MONCHIE53's SparkPeople Blog MONCHIE53's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Glad last week is over!!! I feel like I lost a week...had the stomach flu along with my husband. I am still a little worried about eating real food again. The good news... I weighed myself and lost another 2 lbs. Now I have to get back on track. So glad SparkPeople is here to help!!! <BR> <BR> <em>41</em> Tue, 26 Jan 2010 16:08:02 EST Sickie last day and half... Slept all day yesterday...feeling better today. Got to get back on track...still feeling a little sluggish. <BR> <em>24</em> Wed, 20 Jan 2010 15:41:20 EST Completed 1st full week loss 6 lbs!!! I have to confess I was a bit surprised. I did well with my water and I tried hard to watch my food portions. I didn't do so well with my exercise...I walked the first few days on my treadmill but that's been it. I first committed to 40/min 5 days/wk. I am going to bring that down a bit and try for 30/min 3-4 days/wk. I am NOT on a diet but on the road to better health! <BR> <BR> <em>192</em> <em>91</em> <em>244</em> Mon, 18 Jan 2010 16:45:22 EST Lost 3 lbs!! Yeah!! I wasn't sure if I would have a loss yet, I feel like I have been eating more food on this plan...a couple of times I couldn't finish all that was on my plate. To be honest I was a little scared this might not work for me. NOT anymore!! " ) <BR> <em>252</em> Sun, 10 Jan 2010 08:28:16 EST Still Pumped!! I am still trying to take it all in...SparkPeople has so much to offer...especially the wonderful support from so many others. I'm a little sore today...but I guess that's a good thing. I am finally off the couch and moving again. It has only been a few days but already I have more energy and have an overall sense of well being. I have committed to go to the gym starting Monday with my's been years since I have done that. This has put a smile on my HB face...and that too is ... Sat, 9 Jan 2010 21:16:30 EST This is going to be a good day... The clouds are gray outside and it's cold. But I am letting the sunshine in my heart today no matter what! I was very happy to have my HB say he would eat what I eat. This will make staying on the food plan much easier...and he will also get the benefit of eating well. I did have a challenge last night around 8:00pm. I went into the kitchen several times wanting to eat something. I don't think I was really hungry and I think it was more of a bad habit I have aquired over the years. I end... Fri, 8 Jan 2010 11:48:37 EST Good recipes... Just wanted to say I like the meal planner and so far the ChickenAsian salad. This is my first day on the food plan. Yesterday I spent it setting up and checking out some of the information and tools available. I am so amazed and sooo grateful for this website. A few years ago I was spending $39/month for Weight Watchers website and there is no comparison!! Thu, 7 Jan 2010 16:20:09 EST Second day Proud of myself...took the time yesterday to set up my Sparkpage and checkout other SparkPeople...Wow! I found so much encouragement...I am feeling connected...and that's a good feeling. I also experienced a small positive HB went out last night to get some ice cream and I declined! I knewI would have to address that today if I had said yes. The best part is I didn't feel deprived. Today is going to be a good day! <em>252</em> Thu, 7 Jan 2010 11:24:54 EST First day of my new journey Hi, I'm Monchie...56 years old, married to a very loving husband Bob, have four wonderful grown children and 13 grandkids...I am very blessed. Just found this website this morning. I can feel new hope arising in my spirit. There is still hope of getting my weight down and getting healthier. I lost my job March would think with the time I now have I would have been able to lose the 70 plus lbs I had gained over the past 6 years. I did drop about 20 lbs only to gain back 10...ugh! ... Wed, 6 Jan 2010 20:41:24 EST