MRSBOBBIBJD's SparkPeople Blog MRSBOBBIBJD's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Side Effects I guess I spoke too soon on Sunday. I'm now seeing the side effects of going off induction on Saturday and Sunday. <BR> <BR> First of all, there are the physical symptoms. Yeah, let's not get into that. I'm sure you can think of what I mean. Secondly, there are the cravings that have resurfaced. These cravings caused me to eat a quarter jar of peanut butter last night and drink a couple glasses of milk. Neither of those are good for Atkins Induction. <BR> <BR> The only thing I can s... Wed, 6 Feb 2013 09:53:05 EST Weekend of Cheats (And I'm Okay With It!) I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't cheat this weekend while visiting my parents and in-laws. Friday night was easy as far as dinner - my parents grilled chicken and I made my quickly-becoming-famous kale recipe. Unfortunately, the other side had some apple in it, but not a lot. It was a cole slaw recipe that my mom wanted me to try. I kept my portion small and didn't eat all of it (even though I loved it). I did have some Crown and Diet Coke, but didn't even finish the entire dri... Sun, 3 Feb 2013 19:31:39 EST Frustrated I dropped five pounds within the first week of Induction. Now, the scale has gone up as high as 2 pounds. I've been weighing myself daily, which most of you will say is bad I'm sure. Maybe you're right. <BR> <BR> I'm wondering if I'm actually not eating enough. I'm sure that could be a factor contributing to it. Another thing (I'm sure) is my water intake. I'm trying hard to drink as much water as possible but it has definitely proven to be difficult unless I have something in it. A... Fri, 1 Feb 2013 08:20:19 EST One Week Done! Good morning! Today is day SEVEN of induction, and I am proud to say that I've gotten this far. As I stated in one of the SparkTeam discussions, eating low carb has started to become fun for me. We've had such a variety of food - even more than when we were eating whatever we wanted to - and cooking the variety of foods has resparked my love for cooking. I love finding new low carb recipes for me and my husband to try. <BR> <BR> I have to say, it's really nice that he's on board, too. ... Tue, 29 Jan 2013 08:10:19 EST I Can Do This! It's day three. Last night and this morning the craving for something sweet was horrendous. Thankfully, someone mentioned the Bowl of Cheesecake recipe and I made it tonight. I ate it right after dinner and am very full! Other than that, I am staying on plan and doing a good job. I have been pretty lax about posting what I'm eating all day. I want to do a better job to make sure I'm staying under 20 carbs per day. So, that's a goal of mine. Another goal is to up my water intake. I wa... Thu, 24 Jan 2013 20:02:44 EST Second Day Today is day two of eating between 15 and 20 carbs. Yesterday I think I went over by a couple, but I don't see that as a failure. I can't go from eating without monitoring my carbs to severely reducing them overnight without slight fault. At any rate, I went over by eating a couple low carb mini egg quiches - at least it wasn't fruit, sweets, or bread! <BR> <BR> I don't feel bad at all (at least so far). I've been drinking water like it's my job, which helps me stay full. My stepdad is ... Tue, 22 Jan 2013 10:49:14 EST