SDAILEY4's SparkPeople Blog SDAILEY4's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Three Time Loser I was 22 when I met my 1st husband, had a whirlwind romance and eloped. That marriage lasted less than a year. I still can't understand why I ever fell for that one. A couple of years later, I met my 2nd husband who was sharing a hospital room with my Dad who had just had a hip replacement. Rick was tall, handsome, extremely congenial and intelligent ... he'd been through the service and was, at 28 years old, working and attending college. We courted about a year and were married. That ... Sat, 4 Oct 2014 06:05:02 EST What do I expect from BLC26? I signed on to BLC25 and learned more in that 12-week period than ever before. Things like "I really CAN do this!" ... you understand what I mean. Things like actually communicating almost daily with my team mates whom I have not nor will likely ever actually meet. But they're my friends! To be honest, my expectations for BLC26 are nothing more than the support, high-fiving, enthusiasm, and encouragement that was abounding during BLC25. I sincerely mean that. The weekly challenges are m... Fri, 19 Sep 2014 07:05:02 EST Future Goals Since I'm still on a major "high" from finishing my 1st 5K (walking it) my SparkCoach challenge today was perfect! "Thinking ahead 1, 5, 10 years ... what do you specifically want to achieve". Well, being the type of person (I certainly HOPE I'm not alone here) who is totally uncomfortable blogging and have the darndest time coming up with major goals past the one I'm in at the time. BUT ... my brain immediately started sending "jog a 5K", "run a 5K", and then it came ... "I'll bet you cou... Mon, 19 May 2014 05:49:06 EST What if I Blow It!!! I've been fortunate to have learned about and join the BLC Team 12-week challenge. My first time and boy do I have a lot to learn! Luckily for me, it's full of positive, nurturing individuals who offer nothing but support. It's just like my Southern Oregon Team. Everyone works for everyone. <BR> <BR> This week's BLC challenge is to blog my plan for when I have a slip up in my eating or fitness. Either I've blocked out any serious previous slip-ups, or I'm just so darned literal that I h... Fri, 9 May 2014 08:16:41 EST "FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE" Challenge Every time this challenge (and all the others similar thereto) comes up, I'm stymied. I just never consider thinking about the positive things I do. I'm not a downer/beat 'em up kind of person, but just have trouble giving myself accolades for the little things that come up and get handled. BUT ... reading through my blogs and reading the positive feedback from others, I realize that those "little things" are really BIG. Today's challenge was to focus on three recent positive steps and wr... Fri, 31 Jan 2014 07:15:14 EST Don't Listen to your Excuses Today's challenge ... talk yourself past those negative self-talks that might "excuse" not following your healthy eating/living habits (or someday habits). Yes, tracking EVERYTHING is a challenge itself ... committing to it is a totally different challenge. I've caught myself "forgetting" to list an exercise I actually wanted to get in. Then, when I'd go back to check on myself and not see it ... gone. Then I try and tell myself I DID do it. Sure, Steph. <BR> I have corrected that little... Tue, 24 Dec 2013 05:06:38 EST Intuitive Eating Today's challenge ... forget the clock and eat when your stomach tells you it needs you to eat. OH BOY! <BR> <BR> I do believe I've become a "clock eater". Got that little habit from my years of working in an office, I guess. I actually watch the clock so I don't eat a snack "too" soon after breakfast & lunch. BUT, even after watching the clock, I'll allow myself to indulge in my snack regardless because I'm hungry. Not wanting to take anything for granted, it'll actually be fun to keep... Sat, 21 Dec 2013 05:23:07 EST Thinking ahead Challenge Today's challenge is to plan tomorrow's meals in advance. Oh boy ... we've been housebound for the past week due to icy road conditions and our "larder" is definitely waning. BUT we have a great freezer and plenty of canned/dry goods to work with. <BR> <BR> Breakfast: Veggie "Omelet" <BR> Lunch: Tuna salad (already prepared today) and a rice cake <BR> Dinner: Baked Swai, baked potato, frozen veggies <BR> Snack: Rice cake & cottage cheese, celery strips with peanut butter and an apple <... Tue, 17 Dec 2013 04:26:22 EST Back to Okay. It's back to "slow down and savor your food" time. For me, The Gobbler, THAT challenge will always be just that ... a challenge. While I do believe I've slowed down a bit, I know that I'm always the first to finish my meals...still. So, today will be focused on counting my bites before swallowing...again. Now, if I did this challenge 30 full days in a row, it might just become a really healthy habit!!! Yep. 11/15 - 12/15 I'm counting chews! Hopefully I won't "learn" how to chew... Fri, 15 Nov 2013 06:17:34 EST Today's SparkCoach Challenge Today's challenge is to "eat at the top of my calorie range". Yep, THAT's a tough one for me because I do obsess over my calorie intake ... even though I'm technically NOT trying to lose weight. Before I went to SparkCoach, I realized that I'd forgotten to include peanut butter in my snacks. I LOVE peanut butter on my banana and apple. I'd decided to skip the PB for today. THEN I read the challenge. OH BOY! I got BOTH tablespoons of peanut butter and am I going to LOVE IT! <BR> <BR> ... Mon, 11 Nov 2013 07:10:09 EST Today's Challenge Today's challenge ... think of the things that you can do now that you couldn't have done or done as easily or well before learning what you've learned via SP. While, again, I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I actually thought of a LOT of things that are easier, tons more fun to do, safer, you name it. Like walking with Mickey, our 8-year old 4-legged "son" (and all our other "kids" who have now left this world) is way more fun now. Can't really explain the "why" of it, but it just is. ... Sun, 10 Nov 2013 04:10:02 EST To MP3 or Not To MP3 I've mentioned a "few" times before that I AM NOT COMPUTER SAVVY, and am wondering what sort of music player is best for me. I've never seen one up close and haven't had the courage to ask a clerk at the store for help. I walk a lot with my Mickey and would love to have some music to march to while he sniffs and whizzes along the way. And I have no idea how to find and download anything to anything, let alone a music playing device, so would love some hints or tips on that part too. <BR> ... Fri, 1 Nov 2013 05:45:33 EST Today's SparkCoach Challenge: Once again it's time to do something scary. Boy oh boy THAT is something I REALLY DON'T LIKE TO DO but I know it's good for me and, THIS time it's going to be good for my husband ... I hope. I have noticed over the past years that his activity level has diminished. When I retired from my job two years ago, he retired from yard work, taking out the garbage on pick-up day, etc. NOW he has developed a habit of not getting out of bed for up to two days in a row ... no sickness ... he just wan... Thu, 24 Oct 2013 06:15:24 EST My S.A.T stopped counting! HELP!!! This morning I had the brilliant idea to change my time zone to Pacific Time simply because I happened upon the spot where I could and actually found "Pacific Time". THEN I thought it appropriate to re-set my steps goal from 5,500 to 10,000 because with my S.A.T. I'm way over 5,500 steps each day. Well, my S.A.T. quit working. I've walked all over this house and none of my steps are uploading. I did decide that because I had changed my goal was the reason for only seeing the 1st ... Wed, 23 Oct 2013 08:39:16 EST Today's Challenge Today's SparkCoach challenge, straight from our SparkGuy ... "write down three accomplishments you've made recently" ... threw me. I have never been one to pat myself on the back ... period. I don't really beat myself up a whole lot, (that I can either remember or admit) but I just never give myself the accolades I love to give others. That being said, the challenge stumped me. I kept telling myself "you haven't accomplished ANYTHING recently" and was still ranting that thought as I made ... Fri, 11 Oct 2013 06:32:15 EST Challenges I don't have any idea how often I've read and heard the words ... slow down and savor your food ... and still didn't get the hint! Suddenly it hit me. I'm a #1 gobbler. Oh there have been times when I concentrate on chewing 15 times before swallowing ... and concentrating on savoring the different tastes ... but nothing kicked in as a habit. That's today's challenge for me. I did stretch out breakfast for over twenty minutes, but that's only because I was doing dishes in between bites. ... Sun, 29 Sep 2013 05:31:01 EST Talking To Myself Probably from the first day I began to talk, I talked to myself continually. As a child, even though I had other kids my age and played with them often, I talked to myself. As an adult I talked to myself. But after working with my SparkCoach challenge today, I realized that, for the most part, my self-talk has been negative. It has only been recently that I've become more relaxed and positive with my own body, mind & soul. Who in this world has not had to deal with negative input and con... Sun, 1 Sep 2013 04:50:45 EST My Inner Clock and Evening Eating My SparkCoach challenge today is to try and curtail evening munching. I can't believe that it's one "not so good" habit that I actually don't have! My days start extra early (I mean weirdly early:) and by the time dinner is cooked and on the plates, I'm ready for the bugler. So I've never had the urge to munch after that final meal of the day. Now, if I could really beat my munchies after breakfast ... I'd be on a real roll! Aha! You've guessed it!!! My evening munchies happen really ea... Sat, 31 Aug 2013 07:26:55 EST Eating By The Clock The first few hours of the day are the slowest ones for me. I eat breakfast immediately upon awakening (as I've said before) and it's normally the biggest meal of the entire day. Within an hour or two (I'm still working on making that hunger pang wait for another hour) I'm thinking about lunch. It's happened! I've eaten lunch within 3 hours of breakfast. I have, fortunately, developed my snacking strategy (definitely because of my SP connection) . I have 3 or 4 small/single snacks and n... Fri, 30 Aug 2013 04:55:54 EST My "New & Improved" Me To be honest, my main reason for joining SparkPeople was to get information about nutrition for health. I've always been healthy, but not as healthy as I could have been, I'm sure. No major illnesses, accidents, etc., but I wasn't in shape and ate some of everything that looked or smelled good (except most fish and all mussels). SP truly did spark me to look at the value of everything I eat. BAM! It didn't take me long to get into a new habit of eating for life. I've eaten more veggie... Mon, 26 Aug 2013 07:02:46 EST Eating and Exercise As always, breakfast is #1 on my to do list. I'm an early riser. Mickey follows me around until I sit down to the computer and SparkPeople. Then Mickey crashes for some more shut-eye while I log in my daily activities and food menus. Then my workout video comes on while he naps. It's definitely a win-win! By the time I'm dressed for the day, he's ready for his walk and off we go at first light. After that, our day is more relaxed ... regular daily chores and yard work. I always eat a... Mon, 5 Aug 2013 06:29:18 EST Day 4 The smoke had cleared substantially so we were able to get outside and walk again. It was grand. Also spent a few hours working in the back yard. That's my major stress reducer! Sat, 3 Aug 2013 06:09:59 EST Day 3 I was a shut-in on Day 3 ... just way too much smoke in the air from the multiple fires blazing away in Southern Oregon. BUT I was stress free the entire day just staying busy with my fun jobs & SparkPeople exercises, etc. Mick, our dog, got a nice bath to wash the dust & junk out of his coat and we played "catch & run" for at least an hour. He was back to puppy stage the entire morning ... then crashed for most of the afternoon. <em>102</em> It was a really fun day, smoke outside and... Fri, 2 Aug 2013 07:44:56 EST Day 2 - Stress Blasting Challenge Day 2 was a breeze. When I felt myself falling into the dark thoughts, I took myself outside and eradicated a nasty bunch of weeds that had crept BACK into the backyard. By the time i'd finished that project, I was smiling, feeling ultimately happy and very at ease with myself and life in general. It was wonderful. Tue, 30 Jul 2013 07:36:36 EST The Stress Reduction Challenge Day 1: I'm one day behind already as I didn't see the email regarding the challenge, so I'm catching up. My stress, I believe, comes mostly from my husband's critical comments. They send me into my little shell and I'm sure I harbor the resentment without limit. It's going to be a real and wonderful challenge to overcome that "little girl bad" syndrome and move on with a better me. Once I get myself consumed with some project, "little girl bad" drifts off into the breeze. I'm going to c... Mon, 29 Jul 2013 07:39:41 EST To Monitor or Not To Monitor Since I don't own a treadmill, belong to a gym, or any of the other convenient(?) methods of exercising, I didn't truly understand the scope of today's challenge ... forget the monitors and listen to your body ... until I "remembered" that I do have a little step tracker that attaches to my waistband every morning. That little critter has taught me a lot about my activity level ... it was pretty much zilch when I started SP. It's also NOT my favorite mechanism because it is brutally honest ... Fri, 19 Jul 2013 05:35:27 EST Trigger Foods ... Today's challenge is to hide (or get rid of) the sugary/sweet/gooey/whatever else treats that may be out in plain sight. Truth is, we actually don't have any. Not in plain sight, anyway. My husband has a sweet tooth for sure, and we keep his stash in a bottom cupboard. We even keep Mick's (our four-legged "son") treats in an upper cupboard. My biggest challenge is portion control. Now that I've gotten control of WHAT to eat ... I really have to watch the portion part. With my handy dan... Tue, 25 Jun 2013 08:14:07 EST Eating By The Clock I am definitely a creature of habit. Everything I do is by my inner schedule, regardless of outside influences. Almost robotic, if I think about it. But eating by the clock (today's challenge) threw me for a loop. I eat 12.5 seconds after I awaken in the morning (slight exaggeration there) and my breakfast is a BIG meal (biggest of my day). Sometimes, however, within an hour my mind is consumed with "I think I'm getting hungry ... what can I eat?" thoughts. Nope ... my stomach is NOT gr... Mon, 17 Jun 2013 04:27:26 EST Weight Loss and Me Today's challenge = post a video or picture of "before & after" me since adopting my healthy lifestyle. Well, I haven't lost enough weight to mention ... about 3 pounds, but weight loss wasn't my main goal. I joined SP because I knew my body was totally out of shape ... the extra fat around my used-to-be waistline and muscle tone that somehow had absolutely disappeared. Well, I know how far I've come because my waistline is back "in line" where it used to be and I can actually see the musc... Sun, 9 Jun 2013 04:37:22 EST Today's Challenge ... The challenge for today ... think of all the things I can do now that I couldn't do (as easily or at all) before. I still do everything I did before I joined SP, but I know that everything IS easier and more fun! Besides my fingernails getting healthy (that was a really BIG thing for me, too), and besides my "spare tire" diminishing (I'm back to what I used to be before gravity took effect:) and besides my ability to lift things that I had a tough time with before ... GOOD GRIEF!!!! I can ... Tue, 28 May 2013 06:55:20 EST Today's Eating Challenge I have, unfortunately, been a FAST eater my entire life. I have no idea why, but it's true. I have been trying to lengthen my meal times and have, to some extent, been able to make some progress. Coach Becky suggests chewing at least 10 times. I have been trying to get to 15 chews per bite ... the only real problem I have is when I have my blueberries/banana/Greek yogurt lunch. Man oh man! Bananas & blueberries disappear FAST. But I'm going to start feeling good at making just 10 chews... Sun, 19 May 2013 07:29:06 EST Do Something Scary????? Me?????? Today's challenge ... do something scary. Now, I am one of the reclusive types. Everything is scary in some way. Yet I can't think of a single thing to challenge myself to do! Maybe my daily routine has gotten so ingrained that my poor little pea-brain just won't connect. So today's challenge is going to have to be simply THINKING of something scary to try. Actually trying it will probably have to wait until tomorrow ... IF I come up with it today! Wish me luck, please. Sat, 4 May 2013 06:54:41 EST Intuitive Eating I've always thought of myself as a 'very intuitive' person. Before I retired, I was always the one who could pick up vibes that someone in my office was out of sorts. Once the person could talk to someone (me) about whatever was bothering them, they felt better. I always felt good about "being there" for them. Now when it comes to eating, I'm not so sure that intuition carried through. Not sure because sometimes, when I'm stressed about something or someone, I actually THINK I'm hungry w... Sat, 27 Apr 2013 08:00:19 EST X-ercise and Me Being extremely literal and habitual, I track my food for the day and exercise routine first thing in the morning (after breakfast, of course:). I check back throughout the day to make sure I'm fixing what I said I was going to fix for lunch and dinner. With the exercises, I make darn sure I get them all in because they're on the track. Keeps me honest about working out. And I refuse to delete anything so I HAVE to get it done. It helps. Fri, 12 Apr 2013 07:46:39 EST Eating Schedule Today's challenge is to "eat by the clock". I think I do this already: I cook my breakfast immediately upon waking because I ALWAYS wake up hungry:) Within a couple of hours after breakfast I start thinking about food and reach for my banana or apple, whichever I see first. Then, within a couple of hours, I'm hungry AGAIN so I eat my lunch. That seems to hang on more than breakfast (I have no idea why because my breakfast is actually my biggest meal of every day). I'll eat my other frui... Fri, 5 Apr 2013 06:30:29 EST Accomplishments The SparkCoach challenge today was to list three recent accomplishments. Sounds easy, but it isn't! Too many "little" things get lost in the shuffle for me. But I actually thought (and thought and thought:) about possibilities and finally came up with three. <BR> <BR> Yesterday I got our groceries for the next 10+ days. Shopping is NOT my favorite pastime, but I did it ... single handedly! AND got them put away pronto! Single handedly! And I really did feel good about it. <BR> <BR>... Tue, 26 Mar 2013 06:40:26 EST Tomorrow and Tomorrow:) Today we're building the beautifully tastey Ground Beef Potatoe Casserole. Since there's only the two of us (plus the two pooches, of course, but they don't get much of the really good stuff:) there will be plenty for our next two dinners. The casserole plus lots of steamed veggies ... what more could we ask for!!! My husband gets a little tired of the veggies-only routine (not really "only" but light on the meat) and this casserole fits the bill to improve his "I'm not on a diet" attitude... Thu, 14 Mar 2013 07:05:11 EST Another SP Benefit - Big Time for me! I have never had "good" fingernails. They have been thin, peeling, no half-moon ugly nails. Even polish couldn't make them look good to me. I started SparkPeople early November 2012. Being totally literal, I followed every direction for tracking to a Tee. Last week I looked at my fingernails and couldn't believe what I saw. They were actually growing and looking healthy!!! They had become ridged as I grew older. They are now almost ridge free! Has anyone else discovered this? I KNOW... Wed, 6 Mar 2013 08:21:54 EST My FitGirl Goal Joining my FitGirl Team is my most recent life highlight! These girls are absolutely wonderful! When I joined, I signed on to the 10,000 step goal - knowing I had hit it once, but not since ... and was even having trouble making 5,500 steps per day. But I signed on to it anyway, thinking it was "time" to get serious. I made 10,750 steps the first day! Wellll, on Tuesday I was fairly crippled ... hip joint pain (have no idea why) and my legs were really feeling unhappy. Wednesday was a l... Thu, 28 Feb 2013 08:00:24 EST My Future Me Visualizing is not always easy for me. Today's coaching session helped me see me 10 years from now. It was lovely. I feel so much more healthy right now after a few months with SP. I am totally committed to following the program til my last breath. It makes me feel good about myself everytime I track my food, plan my meals and plan my workout routines. While I'm my best critic (always quick to jump down my own throat), when I can't get our walk or my workout completed, I don't jump dow... Sat, 16 Feb 2013 07:52:03 EST Adding On! I've been reading my SparkPeople Recipe book. Started from the beginning and am working through it. It's amazing! Chef Meg's suggestion of kitchen utensils was an eye opener, too. I do not own any form of a dutch oven ... never have used one, to be honest. I mentioned it to my husband yesterday. He seemed placid abut it (because we've never used one). This morning he said "today why don't we go down to Wally's (WalMart) and see what they have?" <BR> I could have cried! I'm so excited!... Thu, 7 Feb 2013 07:44:57 EST Oops! I have been so consumed with Coach Nicole's DVD's that I haven't even thought about just strength training. My 3 pound weights get some use with the DVD's but I know I can get better results with the 5 pounders. Duhhhhh! Revelation #4,449: USE THE 5 POUND WEIGHTS! AND MORE OFTEN! Tue, 5 Feb 2013 09:37:05 EST Keep on keeping on I've always thought of myself as a positive person ... looking for the best in any situation or person ... but I apparently don't/haven't had the same mindset with myself. I read the motivational articles and watch the videos but there seems to be a big ugly block in my brain when it comes to feeling it within myself. I'm working on more positive self-talk along with re-reading the articles/blogs so am going to keep on keeping on until I get it right! Sun, 27 Jan 2013 06:21:07 EST Every Day is a New Day I still wake up each morning with breakfast on my mind. I've discovered a blend of 1/4 cup lentils, 1/4 cup brown rice, one whole egg and 1/4 tsp flaxseed nuked for 3 minutes in an over-sized (I think) custard looking bowl with 1/2 a whole wheat pita and it fills me up better than anything else tried so far. I'm energized! So far I've made it 3 hours and no banana snack yet! Progress. I love it!!! Fri, 18 Jan 2013 05:19:52 EST What? Emotional Eating??? Meeeee????? Today's SparkCoach topic ... emotional eating. I've been pounding myself the past few weeks because while I measure, count, etc., etc., within two hours of eating my breakfast I feel (I think) hungry. Admittedly, in my "previous" life I could down about three cups of Angel Hair pasta for breakfast (topped with a pour or two of soy sauce). Yes, it would take me through to lunch where I'd eat a whole plastic container (the larger ones .. quart size?) of tossed salad with probably a cup of co... Mon, 7 Jan 2013 07:10:09 EST My goal motivation My mother (1918-2007) was an "I can't" type of gal who refused to take care of herself. After watching her health decline to the point of no return, I swore that I would never allow myself to fall into that sort of trap. Somewhere along the way after her death, the memory faded ... then I retired ... even though I work in the yard and walk with Mick, our dog, I wasn't really living a healthy, active lifestyle. At least not to the point of being healthfully wise:) With SparkPeople's help,... Sat, 5 Jan 2013 07:50:20 EST New Habits aren't so "hard to learn" I had this revelation last week sometime ... suddenly, as I was putting together my meal tracking for the day (and enjoying it) I realized how easily I had transitioned from the "old" me to the "new" me nutritionally. Before SP I probably ate a fresh fruit MAYBE once or twice a year. Now I eat them daily ... still haven't experimented with new 'exotic' stuff yet, but apples, pears and bananas keep my nutrition goals right on track and I love them. Now that I have my 28-Day Boot Camp video,... Wed, 26 Dec 2012 08:27:15 EST Meal Planning I'm an habitual meal planner. Seem to go through stages of turkey this or turkey that and then move to chicken breast, pork or hamburger meals for dinner. We (just two of us humans in the house) get to eat "warm-ups" the day after cooking and it works perfectly for us. Since SparkPeople, I've added numerous recipes to our eating and my husband has loved every single one thus far. I'm lucky that he has almost the same food preferences that I have:) With the SparkRecipes, I've been able t... Thu, 20 Dec 2012 09:36:34 EST