NOMORESTALLING's SparkPeople Blog NOMORESTALLING's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Clearing What Holds Us Back With all our best intentions and rich resources, why is it so hard to slow down, simplify, and care for ourselves? Why do most clearing efforts fall short or peter out? <BR> <BR> Why are we so afraid to let go? <BR> <BR> Our drive to attain and succeed comes at a great cost to the soul. We are malnourished, if not starved, when it comes to compassionate self-acceptance, awareness, and care. We yearn for simplicity but struggle to find it. We ache for balance but can't sustain it. There is n... Sun, 18 Mar 2018 15:36:34 EST Coming Back to Center Wellness is a term we use to describe a state of physical, mental, and emotional health. For those who look even deeper, we could also include spiritual health in the mix. <BR> <BR> While there are many definitions of what constitutes health for all those interconnected systems, leading to an optimum condition of connectivity to all aspects of our being—a homoeostatic balancing act geared for total body functioning while in the process of living our daily lives. <BR> <BR> OR,…all those word... Tue, 13 Mar 2018 09:51:00 EST Digging Our Graves with Knifes And Forks A most dangerous combination <BR> <BR> Although we all know that the number one health issue worldwide is obesity it doesn't hurt to be reminded. It is unfortunate but we have the luxury of bombarding our bodies with nutrient-deficient, high-caloire foods, empty calories; foods deficient in nutrients and fiber, and junk food. With today's modern food pantry we have the all to readily availability of eating high-calorie foods while remaining inactive more than ever before. <BR> <BR> In addi... Sat, 10 Mar 2018 18:42:18 EST Making The Best Decisions For Our LIves We make a myriad of decisions every day. Some of which we are so accustom to making without needing the decision making process they become naturally a part of us. No matter how small or big each of those decisions has the potential to leave a deep impact on our lives. Some choices touch us to our very cores, awakening poignant feelings within us. Others seem at first to be simple but prove to be confusingly complex. Even though some of those decisions have to be snap decisions or involve com... Sat, 10 Mar 2018 15:22:29 EST Living Fully Present In The Moment <img src=""> <BR> <BR> When we live fully in the moment <BR> <BR> When we are fully present, we offer our whole selves to whatever it is that we are doing. Our attention, our integrity, and our energy are all focused in the moment and on the task at hand. This is a powerful experience, and when we are in this state, we feel completely alive and invigorated. This kind of aliveness comes easily when we are absorbed... Sat, 10 Mar 2018 13:29:25 EST Affirmations <BR> Our minds accept as truth, the critical statements we tell ourselves, but it can also accept our positive affirmations. <BR> The words we speak and think hold great sway over the kind of life that we create for ourselves. Many people live their lives plagued by negative thoughts and never even realize this. They tell themselves and others that they are doomed to fail, not good enough, or not worthy of love, yet they are amazed when their reality starts reflecting these words. Just as th... Thu, 8 Mar 2018 19:09:32 EST The Gift of a Positive Image It is important that we all find people that believe in us, just as we believe in others. <BR> There are times in our lives when we may find ourselves facing challenges that can seem overwhelming. The situation or task we are struggling with seems hopeless, and it is easy to stop believing in ourselves, our goals, and our dreams. It is during these moments that it can be reassuring and reaffirming to turn to the people in our lives who do believe in us, especially when we are finding it hard ... Thu, 8 Mar 2018 19:07:33 EST This is a first! Yesterday was a fun adventure. <BR> I was out in promotion of our magazine and just left Irma when about 10-15 kms out my tire on the front passenger went. I had my very first running flat. In all my 37 years of driving I've never had a flat! LOL <BR> So I made the call to AMA and by the tine they arrived and had the tire changed; I only had a donut, I'd called all the local shops in Wainwright and had a second hand tire to change to to get me home safer and sounder. Donuts are good for a pat... Fri, 2 Mar 2018 08:40:24 EST Actions Speak Louder Than Words. Words carry a lot of weight in today's world, maybe even more so than in the past. From how we say them to what we say with them, but it is through our actions that we bring things into actual existence. I'm sure you've all heard the expression "actions speak louder than words." And in many cases, what we say doesn't necessarily line up with what we are doing, and it is here that it becomes clear that it's easier to talk about doing something than it is to actually follow through with it. At ... Wed, 28 Feb 2018 09:08:17 EST YOU Are Beautiful Many of us do not take the time to notice and acknowledge how beautiful we are. We may be great lovers of beauty, seeing it in other people, places, and things around us, while altogether missing it within ourselves. Some of us feel that it is vain to consider our appearance too much, or we may find that when we look at ourselves, all we see are negative imperfections. Often we come to the mirror with expectations and preconceived notions about beauty that blind us from seeing ourselves clea... Tue, 27 Feb 2018 19:33:49 EST Right Foods Nourish You. Wrong Foods KILL You! <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Our diet has far-reaching influence: fake, processed, “fast” food not only destroys our physical health, but it also impacts our behaviors, emotional health and intellect. In this latest blog post, Dr. Fuhrman explains how we have become unwitting participants in a growing national health crisis, and what motivated him to write his new book, Fast Food Genocide. <BR> <BR> How Can Fast Food ... Mon, 26 Feb 2018 09:30:26 EST Change Will Occur. Change will occur in almost every aspect of our lives. When we find ourselves going through any kind of change in our lives, without even realizing it our natural response is usually to tense up on all physical, mental, or emotional levels. At least until we recognize the anxiety, mood swings, or general worried feeling toward the unknown that usually results. There are positive ways to move through change without pushing it away, however, or attempting to deny that it is happening. Since cha... Mon, 26 Feb 2018 09:20:23 EST Our Daily Strengths As a native Canadian and lover of all things nature I enjoy the beauty of winter. The cold brisk refreshing air, the hora frost covered trees on a clear blue sky sunshine filled day. <BR> <img src=""> <BR> But my admiration also turns to sadness when I see bare, knotted branches bowing under the heavy weight of sparkling icicles. <BR> How long would it take before for those bending boughs to break beneath their ic... Wed, 14 Feb 2018 21:29:44 EST Beneath All The Noise There is beauty and power when we listen to the whisper. <BR> <BR> You may have noticed that if you want to speak to someone in a noisy, crowded room, the best thing to do is lean close and whisper. Yelling in an attempt to be louder than the room's noise generally only hurts your throat and adds to the chaos. Similarly, that still, small voice within each of us does not try to compete with the mental chatter on the surface of our minds, nor does it attempt to overpower the volume of the rau... Tue, 13 Feb 2018 10:58:48 EST I stood my ground Well, I stood my ground and got what I wanted. I had a good half hour talk with Darcy and got to give him a play by play as to what and how it happened on both occasions. <BR> Although he cant rescind the ticket or reduce it he can keep his officers in line. McIntyre is in for a reprimand today for his conduct unbecoming an officer for intimidation and the way he kept trying to enforce the fact that "he had me on surveillance and that it would hold up in court." Those cameras are NOT for sur... Wed, 7 Feb 2018 10:15:47 EST Standing My Ground Ok so 2 weeks ago one of the RCMP constables stopped me for what he believed was a roll through a stop sign and let me off with a warming. <BR> Fine although I knew I had stopped even how briefly, I had stopped, looked all three ways NO one anywhere so proceeded. Never giving it a thought right. <BR> <BR> Since then i have been extra diligent in making darn good and sure that I deliberately come to complete stop count my full 3 seconds before proceeding. <BR> Tonight I pulled out from work a... Mon, 5 Feb 2018 21:29:00 EST Holding Onto Pain Pain can serve as one of life's great teachers, but it is important to move through it and not become stuck in our pain. <BR> <BR> <BR> Pain comes and it goes. It is just one component in completing the cycle of life. And when experienced as such, pain can serve as an important teacher. It is when we get stuck in our pain that it becomes detrimental to our well-being and development. If you notice that you feel closed-off, resentful, heavy-hearted, or that you try very hard to avoid being h... Sun, 28 Jan 2018 13:47:46 EST Something surreal, but real none the less! I don't want to un-nerve everyone but, talk about a strange night! I slept but I'm not quite sure if it was an hallucination, dream, something surreal but real none the less! Shortly after midnight there was something in the room with us, a spirit. It wasn't evil I wasn't scared there was nothing to be frightened of. The cats didn't even react. And with as many cats as I have and a sensitive as they are if there had been something about it they would have been hissing, growling and in defense... Sun, 21 Jan 2018 11:26:30 EST Our bodies have never been our enemies Our bodies have never been our enemies, and need to be treated with the care and support our minds, bodies and spirits deserve. <BR> Our bodies are like living temples, and deserve all the love and care we can give them. Amazingly flexible and strong, they allow us to experience the world. If we notice that we're not feeling our best, that we've put on extra weight, or that our favorite clothes don't fit, we can make the choice to be good to ourselves in a new way today. <BR> <BR> There are ... Sat, 20 Jan 2018 11:08:16 EST Dealing with Disappointment The gift of disappointment is to bring us into reality so we don't get stuck in the realm of how things might have been. <BR> <BR> Whenever we do something in life with an expectation of how we'd like it to turn out, we risk experiencing disappointment. When things don't go the way we had envisioned, we may feel a range of emotions from slightly let down to depressed or even angry. We might direct our feelings inward toward ourselves, or outward toward other people or the universe in general... Tue, 9 Jan 2018 08:13:34 EST It is A New day! Onward Forward! Each day offers us an opportunity to renew our resolve, that we are ready for change. <BR> <BR> One of the hardest things in life is feeling stuck in a situation that we don't like and want to change. In past years, 2017 being the most recent, we have no doubt exhausted ourselves trying to figure out how to make change, and may even have come close given up. But we are still here aren't we? With starting a brand new year, each day offers us an opportunity to renew our resolve and to declar... Mon, 1 Jan 2018 18:08:59 EST The Mission Continues! Tackling things today that I let go over Saturday and Sunday. Turkey is roasted, home made cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie baked. Both are cooling in the refrigerator. <BR> Everything is caught up now. Hopefully it'll stay that way awhile. <BR> <BR> I am continuing with my transformation of course. I finally weighed myself this morning and took my measurements. I've now lost a total of 15 pounds and 5 inches total! I'M ON MY WAY <BR> <BR> HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE AND HERE'S TO THE NEW YOU IN... Mon, 1 Jan 2018 16:52:09 EST Lady On A Mission! PHEW! Lady on a mission today! <BR> Saturday, and it's my bi-weekly trip into Stettler. Usually, I'm gone by 8, there by 9 and headed home again by 10 -10:30am <BR> Not today! GRRR With the temperatures being -35C -25F car wouldn't start. Not the normal. Even without having a block heater I've never had it not start in these temperatures and colder! Oh she turned over but just wouldn't purr.. Walt tried everything, charging the battery for over an hour and a half, which usually does the tri... Sat, 30 Dec 2017 15:32:33 EST From This Day Forward, Always Remember Each morning when we awake, we have an opportunity to create our day with what inspires us the most. <BR> <BR> Up before dawn 6:30am December 26th 2017 7:50am (Taken at First Daylight) <BR> <img src=""> <BR> The moment when we very first open our eyes into consciousness is a precious opportunity. It sets the tone for all that comes after it. At that moment, our ability to create the day is at its most powerful, w... Tue, 26 Dec 2017 14:16:10 EST Let 2018 Be YOUR Metamorphasis of Transformation I believe there is no life without change, and we can't change without some degree of transformation. A new challenge is by definition something we have to grow to meet. We don't come completely pre-qualified for it, but hopefully we have the raw material that qualifies us to figure it out. <BR> <BR> That’s the work of transformation – it’s not matching ourselves to roles that reflect exactly what we did before. It’s metamorphosing into a future state. <BR> Science holds some fascinating l... Sun, 24 Dec 2017 15:59:07 EST 'Tis the Season In times past, bare-limbed trees, longer nights, and the biting chill of winter signified to all that the time had come to slow down. Humanity like the animals, retreated into cozy dwellings where they sustained themselves on foods harvested late in autumn and passed the time in peaceful reflection. Today, most people proceed ruddy-cheeked through winter's frosts, ignoring the profound effects cold weather has on their bodies and their minds. Yet the beauty and significance of wintertime cann... Sun, 24 Dec 2017 12:24:06 EST A Working Weekend It has been busy very busy. I actually have the boss doing my grunt work for me at the moment tee hee. We have our 2018 Agriculture Breeders issues coming up the end of January and without Elaine with us covering those breeders from Stettler, Hanna, Botha etc. guess who it falls to... So Thursday and Friday she put together an e-mail, included the 2018 breeders promotional flyer and e-mailed half Elaine's clients. <BR> Problem those that ran their bull sales with us last year she forgot to in... Sat, 9 Dec 2017 19:09:55 EST Needing my Angels <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> I could have definitely used the presence of my angels around me this week especially today. I have felt them around me for much of my life and especially this year. But this week even knowing that they are there regardless, I've felt very much alone. <BR> <BR> As humans on earth we live some of our darkest times. However, angels don't just come to us during dark times. I like... Fri, 1 Dec 2017 20:35:11 EST Letting Go Of The Little Stuff When we stop worrying about unimportant matters, we can devote so much more to what is truly important; ourselves. <BR> <BR> Each of us experience numerous disappointments mor4 often than we care to want to. Sometimes on a daily basis.Our expectations go unmet, our plans are blocked by circumstance, our wishes go unfulfilled, and we discover that our lives are subject to a myriad of forces beyond our conscious control. In some cases, our response is powerful because we must invest ourselves ... Tue, 21 Nov 2017 20:45:18 EST Transformation begins with you. Transformation begins with you, and your health goals. <BR> <BR> What you can expect. <BR> <BR> Short Term <BR> Increases in General Health, <BR> Healthier Energy Levels <BR> Improved Physical and Mental Performance <BR> Healthy Metabolism <BR> <BR> Long term <BR> Sustainable Health <BR> Healthy Aging <BR> Improved Immunity <BR> Living Better <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> ... Tue, 14 Nov 2017 20:37:27 EST We DON'T Have To Live This Way! <img src=""> <BR> <BR> This image shows a 250 lb woman on the left and a 120 lb woman on the right. We can see weight gain from the outside, but we usually can't see what it's doing on the inside. Look at the fat surrounding the organs in the woman on the left. Do you also see the fat around her heart and around her brain? More than a little frightening, isn't it? <em>198</em> Look at the compression around the... Mon, 13 Nov 2017 20:33:48 EST Our Journey To Better Health & Weightloss Should Be A Sacred Vow, an Oath! I Do Solemnly Swear.... <BR> <BR> Speech is a vehicle for vows. Are you aware that the sacred vows we speak are more than just words? When we make a promise, a subtle yet powerful shift takes place not just in our minds but in our souls where intentions are housed. A vow is both a tool we employ in order to facilitate transformation within ourselves and an expression of will. Thus, to make an oath is to communicate to the universe and our deeper selves our commitment to the principles most i... Sun, 12 Nov 2017 13:29:55 EST Just Catch Up Well we're definitely getting the physical exercise in today! <BR> I actually allowed myself to go back to bed at 4:30 after letting the animals out and back in. Slept until 6:30. That's sleeping in for me. <BR> I got up made Tim Horton's Dark roast had my bone broths with turmeric and collagen, took ,my Global Blend, Xr2 and Xion, got dressed went out for some fresh air, and shoveled both back and front porches and sidewalks. It's nice here today Only -6 C <BR> Once I had that done came i... Sat, 11 Nov 2017 15:59:02 EST Valuing Our Inner Wisdom Our very own inner wisdom should be valued more than any other because it will always guide you in the direction you need to travel. <BR> <BR> Throughout our lives, we will encounter individuals who presume to know what is best for us. However, the insights they offer cannot compare with the powers of awareness and discernment that already exist within us. <BR> <BR> From birth we are blessed with wisdom that cannot be learned or unlearned. It exists whether or not we acknowledge it becaus... Thu, 9 Nov 2017 21:10:30 EST The Truth About Salads <BR> <BR> Most people think of salads as a healthy option when dining out. While they can be a nutritious option, not all salads are created equal. Some types of salads are lower in nutrients and higher in calories, which is the exact opposite of what you want when you are pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Learn what makes a salad healthy and what to look for when ordering a salad so that you can make the best choices for your health. <BR> <BR> Choose the Right Lettuce <BR> <BR> The base of y... Thu, 2 Nov 2017 10:40:10 EST Changing What Isn’t Working If we don't change what isn't working in our lives, we will continually have the same day over and over again. <BR> We have all had the experience of realizing that something in our lives is not working. This knowledge can come as a sudden realization or a nagging feeling of doubt that grows stronger, waking us up to the fact that something needs to change. Some people have a tendency to act rashly and make sweeping changes before even understanding what the problem is. Other people fear cha... Sat, 28 Oct 2017 18:09:45 EST Coping With Anxiety: False Evidence Appearing Real How many of you find that your capacity to cope successfully with life's challenges far outstrips our capacity to feel nervousness? That in the weeks, days, and hours leading up to an event find that our limits are tested to the max, provoking mounting anxiety and nervousness? That we get ourselves increasingly worked up, until the moment of truth arrives and we discover that our worry was all for naught? <BR> You do realize that we are almost always stronger and more capable than we believ... Fri, 27 Oct 2017 08:08:49 EST The fate that awaits us I have come to realize a long time ago that my life is governed and guided by natural rhythms that are particular to only myself and cannot be altered by force of will alone. That my life is a journey made up of processes and events that manifest only to be swept away when time marches on. Whether I envisioned myself creating a career, building a family, or developing the self, I instinctively know when the time has come for me to realize my dreams because all that is involved comes together ... Thu, 26 Oct 2017 20:18:57 EST I've got my edge back! I'm doing more than OK I'm feeling and doing fantastic! I've got my edge back, my energy and clarity of mind!! <BR> <BR> Walt's home this week and getting the rest of the winterizing done so that takes a LOT away from what I was looking at needing to do! With what he's got done today alone and will finish up tomorrow we'll be as snug as bugs in a rug! <BR> <BR> He finished up insulating the windows I wanted done and put brand new insulated framing around both the front and back doors. Woo... Tue, 24 Oct 2017 20:57:44 EST Finding Deep Strength <BR> When we look back on our lives we see that we have survived many trials and often to our own amazement. <BR> <BR> We have all faced moments in our lives when the pressure mounts beyond what we feel we can handle, and we find ourselves thinking that we do not have the strength to carry on. Sometimes we have just gotten through a major obstacle or illness only to find another one waiting for us the moment we finally catch our breath. Sometimes we endure one loss after another, wondering ... Tue, 24 Oct 2017 18:18:29 EST Boy did I need this shot in the arm! What a week! I was so exhausted yesterday I fell into bed by 7:30 and didn't crawl out until 7 this morning. <BR> It's almost too much! But I've pulled it off yet again. <BR> Working on four and five different promotions all at once for work. Thank goodness the one is on wind down and done by Tuesday 4pm. Our business profile magazine for the year. Being the only one working on it.... <BR> Then there's house and home and today I noticed our dachshund not being herself and not interested in fo... Sun, 22 Oct 2017 17:35:09 EST The Clean House Workout There is always chores to be done all around the house and yard. You never hear people yell in excitement that "Woo Hoo!'s time to wash and wax the floor!". <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Since most of us look at chores as a necessary evil, changing how we look at what needs and must be done will not only get you a clean home, but you will also be getting rid of some unwanted calories as well. <BR> Each... Sun, 15 Oct 2017 16:21:54 EST What You Can Do When the Scale Refuses To Budge Good morning! <BR> <BR> It's been a very good weekend. The weather has been typical autumn. The snow we had is all but gone and the temperatures have been -2 +12 so can't complain. <BR> <BR> Yesterday Walt and I spent most of Saturday in Stettler together grocery shopping and misc. including going out for breakfast and lunch. When we finally got back here I had everything to put away and finish the laundry. <BR> Today I'm catching up on my weekend cleaning. <BR> <BR> Well this aging proce... Sun, 15 Oct 2017 11:52:33 EST Choices & Consequences: Same Choices, Same Results Repeated occurrences of adversity are unavoidable throughout our human existence. We battle both against our inner mental and emotional struggles and outer world forces, and in many cases, a lot of us emerge on the opposite side stronger and better equipped to cope with the next round of challenges yet to come. However, we occasionally encounter trials that seem utterly hopeless. We strike at them with all of our resourcefulness and perseverance, hoping urgently to bring about change, only to... Sat, 14 Oct 2017 18:08:41 EST The most profound experience the heart has to offer, its silence You know what both baffles and amazes me? That we spend a lot of time attempting to put the feelings of our hearts into words, to communicate our passions, emotions, and our love, but often we are so busy trying to translate our heart's roar that we miss the most profound experience the heart has to offer, its silence. Every expression arises from this silence and returns to it. When all the songs have been sung, or verse has been written, and emotions expressed, silence is what remains. As e... Thu, 12 Oct 2017 08:48:44 EST Resitance By Repression We all know the feeling of being repeatedly haunted by the same issue, no matter how we try to ignore it, avoid it, or run from it. Sometimes it seems that we can get rid of something we don't want by simply repressing it. Most of the time, the more we repress it; push it down, the more we get pushed back. That which you resist persists. <BR> <BR> Resistance by repression only tends to strengthen those negative energies. This opposes the positive energies giving them power and energy to wor... Mon, 9 Oct 2017 16:01:29 EST Why Not Now? "Why not now, indeed!" The time we are blessed with is limited and tends to be used up all too quickly; like sand through an hour glass. How we utilize that time is consequently one of the most important decisions we make. Yet it is far too easy to put off until tomorrow what we are dreaming of and can accomplish "today". Our hectic pace of modern existence affords us an easy out; we shelve our aspirations so we can cope more effectively with the challenges of the present, ostensibly to have more time and leisure t... Mon, 9 Oct 2017 13:43:46 EST The Morning After Here is some of the storm's Damage. I could just cry We lost at least a good 10 feet from the tops of two spruce trees. <BR> <BR> This is directly out our front door <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> This is the street view of our Spruce. <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> And this is our back yard. <BR> <img src=" Tue, 3 Oct 2017 20:14:35 EST Storm Stayed! Well that was an adventure! An early winter storm! Freaky It's Oct 1 and we had ice and snow dumped on us over night. Broken trees everywhere including the tops of my beautiful spruce trees out front! <BR> After 17 hours of being without power and heat we've finally been restored! <BR> <BR> This is what the last 48 hours has been like with high winds! <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Walt and I took to keeping warm i... Mon, 2 Oct 2017 22:00:41 EST The most important thing we can do Do you have ongoing feelings that are just there constantly; that irritate, upset, or disappointment you? <BR> You go to bed and wake up feeling disappointed, frustrated and think, “Why can’t I fix this? Why can’t I be where I want to be? Why can’t I do or have what I want to have? I don’t understand. I’m trying. I feel like I don’t have any control over this.” <BR> That’s very frustrating, isn’t it? When I have these feelings of inadequacy or frustration, I've learned this: <BR> <BR> To get... Sun, 1 Oct 2017 07:51:23 EST