OMELYN's SparkPeople Blog OMELYN's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Who Knew <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Last year at this time I was committed to exercise 3x a week and a smarter eating plan. I looked and felt better than I had in many years. I got down to a fit 150lbs.. It had been a goal for years, and I had finally attained it. <BR> <BR> Then on June 28, 2016 my family received some stunning (is the best word I can come up with) news. My mom, age 76, was diagnosed with gastric cancer. We k... Mon, 22 May 2017 22:39:31 EST Florida... Fun and food <img src=""> Well, my 3 a week exercise streak was busted by a case of the flu, followed closely by a Spring Break trip with my high school senior (for about 8 more weeks) her friend and my friend. The flu kicked my butt, and had me in bed for two days and dragging for several more, within days of that my daughter and I, with our friends, left on a long planned trip to Universal Orlando. Our, trip was great, th... Sun, 3 Apr 2016 14:13:29 EST One of "Those" People Did you ever go to the gym and see someone, usually on a recumbent bike; with a book or a puzzle or even "work." pedaling away with varying degrees of purpose as they focused on the paper at hand? I must admit, that until yesterday I looked down my nose a little bit at them . One Sunday, I saw a woman checking what appeared to be high school English papers on an elliptical ... I was taken aback. But, tonight I found myself in a similar situation. I taught til 3, tutored until 4, headed ho... Thu, 10 Mar 2016 23:09:28 EST Progress/promises kept Keeping my three a week promise to myself. This past week was Sunday after church at my gym, Monday at the hotel gym w/ Claire (we were in Indianapolis on a college visit), Wednesday after church (the tough one) and Today...1:45 of walking outside in this gorgeous (climate change induced ) weather. The scale is not showing the numbers I seek, but my jeans are comfortable once again (fell asleep on them on the couch last night and THAT would not have happened 2 months ago. At That point IF ... Sat, 20 Feb 2016 19:55:24 EST Here we are, now. <img src=""> My precious people circa 2016. Abby took us to a Red Wings hockey game as our Christmas gift! Sat, 13 Feb 2016 23:29:38 EST Promises In this latest incarnation of my journey to a fitter me, I have promised myself to exercise in some. Way a minimum of 3 days a week. Tonight kicked my butt. <BR> <BR> I am proud to say, however, that though today included a unprepared 15 year old at 6:30 am, a computer sound malfunction that caused havoc for my student teacher and a bailout by me.... <BR> <BR> Though the unavailability of a movie (due to above mentioned sound issue) on a day that was too cold for outdoor recess caused my ... Thu, 11 Feb 2016 20:33:03 EST Florida on my Mind <img src=""> Saturday is shaping up to be my big Spark day. Last Saturday I was in Florida experiencing an absolutely PERFECT day. Sunny, 82 degrees, gorgeous blue skies, scattered puffy white clouds, did I mention time with my parents, and a little time to myself? I walked on the beach for almost an hour, covered my face and chest in 70 spf sunscreen and soaked up the vitamin D. I listened to music I knew all t... Sat, 23 Jan 2016 22:16:09 EST Even more beautiful Meet my little friend. He was very impressed with me today. I wore a dress in to school. This is an event in fall and spring, it is a minor miracle in the winter. He loved,my dress, he loved my boots, he loved my jewelry, he loved me. Funny because I wasn't thrilled with how that dress looked on, almost reconsidered.. But I had a funeral to attend this afternoon and this would do the double duty of a morning of kindergarten and an afternoon funeral well. But, back to my friend. I was input... Thu, 14 Jan 2016 23:24:32 EST The Longest Week What a week... I started, as all good life changers do, to track my food and exercise on Monday, the first Monday of January. I'm nothing if not original. <BR> <BR> I go to work, which for me is teaching kindergarten in an urban public school, and thus it was the first day of work in two weeks. <BR> <BR> Weeks challenges... <BR> Monday arrive at work to find a dear friend devastated over bad news, much concern for her, first day back with the kids went surprisingly well. Ride home takes 2... Sat, 9 Jan 2016 00:22:58 EST Hello Like Adele, I'm saying "hello" from the other side... other side of what I am not sure. Here I am years later, much has changed, much has remained the same. I am still a wife (now heading in toward year 22) a mom, now my kids almost 20, 17.5 and almost 15. My husband still searching for meaningful employment, he has held jobs but nothing he loves as much as the engineering job he had until 2006. I am still teaching, still loving my students and the craft of teaching. I am not loving the c... Sun, 3 Jan 2016 23:01:50 EST For the Fans of Ashton from Last year..... You may remember "Ashton", my little challenge from last year's kindergarten class. I just copied the blog I wrote about her, coincidentally (or maybe not) exactly a year ago and pasted it at the bottom of this blog. (can't figure out how to make a link) She was a challenge and a half all year. I loved her to death, and to be honest, also breathed a little easier, when she joined the Early Childhood developmental delay group, and was only with me in the mornings for the last half of the year.... Wed, 10 Oct 2012 23:37:47 EST Was that 12 days ago that I had a plan? hey all <BR> I am back in the saddle. Got kicked in the behind by a weird virus. <BR> Very tired, felt feverish, but there was not. Some sniffles, lots of aches then cough. I am sure it was a combination of stuff the girls had, stuff the kindergarteners had and the fact that I had been so stressed that I didn't fight it off like I usually do. Didn't miss any work, but did nothing but work for a solid week. <BR> <BR> At any rate, today was the new day 1. <BR> I ate right. <BR> We went for an ... Wed, 3 Oct 2012 20:02:24 EST Oh where, Oh where has my little blog gone? I wrote a blog last week about my current exercise plan. <BR> In it I mentioned <BR> Logging exercise. <BR> Logging food <BR> And.... <BR> Taking a suppliment I had researched and want to try. <BR> It was up and received two comments in a matter of moments. Then it disappeared. <BR> I do not have the time or the energy to investigate what happened. Could be an accidental deletion... complaint about my mentioning of a specific auppliment. Cosmic editing. Don't know... not important. <BR> ... Tue, 25 Sep 2012 19:34:45 EST Joy That my friends is the word of this day. I am breathing easier, smiling more, more patient have a better sense of humor. Everything is just"more". Very odd how you can roll along think you are "fine". And on many levels I was "fine"Just not "good". The best I can equate it to is the times I've had pneumonia and not realized how exhausted I was until I wasn't anymore. <BR> <BR> So, blessed blessed me that I am usually so healthy and strong that this was so foreign to me. So many, many people ... Fri, 14 Sep 2012 21:47:16 EST BENIGN That my friends is the word of the day. I have no more for you now... but to thank you for the thoughts and prayers.... <BR> Be back tomorrow. Must celebrate. <BR> Thu, 13 Sep 2012 16:43:57 EST No good synonym for wait/waiting In my 24 hour rest period from the most recent biopsy. Should have results on Friday or Monday. This one was a little more invasive. Only annoying thing is that I wasn't well informed this time around. Nurse doing the intake told me I really shouldn't work tomorrow. When I made the appt. I asked and was told no restrictions the next day. I was very fortunate to secure the same good "guest teacher" who worked for me this afternoon. <BR> <BR> As usual I have people watching my back... the sch... Wed, 12 Sep 2012 17:48:40 EST 30 is a lot of 5 year olds... Below is my fb status.... <BR> <BR> "I was nice to a frightened kindergartener this morning and before I knew it she was transferred into my classroom. I am now up to 30 kids. Today was at times exhilarating(they learned what picture clues were and walked in a straight albeit very long and slow line to computer class) and at other times like herding cats." <BR> <BR> I must share the comment of a HS teacher friend in my district, he has 46 in one section and 51 in another for the next week o... Thu, 6 Sep 2012 22:37:41 EST Wednesday Afternoon The next biopsy is scheduled for next Wednesday afternoon. <BR> <BR> I am learning a lot about the human mind, and my own as I go through this waiting. We can numb ourselves to our own concerns in selfpreservation. It's a lot easier than I thought. <BR> <BR> I mean being sleepless, or having an upset stomach for more than a week is just not going to cut it. Too much going on in my life in the next week. Not desirable to put all emotions on hold... <BR> <BR> ... Tom started Middle school ... Tue, 4 Sep 2012 22:05:28 EST A new year a new crop My new little seedlings will be waiting at the outside door of room 102 tomorrow. It promises to be a bumper crop this year. (I've never finished a kindergarten year with 27 and we always add 5-10 kids during the month of September) I am determined to give them what they need, meet them where they are and set them off to soar. <BR> <BR> I would like to share a paragraph sent to me today by a retired teacher friend... she has been my mentor in more ways than she knows, and she's done it again... Mon, 3 Sep 2012 17:54:59 EST and the wait STILL goes on... the jury is not in yet My doctor called me this afternoon at 4:45 just after I had given up hope of hearing any news today. He had just called the radiologist at the breast center so I didn't have to wait all weekend. (Wonderful man!) and these were his words. <BR> <BR> "The good news is that your biopsy came back as negative." <BR> <BR> so after waiting for the other shoe to drop a moment I asked" and there's bad news?" <BR> <BR> Well it seems that based upon the type of tissue he saw (he was expecting fibrous ... Fri, 31 Aug 2012 17:47:31 EST and the wait goes on... My biopsy was uneventful except for the placement of a "marker" titanium none the less. It is there to make it easier to find in future mamms (that's what we call them when we are talking professionally. Lol) I asked if that would be soon and the doc said he had "no real reason to be concerned" that makes me cautiosly optimistic ... which I will "take" for now. <BR> <BR> So news on Friday or Tuesday. ...and thanks I could feel the love. <BR> love you back Wed, 29 Aug 2012 23:43:09 EST Tom Petty is in my Head The waiting is the hardest part, every day is one more yard. <BR> You take it on faith, you take to the heart. <BR> The waiting is the hardest part! Tue, 28 Aug 2012 21:40:41 EST stress is a weight loss tool..but not recommended Quite a couple weeks... <BR> Excuse the choppy sentences an possible typos...I am using my phone. <BR> I have been getting my classroom ready. Dumped a bunch of junk and it looks better than ever. Good news. Husband has been called back to work... again good news Abby finally got the all clear from the oral surgeon today after not one but two dry sockets after her wisdom teeth were removed on the 17th. <BR> <BR> Still pending...I had a mammogram on Thursday morning and a call from the docto... Tue, 28 Aug 2012 00:04:37 EST still off to a good start Well, day three done. I am proud of myself. <BR> Abby had her wisdom teeth out. Neves a mom's favorite kind of day. Abby did well after trying to leave with the IV still in her arm because she just wanted "to go home. " But it was a long and stressful day. <BR> <BR> I went through the Wendy's drive thru twice for frostys for her and got nothing for myself. In an homage to a busy stressful day Tim stopped and got us Wendy's for dinner. I stayed within my calorie range! <BR> <BR> Then wh... Thu, 16 Aug 2012 00:12:05 EST Back in the Saddle Again Hello my friends... <BR> Just checked my dates... officially joined spark in Jan. of 2007, actually checked it out fully, joined teams and began blogging in Oct. of 2008. <BR> <BR> Here we are almost 4 years from my first blog... older-yes, busier-yes, smarter-in some ways, thinner- I was, but,not anymore! <BR> <BR> So, I am back. I know what worked for me. Here's the miracle my friends, exercise and watch what you eat. I know it's a shocker. But, wasn't making time for either of those, an... Mon, 13 Aug 2012 21:41:21 EST Perspective On Friday Feb. 24th I worked half day and then flew down to Florida to spend 5 days with my parents who winter down there. (Nice I know... had several conversations with folks down there about how my generation won't have such an easy time acheiveing that lifestyle but as usual I digress.) <BR> <BR> My goal was strictly time wth my parents, relaxation and not being in charge of anyone but me. <BR> <BR> I read, I sunned, I slept, I swam you get the picture. <BR> <BR> One day I went to the... Sun, 26 Feb 2012 23:09:41 EST Sparking to Remember why I spark Well, my friends, and I know that you are there, though I have not been here lately. <BR> <BR> I've got a real reason to Spark, and to be kind to myself when I take a baby step backward instead of forward (thank you Tina). <BR> <BR> Today at work, at my school, we started the day like a typical Wednesday, our semester ends Friday so most of us were working on assessing kids, and teaching like we do. We did our work talked to our kids and went to lunch... <BR> <BR> .... our leader, our ... Wed, 25 Jan 2012 23:23:32 EST Learning from a 5 year old Soul Okay, time for a new kindergarten class, and the first story of the 2011-2012 school year. <BR> <BR> My new "project of heart" is "Ashton". Ashton is 5, born on St. Patrick's Day (already on her way to my heart) to a crack addicted mother, and the youngest of 5 kids now ages 5-12 all of whom have been recently adopted by a loving but understandably overwhelmed new mom. <BR> <BR> To say Ashton is busy is an understatement. She is everywhere, in everyone's business, helping everyone, eating... Tue, 11 Oct 2011 20:29:36 EST Oh No the Big 5-0.... I have 6 months to prepare.... Well, hello. Lynn here coming to you from a pretty good place. <BR> <BR> I came into this month determined. <BR> Determined to start off the school year well. <BR> Determined to put my house in better order. <BR> Determined to get a handle on my health. Physical and mental To be at a healthier weight and more importantly more fit and in general satisfied with what is a blessed life. I turn 50 in six months and I want to feel GOOD about myself when I do. <BR> <BR> This month is over tomorr... Thu, 29 Sep 2011 22:38:09 EST Tina and Me Boston Well, hello! <BR> I have not been active on Spark, but Spark was a very important part of my Summer. I finally got to see (I don't say met, because we know each other) my good friend Tina. <BR> <BR> We made a family trip to the East Coast and spent a day in Boston with Tina and Little T. We met at her house. Walked the Freedom Trial, toured the US Constitution, drove to the Ocean. (The O'Meara kids didn't remember seeing the Ocean and Tina couldn't have that.) We had a nice dinner together ... Sat, 20 Aug 2011 21:45:14 EST I am still alive! ...and well! Well folks, <BR> I was planning an explanatory blog after the school year is over (June 17 for me). But, it seems I am concerning a few spark friends with my absence. So, here's a very brief "hello" until I get some more time. <BR> <BR> My family has had some illness, one major, some minor, all stressing and time consuming. <BR> <BR> I am a public school teacher in a City, State and Country that pays lip service to children but puts the economics as the bottom line and that is making my ... Tue, 7 Jun 2011 07:58:24 EST An "Annie Sullivan" Moment I have a kindergarten student this year, who has been the challenge of my career. He was born drug addicted, has ADHD, emotional problems and learning disabilities. Most days I do not feel that I have been a positive force in his life, no matter what I try. Recently, his mom has agreed to try him on meds. These are helping him a lot. (This was a discovery process for me because she did not tell anyone at school, and then gave them to him off and on, to" see if we noticed enough change to m... Wed, 30 Mar 2011 14:44:15 EST Daily(ish) Blog 13 - 4 steps forward, 1 step back Well, kids. I gained last weeks lost pound back. <BR> <BR> So this week, back to logging both food and exercise. <BR> <BR> On the plus side. Claire and I took a one hour walk outside, I repeat OUTSIDE today. <BR> <BR> Lots of excuses, but no good reason for not doing better. <BR> <BR> So next week I will. <BR> I am still 3 pounds down, in 3 weeks of focus so back to doing what I know works. <BR> <BR> Sat, 19 Mar 2011 23:04:18 EST Jack LaLanne I'm not... I wish I could video my kindergarteners trying to follow me trying to lead the exercises... <BR> <BR> Box step... step left one, two, three, four... step together; step back step right, one, two .... <BR> <BR> Boxing... punch the ceiling, A, B, C, D.... punch in front E, F, G, H the floor I, J, K, L <BR> <BR> jumping jacks <BR> <BR> hop hop hop hop <BR> <BR> Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick, Jack jump over the candle stick, now jump, jump, jump <BR> <BR> A lot of miles, a little frustra... Wed, 16 Mar 2011 20:09:09 EST daily(ish) blog #11- connection Okay... I have been doing really well with the eating (until today) <BR> I have now added 15 min. of heart pumping kindergarten appropriate cardio to our day at school, so I get "at least that" every work day now.... <BR> <BR> little wonder that it has been good for the kids too... <BR> <BR> But guess what, last night I only got 4 hours of sleep, and I believe (I have had a hysterectomy by still have my ovaries so it's tough to tell at almost 49) that my cycle is in play because today I at... Tue, 15 Mar 2011 22:44:06 EST daily blog #10- a bit better for me today... not so much for another Well, eating better helps.. I managed to lose a pound this week without formal exercise.. makes you wonder why I refuse to just exercise and worry a little less about what I eat. <BR> <BR> Mom and dad's car started up again this morning. <BR> <BR> I exercised! <BR> <BR> off to laundry, an apt for abby, church and bowl this evening... <BR> <BR> again with the perspective, too. <BR> I have a young coworker who suffers with crohn's. Her 3 year old daughter was recently diagnosed as well. Wel... Sat, 12 Mar 2011 13:01:38 EST daily blog #9 Oh That's Bad, No That's Good Reprise -Got up at 6am and took a shower... that's good <BR> -no shampoo... that's bad <BR> -DD borrowed shampoo it was on the counter ...that's good <BR> -razor was dull ...that's bad <BR> -used DH's which was in the shower...that's good <BR> -got out and found my towel gone.. that's bad <BR> -used 3 hand towels.... that's better than nothing <BR> -now running late ... that's bad <BR> -managed to get at least the base makeup on before leaving... that's good <BR> -found 4 inches of new wet snow when... Fri, 11 Mar 2011 22:13:08 EST daily blog #8- holding So this week has been okay for food, not at all good for exercise. I still have the pop level cut down, but havn't hit 8 cups of H20 yet. I was sleep deprived then went to bed early... <BR> <BR> But, tomorrow I have a massage and adjustment scheduled. <BR> I plan to exercise after that. Should have time on Saturday and Sunday as well. <BR> <BR> Then the big asssignment...I have to figure out a way to keep it in on the weekdays, too. I was able to last week, but this week just had stuff ... Thu, 10 Mar 2011 23:01:07 EST daily blog #7- I'm starting with sleep I have been eating well this week. As I said, having trouble with execise. <BR> Today I am exhausted. I don't know why? Hoping I'm not getting sick. I digress, but not for long, because I am going to bed. I'm hoping that sleep will make me feel better. <BR> <BR> I'll catch you tomorrow. Wed, 9 Mar 2011 20:13:23 EST daily blog #6- Okay well last week was a good week! <BR> What the heck is happening this week? <BR> Sunday was a day of rest. <BR> Monday was a day of work and errands. <BR> Today was a day of obligation and celbration (DD #1 turn 15 tomorrow, today was a better <BR> day to celebrate. <BR> Tomorrow is just as busy... <BR> I see a glimmer that might be exercise there however... <BR> wish me luck. Tue, 8 Mar 2011 22:50:41 EST daily blog #5-Day of rest Not much to say, ate well with in my range, took the day off from water and exercise. <BR> <BR> Sitting here watching Secret Milllionare with my girls. Crying. Claire said "don't you wish you had the $$ to do something like that." <BR> <BR> Yes, I do. <BR> <BR> More tomorrow, have a great night. Sun, 6 Mar 2011 20:55:30 EST daily blog #5- I was rewarded, now what? Well, Yay, Me... I lost 3 pounds this week. <BR> <BR> I jumped back in, stuck to it, like I know I can and started strong. I lost 3 pounds this week. <BR> <BR> I exercised, counted calories, tracked exercise, I exercised... I lost 3 pounds this week. <BR> <BR> So, now what am I gonna do about it? <BR> <BR> Will I keep at it and get my weight back to healthy and clothes fitting right again by Memorial Day? It's pretty likely. I've done it several times before. <BR> <BR> Here is the q... Sat, 5 Mar 2011 20:54:39 EST daily blog #4- I said "No" to the Pizza I am very full from a yummy dinner and it did not include the pizza that everyone else had! <BR> <BR> DH is finally feeling like eating "real" food after 3 days of water, Powerade, bagels, crackers etc. He has not had "stomach " flu, but just didn't feel like eating. Today that changed. My errand of the day for him was to bring home some pizza (last night it was Honeycomb cereal which I never saw him eat before.) But, as usual, I digress... <BR> <BR> I got home from work, ran out and got pi... Fri, 4 Mar 2011 20:26:07 EST daily blog #3- keeping on Okay today was crazy, too, but better. <BR> <BR> Well, here we are day 3, according to my food journal/logging I was "under" for the day by 11 calories. <BR> <BR> This is really amazing ... I had Taco Bell for lunch, and McDonald's for dinner. (I did say Crazy Day) I made decent (caloriewise) choices. (Would have rather had a salad for dinner, burt it's tough to eat that and drive at the same time. <BR> <BR> Funny thing is that I had more calories today than I have since I began tracking a... Thu, 3 Mar 2011 23:02:09 EST daily blog #2-- as Forest Gump said, "..It Happens." Well, there was a delay in the schedule, but I was not totally derailed today. <BR> <BR> My husband has the flu... he may have pneumonia we'll know that for sure tomorrow. <BR> <BR> He started a new job a month ago, (a job we had been waiting /praying for.) He's been really tired for the last few days, came home early and went straight to bed. Since it's shift work and he gets up at 4:45am, I thought he was just getting used to his new schedule and being a "guy". <BR> <BR> He got sent ... Wed, 2 Mar 2011 23:09:05 EST Why am I fat? Just a little chuckle... I figured out why I'm fat! The shampoo I use in the shower that runs down my body says "for extra volume and body". I'm going to start using "Dawn" dish soap. It says "dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove". <BR> <BR> This was copied (with permission) from a friend's FB page... wish I had thought it up myself.. I'm still giggling. Tue, 1 Mar 2011 21:32:33 EST daily blog #1- Beware the I am going to try and take a page out of Tina and Jen's books and get something out here everyday. This is a stretch for me, I usually blog when I have a "big" thought or feeling to get out. But may be putting a little something out everyday will help me stay focused on my healthy lifestyle choices... we'll see. <BR> <BR> So the title.. Beware the "Wides of March" <BR> Why am I back at it again? Well I have come perilously close the the weight I started at when I became an active sparker....... Tue, 1 Mar 2011 21:10:11 EST patience of a 2 year old Okay, I've been logging, exercising and eating right for 3 days now. This is not my first time 'round the block' as far as getting back on the horse. I have been active on "Spark" for about 3 years... <BR> <BR> Why do I feel I should see results already? <BR> <BR> Mon, 28 Feb 2011 14:40:24 EST Wake Up Call I have been fairly quiet lately... <BR> Having personal struggles that are not revolving around weight and fitness. (But, also not helping it...) I have recently, with the help of others, here at Spark, among my family and friends, and a counselor, determined that I need to take some time for myself and "slow it all down a little". That is what I have been trying to do. This will help my overall health and wellness. <BR> <BR> I know I am fortunate, I know that the difficulties my family h... Thu, 10 Feb 2011 23:22:10 EST Reflection and Preparation: Advent I have been having a challenging Autumn. <BR> <BR> My husband is finishing up his internship in bio/medical technology, but alas hospitals in Michigan are finally catching up to the rest of our sapped out economy here. Though he got 99% on his midterm and 97% on his final evaluations! But, they are laying off personnel at his hospital, and others in the area. I am proud and sympathentic, but also frustrated and tired of carrying the ball. <BR> <BR> My school district (where I teach) is divi... Sat, 11 Dec 2010 09:02:42 EST