SHARILYNN757's SparkPeople Blog SHARILYNN757's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community eating at mexican resturant ohhh gosh!!!! dont ask me out to dinner....and then take me to a mexican resturant!!!! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!!!! <BR> <BR> MY WEAKNESS!!!!!!!!! CHIPS AND CHEESE!!!!!!!! FRIED FOOD!!!!!! <BR> <BR> But i resisted!!! I did a quick search online to find out what foods were the healthest choices when dining out to a mexican resturant. And I didnt do too bad! I had 10 chips, in salsa only...chicken fijita NO SOUR CREAM! with corn tortillas, a few bites of the mexican beans, and a diet cok... Fri, 27 Mar 2009 23:00:18 EST slept in :( Im a little disappointed today...i thought i hit the snooze button on my alarm this morning, and ended up turing off my alarm clock! CRAP!!! I really wanted to go to the gym today! <BR> <BR> <BR> So, my work out buddy bailed on me yesterday, and I had to bail on her today! I noticed that i didnt have as much engery today towards the end of my shift, and needed a little coffee boost. I will def. try to get to the gym more often so i dont have to turn to the caffine! <BR> Thu, 26 Mar 2009 21:18:07 EST Working out ALONE! ok, so i have a work out buddy...she keeps me going, I keep her going....when i dont feel like going....she pushes me...when i feel like dropping the speed...she yells at me to keep it up...she is a great gym partner! Couldnt ask for a better one! <BR> <BR> So, i wake up this a text message...she wont be able to make it... <BR> <BR> "ok great! a day off"....yeah no...i felt i went alone....and I pushed myself, just as she would push me...i worked hard...i was dripp... Wed, 25 Mar 2009 22:39:11 EST Didnt sign in yesterday and now im paying for it BIG time.... <BR> <BR> I dont feel as motivated.... <BR> I dont feel good about myself <BR> <BR> I didnt do too bad as far as eating, or keeping active. But I still feel quilty. So i signed in asap this morning. Back on track! <BR> <BR> Lets get motivated.... <BR> Lets feel good... <BR> <BR> Off to the gym!!!! Tue, 24 Mar 2009 09:50:06 EST everyday is a better day! Hi, my name is Shari and I'm an emotional eater. <BR> <BR> I eat when I'm happy <BR> I eat when I'm sad <BR> I eat when I'm stressed <BR> I eat when I'm angry <BR> I eat when I'm bored <BR> I eat when I'm watching tv <BR> I eat when I'm driving <BR> I eat when I'm full <BR> <BR> Food to meet is my addiction. I eat because it taste good, and I eat because it fills the emptiness. <BR> <BR> I'm 25 and have been "the fat girl" all my life. The scale scares me, and I don't weight myself bec... Sun, 22 Mar 2009 09:53:24 EST kale and yogurt making fresh kale for the frist time.... <BR> <BR> I have had kale before, loved it the way mom made it. I tweaked her recipe a little and didnt at the ham fat. I trying to loose fat, why add it to the kale LOL. So i have it on the stove, cooking...the longer the better! <BR> <BR> Also cooking on the stove, fresh snap beans! I so cant wait! Im really gonna have my veggies today! SCORE! <BR> <BR> another score! after read through some articles about yogurt, I found... Fri, 20 Mar 2009 20:36:28 EST Sweating always makes me feel uncomfortable Good morning! <BR> <BR> Ok, so after 3 days of being a member of sparkpeople, I have been motivated to join the gym next door to my salon. I'm a bit nervous. Its been almost 2 years since I broke a sweat at the gym ( and I smoke). Sweating always makes me feel uncomfortable and I always feel like people stare at me. <BR> <BR> But i'm going to push those feelings in the back of my mind, and get moving because i'm doing this for me, not for them. <BR> <BR> Wish me luck! Thu, 19 Mar 2009 08:45:35 EST Love SparkPeople I' ve been on the south beach diet for a few months now, but a new member to SparkPeople. I stumbled over this website looking for a calorie tracker for my Blackberry Curve, signed up and got addicted. There is soooo much info on this site, not just diet plans and support. I really enjoy reading the articles and message board post. I really feel welcomed here, and know everyone here is cheering for me to reach my goals. This site is so motivating! It was def. a blessing stumbling over t... Wed, 18 Mar 2009 10:05:20 EST My fav South Beach Links 3 fat chicks offers a great forum where u can find recipes and other weightloss buddies!!! <BR> <link><BR>y.php?f=114 </link> <BR> <BR> OMG i havent found crockpot recipe i didnt like!!! prefectly organzied for quick finds <BR> <link><BR>php?ph=1 </link> <BR> <BR> As u can tell, im a busy "mom" I love the crockpot! <BR><BR>m/viewtopic.php?t=14253 <BR> Tue, 17 Mar 2009 22:55:12 EST