NOMADATORES's SparkPeople Blog NOMADATORES's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Scared and afraid. My neck pain and migraine headaches have gotten to the point where I was on the phone with my pain management specialist's office begging them for an emergency appointment for trigger point injections (where lidocaine is injected right into the nerve) to relieve me of some of the pain. It usually only lasts for a few days but I was hoping it could break the cycle. I was told no appointments were available before September. SEPTEMBER!!! <BR> <BR> I have been in bed for the last week and a hal... Fri, 16 Aug 2013 19:09:43 EST Relationships with members of my family can be/are huge triggers for me- Part 2 The first entry was a very protracted way of my discussing an argument that I had with my father last week. <BR> <BR> As I said previously, I have been unable to work since 2011, and have consequently been forced by these circumstances to apply for Social Security/Disability. It takes between 1 1/2 to 3 years to schedule a hearing with Social Security after your initial denial of benefits; I applied about 11 months ago. <BR> <BR> Once my short term NY state disability and unemployment ran ... Wed, 24 Jul 2013 00:22:54 EST Relationships with members of my family can be/are huge triggers for me- Part 1 I know that it is not altogether uncommon to have difficulty getting along with family, especially parents and most especially when spending a great deal of time with them. I love my Mom and Dad dearly. However, being with them quite often triggers an unwanted emotional response based on my past history with them. This inevitably leads to an emotional upheaval, throwing my typical daily patterns out of whack (i.e.; eating, sleeping, etc.). <BR> <BR> I moved down to Southeast Florida in Augus... Tue, 23 Jul 2013 14:31:28 EST Letting go of Resistance This is from one of my favorite meditation books-"The Language of Letting Go," by Melody Beattie: <BR> <BR> "LETTING GO OF RESISTANCE-July 20 <BR> <BR> Do not be in such a hurry to move on. <BR> <BR> Relax. Breathe deeply. Be. Be in harmony today. <BR> <BR> Be open. There is beauty around and in us today. There is purpose and meaning in today. <BR> <BR> There is importance in today - not so much in what happens to us, but in how we respond. <BR> <BR> Let today happen. We learn our lesso... Sat, 20 Jul 2013 15:57:09 EST It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood... (?????????) "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood <BR> A beautiful day for a neighbor <BR> Would you be mine? <BR> Could you be mine? <BR> Won't you be my neighbor?" <BR> <BR><BR>Jg <BR> <BR> <em>148</em> <BR> <BR> Simpler times, my friends, simpler times. <BR> <BR> <em>30</em> Thu, 18 Jul 2013 11:08:16 EST I hate squashing bugs at this point in my life. I don't know what it is with me in my old age. <BR> <BR> I used to be able to squash bugs, insects, with impunity. Now, I ask myself the question: who gave me the right to terminate any other life? <BR> <BR> Now, I agree, infestations are serious health threats, and if I have to dispatch hundreds, or thousands, of insects to preserve the health, safety and welfare of me and mine, so be it. <BR> <BR> But one spider? One slimy centipede? <BR> <BR> Should I take extra care to preserve all l... Wed, 17 Jul 2013 20:09:15 EST I hate when I write a long e-mail and accidentally delete it before I send it!!! I hate when I write a long e-mail and accidentally delete it before I send it!!! <BR> <BR> This happens to me, on average, one to two times a week. <BR> <BR> It happened twice yesterday, once on an e-mail to a SparkFriend, and once on a blog entry. Obviously, the universe did not intend to have me share those thoughts with anybody. <BR> <BR> <em>234</em> <BR> <BR> ARGGHHH!!!!! Wed, 17 Jul 2013 19:55:36 EST Headaches are getting worse I have not signed on for several days. Migraines are so bad that I spend most of my days medicating and sleeping. <BR> <BR> I am becoming quite despondent over this. <BR> <BR> All I have for now. Peace Out. Namaste. <BR> <BR> Damon Mon, 15 Jul 2013 02:55:27 EST WOW!!! I just saw this clip of Dustin Hoffman on the character he played in<BR>interview-goes-viral?gt1=50501 <BR> <BR> <BR> This just blew my mind. Something that may be obvious to some of us, but a great actor's honest and frank self-appraisal of how he has been brainwashed and how that has prevented him from knowing some interesting and beautiful people over the years. I have done this to some but, even more so, as I have been morbidly obese almost my entire life, I have experienced this as well. <BR> <BR> "Oh, how ha... Thu, 11 Jul 2013 03:07:46 EST Ear is all better My ear is-FINALLY-all better. I have not been doing so well on my meal planning and tracking what I eat. <BR> <BR> This weekend was another lost weekend for me. Migraines were so bad yesterday that I barely was out of bed. Looking at this in black and white, it seems to me that I am always feeling lousy (which, unfortunately, is actually true) and that I try to use it as an excuse for not doing what I need to do. <BR> <BR> Well, you can't kid a kidder, as they say. Feeling lousy is a FACT O... Sun, 7 Jul 2013 18:35:13 EST Feeling better now that PA cut and drained my infected swollen right ear, earlobe and underneath ear Finally got in to see a specialist, whose PA did some outpatient surgery on my ear. He was amazed that none of the three medicare providers that I had seen over the past week had tried to open up the swollen area and drain it-especially the ER that I went to on Friday. I went to my cousin's wedding on Saturday (I did it for my Mom-who had been crying to me that she might as well be dead, as she can never make it to family functions anymore). Mom is 75 on 7-20-13. So, I went. Let's just say I... Tue, 2 Jul 2013 19:26:49 EST Thank you all for your concern and support. I would like to thank everyone who has expressed concern and provided support, regarding my health issues. I am sorry to say that my infected right ear has gotten worse. Finally got to see an ear, nose and throat specialist. He did not know what it was (an abcess or cyst), but was adamant that it needed to be drained before the infection gets worse and spreads. Have not slept much in over a week, just pass out until I roll on to my right ear (I can only get to sleep on my right side). I have ... Mon, 1 Jul 2013 15:59:19 EST Horrible, horrible birthday... It is 1:45 am EST. I just got back from ER. Was there for 7 1/2 hours. Ear is much worse. They pumped me full of IV antibiotics (some super antibiotic named vanco and levofloxin) and did a ct scan to make sure that the infection had not crossed over in to my jaw bone. I first went to another Urgent Care place, who promptly took my $40 co-pay, told me how bad it all really looked and advised me to go to the ER straight away. I was on IV's for 3 1/2 hours. Luckily, "Murder, My Sweet" was on TCM... Sat, 29 Jun 2013 02:13:24 EST Light at the end of the tunnel Well, met with my new neurosurgeon yesterday. Drove with my Dad from Buffalo to Rochester-and got lost on the way. The directions that the doctor's office sent in the mail were wrong! As you might imagine, dear old Dad was less than happy. <em>234</em> <BR> <BR> He had us leave three hours ahead of time (about twice the time it normally takes) and he was crowing all the way home after the visit about how I would have been late and missed the appointment if I had left when I wanted to. Ge... Wed, 26 Jun 2013 09:26:31 EST Going to get third opinion on my cervical spine today Driving with my Dad today to see a neurosurgeon about my cervical spine issues. The best outcome? Either that weight loss will significantly decrease the severity of my migraine headaches and neck pain or; 2nd Best: that after a certain amount of weight loss, that he would be able to operate and repair the damage done, which hopefully would decrease the severity of my migraine headaches and cervical spine pain. Are these unrealistic expectations? Perhaps. But I need to hope for some light at ... Tue, 25 Jun 2013 05:21:33 EST Oh Monday, monday. Well, I am not sure if it is connected, but I have some sort of infection under my right ear lobe that has caused the right ear lobe to swell to more than 2X its normal size. And it started after my botox injections on Friday. Coincidence? We will see. It hurts like a mother, especially as the strap to my c-pap runs right along there as well (could be that started the irritation in the first place). This happened once before in Florida and I thought it was a bee sting. If its not one thing, i... Mon, 24 Jun 2013 02:45:52 EST Stocked up on ammo against my migraine headaches and a moment of clarity at the doctor's office I went and had botox injections for my migraine headaches yesterday at my pain management doctor's office. I had it done once before, but it seemed to make things worse, not better. They increased my dosage this time, and it seemed to make things better...for about an hour. But then things got much worse and by the time I got home I collapsed into a deep sleep just to relieve myself of the headache pain (sometimes...actually frequently, even this does not work). I had to take a Relpax (migrai... Sat, 22 Jun 2013 03:28:02 EST Only Lost 3 pounds At my weigh in yesterday, I only lost 3 pounds. A little more than a pound a week. However, I know slower is better as a gradual lifestyle change is more likely to stick than a sudden, drastic one. And I have not been sticking closely to my meal plan. Consequences of my actions. Tomorrow is another day, another set of new challenges, as well as old ones. <BR> <BR> <em>104</em> Thu, 20 Jun 2013 23:20:02 EST Today is my first doctor's visit since I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes Today is my first doctor's visit since I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. I printed up the nutrition reports for the dietitian to look at. I doubt she will, but at least she will get the point that I am taking this seriously...wait. Why do I care whether or not she thinks that? Hmmm... appointment is at 9am. <BR> <BR> Oh, and I weigh in. (Grrrrrr...). <BR> <BR> <em>192</em> Wed, 19 Jun 2013 05:48:34 EST Recovering from my World War against my migraine headaches Recovering from my World War against my migraine headaches. HORRIBLE DAY. Spent much of it unconscious. They seem to be getting worse. Tomorrow is another day. ODAAT (One day at a time). Tue, 18 Jun 2013 21:28:51 EST Today has been a better day Even though I had a really lousy day pain wise and my migraine headaches were about as horrible as I ever get, my food intake was good. A silver lining an an otherwise cloudy day. Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. And, most importantly, I spent part of my day with my Dad on Father's Day. As I said, today has been a better day. <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>40</em> Sun, 16 Jun 2013 22:56:30 EST Struggling I have been struggling. I know my eating is 1000% better than what it was before I starting using SparkPeople about 10 days ago. Yet, I have severe, chronic pain in my neck and multiple debilitating migraine headaches each and everyday. And it keeps getting worse. I have had great difficulty sleeping as a result, leaving me to try and get by with a few hours of sleep. Being awake more results in being hungry during the night and I end up eating more than what I am supposed to. My diabetes mak... Sat, 15 Jun 2013 01:38:02 EST I don't know where I went wrong I have been sleep eating most of the week, but was able to still keep within the guidelines of the diabetes meal plan, all but one day, until yesterday. Thursday was bad. Didn't sleep at night. Very bad neck pain and migraines when I finally woke up after getting some sleep. I didn't weigh myself yet (need to do so later today, after I get some sleep). Am I discouraged? Yes. But I need to get back on track and keep moving forward. <em>234</em> Fri, 14 Jun 2013 00:28:19 EST Blood sugar was normal yesterday Blood sugar was normal yesterday. Which is really great. I have only been doing this only a week so it is too early to get too encouraged by it. And I know being on the medication has been responsible for this change as well. At least my thirst is better (I was so thirsty that I was even thirsty when my mouth was full of water). I have put a great deal of effort in week one of my journey and I am proud of what I have done so far <em>244</em> Thu, 13 Jun 2013 01:59:32 EST Made a new recipe tonight Well, I experimented with a recipe for stuffed bell peppers tonight. Wasn't bad. Had some assistance (Mom helped a lot) but I was the chef. Also tried greek yogurt for the first time tonight. Blood sugar was normal when I awoke, but I slept a good part of the day, as I did not sleep much last night). Going to weigh in tomorrow am. Cross my fingers for good luck. <em>102</em> Wed, 12 Jun 2013 21:54:16 EST The ideal me-170 lbs.-back in 1994 I am putting up this 1994 picture of myself at 170 lbs. to try and inspire myself to get fully on track and maintain it that way. I hope that this serves as a catalyst for change. I have done it before. I can do it again . <BR> <BR> <img src=""> Wed, 12 Jun 2013 07:24:09 EST Bad night-can't sleep Today has not been a great day. First time since tracking my food with SparkPeople that I had a binge, where I eat to drown out how I am feeling. I am petrified. If I get gastric bypass and I still continue to overeat, I will have butchered myself for nothing. Going to support group for gastric bypass people for the first time this evening. Hopefully, I will get what I need from there. <BR> <em>24</em> Wed, 12 Jun 2013 03:58:16 EST Very angry at a toxic person from my past. Have had a really bad cluster of migraines all day. Then, I saw on Facebook that my former "girlfriend's" aunt died. Looked more closely and saw that my "Toxic Tillie" has had a baby-again, presumably with her new boyfriend. She just had a child on 1/2012, which was conceived in my house, with a former "ex" boyfriend of hers, while I was recuperating from a discectomy/replacement of vertebra in cervical spine. She later told me what happened, saying that the baby was probably his. I stuck by ... Tue, 11 Jun 2013 16:19:57 EST Hee haw!!! My first normal range blood sugar since I was diagnosed with type 2 <img src=""> I am psyched!!! First normal blood sugar since I was diagnosed with type 2 last week. Hoo Haw!!! Tue, 11 Jun 2013 01:31:03 EST Bad habits resurface quickly I am afraid that my bad diet habits have resurfaced quickly. The last time I lost 140 lbs. in 2005, I began eating at night, which contributed to my regaining the weight (and then some). "sleep eating" has disappeared recently, but started again this week as I began dieting. I have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and have made serious, strong effort to eating balanced meals, with the aid of SparkPeople and its mean planning/meal tracking app. I think this is behavioral, but when I go... Mon, 10 Jun 2013 06:04:36 EST Beginnings I just started with SparkPeople this week. I have 180 lbs. to lose. Going to get gastric bypass surgery. I have lost 100 plus lbs. three times in my life. Gained it all back and more each time. I am now disabled, making it impossible to exercise to date. Going to try walking in pool. Need to find a fitness center with right fit to my needs, so to speak. Anyways, this is my first blog post. Sun, 9 Jun 2013 15:32:05 EST