PATTYCAKE17's SparkPeople Blog PATTYCAKE17's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community In pursuit of staying power It took 15 long years to lose 100 pounds and it will take the rest of my life to keep it off permanently. But that is a challenge I welcome now, instead of fear! For the first time ever, I think maintaining my weight loss is possible, because for the first time ever, I'm pursuing a healthy way of life, and not just a diet. I love to watch health and weight loss documentaries, and am learning all I can about nutrition. For the first time, my appetite is decreasing naturally as I become smalle... Fri, 21 Aug 2015 11:16:53 EST My secret to night time eating I wanted to share this experience with all of you since so many, like myself, have such a problem with night time eating. Early last September I started crocheting hats for kids with cancer, and began to notice that I didn't snack so much while I was crocheting. So when that project finished at my Homemakers group, I changed to a larger hook size and continued to crochet, this time making hats for homeless adults. I have now been crocheting hats every night for over six months and am continui... Wed, 11 Mar 2015 18:21:53 EST Over 60's series on Netflix; I love it! Just had to let all you folks know about this really cute British series on Netflix that I'm watching while I crochet all my hats for the homeless and kids with cancer. It's called LAST TANGO IN HALIFAX. It's about this couple that meet again through Facebook after 60 years. They fall in love all over again and get together . The series is made interesting through their little escapades and their very complicated immediate families. I'm just loving it and I hope you do too!! <em>129</em> <B... Thu, 23 Oct 2014 15:30:10 EST My solution for ending night time snacking. WOW! Just found a Spark team called CROCHETING THE POUNDS AWAY, which is exactly what I've been doing these past weeks. My endless night time snacking has disappeared, and I've been doing the SLOW AND STEADY thing and losing 1-2 pounds a week. The wonderful byproduct of all this is that I've completed 8 hats for the homeless for a local Mission outreach, and 6 hats for kids with Cancer, aged 3-11. I've also seen a couple dozen good Netflix movies and several on Kindle Prime. It's such a win-w... Tue, 14 Oct 2014 11:34:19 EST Slow and steady wins the race Trying a NEW weight loss plan for me. It's something so simple that I bypassed it many times as I raced to take off the most weight I could in the shortest amount of time. That's called DIETING and I know that diets yield short term victories. So I finally decided to slow down the pace and better realize my long term goals, or should I say that the <em>189</em> finally went on in my head, and I set my goals at a one or two pound weight loss per week. That was something I always knew I sh... Sun, 28 Sep 2014 16:14:37 EST MY FAVORITE OATMEAL MUFFINS It's that time of year again, hot soup, toasted cheese sandwiches, and oatmeal muffins. I was so blessed recently to buy a toaster oven at a yard sale on the way home from church. It was definitely answered prayer because with my injured shoulder I can't lift the pans out of the oven for baking anymore. Just too much pain and effort. So I got the idea of using a toaster oven and I prayed for one, all the while watching the ads, but nothing was ever the right price, at least not until my ri... Tue, 16 Sep 2014 14:46:31 EST The journey includes relearning what I used to know The longer I stay on this weight loss journey, the more twists and turns the road seems to take. I guess it's an ongoing education: Some knowledge learned by reading, some by experience and the inspiration of others, some by trial and error, and some by success. It's complicated, as they say. Right now I'm in the process of relearning things that I thought I knew and had safely mastered, such as which food plan works for me, how to avoid temptations, how to dine out, and what circumstances c... Tue, 26 Aug 2014 10:49:54 EST Changing meal time to hunger time It was only a few minutes after 11 am but I wanted food, so since I had just opened a new bottle of fruit flavored water, I decided to put together a quick little lunch to go with it. A heavy fiber- rich rye bread, a few slices of soy cheese and a pickle spear. I clicked on to Spark for some lunchtime encouragement and found a great article about why we eat too much. It was just the thing I needed to read with my meal.So now I'm full, and will look for a project around the house to keep mysel... Fri, 15 Aug 2014 11:41:13 EST When will I ever learn????? When will I ever learn????????????????I brought Tootsie roll pops to church with me today, because I found myself eating a couple of them every night, and that's just way too much sugar for me. Plus, it's a threat to my teeth, and I don't need to encourage having cavities at my age. So, I did what I have been doing the for past several weeks when confronted with goodies that are far too overwhelming for me, I packed the remaining lollipops into a little bundle with a rubber band, and gave the... Sun, 6 Jul 2014 17:25:52 EST I chased temptation out the door again. Guess who came over on my birthday with a lovely present, and what else? A BIG TRAY OF COOKIES. This time they were my very favorite bakery style decorated butter cookies from my favorite very sweet neighbor, once again. So they will take a ride to church with me tomorrow and afterwards I'll take them to the nice people in recovery at Hope House. It gives me a great sense of relief as I write this blog, to commit this tray of temptation to its' new owners in the presence of my Spark Friends. ... Sat, 21 Jun 2014 13:24:42 EST The day temptation went out the door On Sunday I packed a shopping bag with two boxes of cookies and a one pound box of a famous brand chocolate truffles, and left for church. I enjoyed the service and afterwards I headed off for my morning coffee and Sunday paper, minus the box of chocolates. I had regifted them to a nice lady at church who was celebrating her birthday next week. But I was still stuck with two boxes of bakery cookies, and there was no way they way they were coming back home with me. after I picked up my paper... Mon, 16 Jun 2014 17:32:08 EST WOO HOO! Down 93.6 pounds I'm so excited. Only a few short pounds from my first hundred pound loss, and ahead of schedule, as of today. It's been a bumpy road this past two months, when my 9 pound loss in the beginning of April was reversed by a 6 day protocol of steroid drugs for a torn rotator cuff injury. It took weeks for it to come off again, but come off it did! The word I have to use is PERSEVERANCE! I was devastated by the initial weight gain and if I had followed past patterns, I would have thrown it all ou... Wed, 21 May 2014 18:19:13 EST Fall down, get up, and run again After a really good run, I fell down, but the strength I had gathered during that streak stayed with me, so I got up, dusted myself off, and started all over again. Today I'm 5 days into a good run again. Twelve days ago I got on the scale at my WW meeting and was up 4 pounds. I was in shock, and couldn't believe it. I asked her to check it again and it remained the same, with no reason for it, or so I thought. My food and tracking had been as close to perfect as I could make them, and I had... Sun, 27 Apr 2014 08:38:19 EST Freedom Sunday; the Strength training plan continues Today I gave away a booklet of McDonald's coupons to a little girl at church who greeted me with the church bulletin. What a wonderful trade! My plan was to use a coupon to buy a fast food lunch and take it to the lake and eat there in the beautiful sunshine. The only problem was that the coupon for the 2/$3 Fillet of Fish sandwiches would have cost me over 2/3 of my daily WW points for the day. Sometimes I'm a fool for coupons and get lured into the overeating trap. I knew I couldn't eat j... Sun, 13 Apr 2014 16:04:50 EST Just Say No!! a Strength Training Plan The title of this blog is my new mantra. Every time I say "No!" to a temptation I get stronger. I won't let those tempting snacks and comfort foods creep in. My new strength is in saying "No!" I still haven't had a McDonalds small vanilla cone in several weeks now although my life has been filled with doctor's appointments and other health issues that in the past warranted a stop at McD's after every such visit. I've come to realize that it is my inner child <em>77</em> that is demanding h... Fri, 11 Apr 2014 19:38:59 EST Left fork, right fork, or no fork! I have, by the grace of God, remained strong throughout the past week, and put that inner strength to good use by abstaining from the compulsive overeating that had begun to become the norm for me. I continued to stay focused on the next weigh in and how I wanted to feel when I finally stepped on the scale at my meeting on the following Wednesday morning. For those of you who actually own a scale and live with the little creature in your home, you can just hop on and off whenever. But for me... Tue, 8 Apr 2014 10:57:53 EST The Greatest Motivator Today I discovered that the greatest motivator for me was to lose 2.2 pounds at my weigh in. I've lost that and more in the past, but today was different. <BR> It made my days of struggle last week all the more worth while, because I did so well on my good days that they made up for the few days that I wasn't at my best. Those two pounds were worth their weight in gold today, and for the future, I'm even more inspired to do really well on the days that I have it in me to succeed because I ne... Wed, 2 Apr 2014 18:14:32 EST The end of the amazing saga of the crumb cake IT'S OVER! <em>198</em> <em>104</em> I almost had a 100% victory but I caved last night and gave in to the awful powerful white powdery crumb! So I had a portion <em>246</em> of the cake, a hefty strip and cut it into chunks, and then put the box back into the fridge. It called me during the night to try to get me to come back out to the kitchen and throw it away, but I KNEW THAT WAS THE <em>18</em> trying to lure me back to the scene of the crime and the "piece de resistance. and I... Mon, 24 Mar 2014 09:23:40 EST The continuing cake saga My daughter was able to fit me in at the salon where she works on Friday mornings, so I went over for a shampoo and blow-out. I feel like I emerged new woman. I love the nice people who work there so I brought them a cake today, a nice butter pound cake, nothing too messy like powdery crumbs or anything. I'm saving the powdery crumb cake for someone else in the near future. I'm still keeping my promise before God and my Spark friends to not eat the cake, going on weekend two. It feels good t... Fri, 21 Mar 2014 11:43:50 EST I Kept my promise Today is St. Patrick's Day, a big day at our house because I'm of Irish heritage, and most of all, my wonderful grandson is named Patrick. He's the light and joy in my life, all 22 years of "himself," as the Irish say. Tonight we will have corned beef and cabbage, and shamrock cookies <em>137</em> <em>137</em> . And I feel especially good because in my last blog of 3 days ago, I PROMISED not to touch one crumb of any of the cake or cookies that I stashed away for today's celebration. An... Mon, 17 Mar 2014 13:58:59 EST It was a carb kinda day! Once a month I attend the home extension group that I belong to. there are quite a few chapters and the one I attend is filled with wonderful ladies of all ages and many have become my good friends over the years. We do crafts, community work, charity contributions, and teach each other various crafts, as well as use these talents to make baby hats, scarves and lap robes for people in hospitals. We also have coffee and cake or other sweet refreshments after the meetings. Due to health issues... Fri, 14 Mar 2014 20:48:37 EST spring you are welcome here Second attempt at a blog today. The first went into cyberspace again. <em>253</em> <em>246</em> <BR> Am so excited by the promise of spring this year. Can't wait to get outside later for a bus ride to the wound care center for my leg. it's only a bus ride but it's very sunny outside and the air is crisp but not freezing. and I know when I get there I won't have to battle drifts of snow and sheets of icy sidewalk in my wheelchair just to get into the building. Nobody's fault about the i... Wed, 5 Mar 2014 09:31:56 EST The binge is over for now HaHa!!!!!I think I ended my food binge last night when I watched the 26th and final episode of HOUSE OF CARDS on Netflix. Today I have to go out to a doctor's appointment and I won't be sitting on the couch involved in my latest "Series Binge" as they call it. But it was fun while it lasted and I wouldn't trade one episode or crumb for any of it. the funny thing is, I didn't tie the two things together until just now. But to know better is to do better, right?? <BR> Today I'm back counting my... Tue, 18 Feb 2014 12:38:39 EST Long road ahead, short road backwards So last night I was DESPERATE for <em>493</em> <em>494</em> yes, that's chocolate. <BR> But in lieu of a nice piece of candy, which I don't DARE keep in the house because I have no control, I did the compulsive "now you're reaching bottom" thing. I did a mental search of all my food cabinets, and found the only chocolate thing available. I put dry chocolate cake mix in a cup and added some water, and stirred it to a pudding consistency, took it back to the couch to watch my show, and the... Mon, 17 Feb 2014 11:09:08 EST Easy Creamy Avocado and pasta dish Creamy Avocado and Pasta Entree <BR> Ingredients: <BR> 1 portion cooked Cellantani pasta <BR> 1 Firm ripe avocado <BR> 1 Cup frozen mixed veggies cooked (optional) <BR> Olive oil (to taste) <BR> 1 tsp Garlic powder <BR> <BR> I like coming home from an afternoon out and having go-to dinner ingredients just waiting to be assembled. I think you'll like this dish because the avocado gets so creamy when its heated and tossed with the pasta. <BR> This one is Avocado and Cellantani with olive oi... Wed, 12 Feb 2014 11:02:17 EST Easy Comfort Soup; warm and cozy I want to share one of my favorite soup recipes with you, but I don't have the nutrition values, so I'm just doing it between you and me. You can do the rest-it's easy enough! <BR> Ingredients: Combine the following: <BR> 32 ounces low sodium broth, chicken or veggie <BR> 32 ounces water <BR> Frozen 1 pound bag cauliflower <BR> Frozen 1 pound bag sliced carrots or 1 pound fresh baby carrots <BR> 1 can Cannellini beans drained <BR> 3/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese, divided <BR> <BR> In large po... Wed, 5 Feb 2014 10:43:53 EST 20 feet just became 40 I love using the Rollator to walk! I doubled the distance during physical therapy <BR> yesterday. Walked 2x to the front door and turned, then sat on the Rollator seat for a few minutes and told the therapist I was ready to go again. So I did, but was breathing a little hard at the end. All in all, it was a success. I won't walk alone in my home because there are so many obstacles to fall over, but that can change with time, endurance and a different arrangement of furniture. Trying to imag... Sat, 25 Jan 2014 11:00:49 EST When 20 feet seem like 20 miles <em>312</em> <em>311</em> Today I began physical therapy in my home, and walking 20 feet to the door, turning around and walking back to my chair was a big deal! I used a Rollator ( walker with wheels and hand brakes) and managed to pull it off twice! I could feel my breathing change by the time I got back to my chair, and my legs were tingling, but I did it! the 20 feet over and 20 feet back felt like training for a marathon to me! we waited a little while and then I repeated the task. ... Mon, 20 Jan 2014 14:27:18 EST New Year's Day in the ER, but its all good! I managed to survive and have a Merry Christmas, but I was back in the ER to have my leg wound stitches removed on New year's day. From there I was admitted for six days for to undergo a strong antibiotic intravenous treatment. Apparently my leg wound had become infected and was not healing properly. I was very fortunate not to lose my leg. I endured those six days, probably lost a few pounds <em>246</em> and lived to tell the story. I met some really nice people in the hospital, LEARNED A ... Sat, 11 Jan 2014 10:18:01 EST I almost didn't have a Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas to all. Today was especially good for me because I survived a very bad fall <BR> from my Hoveround power chair on Sunday evening, and could have been a gonner. I wound up in the ER with a bad head bump and a gash requiring stitches in my leg. The cat scan said my head was okay, and the leg was patched up, but it was scary, and were it not for my Lifeline call button I could be lying on the floor in the corner of my dining room still. It was one of the scariest close calls I'... Wed, 25 Dec 2013 19:29:40 EST A little makeover was just what I neeed today I woke up really desperate today. I've been like a shut-in for a month since my complicated cataract surgery and I really was starting to look as bad as I felt. So I called my daughter first thing this morning and booked an emergency appointment at her hair salon. Last night she had offered but I didn't think I'd be up to going out. As I have guests coming on Sunday, my Weight Watchers Christmas party on Tuesday, and brunch with my family on Christmas day, I realized I needed help if I was g... Fri, 20 Dec 2013 19:37:16 EST One of those BEST EVER days Today was the home Extension Christmas Luncheon and a day when everything seemed to go just right, and love abounded. We ate at Mama Mia's, a local Italian Ristorante, that was high on décor, in a rustic romantic old world way, and they served fabulous food. I had stuffed Tilapia with creamy lemon sauce that was just perfecto! and dessert was chocolate layer cake with a cannoli filling. I just had a thin slice, about 1/2" thick, and totally enjoyed the treat because I had purposely passed u... Fri, 13 Dec 2013 19:32:52 EST First snowfall; time to bake; recipe included We had a few snow flurries here on Long Island last week, but today we have a real snowfall, and it looks beautiful. Wish I had one of those digital cameras so I could post some scenes, so I guess that will be something I need to do in the new year. As for today, I just took a dozen oatmeal-cranberry muffins and a small loaf out of the oven, so life seems warm, toasty, and very fragrant indoors this morning. I've been recovering for over two weeks from a complicated cataract surgery, so bakin... Tue, 10 Dec 2013 11:03:53 EST IT'S ALL ADDING UP I was so out of control that I couldn't trust myself to ride through the kitchen on my Hoveround without stopping to snack on something. So I went back to the basics almost 40 years ago when I was an active member of Overeaters Anonymous. I found my original book and started with step one. I am powerless over food and MY LIFE HAS BECOME UNMANAGABLE. It was a big first step to take all over again, what with all my efforts and self-education on food management, nutrition, health, and the like.... Tue, 19 Nov 2013 10:35:42 EST A stressful week with a peaceful ending After a very stressful week filled with annoying amounts of paperwork, doctor's visits, and the rush -rush of everyday living, I am coming to the end of the week on a positive note. I prayed and God answered prayer. He showed me where I had gone astray with excessive people pleasing to the detriment of my own peace and serenity; He showed me how to put first things first to take care of the important things where necessary; He showed me that I need to take time every day to get quiet and read... Fri, 15 Nov 2013 17:40:05 EST My friend, my angel I've been taking two steps back for every step forward, and it's making me so tired. Time to go straight and forward again. One of my best friends just reached her all-time weight loss high today, 168 pounds down, and it was such an encouragement to me. Then at a birthday lunch for one of the gals in our Weight Watcher group, this same friend discouraged me from asking the waitress for another round of garlic knots after out delicious Italian meal was finished. I wanted a few more to take ho... Wed, 6 Nov 2013 16:34:21 EST New lessons to be learned So I'm learning a new lesson: Whenever I think I've reached a pinnacle of success. its <BR> because I've learned the lesson I was supposed to and now it's time to move on to a new chapter in my personal Book of Life. Seems obvious, doesn't it? It should be, but sometimes we tend to think we've got it all together, when all we've done is mastered a new set of trials and problems. Then we're supposed to take those experiences on to write a new chapter in that book. It took me a lifetime to lea... Wed, 30 Oct 2013 17:35:54 EST No time to sweat the small stuff Just when I could finally SEE my weight loss, the scale went up 1.4 pounds. It's okay though because I look the same and feel the same as before I got on the scale. Little things like a pound up don't get to me the way they used to, and that's a good thing. Getting passed over by the leader of the group when she was asking the "successful members" to give a talk next week, was a little harder to take, but as with the pound up, this too shall pass, and i'm still as successful whether or not s... Fri, 25 Oct 2013 17:06:09 EST I can see a difference, finally It's a brand new Saturday and I made it through the week but ate a little too much sugar along the way, and too many carbs when socializing. BUT today I turned it around and stayed on track, not allowing anything to tempt me. I got really motivated this morning when I put on a favorite light blue fleece top from last year and felt like I was swimming in it! <em>237</em> LOL. THAT WAS A GOOD FEELING and I love the top too much to part with it, so I'll just enjoy the roominess of it for thi... Sat, 19 Oct 2013 16:00:58 EST Hoping and praying for a good Saturday Yesterday started out really good but by the afternoon it faded into a snack fest and try as I might I didn't keep busy with the right stuff to take my mind off food. I should have taken a nap, but I didn't. I think tiredness may have been the underlying cause. I uncovered a few little emo pauses and dips, but nothing that bothered me that much, but who knows? The things that trigger a snacking response could be almost anything on any given day. I should have removed myself from the vicinity ... Sat, 12 Oct 2013 11:54:14 EST Why can't it always be this way? I always ask myself the question, "Why can't it always be this way?" when I'm eating all my healthy foods in moderation, drinking my water, and staying away from the "red light' foods! <BR> It's at these times I feel so good and so lean, clean and healthy that I wonder why I go back to my old ways over and over again. I guess its because life happens and my drug of choice is food and that's one of my coping strategies. I pray and turn my problems over to the good Lord, but then I pick up my... Mon, 7 Oct 2013 19:15:38 EST Good Food, Good Friends For me my friends are like family, my surrogate extended family. I grew up in a home with a mother, father, and six younger siblings. We have all remained close over the decades, but everyone moved away as they attended college in various parts of the state and married someone from that area, settling down with them away from home. I married a local guy and stayed near home. It's funny that my two daughters, of all the cousins, are the only ones who also stayed near home; everyone else's kids... Tue, 1 Oct 2013 11:02:18 EST Heart problems kept me away <em>382</em> I feel so guilty that I haven't been keeping up on Spark. Just haven't had the energy to follow through ever since my recent unexpected hospital stay due to an a-flutter in my heart. I went through every test imaginable and after 4 days they let me come home with a scrip for a blood thinner, and a date to return 2 weeks ago for a heart procedure that was to return my heartbeat to normal. Well, my whole church prayed for me <em>458</em> and on the day of the expected procedur... Tue, 24 Sep 2013 14:03:45 EST Hello again, again. Since I last blogged I exchanged my "notebook" sized laptop for my current mid size light weight one. One of the benefits is that I can actually SEE THE PRINT on this one. I think I finally found the right one. It's amazing how connected our laptops keep us, to the machine itself, and also to each other. How did we ever get along without portable phones and the internet????? Isn't it amazing how fast we adapt to the latest appliance or machine that we didn't even know existed 10 years ago? An... Fri, 6 Sep 2013 15:16:40 EST Hi again! Back to stay, I hope! If my new laptop continues to cooperate I hope to be able to stay online with SPARK. I really missed coming here each day and all my dear friends. <em>247</em> <em>220</em> I also made an unexpected visit to the hospital because an EKG saw a "heart flutter" and my doctor gave me a choice: " Go to the hospital or go home and fall on the floor!!" Some choice, right? I chose the hospital! <em>334</em> <BR> Today I will make a return trip to my new cardiologist and find out the next mo... Tue, 27 Aug 2013 10:23:06 EST Another lesson learned, Romans 14:17 Last week I spent four mornings helping teach crafts at my church's Vacation Bible School. I had a light breakfast before I went out each day because I always start out that way. But when I got there, the teacher I was working with went and got me half an everything bagel with cream cheese, coffee, and a cup of fruit. That was so nice of her, as I couldn't maneuver my wheelchair to the house with the food set up, and besides, I just LOVE <em>129</em> bagels. Even though I wanted to,I jus... Sun, 28 Jul 2013 18:21:56 EST New weigh in results,new lessons learned Yay! I finally made it to a new weight loss badge. It was one of my unspoken goals on Spark and a long sought after goal at weight Watchers. My leader asked me today what was something I did differently to get to the new weight loss and I said without hesitation,"Self-discipline." I've learned along the way that in order to say "Yes" to weight loss and good health, I've got to say"No! to the foods and behaviors that deter me from my goals. In a sense you've got to learn that the word NO spoke... Wed, 17 Jul 2013 14:34:00 EST Stopping to use the tools we have Yesterday I had my weekly weigh in at Weight Watchers. It took some courage considering that this past week I managed to eat out more than normal. I only gained one pound which was a minor miracle. I'm still below the 300 mark, so I have survived to fight another day. So i call getting on the scale the ACCOUNTABILITY TOOL. <BR> Then, during the meeting, I got my feelings hurt, and my pride was wounded. I tried to acknowledge and move on, but it stayed with me all day long. I chose my regular ... Thu, 11 Jul 2013 15:01:38 EST Don't feed the wound HAPPY 4th of JULY to all my Spark friends <em>220</em> <em>195</em> <em>283</em> <BR> <BR> Yesterday when I got on the scale, my 2 pound weight loss goal for my birthday was finally achieved, plus another .8 pound; only it was two weeks late. But that's okay because I'm only .8 away from an 80 pound loss. I'm so motivated today, which makes yesterday seem like a minor nightmare. Nevertheless it happened , so I'm going to tell about it in order to put it to rest. Somehow, I don't th... Thu, 4 Jul 2013 10:37:29 EST Time to exhale and do summer. Thanks be to the grace of God, the dangerous month of June has safely passed, and life resumes once again. Time to exhale and let out the deep, deep breath that took me through June. Since my daughter passed 17 years ago on June 3oth, the month of June is like walking on eggs. It's her birthday, then 2 days later, my birthday, then 13 days later, the anniversary of her passing. This year I really buckled down and worked my program to the fullest. I even ordered out two dresses in the next sma... Mon, 1 Jul 2013 10:33:14 EST