REFFIE1's SparkPeople Blog REFFIE1's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Documentary Evidence Pt.2 I couldn't upload this in the first part of this blog. So here is more proof of my progress. How low can she go? <img src=""> Wed, 11 Oct 2017 17:55:36 EST Documentary Evidence It has been about 3 years since I started with SparkPeople and lost more than 40 pounds. <BR> Although I have had a few pounds jump back on since my all time low, I still have the bulk (if you will excuse the expression) of my weight off. I never really went back to the old weight because I work out every week, take group classes and work with a personal trainer. I am not perfect with my eating, but really who is? The point is I forgive myself and move on, and try to do better next time. Rec... Wed, 11 Oct 2017 17:23:48 EST Back in Group Fitness Hi All and Happy Halloween, <BR> <BR> I have already started munching on candy. I must stop because I know how Halloween munchies can somehow extend into the Christmas munchies! Been there and done that! I also know that no amount of exercise will trump (not to be political) good nutrition! <BR> <BR> After my hip replacement surgery I thought I could just go back after 3 months into my group fitness classes. Au contraire. I have been rehabbing one-on-on with Sarah who runs the Thursday grou... Sun, 30 Oct 2016 14:32:14 EST Update Hi Everyone, <BR> <BR> First, let me apologize for not sparking recently. I have just undergone a total hip replacement. I have several interesting materials now on my right side. I have a titanium rod in my femur with a ceramic ball on top and the ball fits into a polyurethane cup. Within days after the surgery the constant searing pain that I had been living with for so many years disappeared. Yes, I had the aching of the surgery but that is easily explained and so much easier to cope with... Thu, 30 Jun 2016 12:44:30 EST Challenge I live in Canada where our medical system for the most part is free but the downside is that sometimes you have to wait to get something done. In my case it is my right hip. I have osteoarthritis and it is literally bone on bone now with no cartilage. <BR> <BR> I had to wait 7 months to see my specialist although admittedly he is top notch being the Head of Orthopedics at our local hospital. There was no question in his mind that I needed a hip replacement. He asked me if I wanted metal or c... Tue, 29 Dec 2015 14:01:43 EST A photo from our recent cruise. <img src=""> Mon, 2 Feb 2015 23:56:55 EST Cruisin' <BR> I just returned from a Princess Cruise with my husband that was supposed to go from Houston, Texas to Roataan Island, Honduras, Belize and Cozumel. Houston was colder and rainier than Vancouver! We could not get out of the port because of fog and the ship was delayed 14 hours. Because of the delay, the Captain substituted Costa Maya, Mexico for Honduras. We were disappointed but Costa Maya was quite unspoilt and the Mayan ruins empty of crowds of tourists, so they were quite a spiritua... Fri, 23 Jan 2015 13:53:09 EST Keeping on the path I am feeling good about some progress I made today. I am on my way to a Caribbean cruise that leaves from Houston, Texas. On the plane down to Houston I brought my own healthy food to eat in the airport and on the plane. Tonight, in our hotel they had a very delicious sounding Tex-Mex menu that seemed a bit high in fat and calories. Just the stuff I used to crave. I scanned the menu and selected soup (minus tortilla chips) along with some healthy chicken lettuce wraps with the sauce on the si... Sat, 10 Jan 2015 23:36:11 EST Keeping on the path I am feeling good about some progress I made today. I am on my way to a Caribbean cruise that leaves from Houston, Texas. On the plane down to Houston I brought my own healthy food to eat in the airport and on the plane. Tonight, in our hotel they had a very delicious sounding Tex-Mex menu that seemed a bit high in fat and calories. Just the stuff I used to crave. I scanned the menu and selected soup (minus tortilla chips) along with some healthy chicken lettuce wraps with the sauce on the si... Sat, 10 Jan 2015 21:04:08 EST Keeping on the path I am feeling good about some progress I made today. I am on my way to a Caribbean cruise that leaves from Houston, Texas. On the plane down to Houston I brought my own healthy food to eat in the airport and on the plane. Tonight, in our hotel they had a very delicious sounding Tex-Mex menu that seemed a bit high in fat and calories. Just the stuff I used to crave. I scanned the menu and selected soup (minus tortilla chips) along with some healthy chicken lettuce wraps with the sauce on the si... Sat, 10 Jan 2015 20:55:14 EST Helpful thought I was watching some talk show the other day and a weight loss guru came on and really gave me some help in the visualization department. Unfortunately her name escapes me, but the information remains. She pointed out that her weight loss battles began to subside when she started to eat not to feed her preferences but to feed her body with what it needs. She pointed out the disconnect between what our mind thinks we want to eat - sugar, fat etc. and what our heart, lungs and other internal org... Tue, 30 Dec 2014 11:37:36 EST Pigging Out! <link><BR>7180856467&set=vb.684216466&type=2&the<BR>ater </link> <BR> <BR> This is why we keep our cookies on the bottom shelf! Sat, 20 Sep 2014 00:09:53 EST New Regime Almost two weeks ago I bought a book by Travis Stork called the Doctors Diet. Now I hate the "d" word so I wished he titled it the Doctors Healthy Eating Plan or something like that. <BR> <BR> I have fantastic results. I lost 6 pounds in less than two weeks and I checked the calorie count and there is more than enough calories in it. It is just the type of calorie. Never before have I eaten so many vegetables or breakfast for that matter although my breakfast is a smoothie. The plan vascil... Sat, 6 Sep 2014 12:29:39 EST August 2014 Challenge I challenged my team the Peppy Party to try something new this month. I started to read the Doctors' Diet written by Travis Stork and just yesterday I did my first day on it! Well, it is after all still August, if just barely. Hey, I am slow but worth waiting for. <BR> <BR> I always say a change is as good as a rest and this new endeavor proves that! One new thing always seems to lead me to other new things: <BR> <BR> Breakfast: I ate breakfast for the first time in years - a smoothie! <... Tue, 26 Aug 2014 11:27:31 EST Sad Summer <BR> Well, although I had some exciting trips - Israel and Europe, there has been a lot of loss for me in the span of a few weeks. I am afraid it does come with aging these losses. As I get older, in my sixties, the things around me age as well. Does this fact help me except loss, well not really. It is always difficult. <BR> <BR> Just a week before our Europe vacation my husband's father became gravely ill and we stood by his bed side as he had his oxygen cut off and chose to pass away. H... Sat, 2 Aug 2014 12:46:50 EST La Blast <BR> Dancing with the Stars performer Louis van Amstel came to my fitness class to lead one of his La Blast classes. He developed this dance fitness program. I love doing Zumba and La Blast. Dancing is the one type of exercise that actually makes me feel joyous. <BR> <BR> Louis is really inspirational. With him, you don't think about the steps you are taking or the steps you don't know - you just feel the music and dance. By the end of the session, no matter what I looked like, I felt like ... Fri, 2 May 2014 12:41:20 EST Games I Play <BR> Just because something is healthy and relatively good for you doesn't mean you can eat a ton of it. I talked about nutrition with my trainer. At night I overate on nuts (a couple of cups) plus some granola (don't know the calorie count). My trainer figured that the nuts alone added 800 calories to my day and probably with the granola I was up to a day's worth of calories. I tell you I am the worst of the night snackers. Please someone hit me over the head with a rubber mallet at 4pm an... Thu, 24 Apr 2014 11:44:06 EST April challenge I put the Peppy Party's April challenge to the test last night. Remember we were going to ask ourselves "if" questions and respond with "then" plans. I used it spontaneously and it worked. I was serving a guest a cinnamon bun that smelt and looked irresistible to me. I walked away and sat down in another room and asked myself "if" I eat that cinnamon bun how will I feel afterwards. My "then" answer was regretful. I then made a healthy choice to eat alongside them. It works because I actually ... Wed, 9 Apr 2014 12:03:05 EST Random Act of Kindness <BR> The big city I live in has the reputation, well-earned. of not being all that friendly. The driving here is fast and furious. So, I wasn't all that surprised when some inconsiderate person who drove an oversized black truck thought that it would be cool to box me totally into my parking space. I just had been to a hard workout at the gym and my arms were too tired to mess around with my wheel. Also, I am not the greatest of parkers. I usually drive into very big spaces. <BR> <BR> Lo ... Thu, 6 Mar 2014 11:47:42 EST Positivity <BR> Okay guys, I will admit it for an over 60 year old gal sometimes I am a bit of a baby. Okay, so I was the baby of the family and my 95 year old mom is surprised when finding out I can actually do things er like making important phone calls and such. Sigh! <BR> <BR> Having admitting to this flaw. You won't be surprised when I tell you that it actually bothered me when one of my Zumba instructors would always pick out the most prettiest, most athletic dancer in our class to heap prais... Wed, 5 Mar 2014 11:36:52 EST Strength <BR> More news regarding my pushups with shoulder taps. My husband is tall and thin and pretty well eats what he wants. Whenever we go for walks he has to slow his pace because I have such short little legs compared to him. So I always lag behind most people when walking. Of course, as you may have already guessed I was always picked last for any sports teams. <BR> <BR> He was curious about my pushups with shoulder taps. I demonstrate them and then he proceeded to try. He got to 3 and was... Mon, 17 Feb 2014 11:35:03 EST Surprise Feeling of Victory <BR> Yesterday, I went bra shopping. Yep, most of you can probably identify with the terror of this matched only by bathing suit shopping. The mirrors were not kind to me. I was also not kind to myself. My sister gasped at the $500. price tag of a bathing suit to which I responded, "Well I am not putting a $500. swimsuit on a 5 buck body!" I have gained weight from my all-time low a couple of years ago, and I was feeling every pound and inch. Because I work out so much, I also had a bit of ... Thu, 13 Feb 2014 15:36:32 EST Ways to Nurture Ourselves Without Food <BR> The following list was adapted from "Some Body to Love" by Leslea Newman 1991 (Chicago). Prepared by the B.C. Eating Disorders Association. <BR> <BR> Ways to Nurture Ourselves Without Food <BR> <BR> Sing <BR> Go shopping <BR> Practice juggling <BR> Buy yourself flowers <BR> Curl up with a good book <BR> Go for a walk <BR> Take photos <BR> Colour in a colouring book <BR> Cry <BR> Browse in a book store <BR> Go "people watching" <BR> Kiss and hug your pets <BR> Go swimming <BR> Write... Wed, 5 Feb 2014 12:01:55 EST Pushing Buttons Although I know it is viewed as a cop out when we blame our parents for things we have wrong with ourselves today but I can honestly say my weight problems began with my mom. I was very slim as a child and she constantly pushed food on me until I was overweight. Then came years of pushing food or withdrawing it from me and putting me on diets. She herself, kept herself slim and I was never considered attractive by her because I was overweight. Example, my sister was slim so she kept her grad... Fri, 31 Jan 2014 17:05:20 EST Eggsactly Right! <BR> Cool trick for all you foodies and egg lovers out there! <BR> <BR> <em>452</em> <em>448</em> <BR> <BR> <link> </link> Sun, 26 Jan 2014 12:43:14 EST Touching Story <BR> Every once in a while life will share its miracles with us. <BR> <BR> <link><BR>s-gather-inexplicably-mourn-death-of-e<BR>lephant-whisperer/ </link> Sat, 25 Jan 2014 17:36:19 EST Reflection <BR> After we had a big flood in our basement our files were carelessly put back in our cabinets in our basement by the restoration company. I am now sorting them out, at least my section of them. <BR> <BR> Going through the files is like travelling through old memories. I found some of my old Weight Watchers booklets where my weight was recorded over months. Interestingly, a pattern of loss and gain occurred in 1991 and 1998 that was identical to each other. I got down to about 158 pounds... Thu, 23 Jan 2014 18:41:30 EST Motivation <BR> Today is day one when I have kept on the healthy eating track. My new motivators are two upcoming trips I am taking. At the end of May I will be going to Israel for my niece's wedding and at the end of July taking a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest with a side visit to Prague. I want to be able to have some latitude eating wise on my holidays and I don't want to have gained so much weight that I will have to be uber cautious when eating in all these fascinating places. <BR> <B... Thu, 16 Jan 2014 20:48:21 EST Shopping Downer My gym issued gift certificates for New Balance for personal training. I reached a deadline for using up the $150. credit so I went shopping yesterday. <BR> <BR> I bought a fleece hoody and really great exercise pants that fit like a glove and show my gym toned calves. However, even the extra large top was kind of clingy and showed all the fat rolls I sport near my waist. I decided to buy the outfit and forgo wearing it until summer. Hopefully, my tires will go down by then. <BR> <BR> M... Sun, 12 Jan 2014 14:45:12 EST New Year's wishes <BR> There is nothing like fuzzy little animals to send a message. Please enjoy and my best wishes to all my Sparkfriends! <link><BR>es.htm </link> Tue, 7 Jan 2014 17:00:35 EST Realization Sometimes it is very handy being married for a long time to the same person who knows you almost as well as you do yourself. For the last few days I have been indulging in sweets. It hasn't been a full-blown binge but the kind of thing that leads to more indulgences if you don't reign it in. So, having this long term partner helps me verbalize ideas and thoughts that are internal and that I am not too aware of. <BR> <BR> Today, we walked for 35 minutes to a restaurant for brunch. Now, social... Wed, 1 Jan 2014 17:57:28 EST Working I just found out my last shift is on Jan. 7. This will end my adventures in working graveyard shifts. I am glad to go back into retirement. I asked the manager if I could get a positive reference. She said, "Of course, you were excellent!" <BR> <BR> The really touching thing is that all the co-workers who work there full-time want me to stay. They can't understand why I am not asking for continuing work. I did work in another life for 32 years straight. However, I am touched and pleased th... Sat, 28 Dec 2013 19:52:26 EST Jokes from Jolly Olde England <BR> Here are some seasonal jokes from England and very punny they are! Enjoy! <link><BR>/10523013/50-Best-Christmas-cracker-jo<BR>kes-ever.html </link> Thu, 26 Dec 2013 00:16:21 EST Holiday Wishes <BR> To all my Sparkfriends! <BR> <BR> <link><BR>yehLei.pdf </link> Wed, 25 Dec 2013 15:58:21 EST Body on Pause <BR> <BR> Graveyard shift finally got me in my personal training class. I had so much pain that the instructor laid me down on a mat and rolled out my sore spots. That was a lot of rolling, I had a lot of sore spots! She told me to take a break that my body won't suffer from a few missed exercise classes. Great advice! <BR> <BR> She also told me to take a bath in Epsom salts with a few drops of lavender oil. I also put peppermint oil on my feet which hurt. I feel so much better. This is... Thu, 19 Dec 2013 20:30:47 EST Christmas Food Market I feel so liberated! I just got back from a fabulous Christmas Farmers' Market with a ton of tempting goodies. I had one little bit of treat - some gingerbread caramels but apart from those I just bought healthy snacks for my future. I bought dried apples and fruit and sugary goodies for everyone else. I now can sample a caramel and not go wild and keep on going. It so freeing to know one bite no longer leads me to another. I am going without sweets today because sweet indulgences can be a s... Sun, 15 Dec 2013 14:00:10 EST Confession <BR> I have to admit that I really enjoy watching people crawl back into the gym in January. Usually they have quit exercising, have thrown out all food programs and are repentant. It is not that I don't empathize because I have been there and done it too. But, alas, am I just a touch smug because I have stayed with my gym program all throughout the year come rain or sunshine and whether or not I have gained weight or lost it. Yeah me, I say! I am made of stronger stuff. Maybe some of you wi... Tue, 10 Dec 2013 19:42:17 EST Halloween Challenge As a co-leader of the Peppy Party, I posted the challenge to try to avoid or at least limit the amount of treats and candy you consumed for Halloween. No, I wasn't perfect, I limited my consumption to 3 small fun sized treats probably the equivalent of one normal sized chocolate bar. Am I filled with remorse? Not at all! I enjoyed them but not like I used to where one bite led to another. They tasted too sweet and too artificial. What a relief that I can have a couple of bites and stop! I use... Fri, 1 Nov 2013 19:43:24 EST Maxine's Living Will Working Graveyard, I am starting to feel like death warmed over. Here is Maxine's take on life and death matters: <BR> <BR> <link><BR>axines-living-will/ </link> Sun, 27 Oct 2013 16:58:01 EST A bewitching Halloween! OHH NOOO!! <img src=""> <BR> <BR> There are witches in my mailbox. <BR> What am I to do? <BR> I found them there this morning, <BR> doing things they shouldn't do!! <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> How the witches got there, <BR> I haven't got a clue. <BR> <BR> But they won't be there much longer <BR> because I'm sending them to <BR> <img src=" Fri, 18 Oct 2013 15:35:25 EST temporary job <BR> Two years ago when I retired, I didn't know if I could handle not working so I applied for work in a bookstore. I had worked for 32 years as a librarian so I knew I could relate to the environment. I never heard about my application, it was one of those anonymous online things. Imagine my shock when they called me in for an interview. <BR> <BR> I am working on contract until Jan. 12, just for the Christmas season stocking shelves and doing inventory. Here is the rub. It turned out t... Wed, 9 Oct 2013 20:51:44 EST Offhanded gym exchange <BR> I was talking with a friend at the gym today and she made the offhanded comment, "Oh the gym has become your new religion!" I didn't know whether that was a joke or she thought I had some sort of gym addiction. <BR> <BR> I usually go to the gym about 5 times a week. Twice a week I am there for two hours because I do strength training followed by a cardio class or vice versa. For the first time I am enjoying exercise. It takes a lot of exercise for me to see any results. <BR> <BR> I ... Sat, 21 Sep 2013 17:18:41 EST September Challenge <BR> The September challenge for the Peppy Party team was to go to the list of members and pick the person to the right of you and then support and cheer them on all month. This I dutifully did for my person but have not had any responses from them. This posed an interesting challenge for me or rather a question that extends beyond the challenge. <BR> <BR> In life, when you try to extend yourself to others, do good and bring happiness but don't seem to get a response, do you do it anyway?... Tue, 17 Sep 2013 10:36:08 EST Incentive My group personal trainer told us that as of Monday we are to set a 3 month personal goal. It can be more than one goal and of our own choice. Although I am 12 pounds up from my lowest weight I decided on losing 5 pounds. I am terribly addicted to sugar so I told my trainer I would like to cut that out too! She suggested I modify it to having sugar once a week. Anyhow, so that is my goal. I am going to try to stay off the scales and see what happens. <BR> <BR> In other news my Zumba instruct... Thu, 12 Sep 2013 17:41:49 EST Size doesn't Matter! Boy, isn't the sizing of women's clothing just crazy! I am pretty sure it is driving me crazy. <BR> For example, I am a proverbial "apple" in shape. Big on top, small on the bottom. Bigger waist and smaller in the hip and thigh. Most pants are made for "pears" the most common of female shapes, bigger in the beam and smaller in the waist. <BR> <BR> So, given my shape trying on pants is like an Olympic sport. Try, try and try again! The other day, I couldn't get a size 14 on and then went on ... Mon, 9 Sep 2013 11:19:41 EST New Year thoughts Yesterday I went to synagogue and I found the Rabbi's speech very inspiring. For Jewish people this is the time of year where we reflect on the year that has passed, atone for our sins and try to do better. This guy did not dwell on all that we did wrong but emphasized the positive and how we can be our best selves. <BR> <BR> In school I took a course on the Sociology of Religion and so went to a number of churches to learn about the religion of other people. My best friend growing up was Ca... Fri, 6 Sep 2013 10:48:02 EST Happy New Year! Surprised at this greeting! Well, tonight marks the start of the Jewish New Year which I celebrate! We usually partake of honey and apples or honey cake to symbolize a sweet year. No matter your religion, may I wish you "Shanah Tovah" for a sweet year. We all like a new beginning and what better time to start new, fresh and healthy than September. So, my Sparkfriends I wish you "Shanah Tovah" and good health! You are a blessing to me! Wed, 4 Sep 2013 13:26:06 EST Today My husband is going back to his job teaching special education in a new school so we thought we would relax in a nice quiet garden. <BR> <BR> Well, unbeknownst to me every Labour Day (our holiday in Canada today) the garden celebrates Scottish heritage. I am pretty sure Robbie Burns Day falls in January LOL. Anyhow, we all paraded about being led by a young lad on bagpipes. The parade ended in a garden full of heather where a garden volunteer told us all about this plant. <BR> <BR> I notice... Mon, 2 Sep 2013 22:45:52 EST Persevering I went to a spin class at my gym this morning after I did group personal training. Managed to snag the very last bike. Then after this class literally hordes of people (well, more than usual) came flooding through the doors to take the step class. The gym has been very sparsely populated in the summer because of course, some people are away. I do suspect many take the summer off. I do admit I enjoyed all the roominess that created. <BR> <BR> Now, summer break is ending and the proverbial swa... Mon, 2 Sep 2013 14:38:24 EST Garcinia Cambogia Has anyone tried the herbal supplement Garcinia Cambogia made from the tamarind root.?It is one of Dr. Oz's touted miracle items to help curb appetite and burn fat. Sigh, I find most of the things he talks about don't work for me. Also, I am worried because there is not much testing on the side effects of herbal medicines. My friend actually dropped 10 pounds using this. Any experiences to share? Fri, 23 Aug 2013 17:24:55 EST