MUSICMOMOF2's SparkPeople Blog MUSICMOMOF2's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community October 22, 2017 Happy Saturday! <BR> <BR> I had a pretty nice day for starting out early. I was up at 5:00 and got part of my workout done before getting Matthew up so that he could get ready for All-State Auditions. Mike ended up getting up, so I did the second part of my workout and he took Matthew in to meet the Suburban. <BR> <BR> The rest of the day was just a quiet day at home. Jacob slept until after 8:00. I'm guessing that he was a tired boy. Mike left to go to an auction, so Jacob and I just kind... Sat, 21 Oct 2017 19:56:39 EST October 20, 2017 So, I guess that I've decided to go back to grocery shopping on Monday. I had my list made up, but felt like I really didn't need to go today because we had plenty of food. We'll see what happens this next week. <BR> <BR> Anyway, it was a rough morning. Mike wanted to get up at 4:30 again and I just figured that I might as well get up since the boys had to get on the bus (which means that they need to be up around 5:45). That way I had plenty of time to get my workout done before getting the... Fri, 20 Oct 2017 21:19:09 EST October 19, 2017 Happy Thursday! <BR> <BR> It was a different day. Mike got up at 4:30 (I'll be ready when he goes back to cleaning after work in the afternoons). I tried to sleep until 5:00, but that didn't happen. So I got up and got my workout clothes on. I had to get the boys up early so that they could take their showers and Matthew could work on homework. They did that while I did my workout. I had to take them in to the school. So glad that All-State auditions are Saturday so these early mornings will... Thu, 19 Oct 2017 20:09:06 EST October 18, 2017 Well, I think that the migraine is mostly gone. I still had it when I woke up, but it's lessened quite a bit. I'm sure that it's still lurking, so I'm being cautious. <BR> <BR> It was a busy morning. I had practice with the high school choir and then had to head to the church for Contemporary worship planning (picking the songs for November). That went well. <BR> <BR> I finally got home about 1:00, so my lunch was late and it's pretty much thrown off my eating for the day. I've been snacki... Wed, 18 Oct 2017 20:50:42 EST October 17, 2017 Well, I really didn't do much today. The migraine was nice and strong this morning, so after taking the boys to school I texted the choir teacher and told him that I wouldn't be there for AMS. I took some Excedrin Migraine, but it barely made a dent. You know it's a doozy when that doesn't work. <BR> <BR> The extent of my day was laundry. I got the boys' laundry washed. I just need to put it away. Right now it's folded and on the couch. I did two other loads after that, so that makes 4 load... Tue, 17 Oct 2017 20:04:03 EST October 16, 2017 What a day. It was a good day, but I'm ending the day with a migraine. Oh joy. <BR> <BR> Anyway, I was up at 5:00 and got my workout done before getting the boys up. A normal Monday - they were out the door by 6:45. I got my shower taken and had my breakfast. Then I proceeded to sweep the kitchen floor. Not sure what had happened but there was grass and dirt clods everywhere and it was driving me nuts! I got the dishes done and then headed out. I made a stop at the bank first then it was o... Mon, 16 Oct 2017 22:23:29 EST October 15, 2017 Definitely ready to crash tonight. It's been a day of go, go, go. <BR> <BR> First up was church which went well. We were missing a few people that didn't actually let me know. They had told someone else, but didn't bother letting me know. Getting really frustrated with that. <BR> <BR> I had a little bit of time at home and then it was off to do Outreach at the nursing homes. For the Greenfield nursing home I had 5 people, plus me. I made Matthew go, just for that extra person. I also got Ka... Sun, 15 Oct 2017 21:22:31 EST October 14, 2017 Oh I love my boys but I am about ready to strangle them both right now. They are just picking at each other and won't stop and I am about ready to blow. I should probably just go to bed. <BR> <BR> Anyway, I was up at 5:30. Not that I necessarily wanted to be, but I woke up and figured might as well get up. I got my workout done and then got my shower taken and got ready for the funeral today. The service was nice. Norma will definitely be missed not just by her family, but by the whole churc... Sat, 14 Oct 2017 20:11:37 EST October 13, 2017 Happy Friday! <BR> <BR> It was a different day. Mike got up at 4:15 so that he could go finish cleaning at the church. I managed to sleep for about another hour. I didn't have to get up too early since the boys didn't have school today. I got up and got my workout done and took my shower. Jacob woke up about that time. I ended up having to wake Matthew up when he wasn't up by 10:00. Good grief boy! <BR> <BR> We headed to town before 11:00 so that I could run a few errands before we went to ... Fri, 13 Oct 2017 20:48:01 EST October 12, 2017 What an interesting day. I'm just ready to go to bed and start over new tomorrow. <BR> <BR> First up was my workout - internet was apparently being annoying because it kept freezing. I still managed to get my 30 minutes, but it wasn't the entire workout. <BR> <BR> I got the boys dropped off at school and came back home to tackle some laundry and get a little bit of housework done before heading to the school for AMS practice. I walk in and Matthew comes up and tells me that he got called to... Thu, 12 Oct 2017 20:48:04 EST October 11, 2017 Oh I am so mad right now! My sister texted me that my niece was admitted to the hospital yesterday because she took a sip of milk at daycare. She is deathly allergic to dairy. It took 3 episodes shots, plus oxygen with prednisone and a breathing treatment to help. What makes me mad is that this isn't the first time this has happened. Brinley is in a different room now (she was in my sister's room - she works at this daycare), so my sister is trusting the others to pay attention. The first inc... Wed, 11 Oct 2017 21:15:03 EST October 10, 2017 Today ended up being different. <BR> <BR> I started with my workout, then took my shower before getting the boys up. Since I was taking them to school - Matthew had All-State practice - I let them sleep in a little bit. Before we left I did get a text from the choir teacher saying that I didn't need to come for AMS. After dropping the boys off I came home to finish up emails and Sparking, then headed for Atlantic. I knew that I had to go, because I had told Mike I would if I didn't have to g... Tue, 10 Oct 2017 21:02:25 EST October 9, 2017 Happy Monday! <BR> <BR> It was a pretty good day. I started with my workout. I'm trying Country Heat for this round. We'll see how it goes. I'm not a big country music fan, so it'll be tough. <em>211</em> <BR> <BR> After the boys left I got my shower taken and had my breakfast. I managed to get the dishes washed, the bed made and two loads of laundry done before I had to leave for practice with the HS Choir. It went well. I stopped to get some bananas before coming home. The bunch that ... Mon, 9 Oct 2017 20:54:08 EST October 8, 2017 It was a pretty good weekend. Food wasn't the best, but it was a fun time. <BR> <BR> We left Lamoni about noon to head for home. The boys had Scouts at 3:00. Praise team practice went well tonight. We were missing a few - two that I knew about. I'm laughing though. Pastor didn't tell me that he wasn't going to be there, but I figured that he wasn't because he went to the LCMC Convention in Minneapolis. Just ironic that he didn't actually tell me. <BR> <BR> Now we are watching some Chiefs fo... Sun, 8 Oct 2017 21:31:41 EST October 7, 2017 Happy Saturday! <BR> <BR> I was able to finally sleep in a little bit this morning. I got up and got my workout done pretty much before everyone got up. Was kind of nice. We got all of our stuff together and headed out the door just before 9:00. We made it to Lamoni just after 10:30 (we made a stop in Creston). We had a little time at my parents' house before we headed up to the park. <BR> <BR> We had a good time, but man was it miserable out. It was cold and windy and occasionally drizzly... Sat, 7 Oct 2017 21:43:27 EST October 6, 2017 Happy Friday! <BR> <BR> I am ready to go to bed, but it's just too early! <BR> <BR> Another morning of being up at 4:30. Mike just doesn't understand. I'm afraid that after 3 days of getting up before 5:00, my body is going to think that's the norm. Then I'll never get back on track! I got my yoga done and then got the boys up. Once they were out the door I got my shower taken and had my breakfast. I headed to town to get groceries. Love being able to go at 8:30! <BR> <BR> I came home and... Fri, 6 Oct 2017 20:52:29 EST October 5, 2017 It was a crazy morning! Mike wanted to get up at 4:30 so that he could go clean at the church before heading to work. Usually I just reset the alarm and go back to sleep until 5:00, but this morning I decided to go ahead and get up. I started my workout and was able to get both workouts done and took my shower before I had to get the boys up. They got to sleep in this morning. Doesn't sound fair, does it? <BR> <BR> Here's where the day turned crazy. Matthew had All-State practice at 7:40, so... Thu, 5 Oct 2017 21:43:20 EST October 4, 2017 Happy Wednesday! <BR> <BR> I enjoyed my day at home. I did do a load of laundry and cleaned the living room, plus swept the kitchen floor (not that you can tell now). I watched last night's episode of NCIS and then started watching "The Good Place" on Netflix. Cute show. That really was the extent of my day. So exciting, right? <BR> <BR> Goals: <BR> 1. Nutrition: okay - portions were pretty good, but had an extra snack tonight <BR> 2. Fitness: Another double workout - Jessica Smith's Walk S... Wed, 4 Oct 2017 21:30:25 EST October 3, 2017 What a Tuesday. Not super crazy, but I am wiped out tonight. <BR> <BR> Mike wanted to get up at 4:45, so I just went ahead and got up - I was awake before the alarm went off anyway. I did a few things and started my workout. I got the first one done then woke Jacob up. I let Matthew sleep a little bit longer since I was taking him in to the HS anyway. While Jacob ate breakfast I did my second workout. I still laugh - 360 Abs is actually a fun workout. Who would have thought that you could ha... Tue, 3 Oct 2017 20:59:34 EST October 2, 2017 Happy Monday! <BR> <BR> I am ready to crash tonight. Trying to listen to the Chiefs game, but their first series didn't end well. Hopefully they can turn things around! Now it's not even coming in. Not sure what happened. Internet coverage I suppose. <BR> <BR> It was a somewhat busy morning. After the normal morning stuff I headed out to drop off a payment at Wallace Auto and drop off the boys' 4-H Record books at the Extension office. Then it was off to the high school for practice with AM... Mon, 2 Oct 2017 21:02:40 EST October 1, 2017 Happy October! <BR> <BR> Still can't believe that October is here. <BR> <BR> For the most part it was a pretty quiet day. I was up at 5:00 and got my shower taken and enjoyed some quiet before heading out to church. I stopped to get my Sunday paper then headed to the church to get stuff set up. One pleasant surprise - Jordan (one of the recent graduates) showed up to sing with us. It was so great to see her and I told her that too. <BR> <BR> Church went well. Then it was time for lunch and... Sun, 1 Oct 2017 21:53:41 EST September 30, 2017 Well, goodbye to September. I'm still not sure where the month went. It seems to just be going by so fast! I suppose that keeping busy helps. <BR> <BR> It was a pretty laid back day. Jacob had his last soccer scrimmage at 9:00. It was a bit chilly for this one. Once the sun broke through the clouds it warmed up. Now we have a break until basketball starts up in November (I'm guessing). It will be nice to have Tuesday and Thursday evenings back. <BR> <BR> Once we got back home I've pretty mu... Sat, 30 Sep 2017 20:48:28 EST September 29, 2017 Happy Friday! <BR> <BR> Finally have internet working again. Yay! Turns out the the wires from the road to our house are starting to deteriorate, so he switched our connection over to the second wire and hopefully that will hold up until the wires can be replaced. We got a new modem too. I'm just glad that I can get some stuff done now. It's been a bummer this week because I had an online conference that I was trying to watch and haven't been able to watch most of the sessions. Good thing th... Fri, 29 Sep 2017 20:35:43 EST September 28, 2017 Happy Thursday! <BR> <BR> I had a pretty good day at home. I think that the headache has mostly gone away. I'm guessing that I just needed the down time. Yay! <BR> <BR> My internet was still being aggravating today, so I wasn't able to watch any videos from the conference. That was annoying. I did watch another DVD of Major Crimes, so I'm glad that I had that. I did a little bit of cleaning, but for the most part I just took it easy. <BR> <BR> I did get a shipment from Amazon today - I ord... Thu, 28 Sep 2017 20:09:23 EST September 27, 2017 Happy Wednesday! <BR> <BR> It was a pretty good day despite the migraine that just won't let up. I know that it's a doozy when Excedrin Migraine won't even touch it. It lessens it for a little bit, but doesn't completely get rid of it. <BR> <BR> It was a pretty normal day. Up at 5:00, workout started at 5:15 and done at 5:45. Mike got Matthew up during my workout so that he could take his shower. I got Jacob up when I was done with my workout. Some days I really wish that the bus came later... Wed, 27 Sep 2017 20:51:59 EST September 26, 2017 Happy Tuesday! <BR> <BR> I woke up with a migraine this morning, so I haven't had that much energy today. Yippee. <BR> <BR> I did get my workout done this morning. I only did one of the scheduled workouts (there were two videos on the schedule). I skipped the second one, partially because of the headache and partially because of time. Doing more than half an hour in the morning just doesn't work because the boys don't always cooperate. You would think that at 14 and 11, they could just get ... Tue, 26 Sep 2017 20:53:38 EST September 25, 2017 Happy Monday! <BR> <BR> I am ready to crash tonight. Why do I always have to feel like that? It's not like it was a super crazy, but I'm worn out. <BR> <BR> The day started at 5:00, like usual. I got up and got my workout done, fed the boys (Mike woke them up) and got them out the door. I took my shower and had my breakfast. I signed up for this year's Homemaking Conference, so I started listening to/watching the videos for that. I headed out the door a little after 9:00. I stopped at the d... Mon, 25 Sep 2017 21:01:33 EST September 24, 2017 Happy Sunday! <BR> <BR> Another pretty good day. Church went well this morning - love it when we have great songs. Hmmm, I do pick them <em>211</em> . I came home and pretty much spent the day watching football. The highlights - Broncos lost <em>244</em> and Chiefs beat the Chargers <em>244</em> <em>244</em> . Now the Raiders need to finish losing.... <BR> <BR> Praise team practice tonight went great, but had to end on a sour note. Pastor finally got to give his "speech". Yes, I... Sun, 24 Sep 2017 21:58:30 EST September 23, 2017 Happy Saturday! <BR> <BR> It ended up being a little bit crazier today than I thought. <BR> <BR> I did manage to sleep in a little bit. I got up and got my workout done. Mike took Matthew in for cross country practice and stayed in town to ride his bike. Jacob and I headed in for his soccer scrimmage. They moved it to 9:00 instead of 10:00. We stopped at the library after his scrimmage so that he could check out a few books. Then we came home. <BR> <BR> I ended up having to go back to tow... Sat, 23 Sep 2017 21:32:29 EST September 22, 2017 So, Friday is finally here. I am ready to crash tonight. I felt better today, but my energy level has dropped in the past hour. I guess it's bedtime. <BR> <BR> Mike got up at 4:45 (crazy man), but I managed to go back to sleep for the 15 minutes until 5:00. I got Matthew up so that he could take his shower then got my workout done before getting Jacob up. I can't wait for Mike to go back to cleaning after work in the afternoons. This early morning crap is throwing everything off. <BR> <BR> ... Fri, 22 Sep 2017 21:01:31 EST September 21, 2017 Today didn't go anything like planned. Now I'm hiding out in my bedroom just to get 10 minutes to myself, but I'm sure that it won't last. <BR> <BR> Anyway, up at 5:00 and got ready to do my workout. Woke Matthew up so that he could take his shower, then started my workout. While doing my workout he was complaining about not feeling well. Okay, fine. So, he debated whether or not to stay home. When I got done with my workout I got Jacob up and got him fed. Matthew did decide that he should s... Thu, 21 Sep 2017 20:55:39 EST September 20, 2017 Happy Wednesday! <BR> <BR> It was kind of a crazy day. First off it is my hubby's 46th birthday! I slept a little better last night, but was still dragging this morning. I got Matthew up so that he could take his shower and get his homework done then did my workout. I still say it is so much harder when there are distractions... Anyway, once I was done I got Jacob up and got them fed and out the door. I got my shower taken, Shakeology fixed and once done washed the dishes and made the bed. ... Wed, 20 Sep 2017 21:12:09 EST September 19, 2017 Happy Tuesday! <BR> <BR> Looking back at the day - I didn't really accomplish a lot today. Hmmm. <BR> <BR> Anyway, normal morning - work out, get boys up and out the door, shower, and Shakeology. I did get the bed made before I headed out the door. I made a stop at ShopKo to get a birthday card for Mike then headed to the school for practice with the HS Choir. <BR> <BR> Once done there, I came home and let Gypsy out and gave her her daily treat. I had my lunch and watched the next DVD of ... Tue, 19 Sep 2017 20:34:47 EST September 18, 2017 We had rain off and on this morning. It was nice, but made for a dreary morning where I didn't want to do anything. <em>246</em> Now, I'm not complaining, because we need the rain desperately, it's just that I was already tired and rainy days make me just want to curl up and read a book. Luckily the main thing was practice with AMS which is really only about 45 minutes, so not a lot of energy to expend. After practice I stopped at Fareway to get milk, since the boys seem to think that need... Mon, 18 Sep 2017 21:02:26 EST September 17, 2017 Happy Sunday! <BR> <BR> So tired today for some reason. I'm ready to crash! <BR> <BR> First up was church this morning. It went well. The funny thing was that the cross country coach actually came to church (he is a member but never comes), so the youth were all going crazy in shock. Hopefully he'll keep coming back. <BR> <BR> Once home I tried to watch some football, but our signal is bad today for some reason. I did manage to get the Chiefs game on the radio. I've always been able to lis... Sun, 17 Sep 2017 21:21:10 EST September 16, 2017 Happy Saturday! <BR> <BR> I actually managed to sleep in this morning, if you consider 6:30 sleeping in. <em>246</em> No, seriously I did manage to sleep better, so that did help. So, I got up and got my workout done. Mike took Matthew in for Cross Country practice. I think that he's enjoying that job. I'm not sure... <BR> <BR> Jacob and I had a little bit of quiet and then the three of us headed to town for his soccer scrimmage. Another fun "game" to watch. Matthew got done while we we... Sat, 16 Sep 2017 21:13:13 EST September 15, 2017 Wow, what a day. <BR> <BR> I was actually sleeping somewhat better last night and then Mike's phone rang at 2:30. That's 2:30 a.m.! By the time he got to his phone, he missed the call and it came on the house phone. He got called into work. He was out the door by 3:00, I think. I did sort of manage to get back to sleep until the alarm went off at 5:00. I know that I slept, because I was having weird dreams. <BR> <BR> What a way to start the day, right? So, because of that, I have just been ... Fri, 15 Sep 2017 20:53:48 EST September 14, 2017 Well, today turned out a little different than planned... <BR> <BR> Mike wanted to get up at 4:30 so that he could finish the cleaning at the church. I really hate that! I attempted to go back to sleep until 5:00. I kind of succeeded. Anyway, so I got up at 5:00, even though I really wanted to just keep sleeping. But no, I had a workout to do and boys to wake up. I got my workout done and got the boys up. Matthew got in the shower (again, it was a little late last night and he just needed to... Thu, 14 Sep 2017 20:34:29 EST September 13, 2017 I had a nice quiet day at home. Nice for a Wednesday. <BR> <BR> I was up at 5:00. I did sleep a little better last night, but still not great. I got my workout done and got the boys up. Matthew took his shower this morning since he was a little later getting home last night. Jacob got on the bus at normal time and I got my shower taken and had my Shakeology and my hot tea before I took Matthew to the high school so that he could get his picture taken before he left for Atlantic. I made a sto... Wed, 13 Sep 2017 21:13:28 EST September 12, 2017 Yay! Internet is up and running in our house again. I think that it came back on last night, but I didn't know until I unplugged the modem and plugged it back in this morning. Then Matthew ended up having to reconfigure the modem with his computer. Oh well, just glad to have it back at home! <BR> <BR> Monday was a pretty good day. I practiced with the HS Choir, went to the library to use the Wi-fi and did get some cleaning done while watching "Major Crimes" (good thing I do still get DVDs fr... Tue, 12 Sep 2017 20:46:43 EST September 10, 2017 A quick check-in blog. I'm on my laptop in my car outside the church since my internet at home still is not working. <BR> <BR> Overall, it's been a pretty good past couple of days, other than my internet being out. My Chiefs won Thursday night, my massage on Friday was awesome and I had most of Saturday to myself while Mike and the boys were busy. <BR> <BR> Today was church this morning and then Praise team practice tonight. It was a small group again, so now talking about what happened two... Sun, 10 Sep 2017 19:36:32 EST September 7, 2017 It was pretty much an uneventful day and that's good because I am tired. Mike wanted to get up at 4:00 this morning so that he good go to the church to finish cleaning before he headed to work. Again, I tried to go back to sleep, but didn't succeed. So up super early. I wasn't quite as productive this time though. I did get my workout done and got some Sparking done before I got the boys up. Once they were out the door I got my shower taken and did get the dishes washed and the bed made befor... Thu, 7 Sep 2017 20:06:13 EST September 6, 2017 Okay, I have to admit I'm starting to love this new computer. Still dealing with adding bookmarks and getting certain things downloaded, but it's getting easier. I laugh though - my steps have dropped dramatically. <em>246</em> I mean I still have over 15,000 steps right now, but the past week I've managed to have over 20,000 because I could walk around the house while doing stuff on my phone. Oh well. I know that as I get things set it will be better. <BR> <BR> So, the day started earlie... Wed, 6 Sep 2017 21:49:36 EST September 5, 2017 Well, finally back on a computer - unfortunately a new one. They were able to figure out that my hard drive is failing in my other one, but there is still a chance that I could find somebody to do data retrieval on it. Not sure if I really want to mess with that. So, I got a new MacBook Pro and now to go through the hassle of resetting my bookmarks and all of that stuff. <BR> <BR> Anyway, other than the bad news it wasn't too bad of a day. I was up at 5:00 and got my workout done. The boys h... Tue, 5 Sep 2017 20:33:15 EST September 4, 2017 It was a pretty good day. Mike and the boys had to get up at 5:00 to be out the door to put flags out for Boy Scouts at 6:00. I tried to sleep a little bit longer, but really didn't succeed. While they were gone I got my workout done and my shower taken. We didn't do anything special today. They've been outside the majority of the day and had to head back this evening to pick up the flags. Goals: 1. Nutrition: okay day - was a little snacky 2. Fitness: Jessica Smith - Walk Strong: Poise &... Mon, 4 Sep 2017 21:03:20 EST September 3, 2017 Church went well this morning. No drama with the praise team and I had enough of the young ladies to fill in so we weren't a super small group. The only negative was that we didn't have a drummer 🙁. The one scheduled didn't know because the newsletters didn't get mailed last week. Ann had asked Pastor to take them to the post office Monday and he forgot. I joke because that's the day he was running around "blowing up" the praise team by accusing and blaming. (Still upset about that, can you ... Sun, 3 Sep 2017 20:51:10 EST September 2, 2017 It was a pretty good day. I sort of slept in - meaning I shut the alarm off but was still awake before 6:00. 😜 I got up and got my workout done. The house was nice and quiet. It is amazing how much easier it is to focus when there are no distractions. I took my shower and had my Shakeology, then it was off to the church for worship planning. That was the extent of my day. I haven't felt all that great so it was nice to just relax. I finished "Murder Games", now to figure out what fiction bo... Sat, 2 Sep 2017 20:25:48 EST September 1, 2017 Wow, it is kind of weird to put September. Oh well, 2017 is flying by. It was a pretty good day. I'm just frustrated that I am so exhausted. I mean honestly I'm not doing that much, really. It might be time for a doctor appointment to check my iron levels again. That is how I'm feeling, like I was last year about this time. Maybe I'll do that. I'm already debating cancelling my ENT appointment this month because it's pretty much turned into "allergies" and they aren't really trying to figure... Fri, 1 Sep 2017 21:58:50 EST August 31, 2017 Wow, the last day of August. Where did this month go? It was a pretty calm day. Workout, Shakeology, then I had a few errands to run. That was pretty much it for the day. I didn't have much energy to do anything else. Goals: 1. Nutrition: okay day 2. Fitness: Jessica Smith's Walk Strong: Circuit #1 Upper Focus 3. Personal: Read my Bible and my devotional. Read a chapter in Breaking Up with Perfect. Read more in Murder Games. A lot of reading today! August wrap-up: 1. Nutrition: overall no... Thu, 31 Aug 2017 21:23:57 EST August 30, 2017 Today ended up just being a day at home. The choir teacher decided to wait another day for me to come in. It didn't really bother me. It was nice not having to go anywhere. So, I did get some cleaning and more laundry done. Yay! Goals: 1. Nutrition: good day 2. Fitness: Jessica Smith - Walk Strong: Stride & Step 3. Personal: Read my Buble and did my devotional. Read a chapter in Breaking Up with Perfect. Read a little more in Murder Games. Tomorrow - I have one errand to run and the rest... Wed, 30 Aug 2017 21:10:42 EST