MILLIE-MILOU's SparkPeople Blog MILLIE-MILOU's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Monday. Walk, Work, Walk, Ride <img src=""> <BR> Yes, I know it's a dodgy photo, but it was dark. <BR> <BR> After work today, I walked Toffster and decided that it wasn't cold enough to not ride. Sorry about the double negatives, very bad form and my English teacher did drill us on that, but it seemed to work well, in my head. <BR> I just rode Eric and found a couple of little hills to see how my stupid knee was doing. Good job that they were o... Mon, 15 Jan 2018 15:41:00 EST Getting ready for the week ahead After a bit of a rubbish week, I was ready for the weekend. <BR> I am feeling very old at work. The 20 somethings are really annoying me. Every time something happens they whoop like kids and are generally very noisy. I can't work like that and find it exceedingly stressful. <BR> There was also the pizza thing this week. They have a swearbox at work as they are quite sweary. They spent the loot on pizza, cookies, garlic bread, burgers etc. I haven't contributed to the pot and declined the off... Sun, 14 Jan 2018 14:00:45 EST Week one of the new year, done and dusted. I have set my target for 3 1/2 hours a week of riding through the winter challenge again - or 16 hours for January in case of inclement weather. <BR> I am up on the drag curve as I have ridden for 5 hours this week, over only 3 days. I must be maintaining some sort of fitness. Even in the cold weather. <BR> <BR> Today I got out on my bike, after a fashion as I really didn't want to go out in the cold, and rode for a nice 14 miles on Eric. Just along the trail to Woodhall and back via Poolham... Sun, 7 Jan 2018 14:26:32 EST First Blog of 2018 I have been for a bike ride. No surprise there then. Today I got my first 50km ride of the year in so a good start to the 50km a month, every month challenge for the year. <BR> I saw zebras on my ride. Unusual enough to mention, I think. Not something you usually see in Lincolnshire. There is a private zoo, just outside of town. The owner set it up for his wife. <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> New Year's Day I did a q... Sat, 6 Jan 2018 14:11:13 EST Last Saturday of the year I had the laziest morning in the world. I had a nice cuppa, flumped on the sofa and eventually took the dog for a walk about 11am. Just wandered across the playing field and into town, discovered that the knitting shop is shut until the 2nd Jan and wandered back again. <BR> <BR> Flumped some more before motivating my sorry butt out on to Eric and for a ride. 12.88 miles, 5 more than required. The headwind was not my idea of a laugh and going up a short, sharp hill into said headwind garnered... Sat, 30 Dec 2017 16:01:47 EST Thursday. -1 so rode on the trail Hell of a day at work. We had tests, which is no big deal really. I can do them perfectly well but maybe not as fast as the other team members as I have meres irlan syndrome and the differing text type, text size and colours make life a bit tricky sometimes so I have to re-read questions a few times. The rest of the team finished a good 15 minutes before me and larked about, made noise and were generally a pain in the backside. I lost my rag and yelled at them to shut up. <BR> What doesn't he... Thu, 28 Dec 2017 16:34:02 EST Christmas Day Update on Bluey. He has a loose cassette. Oops. I'll get on to that later or tomorrow. Eric could do with new head bearings and some new cabling. I'll have a look at that too. <BR> <BR> I woke up at about 8, after a very rough night. It was well after 2am before I got to sleep. I just tossed and turned for ages. I got Toffee out of the door for a good 45 minute walk up the trail and back by road. He seemed happy enough. I loaded Eric into the back of my car, after breakfast, and drove him to... Mon, 25 Dec 2017 09:41:10 EST Xmas Eve with Bluey Bluey, is making a right racket. No idea why and nothing is loose. I mean Nothing. Very irritating. I'll pull him apart and locate the noisy bit. Not today though. I took him for a steady 10.5 miles which has brought me to 3999.65 miles for the year. Yup, really. Had I known that I'd have gone around the block. <em>332</em> I really needed that ride after braving Tesco. I went last night and it was like the Marie Celeste. So were the salad shelves. <em>368</em> <BR> <BR> I had an absol... Sun, 24 Dec 2017 12:10:21 EST Christmas Saturday Until my shift patterns start, mid January, I have Saturdays off. After Mid Feb or so I will work every Saturday. Phil isn't about so I would rather have time with him anyway, through the week. <BR> <BR> This morning I sorted out the kitchen and walked Toffee. At half 12, I finally got out for a ride. I was going to take Bluey, my Carbon Roadie but, after pumping up his tyres, the back one didn't feel right so I did it again but decided not to trust it on a ride today and to see if it felt o... Sat, 23 Dec 2017 11:20:51 EST Winter Solstice Stinky perfume woman forgot today. Yay. She did bake cupcakes for the team so is mildly redeemed. Gluten free and dairy free too, for those in our team who have food intolerances. I brought sweeties, as I don't really eat them. I did have a cupcake though. <BR> <BR> I got another ride in tonight, another 12 miles, slightly different route and it was very muddy on those country roads. He's filthy, Eric I mean. He is in the bath now. I need 82 miles for the year and a cleaner bike will help th... Thu, 21 Dec 2017 17:33:06 EST Hump day again. So far, so good at work. <BR> We have been moved about in the class room and I am sitting next to different people now. L, to my right and S to my left, both girls. L wears Juicy Couture perfume. Makes me itch. I have come out in a rash because of it. Trainer is allergic to it too and she has been asked not to wear it but still does. 2 more days of her. She seems to think that I'm a bit thick and keeps trying to help me. Gets on my nerves actually. Yes she speaks Korean and spent a bunch of ... Wed, 20 Dec 2017 16:08:53 EST Monday Well, Friday was a total disaster. I bombed an exam and got totally stressed out. I was fine until about 4pm and it was the last test of the day and I just couldn't cope with it. Differing fonts and text sizes did for my Meares Irlan syndrome. I just coudn't cope. After work I headed for Norwich and went via Phil's as he asked me to. <BR> By the time I got there, my stammer was so bad that I could barely speak to him. He was a smidge freaked and said that I wasn't that bad after getting shut ... Mon, 18 Dec 2017 17:22:48 EST Thursday catchup I have survived 4 days so far and doing ok. <BR> One of the learning tools that they use is to play some stupid computer game and then answer online questions during it. Luckily I have found a short cut so that I don't have to endure the stupid games. I am not a fan of computer games really. The other 10 members of my team are 32 and under. I am the sole ancient one at 53. <BR> I am getting back to grips with the computer system now. I travel to the city via the back roads as it takes 45 mins... Thu, 14 Dec 2017 16:10:51 EST Sunday. Where is the year going? Today I went in to Lincoln to get passport sized pictures done, for my new job tomorrow. I had to take Kenn with me, which galled a bit. He knocked on at stupid O'clock last night wanting me to take him home. He was in town, seeing 'a friend' and missed the bus home - again. I was not turning out at that time of night, I wasn't letting him stay here either. I let him take the car on the proviso that it was back here by 8.30am. It was. <BR> <BR> He wanted me to take him home then and there. I... Sun, 10 Dec 2017 14:46:59 EST Saturday and hovering at 0 degrees The sun was shining, so naturally I went out for a bike ride. 51km - 31 and a bit miles - in 0 degrees. My Garmin reckons that it was much warmer at 1.1 degrees but my garden thermometer and the one at the cafe at Bardney said 0 and I think that they were correct. I took Eric, my CX bike. I thought that he would be the best bike for the job. Especially for the off road bit. It's only a mile but it's rutted and muddy. Or rutted and frozen stiff as it turned out. <BR> <BR> <img src="http://p... Sat, 9 Dec 2017 11:56:37 EST Friday morning quickie I finished my short term job yesterday. 12 weeks work on a 7 week contract is not too shoddy IMO. <BR> I have got another 2 rides in this week. One on Tuesday alone, the other on Weds night, with Himself for 16 miles to The Railway Inn and back. We had a nice half each and decided against a snack as they had no Twiglets. That's a crime in itself. Fancy not stocking Twiglets at a cyclist's Inn. Shocker. <BR> <BR> I am off to Norwich but will walk the dog and have a shower first. I have a day ... Fri, 8 Dec 2017 02:39:33 EST Sunday and a mild day. The morning was a bit cool so Toffee and I had a quick walk and then watched TV on catchup. I got on the bike at 11.39 and rode to Ken’s place to look at paperwork- not sorted out so no surprise there - then a different route home giving me 37 miles for the day. <BR> I do feel that the 4000 mile target, for the year, is attainable. <BR> <img src=""> <BR> My C.O.W.S pic for the day. <BR> <BR> <img src="http://pho... Sun, 3 Dec 2017 14:52:52 EST Saturday and a rather lovely day I really didn't want to get out of bed, this morning. I turfed Toffee into the back garden and when he'd done his thing, we both went back to bed. He went beneath the duvet, I had a mug of tea and a tablet thing to game on for a bit. <BR> <BR> I did finally emerge, when the tea had been drunk. I mooched about for a while, washed the dishes and thought about life. Funny how when the world seems awful, there is nobody to talk to, there is one constant in life. Something that is always there fo... Sat, 2 Dec 2017 12:08:33 EST Well, that was a fast week I have only had one weekday ride this week. 10 miles or so on Monday night with Himself. He's been studying, I've been reading and playing guitar. <BR> Work has been dull, dull, dull. Filing and more blooming filing. Wednesday I felt really ill and cleared off home at half past 2. Thursday after lunch I went home again and took a half day's holiday, took Friday as holiday and taking tomorrow as holiday too. I need a bit of a break, I've got very tired and can't concentrate. <BR> <BR> Friday,... Sun, 26 Nov 2017 16:19:51 EST Sunday. I like Sundays After yesterday's long-ish ride, I thought that I might have a sore knee but I didn't. Always a bonus. <BR> Breakfast was porridge and experimental bread. Not space food for a change. I took Toffee for a nice long walk and someone had fenced off the field properly and had sheep grazing there. <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> It was a bit fresh out there but we had a nice time anyway. I took a selfie with the dog. Not s... Sun, 19 Nov 2017 13:57:27 EST Lots of catching up to do 10 days since my last blog. I can't believe it. Life has been a bit manic. <BR> <BR> Had I had a phone interview with BT? I think that I had. Anyway, I got a call to go to an assessment day so, on Tuesday just gone, I went. I told my current boss where I was going and took a day's holiday as the assessment was from 10.30am to 2pm. Right in the middle of a working day so taking the whole day seemed like the thing to do. Th assessment went well. It's a nice centre and they said that they would... Sat, 18 Nov 2017 17:23:24 EST Tuesday 7th Nov Hi all <BR> <BR> Not much to report really. A little night riding and that's about it. <BR> It appears that we can swim for a quid each, with Himself's job, which is lovely and might give us a change from riding in the cold weather. <BR> <BR> Still at the Drainage Board. It seems that they would like to keep me to Christmas. I have half accepted the call centre to Xmas but it's £1.50 less an hour and further to drive so I might stay put. Will have a chat with the boss in the morning. I thin... Tue, 7 Nov 2017 16:48:02 EST Tuesday 5.30am Morning all. <BR> I got a nice 11 miles in the moonlight, last night. Phil took his old MTB and I took Eric. My knee was not feeling the love but I went anyway. Now it's half past 5, I ache so I got up. I couldn't get the dang thing comfy, however, I was in bed last night, at 8pm. I haven't reset with the clocks properly yet. <BR> <BR> I had a phone interview with BT yesterday and now waiting on a date for a face to face interview and assessment morning. I've done these before and always bee... Tue, 31 Oct 2017 01:33:44 EST Sunday again! Where did the week go? I got a good 50 mile ride in today. Bit windy but lots of fun on my old steel roadie. He is fast becoming the love of my life. Talking of loves, Phil is on his way over. Maybe not love but I like him a lot, a very lot :) He is bypassing base and coming straight here. I am RICEing a knee so he can do his own ironing tonight. <BR> <BR> I have put on a couple of lbs and I'm horrified so it's back on the space food for a couple of days and I'll switch to SW in a few. Don't tell Phil, what he doe... Sun, 29 Oct 2017 16:35:12 EST Sunday. I haven't ridden for a couple of days as the weather has been pants. This weekend I filled up the cupboards and freezer, making sure I have lots of cheese and crackers on account of the Tiger Who Keeps Coming To Tea. The man is a menace <em>246</em> <em>4</em> <BR> I have moved shelving and the hi-fi around in the living room. Now the hi-fi and speakers are not on the adjoining wall. I have space for a table and chairs - at least a table as I have chairs - now. I would like to be able ... Sun, 22 Oct 2017 14:13:46 EST Thursday rest day Cake day really. I made fruited tea loaf cake and some cherry and almond bread (in my bread maker). I cannot remember the last time I bought a loaf of bread. So much more fun making it. I made 3 cakes. 2 little ones and 1 big one. I will take one of the little ones into work tomorrow. We are a skeleton crew on a Friday. Just half a dozen of us. <BR> <BR> It seems that I am still employed. I have my time sheet for next week, tucked away in my drawer. I've booked Monday as a holiday so I can g... Thu, 19 Oct 2017 16:00:26 EST Hump day again. Lots to catch up on. <BR> <BR> I was a bit stiff on Monday, mostly from the kayaking. It's been a few years! My knee ached from riding but that was about it. <BR> <BR> I suspect that my works contract is coming to an end. I have got them all caught up with the filing, data entry, stock control, database admin etc. I'm archiving at the mo but the database isn't set up yet (I'm not doing it, they don't pay me enough to do that thank you very much.) I am getting tired of various board members ... Wed, 18 Oct 2017 19:16:57 EST Sunday catch up This is going to be short as I am knackered. <BR> <BR> Kayaking is epic and I'm going again next Saturday. I had a total blast and am getting quite comfortable with it. I kayaked as a kid and it kind of came back to me. I adore being on the water anyway, so I might treat myself to a 2nd hand kayak in the not too distant future. <BR> <BR> Riding home. Horncastle, Lincolnshire to Norwich - plus an extra bit as I like riding my steel roadie and I fancied riding on the roads that I rode on towa... Sun, 15 Oct 2017 16:23:59 EST The end of another week. It's not been a bad old week. <BR> Still on washing up detail. Natch. There is a mahoosive pile and I could do with cracking on with it, but I can do it tomorrow. <BR> Phil is away for a week so what he doesn't know, he won't be worried about <em>246</em> He does like his bedside drawers. He was totally thrilled with them. Apparently, it's the little things. More things are sneaking in the house. He has a casual shirt hanging in my wardrobe. It got 'left' on the ironing pile. I ironed all ... Fri, 13 Oct 2017 15:59:09 EST The shortest ride in the world tonight 4.51 Miles in about 18 minutes. Phil wanted to turn his legs. I was just about warmed up when we got back home! Men. Can't live with them, not allowed to shoot them! <BR> <BR> Phil is making lasagne from scratch. pasta and everything. Last night he made tagliatelle from scratch, with a tomato and olive sauce. I was ironing his uniform while he was doing that. All a bit domestic here <em>40</em> <em>246</em> Having given him a bit of cheek earlier, I hav been told that I am now on wash... Tue, 10 Oct 2017 14:18:54 EST Lazy sunday today. Probably. Or not! Lovely sunday morning and I have a cup of tea and a strawberry breakfast shake. The same flavour as I tried last week only to throw over the carpet at my hands were so rubbish. <BR> Not sure about my hand status yet but the shake is still upright and the rest of it is in the blender thing and that is upright too. So far so good. It's OK for strawberry flavour. Next time I have one, I'll put a banana in as well. <BR> <BR> Yesterday I took PeeBee, my new (to me) steel roadbike out for a pootle... Sun, 8 Oct 2017 05:09:40 EST A good start to the new month. I had a lovely lay-in this morning. I didn't crawl out of my bed until 8am and it was lovely. Not made the bed yet, either <em>40</em> shocker! <BR> I had a lazy breakfast, or tried to but my stupid hand dropped my shake all over the carpet. I had a bit of toast instead. I watched half a film and then turned it off and dozed on an off until half past 2 this afternoon. <BR> When I woke, with a headache, I noticed that it wasn't raining any longer so decided to take Eric for a wee spin. Jus... Sun, 1 Oct 2017 14:51:26 EST Another working week survived Payday today so, naturally, I now have no money. <BR> After a nice walk with Toffee - out the door a little early courtesy of Phil texting me at 0530. I really do need a word with him - I settled down with a breakfast shake and a LOT of coffee and paid the water bill, the council tax, discovered that my rent payment had been sorted by the Universal Credit people so I am up to date with that (I tucked the money that I would have paid on the rent into my ISA, just in case), put my regular ISA p... Fri, 22 Sep 2017 12:40:59 EST Hump day. Yay Work is lovely and busy so the day just flies along. I am home again before I know it. <BR> Last night I fell over. Knocked over by 2 boxer dogs with no owner in sight actually. This morning I was a bit bruised and stiff. I had a bad night too as I sleep on my right side, where the bruises are. I kept losing concentration at work as I just ached so much. Also, I am in the middle of a CMV flare up (Harbour virus thing that I get from time to time) so feel a bit wrecked generally. Not catching ... Wed, 20 Sep 2017 17:05:42 EST Sunday and the weather was mixed As was my day. <BR> <BR> The weather started off Ok but I had things to do. Lots of things to do, so riding was to be postponed - until it got dark as it happened - as I had other priorities. <BR> <BR> Today went like this: <BR> Walk Toffee dog for half an hour. He's a bit lame as he's cut his foot so a gentle, short walk today where there is no mud. Anyway, my Wellies started leaking yesterday so they are in the bin. Mud is not on the menu until I get new ones. Not pink with spots this tim... Sun, 17 Sep 2017 16:20:34 EST Saturday check in. It seems that Phil had a proper lurgy going on. I saw him Monday night and he looked terrible. I fed him and tucked him up under the duvet by 7. I was so shattered that I joined him less than 90 minutes later and slept like a dead thing. <BR> <BR> Tuesday was mostly flumping on the sofa. Too tired to ride and the forecast had given out yellow warnings for our part of the world. I could feel the temperature dropping and the wind getting up. Even Toffee wasn't interested in going out in that ... Sat, 16 Sep 2017 16:12:07 EST Morning cycle and afternoon flumping After my ride, yesterday evening, I realised that I was just 14 miles away from having ridden 3000 miles so far this year. I thought that I had better look for a chink in the weather and get myself out there. <BR> <BR> I woke at 7 this morning, a lay in for a change. No text from Phil at 6am as usual so was a little concerned. I texed him and he said that he felt off and thought that he was coming in for a cold. I suggested lots of fluid, sleep and a couple of paracetamol and left him to it.... Sun, 10 Sep 2017 08:18:44 EST Yellowbellies of the world unite I was at the Yellowbellies rendezvous 15 minutes early, to stick my roadie back together. I only have a little hatchback car so need to take the front wheel out of any bike I am travelling in it. I saw another cyclist and waved to them. The chap came over and I asked if he was a Yellowbelly? Sounds rude when I say it out loud now but his name was Paul and he is indeed one of us. <BR> Yellowbellies, by the way, are people who are born in Lincolnshire. Neither Paul nor I are proper yellowbelli... Sat, 9 Sep 2017 17:46:54 EST Saturday morning with some coffee Today is the official inaugural ride of the Yellow Bellies Cycle Club. Weather is pants, naturally. Just English 'pants', not USA 'pants'. I can deal with a bit of a breeze and some intermittent drizzle, it's not like the storms and hurricanes that my friends over the pond, are contending with. <BR> <BR> The week wasn't so bad. We did ride on Monday as Phil turned up really early and we popped out for 10 miles or so. Not far but we were tired. Tuesday we stayed in. Both shattered so we playe... Sat, 9 Sep 2017 04:23:51 EST Monday again I did manage a couple of 18 mile rides over the weekend. One alone and one with one of the Yellowbellies, my bike club. Both were fun. <BR> <BR> Today I am breaking my day down into one hour segments. I just set a timer on my phone and stick some music on. <BR> <BR> After dog walking I had one hour for breakfast and chilling out (and hanging the laundry up) and then 1 hour cleaning upstairs, fixing the bed, hoovering etc. Then an hour (and a bit) job hunting and emailing. 1 hour ironing (fo... Mon, 4 Sep 2017 08:56:38 EST Back from a trip home Wednesday, I just thought 'stuff it', rang our Mark and asked if I could crash at his place for a couple of days. He's an untidy thing but I really needed to get away from here, for a few days. <BR> <BR> I landed at Mark's at about 3.30pm and spent a bit of time with him before he cleared off to work. While he was working, I attempted to clear his living room up a bit. He suffers with depression and it gets beyond him. The kitchen, I just looked in and shut the door. We shall not speak of th... Sat, 2 Sep 2017 11:02:13 EST Tuesday. It's been a rough couple of days. <BR> Yesterday I totally lost the plot and went off on a nice 35 mile cycle ride to cool my jets. Another 50km+ ride for my annual challenge. It was the 7th qualifying ride of the month. Today, I was still angry so I took my CX and rode another 50km today. Mostly off road, on the Spa Trail and then the Water Rail Trail, along the banks of the River Witham. <BR> <BR> I've been job hunting and walking my dog mostly, over the last few days. I had an interview t... Tue, 29 Aug 2017 16:52:29 EST Sunday and the weekly roundup So here we are again. Another week of life gone by and I've barely logged in as I have been out living and doing stuff. It's the summer and that seems to happen a lot. <BR> <BR> After my 101km ride, I was shattered so only did a quick 12 miles on Monday. I went out with my local club on Tuesday (Yellowbellies Social Cyclists) for a nice 50km and then out with Phil for another 20 miles, putting me on 52 miles for the day. I must be touched in the head, I think. I blame the sunshine. <BR> <BR... Sun, 27 Aug 2017 19:41:46 EST Sunday and a sore bum I took lovely Toffee out for a good 90 minute walk today. Only walking as I ran with him yesterday for 1.3km (.8 of a mile but it sounds further in km). It was 6am and we had a nice, mostly off lead, walk. <BR> <BR> I had breakfast, did some phone charging up, routing up a ride and then I cleared off on Eric, my CX bike. My road bike needs a new bottom bracket and it's not arrived from Wiggle yet - mostly looking forward to the free pack of Haribo that accompanies Wiggle orders - and then I... Sun, 20 Aug 2017 13:46:36 EST Tuesday morning and the sun is shining I have taken the morning off work to find parts for my car. I had to wait until the place was open then ring back to see if they had the bits and then ring back when the right chap was in. They get aerated at work if I do it there so have taken the morning off to get this done. My MOT is quite important to me. <BR> <BR> While I was waiting for the place to open, I walked Toffee for 50 minutes in the glorious morning which went from a pretty dawn, <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.... Tue, 15 Aug 2017 06:10:43 EST Not a great day, actually I had a nice lie in today. Then Ken came around and we watched The Lone Ranger on DVD in the morning. First time ever, that I have watched a film in the morning. Ken put my Speedplay Zero Pedals on Bluey, the road bike for me, as my hands are pretty rubbish actually. In return, I made him a loaf of bread. <BR> <BR> I make a lot of bread. I like doing it. Naturally, I don't actually eat the stuff, but I do like making it. I have a loaf here and I have no idea what to do with it. I guess Phil ... Sun, 13 Aug 2017 15:11:33 EST Saturday round up Dreadful week really. <BR> Tuesday was Pixar night in with Phil, Wednesday was a trip to Boston and a walk by the river, Thursday was hilly 16 miler and yesterday I got a nice 38 miler in, on the flat, on the bike. <BR> Work is getting worse and worse. It turns out that the nurses all hate me as I am covering for their receptionist (whom they really like) as she is being trained to do another job, then the NHS is closing reception so their regular receptionist is doing a job that she doesn't ... Sat, 12 Aug 2017 18:22:01 EST Monday and the start of a new week Yup, I know it's Tuesday morning but I didn't have time last night. <BR> <BR> This being single malarkey is easier for eating. I don't have to cook for anyone else so I've been forgetting to eat. My friend Wendy texts me daily and I tell her what I have eaten. Then she sends frownie faces. Oops. I have known Wen for well over 30 years and she knew me when I was so light that I could barely walk so she knows that I have a few issues in that department. Actually, she helped pull me back from t... Tue, 8 Aug 2017 02:27:32 EST 50 miler in the wind today Boy was it blowy out there today. <BR> I walked Toffee for ages this morning then had a coffee and a lovely omelette with quark in, for brunch (must do food logs). I then did a quick Tesco run as I have no fizzy water, very little diet coke and my cleaning product collection is shocking. I've used them all. Ooooh, I found strawberries on offer for 2 punnets for £3, so grabbed a couple of punnets. I also managed to get the last 2 frozen spinach packets in the shop. I use the frozen spinach in... Sun, 6 Aug 2017 15:03:43 EST Saturday ride with my friend today The sun is shining and I've been forgetting to log on with the tiredness that I've been going through. <BR> Today I took Bluey to Louth and rode for an hour or so, with my friend Andrea, who is one of the Fat Lass At The Back club members. It's a social group for fans of a brand of clothing called Fat Lass at the Back, or Fat Lad at the Back if you are a bloke. They have real cycling clothes for people with a curve about them. Clothing that fits, in fact. I know at a size 12 I'm not exactly t... Sat, 5 Aug 2017 14:31:50 EST