SAKESLER90's SparkPeople Blog SAKESLER90's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Mother's Day food lesson! Yesterday was Mother's Day, which fell on day 15 of my raw fruit/veg (mostly juiced) fast. Bummer! I have been doing great on my fast and I feel wonderful! So, I was worried about how to handle the day of festivities.I decided that I would not fast, but would do my best to stick to the raw food part of the plan and not worriy too much about getting a little off track for one day!! <BR> My daughter woke me up first thing to give me her present, so while still in bed I opened it. Along with dr... Mon, 13 May 2013 18:57:35 EST I am back! I can't believe how crazy life got! I allowed the busyness of my life to completely derail my efforts to get healthy! This was very frustrating, but I am back! I decided to reboot my health, attitude toward food, and cleanse my body. I am currently doing a raw vegetable/fruit fast with mostly juicing! The food part has been easy, juicing is delicious! The emotional side has been much harder! I am using this time to confront my addiction to food and draw closer to God. I always turn to food wh... Tue, 7 May 2013 21:17:52 EST Quickfire Challenge Team! Today, I joined the Quickfire Challenge Team! I think this will be a great addition to my workouts. I love the idea of doing something throughout the day in little 'Quickfire' bursts. I also like that I don't have to come up with these ideas on my own! Today the challenge is lunges...I hate I would not incorporate them into my day on my own but I will do it because I am up for a challenge! Mixing it up and challenging myself at the same time; this should be good! <BR> <BR> Quick ... Tue, 19 Mar 2013 12:58:59 EST Non-scale Victory: a hike! This weekend my family went on a hike! This is something we used to do but haven't for a long time. We have had little kids and it just isn't as fun to carry little ones (we had 3 under 5yo) or go REALLY SLOW!!! Now the kids are old enough to walk, the youngest is 4, so off we went! We did a 5 mile loop which went down to a waterfall and then 2 1/2 miles back up to leave. It was challenging but do-able. I see this as another non-scale victory because I would not have been able to do this bef... Mon, 11 Mar 2013 20:49:32 EST Non-scale Victory: stairs! I had a really great non-scale victory last night! <BR> I have been really struggling with my food and I have gained a couple of pounds, which is frustrating. I know that I am in this for the long haul, so learning to deal with stress in a way other than eating is part of this process. I have to assume there will be some ups and downs(mostly downs I hope!) as I begin this new healthy lifestyle. <BR> One way that I am dealing with stress is my C25k running program. I love it and fe... Fri, 8 Mar 2013 11:24:50 EST This isn't a race~we're just training for one! So, I have made the decision to change C25K training programs. I have given this a lot of thought and it seems like the right thing to do! The one we have been using isn't an interval program, for the most part, and the one we are switching to is interval based. As I looked around more it seems most of them are interval based and that seems like a better way to build endurance and fitness. In making the change, I debated about where in the new program to start. We just finished week four, bu... Mon, 25 Feb 2013 15:29:32 EST Finding the time... I have decided that it hard to find the time for my daughter and I to go together to do our C25K program. It would be so much easier, as far as time goes, to do this alone. However, I am so glad to have a running partner to help keep me accountable and motivated. So, I am up to the challenge and thankfully, so is she!! <em>312</em> Thu, 21 Feb 2013 16:42:50 EST 1/2 Mile of Therapy! Today I was having a really crappy day. In the past I would have gotten something at a drive thru, turned up the music and driven through the county. However, that is the old me! Today, I put on my running shoes and headed to the track where I ran the farthest I have run in years and years!! I am so proud of myself for choosing to do the best thing for myself instead of something that just makes things worse. Nothing has really changed in my situation, but my attitude is definitely better! Ru... Sat, 16 Feb 2013 19:47:32 EST C25K Week 3 Workout 2!!! Ok, I will be honest, I was really scared of this workout! I am not sure why, but I was worried. Yesterday I decided to go for it and left my house somewhat impulsively to run and forgot my inhaler! I was only able to complete half my workout, which made me even more apprehensive about accomplishing this workout goal. This brings me to today, I planned to go to the track this afternoon and as the time got closer I got nervous. So, at the track I I did the warm up then ran for 4 minutes(no pro... Thu, 14 Feb 2013 19:58:07 EST What? I look like what? I hate it when things from my past pop up and try to derail my day. Today, after I was able to complete only 1/2 my workout (I left my inhaler at home and had to stop to go get it), I was a little frustrated with myself for leaving it at home. Then my parents stopped by to drop off Valentines for the kids and my dad said something that just stopped me in my tracks. I had only been home a couple of minutes and was still wearing my workout clothes, hair pulled back, and a sweaty, red face. Afte... Wed, 13 Feb 2013 19:31:13 EST Is that me? Is that me? I was looking at the pictures I took as my before pictures. When I saw the one that is a close up of my face, I just can't believe it. I don't see myself as looking like this. I think, even when I look in the mirror, that I look different. I don't know, it is a wake up call for me. I have really let myself go. I am so thankful that I am now firmly on the road to regaining my health. I plan on the pictures of me in the future to be a better representation of how I feel on the insi... Sat, 9 Feb 2013 14:19:04 EST Measurements? So, I think I have decided to redo my measurements after I get below 220lbs, that will mean a 12lb weight loss. I decided to wait until then because I want to see a change and not get discouraged. Although, I already feel like my clothes are starting to loosen up and feel different! I will let you all know how it goes when the time comes! How often do you take your measurements, or do you? <BR> <BR> Tomorrow I am going to list some Non-Scale victories that I have been thinking about! <BR> Wed, 6 Feb 2013 15:40:08 EST C25K Progress! This afternoon I completed week 2 day 1 of my C25K! I am very proud of myself! The first day I started this, I thought I might just die! That was running only two minutes! Today, one week later I doubled that amount of running time! I am really enjoying running, and I am so glad I started this. The program is laid out in small attainable goals(workouts), which make me feel great each time I can check one off as finished! When I look at the longer times I wonder if I will need to repeat workou... Mon, 4 Feb 2013 22:06:35 EST Food Tracking Lessons! What has this week of food tracking taught me? I have learned that on my own I eat WAAAYYY more calories than I should to lose weight. I learned that in order to get healthy, I need to rethink my eating (I really didn't realize how bad it was!) I have also learned that weighing, measuring, and tracking my food is not as hard as I thought it would be AND it is worth it for the health I want to achieve! So, my new plan is to track all my food intake, keeping my calories between 1200-1400 and ex... Sat, 2 Feb 2013 12:08:07 EST Food Sabotage and the C25K! As soon as I decided to track my food, I have made the worst food choices! I did the 3rd workout for the C25K today, and as I was running I realized that I have been sabotaging myself with food this week. I am not sure what is going on exactly, but I plan to do a little more soul searching about this. I am PMS-ing, but that isn't an excuse for the choice I have made. Part of this journey to health is physical: eating right & execise; part of this journey is spiritual/emotional: why I do what ... Thu, 31 Jan 2013 19:29:05 EST Tracking Food (accountability?) OK, I admit it. I do not want to track my food intake. I do not want to be bound and restricted (accountable?), which is how I feel about it. However, I do want to be healthy! I have been thinking about why I am so against tracking my food, and it is because change is hard and so is facing the reality of what I eat. Not being real with myself about how much I eat is how I got to this weight. So starting today, I am tracking my food! I hope it won't be forever, but I have a feeling I am going ... Sat, 26 Jan 2013 14:13:21 EST A great day! Today as a family we went to the Berkeley Pier. It was such a beautiful day to walk on the pier, let the kids play at the park and look at boats in the marina! I used an ap to map the distance we walked all together it was almost 4 miles! It felt so good to be outside and active! Mon, 21 Jan 2013 20:55:31 EST Outside at last! Today, I went to the track by my house and timed myself walking a mile. 19 minutes and 30 seconds isn't too fast, but it is a place to start! My first goal is to work up to running a mile. I haven't run a mile since high school (or was it jr. high???) So, I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I am totally excited to begin this new, fitter, healthier, more active, phase of my life. <em>249</em> Sat, 19 Jan 2013 19:34:43 EST Is this a test? Is this a test? I think, maybe! <em>24</em> I am so motivated to get healthy and I have started making changes to my diet, but I haven't been able to exercise more than a couple of times. Since joining Sparkpeople and deciding NOW is the time for change, I have been surrounded by sickness! With five kids, it is easy to see how that might happen. Finally, all the kids were well and I got a bad cold, which has settled into a sinus infection. I am not about excuses, but I am proud of myself f... Fri, 18 Jan 2013 20:23:07 EST Running is Therapy "Running is therapy! Stop comfort eating and start comfort running!" I am not sure who said this first, but I love it! This is my plan, to start running. However, I have been sick, or have had sick kids, since I joined Sparkpeople. This has made getting a healthy new year started very challenging! Today, I am a little better, so I took the dog and two kids and went for a walk. I also bought a pair of much needed running shoes. Then, we checked out a track we can use to exercise. I am plannin... Thu, 10 Jan 2013 15:24:41 EST