MSELEANOR1957's SparkPeople Blog MSELEANOR1957's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community 11/20/2016 Good morning everyone, got up this morning and weighed myself and I am down 2 pounds so I'm excited about that because I was on a up hill spiril for a minute; that is why I joined Sparkpeople so it is going right for me - hope everyone have a great day. Sun, 20 Nov 2016 10:48:51 EST 02/20/15 My day I'm having a good day today... doing a lot of reading up on nutrition and reading success stories. I am finally getting this healthy thing! <BR> <BR> I started the day off with my workout - did cardio and weights. <BR> <BR> I am totally eating on track today! <BR> <BR> Hope everyone is having a great day! Fri, 20 Feb 2015 21:23:20 EST My day 02/15/15 A good day today <BR> <BR> I started today with my workout.. did both weight training and cardio -goodie for me! check that one off my list for today <BR> <BR> I had my morning breakfast shake then I ate some pork rinds for snack with a boiled egg. sometimes I crave them. <BR> <BR> Lunch is Tuna (fixed healthy with no mayo) - but of course I don't like mayo lol <BR> and I'll have some wheat round crackers - 1 serving is 6 crackers <BR> <BR> My dinner today will be pork spare ribs and sal... Sun, 15 Feb 2015 16:29:20 EST My day 02/12/2015 Really hard day at work - they upped the security on the internet and locked the employees out of a lot of stuff.. Makes it hard to do your job... with that said because I know I a a stress eater I could have really lost it today but I didn't - <BR> <BR> I got up this morning did my P90X workout and my cardio. check exercise off <BR> My eating was right on point except for that 1 piece of Sees Candy I ate today..I got it from one of my customers for doing a great job. <BR> <BR> I got up... Thu, 12 Feb 2015 22:06:10 EST 02/10/2015 My day This is my first week back with Sparkpeople - my feelings today are great I feel I can do this. <BR> <BR> My food was good - however I did eat a couple Orange slice candies (6) for 210 calories - Wow.. maybe writing that down before I ate them would have helped me to not eat them but over all that was my only mishap today. <BR> <BR> I did my weight lifting and my cardio... so I would say overall a good day! <BR> <BR> Eleanor Wed, 11 Feb 2015 00:19:08 EST Starting back with Sparkpeople I've been gone for a while - but I am back now - I have a new focus, it is me 100 percent to get healthy - today was a good day! Tue, 10 Feb 2015 00:52:33 EST Tuesday, October 29,2013 I'm blogging today - not much to say but I'm doing this. <BR> <BR> I like today's quote because this journey is so hard but I want it so bad. That is the key to want it and go after it. <BR> <BR> I had a good day today: <BR> Logged all my food <BR> blogged <BR> Walked for an hour 4 miles, I do this with my sister and we have an awesome time <BR> came home and ate within my calorie range. <BR> <BR> I also went to my doctor's this week for a annual check up... The last time I went was O... Tue, 29 Oct 2013 23:10:56 EST Tuesday, October 22,2013 OMG, I'm doing what I need to do... I just forget to blog I've never felt better.. this time last year I was headed for a hospital stay... but not this year. <BR> <BR> I am eating on track and I even blogged tonight. <BR> I walked a hour and 15 minutes tonight. <BR> <BR> This is really hard but I'm hanging in there until my mind processes that I am not giving up... this is my life, my change and I'm sticking to it... these things that keep me from blogging and tracking are not going to ... Wed, 23 Oct 2013 00:05:05 EST Back to my blog -10/13/13 I haven't logged on Sparkpeople in a long time. <BR> <BR> I have stayed away from from anything to do with my weight loss except for excercising. I think that is what helped me to maintain the weight I've lost. I am up to walking 5 miles a day on the weekends and 3 miles during the week (less time cause I have to work). <BR> <BR> So I am back to blogging and documenting my weight loss. <BR> <BR> I am so glad to be back! <BR> Sun, 13 Oct 2013 19:50:04 EST 7/29/13 I haven't blogged in a few days... like about 10 I played hookey and I probably gained a few pounds <em>18</em> , I think I just got tired and wanted a little normalcy (is that a word)... <BR> <BR> I'm back now hopefully I've gotten that out my system and can get on with this healthy lifestyle I've chosen to live. <BR> <BR> Tue, 30 Jul 2013 02:26:09 EST 07/18/13 Still at hard - had a good day on plan <BR> <BR> Changed my workout a bit cause I think my body was getting used to the workout. I want to keep moving in the right direction. <BR> <BR> Tracked food <BR> Drank plenty water <BR> Worked out with my Fitbit <BR> And got on Sparkpeople <BR> <BR> Fri, 19 Jul 2013 02:39:07 EST 07/16/13 My day I'm having good moments in my day and bad moments. I bought red vines today and ate 3 servings of it. But its better than buying the tub and eating the whole thing. <BR> <BR> Other than that I'm good - <BR> <BR> Tracked all my food <BR> Drank my water <BR> Worked out <BR> Read on Sparkpeople <BR> <BR> Hope your day was good Wed, 17 Jul 2013 02:11:07 EST 07/16/13 My day I'm having good moments in my day and bad moments. I bought red vines today and ate 3 servings of it. But its better than buying the tub and eating the whole thing. <BR> <BR> Other than that I'm good - <BR> <BR> Tracked all my food <BR> Drank my water <BR> Worked out <BR> Read on Sparkpeople <BR> <BR> Hope your day was good Wed, 17 Jul 2013 02:11:02 EST 07/15/13 I'm on my way to bed but wanted to blog tonight. <BR> <BR> Great day on plan <BR> <BR> Nothing more to report Tue, 16 Jul 2013 01:34:09 EST 07/13/13 - My day Today started off quite nicely - Mom & Son day today <BR> <BR> Before going to pick him up I stopped at McDonalds and had breakfast with my SO! Their oatmeal was awesome - had diet coke with it. <BR> <BR> We picked up my son and just hung out having a great time.. I love having grown children... We're friends now and the relationship is so different. He also notice my weight loss and that's a good thing. We didn't do anything special just talk, played sorry and a couple card games at ... Sun, 14 Jul 2013 01:34:22 EST 07/10/13 I had been forgetting to do something on Sparkpeople and I think it has been throwing me off... the success stories... I have been forgetting to read them. <BR> <BR> Each day this week has been a fight in my mind - but I'm doing ok and I noticed tonight that I had not been reading the motivational success stories. They really helped me in the beginning... So I went and read a couple tonight. <BR> <BR> I tracked my food - ate on plan (feel really good today) <BR> exercised today - it's ge... Thu, 11 Jul 2013 02:36:37 EST 07/09/13 I had a great day! <BR> <BR> Ate on program all day! Worked out today. and now I'm all over Sparkpeople... I did log my food too. <BR> <BR> Wed, 10 Jul 2013 02:11:03 EST 07/8/13 Today has been good. <BR> <BR> I woke up this morning got ready for work and remembered the service light came on on my car... took the car in missed two hours of work... there was no donuts at the dealer; the guy that brings them was late...woohoo - didn't have to fight wanting one and turning it down. <BR> <BR> The car is under warranty so did not have to pay a cent to fix it <BR> <BR> Went to work and stayed on program <BR> <BR> Came home and worked out... too tired to cook so I ate ... Tue, 9 Jul 2013 02:22:20 EST 07/6/13 My day There's a fight within me right now fighting getting healthy and loosing this weight! I see and I'm going to fight.. In fact it is 8:40 at night and I haven't done my workout... been fighting it all day.. <BR> <BR> I thought if I blogged I'd get up and go do it... I am - I feel better - writing everything does puts it in perspective for me I think. <BR> <BR> I even ate Panda Express today... so really need to workout. <BR> <BR> I'm gone to work out!!!!!!!!!!!! <BR> <BR> hope everyone h... Sat, 6 Jul 2013 23:39:05 EST July 5, 2013 - GRRRRR I over ate on cinnamon and brown sugar almonds. I got them from the farmers market... they didn't have the small bag I asked!!! <BR> <BR> I counted out a serving - good start huh? <BR> <BR> Ate that serving then went and got the bag... ate them all day long till the bag was empty - I think it was about 3 servings left in the bag. I didn't count any servings after the first serving , Well the good thing is I know they're a trigger food for me. cause I eat just a serving of raw almonds wi... Sat, 6 Jul 2013 01:47:45 EST Independence Day - 07/4/2013 I went to bed last night wondering way I didn't go to the store... it's been really hot and I've not been wanting to stomach the store and the crowds not even the Farmer's market... so with that being said I ate my last piece of fruit in the house last night! <BR> <BR> Woke up this morning and a little gremlin visited me while I was asleep... there's watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, oranges and some berries. I have fruit! woohoo. <BR> My gremlin (better half) went while I was sleeping cau... Thu, 4 Jul 2013 15:10:42 EST 7/3/13 My day <BR> I'm fighting my mind again today but I'm winning. <BR> <BR> I did what I needed to do to be on track... the workout is easy. <BR> <BR> The dang food be calling me and I'm getting where I don't want to track what I eat but I weigh and measure - just in case and I wind up tracking. I just have to remember that tracking is really important for me to know what and how much I am putting in my body. <BR> <BR> I know I am probably not getting enough sleep... I have insomnia some days ... Thu, 4 Jul 2013 01:48:14 EST 07/02/13 Just a short blog tonight: <BR> <BR> I'm having a good day... I didn't want to track - but did it anyway... I've been good for at least a little over a month. This is when my mind starts playing games with me. I recognize it and I am not caving into it. <BR> <BR> I tracked <BR> drank my water <BR> blogged <BR> worked out <BR> stayed on program <BR> <BR> So I had a good day after all the mind games. I have to really watch that because I'm my own worst enemy! <BR> <BR> Wed, 3 Jul 2013 02:16:13 EST July 1, 2013 A short blog for me today! <BR> <BR> I did my workout! <BR> Ate and tracked! <BR> Drank my water - (that was hard) <BR> <BR> my goals for this month - <BR> <BR> 1. to put me first - (so I can work on me) <BR> 2. to track <BR> 3. to drink water - more than the 8 glasses <BR> 4. to workout - 90 minutes a day <BR> 5. to blog <BR> <BR> I think doing these will get me were I need to be in the long run! <BR> <BR> Have a great month! Tue, 2 Jul 2013 02:44:12 EST 06/29/13 My day I had a good day today... <BR> <BR> I am still in the mode where I track everything I eat no matter what and it is working out great...I seem to be staying within the calories I've been assigned and I also am down 2.3 pound... fit in a size 16 & I thought it was an 18 the other day - I was wrong... <BR> <BR> I try on clothes in my closet every Wednesday night - <BR> <BR> I tried a new recipe from sparkrecipes - that is really fun! If you haven't tried them you should - JMO <BR> <BR> I... Sat, 29 Jun 2013 23:00:14 EST 06/28/13 - My day Another good day! <BR> <BR> I love writing in here because it helps keeps me focused; as does the other sections of Sparkpeople, I love the nutrition section, success stories & my blog page. There are other things in the site love as well but these seems to be helping in keeping me focused and on track. The recipes are great too! <BR> <BR> Today I woke up - packed my breakfast and lunch to take to work along with my snacks. as I pack I track everything so once I get to work I can just ... Sat, 29 Jun 2013 01:21:58 EST My Daily Blog 06/27/13 OMG - this has been a terrific day.... <BR> <BR> First off I found a before picture of myself... not a pretty sight - I was 252 lbs on that picture. (I forgot it at work) but I'll be working on getting on here. <BR> <BR> Secondly - I am finally down a size - my closet is all different sizes of clothes so I have a date every Wednesday to try on the next lower size then what I am currently wearing - low and behold I finally got into the 18 with no problem and could wear it all day without... Thu, 27 Jun 2013 23:48:19 EST 06/26/13 Not much to blog today... <BR> <BR> Everything is going good.. I hang out on this sight during the day - it helps motivate me to stay on track. <BR> <BR> I did my workout when I got home then had a light dinner. <BR> <BR> Yay for another good day! Wed, 26 Jun 2013 23:53:27 EST 062513 My day I started the day off with a light breakfast <BR> <BR> then someone at work came to me and said - you look good whatever you're doing is starting to show. I told them about Sparkpeople. <BR> <BR> I've been on track today - did my workout and tracked my food. <BR> <BR> I tried one of the recipes tonight - the <BR> Cabbage & Zucchini - turned out really good - I love both veggies and mixed together I was not disapointed. <BR> <BR> So in all it is a quiet day! <BR> Wed, 26 Jun 2013 01:29:34 EST 06/24/13 Another day in my life I'm really excited like a kid with a new toy! I got the Fitbit and that thing is awesome, it does things like your calorie ratio in verses out, when you working out in the zone - it takes the guess work out of this journey. <BR> <BR> I love it. I have new friends on who are also on! <BR> <BR> For some reason I have way more faith in that I can be successful this time around and I believe it is because of a few things: <BR> <BR> 1. The internet tools I ... Mon, 24 Jun 2013 22:57:46 EST My day 06/22/13 I got up this morning weighed myself to see the damage - the scale said I stayed the same. Maybe it was wearing those tight jeans - not much room to move around in so maybe I didn't over eat as much as I thought. <BR> <BR> I usually do a single workout not a double on Sunday because I workout everyday.. I decided to do a double today because of yesterday (that is 90 minutes instead of the 45 I usually do on Sundays). <BR> <BR> Other than that today I'm taking it pretty easy - went to th... Sun, 23 Jun 2013 17:48:00 EST My day 06/21/13 I have a really busy day today... <BR> <BR> Workout in 15 minutes - it is now 6:48 - elliptical rider 90 minutes <BR> making a friend this high fat mac & cheese dish (not eating any) <BR> going to a BBQ today...there is going to be lots of fruits and veggies so I should be OK <BR> and because it is at a park I should get a lot of extra walking in as well! <BR> I've already had breakfast to start the day so that is a good thing. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Looking forward to it! I hope everyone... Fri, 21 Jun 2013 09:51:35 EST My day today 06/20/13 **First of all let me say I am in the market for a couple of real life online buddy's to go this journey with me. I need the support - I'm being positive as each day go by and it gets harder. <BR> <BR> Friends at work are not interest so I'm going this alone right now and that is really no fun so I'm really reaching out to my Sparkpeople family! <BR> <BR> Now for my day today! <BR> I started today really well and ate cherrios, nonfat milk and a banana for breakfast <BR> I had a nectarin... Thu, 20 Jun 2013 23:58:15 EST 06/19/13 My day I made it through another day and I think I'm finally connecting some of the dots. I'm having a hard time getting all the food in calorie wise seems like a lot to me, never thought I'd say that lol. <BR> <BR> I think that is because I workout every night - workout is a must for me just like breathing.. I noticed today that when I ate a few more carbs the workout was a bit easier as I didn't get worn out like the other day! <BR> <BR> I'm really excited about this journey as I believe in my... Wed, 19 Jun 2013 23:48:23 EST My day 06/18/13 It was a normal on plan day today... got in all my water and fruit/veggies. <BR> <BR> Worked out <BR> <BR> Ate dinner <BR> <BR> All's good today <BR> Wed, 19 Jun 2013 00:43:14 EST My day 06/17/13 I had a pretty good day today! <BR> <BR> Exercised and ate on plan all day! Mon, 17 Jun 2013 23:51:24 EST Starting the day off Right I am getting myself back on track here! <BR> <BR> Started the day with workout <BR> Going to the Farmer's Market to get veggies and fruit for the week <BR> Then will cut, bag and prepare them so that I can grab easily <BR> <BR> I'm in the "I GOT THIS" mode again <BR> <BR> Yesterday is gone and I had a great time with my daugther - she did notice I was loosing weight so that was a good thing! <BR> <BR> Hope everyone has a great day! Sun, 16 Jun 2013 11:12:46 EST San Francisco Visit with Daughter Today was hard for me... Daughter flew into San Francisco from New Jersey for work.. I ate breakfast fine. <BR> <BR> Didn't get to eat again until 5 - was starving...we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner...had some adobo or something. it was good. But I didn't count the calories. <BR> <BR> Oh well tomorrow's another day and that was just one meal. <BR> <BR> Well start over tomorrow. Sun, 16 Jun 2013 01:43:27 EST June 14, 2013 It's been a really good day today.. I am hoping it show up tomorrow on the scale. I stuck very close to my calorie intake and worked out for 90 minutes. <BR> <BR> I feel really good and am excited about the journey that I am on. <BR> <BR> I GOT THIS! Sat, 15 Jun 2013 00:35:55 EST I made it through another day! I made it through the day with my "I GOT THIS" attitude... I can't wait till Saturday for my weigh in. Everything is going good so far. <BR> <BR> I'm eating more fruit and that's ggod thing - I have a date with the Farmer's Market here in town every weekend now! <BR> <BR> My energy level is really low tonight so I'm turning in early - think I need rest. Fri, 14 Jun 2013 00:58:28 EST I've been thinking I am fairly new at Sparkpeople but have been loosing weight for a bit...I signed up a few days ago and am feeling I want my weigh-ins to be on Saturdays... so will do the first one this Saturday. <BR> <BR> I still feeling my way around the sight and am finding really interesting things that are even pulling me away from my FaceBook (FB) games and that is a big thing because a big portion of my day was spent on FB playing games, sitting at my PC and eating my way to out of control weight... ... Wed, 12 Jun 2013 12:48:03 EST