RUBYREDIVY1's SparkPeople Blog RUBYREDIVY1's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Pre-new year resolution New year resolutions tend to fire up strong and then die down and disappear much like the fireworks on new years eve. Im going to have a head start on my new years resolution by testing the waters a bit before committing on dec 31. We make our habits then our habits make us. So from today i want to focus on weight. Reaching 66 or even 65kg and staying put. Maintenance. I have a little way left to go now. So i will step it up a notch and teach goal a little early and then lock on my new... Mon, 30 Nov 2015 03:19:00 EST Healthy eating youtube Channel You have received a YouTube video!<BR> Hi everyone! Im working on a youtube channel to spread info on healthy wating. Keeping it simple by making top 5 foods lists for various things. Will be making a segment on weight loss as well and sharing my experiences on my weight loss journey. Please watch and subscribe if you like the videos! Greatly appreciated! Sat, 28 Nov 2015 06:17:24 EST My response to Andeewi's mail Hi Andeewi Thanks from the bottom of my heart for taking interest and time out to write back to me about the mysteriously vanished blog. Its funny but i dont normally write about my personal life on here - only rarely to vent. After the first few - "get help!" Messages i did feel a bit exposed and while others were more than understanding and had empathy, like yourself - i kind of feel like getting counselling isnt what will help me. Your solution is tight up my street. Like i said im ... Wed, 25 Nov 2015 10:27:58 EST Makeover - Overhaul - Focus! Feeling helpless and as if on pause. Sometimes situations make you put wishes on pause... For so long you forget what they were to begin with. Im fed up. Pent up resentment and hopelessness ruins my good weight losd efforts and i feel so deprived sometimes of being denied what i really want that i sometimes substitute it with real bad food choices. I want to change. Everything. Ive been through a lot. I never wanted a life of luxury. Just wanted a decent, stable life without huge fi... Mon, 23 Nov 2015 06:57:34 EST Back to square one I just checked my shouldnt be a surprise....but im back at 70kg I should be ashamed for the setback. Emotional eating taking its toll. Starting over from today. I need to get a grip. I really sabotaged myself big time... i really feel awful. Sun, 22 Nov 2015 23:12:47 EST It was pass anyway <img src=""> Thu, 19 Nov 2015 09:03:31 EST No more procrastination <img src=""> Wed, 18 Nov 2015 04:57:34 EST Rye Bread <img src=""> Although wheat products reign supreme on the shelves of supermarkets in the United States, foods made from whole rye are worth looking for, not only for their rich, hearty taste, but for their numerous health benefits. Like most grains, rye is available throughout the year. Rye is a cereal grain that looks like wheat but is longer and more slender and varies in color from yellowish brown to grayish gr... Thu, 12 Nov 2015 09:07:36 EST First time When Im upset....i eat a lot...emotional eating. But...recently ....i have become upset...and instead my appetite has disappeared... I am that upset. And i dont see a way back. Im forcing myself to eat... All the wrong things... just a couple of bites here and there... just not hungry at all....very upset. Mon, 9 Nov 2015 13:25:43 EST It has to be special Day 4 of back to basics today and it's been proven time and again that my special treat for the evening has to be truly special. I didn't have time to make any desserts so I resorted to nutella with ____ insert accompaniment here _____ But it doesn't hit the spot. Toast with nutella - I am left wanting more crispbread - same as above crepes - don't really fancy it pancakes - only good when fresh - don't have time. porridge - same as with toast Satisfying are vanilla cheesecake - made wit... Tue, 3 Nov 2015 12:31:13 EST Treats working like a treat <img src=""> I made a fantastic nutella swiss roll - tried to keep it as low calorie as realistically possible so I didn't add any cream or extra chocolate decorations or coatings at all. It looks rather plain but the taste is guaranteed nutella magic. It's potent enough to hit the spot! It busts my cravings in a heartbeat - and at 220 per slice will not break the calorie bank. Surprisingly - I didn't eat the... Sun, 1 Nov 2015 14:14:43 EST Success! Back to Basics day 1 Going back to basics day 1 What I was going to eat, thinking the wrong way: 2 fried eggs, 1 sausage, 2 toasts with butter, mushrooms and a cup of tea. Total: 550 kcal Reason for eating this much? 1. Not drinking water before meal 2. Thinking this will fill me until lunch 3. Saturday/Sunday treat mentality What did I have instead and feeling stuffed? 1 poached egg, 1 wholemeal toast with 5g flora light, 3 tbsp mushrooms poached, 1 slice of deli chicken salami, 1 small poached tomato. ... Sat, 31 Oct 2015 06:34:13 EST All or nothing mentality I am really sabotaging my own efforts.... I've just realized from one of the comments someone left that it needs to be a lifestyle change - not a diet - hit it on the nail. When did I let it become a diet??? I dunno. I just looked back at some old blog posts... Over a year ago... I've not been cutting out carbs... But reducing them significantly! So the whole low carb thing works for me - definitely, but I cannot go without any actual carbs for long. I will go back to eating like befo... Fri, 30 Oct 2015 19:09:05 EST Really? Motivation is a funny thing. Where's mine gone? I started sparkpeople in September 2012...gradually lost 11kgs and gained back 2kgs then maintained at that weight with a fluctuation leeway of 2kg for 2 whole years. Then in 2014...It all fell apart and I gained so much. Thankfully I didn't gain more than I started at as I hit the breaks when I reached my original starting weight of 2012. Now its almost 2016 and I'm struggling to get it off and keep it off. From my starting weight of 73kg... Fri, 30 Oct 2015 15:47:36 EST Soup's up! Soup for breakfast? Well I woke up late. But boy did today's experiment turn out good! I combined 2 soup flavours and it worked out really well. Tomato and chicken. Then later at dinner time I tried something different again. Maggie noodle soup with knorr chicken soup packet - mixed veg and prawns. Yum. Weather is getting colder and the soup us so comforting. Tue, 27 Oct 2015 13:11:46 EST Visualising the week ahead It's Sunday. Lazy day. Can't be bothered to lift a finger day. Really have to have that pudding today. Just let me be day. OK so I've had my day today. Now I'm visualising the week ahead. I'm really in the mood for soups and have made preps yesterday. Also want to get back into the swing of dancing again - so have it penciled in. I'm off low carb and looking forward to balanced, calorie counted meals and nice treats. I've got broccoli, mixed veg, runner beans, meatballs, chicken bu... Sun, 25 Oct 2015 17:36:55 EST Time of month How do you cope with the first day if that time of the month? I tend to do the lesser of 2 evils: Calorie count unhealthy / less nutritious foods and have them within calorie allowance. If I didn't do this then I would probably throw caution to the wind and just eat whatever and pay later as my cravings and such get 100 times worse when I'm on. So today I had homemade crepes - recipe using 2 eggs, 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 cup semi skim milk, vanilla extract 1 cup plain flour ( no sugar). Th... Sat, 24 Oct 2015 08:58:00 EST End of low carb - start strict counting It's now the end of my low carb week. From tomorrow I will eat normally again but count calories more closely and increase exercise. I look forward to having nutella crepes tomorrow and my dance session in the afternoon. Feeling positive and ready to go! Fri, 23 Oct 2015 14:32:48 EST Fastest Snap Back - A new record <img src=""> After splurging quite a but over the weekend, my biggest worry (which has happened countless times) was that 2 days will turn into 1 week of bad eating, over eating and so on. It's the end of day 2 of getting back on track and no slip up in sight. Marching through like a trooper. Eating clean, avoiding carbs, sugar and guzzling water. Feeling good and sleeping very deeply. To date this has been ... Tue, 20 Oct 2015 17:17:40 EST Awesome low carb On recovery week now from overindulging on my birthday and it's feeling surprisingly easy so far. I managed 1250 on low carb yesterday and wasn't hungry for most of the day. Now I'm trying to find new ideas for low carb breakfast as I want to change it up a bit from eggs. Any ideas? Tue, 20 Oct 2015 02:51:49 EST Birthday Bash - 1 week to recover <img src=""> I've just finished my calculations for extra calories eaten over 17th and 18th October. It's not too bad. I really enjoyed my time and really loved it. It'll take about 1 week to get back on track. Here's to a fresh start. Started out great today with 1200kcals clocked in and all low carb. Feeling positive and ready to roll! That's my birthday cake it was awesome. Mon, 19 Oct 2015 11:59:35 EST Shopping trip - full on pampering! Tomorrow I will be 29 years old. Today I have pampered myself as today is the last day I'll be 28. I went all out! At 10 am I had my hair cut and styled, a facial, some eyebrow shaping and then hit the shops. At 11 am I had breakfast at Subway - chicken salad 6 inch with tea. From 11am till 3.30 I was just whizzing in and out, back and forward through the shopping centres. There was a huge sale in almost every shop. I was especially fond of the stuff in Primark I bought winter glove... Fri, 16 Oct 2015 12:33:42 EST Giving the Love back to myself <img src=""> Yesterday wasn't good. After the mishap I didn't eat anything else that might tip me further off balance but I did get hungry at dinner so had my usual meal. Today I want to be extra good and show myself some extra love in eating clean and tasty foods. I'll skip the carbs today so I can rebalance the extra glycogen I've probably started storing. While I don't do ketogenic low carb - the level of ... Thu, 15 Oct 2015 01:34:03 EST First setback - as predicted <img src=""> No matter how much you want to stay 100% perfect there will be mishaps. So its not about if you will make a mistake but knowing what to do when it happens. Don't let it get you down. I've been going strong for 14 days. 1 day out of 14 has gone wrong. What about the other 13? I'm proud of doing so well. I will ignore this mistake today and resolve to eating better from the next meal. The quicker... Wed, 14 Oct 2015 12:45:55 EST Very happy <img src=""> I am very happy and very excited about everything I'm doing at the moment. Yesterday I thought I didn't have the energy to dance. Wrong. Dance gives you the energy! I'm getting my son involved and it's so much fun! Yesterday my husband, who normally shies away from strenuous exercise got the vibe from me and our son and actually went into the other room and secretly started dancing. We were gigg... Tue, 13 Oct 2015 06:17:23 EST Birthday Calorie Budgeting Plans <img src=""> My birthday is on Saturday and that's when I will allow myself chocolate cake and to eat higher carb foods. But I will still track it so I know where I stand. I can easily eat 3000kcals in 1 day, especially birthdays so -1400 bmr means I've over eaten by 1600 kcals. That in my mind means I'm behind 1 day's worth of calories. But these calories are not lost in 1 day. I tend to create a deficit of ... Mon, 12 Oct 2015 17:46:08 EST Losing steam on food front I am improvising a lot for the past few days. Been too busy to go and shop of new meals so making do. Still have plenty of stuff at home that needs finishing so no big deal. Just means I can't do my themed weeks as thoroughly as I want. No problem. I think the main way I've realized I want to trip up any plateau from coming is going up and down with carbs so the body doesn't get used to anything and adjust. So instead of themed weeks it would be better to go high carb and low carb. I ... Mon, 12 Oct 2015 09:26:18 EST Gaining momentum Having totally gone off the stationary bike, it's a welcome change to exercise in a more fun way. I've gone back to the just dance game and now found that there are tons of new songs. Some are really addictive to get moving to as they really have very fun choreography which makes perfect use of the rhytmn and beat of the music. I'm enjoying it so much that I didn't realise that I'd clocked in 2 hours of high intensity aerobic dancing and was sweating like mad. The high after this kind of... Sun, 11 Oct 2015 11:15:40 EST Hold your breath I've managed to get down quite a bit on the scale now. It's at exactly this point that I start becoming complacent and it comes back. Not this time. I'm determined to see 66kg by at least the end of this month. Cravings are under control. Portions are under control. Mindless snacking is out. Calorie counting is clinically precise. Water intake is gushing. Exercise is on fire. Sleep cycle is virtuous rather than vicious. I'm also really energizer by a challenge I've set myself. I... Fri, 9 Oct 2015 04:16:00 EST Strict Counting Loses the weight I know now and probably knew it before anyway that being 100% accurate and strict with counting every single morsel loses the weight better than anything. I just started just dance again and loving the change from stationary bike. Just realised how much quicker the heart rate goes up while doing aerobic dancing. Really liking the inches that are disappearing. Very well motivated to keep going. Fri, 9 Oct 2015 02:14:12 EST Not just water weight I've been told that the first week of low carb is just water weight being lost. Not true. I went on low carb for just 1 week to shake things up and really start to appreciate the freedom of choice I have with calorie counting and eating balanced meals so I can kick my sugar cravings and wean myself off. It worked. I'm really grateful to be able to eat chocolate again and also have real sugar in my tea. But the low carb week has had an even better effect - I'm less hungry and not overload... Wed, 7 Oct 2015 03:33:12 EST Feeling triumphant I think I've got it. It's really going good. Very happy with being good. Will keep it up. Tue, 6 Oct 2015 04:35:30 EST Why it's working and why it wasn't before Last few months.... I've grown accustomed to eating less and less in volume but that's triggered something even worse in me... eating high calorie stuff. It's better to eat a larger volume of good quality food. I've just reviewed my intake of the last 2 years and to my shock I've been self sabotaging myself. I have periods of completely not tracking anything and eating whatever! And then 1 or 2 weeks (with plenty of cheating ) of being good and then expecting big weight loss. Not being r... Sat, 3 Oct 2015 10:57:33 EST Low carb is working! Yaaaay After months of trying to get that consistency and rhytmn I've finally cracked it. Low carb the way I'm doing it is really not too hard. I'm eating a heck of a lot of veg and plenty of eggs, meat and chicken but also fruit in small quantities. Treats are on occasion and also low carb alternatives. Back down to 67kg today and lost 3 inches off my waist, 3 from bust and 2 from hips. Drinking plenty of water and no signs of constipation or anything like that. Pretty happy that I'm not faci... Thu, 1 Oct 2015 04:39:29 EST Feeling full on low carb <img src=""> I know the original Atkinson isn't a good idea. I lean towards eating a non - ketogenic diet - so above 20g carbs per day but below 100g of carbs per day. An optimum where I can reduce the insulin response and it becomes easier to lose weight. I'm still counting calories and carbs so am on the right track. Once I reach goal (63 kgs to 65 kgs) I know how to maintain and will increase the carbs gradu... Tue, 29 Sep 2015 09:25:08 EST Keep the focus I'm doing absolutely fine now for a while now but the weight isn't budging. So I'm now decreasing carbs slightly to see if it makes a difference... Mon, 28 Sep 2015 07:30:17 EST I'm back! I got the virtual kick up my backside from my lovelies here on sparkpeople and have been on an awesome streak since. I have exercised 60 minutes on my bike each day as well as taking a 30-45 minute walk. Kept my macros in check, sugar low, calories within range and feeling and sleeping better for it! I have also uppercut water intake and seen a drop of 4 pounds already without really focusing on my scale. I knew I was not giving my 100% before and have wasted a good 6 months of this year.... Tue, 8 Sep 2015 14:20:17 EST 4 day streak and them all is forgotten I have a few things going on...which can be behind my not losing weight. 1. holidays are gaining time. Example. Before my last holidays I was 67kg. After 69kg. 2 weeks of no idea what I was eating. 2. Not being consistent. Just not consistent. Some days I don't even remember that I'm trying to lose weight. Just not on my mind. 3. Expecting results too fast on too little effort and time. My longest streak this month was 4 days. After that it went downhill and I told myself I'll ... Thu, 3 Sep 2015 19:22:26 EST weekends can break even I was thinking that weekends Tend to sabotage the whole week. I will make sure I eat just so much to break even for Saturday and Sunday. On normal days I'll motivate myself to stick to the straight and narrow with end of day reward as usual. Weekends I can truly look forward to as I can eat a lot more but not gain. Sun, 23 Aug 2015 18:07:50 EST De ja vu Going round in circles. I've lost all integrity.... I make a promise and I don't trust my own self to keep it. Main hindrance is definitely ethnic foods. I just lose control around them. So funny though cos I don't really need them. Nor crave them. But when i cook for my family it does tempt me to eat a bit....but it highly calorific. ..and it's never filling. So I do eat more than my calorie bank allows. I've scolded husband today as I tried not to ear what I made today but he says ... Tue, 11 Aug 2015 12:42:10 EST stalled Why does weight loss feel like a switch? If it's on its great and if not then God help you. It begs the question though...Wether I have deluded myself again into thinking I've been very good when I haven't. I think it might be the case now these past few weeks... I've lost my mojo and no idea how to get it back. I'm not eating right.... And not moving enough. Not exercising enough. I have to change with little steps and see how to fix this.... Fri, 7 Aug 2015 01:37:23 EST breaking even Breaking even means staying the same. some days when things go wrong don't turn break even into a disaster. Turn it into a victory because you refuse to take a step back no matter how tiny. Only moving forward or breaking even. Today I didn't manage to eat below my range. I ate enough to maintain status quo. So no sweat. Tomorrow is a new day! Mon, 3 Aug 2015 18:29:04 EST 10 minutes worth every second Very tight on time today...genuinely. But even as the clock struck 11.45 I didn't call it a day. I clocked in at 10 minutes on the bike today. On high and medium intensity on highest resistance. Felt pretty huffed and puffed with heart racing due to it but it was worth every second. Now the message has hit home that I am committed even if it's 10 minutes. Sun, 2 Aug 2015 19:44:28 EST Burning up! Yesterday's realization and plan to change has worked like a charm. I kick started my promise to myself with 60 minutes on my stationary bike which is a huge deal as I have not done so for a long time. I'm feeling a lot more free than before. I had a very light breakfast, a nice main meal at lunch and dinner and a fantastic dessert. And u went window shopping today just for the sake of exercise and clocked 2 hours nonstop at moderate speed as we were also hunting for a certain item for my... Sat, 1 Aug 2015 16:14:58 EST Losing perspective I knew I shouldn't do it. I already had a premonition but I ignored it. I'm trying to lose weight quickly for an upcoming event. I knew I shouldn't restrict myself in order to lose it faster. But It was going so well. It's been a week and I was fine. But today I've had such horrible cravings for chocolate. And I didn't go overboard. But I've had a terrible resentment all day like I feel deprived. I'm going back to basics. Making time for exercise and enjoying a desert every evening... Fri, 31 Jul 2015 15:22:02 EST "I love hiking in Normandy!" CLAIREINPARIS's Photo as Reference for Sketch <img src=""> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Just some sketchwork with a calligraphy pen. Thanks for letting me use the photos Claire! <BR> <BR> Love <BR> <BR> Ruby <BR> Wed, 29 Jul 2015 11:14:12 EST We forget Sometimes in search for perfection we forget that little and often goes a long way. I really need to get back on my stationary bike. Even if I'm reading or watching a movie whilst doing it. Better than nothing. Tue, 28 Jul 2015 16:57:07 EST Best Experience Ever <img src=""> What happens when two things you adore come together? I've gone out with friends, restaurants, shops, movies, short breaks etc bit never done anything like this before. I painted with a friend! And no I'm not in high school. It was magical. 5 hours together. Endless discussion, laughter, concentration and 2 pieces of distinct artwork reflecting our unique art styles. Very happy experience. Mon, 27 Jul 2015 17:42:43 EST slip up. ..learn your lessons when they're fresh I've really not been myself these past few days... Turbulence in every aspect of life has a way of getting you down... I have lost track...yes and became mindless about eating. But that's normal I guess when you're hurting inside. Going for stretches without eating and then...soothing myself with all the wrong things.... Emotions can wreck havoc on can you be accountable to yourself when you just don't care at that precise moment? I am out of my rut now. ..took me a week. ... Fri, 24 Jul 2015 03:53:44 EST Battling Depression <img src=""> I get down sometimes.... One thing goes horribly wrong and my outlook changes to pessimism and despair. I start thinking negative and start becoming really moody, sulky and emotional. Today was wasted on such things... I tried to cheer myself up by doing some painting and it really lifted my spirit. I need to remind myself to paint regularly do I can let off the daily stress and tensions of life. Wed, 22 Jul 2015 15:56:33 EST