PRIMA_DONUT's SparkPeople Blog PRIMA_DONUT's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Weigh in one So today I weighed in at 5 pounds down. I am pleased with that amount, I still feel so angry that I gained so much weight back but I am taking it 1-2 pounds at a time and five lost is a great start! <BR> <BR> My goals for this week are to get my 10,000 steps in every single day, eat within my calorie range, NOT get on the scale outside of my wednesday weigh in, and avoid candy. Wed, 1 Jan 2014 20:01:30 EST Reving the Engine So I gained almost all of what I lost last year back. I have been avoiding the scale (denial) since May when I got back from my cruise 12 pounds up. I lost half of that weight within a week but then I just stopped weighing, I guess I remembered how much I loved all of those forbidden foods on the cruise and I couldn't give them up when I got home. And then I had three count 'em THREE bear encounters while running and I got too scared to go out. I have a treadmill in my garage. I... Tue, 31 Dec 2013 16:25:59 EST Easter derailment...and back on track Ok so the Easter Bunny hit my plan HARD... we had friends come from out of town for the weekend...which meant beer and wine and chips. and I did NOT track. I had been trying to switch to intuitive eating and it was going fine, I was still losing...but now of course my intuition says to eat and eat and eat and not track. <BR> <BR> SO....back on track. <BR> <BR> Tracking food much as I hate it I need to track it if I am going to reach my goals in the summer. <BR> <BR> Exercising m... Wed, 3 Apr 2013 13:44:49 EST quickie update and AMAZING breakfast..or lunch...or dinner... Tomorrow my dentist says I can start working out again WOOOOT! I had dental surgery last weekend and was instructed to do no heavy activity for 7-10 days. Tomorrow marks seven days and I am feeling great so I can get back with the plan! there were a few days there when I was away from home and unable to track my food. One of those days ended uo being pretty much untrackable, but I did control the urge to binge and since I got home I have been as on track as I can. <BR> <BR> My weight is sitt... Fri, 8 Mar 2013 15:47:02 EST Stomach Flu in the House = Pizza Night? Bad Choices So two of my three kids came down with stomach flu yesterday. the pukes started at 3AM with my four year old, and then my 6 year old started puking at school at 10AM. No one wanted to use a bowl, only four pukes made it 100% into either a bowl or toilet. Normally my kids are pretty good about using a bowl or toilet but MAN. <BR> <BR> So the stage was set for a time to prepare food yesterday, no DESIRE to prepare food (as all I could think about was barf being in my food), sleep de... Thu, 21 Feb 2013 15:12:21 EST 3 month re-sparkiversary/goals old and new These were the goals I set for the period of January 12-February 12: <BR> <BR> Keep tracking <em>248</em> <BR> <BR> take care of the WHOLE me, baths, clothes, hair, makeup. FEEL GOOD about myself: bought new makeup as a reward, and I have been feeling MUCH better about myself <em>248</em> <BR> <BR> Love myself no matter what size: Still working on this one, it is an ongoing battle <em>386</em> <BR> <BR> Spend time with my kids doing what they enjoy every day: Ok I haven't bee... Mon, 18 Feb 2013 01:01:11 EST Springing Challenge 1: about me :-D Hi to all the Wave Runners (and everyone else!) This is my about me post, can't wait to read everyone else's! <BR> <BR> I am a 33 year old stay at home mom to three young kids (two boys ages 6 and 4 and one daughter age 2). I am starting university this year (yeah I know I do things in the wrong order!) to become either a labour and delivery nurse or a midwife, depending on which school lets me in first! I have been married since 2003. <BR> <BR> In November 2012 I reached a breaking point. ... Sun, 17 Feb 2013 11:09:09 EST Entering my 'teens... and my gain story. So I got a LOVELY surprise on the scale this morning, for the first time ever I saw a number in the two-teens! <BR> <BR> The reason I have never seen a number in the teens is, in 2005 I made a HUGE mistake. <BR> <BR> I had worked for WW for years and I started finding it a BIG strain to maintain my weight. Every month I would try every trick in the book to get my weight to drop back down to goal...drinking lots of water, eating no sodium, weighing every outfit I owned so I only wore the li... Fri, 8 Feb 2013 14:31:35 EST Non-scale Victory!! So I placed an Old Navy order because my son needed new pants and they had some good deals in the clearance. I added a few shirts for myself, a bathing suit, and a pair of non-stretch jeans in a 16 to be my size judgement jeans. I have always been able to wear a size 16 stretch jean at old navy when I was in an 18 everywhere else, but I have never been able to squeeze my queen-sized butt and belly into a pair of non-stretch 16s...well, not since before having kids but that is a story for anot... Mon, 28 Jan 2013 22:25:35 EST 50 down, 50 to go...and 50 reasons to do it! <em>244</em> BYE BYEEEEEE 50LB! <BR> <BR> Today I hit that amazing milestone of 50 pounds down from my highest. To celebrate it, I am giving myself 50 reasons to lose the last 50! Here they are, in no particular order, completely unplanned, off the top of my head: <BR> <BR> 50 REASON TO NOT STOP AND JUST <em>386</em> <BR> <BR> 1 better coordination <BR> <BR> 2 pants that don't fall down thanks to my spare tire <BR> <BR> 3 to be a healthy eating role model for my children <BR> ... Fri, 25 Jan 2013 16:37:46 EST Lowest weight I have been in the past 7 years, and what I have learned from diets past I can't believe this, when I got on the scale I had dropped down to 224.4! 0.4 of a pound and I am 50 pounds down from my highest weight four years ago. It just seems so shocking, I had started to believe that I would never get down to prepregnancy weight and to be honest, 190 just doesn't seem all that far from 224.4! That is "only" 35 pounds, and in the "big picture" it is not that much...I have lost that amount before and I can do it again. <BR> <BR> So I am blasting through my 10 pounds... Mon, 21 Jan 2013 12:47:05 EST 2 Month Recommitment Anniversary and Goals for the Next Month Saturday the 12th was my two month recommitment anniversary, time to reflect on my lifestyle changes and successes AND set some goals for the next month! <BR> <BR> From Dec 12 to January 12th I: <BR> <BR> continued to track my food and activity <em>205</em> <BR> <BR> stayed the course through a two week plateau <em>209</em> <BR> <BR> got the courage to get back on the scale again! Hadn`t gotten on since July so it was a bit tough to face. My November weight I recorded was an estim... Mon, 14 Jan 2013 15:08:40 EST Blasted my plateau woooooot! Well, I thought I had blasted through my plateau yesterday when I saw "new territory" on the scale after playing around with the same couple of pounds for two weeks...and when I got on today I was down another 2.4! I am in shock, and I will fully accept it if it goes up tomorrow because this morning could just be a fluke, dehydration etc, but I think I figured out what broke it. <BR> <BR> I recently read Jillian Michaels' Master Your Metabolism, and she gave solid science for not eating past... Fri, 11 Jan 2013 12:18:28 EST Dear scale Dear Scale, <BR> <BR> I have done the best I could under the circumstances, and really, I ate in a much healthier way over new years than I would have in the past. <BR> <BR> I would have really liked to see something encouraging this morning. Even though I wasn't as perfect as I could have been, I didn't binge and I did do the best I could under the circumstances. Showing the same weight I saw a week ago was a bit of a slap in the face. <BR> <BR> I understand that exercise is a big part... Sun, 6 Jan 2013 11:46:58 EST