SMART4ANDREY's SparkPeople Blog SMART4ANDREY's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Weekly Smart #50 I've made an experiment on myself...stay tuned:) <BR> Weight: <BR> Current weight is 172.9 kg that is 381.2 lbs <BR> Week weight GAIN is 0.1 kg that is 0.3 lbs <BR> I haven't weigh in every day as planned, maybe next week, cause crazy times are still here! <BR> A bit of gain doesn't bother me at all, especially considering my experiment! I'll get back to that:) <BR> <BR> Exercise: <BR> Did some strength training, walking instead of riding a bus, not too much these days. <BR> For some reason ... Sun, 15 Dec 2013 05:16:48 EST Weekly Smart #49 Hi there everybody, short one today. <BR> Weight: <BR> Current weight is 172.8 kg that is 380.9 lbs <BR> Week weight lose is 2.2 kg that is 4.8 lbs <BR> This week was crazy and even crazier one coming up. <BR> So I've decided change things a bit, next week I'll be weighing in every day, but will record it only on a piece of paper. I think I can use a bit of a boost. <BR> <BR> Food: <BR> Many I had no time to prepare my food, but still tracked every little thing. <BR> Ate a bit more then usua... Sun, 8 Dec 2013 11:59:14 EST Face lift...NOT! Today I've decided to change my profile picture. <BR> Then I found a bit older picture, so here's the difference. <BR> <img width=500 src=""> <BR> <BR> I'm almost out of shirts to check my progress, have only two left. <BR> Hopefully I've got some good comments with an obvious solution to this! Thanks guys! <BR> I've bought two more shirts, they are L sized, but one is much bigger then the other. <BR> Won't be showing them right now, bu... Fri, 6 Dec 2013 08:37:46 EST Weekly Smart #48 Weight: <BR> Current weight is 175.0 kg that is 385.8 lbs <BR> Week weight GAIN is 0.1 kg that is 0.2 lbs <BR> Well, this is my first "gain" week since I'm able to weigh in that's about 3 month. <BR> That was pretty much inevitable, since last weeks 11 lbs lost. <BR> And I know I know, many can through rotten eggs at me for calling it a gain, thus quotes:) <BR> I don't even think of this as bump on the road, last week was just a pot-hole so I'm back on track. <BR> Here's a little, you might ... Sun, 1 Dec 2013 04:41:02 EST Tears of joy (Sticking just one eye from round the corner) Hey guys! <BR> One or two month ago my mindset was pretty much set on people not really caring at all. <BR> Even then I already knew that SparkPeople is special in that way, people do care here. <BR> We share common problems, experiences and that make us open minded to one another. <BR> Some of my closer SparkFriends may notice that I've been quite skeptical on the magnitude of caring and amount of influence one may have on others. <BR> <BR> Yest... Tue, 26 Nov 2013 09:08:37 EST Progress pictures It's been three month since I took pictures, I decided to make an update today. <BR> Check out my profile page. <BR> <BR> Here's a timeline or should I say picline of fatline:) what ever you like. <BR> <BR> May 24th 2013 - weight UNKNOWN <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> August 27th 2013 - weight UNKNOWN, more then 450 lbs <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> October 25th 2013 - weight 410 lbs ... Mon, 25 Nov 2013 07:53:39 EST Weekly Smart #47 Weight: <BR> Current weight is 174.9 kg that is 385.6 lbs <BR> Week weight loss is 5.1 kg that is 11 lbs <BR> That's the first time I loose double digit, at least since I've been ably to weigh myself. <BR> I had low number before, 1 lbs, now big number, but still that's all a process and how fast it goes is none of my business. I eat like a healthy man, so I'll eventually be. <BR> Next week I may gain, will I care then...we'll see:) <BR> <BR> Food: <BR> That's was ok, as usual. Ate more swe... Sun, 24 Nov 2013 07:26:10 EST Excuses At one point or the other we try to enforce "no more excuses" policy on ourselves. <BR> Probably you said that many oh so many times. Any luck? <BR> But let's take a closer look at what "excuses" really are. <BR> Excuses is a natural way of keeping you within your habits, think about it again. <BR> You sit on a couch all day, that's a habit. How about going out for a walk - here come excuses. <BR> Lets call them bad excuses, your if your habits are bad - your excuses are bad. <BR> There are g... Wed, 20 Nov 2013 05:38:07 EST Week #46 recap Current weight is 180.0 kg that is 396.8 lbs <BR> Week weight loss is 2.7 kg that is 6 lbs <BR> <BR> There is goes, you do all the right things and result will catch up, previous week was OK, but on the lower side, this week is obviously awesome. Broke 400 lbs which is a great thing, now I can watch BL without thinking "I'm bigger then all of them", at least first week:) <BR> Let's move on to things I can actually do, other then just observe, like my weight. <BR> <BR> This week I've being ... Sun, 17 Nov 2013 02:02:42 EST Weigh in 10.11.2013 Current weight is 182.7 kg that is 402.8 lbs <BR> Week weight loss is 0.5 kg that is 1.1 lbs <BR> <BR> So this week is low, good part of it is that next week will be a big one:) <BR> Bottom line the direction is what matters not the speed. <BR> <BR> Thank you for coming!:) Sun, 10 Nov 2013 05:28:27 EST Before and now BEFORE(about 2 years ago) I could have written something like this: <BR> Seen my dentist today, my tooth has been hurting for 3 or 4 days now. <BR> It hurts from time to time, but I take a pain pill and it doesn't hurt on the next day. <BR> This time I'm in pain for quite sometime, I take pain pill and it stops for 8 to 10 hours. <BR> So, I decided it's time to go to the dentist, he cleared my tooth but pretty much did nothing. <BR> He sent me home and told me to come back in a week. <BR> It ... Sat, 9 Nov 2013 10:50:52 EST Weigh in 03.11.2013 Current weight is 183.2 kg aka 403.9 lbs <BR> Week weight loss is 3.1 kg aka 6.8 lbs <BR> <BR> I've been thinking about my health related goals for November. <BR> And I can't think of anything, any suggestions:)? <BR> <BR> I can say that I'm lifting weights now, my October goal was to start which I did. <BR> I have a program that I made for myself, figured out my working weights. <BR> So I'll keep on doing that, 3 times per week. <BR> <BR> I've added a new Rule for myself - no more then 2... Sun, 3 Nov 2013 01:08:52 EST Weigh in 27.10.2013 Current weight is 186.3 kg aka 410.7 lbs <BR> Week weight loss is 1.2 kg aka 2.6 lbs <BR> <BR> My weight lifting equipment arrived, I've set it up. <BR> Now I have dumbbells, barbell and a bench. <BR> I've created a program and figured out starting weight. <BR> I also found I great tracking tool. <BR> My goal for October was to start weight training and now it's accomplished! Sun, 27 Oct 2013 04:52:20 EST Food tracking, how to and know how I won't be talking about why you should track, maybe some other time. <BR> I track all my food, it takes me about 5 minutes accumulated through the day. <BR> Lets talk about how I do it on SP. What's good and what's not. <BR> Database: <BR> I don't use it, cause usually you can't find what you want and you can't change it. <BR> I use it only to check up some produce. <BR> All items I use I've added manually, even if it has item with the same information, I'll explain later. <BR> Grouping: <BR... Wed, 23 Oct 2013 14:26:32 EST Weigh in My current weight is 187.5 kg that is 413.4 lbs <BR> This week weight loss is 3.2 kg that is 7 lbs Sun, 20 Oct 2013 03:51:36 EST Loving yourself, when and how Loving yourself is a tricky concept, maybe I'm nitpicking a bit, but I think it's very important. <BR> Loving or hating yourself while you obese or any other condition for that matter makes you keep doing what you've been doing...eating or doing other things to your body. <BR> Most people understand destructive nature of their actions, be it overeating, drug use, prostitution, excessive piercing, plastic surgeries you name it. <BR> If you hate yourself you keep doing it to punish yourself. <B... Sun, 13 Oct 2013 04:00:22 EST Weigh in and some words:) Nobody cares, but it's kind of a tradition now for me to post Sunday weigh in results: <BR> Current weight: 190.7 kg aka 420.4 lbs <BR> Week weight loss: 3.2 kg aka 7 lbs <BR> <BR> To everybody who takes interest in me - thank you, appreciate it very much. <BR> But don't look at those numbers as goals or even accomplishments, they are just numbers. <BR> If you're goal is to see low number on scale - tilt your scales(left higher then right) and you'll get low number - goal achieved! The real ... Sun, 13 Oct 2013 02:50:58 EST Confession Today I heard of a huge man, like myself talking about bad digestion, genetics and blah..blah... <BR> The truth is that it's always a lie and inability to admit that you eat huge amount of food just indicates that you are not ready for a lifelong change. <BR> I've admitted it many months ago. <BR> Also many ask how did you get that big and public media driven people to think of this as some illness, again: metabolism, genetics or some weird condition. Basically being fat is something that ju... Thu, 10 Oct 2013 17:19:09 EST Weigh in Today I weigh at 193.9 kg, lost 2.7 kg or 6 lbs. <BR> I don't really know what say:) mmmm....k <BR> As you see I have a long way to go, so I don't look where I'm going. <BR> Sure, I know the direction, but mainly I concentrate on what I'm doing right now. <BR> <BR> Well, take care and have a nice one! Sun, 6 Oct 2013 01:47:20 EST Walking I'm going to take it up a notch emotional wise so it would be interesting to read:) <BR> It was a busy day and I had to pretty much skip lunch. <BR> At that point a had multiple justifications for skipping workout - no lunch, no time, busy. <BR> I thought about walking, but I told myself that's too dark outside and cold. <BR> In about an hour when I decided too eat something instead of working out I switched my brain into analytic thinking... <BR> Don't wanna ride spin bike - fine, go for a w... Fri, 4 Oct 2013 15:33:01 EST Weigh in Result: 196.6 kg, that's minus 1.6 kg or 3.5 lbs. <BR> Fine by me:) <BR> That's just proves everything I say. <BR> Losing weight is in no way hard, just takes time and nothing more. <BR> If you're struggling - you're going something wrong or most likely many things wrong. Sun, 29 Sep 2013 04:08:32 EST Sweet mind and a bit of sweeteners I've read this blog today and it inspired me to comment on that <BR> <link><BR>urnal_individual.asp?blog_id=5497596 </link> . <BR> I always read her blog, and maybe you do too:) You should try at least, that's a very good read. <BR> <BR> Ok, back to the subject. <BR> It started so good, but got so disappointing in the middle. Ending was good too:) <BR> Stevia really? There's absolutely no difference. <BR> Natural in the beginning doesn't mean anything, al... Sat, 28 Sep 2013 11:06:26 EST Diet riot Today I saw another diet based on eggs that will make you loose 5-7 kg in two weeks. <BR> From the start let's set something straight, I'm not against fast result diets. <BR> There are plenty of women who need to fit into some dress for the upcoming party. <BR> And there are a lot of ways to reach that quick goal, tons of diets and activities. <BR> <BR> But I haven't seen even a single article that would honestly says that it'll all come back during following week after you're done with the ... Fri, 27 Sep 2013 18:30:02 EST Weigh in Hello there, <BR> Today result is 198.2 kg, that is -2 kg for this week, that is -4.4 pounds. <BR> That's a good result, but I actually don't care too much. <BR> I don't care if have normal weight in year, two of three years, since I never actually had normal weight. <BR> <BR> My motto is "do what you should and what would be will be" Sun, 22 Sep 2013 01:51:06 EST Smoking I want to talk about smoking today. <BR> But I'm too tired and want to sleep. <BR> <BR> So let's put it simple in just two words "STOP SMOKING". <BR> <em>227</em> <em>270</em> <BR> <BR> Nighty-night! Fri, 20 Sep 2013 18:12:58 EST Going nuts for nuts From time to time I decide to add something new into my eating regiment, I can't really call it a diet since it gained so much bad connotation <BR> Anyways, this time - new snack and it's NUTS. <BR> That's not a fresh idea. but still ... a very good one:) <BR> <BR> They get kinda bad reputation for having huge amount of calories. <BR> Sure, when you get them salty or covered in chocolate and you eat hole bag - this is bad. <BR> And we know how big those bag get...super size your ass, for fre... Thu, 19 Sep 2013 15:59:38 EST Weigh in Last week on Monday I was finally able to use my scales, their max value is 202 kg, about 450 pounds. <BR> So from now on I'm going to weigh in weekly, every Sunday. <BR> Although it's been only 6 days, here are my first results. <BR> minus 1.6 kg, that is 3.5 pounds Sun, 15 Sep 2013 03:17:55 EST "Just" talking This "Just" mean so much for me, for me it was maybe the most hard thing in my hole life. <BR> And that's the core reason for my huge weight problems. <BR> Sure, the reason is eating behavior, but lack of human contact made this problem from "overweight" to "morbidly obese". <BR> <BR> First, don't feel sad for me...been there done that, but I'm no longer that way. <BR> I've finished first step - my weight in going down, I eat healthy ... yada yada yada <BR> My current step is to communicate ... Fri, 13 Sep 2013 06:46:45 EST Searching friends. Would you be? So, basically I've been working on myself for some time, about 50 kg lost. <BR> And now a really wish to become part of SP community. <BR> Check out my page, some pics and texts. <BR> <BR> Looking for friends for support and advice. javascript: void(0); <BR> I have things to share and I'm a good listener too) and maybe even comforter. <BR> <BR> My twitter is @Smart4Andrey Sat, 7 Sep 2013 20:38:33 EST Join me on twitter My twitter is @Smart4Andrey <BR> <BR> All SP tool are great, but what I'm missing it closer communication with fellow Loosers:) <BR> Let's get to know each other. <BR> I'm 28 yo, lost 50 kg and working on 100 kg more. <BR> Have tons of ideas and advice. <BR> But most of all I like to listen, so anyways it's a win win win. <BR> Waiting for you! <BR> <BR> My twitter is @Smart4Andrey Sat, 7 Sep 2013 12:16:18 EST I need you! So, basically I've been working on myself for some time, about 50 kg lost. <BR> And now a really wish to become part of SP community. <BR> Check out my page, some pics and texts. <BR> <BR> Looking for friends for support and advice. <BR> I have things to share and I'm a good listener too) and maybe even comforter. <BR> Tue, 27 Aug 2013 10:40:20 EST