NEWMOM20121's SparkPeople Blog NEWMOM20121's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community 100 days of gym I read an article about a women who went to the gym for 100 days. It kind of inspired me to see what I could do if made it to the gym for 100 days. Could I even complete this challenge? <BR> <BR> I really would like to see what being dedicated to something feels like. I want to see if I can complete this challenge. <BR> <BR> Sun, 19 Jan 2014 12:44:09 EST Still focused I am amazed with myself. I have made it to the gym every day for the past 8 days. I have stayed within my calories/fat/carb range for the past 7 days. As I enter day 8 I am feeling good. <BR> <BR> 4am is not a bad hour to get up. <BR> <BR> Keeping focused and remembering how good it feels to be healthy. <BR> <BR> Fri, 17 Jan 2014 08:52:23 EST Day 7 I have hesitated to blog because it seems when I blog I soon get off track. So blogging for me has not always gone well. Lets see if I can change my blogging streak. <BR> <BR> Today is day 7 - <BR> I have gone to the gym everyday for 7 days. I have stayed on track food wise for the past 6 (working on day 7 now). <BR> <BR> I constantly remind myself how good I feel when I stay on track and focused. Sparkpeople has given me the tools I need to live a healthy life. I just need to apply... Thu, 16 Jan 2014 09:06:07 EST I did it anyway 5:45pm, tired of being in my work clothes I decide to change into my pj's (yes I know pretty early). While changing, I see my gym clothes and do a mental tug a war. Pj's and rest or gym clothes and walk. Pj's and rest or gym clothes an walk. <BR> <BR> I am please to announce the gym clothes and walk won. I was able to get in a very good walk and am pleased that I did not take the slug way out and get into the pj's. <BR> <BR> Small victory for me. Thu, 16 May 2013 09:02:36 EST 4am Plan is in place and I am moving forward. This means I must be up by 4am so I can eat a little before I head to the gym by 4:30am. This allows for an hour work out (walking and strength) and 30 minutes of Spark time (this is as important as the workout). <BR> <BR> So far this is working for me. <BR> <BR> I see how far I have came over this past year and how bad I felt a little over a year ago (before spark). I know my health depends on me sparking daily, eating healthy and working out.... Wed, 20 Feb 2013 08:54:32 EST Trying to blog again Trying to blog, if not every day at least a few times a week. <BR> <BR> Joined the gym, no more excuses why I can not get out and walk. Was able to meet with a trainer and we set up a plan for the next 6 weeks. It will mean me getting up early (4am early), but I am a morning person and would farther get my workout in first thing. <BR> <BR> Hard to believe I have been with spark people a little over a year. I have been able to destroy 50 pounds of fat over the last year. I have more I... Wed, 13 Feb 2013 23:02:19 EST Day 14 and 15 Blogging daily is harder than I thought it would be. <BR> <BR> Busy couple of weeks for me has made it a little harder to stay on track. Working on it, I have the tools, I know the rules. I can do it. <BR> <BR> Wed, 16 Jan 2013 08:56:30 EST Day 13 Love indygirls quote: <BR> <BR> Lose, maintain, just don't gain. <BR> <BR> Short blog. <BR> Not my best weekend. Glad it's monday (easier to stay focused while at work). <BR> <BR> Love all the support and advice Spark friends give. <BR> <BR> <BR> Mon, 14 Jan 2013 08:47:03 EST Days 11 and 12 of 2013 Busy yesterday and did not get to blog. <BR> <BR> Not my easiest days, but still ok. <BR> <BR> I am a stress eater. When I get stressed I want to eat. Luckily, I have learned a thing to two here on SP. I can recognize what is going on and I can change the direction I am heading. <BR> <BR> So as day 13 begins I am ready for the stresses of life. <BR> Sun, 13 Jan 2013 08:54:47 EST Day 10 2013 Yesterday was VERY hard. Being very angry with someone for doing and saying something I have no control over should not make me this angry. <BR> <BR> Long story short, I stayed with nutrition ranges but only by the grace of God. <BR> <BR> Because I wanted to eat. <BR> <BR> I know this kind of emotion is not good for me. <BR> <BR> Very much looking forward to the weekend. <BR> Fri, 11 Jan 2013 08:56:21 EST Day 9 of 2013 I am amazed that I am still blogging. <BR> <BR> Every streak has to start with day 1. I will not be able to reach a 100 day streak without starting with day 1. <BR> <BR> So 9 days into this new year and am pleased with how well I am doing. <BR> <BR> Still eating healthy, tracking everything and blogging. <BR> <BR> If anything exciting ever happened I will make sure to mention it here. Thu, 10 Jan 2013 08:52:25 EST Day 8 of 2913 It is getting easier to stay focused. Stopping with A serving is getting easier. Staying in nutrition and water ranges is getting easier. <BR> <BR> I am finding, at least for this week, that I do not have to get on the scale each day. I am trying to pace myself, maybe every other day is what I am thinking. I will have to see how that goes. <BR> <BR> Yesterday I stayed in nutrition and water range, even with a burrito for lunch. Half a burrito is still less calories than the whole thing... Wed, 9 Jan 2013 08:28:27 EST Day 7 of 2013 Still staying in food and water ranges. Still no exercise like I know I need. <BR> <BR> Down this morning, good. <BR> <BR> Read a great blog by indygirl and she mentioned the "First compulsive bite." Her blog really hit home for me. There are foods I KNOW I can not even have a little. If you have not read it you should, very good. <BR> <BR> Staying in control is vital. Last night my niece made banana bread, one piece not to bad. Thankfully I entered the piece for the day and realize... Tue, 8 Jan 2013 08:44:04 EST Day 6 of 2013 Great day. Stayed in ranges, drank my water and even got in a super walk, 4.2 miles. <BR> <BR> Love days like this. Mon, 7 Jan 2013 09:00:50 EST Day 5 of 2012 Along with staying focused and on track I am attempting to blog each day. This will be for me. Feel free to read and comment, or read and not comment or just ignore. <BR> <BR> I am not a great writer, LOVE reading, but can't write my way out of a box. So blogging does not come easy and I have avoided or done very little. <BR> <BR> So back to yesterday. I stayed on track with food and water. Still struggling with the exercise. Finding and Making time is my struggle. <BR> <BR> Toda... Sun, 6 Jan 2013 12:27:10 EST Day 4 of 2013 Busy this morning, so I am just now getting to post my blog for yesterday. <BR> <BR> I did well , started within nutrition range and drank my water. Did not make it to the sport club to check on cost. <BR> <BR> Over all a pretty good day. Just trying to stay on track, stay focused. <BR> <BR> Sat, 5 Jan 2013 22:05:51 EST Day 3 of 2013 I did it. I stayed in my nutrition ranges, drank my water and took a 10 minute walk. <BR> <BR> Plan to stop by sports club and get prices this evening. <BR> <BR> ALmost got tripped up by a biscotti. Someone brought them in and they looked so good. I had one with some coffee and before I knew it I wanted another. However, I did not eat another one. There was a nice battle going on, but I won. <BR> <BR> Because of the biscotti I did not get a "treat" (skinny cow fudge bar) after dinner.... Fri, 4 Jan 2013 09:19:12 EST Day 2 2013 Yesterday I did great. Stayed within my calories, drank my water and even got in a 10 minute walk during one of my breaks. <BR> <BR> It sucks now that I am working, trying to find the time to get in good long walks is very hard. It is dark when I leave in the morning and is getting dark when I get home. I think I would like to join a gym. <BR> <BR> So two days of staying on track, that is almost a streak. Lets see if I can stay focused today. <BR> <BR> Baby steps, baby steps. I can ... Thu, 3 Jan 2013 08:42:15 EST First Day of 2013 I did well yesterday. Ate within calorie range and drank all my water. <BR> <BR> Baby steps, baby steps. I know what I need to do to continue on this journey and change my lifestyle. <BR> Being unhealthy and making unhealthy choices is not ok. <BR> <BR> I am making it a goal to blog each morning and track ALL of my food, water and exercise. <BR> <BR> Wed, 2 Jan 2013 09:31:26 EST Sparky Chain Game If you’re game also, as BOSS61 suggested, “Copy and Paste into your own blog, change the answers to suit you. (Try to) use one word answers, get an easy three SparkPoints, and help your SparkFriends get to know you.” As if you do not. And you damn well know I cannot stick to one-word answers. <BR> <BR> So here goes… <BR> <BR> Where is my cell phone? <BR> with my husband, we only have one. <BR> <BR> Spouse? <BR> watching tv <BR> <BR> Your hair? <BR> colored auburn, pretty gray for a ... Mon, 19 Nov 2012 22:59:22 EST Spreading the Spark - Love this team and the people Here is a blog from one of my favorite bloggers here on SP. There are a few people you can count on to always have great blogs this is one of those people. <BR> <BR><BR>_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5128884 <BR> <BR> Thought I would share a little gem of a team. The people are wonderful, wise and welcoming. The blogs from my fellow team members are great. The advice and support is the best. <BR> <BR> We maybe a small team but there are mig... Sun, 11 Nov 2012 00:21:20 EST Just a thought <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Had to post this. Hope no one is offended. Wed, 19 Sep 2012 20:11:10 EST Couple of Motivational Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still. <BR> Chinese Proverb <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Just a couple of thoughts that will help me and hopefully anyone else that needs it today. <BR> <BR> Aim high this week. <BR> Sun, 16 Sep 2012 13:33:06 EST First 5k I did it, I signed up for my first 5k. I have wanted to sign up for a run for a couple of months but have put it off because, well because.......... <BR> <BR> scared <BR> commitment issues <BR> <BR> Ok, commitment issues would be the biggest excuse. <BR> <BR> So it is now on record (both here and on Bidwell Bark registration) September 29th at 8am I will participate in the 5k run. The Bidwell Bark is a fund raiser for the local Humane Society. I am hoping to get a few friends to sign ... Sat, 15 Sep 2012 11:53:36 EST September Goals I have never actually put my monthly goals out for everyone to see. However as part of the 77 Days of Autumn Challenge I am going to go for it. <BR> <BR> 1) Stay within my nutrition range - EVERY DAY <BR> 2) Walk/Jog 3+ miles 4 times a week <BR> 3) 2 days of strength training per week (would like to do more) <BR> <BR> I think that will be it for now, I might have to add as I think about it a little more. <BR> Tue, 4 Sep 2012 19:11:24 EST Size 10 I bought a pair of pants today in a size 10 and they fit. It has been 10 years since I have saw this size. I honestly did not think I would EVER see it again. I had give up and decided I would always be obese. My Mom is, most of my family, Aunts and cousins are. I am not sure what the real turning point was and I have no advice on were the motivation came from because I do not know. <BR> <BR> All I can say is Thank you to SP and all of my Spark Friends I am sure I could not have do... Thu, 30 Aug 2012 23:23:08 EST Thought for the day <img src=""> <BR> <BR> I saw this and thought of my spark friends. This is so true. <BR> <BR> Mon, 20 Aug 2012 22:20:09 EST Follow up to yesterday's blog Last night I thought about Boss(Mark) going to a baseball game and I came up with this analogy. <BR> <BR> You can not play the game if you walk off the field. <BR> <BR> Many people come to the game (SP/weight loss) expecting a miracle magic pill. There is not one. So when the weight does not fall off over night they walk off the field. <BR> <BR> I think of it this way, we are all on the same team, we are all cheering each other on to do our best. If a player walks off the field, (does... Sun, 24 Jun 2012 23:23:00 EST Motivation and my ramblings So many of my fellow spark people have the ability to write wonderful blogs. <BR> <BR> JohnTJ1 wrote about being your own inspiration. <BR> LDRichel wrote a great blog using fog as the metaphor. <BR> Blue42down wrote about the 5k she ran today. <BR> Boss61 wrote about his childhood. <BR> <BR> These are just a small sample of the great blogs my fellow sparkies have written. I love reading all of them. <BR> <BR> All of my spark friends and others I pass along the way make this "caravan"... Sat, 23 Jun 2012 19:03:10 EST Something to think about Today I reached a new goal. A goal I really did not even realize I was reaching for until after I completed it. I added distance to my walk and I jogged farther than I have before. This is huge for me, because honestly (as I have mentioned before) I have never been a jogger. I think I really could become a pretty decent jogger, given time. <BR> <BR> What I realized, I am NEVER, NEVER going to regret changing and try to live a healthier life. I am not going to look back in two, three, fiv... Fri, 8 Jun 2012 13:06:29 EST Looking for opportunities I did it, this past Memorial Day weekend I went spelunking. <BR> <BR> Full on, belly crawl into a cave, not just once but twice. Not some nice stairs (though that would still be good) lighted open cave. But a lava rock dark dank belly crawling glove wearing head lamp glowing cave. <BR> <BR> This is not something I would have normally done, I do not crawl into caves with a head lamp. <BR> <BR> However when a family friend suggested going to some caves he knew about my boys, husband ... Thu, 31 May 2012 15:35:03 EST New members beware, this is not a diet Here is my advice for new spark people. So many come here thinking this is like all other "diet" programs. I am here to say it is not. This is not a quick fix, fly in loss your weight and leave program. This program is all about what YOU put into it. What I have learned and what will help you succeed is the following. <BR> <BR> 1) Track, track, track -If you do not know what and how much you are putting into your body how can you expect to loss weight. Every bite needs to be tracked.... Sun, 6 May 2012 23:21:03 EST What it takes for me to jog I am able to jog a mile, yea me. I have never thought of myself as a jogger, always wanted to be, but could never get the grove. For the past few days I have consistently jogged for one full mile (no stopping), this is HUGE for me. <BR> <BR> I have recently found the right combination of music to give me the pick up my legs need to actually jog. What music do I need do you ask, I will tell you. I need AC/DC Thunderstruck, Black Eyed Peas I got a feeling, AC/DC You Shock Me All Night Lon... Wed, 2 May 2012 20:29:54 EST Daily weigh in Ok confession time again. I step on the scale every morning. I try not to get all freaked out when I step on scale and I have gained two pound. I know this is just water and I have not really gained two pounds. Also when I step on the scales and I have lost two pounds I try to remember (as I am doing the happy dance) that I really did not lose two pounds while I slept. My daily weigh in is more to remind myself why I am eating healthy and exercising. It is my little affirmation that I am... Fri, 20 Apr 2012 22:40:15 EST Sunny days It is so much easier to be motivated when the sun is shining. We had a beautiful weekend here in Northern Ca. today. Both days me and my family were able to get outside and enjoy. Saturday my husband and the boys rode their bikes in the park, while I followed (at a very brisk walk). Today after church we just enjoyed the day at the expo. <BR> <BR> I was even able to turn down waffle cones even though husband and boys all ate some. Really not that hard when I thought about how many c... Sun, 15 Apr 2012 22:54:38 EST The damage of one day (for me) There is no easy way to say this, except to just put it out there. This week has been hard. <BR> <BR> The damage a few (ok about 12) bite size candies, chocolate cake and cheesy potatoes can do amazes me. I figured I would be a little off after sunday's over indulgence, however I was not prepared for the sugar and carb withdrawals I would go through. <BR> <BR> Monday was horrible, Tuesday was rough, Wednesday was hard and today was easier. Thankfully I continued to exercise as I would ... Thu, 12 Apr 2012 20:08:32 EST Positive people Looking through the message boards and reading some blogs I have decided that Spark People are the best. I enjoy all the support and advice that the members give. There is always a warm welcome for new people. There is always a kind word for those that are doing well. There is always support and advice for those that are struggling. <BR> Blogs that are open and honest about the struggles of weight loss help me to keep focused and encouraged. <BR> Thanks to all of you positive people I... Mon, 26 Mar 2012 21:23:11 EST Just a day Not much to report. Doing good. Spark People if helping me loss weight, gain strength and take control of my eating habits. I was thinking today, 20 pounds down, I am excited to see how another 20 will make me feel. I have more energy to enjoy my boys and husband. My big "splurge" is Skinny Cow Chocolate Sandwiches if I have "extra" calories, fat and carbs at the end of the day. I keep looking for chips that wont break the bank, however I still have not found any. Baby carrots and boi... Sat, 24 Mar 2012 21:32:54 EST My body is screaming at me I can hear my body screaming at me. I can feel it rebelling against everything I am doing. If my body could talk it would ask me "What in the H*** are you doing? You have never lasted this long at anything, except eating and setting." It would also say "I am not giving up another pound, you will only gain it back when you give up, like you always have." <BR> <BR> Each and every pound my body has given up has been a fight. My body still does not believe, or has chosen not to except the f... Fri, 23 Mar 2012 17:14:52 EST Love all the changes There is so much to love about the changes that have taken place in my life over the past couple of months. I feel better, I have more energy than I have had in a long time. Most of the food I have eaten over the last couple of months has been controlled. I feel like I am controlling the food, not the food controlling me. Thank you Spark People. Sun, 18 Mar 2012 21:43:41 EST Spark People is not a diet I do not consider Spark People a diet. This is not something I am changing for the short while until I get to my "ideal weight". This is not a quick fix to the age old problem. This is an entire over haul of my relationship with food and exercise. I honestly do not think I have EVER had a good healthy relationship with food or exercise. When I was younger I could eat pretty much what I wanted and not gain weight and by the time I realized I had gained a substantial amount of weight I did... Fri, 16 Mar 2012 14:16:17 EST Eating out of boredom Someone mentioned earlier today that they eat out of boredom, I agreed with her. However today this is really being put to the test. It is really raining today and there is nothing I like better than setting around on a rainy day reading and of course EATING. So today has been a test of my resolve to change old patterns. I know that if I start eating ANYTHING that has not already been entered on my tracker I would not stop. So with LOTS of water and hot tea on hand I am learning to chang... Tue, 13 Mar 2012 18:54:34 EST A great start to the week I love it when I can get a really good walk in. I was able to walk/jog 2.51 miles in 35 minutes (I am trying to increase), after this I walk an additional 2 miles in 32 minutes. There is a walk/bike trail where I live that I have never used, until I joined Spark People. I love it. I can break up my walk depending where I start, it is a pretty steep incline, so I get a good work out. It is a shame I have lived in my home for 12 years and have NEVER ONCE walked on this trail. I am looking ... Mon, 12 Mar 2012 18:49:04 EST Mourning the loss of years Today during my walk/jog is realized (I know, I am kind of slow on the draw), that I am 43 and I am retraining my legs/body to move. I ask myself "When did I stop running?" I know I ran when I was in elementary school, I played sports in high school (no, not the best player, but I played), so I ran in high school. So it must have been when I started college I quit running. Now 20 some years later I am trying to teach my legs and body how to move. I am mourning the years that I could have... Fri, 9 Mar 2012 14:27:59 EST Food thoughts I have NEVER in all my life tracked and checked on the food I was putting in my mouth like I have for the last month. Reading the articles and other information that SparkPeople provides has been a real eye opener for me. I have never really checked the sugar content of what I eat (hum I wonder if that is why I am the weight I am today). Mostly what I would look at was the calories, fat and occasionally the carbs. By tracking and checking the food BEFORE I put it in my mouth I have elimi... Sat, 3 Mar 2012 00:20:32 EST Wednesday thoughts I realized today that I really can do this if I really want to. I have started the 5k challenge, I have been tracking my food and water. I workout 3 days a week and walk/run the other 3 days with 1 day for rest. I feel I am getting more than enough to eat (no starving with SparkPeople). I FEEL better than I have in a very long time. I have been "doing" SparkPeople for a little over a month and am feeling very confident that I will be able to continue this journey. What a great month th... Wed, 29 Feb 2012 22:41:39 EST Getting out and enjoying life Today I took a great 4 mile walk around a local lake. This was a planned walk. I knew earlier in the week that I would have to walk either Saturday or Sunday. I do the SparkPeople assigned strength workout on monday, wednesday and friday and I also go to Curves on these days. I try to walk on Tuesdays and Thursdays, however this week my body was sore so I took thursday off to recover. So with taking thursday off I knew I would have to walk on Saturday or Sunday. I have learned to plan tim... Sat, 25 Feb 2012 20:08:03 EST Things I have learned I have learned that I HAVE to plan my meals. If I do not plan my meals for the day and for the days to come I end up eating very unhealthy food. 1200-1500 calories is a lot of calories to eat in a day when you eat fruits, veggies and healthy food. I large glass of water can almost always hold off the urge to eat. I have learned I can not even "sample" unhealthy food (chips, cookies, cake,ice cream, etc.). If it goes in my mouth I have a VERY hard time stopping the urge to eat more. I ca... Sat, 25 Feb 2012 00:40:27 EST Hop scotch and four square How many years has it been since you played hopscotch and four square. For me it had been around 30 years. Today I played. It was such fun to jump and play like a kid. Thu, 23 Feb 2012 23:57:23 EST Things I love I love that today my body was sore, I love that I can feel a difference in my body. I love that I actually ran a little ways yesterday during my walk. I love that I was able to go into the grocery store and not purchase junk food. I love sweating and knowing that every little bit helps me get healthier. I love that I think about EVERYTHING that I put into my mouth. I love that I can step on the scales and not want to cry. I love that I can cook healthy meals for my family and eat with t... Wed, 22 Feb 2012 22:57:20 EST