MOM-OF-SIX's SparkPeople Blog MOM-OF-SIX's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Picture from my first race In case you missed it... <BR> <BR> I finally ran my first 5K. My time was 33:30, a very fast time for me! My twins ran in the kids K and Sean came in Second. <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> I just looked up the official results. I came in 6th among women in their 40s and my official time was 33:28. I almost got a ribbon, 30 seconds shy. Mon, 6 Apr 2015 10:28:27 EST My first official 5K!!! I did it!! My first official 5K and my time was 33:30! That's really fast for me. I even ran into someone I knew in high school and haven't seen since then. This was his first race too. My twins ran the kids K. Sean came in second. The weather was beautiful and I'm ready to get going on the rest of my day now. <BR> <BR> I did it!!! Sat, 4 Apr 2015 12:35:45 EST April 2nd- 5K almost here! I've had a couple of opportunities to jog the route of my 5K on Saturday. Yesterday was my last attempt before the actual 5K. I'll rest today and tomorrow, maybe walk a little, but that's it. My fastest time before yesterday was about 38.5 minutes. <BR> <BR> I decided to try using the runner's belly belt I have. It has a place for my phone, keys, and two small water jugs. I stopped using it because the kids made me feel like a dork. Yesterday, with water, I got my time down to 36 min... Thu, 2 Apr 2015 10:57:25 EST March 18th- Signed up for my first official 5K Well, I did it! I signed up for the 5K in my home town. I'm both excited and nervous. Excited because I committed to this. Nervous since it's something new to me. I'm not out to win, just jog the whole thing. The race being in my home town, I should recognize a lot of people participating. I've also let a lot of Omaha friends know about this race too. We'll see who makes the trek to my town. <BR> <BR> I've been getting outside on warm days. I'm able to job the entire three miles now... Wed, 18 Mar 2015 11:50:55 EST March 7th- Training for 5K The warm weather has finally arrived!!! I got outside for a walk with my daughter yesterday. It was a little adventurous. Some of the ground we were walking on felt like quick sand with the melting snow. We managed to muddle through for a 1.25 mile walk after work. <BR> <BR> Today, I got started on training for the 5K I'm going to sign up for. It's on April 4th, so I don't have much time. The weather this week looks fantastic! I'll be able to get out a lot. Today I went 3 miles in 48... Sat, 7 Mar 2015 16:10:21 EST Jan 27th Another beautiful day in Western Iowa. It seemed a little cooler than yesterday, but still sunny and above average temps. <BR> <BR> I did the same workout as yesterday: 3 miles total alternating 1/4 mile walk and 1/4 mile jog sections. My time was about the same 50-51 minutes. My muscles are sore from yesterday, but that tells me I'm finally getting started on working out again. I've pretty much decided to sign up for that 5k on April 4th, even if the kids have soccer. I need this as... Tue, 27 Jan 2015 14:29:49 EST January 26th-Finally feeling better January has been a rough month, until now. I started getting sick on Dec 28th with a weird bronchitis that only went to my chest, no sore throat, runny nose or any other symptoms. I just has this heavy, congested feeling in my chest and a terrible unstoppable cough. This lasted for 3-4 weeks. I finally feel almost 100% again. Most of the congestion is gone. The cough is mostly gone too. Glad to be back to the world of the living. <BR> <BR> I've gained some weight over the last couple ... Mon, 26 Jan 2015 17:30:59 EST 10 min of exercise per day-Dec (8 out of 9) I have to confess, streaks bother me. Sometimes trying to get a streak going does more damage to me than good. I need to look at my exercise differently. I have to look at overall percentages, not number of days straight I did something. <BR> <BR> As of yesterday, I'm 8 out of 9 days in December for at least 10 min of exercise per day. Yesterday was 10 min of Trim Hooping, 12 min tread climber-fast, 10 more minutes of trim hooping. <BR> <BR> Cookies: Haven't had time to bake any more... Wed, 10 Dec 2014 12:00:30 EST 10 min of exercise per day-Day 3 Quick update today: <BR> <BR> Exercise: 10 min Trim hoop <BR> 15 min Tread climber <BR> 10 min Trim hoop <BR> <BR> Cookie count: I baked 48 cookies yesterday, and 48 today, two kinds: lemon and banana. My total so far for December is 157. I've eaten one plus one bite of them. Patrick (16) said the banana ones were bland, so I had to eat one. They taste like banana muffins in cookie form. I'm trying dusting them with sugar today. I also had ... Wed, 3 Dec 2014 14:26:23 EST 10 min of exercise per day-Day 2 I expected that I would have to start over because of Thanksgiving. Today is day two of 10/day. It should be easy to keep track since I started on Dec 1. Today is a sunny day here in western Iowa, so I got outside for some of my workout. I walked 1/4 mile, jogged over 2 miles, and walked again a little less than 1/4 mile. Before and after I used my new fitness toy, a trim hoop. It's a 3 pound hula hoop. Yesterday was my first day using it. Ouch! So far today I don't hurt as much. I ... Tue, 2 Dec 2014 16:04:00 EST 10 min of exercise per day-Day 9 I had a really good Sunday and family day. We went to mass first thing and stayed to visit afterward while the kids went to catechism class. After that we had a nice lunch at the Dundee Dell. The kids really enjoyed that. We were close to St Cecelia's Cathedral, so we took the kids in there for a look around. Beautiful! We still felt like an adventure, so we ended up at the Joslyn Art Museum. They had a kids art area, so we started there. There was a lot of religious artwork, and we e... Sun, 23 Nov 2014 19:12:54 EST 10 min of exercise per day-Day 5 Today was another tread climber day, 20 minutes again. It felt a little easier today than yesterday. I also did a lot of walking at work to add to my step total. <BR> <BR> Day 4 of following my eating plan to the letter. I hope I can finish up the year with just a few holiday lapses. I've gained a post-surgery pudge that I want to slim down. Don't know how many pounds. The scale depresses me, so I'm avoiding it to keep motivated. I'm usually a numbers freak, but I don't want to obses... Wed, 19 Nov 2014 18:44:02 EST 10 min of exercise per day-Day 4 Today I did 20 min on my tread climber again. I also did some stairs at work. The elevators are taking forever. I think it's because they have some that only the construction workers can use. I went down about 20 flights total throughout the day. I went up about 8 flights total. <BR> <BR> In addition to 4 days straight of working out, I have also eaten well for 3 straight days. Both are really important streaks for me. I'm hoping to eat right until Thanksgiving day. I'll plan on havi... Tue, 18 Nov 2014 20:12:37 EST 10 min of exercise per day-Day 3 I decided I need another exercise streak to help get me back on track. Today is day 3 of 10 min/day. Saturday, I did 20 min on my tread climber followed by a few stretches. Sunday, I went sledding with the kids. We were out there over an hour, and re-climbing that hill over and over sure was hard. Today, I did 20 min on my tread climber again. I really felt my thighs today, so Saturday and Sunday must have woken up my muscles a bit. <BR> <BR> I'm also really trying hard to do well with... Mon, 17 Nov 2014 19:06:05 EST November 12th Hi fellow Sparkers! <BR> <BR> I'm still around. I haven't had much time to get on Spark People lately. Working lots of hours, but my schedule will become more normalized in December. I've been a "casual" pharmacist at two hospitals for a few years now. I picked up a third hospital this summer and pieced together full time hours. Scheduling like this is insane, and I had no benefits. Finally, a position opened up at the hospital I've worked at the longest. I'll be getting more regular ... Wed, 12 Nov 2014 10:46:05 EST Day 1 of 10 min of exercise per day Well, life got in the way of my exercise streak last week. Thursday just ended up being too busy with work, and guests coming in from out of town. The weather was rainy too, so a quick walk was out of the question. My streak ended at 220 straight days of 10min of exercise per day. <BR> <BR> Today is the start of a new streak. For day 1, I jogged 4 miles. Good start I figure! Hope I can get a streak going again. I work at three different hospitals, picking up hours to equal full time. ... Mon, 11 Aug 2014 20:43:18 EST Day 196 of 10 min of exercise/day Today was day 196 of my exercise streak. I jogged a total of 3.5 miles +, did weights, sit-ups, and stretching. Great workout! <BR> <BR> I have to get back to a good routine again. We went on vacation! All the ice-cream, fudge, pizza, and other treats tasted great. We went to the Wisconsin Dells and had a blast! Noah's Ark was huge, but a lot of fun. We loved the wave pools and the medium level slides. I did do the Sting Ray, which made my heart race too much. I decided to tone down... Mon, 14 Jul 2014 15:42:00 EST Day 185 of 10 min of exercise/day I'm still going strong on my exercise streak and my weight is staying around 130 lbs. It's been a busy summer with swim team for the kids and I've picked up lots of shifts at work. Fortunately with all the storms, only one swim meet was cancelled. The kids are all improving their times, and Sean has gained a lot of confidence. This is his first year making it across the pool routinely. He even wants to start working on butterfly. To my surprise, this morning I discovered he has a really... Thu, 3 Jul 2014 14:39:32 EST Wow! First Blog in a While! Day 164 of 10min/day I guess I got busy, it's been a while since I've posted a blog. Today was day 164 of ten minutes of exercise per day. The last few weeks I've done a lot of walking. No time for much of anything else. This week I've gotten a couple of shorter jogs in, and today I did a couple weights exercises. I've figured out how to shorten my routine, so I may be able to start getting stretching and weights back into my routine. I also finally got my one-piece swimsuit I ordered online, so maybe some ... Thu, 12 Jun 2014 16:02:38 EST Day 135 of 10min of exercise per day Thought I'd take a quick moment to prove I'm still here on Spark People. Today is day 135 of my exercise streak. It's a beautiful, sunny, although chilly day, so I think I'll go for a quick walk. <BR> <BR> The school year is winding down, but busy as all get-out! Last week we had the fine arts awards, Cabaret. My two oldest boys got lots of recognition for their work in band, choir, and drama. My eighth grade daughter also got recognized. She's been working with the high school band ... Wed, 14 May 2014 10:03:11 EST Day 126 of 10 min of exercise per day I haven't had much time to blog lately, so I'd better take a chance today. My streak of 10 minutes per day of exercise is still alive. Today I did a 4.5 mile jog, my longest yet this year. My first 1.5 miles was at a 13.2 min/mile pace, the next 1.5 miles was 13.8 min/mile pace, and my last 1.5 miles was 14.2 min/mile. I'm very happy with those times. <BR> <BR> I have three good streaks going: <BR> 1. 126 days of 10min of exercise per day <BR> 2. 102 days straight of logging in a... Mon, 5 May 2014 13:41:47 EST WooHoo! Day 100 of 10min per day of exercise! What a fantastic day! The weather was terrific, so walking and jogging were my exercise. I walked to and from work today, about 1/3 mile each way. I headed down to the track this evening with some of the kids. I walked one lap, then jogged 3 miles, then walked 3 laps. Hubby then came down and asked if I would walk with him. We walked about a mile. My spark tracker tracked over six miles of exercise walking/jogging. My total for the day so far is 8.5 miles, lots of walking at work. I ... Wed, 9 Apr 2014 21:24:18 EST Day 99- Streak still alive! My streak of 10min per day of exercise is still going. I've been focusing on doing weights 3-4 times per week and on sit-ups. One of my goals for April is to see how many sit-ups I can work up to. Despite my weight loss, my six pack abs, ie the flabby belly I got from my six-pack of kids, is still pretty squishy. I'm focusing on strength training and toning for a few months to see what's possible with my belly. The twins really stretched me out, so I don't expect perfect abs, just better... Tue, 8 Apr 2014 13:51:52 EST Day 92 Well, I've had a good couple of days with exercise. Yesterday I did a routine that I commonly did last winter, before my tendonitis. I have three different weight lifting routines I've put together with various exercises. I do three total sets of ten of each exercise. First I do 10 min on the elliptical. Then I do one set of ten of each weight exercise, one set of 20 bicycle crunches, then repeat. This ends up being a total of 30 min on the elliptical. After all of that, I stretched fo... Tue, 1 Apr 2014 20:04:03 EST Day 90 My exercise streak is still going. Lots of smaller sessions last week of weights or walking to keep it going. <BR> <BR> I have to brag about my hubby a little bit. He took me on a very nice date last night. We went to Midtown Crossing and ate at the Mexican restaurant there. It was sooooo good, and I pretty much stuck to my eating plan. I did splurge and have a Honey-Lemon Sangria. It was yummy! I had a steak wrapped around a poblano pepper with some shrimp in there too. They gave me... Sun, 30 Mar 2014 19:12:12 EST Day 84 It's been a while since I've blogged. I've worked lots of hours at both jobs, survived parent-teacher conferences on all six kids, sick hubby and kids, and plenty of other things I can't remember right now. <BR> <BR> The most fun thing to report is I had my first shopping day alone with my younger daughter, Bridget, on Saturday. We left the house about 10am and didn't get home until after 8pm. I brought my apples for snacks. I looked up restaurants online to plan our lunch. We started a... Mon, 24 Mar 2014 17:17:12 EST Day 75 I've been successful at keeping my streak going despite a busy week. <BR> <BR> Monday: Worked in Omaha and went to the Old Market for a walk with Hubby afterward. We ate at Twisted Fork, very nice date. <BR> <BR> Tuesday: Worked again in Omaha. Hubby was late picking me up, so I walked at work for 30 min I think. We then went to Treynor for the SW Iowa Middle School Honors Choir. Great concert! Late night. <BR> <BR> Wednesday: Worked in my small town, very busy day. Everything tha... Sat, 15 Mar 2014 22:22:56 EST Day 64 Today will be day 64 of my current 10 min of exercise/day streak. Not sure if I'll elliptical, Zumba, or do weights, just know I'll probably keep it short. <BR> <BR> Today will be busy for me. Last week we ended up with lots of leftovers and I've got to take care of them. I made a ton of Irish stew for a prom fundraiser, not expecting it to come home. Lots came home and I need to freeze a bunch of it. Hubby grilled a bunch of steaks and pork chops. Last night I made three enchilada cas... Tue, 4 Mar 2014 09:42:26 EST Day 62 of 10min/day Today will be 62 days of my 10 min/day of exercise. I'll have to get my workout in after work today. I'm not sure if I'll elliptical, zumba, do weights, or some combination. <BR> <BR> I took several days off from my daily weigh in this week. Saturday we went out with friends and I made some poor eating decisions and drank quite a bit. The next couple of days saw me nibbling a couple cookies here and there, and then in the middle of the week I indulged in a cup of beer cheese soup. All t... Sun, 2 Mar 2014 14:16:45 EST Day 57 of 10min/day of exercise Today I feel a little weak. Don't worry, just typical female stuff. I took it easy and tried the seated upper body weight routine, a nine minute Spark video. I really liked this routine and added it to my favorites. I just wish she had put in one more minute. I did the elliptical for a minute to get to ten. <BR> <BR> I have lots of running around, so I'm sure I'll get some good steps tracked on my activity tracker. One of the errands is getting Mary to her back doctor. She still has p... Tue, 25 Feb 2014 09:59:22 EST Day 53 My streak is still going. I've had a busy week with work, kids, and illness. I've had a bit of a sinus infection, but I think it's getting better. Tuesday and Thursday I rested quite a bit. I actually called in sick on Tuesday. I decided to stay home to get better and to keep an eye on Mary. On Monday, we had a bout of ice and snow. Our school system did not call a late start, nor did they think it was necessary to put salt or sand down in the parking lots. This was with snow on top o... Fri, 21 Feb 2014 21:18:08 EST Day 47 and other updates My streak is still alive at 47 days now. Today I did weights for ten minutes and also got on my elliptical for 15 to try to get my steps up for the day. <BR> <BR> Yesterday was a really nice day. I've been itching to get out and do something, anything! Winter is starting to really get to me. Hubby, Bridget and I went to Sean's basketball game bright and early to start the day. His team lost, but they played really well. Sean scored 6 of their 8 points. We came home, ate lunch, and the... Sun, 16 Feb 2014 21:36:46 EST Day 43 I quickly got my exercise in after work today, a weight session for 10 min. Busy, busy, busy again! <BR> <BR> We have parent's night for pep band. I've got three kids in the pep band. They are doing a fantastic job. I am so proud of all of them. Go Big Reds!!! Tue, 11 Feb 2014 18:44:41 EST Day 40 of 10min/day I had to quick get my exercise in this morning. I did one of my weights routines that lasts about 10 min. I was also lucky enough to be able to get a 13 min walk in at work tonight. <BR> <BR> It's been a busy couple of days involving basketball. Last night, we went to our town's high school varsity girls & boys games. Bridget (8) went to the dance team camp and the girls performed at half time. It was really cute. The girls team won, the boys team lost, but it was fun to get out and ch... Sat, 8 Feb 2014 22:32:24 EST Day 38 Yesterday and today I decided to start toning a little more. We have some free weights, and a weight machine, so I started using those again. I have a couple of short routines worked out, and they only take 10 minutes, so I should be able to fit those in on most days. I just have to keep myself convinced that weights are important. It's not that I don't like doing the weights. It's more of just choosing to do those over Zumba or other cardio when I'm short on time. <BR> <BR> And today, ... Thu, 6 Feb 2014 10:02:07 EST Feb 4th-Day 36 of 10min of exercise per day As I'm sitting here watch it snow, I thought I'd post about my last two days which have been very active. <BR> <BR> Superbowl Sunday: I had to work on Sunday, but it was a little slow. I didn't have a tech, so I worked alone and had a chance to do two Spark Videos at work. I did the low impact cardio one and one of the kick boxing ones. When I got home, Hubby wanted to go for a walk. I jumped all over that opportunity, although the roads were still a little icey in patches from a rece... Tue, 4 Feb 2014 13:44:45 EST Feb 1st-Day 33 (10min exercise)-Healthy BMI My weight this morning was...(drum roll please)... <BR> <BR> 144 lbs!!!!! <BR> <BR> That makes my BMI = 24.8 and I am officially in the healthy range!!! <BR> <BR> I still have about 18 days of HCG, so I'm hoping to lose a few more pounds before the end of this round, but I am so excited to finally be out of the "overweight" category. I've been on Spark People for four years (tomorrow is my Sparkversary) and I've been watching what I eat and exercising for even longer than that. I'm small... Sat, 1 Feb 2014 15:01:07 EST Day 32 of 10min of exercise/day Today is day 32 of my streak. I did 20 min on the elliptical this evening after work. It's pretty peaceful around here right now. Hubby is on his way home, and five out of the six kids have gone off to activities. Just me and Bridget right now. I'm listening to her sing as she's playing a game. <BR> <BR> Last night we went to Iowa Western for the Southwest Iowa High School Honor Choir. My oldest son, Mikey, participated. I could tell he had a blast!!! The concert was wonderful! The ... Fri, 31 Jan 2014 18:57:24 EST Day 30 Today I went for a walk. It was in the 30s and sunny, but still a bit windy. Not too bad for a walk, until the way back. That seemed a lot windier as I was walking into the wind. I went for about 2 miles. <BR> <BR> I worked last night and had to listen to the Creighton game on the radio. It probably was a good thing I wasn't home watching the game. I would have been screaming and keeping the kids up. Thankfully, they pulled it off with a three point victory. Hopefully, the next game ... Wed, 29 Jan 2014 14:32:00 EST Day 28 It took a while to get to my exercise today. I had a busy day for a day off. It started with a cold drive to Omaha for the orthodontist for two kids. The same two kids were also sick, so I kept them home from school and decided to make doctor's appointments for both. One has a sinus infection and chest congestion, my other has his reactive airway acting up again. <BR> <BR> I spent most of my day off preparing enough stew and roast to cover my work week. Yes, I filled the turkey roaster ... Mon, 27 Jan 2014 21:32:26 EST Day 23 of 10min/day of exercise I woke up today feeling a little under the weather, like a sore throat was coming my way. I took my vitamins, ate breakfast and went back to bed for a while. I'm still feeling kind of slow, but not full blown sick yet. Thankfully, I had today off from both my jobs and have been doing some "light" mom work at home. <BR> <BR> The kids are home from school now, so I found the strength to do some Zumba with Sean, my eight year old son. He is really getting good! I did take it easy a littl... Wed, 22 Jan 2014 17:56:11 EST Day 20 of 10 min exercise/day It was a gorgeous day here in Western Iowa, and I was stuck working. I did manage to get outside after work for a four mile walk with my son Patrick. We went at a 17 min/mile pace. I can tell that I will feel my legs tomorrow morning. <BR> <BR> It's been a busy weekend at work, mostly in a good way. I prefer to be busy. It makes the day go by faster. Saturday would have been really bad, but I was able to call in our casual tech. She was home from college for the weekend and was availa... Sun, 19 Jan 2014 19:22:11 EST Day 17 My 10min/day of exercise continues. I did 44min of Zumba today, by myself. I also stretched for a few minutes afterward. <BR> <BR> I'm on day 7 of my HCG diet. Not much new to report there. The weight is coming off. I'm down to 152 which is still above my endpoint from my last round (thyroid problems). I'm happy with the progress so far. I feel good and I've really enjoyed doing the Zumba game. I still have the munchies at different times during the day, but it's good for me to lea... Thu, 16 Jan 2014 14:43:11 EST Day 16 (10min of exercise per day) I've kept my streak going! Today I did Zumba again with Sean my 8 year old (Xbox Kinect, Zumba Core). He's still in the basement doing some lessons on the steps. He's trying to earn more achievements. The boy is going to have some moves as he grows up if he keeps doing Zumba with me! We'll have to keep our eyes on him as he gets old enough for school dances. <BR> <BR> I'm doing well on my diet, and so is hubby. We seem to have found something he can stick with pretty well. Hopefully h... Wed, 15 Jan 2014 18:52:37 EST Day 14 of 10min/day (Day 4 of HCG round 3) My exercise streak is still going strong. The Spark Activity tracker keeps me motivated to move more. Today was another walk outside, this time with Hubby. I was proud of him. He lasted 39 min and 2 miles with me. He went a lot faster than he normally does. I also did a couple of other small walks that are adding up. The sun is still shining, I'm temped to get a few more minutes in. <BR> <BR> Hubby is also trying a round of HCG with me. I'm doing the subq shots, he's doing drops unde... Mon, 13 Jan 2014 17:04:48 EST Day 12 I've kept my streak going for 10min of exercise per day for 12 days now. Yesterday was a quick 10 min on my elliptical while preparing myself for my son's birthday sleepover. We invited eleven boys, and all eleven came! Nine of the boys spent the night. It was a lot of fun, with only a couple of melt-downs that seemed to get smoothed over pretty easily. The boys had an epic nerf gun battle, swam in our endless pool, played computer/video games, ate pizza & birthday cookie, and watched a ... Sat, 11 Jan 2014 19:01:56 EST Day 9, 10min/day I just finished another Zumba class on my Xbox. Some of those instructors are tough! I'm glad I'm doing this in my basement, although I'm sure a real Zumba class would be fun. They just don't have one in my town and I don't have time to drive anywhere. <BR> <BR> I got my Spark Activity tracker and got it all synced up. Do you have to wear it on your shoe when you workout and on your belt during regular activity? That's how I understood the instructions, but I'm very sleep deprived today... Wed, 8 Jan 2014 15:51:33 EST Day 7-WooHoo It's very cold here, like pretty much everywhere across the country. I have no plans to step outside today at all! Sean did 2 Zumba classes with me today (Xbox Kinect), so we did 40 min total of Zumba. I have a lot of fun doing this with him. The rest of the kids helped to move the furniture so we would have more room. <BR> <BR> My day off hasn't been as relaxing as I had hoped. I needed to balance the checkbook, which is always depressing. I'm also trying to figure out what medical be... Mon, 6 Jan 2014 16:45:16 EST Jan 5-Day 6 of 10min/day I think I have successfully started a streak! I wanted to swim again today. Yesterday's swim felt really good on my tight calves. The pool room needs some coverings on the windows. With negative temps for a few days, we need to insulate more. <BR> <BR> I ended up doing Zumba again. I really love the Zumba Core game for the Xbox Kinect. Class 1 was pretty high impact with lots of steps, so it was a little tough and probably part of why my calves got so tight. Class 2 (today) was much m... Sun, 5 Jan 2014 20:23:18 EST Creative workouts I've gotten 2014 off to a great start. I decided to rekindle my 10 min of exercise per day challenge. I did this once, and lasted over a year, I believe. I'll have to recheck some old blogs. I've gotten a little creative with my workouts this week. <BR> <BR> Dec 31st: I had to work and had plans for the evening, so I worked out at work. I went for a 15 minute walk that included 8 flights of stairs. I broke up the stairs by doing 2 flights, then walking over to the other tower at wor... Fri, 3 Jan 2014 19:46:14 EST