ROGERSBABE1's SparkPeople Blog ROGERSBABE1's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community IT'S MAY! ANOTHER MONTH TO LIVE HEALTHY... I love the first of the year, the first of the month, and the first of the week. It reminds me that we always have a chance for a fresh start, as long as we are living. April went pretty well for me. I had way more good days than bad, and I feel very confident and positive. Last week I ran into a friend who had had weight loss surgery. She used to come to my Zumba classes and was getting into shape very nicely. We used to work together as well, and I remember her transformation---insid... Wed, 1 May 2013 13:37:48 EST PROUD OF MYSELF FOR... Yesterday was my birthday and we always go out to eat. My favorite restaurant is the Cheesecake Factory. I didn't realize they had such an extensive "skinny menu". I was so very proud of myself that I didn't go too overboard yesterday. Last year, my birthday food/cake binge lasted about four days...very demoralizing. For my 48th, I ordered from the "skinny menu" (less than 590 calories), ate only half the white rice provided at that, and only ate 1/3 of the very scrumptious upside down p... Thu, 18 Apr 2013 10:51:43 EST ALMOST AT MY 48TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I am so happy to be alive and getting ready to have another birthday. The past 3 years have been a wonderful journey...sometimes frustrating, but I've had way more gratifying days. In that time since I've been a "sparker", I have lost weight and gained some. I'm trying my utmost now to get to my final goal once and for all. But, I am certain, had it not been for Spark people, I would have gained all of my weight back and more. I am so happy to have such a great resource for free. Durin... Wed, 10 Apr 2013 14:04:49 EST DEALING WITH COMPLICATED EMOTIONS I have been pleased to see myself mature...things that bothered me 20 or 30 years ago no longer do. With most things, I can keep emotions at bay and with prayer and an occasional venting session, get through them pretty good. But, there is one are in my life that has a constant pull on me emotionally: seeing my children go through things. I guess that is natural for a parent. Four out of five of my children are now navigating the waters of being adult and single in 2013---a position I d... Thu, 28 Mar 2013 14:13:24 EST I'M A 60 POUND SMALLER, ZUMBA-LOVING GRANDMA! Last night I had a great of the best in my life. I was in the delivery room for the birth of my first grandchild---a beautiful, curly haired little girl. I am grateful that Mom and daughter are healthy and doing fantastic. I am also grateful to be a sixty-pound-smaller, Zumba-loving grandma in the best health I've been in in 20 years. Good health helps you enjoy everything so much more. All praises to God and my Lord and Savior Jesus for the gift of life. In Him I move... Fri, 8 Feb 2013 10:44:21 EST HAVEN'T BLOGGED IN A WHILE Happy New Year to all!!!! It's been a while since I've blogged but I just want to say that I'm happy to be alive and healthy. And, though, I'm not exactly where I want to be with my weight, I'm so much better off than I was. I hope and pray that everyone has a successful spark year and that our health continues to improve. My prayer is that you live the most positive, vital, productive life possible. <em>252</em> <em>252</em> <em>283</em> Wed, 9 Jan 2013 13:17:32 EST RAMBLING... Well, two weeks into the school year (I am a high school Business and Computer Information Technology teacher) feels like nine weeks. The most positive part of the year so far has been the fresh faces of my students. I love the different personalities and the openness of most teenagers. I have been exhausted and my voice is weak, but this is typical coming off of such a long break. It will level out in a few more days. I am discouraged, however, by the changes in education and what I see... Thu, 13 Sep 2012 08:40:22 EST THIS INCHES VERSES POUNDS THING SUCKS! my last weigh-in at the beginning of July had a loss. After 7 or 8 people kept telling me that I was losing weight again (unsolicited, btw), clothes feeling loser, and adding two or three additional workouts a week (strength training) this summer, I was feeling good and liking the way my arms and love handles seemed to be toning down. I got on the scale at the beginning of August feeling confident of a 5 pound loss. To my horror and amazement, it was up 2 or 3. I was dumbfounded... Sat, 4 Aug 2012 07:22:58 EST SOMEONE CALLED ME PLUMP YESTERDAY AND IT REALLY DIDN'T BOTHER ME I have been a licensed Zumba instructor for a little more than a year now, and I love it. A couple of years ago, I lost 60 pounds, gained back 15, have since lost another 16 or so, and am working on the final 14. If you read my profile, I show a distinct desire not to be too small. I have a fairly large frame and it is a preference of mine. I also, incidentally, have a 12 inch difference between my waist and hips---which I have read, is considered pretty good---my waist being the smaller ... Wed, 13 Jun 2012 09:54:59 EST STRESSFUL SCHOOL YEAR ALMOST OVER Nothing profound...I just wanted to ramble. I am so grateful that this school year is almost finished and am looking forward to a restful, but active, summer break. I teach at a rural high school in Virginia. We had a new superintendent, a new principal, and a new assistant principal this year. There were so many changes and differences from the previous year with ever increasing demands to do more with fewer resources. Through it all, I am learning to be flexible and find healthy ways t... Wed, 6 Jun 2012 14:28:28 EST HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! <em>44</em> <em>44</em> <em>44</em> <BR> I turned 47 this week, so I thought it would be good to think about my goals for this year. I don't mind birthdays, but they do make me a bit introspective and I think that that is a good thing. Briefly, here are my goals without much attempt at humor or elaboration. <BR> 1. Spend more time with God and my family. <BR> 2. Really, really, make sure that I am in the career that I want to be in. <BR> 3. Save more money for a "good" retirement and... Thu, 19 Apr 2012 08:53:38 EST DOC HAS TAKEN ME OFF OF BP MEDS!!! Well, I didn't lose any weight for March; however, on my first day of spring break, I scheduled all of my annual physical exams. After about 13 years of being on blood pressure medicine, my doctor has taken me off of the prescription. I am thrilled at this major goal that I have met. Last year, he cut the prescriptions by a third and today, he said that I can come off of them completely. I experimented myself by not taking them for a while and monitoring my readings. But today, he made i... Mon, 2 Apr 2012 17:34:35 EST I Have Clavicles! I had to post of my non-scale kicks is looking at my neck and face. One thing has disappeared and one thing has appeared: I no longer have two chins and I have clavicles. I don't think I have seen clavicles since high school. I love looking at the protrusion when I glance in the mirror...even when the scale doesn't seem to go my way or down fast enough, at least I can see my clavicles. This is a wikipedia definition of clavicle: "the clavicle or collar bone is a long bone of... Thu, 22 Mar 2012 10:59:57 EST YOU KNOW WHAT MY HUSBAND SAID TO ME... One regular morning in the life of a middle-aged, married, working couple, I was sipping on my coffee while my hubby was getting ready for work. Out of the blue and unsolicited, (and I was fully clothed), he says, "You know, the older you get, the sexier you get." I looked at him with the cheesiest smile on my face, and my heart just melted. And the truth is, because of SP and my much healthier, active lifestyle, I feel sexier at 47 than I did 25 years ago. Thanks, baby, for making my day... Tue, 28 Feb 2012 08:30:38 EST WHAT WILL FEBRUAY 2012 BRING I can't believe that January is a few hours from being over. We have had an incredibly mild winter in VA---65 degrees today. I was hoping for a bit of snow this year, but it's not looking good. I am strategizing for February: my weight loss goal of about 5 pounds and hoping that I'll be at my final goal by my mid-April birthday. I like the start of a new month because I get a chance to re-focus on my goals. One thing that I have learned through this process is that taking care of me tak... Tue, 31 Jan 2012 12:10:33 EST THE ONE GOOD THING ABOUT A STOMACH VIRUS... I was the last one in my family to get the bug. After caring for my 5 year old and watching my 19-year old daughter and husband struggle through it earlier this week, I thought I had escaped. Last night after Zumba, my stomach began to cramp and I couldn't hold much on my stomach at all. Today, I have had a diet of diet ginger ale and soup...only to have it come out either way. The only good thing about a stomach virus is that my daily calorie differential report sure will look wonderful.... Thu, 19 Jan 2012 16:54:32 EST 2012---- FEELING GOOD ABOUT THIS YEAR! The end of last year was a bit rough with the passing of my father, but the dawning of 2012 has me hopeful and looking forward to a great year. I am determined that my health and fitness goals will not just be resolutions, but that I will continue to make permanent changes in my relationship with food and my body. God is good, and as long as we are alive, He gives us choice as to what we will do with our bodies, minds, and spirits. I choose to do what will bring improvement and good health... Mon, 2 Jan 2012 13:04:39 EST DADDY DIED LAST WEEK My father died last week. We had less than a week between when we found out he had cancer and when he died. The cancer started in his stomach and completely took his liver. We were with him when he took his last breath. He was the strongest man I know. I am glad he didn't suffer. The Sunday after Thanksgiving, we were with him in church. We (his two daughters) fussed at him because we thought he should have gone earlier to the doctor for his aches and pain. He went to the emergency r... Wed, 14 Dec 2011 13:04:23 EST Mrs. Field's M&M Cookies vs. Me: And the Winner is........ I have changed, and I am glad about it. When I came home last night around 8:00 PM, I was pleased to see that my hubby had completed the grocery shopping---something I hate to do. I was not pleased to see the BOGO purchases of cookies. The Mrs. Field's cookies were just looking at me, beckoning me to come. I wanted one badly and could have easily justified eating one after having come back from a 2-hour workout at the gym...but you know what I said? I said, "I'll have one tomorrow." And... Wed, 23 Nov 2011 10:47:19 EST GETTING USED TO SLOW WEIGHT LOSS Now that I've started losing again after a setback, it feels really good. When I was on a low-carb doctor supervised plan, there were times I was losing 4 and 5 pounds a week...what a high! I knew, though, that that was not the "regular/normal" or long-term way to lose weight. I am grateful for the program, but it was expensive, and, frankly, I didn't like the way I felt. Now I am learning to eat properly, stay consistent, and I know that I'll probably be sparking in one way or another fo... Tue, 25 Oct 2011 08:12:37 EST HANGING IN THERE! There are some rough days sometimes, but, you know what, I'm going to hang in there. I'd rather leave this earth a fighter than lay down, roll over and quit. More later... Thu, 13 Oct 2011 20:50:56 EST FEELING PRETTY GOOD Just a quick update---feeling pretty good aftera few days of being upset over a summer weight gain. I have stayed within my ranges all week and my body is starting to feel lighter. I actually am excited about weighing myself on Sunday. It's funny how good it feels to be in control of your eating/exercise, but how easy it is to get sidetracked. This is truly a lifestyle change and not a diet. I now know that what has brought me success, I must continue doing. This is not an ON/OFF thing ... Fri, 7 Oct 2011 12:49:16 EST AFTER TWO MONTHS OF FEAR I FINALLY WEIGHED MYSELF <em>24</em> I could feel that I had gained weight and was afraid to get on the scale. After a huge internal battle, I got on the scale this morning and the results were what I had expected. I have gained back about 15 of the almost 60 pounds I had lost. Heavy sigh <em>39</em> Now what: I am reassessing and am determined not to gain more. I am beginning by resetting my weight tracker with a new goal and going back to the basics. I'll write more later...I'm still trying to let this "trag... Mon, 3 Oct 2011 08:50:02 EST I WILL WEIGH MYSELF ON OCTOBER 1ST Quick entry today: have been afraid to get on the scale. I know/feel that I have gained weight over the summer, but three weeks ago, I regained my focus. Clothing is loosening up again and that "lean" look is reappearing around my neck and knees. I am feeling good again. I will get on the scale October 1st and post my results---gain or loss. But I love the feeling of control and working out again 5X a week. My goal is to get back to losing around 5 pounds a month. I should be where I ... Fri, 23 Sep 2011 09:14:18 EST HAD HALF OF A BANANA SPLIT AND DIDN'T FEEL GUILTY! I think I'm growing up in my weight loss journey. Last night I found myself out with my grown daughter. I knew where I was going to eat, so I pulled up a menu online...nothing really healthy so I opted for the fried chicken meal, pulled off the skin and saved two pieces for lunch today. I had steamed brocolli, two or three forks of the delicious mac and cheese, then gave my daughter the rest. We split a banana split. I had not had real, old-fashioned ice cream in probably more than a yea... Thu, 9 Jun 2011 12:30:47 EST I GOT THROUGH THE WEEKEND AND DIDN'T MESS UP Just wanted to post for all of us weekend strugglers that I got through the weekend and stayed within my nutrition and well above my fitness goals. I even went to IHOP for an early breakfast with my husband before church. I enjoyed my meal but made appropriate substitues; I even had two pancakes with sugar-free syrup. Because the weekends are a huge struggle for me, I was happy to just realize about five minutes ago that last weekend was a good weekend! Mon, 6 Jun 2011 14:32:24 EST HAD THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE LAST WEEKEND! Last Saturday, women and men of all sizes, backgrounds, and abilities converged in a group aerobics room in a gym about an hour and a half from my home. We were all attempting to become licensed ZUMBA instructors. Last year I fell in love with this style of latin dance aerobics. I am not a jock and don't enjoy exercise, but I can't stay away from a ZUMBA class. This love has been instrumental in my shedding about four dress sizes. The instructor was great and so inspirational! I hope to... Wed, 1 Jun 2011 14:37:40 EST THIS WEEKEND, I'LL BE OKAY! The weekends are the hardest for me: I tend to be busy and get lazy with my logging and exercise. Whereas during the weekdays, I normally carry a pretty good calorie differential, I mess it all up most weekends. I have been too afraid to weigh myself for three weeks. Monday, which is my normal weigh-in day, I will step on the scale regardless. If there is a significant gain, I purpose that I will learn from it and keep going! But this weekend, even though I may enjoy an occassional trea... Fri, 6 May 2011 09:31:16 EST I SEND DEAR HUBBY TO THE STORE FOR FRUIT AND MEAT AND HE BRINGS HOME CHEESECAKE! Well, the title says it all. It is very challenging to get through this when your environment can't be controlled. My hubby is diabetic as well, and I have tried all sorts of approaches to get him to take care of himself. I also cut my carbs, so we would be in sync. Instead, I face this losing battle of trying not to succumb to the things he brings home. This time I didn't throw it away or freeze it like the pies he bought home not too long ago. I stuck it way, way back in the fridge be... Thu, 5 May 2011 09:49:23 EST MY EGO SURE FELT GOOD LAST WEEKEND Last weekend, I had to unfortunately attend a funeral of one of our neighbors. As you know with those events you see folk that you haven't seen in ages...some I hadn't seen since high school almost 30 years ago. To see the admiring looks on the faces of folk when they saw that I was getting in shape. I got so many complements; I left the funeral grieving my neighborhood mom, but also encouraged by the comments and questions about my new weight loss. The confidence that I've gained is ind... Tue, 3 May 2011 10:19:32 EST BOUGHT A SIZE 10 THIS WEEKEND (DOWN FROM AN 18)! I went to visit my sister over spring break and accompanied her when she went shopping. One of our favorite stores was having a dress sale. To my delight, I was able to buy two dresses in a size 10...granted the material was more stretchy, but I don't think I've been a size 10 since I've been born! I cannot even describe the feeling. I know that sizing is not consistent, but I was wearing a larger size when I lost weight before even though I was about 15 pounds smaller...this time, I am s... Mon, 25 Apr 2011 10:44:33 EST SOMETIMES I FORGET HOW FAR I'VE COME... My birthday is in two days. I have had a brand new light blue pantsuit in my closet for about six years that was too small. Every New Year's Day, I resolved I would fit into my pantsuit for my birthday. Guess what? It's too big now! Finally! I like it enough to have it tailored, but sometimes when I am berating myself for not having lost 20 more pounds, I need to think of that light blue pantsuit. THANK YOU, GOD, AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Fri, 15 Apr 2011 14:30:52 EST TRIED A NEW HAIR STYLE TODAY! I am transitioning my hair from processed to natural...even getting comfortable with the bit of gray I have. This morning, I unbraided it, picked it out a bit, oiled it, and went to work just like that. I like it, but it is a huge change. Whether or not I decide to keep this type of style or not, one thing is certain: I probably would not have had the courage to step out like this without the weight loss. I have a large head anyway (think Ophra) and bigger styles really make me look like... Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:00:14 EST MY HUSBAND MEANS WELL, BUT.... How do you keep telling the folk you love to stop bringing you junk! I have said it in so many ways and have begged with tears in my eyes. I come home yesterday, and there is this ginormous "Easter" bucket on the table...filled with probably 25 pieces of chocolate, twizzlers, etc. I thought it was for our son even though I have cautioned my hubby against buying too much candy for him...He said it was for me. I simply looked at him and thanked him. I will find someone to give it to, but ... Tue, 12 Apr 2011 10:15:28 EST HAD A BAD WEEKEND BUT BACK ON TRACK Why do I allow myself to eat like a pig sometimes. From Friday evening until last night, I ate as if there was no tomorrow. I didn't ask myself if I were hungry, I just wanted what tasted good in my mouth. My body/system felt yucky! I started off this morning a lot better, and am back on track. I need to get through the weekends a lot better than I am doing and only eat when I am hungry. Mon, 11 Apr 2011 11:01:52 EST Sort of Plateauing After losing almost 60 pounds, I am at a standstill. I haven't been nearly as focused as before, and I would really like to get into the 170's. SparkPeople is motivating me. I sort of fall off the wagon over the weekend, but need to continue to journal and stay within my allowances. Meeting almost all my goals yesterday made me feel really good and in control, and I like that feeling. I will put my past mistakes behind and press forward. Just think, this time last spring, I was almost f... Thu, 7 Apr 2011 15:06:56 EST