SNUG216's SparkPeople Blog SNUG216's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Blarg - Starting Over? Getting back on the horse? Okay. So here it is. 2015. September 2015. <BR> <BR> And I survived 2014. 2014 - a year when my mother passed away, I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years, lived like a gypsy between apartments and my childhood home, got back together with said boyfriend, only to break up again after the holidays. And throughout all of that, I somehow maintained a weight of around 185lbs. <BR> <BR> Last March I went to Italy. And only put on like 3 pounds while over there. I ate like a champ, but ... Thu, 17 Sep 2015 09:44:28 EST Becoming "One of THOSE People" I am on Week 3 of my 5K training program. <BR> <BR> Have you ever been on facebook and have seen people updating about their love of running? How running makes you feel alive, real runners never stop, it's not about pushing the limits of your body but the limits of your mind, etc etc etc...? And have you ever wanted to punch one of those people? Because I have. And often. But then one day I realized it was a classic case of some kind of jealousy mixed with curiosity. Was running real... Wed, 9 Oct 2013 19:57:45 EST The Added Benefit of Knowing You Are Doing Well My 5K training first week is complete. I've been making me goal of steps on a regular basis, I've been eating incredibly healthy, and it is all showing in the mirror and on the scale. <BR> <BR> So this weekend my friend had a bonfire. I ate healthy before I left for the event. I prepared myself - knowing full well that she was hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and dip, and macaroni and cheese heaven. And I ate. And I enjoyed myself. And then I ate some more. <BR> <BR> I came home today. I a... Sun, 29 Sep 2013 21:28:07 EST My Last Year So, I'm back to SparkPeople again. From September 2012 to August 2013 I was a member of Weight Watchers. It started off well, escalated to great, and then somewhere around May I just plateaued... and then went to Disney World for my birthday, <BR> <BR> First paid vacation from a job - went to Florida with my boyfriend to visit his family. Kennedy Space Center, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Gambling Cruise, dinners with family, desserts, etc. And miraculously... I only gained 3 lbs while I was ... Wed, 25 Sep 2013 20:41:30 EST Like Any Good Superhero Movie... Reboot. Okay. I've done it. I've moved apartments. And so, it is once again time to get serious about my health issues. We are (mostly) unpacked, and the treadmill is in it's new home. Time to step it up. <BR> <BR> I've said it a dozen times before, and I'm saying it now. Game on. Exercised for the last two days (a nice walk in the park nearby, and walked for just a bit on lunch today, just to be in the sun). Still attempting better choices, if not the best choices, as I go throughout my wee... Mon, 23 Jul 2012 17:52:30 EST How It Feels When You Get It Right! So, because I have so little faith in myself, I find myself slacking and getting down on myself simply because I am pretty much always approximately 200-300 calories above the recommended amount per day. Which has only frustrated me, leaving me with the thought "if I'm watching what I'm eating and going over still, how many frackin calories was I going over before???!??!??!?" <BR> <BR> Monday night was a nightmare of food. My friend made a honey glazed ham, homemade mashed potatoes, gravy,... Wed, 30 May 2012 11:12:40 EST The Painful Truth about my Addiction to Bagels I seriously need to just accept the fact that bagels give me heartburn. Specifically Dunkin Donuts bagels, but that could just be because I eat them the most. I love bagels. I love cream cheese. I hate feeling this way. I think this morning was my last Dunkin Bagel. <BR> <BR> Sometimes I have them at home. Why is it that a nice bag of ShopRite bagels costs me $1.50, but if I want bagel THINS to cut down on the calories it's like a dollar or two more? Further proof that it takes money ... Sat, 19 May 2012 10:30:18 EST A bit better today I still went over my allotted calories for the day... but I know it's because my boyfriend was here and could only stay an hour (we are looking at apartments together) and he complained about being hungry so we had to grab something quick. Although I know I shouldn't have let it interrupt my day, it was just easier AND whereas I would normally get two slices of pizza I only had one. But I still had the side of bleu cheese to dip it in. I'm frustrated with myself, but glad that I measured ou... Mon, 7 May 2012 20:25:28 EST College Reunion Weekend So I didn't watch what I ate this weekend at all. And I don't regret a moment of it. I was with the people I love doing the things we loved to do when we were in college. And yes, that was when I was at my heaviest... until now. I had lost the weight after I graduated and put it back on two years later on my own. I do not regret ANY food (or drinking) decisions I made this weekend. Specifically. <BR> <BR> It's the pictures that are killing me. I look so heavy in so many of the picture... Sun, 6 May 2012 23:02:09 EST Proof of measurements So today was a "think about what you are eating, and try not to over do it" day. I needed to see where I am when I think I'm doing "okay" but know I should be doing better. So I went about my food business as I usually would on a day when I'm watching but not pushing myself. <BR> <BR> And I learned that measuring everything is going to be a necessity for myself. <BR> <BR> I overate a LOT today, and to me this was a "normal" day without many/any real treats. <BR> <BR> I haven't had health... Thu, 3 May 2012 20:28:45 EST Starting Tomorrow Okay, now I know that sounds like a cop out; it's what we always say. "I'll start tomorrow." I know I've said it a hundred times. Maybe a thousand even. <BR> <BR> But I will start tomorrow. And the only reason I'm "starting tomorrow" is that there isn't enough "today" left to start with. Other than the fact that there is a WISE bag of Sour Cream and Onion potato chips sitting in my kitchen right now. And that I am purposely not eating them right now. That can count for today... right? ... Wed, 2 May 2012 20:47:34 EST