SHANTODD420's SparkPeople Blog SHANTODD420's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community This week's Challenging workouts Tuesday <BR> Elliptical intervals for a minute with 20 seconds rest three times <BR> Cable Press ups for a minute with 20 second rest with 15lbs. <BR> Cable Fly's for a minute with 20 second rest with 25lbs. <BR> Kettle Bell Swings for a minute with 20 sec rest with 20lbs. <BR> Kettle Bell Squats for a minute with 20 sec rest with 40lbs. <BR> Leg extensions for a minute with 20 sec rest with 30lbs 30 sec per leg <BR> <BR> Rest for a minute thirty and then repeat three more times. <BR> <BR... Fri, 11 Jul 2014 15:28:37 EST Why is it harder to lose weight in the summer? Why in the fall/winter can I peel the pounds off like it is nothing. Then summer hits and I have a really hard time losing the weight. I feel like I need to make a change back to the basics of every day life again. I need to go back to eating more fruits, veggies, whole grains and more proteins. I need to add more salad into my life then eating meats maybe and will see a change. Or add more protein shakes and smoothies into my life. Or maybe even eat smaller meals every few hours. Sometimes I... Mon, 30 Jun 2014 18:32:55 EST Last weeks Workouts Tuesday <BR> Elliptical intervals resistance and incline at 14 and 9 for a minute for three times. <BR> Straight bar deadlifts for a minute with 60lbs including bar. <BR> Wide Grip Cable Rows for a minute with 40lbs. <BR> Spin intervals for a minute three times at resistance of 11 with speed higher than 18.6. <BR> K.B. Shoulder Press with 2lb kettle bell 30/secs each arm <BR> Cable Chest Press with 30lbs for a minute. <BR> <BR> Rest for 1:30 and then repeat two more times. <BR> <BR> <BR> T... Mon, 23 Jun 2014 14:59:42 EST My killer workouts this week. Tuesday <BR> Elliptical Intervals for a minute three times at 14 and 9 for the resistance <BR> Seated triceps' extensions for a minute with 35lbs <BR> Kettle Bell High Puls for a minute with 35lbs <BR> Plate Straight Arm Raises for a minute with 15lbs <BR> Walking lunges 30 secs down and back <BR> Kettle Bell Swings for a minute with 25lbs. <BR> <BR> Rest for 1:30 before repeating two more times <BR> <BR> Thursday <BR> Elliptical Intervals for a minute three times at 14 and 9 for resistan... Thu, 12 Jun 2014 18:20:32 EST Fitness test redid six week later Here are my results from the fitness test: <BR> <BR> Pushups modified 25 <BR> <BR> Crunches 30 <BR> <BR> Step ups heart rate was 147 <BR> <BR> Walked in a mile in 22 minutes want to work on this goal and get it in under 17 minutes by the end of blc 25. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> These are new ones for this time around: <BR> Puhups modified 45 <BR> Crunches 60 <BR> Steps up heart was 140 this time. <BR> Walked a mile in 20 minutes shaved off two minutes but I know I can do better. Mon, 9 Jun 2014 16:14:48 EST This weeks workout Tuesday 3rd <BR> Bike Intervals 4*2 for a minute <BR> Straight leg deadlifts for a minute with 80lbs two times <BR> Kettle Bell Swings for a minute with 20 lbs two times <BR> Sumo Squats for a minute with 40lb kettle bell two times <BR> Cable Curls for a minute with 25 lbs <BR> <BR> Rest for 1:30 and then repeat <BR> <BR> <BR> Thursday 5th <BR> Kettle Bell Swings for a minute with 20 lbs <BR> Step to curl for a minute with 15lbs <BR> resistance band lateral raises for a minute with pink ba... Thu, 5 Jun 2014 16:01:09 EST Is it a dream? Can someone wake me or tell me I am dreaming? Are you really going into the month of June already? Where has this year gone already and I am not ready for my kids to be done with school yet. I know they have tomorrow and next week but really. I love my me time and not ready to give it up yet. I will have to find a way for my me time or I will go nuts lol. The plan is to have the oldest son to watch our daughter so I can still get to the gym and get some me time. I have been realizing I am goi... Thu, 29 May 2014 14:09:24 EST Measurements Well I finally got my measurements done at the gym again. The last time there were done was in September. <BR> <BR> Starting measurements: <BR> Chest 58inches <BR> Bicep 17.75 inches <BR> Wrist 7 inches <BR> Abs 58.5 inches <BR> Waist 62 inches <BR> Hips 58 inches <BR> Thigh 29 inches <BR> Calf 19.5 inches <BR> <BR> Today's measurements: 5/15/14 <BR> Chest 57.5 inches <BR> Bicpep 16.25 inches <BR> Wrist 6.25 inches <BR> Abs 57.5 inches <BR> Waist 60 inches <BR> Hips 55 inches <BR> Thigh 25.... Thu, 15 May 2014 14:15:47 EST The Score We went to dinner Saturday night with the kids for dinner. It is our favorite place to go and now they have different menu options for the summer. We normally get chips with spinach and artichoke for an appetizer. This time however we did not get it which was good for us. For dinner I had a philly cheese steak sandwich but instead of eating the bun. I only ate the meat, cheese and the veggies which where peppers, onions, and mushrooms. I did however have about 12 waffle fries but did not fee... Mon, 12 May 2014 18:29:55 EST This weeks workouts Sunday with hubby <BR> Tricep pushdowns 3 set of 20 reps <BR> Bicep curls alternating 3 sets of 20 reps <BR> Bicep curls with machine 3 set of 20 reps <BR> Rows with machine 3 set od 20 reps <BR> Lap pull downs 3 set of 20 reps <BR> Leg Press 3 set of 20 reps <BR> Glute press 3 sets of 20 reps <BR> Dumbell shrugs 3 set of 20 reps <BR> <BR> <BR> Tuesday <BR> Bike Intervals 1;00 with a resistance of 11 <BR> Lateral raises for a 1:00 with 8lb dumbbells <BR> Inner Thigh machine for a 1:00 wi... Sat, 10 May 2014 13:01:29 EST Fitness Test and goals for blc 25 Here are my results from the fitness test: <BR> <BR> Pushups modified 25 <BR> <BR> Crunches 30 <BR> <BR> Step ups heart rate was 147 <BR> <BR> Walked in a mile in 22 minutes want to work on this goal and get it in under 17 minutes by the end of blc 25. <BR> <BR> <BR> My goals for round 25 are: <BR> Cardio 4-5 times a week at the gym <BR> Strength train two times with trainer and one time with husband. <BR> Drink more then 64 ounces of water a day. <BR> Eat more fruits and veggies. <BR> ... Mon, 5 May 2014 09:51:02 EST Workouts Workout one: <BR> Kettle bell swings with 20lbs for a minute with 15 sec rest <BR> Shoulder Press ups with 8lb dumbbells for a minute with 15 sec rest <BR> Cable Curls with 30 lbs for a minute with 15 sec rest <BR> Tricep press downs with 55 lbs for a minute with 15 sec rest <BR> Resistance band curls with orange band for a minute with 15 sec rest <BR> Plate curls with 15 lbs for a minute with 15 sec rest <BR> <BR> Do this three times with a 1:30 rest between <BR> <BR> Workout two: <BR> Sp... Thu, 1 May 2014 16:33:35 EST Workouts this week Tuesday's workout <BR> Spin Bike intervals 1;00 with 30 secs between 4 times <BR> Cable Pull Downs for a 1:00 with 50lbs 20 sec rest <BR> Straight arm push downs for 1:00 with 20 sec rest with 30lbs <BR> Kettle Bell Swings 1:00 with 20 sec rest with 20lbs <BR> Triceps Press Downs 1:00 with 20 sec rest with 40lbs <BR> Chest press Machine 1:00 with 20 sec rest with 40 lbs <BR> Pec Dec Fly's 1:00 with 20 sec rest with 40lbs <BR> <BR> Rest for two minutes and repeat the circuit two more times <... Sun, 13 Apr 2014 18:52:43 EST New week of training Tuesday's Workout <BR> <BR> Kettle Bell Swings 1:00 minute with 20 lbs <BR> Chest Press 1:00 minute with 30 lbs <BR> Bicep Curls 1:00 minute with 25lbs <BR> Kettle Bell Squats with two 30 lb kettle bells 1:00 minute <BR> Reverse Grip Rows 1:00 minute with 50 lbs <BR> Straight Arm Raises 1:00 minute with 15 lbs <BR> Wall Ball Squats for a 1:00 minute <BR> <BR> Do the circuit three times with a 1:30 rest between <BR> <BR> <BR> Thursday Workout <BR> Spin Bike Intervals resistance 11 three ... Fri, 4 Apr 2014 16:16:30 EST This weeks workouts. Tuesday <BR> <BR> Kettle Bell Swings for a 1:00 min with 20lbs. <BR> Squat to Press ups for a 1:00 min with 24lb bar. <BR> Straight leg deadlifts for a 1:00 minute with 40lb kettle bell <BR> Cable Rows for a 1:00 minute with 40 lbs. <BR> Lateral Raises for a 1:00 minute with 10lb dumbbells <BR> Lunge Squats (Smith Machine) 12 reps each leg with 50lbs. <BR> <BR> Rest for 1:30 before repeating three times <BR> <BR> <BR> Thursday <BR> Kettle Bell Swings for a 1:00 minute with 20lbs. <BR> Squ... Thu, 27 Mar 2014 18:36:28 EST This weeks Training Tuesday's Workout <BR> Kettle Bell Swings for 1:00 minute with 20lbs <BR> Medicine ball slams (Side to Side) for a 1:00 with a 20 lb ball <BR> Pull Downs for 1:00 minute with 60 lbs. <BR> Sit Squat with (Smith Machine) with 50lbs for 12 reps <BR> Straight Arm Pull Downs for a 1:00 with 40 lbs <BR> Lunge Squat (Smith Machine) with 50lbs 12 reps each leg <BR> <BR> Did this circuit three times <BR> <BR> <BR> Thursday's Workout <BR> Kettle Bell Swings 1:00 with 20lbs <BR> Body Weight Squats f... Thu, 20 Mar 2014 16:27:02 EST This weeks workouts and ab challenge Wednesday 2/19 <BR> Circuit one <BR> Battle Ropes 20 secs*4 exercises *3 times <BR> Step up to high row 1:00 minute with 30 sec rest with 10 pounds <BR> Wall ball squats 1:00 minute with 30 sec rest orange ball used <BR> Single Arm Cable rows 1:00 minute with 30 sec/arm with sec 30 sec rest with 40 lbs <BR> <BR> Circuit two <BR> Single arm chest press 30/sec per arm with 30 sec rest 40 lbs <BR> Shoulder Press 1:00 minute with 30 sec rest 5lbs <BR> Resistance band curls 1:00 minute with 30 se... Fri, 21 Feb 2014 19:12:58 EST This weeks workouts and week three of ab challenge My workouts for Tuesday and Friday were the same but they were brutal this week. <BR> <BR> Workout 1 <BR> Weight bar clean and press 1:00 minute with a 30 sec rest 24lbs bar used <BR> Wide Grip Cable Rows 1:00 minute with a 30 sec rest 15 pounds less weight with more reps <BR> Wide Grip Cable Pull Downs 1:00 minute with a 30 sec rest 40lbs less weight with more reps <BR> <BR> Workout 2: <BR> Single leg step ups 30sec per leg with a 30 sec rest <BR> Lunges with 10lb weights 1:00 minute wi... Fri, 14 Feb 2014 11:59:05 EST Second Week of Ab Challenge Day 8: <BR> Rest Day <BR> <BR> Day 9: <BR> 45 siitups <BR> 30 crunches <BR> 30 leg raises <BR> 38 sec plank <BR> <BR> Day 10: <BR> 50 situps <BR> 50 crunches <BR> 30 leg raises <BR> 38 sec plank <BR> <BR> Day 11: <BR> 55 situps <BR> 65 crunches <BR> 35 leg raises <BR> 42 sec plank <BR> <BR> Day 12: <BR> Rest Day <BR> <BR> Day 13: <BR> 60 situps <BR> 75 crunches <BR> 40 leg raises <BR> 50 sec plank <BR> <BR> Day 14: <BR> 65 situps <BR> 85 crunches <BR> 42 leg raises <BR> 53 sec plank Mon, 10 Feb 2014 08:52:54 EST Todays workout and my first week on the ab challenge Today's workout was pretty intense and quick but it felt great to workout again. <BR> <BR> Workout 1: <BR> Battle Ropes 20 sec *4 exercises *3 <BR> Weight Bar Clean and Press 16 reps *3 24 lb bar <BR> Wide Grip Cable Rows 16 reps *3 with 50lbs <BR> Wide Grip Pull Downs 16 reps *3 with 80 lbs <BR> <BR> Workout 2: <BR> Single Leg Step ups 16 reps/leg *2 <BR> Kettle Bell Straight Leg Deadlifts 16 reps * 2 with 35lbs <BR> <BR> <BR> Week one of abs challenge <BR> <BR> February 1 : <BR> 15 s... Fri, 31 Jan 2014 12:12:35 EST 2014 blc goals for round 24 Finally putting my smart goals to paper or in a blog. I have been thinking long and hard about these goals. <BR> <BR> My first goal is to eat between my calorie range and not go over it. I need to remember to track everything that goes in my mouth. I will stay in range with carbs, fats, oils, protein and everything my body needs. <BR> <BR> My second goal is to exercise at least 30-45 minutes 6 out of 7 days. I will be training with my trainer on Tues/ Friday. I will also get in cardio min... Mon, 20 Jan 2014 09:02:41 EST This weeks workouts Tuesday 1/14 <BR> Workout <BR> Kettle Bell Swings 20 reps with 20 lbs 3 times <BR> TRX Rows 15 reps three times <BR> Walking Lunges with 25 lb plate 18 reps three times <BR> TRX Low Row 15 reps three times <BR> Squat to Press up with Weight bar 18 lb with 18 reps three times <BR> TRX Reverse Grip Row 15 three Times <BR> <BR> <BR> Friday 1/17 <BR> Workout 1 <BR> Kettle Bell Swings 20 Reps three times with 25 lbs <BR> Cable Triceps Extensions 16 reps three times with 90 lbs <BR> Standing Cab... Fri, 17 Jan 2014 12:11:02 EST Starting Fresh in the new year. Well I had been doing well with my workouts at the gym but got to busy and life got in the way. So I will be restarting next Monday after the kids go back to school. It is not an excuse life just got to busy and had sick kids. They are back to normal now and it is time to focus on me again. My plan for the new year is to keep working out with my trainer two days a week. I know it will be tough since I have not been there since the fourth or so of December but I can do it. I am going to go to ... Thu, 2 Jan 2014 19:09:40 EST Last Two workouts with Trainer Friday 12/4 <BR> <BR> Workout <BR> Kettle Bell Swings with 25 lbs 20 reps three times <BR> Dumbbell lateral raises 10 lbs 15 reps three times <BR> Dead lifts with 40 pounds kettle bell 15 reps three times <BR> Bent over reverse grip row with 24lb bar 15 reps three times <BR> Straight Leg Deadlifts with 30 lb kettle ball 15 reps three times <BR> <BR> <BR> Wednesday 12/11 <BR> Workout <BR> Kettle Bell Swings with 20lb 20 reps three times <BR> Around the head w/plate 25lbs 16 reps three t... Wed, 11 Dec 2013 20:02:56 EST Today's Workout Workout 1: <BR> Circuit 1 <BR> <BR> Kettle Bell Swings 15 Reps 3 25 lbs <BR> Clean and press with weight bar 15 rDeadlieps -3 30 lbs <BR> Kettle Bell High Pulls 15 reps *3 30lbs <BR> Cable Pulls on Bosu Ball 15 Reps *3 60 lbs <BR> <BR> Rest for one minute before repeating <BR> <BR> Circuit 2 <BR> <BR> Deadlifts 15 Reps-2 45 lbs <BR> Lunges with weight 15 reps -2 with 45lb plate <BR> Battle Ropes 2 with three sets <BR> Tue, 3 Dec 2013 18:59:43 EST Monday 11/25 Today's workout was killer but I survived it and it felt good to do it. Today I learned I could do more than I thought I would. Today I learned how to use the ropes in the gym. I have seen it done a bunch of the times on the biggest loser but actually used them today. They are a lot harder to use then what you think. <BR> <BR> Today's workout was: <BR> Workout One: <BR> <BR> Kettle Bell Swings 15 reps *3 with a weight of 20 lbs. <BR> Wall Ball Squats 15 reps * 3 <BR> Step up with curl wit... Mon, 25 Nov 2013 14:07:37 EST Update on Trainer Well my trainer got some wonderful news today. His tumor is benign which is great news for him. He is feeling some what better but still somewhat sore. His doctor told him he would not be able to work this week. Which is good for him he needs to rest and I am glad he got the good news. I will use this week to work out to the best of my ability. I went to did cardio and strength training. Tomorrow I am heading back to do some more cardio. Wednesday I will be doing cardio and strength training ... Mon, 11 Nov 2013 20:14:06 EST My three goals for the end of the year. My first goal is to continue going to the gym and working out with my trainer once he is back. I am going to push myself as best as I can while he is out of commission. <BR> <BR> My second goal is to get rid of the junk food and processed food and eat whole foods. I am going to make some new lunch and breakfast ideas. Time to eat my bigger meals earlier in the day and a smaller one at night. I am also not going to eat after 8 pm no more snack unless it is cottage cheese. <BR> <BR> My third ... Sat, 9 Nov 2013 10:35:02 EST Workout from Monday. I met my trainer again on Monday and had a great workout. Last night while watching biggest loser I moved my bodies during the commercials I am trying to figure out how to move my body since I am a stay at home mom. <BR> <BR> <BR> Today's workout: <BR> <BR> Circuit 1: <BR> Kettle Bell Swings 15 reps x 3 with 20 lbs <BR> Laterial Raises 15 reps x 3 with 55 lbs. <BR> Shoulder press with dumbbells 15 reps x 3 with 15lbs <BR> Tricep Extensions 15 reps x 3 with 65 lbs <BR> Cable Curls 15 reps x... Wed, 6 Nov 2013 13:38:16 EST Trainer workouts Here is Monday's Workout: <BR> Circuit 1: <BR> Kettle Bell Swings 15 reps x3 20 lbs <BR> Cable Tricep Extentions 15 reps x 3 65 lbs <BR> Standing Cable Rows 15 reps x 3 45 lbs <BR> Standing Cable Press 15 reps x 3 45 lbs <BR> <BR> Circuit 2: <BR> Leg Extensions 15 reps x 2 85 lbs <BR> Machine Leg Press 15 reps x 2 130 lbs <BR> Straight Leg Deadlift 15 Reps x 2 115 lbs <BR> <BR> <BR> Friday's Workout <BR> 30 minutes per exercise <BR> 15 seconds rest <BR> Two Circuits <BR> Two minut... Fri, 1 Nov 2013 16:23:55 EST Dear mr and mrs fast food giant. I am taking a stand against you and your junk. I am giving you up because every time I eat you I just want more junk. I know junk does not do my body good. I need my healthy salad, whole wheat, fruits and veggies. I love potatoes, French fries and other grease but it does not help me feel powered. When I eat your food I feel tired and just want to get more junk through out the day. I am no longer going to drive into you and purchase your non healthy foods. I will be making better choices each... Fri, 25 Oct 2013 09:27:55 EST Workout Four Today I went and met with my trainer again today. It was a good workout and it was tough to do but I worked it out. I did almost 20 sets of exercises but I gassed out lol. My trainer was impressed with my hard work and determination. Today's workout look like this and was challenging. <BR> <BR> Workout 4: <BR> <BR> Circuit 1 <BR> Standing Cable Chest Press 15 reps 3 times with 35 pounds <BR> Kettle bell high pulls 15 reps 3 times with 30/18 pounds <BR> Dumbbell Bent over Rows 15 reps 3 ti... Tue, 15 Oct 2013 14:47:55 EST Day three with Trainer So I met with my personal trainer today and it was a great workout. It seems to be getting a little bit easier every time we meet. He is very impressed with my strength and ability. <BR> <BR> This is what todays workout looked like: <BR> <BR> Circuit 1: <BR> Standing Cable Rows 15 reps *3 with 75 lbs <BR> Dumbbell shoulder press 15 reps*3 with 10 pound weights <BR> Dumbbell Upright Rows 15 Reps*3 with 15/10 pound weights <BR> Pull Downs Straight Arms 15 reps*3 with 60 pounds <BR> <BR> <B... Tue, 8 Oct 2013 16:22:28 EST Whew Day two with trainer Well today was day two with my trainer we missed Tuesday due a funeral in his family. I went today and it was so good to go. I started with a 15 minute warm up on the treadmill. Then I met with him and he said how are you lol. I said I can not lie I am tired lol. Today we used the rx cords and I have never used them before. When using them you use your full body weight and boy was that tough. I know how out of shape I am. We are planning on meeting Tuesday and Friday again next week. My plan... Fri, 4 Oct 2013 16:32:21 EST Carboholic learning to change. How does a person who loves french fries, bread, pasta, potatoes, and other carb loving things.I am trying to change my ways because I know it will be better for me in the long run. But trying to figure out how to keep myself full between meals and after exercise. I am going to start investigating things again to get back on track. Tomorrow thinking yogurt and maybe toast with pb. <BR> <BR> <BR> I am heading to the gym to do some cardio and other things. Wed, 25 Sep 2013 20:23:17 EST Day two of fitness assessment tomorrow. Well tomorrow will be my second time meeting with my trainer. I am excited and nervous because I know how out of shape I am. I am looking forward to burning some much needed calories though. I will be meeting him two times a week for the next year. This year is going to be busy for me now lol. I am on the party planning committe for the fifth graders and the kindgertners lol. I never dreamed I would be put on both but I will deal with it. <BR> <BR> I will have to bounce back and forth betwee... Mon, 23 Sep 2013 19:43:03 EST How to get back into a routine? I have been struggling since March and have a really hard time getting back into exercise. I am trying to get back into a exercise routine now that we have been settled into the new home. I am looking into signing up at anytime fitness so Todd and I can go when we want to. I can go when the kids are at school. We are still having the stress of having two homes. We did finally sell our summer home which is good. But I think the stress is still getting to me because I do not feel like exericisi... Mon, 9 Sep 2013 10:42:21 EST Ready to make a change again. Well I have had my excuses and my rough times this year. Time to stop thinking and not doing anything. Time to get this butt moving again and logging every thing i eat again. Yes i was diagnosed in the spring with allergies. I have not done much since we have moved either. I need to make a plan and stick with the plan. I need to stop making excuses and letting myself eat what I want when I want. I know how the plan works and what to do. I need to stop waiting for the kids to go back to school... Tue, 20 Aug 2013 14:46:22 EST Wow where did July go. Well the kids where gone for five days with my parents. Then they went to my mother in laws for a couple of days. It was nice to have a break from them. Hard to beleieve that July is ending already and August will be coming. We have a family bbq this weekend at our new house to show the relatives. Not sure who is all coming but it will be fun. While the kids were gone last week I feel off the back steps in the garage. I do not know if I was rushing or what but boy did it hurt. My left knee wa... Fri, 26 Jul 2013 16:44:46 EST Time to take charge of me. I have not been focusing on me lately and it is time to change that. I have made small steps this weekend. Todd and I got bikes to ride this weekend and now I know how out of shape I am. I am going to start exercising a little each day. Today I have eaten pretty good so far. Lunch has been the best it is has been in a while. I had salad with raspberries, blueberries, straberries, crasins, sliced almonds, turkey breast and raspberry veingeratte. Dinner will be the same thing but with rotisserr... Mon, 15 Jul 2013 14:26:49 EST What happened to june? I can not beleive the calnedar to the month of july already. It seems just yesterday it was only June and now we are crusing to the fourth of july already. The nice thing this year it will not be as hot as it was last year. But it looks like this weekend will be warm. Guess it will be time to bust out the bathing suit and head to the lake. My oldest son and his wife are coming to town for a visit. We have not seen them since Easter and it will be good to see them again. Then next week my pare... Tue, 2 Jul 2013 14:32:10 EST Settling in Well we have been in the new house for a full two weeks now. Still trying to find a routine to get moving again. Waiting on Todd to get the treadmill and elliptical hooked up with power. I am going to start doing my watp dvds again need to get moving again. Have to find new feet for my wii balance board because the movers lost one in the move. Todd and I are getting new bikes to ride with the kids very soon. We have been eating all our meals at home which is helping to get back on track. We h... Wed, 19 Jun 2013 13:45:38 EST New House <img src="">This is a picture of the living room and the view to the back yard. <BR> <BR> <img src="">This is the master bedroom I love the color. <BR> <BR> More to come later takes to long to add photos. Wed, 29 May 2013 17:17:57 EST Fit Bit My older brother gave me a fit bit last week will it motivate me more to exercise. I am thinking I will wait to get it loaded until we move next week but not sure. I need to get more active and get my eating under control. The first step will be cutting back on the crap I have been eating. Time to focus on fruits and veggies again. My brother made some great grilled meals last weekend with veggies that were so tasty. I just need to get back into the habit of trying some new foods again. <BR> ... Wed, 29 May 2013 14:32:22 EST Mackinaw and New home What a busy week we had last week. Zachary and I where in the up for three days and had fun. Came home got madison and repacked the car. Then we headed to the new home in Rockford. I got to see my older brother who I have not seen since Christmas which was great. He grilled some amazing food and we had a nice visit. This week is Zachary's last week before grades have to be turned in. He finishes up school on the 5th before we move. Madison is done with preschool and will be heading for kinder... Tue, 28 May 2013 06:56:32 EST Mini Vacation I will not be on spark until Monday afternoon. I am going up north with my oldest son for his trip to mackinaw. We have a whirl wind trip starting tomorrow. We leave brooklyn at 5:00 and arrive in mackinaw city by 10:45. Then we get on the boat and go over to the isaland. Take a tour of the grand hotel and have a buffet lunch. Take a carriage ride of the island. Then tour the fort and other things on the island. Have dinner and back the hotel by 8:30 pm. <BR> <BR> Today I went and had my ct... Tue, 21 May 2013 15:53:32 EST Busy weekend and week coming up Well this weekend will be another busy weekend. We are heading to Rockford to be with todd at the new house. Trying to remember to take the digital camera so I can take some pictures. We have painting to do in each of the kids room. They are both getting one wall colored of there choice. Zachary has chose green because he has green and white stickers from michigan state to put up yuck lol. Madison has chose purple becuase it is her favorite color and she has minnie decals to put up. Then todd... Wed, 15 May 2013 13:39:11 EST Frustration I just do not get my body since the end of march. I have been battling bronchitis and sinus issues since then. I am hoping the doctor can figure out what is going on with me. I am trying to get back to exercising but it is so tough when all you do is cough. I am waiting to hear about blood work from friday. Then next week I have a ct scan for my sinuses. I am thinking getting older is going to be rotten lol. <BR> <BR> I am thinking part of it might stress with moving and having two homes to... Mon, 13 May 2013 15:33:24 EST Sick away Well I was right the bronchitis bug has gotten me again. This time my doctor thinks it is something else. They had drawn blood to check for allergies. So waiting to hear for those results. I am also having a cat scan on the 21st. He thinks it might be chronic sinisitis. It so bad I have been dealing with this crap since March 22nd. I have it for two weeks and then get better for a week. Then it comes back and it is not fun to deal with. My husband and mother in law both think it is asthma so ... Sun, 12 May 2013 18:55:29 EST Bronchitis is back. How many times in a year can a person get bronchitis? I think this is crazy i get rid of it then it comes back. I wonder if there is something else happening with my body right now. I felt fine all weekend and then yesterday the coughing and sneezing started. So I started my nasal spray and cough syrup again. Today all I have done is cough and cough. Even with all the coughing did go on madison's trip to the farm and had fun. We got to see tons of cows and even a calf that was born this morni... Wed, 8 May 2013 16:05:24 EST