SHARIKAYE's SparkPeople Blog SHARIKAYE's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community So much has changed... I haven't checked in in almost a year. SparkPeople is on my mind all the time. It seems like it was the only time I was successful at being healthy. I'm not saying today is day one and I'm back, but I'm also not saying it's not. I know I have a decision to make. <BR> In the last year two more granddaughters have been added to my life. My daughter and son-in-law gave me Harper Grace 10 months ago. She is, of course absolutely adorable and I love having a grandchild in town with me. Jus... Tue, 22 Jul 2014 22:51:40 EST Where have you been?! Well, here's the answer to that question. <BR> It started before I stopped checking in here. Back in May, my thyroid levels got off and I gained some weight because of it. I got discouraged. REALLY discouraged. I started making compromises in my meal plans. Not so much how much I was eating at first, but the quaility of food I was eating. Quick meal replacements like protein bars and protein drinks instead of fixing a meal. I know in a pinch those are not a bad idea, but depression was settin... Sat, 3 Aug 2013 00:04:21 EST Possibilities... I had a bit better day today. <BR> My friend Kristi at work who was going to start working out with me (but now has to have surgery) was at work today. (She doesn't work everyday) It helped to tell her what was going on with the Biggest Loser challenge and how discouraged I was. Of course she was really sorry she was out of commission, but she is in so much pain I feel bad for her. She suggested I talk to a couple of gyms and find out fees and what membership includes and if they have any su... Thu, 30 May 2013 22:42:00 EST Bad news... So...I called the Papillion Rec Dept this morning to find out about registration for the Biggest Loser challenge that I was planning on this summer. I found out I was the only one who had inquired about it and no one had registered, so the event had been cancelled. I was really surprised. I was so upset I actually cried. I was really planning on that challenge to shake up my fitness plan for the summer and give me a new kickstart. It was supposed to run from Jun 3 to Aug 9, so most of the sum... Wed, 29 May 2013 21:40:37 EST Sleepy girl... I'll try this again. I wrote one about 3 hours ago and fell asleep before I finished it. LOL! <BR> It's been a pretty good day. Food has been on track today despite oversleeping this morning. I still had time to pack my lunch so I didn't have to eat out. <BR> I worked an extra hour and after I got home I took Lucy out and we went for our evening walk. It was pretty warm out tonight. <BR> I talked to Ariel earlier this evening. She wants to contribute to my registration fee for the Biggest L... Wed, 29 May 2013 04:36:26 EST Home Again! Well, it's 8:30 and I'm home again. Seems funny to think this morning I was playing with Audrey and having lunch with the kids and tonight I had dinner with Amy, Drew and Ariel and now I'm home with Lucy and we've already been out for our walk. <BR> I had a great week-end! All around. <BR> I had a wonderful time with Audrey. We spent Friday night and most of Saturday together. And then Sunday evening Andrew and Danielle went to a cookout and a movie so we were together again. It was very ha... Mon, 27 May 2013 22:11:55 EST Audrey Jane I'm in Missouri. Audrey and I were on our own last night. Mom and Dad went out and spent the night in a hotel and have been out and about all day today. (well so far...Mom said she would be home in time for a 3:00 feeding) <BR> I have Audrey her bath last night and then sat down to give her her bottle. They change so doggone fast!! Usually the bottle would have put her to sleep. Not so last night. I took her to her room and rocked her for a bit and the next thing I know she's screaming at me.... Sat, 25 May 2013 15:30:32 EST Crisis averted! I attempted shopping again tonight. My mom reminded me that I had a $10 coupon that I needed to use before I left for the week-end or it would expire. I knew if nothing else I would at least go in and get myself some more athletic socks or look at something for one of the babies with that $10. <BR> When I got there I decided I would look at a pair of navy slacks. I found a pair I liked and they were on sale so I grabbed a 22 and a 20 to try on. Then I went back to the jeans and just for grin... Fri, 24 May 2013 00:36:12 EST Frustration!! I have a good/bad problem. <BR> Many of my clothes have had to be packed away because they are too large. I know it's a good problems to have. One of my daughter's bought me a gift card to CJ Banks for Mother's Day. I used it last night and bought two new shirts. The other daughter gave me a gift card to Kohls so I could buy new jeans. I've already packed away all the 24s I was wearing when I started. I have since bought 22s but they are now falling off. I can take them off at night without u... Thu, 23 May 2013 00:41:22 EST Day Two...back on the wagon! It feels good to be back on track again. <BR> My calories yesterday were good and got some movement in. <BR> Today, so far, I'm within my allowance and I've made healthy choices. When I got home tonight I took Lucy for a nice long walk...despite the weather. We found a new route. It felt good to get out there and be moving again. My motivation is up. That's what really counts. <BR> When I checked in with SparkCoach today they were talking about coaching others with what you have learned so ... Tue, 21 May 2013 23:03:05 EST Good session Things have been a little tough lately. <BR> I know I haven't been blogging daily like I always have. Sometimes I don't know if I'm coming or going. LOL! <BR> Last week I was busy every night! I got some exercise in one night and felt really good about it, like I was back on track. The last couple of weeks I have been over on my calories almost every day. I think the only reason I have been losing weight is because my thyroid has been off. I have missed my physical therapy for two weeks. I k... Tue, 21 May 2013 00:52:20 EST More rain... I know I said before when it rains it pours, well, it's still raining. <BR> I took the car in this morning. First, I will say I have been driving this car for 7 1/2 years. The only thing I have had to do to it is put new tires on it, a new battery and one time it needed a PVC valve. It's a Kia, and it's been a wonderful car. <BR> I needed an oil change so they did that first and then checked out the problem. They plugged in the car to see why the 'check engine' light was on and it seems I h... Thu, 16 May 2013 00:32:22 EST A day of ups and downs and ups Yesterday, of course was Mother's Day. The kids dedicated Audrey back to the Lord at church. It was a pretty good day all around. <BR> Today I had the day off. I slept too late to make it to physical therapy. But since last Wednesday night my days and nights have all just been a blur. <BR> Amy and Drew had their 20 week ultrasound today that told them what sex the baby was. After that we were all going to meet at a fish restaurant here in town that my Aunt just loves. She has to go there ev... Mon, 13 May 2013 23:39:45 EST Blew it!....go on.... It's been a day of ups and downs. <BR> My day started out pretty good. I slept in a bit, but after the week I've had I think I needed it. <BR> I grabbed a protein bar and I had a few last minute errands to run. I went to pick up Lucy's dog food and I picked up two gift cards, one for my mom and one for my aunt. I stopped and got two gift bags, one for Danielle and one for Amy and a last minute graduation card. <BR> I got back home and fixed a proper lunch. Pork tenderloin and spring mix/spi... Sat, 11 May 2013 23:09:52 EST Little Update I did go to physical therapy this morning. I packed a healthy lunch and took Lucy out and went to work. It was hard. It was the last thing I felt like doing. <BR> I couldn't eat. Well, I did manage to eat my orange. I got plenty of fluids. <BR> I had a protein bar for dinner. Just cuz. I sure didn't want it. <BR> Mom, Dad and Aunt Pat spent the afternoon and evening at Goldie's today. Things were pretty up and down. They did the autopsy today, but of course no results for a while. Not much ... Fri, 10 May 2013 02:11:30 EST Sad day... I'll make this brief.... <BR> My day was great until 8:19 p.m. <BR> My mom called to tell me that her cousin went into her son's room (he's a man that lives with his mother) to find him not breathing. She called my mother to her Rick was dead. She was beside herself. They have a very co-dependent relationship. My mom called me...a mess. She left to go to her cousins house. Fortunately my aunt is here visiting and she went with my mom. <BR> I spent a long time praying in the Spirit because I ... Wed, 8 May 2013 23:51:21 EST May 7 Crazy day today!! <BR> I fell asleep in my chair again last night. Poo! I ddn't wake up to take my meds till 6 this morning. That just throws everything off! I went to bed, but only slept an hour and had to get up because I had forgotten my reflux med yesterday morning and heartburn set in. (I had REALLY spicy chili for dinner). I sat in the chair again and of course fell right back to sleep. My mom woke me up at 10:20. You would have thought I would have gotten up and got ready for work at t... Tue, 7 May 2013 23:39:30 EST Catch up!! Shame on me! <BR> I haven't had time to blog since Friday night. Do you have any idea what kind of a streak I broke?! <BR> Here's the lowdown... <BR> Saturday morning I got ready for graduation. Luncheon for parents of MAE students was at 11:30. Our daughter looked grown up and beautiful. We had to transition from the Peter Kiewit Center to the North End of the campus for the grad ceremony. Parking was ridiculous!! There were so many graduations going on at the same time. University of Nebras... Mon, 6 May 2013 22:10:01 EST Full, Fun Day! The festivities have begun! <BR> I got up this morning and cleaned up my kitchen from the cooking last night. I had breakfast and had my time with the Lord and got my food logged for the day. I showered and put on my workout clothes and packed an apple for snack and some pineapple to go with a sandwich I was going to pick up later. I got clothes ready to take with me, took Lucy out and then we loaded in the car to head for physical therapy. I didn't have time to drop Lucy off at my mom's so I... Sat, 4 May 2013 01:01:06 EST Crazy Busy Day I just wrote a whole synopsis of my day that took almost an hour and lost it all. <BR> Here's what you are going to get. <BR> I overslept and missed my mammo. Had a weird but nutritious breakfast, had my time in the Word and fell asleep during my quiet time. I know no one has ever done that. I slept till 11:30. Have to be at work at noon. Yeah, right. Grabbed a snack and protein drink and fruit for lunch. Was 8 minutes late getting to work. Poo! Makes the whole rest of my day feel rushed. ... Fri, 3 May 2013 03:01:06 EST On track... I'll make this brief. (believe it or not) <BR> It was a typically crazy day. Had to get up and get everything ready so I get out of the house by 11 today so I could turn in my holter monitor back in N. Omaha at the Cardiac Center and then drive all the way out to Millard to work by noon. I actually managed to get all that done and get my time in with the Lord. <BR> Work went really smoothly today. I have so much fun sometimes just listening to K-LOVE and praising the Lord while I answer the ... Thu, 2 May 2013 00:56:36 EST It's been interesting! Nick Newman is an idiot!! Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. I'm watching Y&R. <BR> My day started out crazy. I had to be in North Omaha (from Papillion) by 9:00 to have my holter monitor hooked up. I got up, scarfed down a Greek yogurt w/ granola, got in the shower and got ready to go. I'm sorry to say by the time I found my way to the check-in desk it was 9:10. I didn't have to wait too long considering there was a waiting room full of cardiac patients. The nurse hooked me up, exp... Tue, 30 Apr 2013 23:40:59 EST Rough start To begin with I fell asleep in my chair last night. What made matters worse was I had forgotten to take my meds. So at 5 in the morning when I woke up I was taking my meds that help me sleep. Sheesh! If I didn't take them I would have withdrawals. That wouldn't be good either. It was too early to be up so I did go to my bed and set my alarm. I was supposed to go to physical therapy at 9. I got up twice and my head hurt so bad I went and laid back down. Finally at 8:45 I called and cancelled P... Tue, 30 Apr 2013 01:32:52 EST Good Sunday! I didn't quite make it to church on time this morning, but I made it. I am aiming for consistency. Sometimes it's really hard because of my meds to get up and get to church. (That's why I have a job that I don't have to be at work till noon.) But I really need the fellowship and the consistency of being in His house. I would rather get there late than not get there at all. <BR> We had lunch at a China Buffet, but I was a good girl and I stuck with the Mongolian Grill part of the buffet so I ... Mon, 29 Apr 2013 02:04:57 EST Semi-lazy Saturday....LOL! I had really planned to take my week-end and just relax and see how I did with the palpitations and try to tank up a bit before the onslaught of the next two weeks. <BR> I did sleep in. And yes, I was in my bed. (well, from 3:00 on). I got up around 10:45 and had a late breakfast. I sat down to read the Word and had a hard time keeping my eyes open. I did it get it read and understood it. BONUS! But I quickly dozed off. It wasn't too long though before Amy called and said she was done at the... Sat, 27 Apr 2013 23:36:27 EST Semi-lazy Saturday....LOL! I had really planned to take my week-end and just relax and see how I did with the palpitations and try to tank up a bit before the onslaught of the next two weeks. <BR> I did sleep in. And yes, I was in my bed. (well, from 3:00 on). I got up around 10:45 and had a late breakfast. I sat down to read the Word and had a hard time keeping my eyes open. I did it get it read and understood it. BONUS! But I quickly dozed off. It wasn't too long though before Amy called and said she was done at the... Sat, 27 Apr 2013 23:36:27 EST Finally Friday! Oh dear! I had physical therapy at 10:00 this morning. Again, I slept in my chair last night. NOT doing that tonight! I didn't wake up till almost 10:30. Not only did I have to call and cancel PT, it made for a quick morning. <BR> I had a quick Yopa (greek yogurt with granola) for breakfast. I did check in with SparkCoach and log my breakfast, but then I had to get ready for work and figure out lunch. I decided to pack a snack again and stop at Subway. I took Lucy out and headed out. <BR> S... Sat, 27 Apr 2013 02:28:29 EST thursday You're not going to believe this. I wrote my whole Thursday blog and then fell asleep before I could hit the post entry button and lost the whole thing. <BR> It was a really busy day. A doctor's appt in the morning. Work. A doctors appt after work. <BR> I've been having pretty consistent palpitations for awhile so decided it was time to check in with Joe. They did an EKG which came out fine...I knew it would...there's nothing wrong with my heart. They drew a bunch of blood. He thinks maybe I... Fri, 26 Apr 2013 08:32:10 EST Busy Wednesday! Okay, I'm back. It was another busy day. I guess God knows I need to keep occupied. Some days I think a little less might be nice. :) <BR> I got up and had breakfast and spent my time in the Word and with the Lord. Then I had to get dressed and run an errand before work. I got back home and packed my lunch (rapidly) and took Lucy out. Off I went. <BR> Work went pretty fast today. Lots of calls, lots of work to do. <BR> After work I a few of us got together with one of the girls who used to... Thu, 25 Apr 2013 00:22:54 EST Tuesday Long day. <BR> Good time with the Lord this morning. Feel like I'm at a turning point in my life. Lots to think about. <BR> Calories a little over today. <BR> Strained my back carrying groceries so didn't get any fitness time in. <BR> I promise to be more clear tomorrow. <BR> <BR> Blessings to you one and all <BR> Keep on keepin on <BR> <BR> Shari Wed, 24 Apr 2013 00:23:22 EST Just Monday It's been a pretty good day. Nothing too surprising. <BR> I got up and had breakfast. I got dressed and ready and headed for Physical Therapy. I wore my 'Love is' t-shirt that I bought on Saturday. That 2X fit very nicely. I was so happy. <BR> PT was pretty intense. We started using a stability ball under my legs to do my bridges. A lot harder! I worked pretty hard for the whole 45 minutes and I was sweating when I left. Who knew PT was actually going to be a workout? <BR> I got home and go... Tue, 23 Apr 2013 01:32:57 EST It's down!! I know this going to come up as Monday, but it's really late Sunday night. <BR> I had a good day today. I was so excited about blogging this that I put it off to do some other things on the website and time got away from me. <BR> I got up and had my breakfast and logged it on SP. I showered and got ready for church and got Lucy out. <BR> Church was wonderful. the worship was beautiful and the message was one of significance. Not that they are not all significant; we can always use what is ... Mon, 22 Apr 2013 07:53:56 EST Love is... I went to a Women's Luncheon today at church. I had breakfast first, a quick yogurt and a granola bar. The "mini-retreat" started at 10:00. <BR> Oh, NSV!! The theme of the day was Love is... They had T-shirts for sale that were black and they had these adorable hearts on the front of them and of course it said "Love is..." and then the scripture reference I Cor 13. I automatically picked up the 3X because that's what I've always bought. I thought "no way". I picked up the 2X. Yep!! I... Sun, 21 Apr 2013 00:43:37 EST It's Friday!! What a day!! I don't know if I can take it all in! <BR> My day started out so wonderfully! I slept a little late...accidentally, but I made it work. <BR> I had breakfast and spent some time in the Word. I have to say I had an amazing time with the Lord today!! If that was all my day was about that would have made it a marvelous day!! I read I Peter chapter 1. It talks about what Christ did for us, and our salvation and what it means and how our lives are so brief, but how we spend eternity i... Fri, 19 Apr 2013 23:54:23 EST What?! Okay...I hate to even say it...I had another crazy day. <BR> Let's start with last night. I was up pretty late getting Ariel's invitations addressed and stuffed. I just have to say I hope everyone doesn't show up. LOL! The party room at Famous Daves holds up to 60 people. If everyone shows up there would be 80. I guess overflow would just go into the dining room. Of course I know the odds of everyone showing up is pretty slim. That's just family and close 'family' friends. (side note: next ti... Fri, 19 Apr 2013 03:00:21 EST Over-the-hump day! Another busy day! But you know what? I don't have time to get bored. :) <BR> I had my normal morning. Got up, had breakfast, spent some time in the Word and with the Lord. Some good time. One of the verses I read today was a verse that I have read so many times before, but it struck me a little differently this morning. James 5:16 "Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much." As... Wed, 17 Apr 2013 23:21:04 EST Life Insurance Today has been a pretty typical day. <BR> I got up and had breakfast. I cleaned up my kitchen and spent some time in the Word with the Lord. I started logging my food for the day and checking in with SparkCoach. <BR> As happens sometimes, I dozed off in my chair. I hate when that happens. When I wake up I feel like I'm in a big rush. I actually am in a big rush, but I hate starting my day off like that. I have to make a change to my sleeping habits. <BR> Work was pretty typical. After work... Wed, 17 Apr 2013 01:43:44 EST Crazy Monday!! I had physical therapy this morning. I got up and had breakfast and got ready for my workout. We did a couple new exercise this morning. It was quite the workout. <BR> While I was in town I stopped at Bakers. There are a couple of things I like that I can only get there. <BR> I got home and logged my food and spent a little time on SparkPeople. Then I had to get my lunch packed and change my clothes and get Lucy out. <BR> Work was busy as usual. We had visitors in today that tied up the bo... Mon, 15 Apr 2013 23:14:15 EST Super Sunday What a wonderful day it has been! <BR> I got up and had some Yopa. It's a greek yogurt with granola to add in. I love it! <BR> I logged my breakfast and lunch and got ready for church. I took Lucy out, grabbed a couple of outfits I had bought for Audrey and my Bible and I was out the door. <BR> I love being in a good worship service. Turns out they didn't need me in the nursery so I got to enjoy the whole service. We are in a series about the 7 churches in Revelation 2. Today was Smyrna--th... Sun, 14 Apr 2013 18:42:48 EST Quick day Up late last night...well this morning. As a result I slept a little late. I got up and had a healthy breakfast and switched out some laundry. I nodded off in the chair and awoke to a text from my son that he wanted me and my mom at the studio to take generational pics with Audrey. I got ready quickly, put on a quick touch-up face and went and picked up my mom. <BR> Pics took a little while. Audrey was napping when we got there. She had already been through several clothes changes and about ... Sun, 14 Apr 2013 05:04:45 EST She made it! I heard from Ariel by text today. She had to give the presentation of her project at 2:30 this afternoon. She said it went okay. She always says it went okay even when she excels at something. She was one of four students nominated for Outstanding MAE student so she's no slouch. At this point it looks like she will graduate her Masters with Honors. I am so proud of her. I wish she could see in herself what I see and what her professors see. <BR> She said in the last 7 days she put 78 hours i... Sat, 13 Apr 2013 00:46:01 EST Ariel's Pain It's been an interesting but tough day. <BR> I got up and had breakfast and got ready to go to physical therapy. She really worked me out today. It was good but my back was a little sore for a little while after. I learned some new exercises to add to my PT workout. <BR> On the way home I stopped in and talked to Heather about the apartment. She was wonderful. I told her in about a year I think I would be in a lot better position. She said the next new building should be done or close to be... Thu, 11 Apr 2013 21:48:30 EST Brief lapse... I had a pretty rough day yesterday. I'm afraid I busted all kinds of streaks. <BR> The day started out pretty good. I got up and had breakfast, and got ready to meet office manager of the apartment complex that I live in. We have a new building that is just about done and I had my name on the waiting list to move in. I was one ot the first people they wanted to show it to. We walked over and she showed me a few different floor plans. The one bedroom and a few different 2 bedrooms. I fell in... Thu, 11 Apr 2013 00:58:37 EST Oh Monday... I know I say this a lot, but Wow! What a busy day today! <BR> I got up and had breakfast and showered and got ready for physical therapy. I had PT at 9. Left there close to 10. It was a good work out though! We are not only working on my back but we are working on my core. Some of the exercises really push me. I like that! And I told her so. <BR> Once I got back home I had to make a phone call to the customer service of a company I'm not happy with. To make a long story short I bought a prod... Tue, 9 Apr 2013 01:16:20 EST Back home! I made it home safe and sound. <BR> Audrey wasn't feeling very well today. Still has a runny nose. Today she was running a low grade temp. Her tummy was kind of crampy too. We're not sure if she really has a cold or if this is all related to teething. Mommy wasn't feeling very good either. It was hard to leave them. Luckily my son is a very good husband and father. He pitches in with both hands. <BR> Danielle and Andrew fixed some wonderful Habanero burgers on the grill for lunch. I like spi... Sun, 7 Apr 2013 21:52:33 EST Fun Day! What fun we had today! With mom and dad home and Audrey split between the three of us, what a breeze! Of course mommy got stuck with all the feedings (smile). Grandma got lots of cuddle time and play time. And I got to be here when Audrey figured out how use the jumper seat that hangs in the doorway. To date the only thing she has been able to do is spin around in it. She had been in her little activity center that bounces and Danielle decided maybe it was time to try the jumper since she kin... Sat, 6 Apr 2013 20:36:15 EST Long but fulfilling This will be short and sweet. It's been a long day. But one of the best days I've had in a long time. Such a good tired. <BR> Audrey is a busy little 6 month old. And today she is feeling a bit under the weather. She caught mommy's cold. We used the nasal aspirator a lot...and you know how you love that. <BR> I had forgotten how much work it is to take care of a baby all day. But we made it. Grandma spent a lot of time on the floor. <BR> Mommy had a dinner to go to tonight and Daddy had hom... Sat, 6 Apr 2013 01:51:31 EST Made it! Started out my day with 45 minutes of physical therapy. At least on those days I don't have to worry about anymore fitness time unless I want to. Today, I don't think I'll get a chance. <BR> Got home and started packing. Already had everything put together, just needed to put it in the bag. Oh, and had to fold shirts. Always save that for last. <BR> Then I went into the kitchen and washed up a few things. Never want to leave those behind. And got my trash ready to go out. I got my lunch coo... Thu, 4 Apr 2013 21:11:05 EST Counting down Today has been another crazy one. I am dealing a little better though. <BR> I had an eye appointment at 9 this morning. Got out about 10. I can't believe the price of new eyeglasses!! I haven't had a new pair in several years. I didn't really have time to settle on a pair or order, but did some inquiring. I need two pair. One regular pair and one pair just for work at my computer. They offer a discount for multiple pairs, but good grief, they should! IF I choose from their package selections... Wed, 3 Apr 2013 23:21:00 EST Jam Packed Not enough hours in the day! <BR> Seems like whenever you are going to take time off you pay for it on both ends. I am taking Thursday and Friday off work so I can go to Missouri to spend a few days with Andrew, Danielle and Audrey. Little Audrey needed a sitter for Thursday night while mom and dad go to a concert in KC. Of course Grandma said she could do that. (and I have no regrets) <BR> I could have used my morning a little better. I got up and had my breakfast and read my Bible and rathe... Wed, 3 Apr 2013 00:17:13 EST