RETURNTORURAL's SparkPeople Blog RETURNTORURAL's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Things I'm Not Doing (but should be) Folks who've had the pleasure of being treated for a psychological or psychiatrist disorder might recognize the phrase "(instrumental) activities of daily living." These are things we all do (or are supposed to do) to be an independent, reasonable member of society. Examples of IADL include: <BR> <BR> Housework <BR> Taking medications as prescribed <BR> Managing money <BR> Shopping for groceries or clothing <BR> Use of telephone or other form of communication <BR> Using technology (as ... Sat, 2 Feb 2013 14:00:12 EST In Which I am a Basketcase (but can still laugh about it) I am a basketcase, and I find it humorous. I have generalized anxiety disorder, a never-ending source of fun. Let's see what the Mayo Clinic says about GAD, shall we? <BR> <BR> "Generalized anxiety disorder symptoms can vary. They can include: <BR> <BR> Constant worrying or obsession about small or large concerns <BR> Restlessness and feeling keyed up or on edge <BR> Fatigue <BR> Difficulty concentrating or your mind "going blank" <BR> Irritability <BR> Muscle tension or muscle aches ... Fri, 1 Feb 2013 18:52:33 EST Get Behind Me, Bender! <em>39</em> <BR> <BR> I went on a bender yesterday. Ate 2 person's worth of fast food and 2 doughnuts. <BR> I'd gone to the dentist in the morning and was feeling very, very anxious. It was just an unfamiliar place and unfamiliar people and I was feeling overwhelmed. I teared up a bit. That happens when I get anxious. Anyway, after my appointment, instead of just sitting in the car and crying like I should have (to let out the anxiety), I zoomed over to a fast food joint so I could stuff... Thu, 31 Jan 2013 16:15:28 EST Of Blood Sugar and Streaks <em>235</em> <BR> <BR> Thanks for taking the time to stop by. <BR> <BR> Today is my first full day of really tracking my food. I've gone through the motions before, both here and on MFP, but now I'm REALLY doing it. It's been surprising to see how quickly calories add up, and how out-of-whack my idea of a serving is. <BR> <BR> SP has a lot of programs and guides available. I wasn't sure which I wanted to try first but since my Diabetes is on my mind (see previous blog post), I chose t... Tue, 29 Jan 2013 19:51:48 EST In Which My Body Gives Me a Scare At the risk of sharing TMI, I'm going to proceed cautiously. <BR> <BR> I lost a pinky toe nail last week. For no apparent reason. Didn't hurt at all. Just came off. <BR> This is scary because I have diabetes. And everyone knows that the feet are a barometer of health for diabetics. Doctors tell us not to walk barefoot (yeah right, doc!), to take especially good care of our feet and check them for injuries that might be there but that we can't feel. <BR> I think this was my case. I didn't re... Tue, 29 Jan 2013 15:57:34 EST A Confession I'm a MyFitnessPal/SparkPeople two-timer. I've been on MFP for a while now but wasn't using it to its full advantage. I felt like I could use a little more help with meal plans and condition-specific guidance, so I thought I'd give SparkPeople a try. <BR> <BR> I find it a bit busy and flashy and I'm VERY motivated by silly little awards and points so hopefully that will help keep my interest. <BR> <BR> I'm still over on MFP because I run the Buddhist group over there and have friends over ... Tue, 22 Jan 2013 19:50:56 EST