REGSHAR's SparkPeople Blog REGSHAR's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community WEDNESDAY Love is of utmost importance. Once you have set your will that you will learn the way of love, then there is no flaw or irritation in another person that you cannot bear...If this one commandment were kept- "Love one another"- I know that it would carry us a long way toward keeping all the rest of our Lord's commands. Teresa of Avila <BR> I THOUGHT TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU, MAY IT HELP US ALL TO LIVE TODAY AND ALWAYS IN LOVE WHO IS THE WORD OF THE FATHER. Wed, 20 Feb 2013 10:07:48 EST FAT TUESDAY OR MARDI GRAS <img src="">FROM FREE PICTURES OF A SEARCH ENGINE. <BR> HAVING BEEN STATIONED IN MOBILE AND NEW ORLEANS, I'VE SEEN IT ALL. IT BEGAN IN MOBILE BUT NEW ORLEANS REALLY MADE IT BIG. IT WAS STARTED FOR FAMILY IN PARADES AND FOOD, BUT IS NOW WAY OVER THE HILL. I WOULD NEVER WANT TO SEE OR BE THERE FOR THE CELEBRATIONS. NOW IT IS DANGEROUS AN OVERDONE IN MY ESTIMATION. BUT THEN I NEVER GREW UP THERE. EVERYONE WOULD TELL YOU THAT IT REALLY IS FOR... Tue, 12 Feb 2013 09:59:57 EST SUNDAY JUST WANT TO WISH EVERYONE A HAPPY VALENTINE! <em>26</em> <em>26</em> <em>26</em> <em>129</em> <BR> HAVE A GREAT WEEK! Sun, 10 Feb 2013 10:43:42 EST THURSDAY <img src=""> <BR> THIS IS THE OUTDOOR STATUES OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA IN OUR BACK YARD, THE OTHER END OF THE STATIONS OF THE CROSS. WE HAVE A VERY BEAUTIFUL BACKYARD! RIGHT NOW THERE IS SNOW ON THE GROUND. <BR> LET'S NOT FORGET TO KEEP ON PLUGGING!!! <BR> <em>252</em> <em>244</em> <em>381</em> <em>386</em> <em>250</em> <em>334</em> Thu, 7 Feb 2013 10:01:30 EST SATURDAY YES, I'M ON A B PAP MACHINE SINCE 2000. HAVE GONE THROUGH A LOT DURING THAT TIME AND COULDN'T COUNT HOW MANY SLEEP STUDIES IN DIFFERENT CITIES I'VE HAD. <BR> <em>381</em> <em>386</em> <em>252</em> <em>244</em> <em>243</em> <em>211</em> LET'S CARRY ON AND DO WHAT WE CAN DO. THANK YOU FOLKS! Sat, 2 Feb 2013 11:11:23 EST THURSDAY LAST DAY OF THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR. <BR> HOW ARE WE DOING? I'M AFRAID I'M NOT DOING SO GOOD,HAVING TROUBLE WITH MY SLEEP APNEA, SURE HOPE IT WILL RESOLVE SOON. <BR> <em>381</em> <em>386</em> <em>252</em> <em>244</em> <em>224</em> <em>43</em> Thu, 31 Jan 2013 10:39:20 EST FRIDAY HERE WE ARE AT THE END OF THE WEEK ALMOST, I MUST'VE GOTTEN LOST SOMEWHERE. <BR> LET'S GO FOR IT! <em>381</em> <em>386</em> <em>244</em> <em>243</em> <em>247</em> <em>224</em> Fri, 25 Jan 2013 10:02:27 EST THURSDAY <img src="">FREE PICTURE FROM SEARCH ENGINE. <BR> NOT FEELING UP TO PAR TODAY SO THOUGHT WE COULD ALL USE A LAUGH! <BR> <em>211</em> <em>386</em> <em>381</em> <em>252</em> <em>104</em> <em>67</em> <em>276</em> <em>276</em> <em>276</em> <em>335</em> <em>339</em> <em>30</em> Thu, 24 Jan 2013 09:48:30 EST TUESDAY <img src="">FREE PICTURE FROM SEARCH ENGINE. <BR> THOUGHT THIS WAS THE PERFECT PICTURE FOR TODAY-GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! <BR> SAW AN EAGLE ON MY WAY HOME FROM APPOINTMENT THIS AM, SITTING IN A TREE CLOSE TO IT'S NEST. <BR> I THINK I'M LOSING GROUND ON MY GOALS, WILL HAVE FIND THEM AND GO OVER THEM AGAIN. <BR> LET'S <em>386</em> <em>381</em> <em>250</em> <em>252</em> <em>224</em> Tue, 22 Jan 2013 13:04:42 EST SUNDAY <img src="">FREE PICTURE FROM A SEARCH ENGINE <BR> AS IT IS THE LORD'S DAY TODAY, I THOUGHT THIS WAS NICE. <BR> HAVE A BLESSED WEEK! <BR> <em>211</em> Sun, 20 Jan 2013 09:58:01 EST SATURDAY <img src="">THIS PICTURE IS FROM A SEARCH ENGINE HAVING FREE PICTURES. <BR> THIS IS PRICELESS. <BR> <em>386</em> <em>247</em> <em>345</em> <em>386</em> <em>381</em> <em>30</em> Sat, 19 Jan 2013 10:47:35 EST FRIDAY <img src="">FROM SEARCH ENGINE WITH FREE PICTURES. <BR> NOW WE CAN REALLY GIVE IT ALL WE GOT, WHO'S BEHIND US! OUR LOVING SAVIOR! <em>224</em> <em>381</em> <em>386</em> <em>386</em> <em>250</em> <em>244</em> <em>247</em> <BR> Fri, 18 Jan 2013 09:55:45 EST Thursday THIS WILL BE A FAST ONE, LOTS TO GET DONE TODAY. <BR> LET'S GO FOR IT- ONE, TWO THREE <em>224</em> HOW ARE MY GOALS TODAY? <BR> AM I UP OR DOWN TODAY AS FAR AS TRACKING, EXERCISE, EATING? <BR> <em>381</em> <em>386</em> <em>250</em> <em>386</em> <em>381</em> <em>252</em> <em>198</em> <em>40</em> <em>30</em> <em>334</em> Thu, 17 Jan 2013 10:33:23 EST WEDNESDAY <img src=""> <BR> I THINK THIS IS REALLY FUNNY! AS I GET OLDER, I TRY TO FIND THE EASY WAY TO GO. HAVE TO GET OUT THIS, MAKES YOU FEEL LAZY. <BR> <em>381</em> <em>386</em> <em>381</em> <em>252</em> <em>243</em> <em>30</em> <em>247</em> <BR> I'M NOT DOING TOO GOOD ON MY GOALS, SO LET'S GO FOR IT!!! Wed, 16 Jan 2013 10:07:29 EST TUESDAY <img src=""> <BR> FREE SMILING DOG FROM SEARCH ENGINE <BR> IN SEARCHING FOR FREE PICTURES I SAW THIS ONE AND SUCH A CONTENTED LOOKING ON THE FACE OF THIS ANIMAL! <BR> MAY YOU ALL HAVE CONTENTMENT THIS WEEK. <BR> <em>381</em> <em>386</em> <em>252</em> <em>243</em> <em>247</em> <em>334</em> Tue, 15 Jan 2013 13:45:40 EST MONDAY <img src=""> <BR> THIS PICTURE IS FROM A SEARCH ENGINE THAT HAS FREE PICTURES ON IT. <BR> <BR> BACK TO WINTER SINCE WE'RE FREEZING HERE. BUT THIS IS A LOVELY ONE, SO SERENE AND CALM LOOKING. HOPE YOUR WEEK IS THE SAME. <BR> LET'S DO IT TOGETHER-- <em>386</em> <em>381</em> <em>252</em> <em>244</em> <em>224</em> Mon, 14 Jan 2013 09:49:21 EST SUNDAY <img src="">FROM FREE PHOTOS OF SEARCH ENGINE. <BR> JUST A LITTLE SMILE TO BRIGHTEN YOUR JANUARY DAY. <BR> <em>243</em> <em>246</em> <em>247</em> <em>386</em> <em>381</em> <em>67</em> <em>67</em> <em>67</em> <em>375</em> Sun, 13 Jan 2013 10:13:25 EST SATURDAY LET'S US ALL TAKE THIS NEW WEEK AND PUT THE FIRE UNDER US AND DO IT, NO THINKING ABOUT SHOULD I OR SHOULD I NOT??? <em>381</em> <em>386</em> <em>381</em> <em>386</em> <em>247</em> <em>252</em> <em>224</em> <em>386</em> <em>381</em> <em>247</em> <em>304</em> Sat, 12 Jan 2013 10:23:11 EST FRIDAY <img src=""> <BR> THIS PICTURE IS FROM A SEARCH ENGINE WHICH HAS FREE PICTURES. <BR> <BR> EACH SNOWFLAKE IS DIFFERENT, JUST LIKE WE ARE, AMAZING! <BR> <BR> <em>386</em> <em>381</em> <em>252</em> <em>244</em> <em>224</em> <em>41</em> Fri, 11 Jan 2013 09:43:12 EST THURSDAY <img src=""> <BR> THIS PICTURE IS FROM A SEARCH ENGINE FOR FREE PICTURES. <BR> SUCH BEAUTY GIVEN US FROM ON HIGH! <BR> DON'T FORGET: <em>381</em> <em>386</em> <em>250</em> <em>243</em> <em>224</em> <em>30</em> LET'S KEEP OUR GOALS IN MIND. Thu, 10 Jan 2013 09:55:16 EST WEDNESDAY <em>381</em> <em>386</em> <em>250</em> <em>380</em> <em>247</em> <em>18</em> <em>246</em> <em>41</em> <em>67</em> <BR> LET'S KEEP OUR GOALS IN MIND AND ALL TOGETHER GO FOR IT! Wed, 9 Jan 2013 10:35:45 EST TUESDAY FEELING FINE, THANK YOU. I THINK THE REST OF 2 DAYS AND FLUIDS DID IT. <BR> <img src=""> <BR> LET'S ALL KEEP ON TOP AND STAY HEALTHY, EAT PROPERLY, DRINK OUR FLUIDS AND EXERCISE. <BR> <em>381</em> <em>194</em> <em>194</em> <em>194</em> <em>311</em> <em>311</em> <em>318</em> <em>246</em> <em>332</em> <em>217</em> <em>211</em> Tue, 8 Jan 2013 10:29:34 EST MONDAY WAS OUT OF COMMISSION FOR THE WEEKEND, DOCTOR THOUGHT I MIGHT BE GETTING THE "FLU" WAS GIVEN SOME MED. AND TOLD TO REST FOR 2 DAYS."NICE WEEKEND" WOW! <BR> HOPE EVERYONE IS WELL. WE ARE HAVING EPIDEMIC FLU HERE IN THE USA. <BR> <em>41</em> <em>67</em> <em>67</em> <em>67</em> <em>276</em> <em>276</em> <em>276</em> <em>335</em> <em>335</em> <em>43</em> KEEP WELL AND HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK! Mon, 7 Jan 2013 10:03:31 EST FRIDAY <img src=""> <BR> A WINTER SCENE FOR FREE I GOT ON SEARCH ENGINE - BING <BR> I THOUGHT IT WAS BEAUTIFUL AND THAT IS WHY I'M SHARING WITH YOU. <BR> HAPPY FRIDAY <em>381</em> <em>386</em> <em>250</em> <em>244</em> Fri, 4 Jan 2013 09:30:51 EST DAY 3 <img src=""> <BR> This is a picture of our back yard with Stations of the Cross ; in back of them is the Mississippi River. This was taken last August on our Jubilee day. Just thought It would be nice to share a little of our Home. <BR> HAVE A WONDERFUL EVENING! <BR> Thu, 3 Jan 2013 18:46:21 EST HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 <img src=""> <BR> WE CAN SHARE THE BEAUTY OF WINTER ON THIS FIRST DAY OF THE NEW YEAR! Tue, 1 Jan 2013 10:08:51 EST LAST DAY OF 2012 <img src=""> <BR> GUESS WE BETTER DANCE OVER THE WATER TOO. <BR> HAVE A BLESSED AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! Mon, 31 Dec 2012 10:53:45 EST HOLY FAMILY SUNDAY <img src=""> <BR> LET US PRAY FOR ALL FAMILIES. WE NEED TO HAVE FAMILY LIFE BACK IN OUR SOCIETY. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Sun, 30 Dec 2012 10:38:46 EST SATURDAY <img src=""> <BR> ALL GOD'S CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL... THIS LITTLE FELLOW SURE DOESN'T LOOK COLD. GUESS HIS FEATHERS KEEP HIM WARM. <BR> <em>446</em> <em>460</em> <em>445</em> <em>442</em> <em>442</em> <em>425</em> <em>425</em> <em>425</em> Sat, 29 Dec 2012 10:03:17 EST FRIDAY <img src=""> <BR> FOR THOSE OF US IN THE COLD HERE IS A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE <BR> <em>444</em> <em>425</em> <em>425</em> <em>425</em> <em>444</em> <em>444</em> <em>444</em> Fri, 28 Dec 2012 10:55:50 EST THURSDAY I FOUND THIS IN AMONG OTHER THINGS I SAVED. <BR> HEALTH MESSAGE: <BR> 1. If walking/cycling is good for your health, the postman would be immortal. <BR> 2. A whale swims all day, only eats fish, drinks water and is fat. <BR> 3. A rabbit runs and hops and only lives 15 years. <BR> 4. A tortoise doesn't run, does nothing ...yet lives for 450 years. <BR> AND YOU TELL ME TO EXERCISE! <BR> I'm retired! <BR> HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! <em>246</em> <em>41</em> <BR> Thu, 27 Dec 2012 10:19:37 EST WEDNESDAY AFTER CHRISTMAS DAY LET'S ALL RELAX BY THE CHRISTMAS TREE AND CRECHE AND UNWIND AFTER THE BIG RUSH <img src=""> <img src=""> <BR> NOW WE CAN CONTEMPLATE ON THE REAL MEANING OF THIS BEAUTIFUL FEAST!!! Wed, 26 Dec 2012 10:27:27 EST HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!~ COME LET US ADORE HIM! <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> AWAY IN THE MANGER, NO CRIB FOR A BED, THE LITTLE LORD JESUS LAY DOWN HIS SWEET HEAD..... <BR> WE LOVE YOU LORD JESUS, MAKE OUR HEART YOUR HOME!!! <BR> BLESSED CHRISTMAS SEASON TO ALL OF GOOD WILL! <BR> Tue, 25 Dec 2012 10:18:13 EST THE DAY BEFORE CHRIST'S BIRTH <img src=""> <BR> WELCOME LITTLE LORD JESUS! COME INTO MY HEART AND DWELL WITHIN ME! <BR> <BR> BLESSED AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES! Mon, 24 Dec 2012 11:02:00 EST 4TH SUNDAY OF ADVENT <img src=""> <BR> LET US CONTINUE OUR MEDITATION WITH Mary AND JOSEPH AS THEY TRAVEL TO BETHLEHEM. WHAT WAS MARY THINKING OF; WHAT WAS JOSEPH THINKING? <BR> Sun, 23 Dec 2012 10:10:41 EST SATURDAY BIG COUNT DOWN TO JESUS' BIRTHDAY <img src=""> <BR> WE HAVE THE TREE UP, WHAT'S NEXT?? <BR> LOVING AND FORGIVING ONE ANOTHER FOR THE NEW BABY WHO HAS COME TO SAVE US. LET US JOIN IN PRAYER FOR OUR COUNTRY AND WORLD TO SEEK HIM AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER. <BR> <BR> Sat, 22 Dec 2012 10:20:15 EST FRIDAY <img src=""> <BR> GUESS WE BETTER KEEP THIS MIND FOR THE NEXT WEEK. <BR> <em>381</em> <em>386</em> <em>247</em> <em>250</em> <em>252</em> <em>246</em> <em>224</em> HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Fri, 21 Dec 2012 10:38:38 EST THURSDAY <img src=""> <BR> I THOUGHT THIS WAS VERY GOOD SINCE OUR COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON FREEDOM OF RELIGION. LET US PRAY THAT WE AND THE WORLD WILL WAKE UP AND SOON. <BR> ON A LIGHTER NOTE "IT'S SNOWING HERE" <BR> <em>425</em> <em>425</em> <em>425</em> <em>425</em> <em>444</em> <em>444</em> <em>444</em> <BR> HAVE A GREAT THURSDAY!!! Thu, 20 Dec 2012 10:08:49 EST Tuesday <img src=""> <BR> THIS IS SUCH A LOVELY PICTURE, OUR SNOW IS MELTING, WE'RE WAITING FOR A FREEZE SO I THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE NICE. ALL GOD'S CREATURES AWAIT HIS COMING!!! Tue, 18 Dec 2012 10:19:56 EST ONE WEEK LEFT I'M SURE ALL THE LITTLE ONES ARE GETTING EXCITED WITH ONE WEEK LEFT BEFORE CHRISTMAS EVE IS HERE!! <BR> LET US KEEP THOSE DEAR LITTLE SOULS IN THE HORRIFIC TRAGEDY IN NEWTON AS WELL AS THE ADULTS WHO WERE CAUGHT IN IT. ASKING OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN TO GIVE SOLACE TO THEIR FAMILIES AND THE WHOLE COMMUNITY OF THE TOWN.MAY THEY REST IN HIS PEACE! <BR> <img src=""> Mon, 17 Dec 2012 10:10:24 EST HAPPY GAUDATE SUNDAY! SHORT ADVENT, SHORTER CHRISTMAS WEEK. LET'S ALL PREPARE FOR OUR INFANT SAVIOR! <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> HAVE A LOVELY WEEK! <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Sun, 16 Dec 2012 10:35:29 EST SATURDAY AFTER READING SOME OF THE BLOGS OUT THERE, I AM LOST FOR WORDS. <BR> WE ALL HAVE THOSE DAYS WHERE WE WEAKEN, OR FALL OR DO A GREAT WORKOUT OR DO GOOD CARDIO, ETC. BUT IT IS GOOD TO HEAR AND SEE IT RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU SINCE SO MANY OF US ARE IN THE SAME MIND FRAME <BR> <em>224</em> <em>334</em> <em>381</em> <em>386</em> <em>250</em> <em>247</em> <em>104</em> <em>246</em> <em>335</em> <em>339</em> <em>276</em> <em>67</em> <em>27</em> <em>257</em> <e... Sat, 15 Dec 2012 09:56:49 EST FRIDAY COUNT DOWN FOR THE BIG BIRTHDAY- TO OUR LOVING SAVIOR. <BR> <img src=""> <BR> LET US PREPARE OUR HEARTS FOR HIS COMING!!! Fri, 14 Dec 2012 10:32:35 EST THURSDAY <img src=""> <BR> LET'S ALL HAVE A CUP OF COFFEE AND HAVE A CHAT. <BR> WHAT'S NEW IN YOUR AREA?? Thu, 13 Dec 2012 10:24:52 EST WEDNESDAY <em>444</em> <em>425</em> <em>425</em> <em>425</em> <em>425</em> <em>444</em> <em>444</em> LET IT SNOW!! <BR> HAVE WE HAD SNOW! NOW THE TEMPERATURE WENT UP A LITTLE AND IT WILL FREEZE TONIGHT. SOOO GLAD I'M NOT IN IT!!! PRAYING FOR THOSE WHO MUST GO OUT TO WORK. <em>198</em> <em>381</em> <em>381</em> <em>386</em> <em>386</em> LET'S KEEP PUSHING!!! Wed, 12 Dec 2012 16:39:30 EST TUESDAY <img src=""> <BR> LET'S HAVE A LOVELY DAY WHILE OUR GOD TAKES CARE OF US!!! <BR> Tue, 11 Dec 2012 10:09:23 EST 2ND SUNDAY OF ADVENT HERE WE ARE AGAIN : CHRISTMAS IS UPON US. <BR> WE KNOW THE KIDDIES ARE EXCITED,BUT LET'S SEE IF ALL OF US CAN BE EXCITED "FOR THE LORD IS NEAR"!!! <BR> JUST THINK, THOSE MANY YEARS AGO, NO ONE EVEN GUESSED JESUS WAS AMONG MANKIND. REMEMBER THE HYMN ABOUT MARY WAITING FOR JESUS AS SHE WORKED ON HER LOOM? <BR> 'SEE HOW THE VIRGIN WAITS FOR HIM? MARY IN WONDER WAITS FOR HIM <BR> SHAKE OFF YOUR SLUMBER COME ALL FULL OF WONDER, JESUS IS COMING AS THE PRINCE OF PEACE! ' <BR> WHAT A BEAUT... Sun, 9 Dec 2012 10:57:39 EST OUR BIG DAY IS HERE! WE WILL RENEW OUR FOUR VOWS : CHASTITY, POVERTY, OBEDIENCE AND HOSPITALITY AT OUR MASS THIS MORNING. <BR> WOULDN'T BE WONDERFUL IF ALL THOSE MARRIED WOULD DO THE SAME? <BR> HOW HAPPY OUR CREATOR WOULD BE. <BR> <img src=""> <BR> HERE IS A PICTURE OF PERPETUAL PROFESSION IN OUR MOTHER HOUSE AT LA TOUR IN FRANCE. <BR> UNITED IN OUR EFFORTS TO BE HEALTHY= HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND! Sat, 8 Dec 2012 10:12:49 EST ANOTHER WEEK GONE!! TIME SURE MOVES FAST. <BR> OUR BIG EVENT FOR THIS MONTH, OTHER THAN CHRISTMAS, IS TOMORROW WHEN WE RENEW OUR VOWS PUBLICLY. IT IS A BIG DAY FOR ALL OF US. <BR> THE FEAST OF THE IMMACULATE . <BR> <img src=""> <BR> I'M A LITTLE FUZZY TODAY, HOPE YOU FOLKS ARE WELL; HAVE A NICE WEEKEND. <BR> Fri, 7 Dec 2012 10:29:47 EST TODAY IS THURSDAY ALREADY? <img src=""> <BR> IT SURE IS DARK EARLIER AND LATER, HOPE IT WILL SOON CHANGE. <BR> <BR> LET'S LET THIS SUNSHINE IN <em>67</em> <em>67</em> <em>67</em> <em>67</em> <em>67</em> <BR> ENJOY YOUR THURSDAY!!! Thu, 6 Dec 2012 09:51:01 EST