NANHBH's SparkPeople Blog NANHBH's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Would you be willing to send a note of thanks/encouragement to a WWII vet? My almost 91-year-old Dad is going to take the Honor Flight Chicago trip to Washington DC on Oct 1, 2014. Honor Flight Chicago is a charitable organization that takes WWII vets to DC for a day of honor and to visit the WWII war memorial. Please pray for Cornelius (Neil) Leary's good health and strength - up to and throughout the trip on Oct 1. Dad had a stroke 10 years ago, so this will be a challenging day for him. He is really looking forward to this trip. <BR> <BR> Dad served as a combat ... Thu, 11 Sep 2014 22:08:19 EST Another Triathlon in the Books The Race Report <BR> <BR> Sunday, August 10, 2014 <BR> Naperville Sprint Triathlon <BR> Finishing time - 1:41:17 <BR> Splits -- <BR> Swim 400 m - 12:18 <em>237</em> <BR> T1 - 8:29 <BR> Bike 20K - 40.38 <em>332</em> <BR> T2 - 4:29 <BR> Run 5K - 35:24 <em>312</em> <BR> <BR> This tri was by far my best time, but the swim was only 1/4 mile (most are 1/2 mile), so that is part of the reason. My goal was to finish in less than 2 hours. My time was 1:41:17. I took 4th place in my div... Tue, 12 Aug 2014 00:39:12 EST Make Exercise Fun! I've always said that if you make exercise fun, you'll always find time for it. <link> </link> <BR> <BR> And, if you have a friend to exercise with, you'll be more committed to working out! <BR> <link> </link> <BR> <BR> I hope these videos give you a smile, but more importantly, give you some ideas about making exercise fun! <BR> <em>386</em> <em>381</em> <BR> <BR> Thanks to my teammate, Molly, who inspired ... Tue, 11 Feb 2014 02:01:01 EST 2013 in Review - Goals for 2014 These were my 2013 goals and how I did -- <BR> 1/1/13 Starting Weight 153.8 <BR> 12/31/13 Ending Weight 155.8 (+2 lbs.) <BR> <BR> * Spend 15 minutes reading and meditating on scripture daily by setting the alarm 15 minutes earlier. (Successful most days.) <BR> * Always be present in the moment by not multitasking. (Still needs work, but I am much more conscious of when I am multitasking.) <BR> * Find something to be in awe of daily by being present in the moment. (Still needs work! I actuall... Wed, 1 Jan 2014 12:48:24 EST Have you ever participated in a charity bike ride? Lots of fun! On Saturday, September 14, I participated in Lorie's Lakeside Century bike ride in Chesterton, IN (no, I didn't ride for 100 miles, although many others did!). The ride was to benefit the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) of Porter County, IN. The VNA provides a broad spectrum of health and social services that can be delivered to recovering, disabled, chronically ill or terminally ill persons in their home environment - a very worthy cause. <BR> <BR> If you haven't participated in one of th... Mon, 16 Sep 2013 18:35:00 EST How heavy is it? This was a great lesson I read on Facebook... <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> A psychologist walked around a room while teaching stress management to an audience. As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected they'd be asked the "half empty or half full" question. Instead, with a smile on her face, she inquired: "How heavy is this glass of water?" <BR> <BR> Answers called out ranged from 8 oz. to 20 oz. <BR> <BR> She replied, "T... Sat, 27 Jul 2013 15:24:47 EST Shake it off and take a step up This story was in my Facebook feed this morning. I thought that this was good advice for us on our Spark journeys - Shake it off and take a step up! <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> One day a farmer's donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn't worth it to retrieve the d... Wed, 24 Jul 2013 12:53:51 EST Triathlon #2 Pleasant Prairie Sprint Triathlon <BR> Sunday, June 23, 2013 <BR> Pleasant Prairie, WI <BR> <BR> Division finish: 5 out of 6 <BR> Overall finish: 370 out of 409 <BR> Swim: 32:26 <BR> T 1: 6:23 <BR> Bike: 46:44 <BR> T 2: 5:01 <BR> Run: 40:04 <BR> Total time: 2:10:35 <BR> <BR> 1/2 mile swim/20K bike/5K run <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> Look at the ripples in the water! It was a windy, but hot and humid day. <BR> <BR> This was a tough rac... Thu, 27 Jun 2013 09:28:12 EST My Very First Sprint Triathlon Results! Esprit de She Triathlon <BR> Sunday, June 9, 2013 <BR> Naperville, IL <BR> <BR> Division finish: 14 out of 21 <BR> Overall finish: 1015 out of 1229 <BR> Swim: 20:59 <BR> T1: 7:09 <BR> Bike: 54:43 <BR> T2: 6:18 <BR> Run: 36:11 <BR> Total time: 2:05:19 <BR> <BR> I did it! I completed my first sprint distance triathlon - 1/2 mile swim, 14.4 mile bike ride, and 3.1 mile run. I did one other triathlon last year - a super sprint distance, which is half the distance of the sprint race. The spr... Wed, 12 Jun 2013 17:16:17 EST Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mom My mom went to her Eternal Reward 8.5 years ago. These photos were taken the year before she died - at my dad's 80th birthday party. <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Mother's Days just aren't the same without you, Mom. I love you and miss you. <BR> <em>382</em> Sat, 11 May 2013 15:46:20 EST Younger Next Year - Really? For my strength training class project, I read the book "Younger Next Year for Women: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy - Until You're 80 and Beyond" by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, M.D. <BR> <BR> I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE. It's a book that I will re-read every year - the information is just that important that I don't want to forget it. It's an engaging read. The men's version is "Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy - Until You're 80 and Beyond." <BR> <BR> Here is t... Fri, 10 May 2013 12:11:18 EST Things My Mother Taught Me - Happy Mother's Day in Heaven 1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE. <BR> "If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning." <BR> <BR> 2. My mother taught me RELIGION. <BR> "You better pray that will come out of the carpet." <BR> <BR> 3. My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL. <BR> "If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!" <BR> <BR> 4. My mother taught me LOGIC. <BR> "Because I said so, that's why." <BR> <BR> 5. My mother ta... Thu, 9 May 2013 23:46:36 EST Eat breakfast to combat obesity & diabetes Here's an interesting abstract on the importance of young people eating breakfast to combat obesity and diabetes. If it works for young people, why wouldn't it work for people of all ages? <BR> <BR> "Several dietary factors have recently been identified to play a critical role in the etiology of this disease. Of particular interest is the common dietary habit of skipping breakfast, which has been strongly associated with obesity." <BR> <link><BR>act </... Mon, 6 May 2013 07:52:43 EST Beatitudes for Women Beatitudes for Women <BR> <BR> Blessed is she who suffers with the very young, the very old, and the very lonely, for she has compassion. <BR> <BR> Blessed is she who greets the world with joy, laughter, and anticipations, for she has courage. <BR> <BR> Blessed is she who speaks gently, lives humbly, and chooses to give freely, for she has dignity. <BR> <BR> Blessed is she who listens and hears and extends her hands as a friend, for she has understanding. <BR> <BR> Blessed is she who giv... Mon, 4 Mar 2013 01:07:09 EST Week Ending 2-17-2013 Accountability Blog I would like a do-over for last week. Between Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day parties at work, and Valentine's celebrating with Harry and my dad over the weekend, it was not a good food week, as my Weekly Progress food log shows... <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> I weighed in at 152.6 - up 0.6 pounds from all the partying. The good news is that for Lent, I have decided to get off the computer at 10pm and spend some time in prayer and me... Thu, 21 Feb 2013 10:57:31 EST Week Ending 2-10-2013 Accountability Blog On Sunday, February 10, I participated in my 3rd indoor triathlon. I have 2 more indoor triathlons to go. My totals were very close to the last race, but not better. My distance for race #2 was 8.733 miles. The distance for race #3 was 8.552. Since this is a triathlon series, they combine the scores. I'm not doing bad for an old lady - still beating the distances for women a few decades younger than me. But, I'm not in the top 3 for the money. This particular series only pays out for the top ... Wed, 13 Feb 2013 19:53:44 EST Week Ending 2-3-2013 Accountability Blog Kind of a crazy week last week. I was over my calorie allotment about half of the days, but lost 1 pound in spite of that. I weighed in at 151.6 this morning. I have been working out daily, so that helps burn up the extra calories. I ate pizza and ice cream while watching the Super Bowl. I'm back on track now. <BR> <em>281</em> <em>480</em> <em>76</em> <BR> <BR> Here's my Weekly Progress report -- <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> ... Tue, 5 Feb 2013 17:23:08 EST Week Ending 1-27-2013 Accountability Blog I'm a couple of days late with my weekly accountability blog. It was a wild weekend, so I just got my food log caught up. I participated in the 2nd of 4 indoor triathlons on Sunday. I finished 1st in my division, but there was only 1 other athlete in my division! I should have kept that little tid bit to myself! Overall, I finished 29th out of 63 female athletes. There were only 3 or 4 athletes that were my age or older, so at 59 going on 60 years old, I beat out a lot of 20 - 40 year olds! <... Wed, 30 Jan 2013 22:19:02 EST Life from the seat of a tractor…. I got the following in an email today and thought I'd share it with you. Some great wisdom here! Which one is your favorite? <BR> <BR> Life from the seat of a tractor…. <BR> An old farmer's Words of Wisdom we could all live by.... <BR> The last quote fits everyone...whoever you are! <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> A bumble bee is considerably faster than a John Deere tractor. <BR> <BR> Words that soak into your ears are whispered.... Thu, 24 Jan 2013 11:17:24 EST Week Ending 1-20-2013 Accountability Blog It was a good week. School is back in session. I'm taking Strength Training and Gentle Yoga classes this semester, so getting daily exercise has been going well. Last Sunday, I participated in an indoor triathlon - my first indoor tri. I rocked the spin bike, did pretty well on the treadmill, but tanked in the pool. My overall finish was 10th place out of all female athletes - regardless of age. <BR> <BR> It was a good week food-wise. With the exception of Friday, I was below my calorie goal... Mon, 21 Jan 2013 01:01:05 EST Day 3 accountability Wednesday, January 9, 2013 <BR> <BR> <em>315</em> 1) - 30 minute run on the treadmill; 10 minutes stretching <BR> <em>44</em> 2) - 1,970 calories. Christmas cookies are gone, but we had an anniversary/birthday party at work. I ate at the pot luck luncheon and had anniversary cake, too. <BR> <em>102</em> 3) - 5 hours <BR> <em>45</em> 4) - 2 fruit, 1 veggie <BR> <em>274</em> 5) - 8+ glasses of water <BR> <BR> <BR> January 2013 accountability goals -- <BR> 1( - Exercise at l... Thu, 10 Jan 2013 18:40:14 EST Day 2 accountability Tuesday, January 8, 2013 <BR> <BR> <em>416</em> 1 - 30 minutes Pilates followed by 45 minutes of upper body workout <BR> <em>495</em> 2 - 1,832 calories. I indulged in the leftover Christmas cookies for breakfast, then took them to work, so they are gone now. <BR> <em>102</em> 3 - 5 hours (Facebooking til midnight) <BR> <em>140</em> 4 - 4 veggies, but no fruit <BR> <em>274</em> 5 - 10+ glasses of water <BR> <BR> I signed up for the indoor tri. Gotta admit, I'm just a... Wed, 9 Jan 2013 09:37:12 EST Day 1 accountability OK, there are still left-over Christmas cookies in the house. I can see that if I go an entire week without reporting, I could get pretty far off track. So, here's the truth from yesterday. I'm coming clean. <BR> <BR> Monday, January 7, 2013 <BR> <BR> <em>314</em> 1 - 30 minutes on the elliptical/stair stepper combo machine followed by 5 minutes of stretching. <BR> <em>495</em> 2 - 2,173 calories. I indulged in the leftover Christmas cookies last night - and again this morning for bre... Tue, 8 Jan 2013 11:40:56 EST January 2013 accountability goals I started accountability blogging last January after seeing how well my Spark Buddy FREDANN did with it. She lost 6 pounds in December of 2011 while I gained. I thought that I would start accountability blogging again. I may not do it daily. With my work and homework schedule, it got hard to do it daily last year and I just quit doing it. So, this won't necessarily be a daily blog, but I'll try to do it weekly. <BR> <BR> January 2013 accountability goals -- <BR> <em>315</em> 1 - Exercis... Mon, 7 Jan 2013 14:06:18 EST The importance of water For those who are tracking water to make sure they are getting enough, thought that I'd share a couple of photos to encourage you. <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <img src=""> Fri, 4 Jan 2013 21:15:22 EST Why do I workout? <img src=""> Fri, 4 Jan 2013 00:34:09 EST ABC's about me From my friend Sheila (LuckyDogFarm) via her friend NatPlummer. <BR> <BR> A - Available or married: Available, but in a serious relationship, so not really available but not yet married either. <BR> B - Book: "Younger Next Year for Women" by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, MD. I need to reread it every January to get my year off on the right foot. <BR> C - Cake or pie: Cake and pie - can't I have both? <BR> D - Drink of choice: Water - love it! <BR> E - Essential item: hate to say it bu... Mon, 31 Dec 2012 17:57:51 EST Mail for a serviceman - thank you from my nephew Jon Thank you to those of you who responded to my request to send my homesick nephew, Jon, a card in December. He is in basic training for the air force and was quite homesick at the beginning. Jon got a whole bunch of mail that week and was so appreciative of the cards and notes. Apparently the highlight of the serviceman's day is when the mail bag is delivered. Thank you for helping to make Jon's first month away from home during the holidays more joyful. <BR> <em>380</em> <BR> <BR> Jon wi... Mon, 31 Dec 2012 13:36:11 EST My New Year's Resolution - To be more present in the moment <img src=""> Sat, 29 Dec 2012 15:35:08 EST Homesick service man (my nephew) needs encouragement I have a favor to ask. My nephew Jon is in his 3rd week of boot camp and is homesick. If anyone has time, please send him a card or note this month to let him know that he is being thought of and that we appreciate his service to our country. Just tell him you're a friend of his Aunt Nancy! <BR> <BR> He can't have any food, magazines, books or porn (can you believe they have to say "no porn". Who would think of sending that?). Just cards and letters. His birthday is Dec 6, but that's coming ... Tue, 4 Dec 2012 16:33:03 EST Rewarding action - The Daily Motivator by Ralph Marston I like to read "The Daily Motivator" by Ralph Marston. Today's post was just too good not to share, since it so pertains to our Spark journey... <BR> <BR> "Rewarding action" <BR> <BR> When you don’t feel like making the effort, that’s when making the effort will make the biggest difference for you. Instead of giving in to negative momentum, interrupt it. <BR> <BR> The best way to feel like doing it, is to do it. Step beyond your negative feelings and reward yourself with some positive ac... Mon, 8 Oct 2012 18:16:25 EST Messages from Heaven Hello, Spark Friends! <BR> <BR> I've gotten away from blogging, due to all the craziness at work with the library that I work at undergoing renovation for the next 18 months. My coworkers and I are "holed up" in a classroom together and we've been crazy-busy with construction "stuff." <BR> <BR> A month ago, my dad landed in the hospital for 4 days due to dehydration (stop and drink some water, right now!), followed by a 3-week stint in a subacute care facility/nursing home to try to regai... Fri, 21 Sep 2012 11:48:45 EST Poem from a soldier in Afghanistan (could also apply to our Spark journey) While this poem was written by a soldier in Afghanistan, these words could just as well be applied to our Spark journey. Enjoy... <BR> <BR> DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE <BR> <BR> I could have given up a long time ago, <BR> The doors were always closed, <BR> Storms are always on everywhere I go. <BR> <BR> But I don't give up cuz I know, <BR> Even if they say you just can't win, <BR> Believe and you can go <BR> Where you've never been. <BR> <BR> And you can fly high with the strength of all yo... Thu, 20 Sep 2012 11:12:37 EST You're in Vegas, Baby! Harry & I are in Vegas for the Shaklee convention. We went to a restaurant in our hotel for dinner tonight. Harry asked the host before we were seated if they served cocktails. The host said, "Do you know where you are? You're in Vegas, Baby! You can walk down the street carrying a cocktail." <BR> <BR> And so it goes. Everything you heard about Vegas is pretty much true. This is my first time here. I think they said it was 110* today. But it's a dry heat! <BR> <em>246</em> <BR> Here's so... Thu, 9 Aug 2012 01:19:10 EST July accountability, August goal & anti-gravity treadmill Hello, my dear Spark Friends, <BR> <BR> I have been MIA, but you have been on my mind and in my heart. I may not be checking in here daily, but I do think about all of you every day and hope that you are doing well. <BR> <BR> So many things going on at work and with school that I just haven't had much computer time. In fact, I didn't have a computer at work for almost a week while my office was being moved. And, I'm training for my triathlon at the end of August, so any spare time is spent... Tue, 7 Aug 2012 00:21:16 EST Day 181 Accountability Thursday - <BR> <BR> Thursday was kind of a kickback day. SparkFriend CARLA0716 is visiting from Canada. Carla got her hair cut while I swam laps. Then we went out for lunch and shopping. We've been eating out a lot, and enjoying desserts. It will be an interesting weigh-in tomorrow. <BR> <BR> <em>237</em> 1 - Exercise - 25 minutes swimming laps. <BR> <em>29</em> 2 - Calories - 2,589. <BR> <em>102</em> 3 - Sleep - 7 hours. Spark curfew - midnight. <BR> <em>341</em> 4 - Freggies - 1 fru... Fri, 20 Jul 2012 00:42:48 EST Day 179 & 180 Accounability Monday & Tuesday <BR> <BR> I had to go back to work to get a rest from all the tourist activities over the weekend! I haven't walked that much in ages. It felt great. Carla did some sightseeing on her own while I worked on Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday night, Carla, Harry and I went out for deep dish pizza - you gotta have deep dish pizza when you visit Chicago. It's on the bucket list. <BR> <BR> The library that I work at is preparing to undergo a major renovation that will take close to two... Wed, 18 Jul 2012 00:37:07 EST Pictorial of Taste of Chicago and other sites - Day 178 Accountability Sunday - <BR> <BR> On Sunday, Carla (CARLA0716), Tony (HEALTHDUDE), and I went to the Taste of Chicago, then hoofed it over to Navy Pier - and stopped at various landmarks along the way. Harry, my Sweetie, is still recovering from surgery and this would not have been a fun time for him. We were downtown from shortly after noon til almost 7pm, and I think we only sat down twice for about 10 minutes to rest and cool off. I take that back - we stopped for a beer and that was longer than 10 mi... Mon, 16 Jul 2012 18:10:52 EST Day 177 Accountability Saturday - <BR> <BR> Very busy day today with my SparkFriend and teammate Carla (CARLA0716), who is visiting from Canada. Carla went for a run early Saturday morning. Smart girl that she is, she took a pen and wrote down street names as she was running so that she could find her way back to my house! <BR> <BR> When she got back from running, we went to Centennial Beach for a couple of hours of swimming and sunning. My boss and coworkers were also there. We all went to lunch at Hugo's Frog... Sun, 15 Jul 2012 01:39:38 EST Day 176 Accountability Friday - <BR> <BR> Love my Fridays off for the summer! I started reading the women's version of "Younger Next Year" in bed this morning. It's very similar to the men's, only with women's stories and not as much tough guy talk. I highly recommend this book. It really helped me to see the importance of putting my health first. My Canadian SparkFriend Peter recommended the book, and am I glad that he did! <BR> <BR> I started out with a 10-mile bike ride this morning; then swam laps for 1/4 mi... Sat, 14 Jul 2012 00:44:42 EST Day 175 Accountabiity & weigh-in Thursday - <BR> <BR> This morning, I weighed in at 150.0 lbs. That's where I started the month. I went up a pound after the 4th of July picnicing and baseball gaming. So, I'm back to square one and will have to step it up for the rest of the month to make my goal. <BR> <BR> My Spark friend Carla is arriving from Canada tomorrow. We're going to celebrate her 40th birthday while she's here. I'll have to really watch what I'm eating while we're tearing up the town! Wishing everyone an active... Thu, 12 Jul 2012 22:49:42 EST Day 174 Accountability Wednesday - <BR> <BR> It was a long day with strength training and golf classes after school. I've been pretty frustrated with the golf class and wanted to quit. After Monday's class, Harry suggested that I needed an attitude adjustment about the class. I changed my attitude tonight, and it's beginning to come a little more naturally. It's going to take a lot of practice. Harry said he'd take me to the driving range this weekend and watch me swing. Wish me luck! <BR> <BR> <em>278</em> 1... Wed, 11 Jul 2012 23:50:57 EST Day 173 Accountability Tuesday - <BR> <BR> I'm watching the All Star game with Harry. He grilled sea bass in a mango coconut pepper marinade tonight. Delicious! He's a great cook. I think I'm gonna keep him! <BR> <BR> <em>401</em> 1 - Exercise - 45 minutes physical therapy and foam roller exercises. <BR> <em>248</em> 2 - Calories - 1,543. <BR> <em>102</em> 3 - Sleep - 5.5 hours. Spark curfew - 10pm. <BR> <em>341</em> 4 - Freggies - 1 fruit, 6 veggies. <BR> <BR> <BR> July 2012 accountability goals -- <B... Tue, 10 Jul 2012 22:26:15 EST Day 172 Accountability Monday - <BR> <BR> Today was a typical Monday - hard to go back to work after a 3-day weekend. I had my strength training and golf classes tonight, so I'm very tired after yesterday's race. I'll keep this brief so that I get to bed at a decent time. <BR> <BR> <em>362</em> 1 - Exercise - 15 minute walk/jog; 45 minutes strength training; 10 minutes stretching/meditation; 90 minute golf class. <BR> <em>248</em> 2 - Calories - 1,708. <BR> <em>102</em> 3 - Sleep - 5.5 hours. Spark curfew -... Tue, 10 Jul 2012 00:03:20 EST Day 171 Accountability & Pre-triathlon Family Run/Swim/Run Sunday -- <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> Today, my friend Cheryl and I did the Pleasant Prairie, WI family run/swim/run, so we had kids of all ages involved. I'm surprised at how out of shape the younger people are. Maybe they haven't been training. I completed it in 41:12. Cheryl did it in 38:10. She's a marathon runner, so she blew me away on the runs. But I got in the w... Sun, 8 Jul 2012 21:33:35 EST Day 170 Acountability Saturday -- <BR> <BR> Today was a busy day. I started by singing (in the choir) for a funeral, then went grocery shopping, had lunch with dad, processed a couple of my Shaklee customer's orders, got my stuff together for my fun run/swin/run race tomorrow, went to 5pm mass, and had dinner with Harry. I'm going to bed by 9:30 because I have to be up at 4am to drive to Wisconsin for the race. <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>30</em> 1 - Exercise - planned rest day before my fun race. <BR> <em>248</em>... Sat, 7 Jul 2012 21:33:15 EST Day 169 Accountability Friday -- <BR> <BR> Don't you love the new Spark emoticons? Here's some of my favorites - <BR> <em>380</em> <em>381</em> <em>376</em> <em>362</em> <em>360</em> <BR> After a stroke, my dad walks with a walker. Do you know how much energy and strength that takes him? He's my rock star! <BR> <BR> I'm sort of back on track today - except for the shelled peanuts that we brought home from the baseball game. Love them, but gosh, they are high in calories! I had an awesome day - love my F... Sat, 7 Jul 2012 00:21:23 EST Day 166 - 168 Accountability Tuesday-Thursday -- <BR> <BR> I'm behind on my food recording, so I'm guestimating Tuesday and Wednesday. On the 4th of July, Harry, another couple, and I went to the Chicago White Sox game. When we left home, it was 104*. We spent about half of the game in the Stadium Club , where it was air conditioned. I don't know how the players could stand to play in that heat. When the temperature dropped to 93*, we went to our seats outside. It was still so muggy that we were sweating bullets, but i... Thu, 5 Jul 2012 23:16:58 EST Day 165 Accountability - My First Golf Class Monday -- <BR> <BR> I had my first golf class on Monday evening. I'm taking the class through the college that I work at, so it's a pretty big class - about 15 students. Hard to get individual attention that way, but hey, it's a start! I bought a golf glove over the weekend and we were talking to the salesman about golf clubs for me. I asked him if the clubs came in different lengths, since I'm 5'9". He told me that unless I was over 6', the women's clubs will be fine for me. (I am not inve... Tue, 3 Jul 2012 16:45:09 EST Day 164 Accountability Sunday -- <BR> <BR> Finally, some significant rain on Sunday. I'm not sure it was enough to help with our drought, but it was a start. I lost another one of my evergreen bushes that the landscapers replaced last fall. One didn't make it through the winter, and another didn't make it through this drought. Reminds me that I need to drink more water. I was out early, before the rain, for a bike ride. It was hot and muggy then. Drinking my usual 8-9 glasses of water isn't enough when I'm exerci... Mon, 2 Jul 2012 01:03:58 EST