 calorie... Sun, 23 Sep 2012 17:15:36 EST A new approach I went back to work and had none of the time I previously had to devote to logging into SparkPeople regularly. I kept track of my food in a paper journal for a week and a half and then realized I would not have the time to enter the accumulated entries. <BR> <BR> The new plan is to enter my foods during the weekends as a way to check up on my eating habits. A scale will need to be purchased due to the fact that I'm not tracking my food daily. Bimonthly weigh-ins will be part of my new a... Sat, 15 Sep 2012 21:43:51 EST Lowering the Threshold If I am going to lower my sugar threshold, I will need to stop eating the following foods for a few weeks (deep breath): <BR> graham crackers, waffles, chocolate chips, pudding, flavored yogurt, sweetened shredded coconut, hard candy, soy nut butter, jelly, jam, flavored water, and maple syrup. Aside from the sugary things I keep in my pantry, desserts are off limits, too. <em>24</em> <BR> <BR> Here are my calorie counts for the week (2,000 cal./day): <BR> Sat., Aug. 18 – 1,769 <BR> Sun.,... Fri, 24 Aug 2012 20:57:19 EST Sweet Tooth Observation My craving for sweets do not seem to be focused on a certain time of day. "A little sweet makes the meal complete" is my mantra. As long as I don't have dessert after every meal of the day and I enjoy in moderation, this seems okay. We'll see if I feel the same come the end of the challenge. <BR> <BR> Today, I had lunch with a friend I had not seen in awhile. We had a small gellato for dessert and I took a bite of my son's brownie. In doing so, I remained within my calorie and fat const... Mon, 20 Aug 2012 23:13:43 EST The HGTV Workout Game In the spirit of The Olympics Workout Game, I posted a similar workout to the fitness message board. Check it out: <BR> <link><BR>oard.asp?imboard=6&imparent=28584536 </link> <em>321</em> Mon, 20 Aug 2012 09:44:24 EST Sweet Tooth Challenge: week 1 I accepted the sweet tooth challenge because I want the ability to remain within my calorie limit in any setting. <BR> <BR> My observations about my own sweet tooth are: <BR> -I cannot say no to sweets when I am away from home (restaurant, someone else's house, on the road, etc.) <BR> -I am well-equipped to say no to sweets at home except when: <BR> *I am stressed. <BR> *I am super-tired. <BR> <BR> Some healthy swaps I've made this week: <BR> -On Friday, I swapped fruit sorbet for ice cre... Sun, 19 Aug 2012 23:33:42 EST Company We've been sharing space with wonderful family members since Friday. Not eating the usual foods or following the usual schedule...managing yoga in the early mornings, daily walks, and running around with the little ones. The best thing to do is just minimize calorie intake because there are fewer opportunities to burn 'em off. <BR> <BR> I wouldn't trade it for anything. Good times. <em>224</em> <em>224</em> Tue, 14 Aug 2012 10:52:02 EST I, Robot After thoroughly enjoying playing The Olympics Game: Work Out While You Watch game, I'm looking forward to continuing this fun way to get a well-rounded strength training. Once the Olympics are done, I plan to watch 20-30 minutes of the movie "I, Robot" every couple of days. Different exercises will be called for depending on what happens in the movie. For instance, if Will Smith's character is running = do 10 bridges. If Will Smith's character is eating/drinking something = do 5 push ups... Sat, 4 Aug 2012 22:37:59 EST You'll Have to Excuse Me, Please. My family spent a weekend on the lakeshore. Fortunately, I packed carrots, grapes, cereal, and healthy popcorn to snack on. You will have to excuse me, however, for unabashedly enjoying a yummy dessert at the restaurant on Friday night. It was a small slice of cheesecake and I savored every bite! <em>35</em> <BR> <BR> You might notice I went quite a bit over my calorie limit on Sunday. We polka danced all afternoon and pieces of cake were passed around to everyone. I couldn't pass it... Mon, 30 Jul 2012 21:59:16 EST Polka Celebration Our family attended a local polka celebration last night. I'm proud of my self control... I ate healthy. My supper consisted of a cabbage roll, a bottle of water, and (drum roll, please!) I only ate a few of my son's french fries and a bit of his hot dog! "Helping" my picky eater with his meals has been my weakness lately. <BR> <BR> I was stressed out on Monday and exceeded my calorie limit. Stuff happens. <em>20</em> <BR> <BR> Protein has been the focus this week. Sometimes it is tri... Fri, 20 Jul 2012 15:36:08 EST Packing in the Protein I've begun adding more protein to my diet. <em>53</em> It is more difficult to reach my limit of 2000 calories per day this way. That is a good problem to have. I just need to be sure I continue to consume enough carbs and fat, as well. Drawing from experience, my fiber intake needs to remain high or the extra protein could cause my 'system' to slow down. We'll see how it goes. <em>211</em> <BR> <BR> What are your favorite protein dense foods? I like fat free cottage cheese, chicke... Sat, 14 Jul 2012 07:02:21 EST Steamy Man! It was another hot week. But we found ways to stay active. It could get old soon. What do you do to stay active while staying out of the heat? <BR> <BR> My limit is 2000 calorie/day. I did pretty well this week: <BR> Sat., June 30 – 2,382 <BR> Sun., July 1 – 1,837 <BR> Mon., July 2 – 2,037 <BR> Tues., July 3 – 1,998 <BR> Wed., July 4 – 1,727 <BR> Thurs., July 5 – 1,760 <BR> Fri., July 6 – 1,963 <BR> <BR> Please, share your steamy weather activities with me. <em>381</em> Sun, 8 Jul 2012 17:49:03 EST My diet guidelines My doctor suggested a 2000 calorie diet for maintaining my weight. <BR> <BR> I've set my daily carbs at 225-325 grams/day, protein at 50-175 grams/day, and fat at 44-78 grams/day. <BR> <BR> If any of this sounds incorrect to you (carb, protein and fat grams), let me know please. I will double-check with my doctor next time I see him. <BR> <BR> Thank you <em>88</em> Thu, 5 Jul 2012 20:31:43 EST I will NOT quit. I will NOT quit! <BR> Sunday, July 1 <BR> <BR> Share and spread the Spark! <BR> <BR> <BR> Today, I promise I will not quit. <BR> I pledge that no matter, how many ups and downs I pass through, I will continue on my journey. <BR> I pledge to make a NEW START today, and forgive myself for my past, and to stop being so critical of myself. <BR> I pledge to take control of myself, to stop making excuses, and stop blaming other people or situations. <BR> I pledge to treat myself as I would ... Sun, 1 Jul 2012 14:06:43 EST Out of Control! My eating habits were out of control this week and I make no appologies. On my birthday I allowed myself to enjoy birthday cake, we ate a healthy as possible at the Polka Celebration, and on one day I exceeded my 2000 calorie limit for no particular reason. <em>100</em> <BR> <BR> Here it is. My crazy week. Tomorrow is a new week. <BR> <BR> Sat., June 23 – 1,991 <BR> Sun., June 24 - 2,116 <BR> Mon., June 25 – 1,954 <BR> Tues., June 26 – 2,014 <BR> Wed., June 27 – 1,985 <BR> Thurs., Ju... Sat, 30 Jun 2012 00:33:19 EST All-Scripture Daily Devotional I found when my husband was scheduled for a major back surgery (all is well, by the way! Prayers answered. <em>334</em> ). Everyday, I read the All-Scripture Daily Devotional. There is one for the morning and one for the evening. It is bits of scripture from different parts of the Bible pieced together to create one, cohesive devotion. At the bottom of each page is the list of scriptures used. <BR> <BR> I've enjoyed this resource for more than a year and wanted to share it. <... Mon, 25 Jun 2012 09:05:21 EST The Next Available Representative... Looking for some customer service, I found myself on hold. I clipped my pedometer on and started walking around the house while I waited. 900 steps later, I got the help I needed. <BR> <BR> My daily calorie limit is 2000. Below is how I did staying within those limits this week: <BR> <BR> Sat., June 16 – 1,944 <BR> Sun., June 17 - 2,005 <BR> Mon., June 18 – 2,072 <BR> Tues., June 19 – 2,242 <BR> Wed., June 20 – 2,074 <BR> Thurs., June 21 – 1,944 <BR> Fri., June 22 – 1,998 <BR> <BR> ... Sat, 23 Jun 2012 23:16:22 EST Coffee House I've experienced an overwhelming feeling of boredom with the food in the house today. Good thing I ate at a coffee house this afternoon. I had a hummus veggie wrap (yummmm!). <em>258</em> That may have prevented some sort of crazy binge. My tummy feels satisfied for the evening. <BR> <BR> Here's how I did following my 2000 calories/day limit this week: <BR> Sat., June 11 – 2,175 <BR> Sun., June 10 - 1,998 <BR> Mon., June 11 – 2,023 <BR> Tues., June 12 – 2,006 <BR> Wed., June 13 – 1... Fri, 15 Jun 2012 19:25:49 EST Cardio Kickboxing Coach Nicole's 10 minute cardio kickboxing video is awesome! I did it twice in order to keep my fitness minutes up. I worked up a sweat, but it is something I can manage to do a few times a week. The low impact status of the routine is correct. The kickboxing moves were fun, too! <em>321</em> <BR> <BR> If you give it a try, let me know: <BR><BR>ess_articles.asp?id=1330 Thu, 14 Jun 2012 23:08:46 EST Eight Mighty Minutes I tried Coach Nicole's 8-minute cardio interval work out video tonight. That woman means business! Who knew a person could work so hard in less than 10 minutes? My usual cardio is 20 minutes long, so I did this twice in a row...not necessary. <BR> <BR> Without the suggested modifications, this work out is more like a medium impact. For that reason, I might only do it once a week. <BR> <BR> Throw open a couple of windows, you're going to get heated up: <BR> Tue, 12 Jun 2012 22:24:51 EST Line Dancing During the final week of school, the students wanted to line dance. Every 30 minutes began another class and more line dancing. Sweaty and exhaused describes how I felt at the end of each day. Man, those kids really like Cotton Eyed Joe! <BR> <BR> How well did I follow my 2000 calorie per day limit this week? Check it out: <BR> <BR> Sat., June 2 – 1,992 <BR> Sun., June 3 - 1,994 <BR> Mon., June 4 – 2,000 <BR> Tues., June 5 – 2,000 ? <BR> Wed., June 6 – 2,500+ ? <BR> Thurs., June 7 – ... Fri, 8 Jun 2012 22:51:11 EST Bollywood Dance video! I tried the Bollywood 14-minute dance video workout tonight. It was great fun! It is high impact and difficult to do in would work better. Perhaps I'll do the high impact portions on the mini trampoline. <BR> <BR> The Bollywood Dance workout is a sassy, high energy video: <BR><BR>ess_articles.asp?id=1728 <BR> <BR> I plan to do it again soon. <em>321</em> Thu, 7 Jun 2012 22:34:17 EST That's progress. I'm feeling positive. My week, calorie-wise, was stellar until Thursday. Usually, when I exceed my calorie limit, it is due to a lack of meal planning. On Thursday and Friday I was within my limits and decided to go over. Grades are due on Monday and I was feeling the pressure. <BR> <BR> Before SP, a 'binge' would have meant more than 300 calories. That is progress, so I'm still feeling positive. <BR> <BR> Saturday, May 26 – 1,596 <BR> Sunday, May 27 – 1,917 <BR> Monday, May 28 – 1,721 <BR> Tuesday, May 29 –... Sat, 2 Jun 2012 04:38:57 EST Inflatable Jumpy Yesterday was Field Day and my entire workplace participated in fun activities outside. The highlight of the experience was the inflatable Jumpy. What fun to race someone through a maze of inflated obstacles and end by plunging down a tall slide! <BR> <BR> Yesterday evening, my husband found a live band and we went dancing. An active end to a busy and active week. It's a good life. <BR> <BR> Man, it was a busy week. I'm not sure if I can credit my will power with the success I had stay... Sat, 26 May 2012 08:02:17 EST Update on an ill pet Blue (my parakeet) was seen by the vet this afternoon. He trimmed her beak and sent her home. As usual, her liver causes her trouble, but the vet was not particularly concerned. She must have just had a bad couple of days and then moved past it. Animals are amazing that way! <BR> <BR> I'm relieved and I appreciate all the well wishes from the SP community. <em>304</em> Mon, 21 May 2012 19:06:00 EST Common Sense Wake Up Call My calorie count was high on the majority of the days this week. After some consideration of the problem, daily lunches were responsible for the bulk of my problems: <BR> <BR> *We had run out of the bread that usually makes my lunch sandwich. I checked the chest freezer and found some bread to use for my sandwiches. Turns out, that bread had twice the calories. <BR> What did I learn? Make a run to the grocery store and purchase some low cal (whole grain, if possible?) bread to tide ... Sat, 19 May 2012 08:13:12 EST A Pet that is Ill One of my pets, a parakeet named Blue, has an enlarged liver. It crowds her lungs (did you know birds have many, many lungs?) which makes it difficult to breathe. In addition, the imbalance of her system causes her beak to grow at an accelerated rate to the point that she needs to be brought to the vet monthly to have it trimmed. <BR> <BR> When Blue's condition was first diagnosed, more than a year ago (she was probably born with this condition) the vet thought little birdie would only sur... Fri, 18 May 2012 05:45:24 EST Dirt Under My Nails The tulips need to be moved before the workmen begin on Monday. It took a few hours to move a huge clump of bulbs (two more to go). What a beautiful day it was. Whenever I found a worm, my son insisted I give it to him. He'd look at the worm and say, "Look at him! He's so cute." Then he's throw it back into the dirt. <BR> <BR> I should sleep well tonight. <em>67</em> Tue, 15 May 2012 22:55:15 EST Dufus I just accidentally sent myself a SparkGoodie. I feel like a dufus! <em>20</em> Sun, 13 May 2012 16:27:41 EST Resistance band work out I've decided to try adding a resistance band workout to my week opposite my cardio. <BR> <BR><BR>ess_articles.asp?id=720 is the video I plan to follow. <BR> <BR> Now, I just need to find some resistance bands. Exciting! Sat, 12 May 2012 18:59:42 EST A new calorie limit During a regular check up with my doctor this week, I mentioned and he was familiar with the site. It was my doctor that lead me to seek out this website. When I asked him about post-pregnancy weight concerns, he suggested I count calories. Realizing the food tracker on this site is so easy to use...I signed up. That was about 3 months ago. <BR> <BR> I shared the daily calorie guidelines I was working with. He suggested lowering the limit to 2000 calories per day. This ... Fri, 11 May 2012 23:06:51 EST A bit over. I went 200 calories over my limit today. Darn, those birthday treats from students. Nice kids, though. : ) <BR> <BR> Yesterday I was so tired. The only premeditated exercise I got was during my lunch break. Cardio was a no-go. <BR> <BR> Dragging was the word for this afternoon, too. Only I bounced back this evening and did my fitness walking and cardio. <BR> <BR> A good Friday, overall. Fri, 4 May 2012 23:23:24 EST Eh.. My toddler was testing me today. Long story short, I was carrying him home from a walk and he was kicking me. I asked him if he wanted a time out, too. He said, "This is just stupid." Eh... <BR> <BR> A co-worker wore a shirt that said something to the effect of: <BR> Without art, the Earth would just be 'eh.' <BR> That is super! Mon, 30 Apr 2012 21:14:06 EST A Carb Kind of Day I managed to stay within my calorie limit today. Carbs were the thing today and I did not get the fruits and veggies that I uaually do. <BR> <BR> Now that I think of it, fruit sounds really good right now. Do I grab an apple or do I stay within my calorie limit? Hummmmm.... Sat, 28 Apr 2012 21:58:03 EST Peanut I found this spark recipe: Peanutty Fruit Salad. I was excited to make it, but nervous about bringing a nut product into my home due to allergies of other family members. I was at Festival Foods and found a product called Wowbutter. Unlike other pho-peanut butter products, it does not need to be stirred or refrigerated, and it DOES taste like real peanut butter. <BR> <BR> Oh, yea. The recipe is excellent. I added extra yogurt and created a beverage-like treat. <BR> <BR> Good stuff. Tue, 24 Apr 2012 22:06:36 EST Swing set I just read that swinging on a swing set burns about 200 calories per hour. I need to start giving myself credit for all the playground time I've been racking up since the weather warmed up. <BR> <BR><BR>ies_do_you_burn_swinging_on_a_playgrou<BR>nd_swing Mon, 23 Apr 2012 21:20:02 EST More chair aerobics When I did the chair aerobics routine today, I paused the video each time Coach Nicole began a final count and did 20 more reps of that movement. I didn't time it, but I'll give myself credit for 15 cardio mintues. <BR> <BR> What a great way to work up a sweat. <BR> <BR> Do you think I will wear out the seat of my work out clothes prematurely? Sat, 21 Apr 2012 12:52:42 EST Chair aerobics rule! I did my first cardio chair aerobics video (my son was busy with daddy). It was a great work out and easy to adjust to make it more difficult or even longer. <BR> <BR> The address is:<BR>s_articles.asp?id=1713 <BR> <BR> Give it a try! <BR> <BR> (I wanted to 'favorite' the video, but did not know how.) Thu, 19 Apr 2012 19:12:52 EST Considering chair aerobics I am walking a lot (putting all of my eggs in one basket). At some point, some sort of overuse injury might be a possibility. Branching out into chair aerobics seems like a good option. Perhaps twice a week. <BR> <BR> Will my young son help me do chair aerobics? It is worth a shot. If not, I'll have to get my exercise after he goes to bed. <BR> <BR> My goal is to try a chair aerobic video this week. <BR><BR>ess_articles.asp?id=1713 <BR> <BR> P.... Wed, 18 Apr 2012 22:21:03 EST Girl Scout Cookies I am incapable of saying no when a student asks me to purchase Girl Scout Cookies. Now they are in the house (thin mints). <BR> <BR> What do I do? I've considered throwing them in the garbage. I cannot resist them. <BR> <BR> Sat, 14 Apr 2012 19:59:23 EST Finding time Some days, especially week days, it is difficult to find enough time to devote to fitness walking. I've found if I walk during my lunch and right after work, it is much easier to reach my daily goals. Wed, 28 Mar 2012 21:58:39 EST