PAWPER's SparkPeople Blog PAWPER's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community 2/17/2010 I guess I am on my weigh ( pun intended) The scale is moving down again. I guess I just had to get on board with all of my mind and all that other stuff. Anyway it is going in the right direction and I am not hungry and not craving a bunch of junk. Although there is this great pizza I could eat that is talking to me..... but I will leave it at the restaurant for now. Water goes down easily and I no longer am getting headaches from caffeine withdrawal from the diet coke. I do have diet coke free in the house which I use as a tr... Wed, 17 Feb 2010 21:56:54 EST 2/14/2010 Happy Day Happy V Day to you all. I was surprised and overwhelmingly pleased to discover that the scale had nudged downward what I will consider to be 2 pounds. I was amazed but ecstatically pleased. I was about to throw this thing in the big pond and continue on my ride to the land of morbid morbid obesity. But alas I have now lost 9 pounds which is like a miracle and will spur me on for another week or two. <BR> Last night I attempted for the third time to "upload "photos from my photo albums to... Sun, 14 Feb 2010 16:39:11 EST 2/12/2010 I'mstill here. Tracking my food but messing up when it comes to exercise. I know my calories are way below what they say I am supposed to eat but I can't get it through my mind that I am supposed to eat 1500 cal. It seems so counter intuitive and since I don;t exercise---well there you have it. I would weigh 300 lbs. I know I;m making excuses. Maybe I'll buy an exercise bike. Hum I'm getting a defeatist attitude. Not good. Not good. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow........... Fri, 12 Feb 2010 17:42:12 EST 2/9/2010 Snow Snow Snow I usually don't complain about the weather because it is one of those things that you can't change but I really am getting tired of the snow. And I'm beginning to question those global warming folks if it is snowing all the time instead of the sun shining. Oh well a subject for another time. <BR> There are some things I can change and one is my eating habits. I am grateful to report that I believe I am in the rut of eating breakfast each day. I worked midnight shift for many years and nev... Tue, 9 Feb 2010 22:58:35 EST 2/7/2010 Hungry??? Last night I got hungry. I really was surprised. I guess I am so used to grazing all the time that I rarely feel hunger. When I first thought I was hungry I got a diet rite and drank that and the feeling went away but in about an hour I felt it again. Hunger. Wow. A strange feeling. So I went and got a piece of string cheese and ate that very slowly and then just went to bed. <BR> My weight is still stuck at 260 which has always been my sabotage weight so I need to watch and make sure ... Sun, 7 Feb 2010 13:27:04 EST Day 4---Shhhhhhh She's talking about addiction I have been on this wonderful, fantastic, overwhelmingly beneficial site for a little less of a month I have not heard anyone write about addiction. There may be a team for addicts and I have not found it. I will look again when I get off here but right now I need to talk. <BR> Last night before going to bed I checked FB (facebook) to make a final check on my grandson, nieces, etc. My grandson's last post an hour before was "still waiting to go to the hospital". A friend responded "Tell ... Thu, 4 Feb 2010 20:35:10 EST Day 3---I finally did it!!! This am when I got up I got in the shower, dressed and took off for my errands and to go to the GYM. I was anxious but I parked my car and went in. There were 2 older people there, 2 school bus drivers on the treadmills, a young guy with a puppy and the guy who owns the gym named Jay who is also an insurance man. He and I chatted for a few minutes and then I told him I wanted to sign up for the month. He took my check for $30 and then showed me how to adjust and use the various machines. ... Wed, 3 Feb 2010 23:50:00 EST Day 2 - A surprise 2/2/2010 <BR> Day 2-- I woke up with enthusiasm this am. It is my daughters birthday and I tried to call her to wish her Happy Birthday but she didn't answer. I decided I was going to get out of the house today because the temp is supposed to be in the upper 30's and the snow is melting. After the mail lady made her rounds I walked to the old cemetery which is about 1/4 mile round trip and then to the mail box to get my mail. It may not be much but its a start. I was winded but still ab... Tue, 2 Feb 2010 20:56:44 EST Day 1 of many more Today started off with much anticipation. I had written last night the three things I was going to do today and one of them was join the gym in my little town. I went there two weeks ago to check it out and it is $30/mo for seniors. I was gone to Fl to visit my dad until last Thurs so I thought today would be the ideal day to start. Today I am also starting the 28 day plan. The gym lady said it was usually quiet from 1000 to 1400. After 1500 the school kids come in for weight lifting et... Mon, 1 Feb 2010 15:15:53 EST