ROCKYCPA's SparkPeople Blog ROCKYCPA's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community HAPPY NEW YEAR! <img src=""> Sat, 31 Dec 2016 22:49:30 EST Fitbit Truism <img src=""> Sun, 20 Mar 2016 23:36:44 EST Never Quit Pledge I copied this from Ceriusly's blog from today. She re-blogged it from JAZZEJR's blog from today and from June 30 2012, when she got it from BBONET who got it from Musolf6, who got it from... <BR> <BR> Saturday, June 30, 2012 <BR> Taken from BBonet's blog <BR> <BR> Please respond that you want your name added to the bottom of the list. <BR> <BR> Never Quit Pledge <BR> <BR> Today, I promise I will not quit. <BR> <BR> I pledge that no matter, how many ups and downs I pass through, I will co... Fri, 1 Jan 2016 11:04:48 EST Downloading Windows 10 So I posted last night that I had downloaded Windows 10 to my laptop and now I can't even get to any programs. <em>24</em> I followed the directions Thursday night - left the computer on and let it download. Don't know what happened but I do know that all my passwords to pay my bill are in a file on that computer that I can't get to now. Had to spend last night trying to remember them or having to set up new ones. Really bummed. <em>46</em> Did talk to my brother who is pretty good... Sat, 8 Aug 2015 15:04:25 EST Feeling Really Sad Tonight This evening I am feeling very sad and disappointed with the citizens of Baltimore. I lived in Baltimore during the riots of 1968 which destroyed the city. Now the thugs are out again destroying the city I grew up in. These thugs are not only looting and destroying businesses but they are burning down buildings (a senior retirement building is currently burning) and harming the police. The situation is really bad and hopefully soon cooler heads will prevail. I pray for the city I love th... Mon, 27 Apr 2015 22:02:21 EST Challenge Blog - New Habit #1 Part #7 So today is the last day of this week's challenge is to share with the team. Well I have to admit that I do not like blogging. I just have never felt comfortable expressing myself so this week was a real challenge. I have accomplished something by blogging everyday. Thanks everyone who read any of my blogs. Fri, 8 Mar 2013 21:35:55 EST Challenge Blog - New Habit #1 Part #6 The question tonight is whether I need motivation or advice in order to develope my new habit. My motivation is the support of all my Spark Friends who comment on my blog and hlep me realize that there is always someone out there to support you. Motivation has to come from within in order to be successful. <BR> <BR> Thu, 7 Mar 2013 22:34:16 EST Challenge Blog - New Habit #1 Part #5 Now that we are in Day 5 of this week's challenge, it is time to think about what I can improve upon. Being conscious of what I am eating and not making choices that are high in calories and carbs but nothing else. Working towards a goal has to include making changes and sticking to them. I now what I need to do and will work towards that goal. Wed, 6 Mar 2013 19:41:40 EST Challenge Blog - New Habit #1 Part #4 How are you doing day by day? That is the question which I need to answer today. To be honest it is a struggle but I am trying to watch what I eat in the sweets department and eat well at mealtimes. I am working on getting better but habits don't change overnight so I will just keep working towards changing. Tue, 5 Mar 2013 22:10:13 EST Challenge Blog - New Habit #1 Part #3 Today it is hard to say what I do to encourage myself to make this new habit a regular habit. I love to eat and I know that in order to develop my new habit of Self Control I need to track what I eat and make sure I stay in my range. If I can get myself to stay within my calorie goals, then I can work on reducing the amount of foods I eat that I shouldn't. This is really hard to say how I encourage myself other than to say the reward will be the weight loss! Mon, 4 Mar 2013 22:09:41 EST Challenge Blog - New Habit #1 Part #2 So today I need to expand on how I will achieve my new habit of Self Control. I certainly did not follow thru last night, having too many hor d'oevres. This week I will start being more conscious of what I am eating and how much. I don't believe in depriving myself but I need to be more conscientious about tracking what I am eating. Hopefully I will begin to have some success. Sun, 3 Mar 2013 22:06:41 EST Challenge Blog - New Habit #1 Being part of the 2013 Beautiful Butterflies, Winter into Spring team, we are given a Living the Good Life challenge (LGTL) each week. This week we are to write a blog each day on what new habit you wish to develop. My new habit would be Self Control when it come to eating. I love my sweets and have been able to eat them in moderation and maintain a weight loss. But... I can also be swayed to eat too much and the wrong types when opportunity presents itself. <BR> <BR> The question is How... Sat, 2 Mar 2013 11:06:45 EST A Blonde Joke <BR> A trucker stops at a red light and a blonde catches up to him. She knocks on the window and says, "Hi, my name is Heather and you are losing some of your load." <BR> <BR> The trucker just ignores her, the light changes, and he proceeds down the street. At the next light, the blonde again catches up and says, "Hi, my name is Heather, and you are losing some of your load." <BR> <BR> He ignores her again and continues down the street. At the next red light the blonde catches up, all ou... Wed, 13 Feb 2013 20:38:25 EST Last Week of the Summer 5% Challenge Well, here it is the last week of the challenge. This challenge has been interesting and hard for me. I haven't been able to reach my 5% goal. Actually I have gained. But I have paid more attention to what I am eating and counting my calories. I love to exercise (Zumba up to 6 days a week) and have been able to maintain the 120 minutes everyday. This is a good challenge and even though the weight did not come off, I am going to do the Fall 5% Challenge which will hopefully be more succe... Sat, 3 Sep 2011 21:11:05 EST Zumba Pink Party The studio where I exercise (Zumba 6 days a week) had a 2 hour Zumba party tonight. It was a blast and I really burned the calories - over 1400!. This party was also a fundraiser for 2 friends who are doing the Komen 3 Day for the Cure. Really made it a special night for everyone. There were over 50 people there shaking their booties for a great cause. Fri, 3 Jun 2011 23:47:05 EST No Exercise for 4 days - 10 days Left Well, here it is Sunday. Wednesday I had tear duct surgery and was told not to exercise for 2 weeks! That seems like an awfully long time. I am so used to exercising everyday even it is only walking. But I do realize that I can't really do that much because my eye has to heal. I am also not supposed to go to work until after my follow up which is the 16th. I did make a call and found out that if I was up to it I can go to work. Will have to wait and see. Staying home is just not that ... Sun, 12 Sep 2010 22:27:49 EST Finally Some Before and After Pics Well, I never thought that I would post before and after photos. And the funny part is I always thought I looked good even when I was heavy. I didn't realize that I was not at my best and that I needed to make a difference for my own health and well being. <BR> <BR> Here goes (all the photos were taken at the Outer Banks): <BR> <BR> June 2006 - not my heaviest <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> June 2009 - finally losing weight <BR> ... Thu, 5 Aug 2010 23:06:39 EST Quote for the Day I use the Franklin Planner at work to help keep me organized. I like to read the quote for the day that is at the top of the page. Sometimes they seem so appropriate and right for that day. Yesteday the quote was: <BR> <BR> "A sense of humor can help you overlook the unattractive, tolerate the unpleasant, cope with the unexpected, and smile through the unbearable." ~~~ Moshe Waldoks <BR> <BR> Like I am going to do, smile through your Friday and find humor in every situation. <BR> <BR> ... Fri, 16 Jul 2010 07:48:32 EST Recalculating Steps in a Mile This morning I went over to the High School to try and refigure how many steps that I walk in a mile. When I did it last year, I came up with 2348 steps in a mile. I don't that is right so I went to try and recalculate. I walked around the track 4 times since it is a quarter mile track but apparently I was way off. Boy it was really a disaster, I came up with either 1500 or 1900 steps and that can't be right. My stride is just not that long. I am really short and I have a short stride. ... Sun, 20 Jun 2010 17:56:03 EST Zumba and My Heart Rate Monitor Today I got my heart rate monitor in the mail. I was so excited to be able to find out how many calories it would say I burned doing my Zumba class. So after playing around with it to figure out how to set it, I put it on and went to my class. I have generally used the High Impact Aerobics for 60 minutes to calculate my calories when I take a class. It is usually 350 or so calories burned. My heart rate monitor showed that I had burned 514 calories. <em>244</em> I couldn't believe it... Thu, 29 Apr 2010 23:08:23 EST Meeting Up With A SparkFriend In Baltimore Today was really a wonderful day. After doing Zumba for 2 and 1/2 hours, I got showered and changed and headed downtown to meet up with Phebe who was here for an art convention. I picked her up and we found a parking place near the harbor. We then went out to lunch and then tried to decide what to do next. It was a little on the cool side, so we went shopping. What can I say, female bonding - go shopping. We then headed over to Harbor Place, got a pretzel and then found someone to take... Sun, 18 Apr 2010 21:39:46 EST Another Week Over Well, here it is another week over. This was an up and down week, weight was up and down, nutrition was up and down. But I must admit that I kept up my exercise. Lots and lots of Zumba plus walking and Pilates. I went out to eat and was not always picking the healthier option. I know what I need to do. Hopefully next week I will be more in control. Sat, 17 Apr 2010 21:29:21 EST The Good and The Bad of Losing Weight And here I thought that losing weight was so great. Went to the doctor today, I am hypothyroid so once a year I do my blood test to make sure everything is fine. I have been at 100 mcg for years and have been fine. The doctor had me come in to talk about the blood test, uh oh. Believe it or not my blood test had come out on the high side. The doctor wanted me to lose weight when I went last year so I did, 26 lbs (based on his scale). Apparently, synthroid is prescribed based on weight ... Fri, 2 Apr 2010 23:06:59 EST The Week is Over Well another week is over and it was a busy one. Tried to keep up with exercising and getting things done at home. Did finally manage to get to bed at a decent time on several nights. It certainly helps to get a good nights sleeep to be ready for a busy day. Looking forward to the coming week. Hope everyone had a great week. Sat, 27 Mar 2010 23:43:00 EST Beautiful Day for Walking After all the bad weather in February, it certainly is nice to have a beautiful warm day. It was 70 degrees and sunny today. When my husband got home from work, we went for an nice 3 mile walk. It was so nice out - not too hot but warm enough to not have to wear a jacket. I hope it stays this way because I want to increase the distance that I walk. Right now my husband is having rotator cuff problems so he is in pain if we go up and down hills. I guess when I want to do the long walk, I... Fri, 19 Mar 2010 19:52:16 EST Zumba Party Just got back from a great 2 hour Zumba Party class at my studio. Three teachers and great music. What a wonderful way to start the weekend. I always enjoy the class - friends and acquaintances getting together to dance and socialize. Zumba is such a great way to burn calories. <BR> <BR> Well, I am tired but want to finish sparking - see everyone later. Fri, 12 Mar 2010 22:52:34 EST Finally My Goals For March Well, here it is a week gone in March and I am just writing my goals. It has been a busy week and I kept forgetting to write a blog. Well February went pretty well in terms of losing weight. I actually lost a little bit more. I wanted to work on toning and did some but I think that that will take time to happen. I also wanted to get more sleep but didn't do that. <BR> <BR> For March, I am difinitely working on getting more sleep. At least 6 hours per night and work towards 7. I am re... Sat, 6 Mar 2010 17:27:44 EST Accomplishments and Praise Well, you alway wonder whether you have really accomplished your goals in your weight loss journey and whether anyone notices. Today I had my yearly checkup. They always weigh me so I asked what I weighed last year, 154 lbs. When I got on the scale, the doctors assistant was moving the weights up to 150. I said stop - don't go so far. She did stop, and it was at 127!!! Wow, 27 lbs in one year! She asked me how I did it and I told her tracking and SparkPeople - she was definitely impres... Thu, 25 Feb 2010 22:52:57 EST Happy Valentine's Day!! Good Morning Everyone!! <BR> <BR> I hope that everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day. Whether you are celebrating with family and friends, give each other hugs!! May your day be beautiful and fun!! <BR> <BR> <em>247</em> <em>129</em> Sun, 14 Feb 2010 11:34:13 EST Just Following the Train of 50 Questions <BR> If you've are reading this, you have the honor of copying all these goofy questions and writing your own responses! Paste these instructions in the body of your blog. <BR> <BR> 1. What time did you get up this morning? about 7:30 - checking to see if we were plowed yet. <BR> <BR> 2. How do you like your steak? medium rare. <BR> <BR> 3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Sometime during the summer - Harry Potter <BR> <BR> 4. What is your favorite TV show? American Idol,... Sun, 7 Feb 2010 20:11:34 EST The Blizzard of 2010 Well here it is on Saturday morning, February 6th. I have my snow pants on and getting ready to carb load so that I can go out and shovel snow. Don't know how much but the wind is blowing and so is the snow. Should get quite a bit of exercise in this morning. LOL <BR> <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> A little deep, huh!!! <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>246</em> <em>85</em> Sat, 6 Feb 2010 09:51:30 EST January Accomplishments/ February Goals So now that January is over, it is time to reflect and consider what I wanted to accomplish and what I did accomplish. Below is my list of accomplishments and goals. <BR> <BR> 1)What did you accomplish in January? I lost a total of 2 lbs which is just fine - don't want to lose much more. I lost some more inches and got better toned. Did the Bootcamp every day when possible and combined days when I had to miss. I was also able to keep tracking and maintain my weight for the month. <BR> ... Sun, 31 Jan 2010 19:47:28 EST My Accomplishments With SparkPeople So this is where I write what I am happy about accomplishing in my journey with SparkPeople. <BR> <BR> Could it be the weight I lost or the fact that I am back to wearing a size 6? Well although that is definitely something to crow about, there are more important things. Like learning to know my limits - not to keep eating when I am not hungry and to track all I eat even on the bad days. Like exercising more so that the new body will be toned. Now that is still a work in progress but we ... Sun, 24 Jan 2010 20:41:45 EST Review of Spark Your Body Bootcamp This is the 3rd week of the Bootcamp. My motivation has been and still is to get myself in better shape. I currently do a lot of aerobic exercise (Zumba, Aerobics) and Pilates but I need more strengthening. What I have found is that the bootcamp offers a variety of exercises on a daily basis for strengthening. I also hope to tone my body and lose some inches before the end. What I will need to do is to continuously maintain strengthening and toning exercises as well as aerobic exercise. ... Wed, 20 Jan 2010 22:59:25 EST Two Weeks - Changes Are Happening Well, today it has been 2 weeks since I started the Spark Your Body Bootcamp. I have done all of the Bootcamp workouts even though the first week I had to combine a couple of days since I went out of town.. I have continued to do all the exercising that I generally do on a daily basis including Zumba, Pilates and Yoga. Some of the workouts are a little hard for me to do but I modify so that I am able to at least get a workout. I have been pleased with my results so far and am excited to s... Sun, 17 Jan 2010 20:17:00 EST Going To Shabbat Services Today for the first time in a long time I went to Shabbat services at my synagogue. It felt unusual to be there since I generally don’t go except for the High Holidays. The last time I went consistently was when my DH’s father passed away and he said the mourner’s kaddish everyday. So we will be going every weekend for the next 11 months, as long as we are in town, in memory of my mother-in-law. He will be going every day either in the morning or in the evening. There was a bat mitzvah ... Sat, 16 Jan 2010 19:21:30 EST A New Year, A New Bootcamp Well, today I started the Spark Your Body Bootcamp. I did the first workout, Nicole cardio, and found it harder that I thought it would be. Since I do Pilates and Yoga, I thought that I had developed pretty good balance. Wrong!! I did the best I could and kept moving for the full 10 minutes so I felt that it was a success. <BR> <BR> My goals for this Bootcamp is to work on maintaining the weight I have lost and perhaps lose some more. I also want to work on toning more of body by keepin... Sun, 3 Jan 2010 23:40:03 EST Reaching Goal Weight This has been such an accomplishment for me. When I joined SparkPeople, I set my goal to reach 130 lbs. I have really struggled to reach this goal and I didn’t think that I could do it. This year I started to journal both my weight and measurements every month. I tracked my weight on a weekly basis and include both the 1st and the last day of the month. For measurements I just tracked on the 1st and last day of the month. I reached my goal weight and couldn’t be happier. Using SparkPeo... Thu, 31 Dec 2009 11:30:09 EST Is It Really Almost 2010? DECEMBER IN REVIEW <BR> <BR> 1)On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you sum up STICKING to your food program? <BR> <BR> 2)On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you sum up STICKING to your exercise program? <BR> <BR> 3)What surprises did you have this month? <BR> <BR> 4)What unplanned challenges did you have? <BR> <BR> 5)What was the biggest lesson that you learned about yourself and being on a healthy eating program/exercise program during this holiday month? <BR> <BR> I have responded to ... Sun, 27 Dec 2009 12:29:07 EST Time For Myself During The Holiday Season Since my holiday is now over, this weekend will be a time to relax and be for me. The past week was hectic since I had a lot to do at work, was spending evening making Rugalah and also packing to go on vacation. On Wednesday and Thursday night I only got 4 hours sleep - not good and I was so exhausted that on the ride to New Hampshire, I kept falling asleep. My poor DH - I was no company. The treat for myself was sleeping for 9 hours last night - DH says I haven't done that in a long time... Sat, 19 Dec 2009 18:21:17 EST November Is Over and December Is Here <BR> November: <BR> 1)What did you accomplish that you had committed to? I did a pretty good job of tracking my food. I only lost 1.6 lbs but it was still something. I didn't increase my weight training but kept up my walking and aerobic exercises particularly zumba. <BR> <BR> 2)What could you do better that you feel short on? I really need to do more weight training to firm up the body after all the weight loss. <BR> <BR> 3)What unplanned situations came up for you? There were reall... Tue, 1 Dec 2009 22:53:02 EST Weekend Stretch - 11/20 -11/22 Thanksgiving Day <BR> <BR> What is your strategy for victory on Turkey Day? My strategy is to watch what I eat, which is what I do everyday. I have looking at recipes for different Thanksgiving foods that are lower in calories and other nutritional items, so that I can stay within my daily goals. I will probably eat some things I shouldn't but only have a small serving. <BR> <BR> What is your confidence level with your food? I have really been conscious of what I am eating so I am sur... Sun, 22 Nov 2009 17:49:02 EST Thank You, Thank You!!! I want to thank everyone who has made a comment or sent me a SparkGoodie on my Sparkpage to congratulate me on my 2nd anniversay on SparkPeople. I have to say that if it wasn't for the support and comments from members of the team, I wouldn't be succeeding as I am. My 2nd year has been very successful for me and I look forward to my 3rd being as successful and also being supportive of everyone else on my many (lol) teams. <BR> <BR> Thanks again for your comments and goodies. <BR> <BR> ... Fri, 6 Nov 2009 11:25:08 EST Achievement for September 2009 1)What did you achieve that you had planned to achieve this month? I planned to challenge myself to lose some weight, which I did - an overall 2.8 pounds. I also wanted to see a change in my measurements - lost .5" on my waist and .75" on my hips. I also kept up my walking with a daily average of almost 24,000 steps and 17,000 aerobic steps. <BR> <BR> 2)What challenges did you have to overcome in order to succeed in your plans and goals? The challenges I have to overcome is to maintain tr... Thu, 1 Oct 2009 20:19:45 EST My Goals For October 1)What do you want to accomplish in October for YOU? This month I want to continue to lose weight slowly but surely and keep up my exercising. Along with walking I want to maintain my aerobic exericises and also add some more weight exercises. <BR> <BR> 2)What challenges do you forsee that you will have to overcome in order to achieve these goals? The biggest challenge I will have this month is when I go to visit my son at school. We will be gone for six days which means eating out the majo... Wed, 30 Sep 2009 08:15:38 EST My Passions In Life I am passionate about my 2 sons. I have always been there for them, taking off work to make sure that I could attend all their activities. Althought they are both in college now, one in graduate school, I still make sure that I attend anything that they are involved in. Of course my younger son is at school 11 hours away but we do our best. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> I am also passionate about my exercising and try to make a class at my studio at least once every day. That also helps me keep t... Wed, 16 Sep 2009 22:06:56 EST The Weekend Challenge - August In Review 1)What you accomplished <BR> <BR> My accomplishment this month was to stay on track. I was conscientious about tracking my nutrition and exercise. I made sure that I visited the Spark People web site consistently and earned my point. I also saw that I was a little more aware of what I was eating and whether it was good for me or not. I felt better about myself. <BR> <BR> 2)What challenges you had. <BR> <BR> My biggest challenge was watching what I ate. I still tend to eat what I ... Mon, 31 Aug 2009 00:16:44 EST Zumba-fest Well, today was a very intense exercise day. Got up early for my regualr 7:30 AM Zumba class and then went with a group of friends including instructors to a Zumba-fest. That was 3 hours of Zumba dancing with 5 different instructors. There must have been over 100 people there and it was hot!!! <em>259</em> I never had so much fun, we all danced and drank water and sweated. I would do it again. It was definitely a great experience and I was really tired when I got home. Sat, 29 Aug 2009 18:49:52 EST The Weekend Challenge - Parameters for the Next 4 Months Well, here goes. I am not a good at expressing my thoughts but I will certainly try. <em>29</em> <BR> <BR> 1) Where I want to be in my weight loss/health/fitness by 1/1/10. <BR> <BR> In terms of weight loss, I want to be at my goal weight, which would be around 130 lbs. I should really be lower but it has taken me a long time, almost 2 years to get where I am now. My health, thankfully is fine at this point but getting my weight will help me stay healthy. I enjoy exercising - walking... Sat, 22 Aug 2009 22:34:43 EST Finally Lost An Inch Well, after numerous months trying to lose those inches, finally an inch off the hips. <em>244</em> I guess finally doing the aerobics and Zumba classes on a regular basis really works. Although I do a lot of walking the other classes seem to do more to lose the inches. Well the plan is to keep it up with the classes in August and lose some more inches. I also lost 1 1/2 lbs. So a successful month for me. <BR> <BR> Onward and downward, lose more weight and inches. Maybe one day I wo... Fri, 31 Jul 2009 18:58:13 EST