MREUTER's SparkPeople Blog MREUTER's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Company Holidays and company come hand-in-hand. Reflection of the past year and making plans for change can be hard when your house is full of family and friends. I'd like to be able to say that I figured it all out and was able to start my plan with all my loved-ones around, but it isn't so. Most family left a few days ago and this morning before dawn my baby (27 years old...) flew to her home today. We don't see her often enough and I already miss her, but her departure removes all excuses I ha... Sat, 30 Dec 2017 12:38:55 EST Putting my feet on the floor My exercise routine involves 30 minute treadmill work every morning after the alarm rings at 5:20. I supplement this in the afternoons with the exercises prescribed in the 28 Day Home Workout Challenge. The latter is my way of trying to introduce some strength training into my routine, which has always been lacking. On occasion I wake up lacking the gumption to get out of bed and get going. Usually this follows a restless night of sleep. If I roll out of bed and walk to the bathroom wher... Sun, 22 Jan 2017 08:40:26 EST Non-scale changes Reading about non-scale changes came right when I needed it. I weigh once a week on Fridays. This week is my third week of my new eating and exercise plan. The first two weeks a total of 6 pounds came off, but this week the scale didn't budge. If I look back at my yo-yo dieting cycle, this scale stall is when I would have thrown in the towel. So, when Spark Coach's Program today was Finding Motivation Beyond the Scale, it really came at a good time. I took the time to figure out what c... Fri, 20 Jan 2017 19:05:07 EST Quick and easy meal ideas Sauted garlic shrimp with rice, salad <BR> Breakfast for supper (egg sandwich) <BR> Turkey burgers <BR> Soup and Grilled Cheese <BR> Sat, 14 Jan 2017 18:13:39 EST 4 Years?? How can it be that the last blog was 4 years ago? I can't wrap my head around that. I have had so many false starts in regards to weight loss, especially over the last year. Often I have know that I wouldn't make it very long when I started. My head was not where it needed to be. This time I feel so much more in control of the process - I am committed to the journey of becoming healthier. This is a lifestyle change, not a diet. I'm on day 6, feeling as positive and strong as day 1! I ... Fri, 6 Jan 2017 11:42:31 EST 2013 What will this year bring? Opportunity and promise, investigation and entrigue.... Oh, who knows <em>20</em> But New Years always seems to bring the feeling of a fresh start. I remember when I couldn't get use to writing years that start with 20... And now it is already 2013. So, join me in a fresh start. Be what you dream to be, embrace the good in your life and take a step forward in good faith. Of course I speak mostly to myself... But if you are out there enjoy your journey in 20... Wed, 2 Jan 2013 17:52:03 EST Day 13 with Beck Day 13 - Overcome Cravings <BR> <BR> We all have them, cravings. For me it's salty carbs and chocolate. When by body decides it craves them, I now have a plan for fighting back. <BR> <BR> Beck says that overcoming cravings is easy as soon as you decide you are not going to stray from your diet. Cravings will become less intense as you get into the routine of eating the healthy foods in your diet. In order to help you fight cravings, Beck suggests strategies to fight off those cravings. ... Wed, 1 Aug 2012 20:37:00 EST Day 11 & 12 with Beck Day 11: Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings <BR> <BR> How many times have we said, "I'm starving"? I am sure I am as guilty as everyone around me, but I can visualize hearing those words out of my children's mouths as they were growing up. What they really meant to say was either I'm hungry (my stomach feels empty, it's been quite awhile since I ate or I'm want/crave/desire some food (those chocolate cupcakes on the counter look really good). Beck wants us to slow down and... Sun, 29 Jul 2012 09:18:21 EST Day 9 & Day 10 Day 9 - Select an Exercise Plan <BR> I walk 6 days a week with my super-healthy-active-amazing parents. They are great role-models for our family. I love my time with them on our walks. We catch up on what is going on with our extended family and friends. (Like my Aunt Judy is coming to stay in Maine for awhile!!) <BR> <BR> My biggest struggle around exercise is continuing with my program when school starts up again. As I talked about in Day 8, I hope scheduling the time for exercise w... Wed, 25 Jul 2012 20:32:33 EST Day 8 with Beck Day 8 - Week 2 Find time to be Successful <BR> Beck wants us to find time in our week and schedule time to plan out meals, shop for food, and exercise. All my life I have been a list maker and planner. I have always tried to schedule my dinners for the week, planning around activities and commitments. During the summer my exercise routine is set. During the school year I struggle with carving in time to exercise, but with a new teaching job, my after school hours will be somewhat less dema... Mon, 23 Jul 2012 21:45:21 EST Day 7 with Beck Day 8 - Arrange Your Environment -Take 2 <BR> Today was the day to go through the cupboards. I was pretty happy overall. I called my daughter and she picked up some cookie making materials left over from Christmas. I was pleasantly surprised to find my cupboard contents in pretty good shape. My work environment is school. I don't make a habit of eating in the staff lounge, which means I have more control over my environment. The environment at meetings can be a pit-fall. I will need to ... Thu, 19 Jul 2012 21:31:35 EST Day 7 with Beck Day 7 - Arrange Your Environment <BR> To be honest, I just read the title of this section and decided it would be better to wait until I am home to tackle this. Instead I went back and concentrated on Day 5 - Eat Slowly and Mindfully. Still being on vacation, we are doing a lot of restaurant eating, and the idea of slowing down and being mindful of what I am eating has been very important. Tue, 17 Jul 2012 09:42:04 EST Day 6 with Beck: Day 6 - Choose a Coach <BR> <BR> I knew this was coming, and I already had my short list of names. There was someone from school who first told me about Beck, one of my daughters, or my husband. I started to think what it would be like to be married to my coach. Well... we had a long conversation about what it would look like, and I read to him the description that Beck wrote. We are going to give it a go. My DH is the most supportive, caring person I know, but he doesn't have the healt... Mon, 16 Jul 2012 16:47:44 EST Day 5 with Beck Day 5: East Slowly and Mindfully <BR> <BR> Yesterday's goal was to eat slowly and mindfully. Beck gives us two reasons why this is important: #1 this gives your brain time to register when your stomach is full and #2 visually noticing and enjoying every bit of food allows you to become more satisfied with less food. Once I read something about cravings and how many bites it takes to satisfy them. It was far fewer than I typically consumed when eating something I craved. I'm thinking this i... Sun, 15 Jul 2012 09:00:25 EST Day 4 with Beck Day 4: <BR> Yesterday was learning all about giving myself credit for the good choices I am making. The best thing I did in this department was tell my husband about it. Yesterday morning we talked about all positive choices I and we had made, and what opportunities would be happening throughout the day that would give us opportunities for making positive or poor choices. <BR> <BR> Traveling in the middle of all of this has met with some difficulties. An unexpected 2 hour delay made us r... Sat, 14 Jul 2012 15:32:31 EST Day 3 with Beck Day 3: Eat Sitting Down <BR> <BR> I know it is important to eat sitting down, one important step in eliminating mindless eating. As empty nesters, my husband and I have gotten into the terrible habit of eating dinner in front of the t.v. But mindless eating is more than that. It is the nibbling while cooking, the free samples at the big box stores, the candy dishes at meetings. While cooking yesterday, even when I am being hyper-vigilant about what goes into my mouth, I caught myself seve... Fri, 13 Jul 2012 10:02:06 EST Day 2 with Beck Day 2: <BR> <BR> Yesterday's task following the Beck plan was to pick two reasonable diets. You know, diet is such an interesting concept. My mom, a healthy, trim, physically fit woman, has been questioned by acquaintances over her food choices. People want to know why "she" would need to be on a diet. She informs them that we are all on a diet each and every day of our lives. She just happens to be one of those people who are very aware of what her diet consists. For me, changing the ... Thu, 12 Jul 2012 07:01:06 EST Here we go with Beck So, I've been reading Judith Beck's The Beck Diet Solution, a book about changing your thinking in regards to dieting and weight control. I am going to use this blog to record my thoughts throughout this six week journey. <BR> <BR> So far (through chapter 5) she makes a lot of sense. The idea is all about addressing the cognitive issues related to food consumption. We eat for a lot of different reasons, the least frequent probably being actual hunger. <BR> <BR> Day One: One of the first... Wed, 11 Jul 2012 11:17:00 EST What Happens When You Can't Remember? Last Tuesday I came home from the hospital and wrote this in my journal. Things seem to be returning to normal, so I guess it's time to post it. <BR> <BR> The endless loop of confusion and fear has finally ended. This weekend I experienced what I have come to know as Transient Global Amnesia. While today I can say that this is a medical condition is relatively low in the health risk department, I can tell you it is a very frightening experience for the patient, although I would guess, it is... Sun, 24 Jan 2010 09:57:27 EST More Than One Way to Lose Weight Not only do extra pounds weigh me down, but the extra stuff in the nooks and crannies of my life weigh me down. Today I became a little lighter. <BR> <BR> One of my goals is to live every day with a sense of order and simplicity. When my sister-in-law posted on Facebook today that she was working on tossing out 50 things to relieve some of the clutter in her life, I knew it was a sign. It was time to work on my order and simplicity goal. <BR> <BR> My order and simplicity goal comes with ... Sun, 17 Jan 2010 15:49:07 EST Grocery Shopping I went shopping today and I came away with this feeling. <BR> <BR> What does it take to eat healthy? Walking through the grocery store today I had to wonder what has happened? Why is it so hard to shop for healthy food? It seems like the aisles should be overflowing with the good stuff and the fat, sugar, and salt filled items should be the ones that you have to hunt to find. When did grocery stores change into aisles and aisles of unhealthy traps so creatively wrapped? Do you think if ... Sat, 16 Jan 2010 20:37:26 EST Holidays The holiday has gone smoothly. This year it so happened that everyone came (or are coming) around at a different times starting on Christmas Eve and continuing through until the 30th. Part of me wishes that everyone could be here at once, making sure everyone sees everyone, cutting down on the number of meals to prepare; but another part of me knows that smaller groups are a little easier to manage. <em>447</em> Sat, 26 Dec 2009 17:06:40 EST Family For a's raining. At least we are into that occassional sun, more rain cycle. Last week it was just rain. Starting to plan some summer excursions. Our first will be next weekend when we wonder out to Vinalhaven. <em>27</em> <em>27</em> <em>27</em> Sun, 28 Jun 2009 11:16:54 EST Gotta Get Going Gotta get going. Need to shuffle that schedule and find that me time. Sat, 11 Apr 2009 18:17:05 EST What is a journal? Make your journal yours. Set it up so it’s easy to use so that you will use it. Include space to just let your thoughts flow. Use it to let out your feelings, vent, rejoice, or celebrate. You’ll be amazed at how freeing it is! <BR> <BR> Sun, 28 Sep 2008 11:10:55 EST Tuesday Tuesday was a good day. The days fly. It seems like I look up and it's time to take the kids to lunch, and look up again and I'm shooing them out the door. When the snow suits come along, things will change. Tue, 16 Sep 2008 19:13:09 EST NH Bound Headed to NH to see George's dad. The lake will be beautiful this time of year. Had to hustle around this morning doing all the chores for the weekend, as this is a last minute trip. Sat, 13 Sep 2008 14:00:15 EST When do you want to walk? I told my husband I wanted to start walking on Sundays. Traditionally that has been the day off. But with school back in session, it seems like a day off during the week would be more sensible. So now that it is Sunday morning, and George has asked twice...."When do you want to walk?" So it's time to walk. Sun, 7 Sep 2008 07:59:42 EST Better today I got my walk in today... that always makes me feel better. The week has flown. These short weeks at school always seems to take more out of me than the regular weeks. Thu, 4 Sep 2008 20:12:00 EST No Exercise No exercise today. I should have gone out when I got back from work, but dark was approaching. Need to get into the gym. I'm stopping in tomorrow after work to sign up for my shifts. I'm sharing the duties with another local. Wed, 3 Sep 2008 20:14:18 EST Gym Attendant It looks like Thursday will be my day to be gym attendant at Jesse's. I am going to switch off with another volunteer, which will help me out when we get to PT conference time. Right now I still am preferring to get home in time to walk outside, but I know before long the sun isn't going to cooperate. Tue, 2 Sep 2008 20:24:45 EST College Girl Delivered How can it possibly be that my baby is a college student???? She's the red-head on my page. It's great that technology is such that she can text me message now and then. She is going to do great at school. She was so ready to move on. I'm lucky that my daughter JESSMCG is coming over for a visit this weekend with hubbie and baby. Can't wait. <BR> <BR> <em>211</em> Sun, 31 Aug 2008 12:28:12 EST Running out of time! Maybe it doesn't pay to start getting ready for the year with plenty of time left. I've sorted, cleaned, and moved furniture around for what seems like forever. Well finally I am out of time. We have the weekend left and then on Monday is a staff day, Tuesday kids. I'll be in for awhile Sat & Sun. I finally started working on the management tasks (attendance, lunch slips, etc.) today. I have everything I need, I now just need to finish. Fri, 22 Aug 2008 19:43:35 EST Could you move this please? During a professional development day today I asked my tablemates if we could move the sticky buns back to the center table. No need to torture myself. Not a problem, those who wanted grabbed a couple of sticky buns as the plate left the area. <BR> <BR> <em>253</em> Thu, 21 Aug 2008 19:26:49 EST Good day OK - so the blog thing hasn't worked out exactly like I thought it would. I would like to blame it on the fact that my laptop is being serviced (FOR THE PAST TWO WEEKS), but I do have this desktop in the office, so that won't work. I have done much better posting exercises and eating. I had a great day today and will try to do better. Mon, 18 Aug 2008 20:34:25 EST Week 2 Wow! This week went fast. I spent about 1/2 of it at camp, so I'm anxious to see what the scale has to say tomorrow. <BR> <BR> <em>67</em> Wed, 13 Aug 2008 19:44:20 EST The Gym I feel good about today. I went to the gym after working in my room. I really prefer to walk outside, but we just don't have enough daylight during the winter. I've made a decision that I will leave school at 5 p.m. this year and head to the gym. It's a different type of workout and once I get into the habit it won't be bad at all. Tue, 12 Aug 2008 20:56:39 EST Technology When my teenagers/twenty-somethings were going to camp as children there wasn't a computer around. Now at camp I think we have 4 laptops going at any given time. I'm glad that I'm able to log-in to SP at camp to log my nutrition, but wonder sometimes what we use to do. The SP process is becoming addictive. I do need to carry a little notebook to record in those situations when a computer isn't nearby. It's so easy to forget something if you try to keep it in your head. Fri, 8 Aug 2008 08:06:10 EST Classroom coming along Worked in school today. I've been telling my co-workers and friends about my commitment to changing my eating ways. I know this will help me stick to my plan. Thu, 7 Aug 2008 18:40:56 EST Camp Continues Eating at camp still continues to be hard - ice cream, crackers and cheese and more cheese. I cut up a bunch of vegetables and along with fruit have had an o.k. day. Added my nephew to my walk today. Carrying that extra 12 pounds sure helps you build up a sweat. Tue, 5 Aug 2008 17:33:13 EST Crazy Camp Week In the end I may look back and see that I spent my entire week in a car...but I'm back to camp with child #3 tonight. She has a couple of days off and I want her to see everyone. Child #2 has been once, child #1 is travelling on Thursday. Camp is hard because there is so much food to ignore. I'm bringing fresh veggies and fruit to help. Walking shouldn't be a problem. I was able to get into my classroom today. It's looking pretty good. Mon, 4 Aug 2008 14:43:40 EST Lobster I enjoy lobster every now and then. Usually I have that bowl of butter to dip the meat into. This time I just rinsed the lobster off in the cooking juices and enjoyed it plain. I had my corn plain also...that is going to take some getting use to. I guess it depends on the sweetness of the corn. Thanks to lots of fresh fruit and veggies, I had a great time at camp. Sun, 3 Aug 2008 17:11:45 EST Off to Camp We are heading to camp. I'm going outside of my comfort area, my own surroundings, is a good way to start building those skills I need. This program can't just work when I'm at home. I have to make it work everywhere, all the time. Wish me luck. Sat, 2 Aug 2008 11:21:37 EST The Journey Continues I can't believe what a difference a focus can make. <BR> <BR> I've been through this weight loss journey before and I know the most critical time for me will be after I reach my goal. I know that I really need to make true life changes or the loss won't stick. So one of the things I'm trying to do this time is stay away from those "diet foods". I'm not going to go with the prepackaged diet foods, but find foods that I like and incorporate more of them into my daily consumption. <BR> ... Fri, 1 Aug 2008 11:38:19 EST Hallways are being waxed No luck getting to my classroom. The hallways are being waxed. They said to come back Monday. <em>24</em> I'm gong to enjoy a nice rainy day at home instead. I picked up 20 #s of blueberries. Nothing better. Thu, 31 Jul 2008 13:17:36 EST Feeling Great! I'm feeling great and starting my day on a positive note. I'm ging to go check out my classroom today to figure out what I need to do to be ready in 3 weeks. <BR> <BR> <em>185</em> Thu, 31 Jul 2008 09:03:05 EST