MGREER84's SparkPeople Blog MGREER84's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Busy days, busy nights This season of my life can be expressed as busy. Every day seems to be brimming with things to do. We homeschool, I care take for my mom, I babysit, I volunteer at our church, and I'm involved in a myriad of other activities. <BR> <BR> When do I find time to work out. If I was a morning person that might be a lot simpler but I'm really not. I'm working on it though. I've started getting back into a schedule. It's been pretty awesome for the whole one day I've done it. Tomorrow is another day... Thu, 21 Aug 2014 17:07:27 EST Busy days, busy nights This season of my life can be expressed as busy. Every day seems to be brimming with things to do. We homeschool, I care take for my mom, I babysit, I volunteer at our church, and I'm involved in a myriad of other activities. <BR> <BR> When do I find time to work out. If I was a morning person that might be a lot simpler but I'm really not. I'm working on it though. I've started getting back into a schedule. It's been pretty awesome for the whole one day I've done it. Tomorrow is another day... Thu, 21 Aug 2014 17:07:26 EST A Year in Review I can hardly believe it's been a little under a year since I've logged into Spark! Need to make this a daily part of my life once again. This past year a lot has changed. We've moved into a much nicer home, my husband has changed several jobs, I worked for and left a great job to take on another even greater adventure. <BR> <BR> Life has been busy. So now as the summer is starting to draw to a close I decided to recommit again to healthy lifestyle choices. I've made some strides (reached my... Wed, 20 Aug 2014 17:37:18 EST No Longer the Cow I've shared this story before but it's been on my mind a lot so I thought I would share it again. <BR> <BR> I've struggled with my weight my entire memorable life. I've dealt with a lot of teasing, eating disorders, self esteem issues from my weight and other tragedies/things that have occurred in my life. <BR> <BR> As a young adult though there are a few key events that caused me to come to the place I was in March of 2010. (My heaviest weight of 315lbs.) I had 3 children over the course... Tue, 6 Aug 2013 14:41:49 EST Heart Full of Gratitude Today I am thankful for my health. With a family medical history as long as mine I could have a lot of things wrong with me that simply are not. I've hopscotched my way past Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Heart Disease, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and a whole myriad of other diseases and disorders. Every morning I wake up relatively pain free and go about my day without concerns of medical bills and hospital stays. For this I am most grateful. In my life I've seen a lot of people suffer but God in his gr... Thu, 27 Jun 2013 13:01:56 EST Death Abs So I'm anticipating rock hard abs in a day or two. I had an epic workout yesterday followed by a night/morning of food poisoning. I don't recommend this combination (it's quite miserable) but I can feel every muscle in my mid section. When I say mid section I mean shoulders down to my booty. <BR> <BR> Pretty sure if you looked it up in the dictionary my picture would be chilling next to over did it. But you live you learn. <BR> <BR> Honestly I kind of feel like that sketch in monty python... Wed, 26 Jun 2013 14:40:09 EST Inspiration What inspires you? <BR> There are so many things that inspire me. Music, friends, laughter, my family... I could go on and on. I love sharing these little moments on my facebook page. <BR> <BR> <link> </link> <BR> <BR> It's the story of my journey so far and a great way I can share with everyone what inspires me and keeps me accountable. Feel free to pop on over and take a look. There are some pretty inspiring women and guys on my page. I can't help but be insp... Tue, 25 Jun 2013 10:44:01 EST Not the typical come back.... Typically when I come back to spark after a hiatus I'm down on myself for not sticking with the plan. However, things have been changing. <BR> <BR> Since November of last year I'm down 60 inches. I couldn't be prouder. Yesterday I completed my second virtual 5k. (Run where you are and post your times online.) I've ran 1 mile without stopping this month. I've been able to do push ups, play outside with my kids, go shopping in the "normal" section of the store. Goals, goals, goals are being m... Mon, 24 Jun 2013 09:49:23 EST 14 Days Later What a month February has been! Nothing like throwing my goals for a loop. It's a topsy turvy spinning out of control type of time. I haven't been logging. My internet hasn't been a constant thing so I haven't had as much accountability as I need to succeed. My mom had major back surgery and the anxiety put my habits through a test that they didn't win. <BR> <BR> But there are little rays of sunshine amist the shadowy sky. I was able to purchase some new clothes in size L. Doing an hour on ... Wed, 13 Feb 2013 11:22:45 EST To Snooze or Not To Snooze! This morning was probably the toughest morning yet. I completely threw off my sleep schedule by hitting the hay at 5. I was exhausted and slept like a baby until about 10pm, than I tossed and turned until I drifted back to sleep around 2. When my alarm reminded me it was time to lace up my gym shoes and head out the door my iron will was more like a very small voice in the back of my brain reminding me how important it was to conquer my own desires to be lazy and over come them. <BR> <BR> T... Thu, 31 Jan 2013 05:35:12 EST Iron Will I've made some big changes this week! The biggest being a schedule switch. I'm now waking up at 3:45, having breakfast, and hitting the gym at 4:30. I plan on bumping that to 3:30 and gym by 4 in the next few days. As a result I've been making it to bed by 8 and sleeping soundly! I have so much more energy and motivation to get things done during the day and by night I'm ready to sleep. For someone who's suffered with Insomnia most of her life this is an excellent change. I'm sleeping more an... Wed, 30 Jan 2013 06:39:46 EST Set Backs and Come Backs Do you ever have empty days? You know those days where no matter what you eat you never seem to get full. I had an empty day yesterday. Thankfully all I ate was healthy food but healthy food still has a calorie cost. Sometimes I wonder if we are preprogrammed to have these days come up. Like our bodies are preparing for something. Today is not an empty day. <BR> <BR> Thankfully I had an hour workout yesterday to make up for some of my empty day nomming. I bumped my level up to 2 on the ellip... Tue, 29 Jan 2013 13:09:42 EST Yes, Yes, Yes! So many exciting things are happening this weekend! <BR> <BR> Crossed that threshold to less than 100 pounds to lose! Granted I have 99lbs but it's not a three digit number! My chest measurement is now below 40! My numbers are getting better and better! <BR> <BR> I'm feeling more fit and spry! I have a cold and I'm not laid out in bed feeling like death! Which is a huge thing for me. I'm up with my kids contemplating getting more house work done. Excited for their naps because I can squeez... Sun, 27 Jan 2013 14:51:21 EST Going DOWN! Greetings! <BR> <BR> I feel exulted today! My scale is on the move! :) This week I've lost 6lbs since Wednesday. I couldn't be happier. Talk about a journey. I've been working my tail off since November 29th of last year. Inches are great but pounds are so rewarding. As of today I've lost 50lbs since starting my weight loss journey started in spring of 2010! 3 years seems like a long time to lose 50lbs but it's off and not coming back! :D <BR> <BR> So what lies ahead? 100 more pounds to go!... Fri, 25 Jan 2013 09:05:00 EST So that's where my abdominals are! Greetings, <BR> <BR> Recently I started a new exercise routine. It's really more than just heading to the gym and doing what I feel like doing but actually following a plan. My goals for January are stay hydrated, work on abdominals, and fit into a bra from Victoria Secret. <BR> <BR> So far I've been pretty hit and miss. I've been consistently going to the gym 3 or more times per week, staying away from drinks that aren't water, and my inches keep falling off. My goals are within arms reach... Thu, 24 Jan 2013 01:59:42 EST Feet Frenzy! <BR> <BR> So, as I've said once or twice, I've been on a plateau. I know I'm losing inches and gaining fitness (60 minutes on the elliptcal at a 5 mph pace isn't too shabby). But I would really like to lose the pounds. I kind of had an emotional break down on my husband last night. I know he doesn't quite get it since all he has to do is think about losing weight and it magically flies off of him. <BR> <BR> I've started a new planned program this week! It's exciting. Usually I just go to ... Tue, 22 Jan 2013 10:05:10 EST Excuses, Excuses, Excuses! Have you ever noticed when we do something that's not right in line with our diet or exercise plan the first thing out of our mouth isn't, woops I made a mistake. It's usually well I had this going on or this sabotaged me. We so rarely take credit for our own misgivings. <BR> <BR> I know I'm an excuse maker. Often time I'll be to tired or feeling a little under the weather and that's enough for me to call of my plans. I'm trying to change that and not only take responsibility for my actions ... Mon, 21 Jan 2013 15:30:13 EST Confessions! So Here's my confession! I'm not a saint. Yup, there it is right out in the open. <BR> <BR> Why is that so important here at the beginning of all things? Well, I use to make goals for myself and motivations based out of "pure" intentions. Like, I want to get healthy so I can be a better mom and I want to be the model citizen so I won't eat those donuts over there filled with that delicious creamy amazing tastiness. I want to be an example my friends and loved ones can look up to and model th... Fri, 18 Jan 2013 13:36:08 EST I'm done being silent! Ladies and Gentlemen! <BR> <BR> I am done being silent about my struggle with OBESITY! That's right. I'm letting people know exactly how much I weigh. Exactly how hard I'm working to make this change. And I'm telling everyone I know what they can do to help. <BR> <BR> For years I've sat behind a number. Silent as the grave. Afraid of people judging me. Guess what? It got me no where! I'm challenging all of my fit friends to keep me up to par. If they see me eating something I shouldn't be t... Wed, 16 Jan 2013 01:10:12 EST Near collision! Need help guiding the car! So I went out and bought a scale. Not a nice clear digital scale but the kind with the dial. It's going back to the store next Friday when I get payed to be exchanged. I've been working my tail off and lost a whopping 45.5 inches since November 29th. So I expect some kind of momentous occasion when I step on the scale. An internal drum roll starts going and I get on bracing myself for a noticeable loss and the scale moves down a couple of pounds. <BR> <BR> I was devastated. I'm hoping it's ... Mon, 14 Jan 2013 11:37:03 EST A day of sorrow, a day of triumph... January 12, 2013 <BR> <BR> January is always hard for me. My dad passed away 20 years ago, yesterday. It was always the day after that was the hardest. I was 8. My dad was my world. He loved me unconditionally. He was my confidant, my best friend, my hero. <BR> <BR> I've missed him more than anyone can imagine. Not only did I lose my dad on that day but my mom checked out from life as well. My family was shattered and nothing was ever the same again. <BR> <BR> Most Januaries I find mysel... Sat, 12 Jan 2013 17:36:38 EST Onions, Menthol, and Citrus Peels! What a beautiful sunny day outside! Perfect to be stuck indoors with the sniffles. Not so much really. It seems perfect timing though. We just discussed flu and cold prevention at our mom's group last night. Time to put some tactics into practice. <BR> <BR> I thought I might share some of them with all of you lovely folks because if your area is anything like mine you are probably combating the exact same stuff. It seems everyone has the sniffles or is sick right now. <BR> <BR> For starts ... Fri, 11 Jan 2013 14:26:08 EST The Purge!!! I did it. What did I do you ask? I cleaned out my closet and listed all of my big girl clothes for sale. This is a big step for me, a mental hurdle if you will. Having sold all of my big girl clothes means I'm not going back. This life style is for real. It's move forward or stay put there is no back tracking. <BR> <BR> Within two weeks I'll no longer be a plus sized girl if I keep up the pace I've set for myself. I'm currently rocking a size 18. That's two sizes away from normal woman's c... Thu, 10 Jan 2013 23:54:21 EST Sick Days... For the past few days I haven't been feeling the greatest. Neither is my youngest. Today we lazed around, snuggled, and slept most of the day away. Our hydration was terrible, we didn't get a workout and I haven't really cared about my nutrition. I find I just don't care when I'm sick. It's hard to get motivated to do anything. Today I feel more sore than I normally do after a strenuous workout. Hopefully we start feeling better tomorrow. We had a scheduling switch but life goes on. <BR> <B... Tue, 8 Jan 2013 21:26:08 EST Back to Routine Don't get me wrong I absolutely love the holidays but they throw everything out of whack. Now we are back to school work, play times, naps, normal meal schedules, play time, science experiments, cleaning schedules, play time, and our jobs are getting back into routine. <BR> <BR> Routine keeps me where I need to be and when. It keeps me getting up in the morning and motivates me to sleep at night. I don't always go right to sleep like I am suppose to but when I know I need to be up by 6 rega... Mon, 7 Jan 2013 09:52:47 EST The slump Today is one of those days when motivation seems to be shot out of the window. I woke up late, last night I had a bigger than anticipated meal (lesson learned count calories before consuming), and I didn't keep up with the amount of liquid to keep myself as hydrated as I'd have liked. <BR> <BR> So, it's nearly 6pm and I'm working on reinvigorating my schedule. Soon my friend will be here with my workout dvd and I'll hit that button to get it going. Maybe I'll even go out to the store with m... Sun, 6 Jan 2013 17:51:54 EST Everyone should do this at least once. Dear future me, <BR> <BR> I want you to remember how life is right now. I want you to remember the struggle to lift 3lb weights while doing workout one of the shred. I want you to remember every stair climbed while panting because of the extra weight. Remember what it feels like to look in the mirror and be dissatisfied. Remember how badly you want to be healthy, fit and strong. <BR> <BR> This is who we are at this moment in January of 2013. We've had some success and it's addictive. Rememb... Sat, 5 Jan 2013 14:43:44 EST Skinny Jeans and Rainbow Belts <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <BR> Greetings, <BR> <BR> I can't believe what I'm about to type just now. Excitement doesn't even begin to describe the feelings of exultation running through my system. <BR> <BR> After college (which ended prematurely for me in 2004) I gained a bunch of weight. This was to be expected, after many long hours of therapy my struggle with anorexia had finally come to a "close". While it never really goes away, th... Fri, 4 Jan 2013 14:19:43 EST Calorie counts, chore lists, and tea! Good Morning! <BR> <BR> I love looking back on my successes. This morning I glanced back at yesterday's calorie count and recalled how I rocked it. Today I know I can do it because I already have done it. What an exciting way to see the future. I can accomplish anything because look at what I've already done. This philosophy can transfer to every area of life not just my fitness and nutrition. I have a goal of writing a book. I've written 1000's of papers for classes and tons of short storie... Thu, 3 Jan 2013 09:41:02 EST Good Morning, Tea! It's 2013 and like every other person out there I start out my year with high aspirations of success. Years and years have gone by with this heightened excitement for the new year but this year really has the key. I ended 2012 strong. I lost three pant sizes and 20 inches in December of 2012. I'm riding the high. Some how I didn't lose a single pound but I'm not letting that get to me as best as I can. My energy level is high, my motivation is higher and I have some fitness buddies! I'm more ... Wed, 2 Jan 2013 10:23:55 EST Two Entries: Self Sabatoge Why do we do it? Why after a disappointment on the scale of all things do we say "Why bother" and dive into a box of our favorite ice cream or a bag of almonds? That was what happened to me yesterday. I got on the scale like I do every morning (Don't want to hear it I know daily measurements fluctuate) and there was a gain. Not a big gain honestly it was only .2 but it was a gain. It's one of those moments when I worked so hard. All week I tracked, I worked out I did everything I was suppose ... Tue, 27 Mar 2012 10:56:27 EST Two Entries: Parenting Originally this was not going to be put into an entry but after reading the horrible comments posted about a tragic accident on facebook I felt this was almost a necessity. So without further to do: <BR> <BR> It makes me angry when people blame parents for children who wander off. It makes me want to ask "Do you watch your kid 24-7? Do you watch them sleep, do you watch them when you go to the bathroom? Do you watch them when you are at work and they are at daycare? Do you watch them when th... Tue, 27 Mar 2012 10:47:44 EST Impending Storm The sky is looking quite threatening today. I want to get out there and do some exercise and I will. Was just hoping the weather would clear up. There is such a difference when it's sunshining or cloudy. Se la vi. <BR> <BR> M Sun, 25 Mar 2012 12:34:13 EST Success and postponed success Failure... I don't like that word. It just makes things seem so done and over and awful. I think instead I"m going to use postoned success. It's not that I'm a horrible wretched drop out at something if there is a snag or bump in the road just that it won't happen as quickly as I want it too. <BR> <BR> My Friday was a postponed success. I didn't drink enough water so I was hungry, so I ate. I probably only had 2,200 calories (I stopped tracking after 1800 because who really wants to show th... Sat, 24 Mar 2012 23:51:10 EST Let them eat cake! Good Morning, <BR> <BR> Seems my original post was not to be. (Thank you power outage.) Suddenly reminds me of a parable I just heard from a friend of mine but I'll save that for another day. (For those who are interested now look up the parable of the 500 clay pots) <BR> <BR> Yesterday was DH's birthday! Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family. We cook a big meal, make a nice cake, blow up some balloons, and honor the person with the birthday as the prince or princess for the d... Fri, 23 Mar 2012 14:41:55 EST The Scale: Friend or Foe? Greetings, <BR> <BR> So I'm one of those people who has to weigh themselves every morning. (After all the wii board demands it.) If I don't know my progress I lose heart. I know it fluctuates (and this might be my reasons for past failure) but I'm taking a better approach to the number on the scale. While it's amazing to see those numbers go down (-2 today) my perception of myself can't be dependent on those numbers. I have to focus on my other victories for example yesterday I did my s... Thu, 22 Mar 2012 09:21:44 EST Water, water, everywhere! If you've ever read any of my discussion board posts than you probably know just how much I am not a water drinker. I have every once in a while succeeded in drinking up to 4 sometimes 5 glasses of water. I whine about the taste and how much I have to pee and other ridiculous things. I don't like lemon and I don't like artificial sweeteners. (Ignore my 5-6 diet soda addiction which has been with me since high school) But before I even re-lit my spark I decided to do something about this probl... Wed, 21 Mar 2012 11:39:08 EST Loving the App Greetings all, <BR> <BR> Yes it has been a while. My weight loss goals had fallen by the way side. I just don't do well when I don't see results. However I've recently discovered a tool that I think will keep me on track. I'm gaga over apps. (Kind of late to the game but had to wait to my contract expired and I could afford to jump on the band wagon.) I'm not sure how many people know this but spark people has an app. <BR> <BR> I had been contemplating doing WW online so I could take my tr... Tue, 20 Mar 2012 10:10:27 EST Again... again... and again... So at the moment I'm literally at the highest weight I've been at EVER without a baby in my tummy. This is out of control. I was doing really well at the beginning of this year with tracking food in and making sure I worked out but after a week I hadn't lost any weight in fact I had gained some weight. It's so discouraging. So I just quit. I quit doing everything... I still pick mostly healthy snacks because that's who I am but I just couldn't care about working out because I'm sick of workin... Fri, 10 Feb 2012 16:00:21 EST Five in Three We are getting ready to move for the fifth time in three years. We move a lot as it's obvious. I think we are searching for home. You know that place you feel like you fit in. Where you have a group of people you can trust. A network of those who you can hang out with and be around. We don't have that where we currently are but I have a good feeling about this move! <BR> <BR> I have a job interview for a career I've never done in a paid position. I'm excited for this change and opportunity.... Mon, 18 Jul 2011 18:35:27 EST Wonder how many times Back Again has been the title of my blog... So I'm determined that I'm sick and tired of being overweight.... I want to stick with this and lose the pounds.... I know what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it... so here's what I'm going to pledge to. I'm going to stick with this plan (drink water, walk outside, and sleep 8 hours) for the week. <BR> <BR> I'll blog about this journey daily or at least three times a week and try to keep up with my sparks points like I once did. Here goes nothing. Wish me luck. Time to start again again... Sun, 17 Jul 2011 06:07:58 EST Back again Hey all, <BR> <BR> So I'm back again. I'm doing really well at controlling the foods I eat it is really now about controlling the quantity I consume them. I love exercising and I do so as often as I can. I dance, do DDR, run, and any other possible outdoor activity. <BR> <BR> I'm not at my heaviest right now but I would so love to be under one hundred. I'm a fan of the biggest loser as i'm sure many of you are and I would love to be in a place they call "onederland." So here it goes. Hopef... Tue, 22 Feb 2011 15:01:16 EST Yo-Yo That's what I'm feeling like right now. Halloween hates me or rather I should say I hate it but I love it too. It's one of my favorite holidays. I love seeing my kiddos all dressed up. However because of my overwhelming inability to control my sweet tooth I ended up indulging way too much and of course gaining weight. <BR> <BR> My weight has been up and down and up and down since the move. I lost 12lbs than gained it all back then lost a pound than gained some back then lost some. It's a ma... Thu, 4 Nov 2010 11:46:06 EST Exercising Admist Chaos We are moving! This is a good thing but the problem comes when trying to exercise while trying to get the house ready to move. At least it was until it hit me... packing is exercise. Think about all those boxes I'm lifting... if I just add in a little squat it's quite the work out. Dead lifts are easy with small items and every once in a while I can throw in some jumping jacks to rev up the cardio.... so excited to see how much exercise I'm getting while getting things done. Thu, 23 Sep 2010 15:16:25 EST Fear, aggravation, determination So tonight was kind of crazy. First thing my oldest (4 years old) busted out the screen and ran away trying to find Mickey Mouse's house... A police officer brought him home thankfully. Terrified but his window is now locked and there is no escaping for him. I couldn't imagine my life without him. So upset he did this... he's pretty upset as well. He's apologized a ton and said he'll never do it again. <BR> <BR> Tried to start the biggest loser weigh in tonight... gained 2 pounds... aggravat... Wed, 22 Sep 2010 01:18:35 EST Gained a pound but... This blog is an unabashed push for using a tape measure. Today I weighed myself and I was a little over a pound more than I was last weigh in. The pound can be accounted for because of the difference in time, etc. While at points I'd be disappointed I'm not today. My new best friend the tape measure showed me my hard work. <BR> <BR> If you are discouraged by the numbers on the scale, measure, measure, measure. I've lost over an inch on my hips and waist. That's a big deal. I know I have li... Mon, 20 Sep 2010 01:37:04 EST Back to the grind after injury So tonight is my first time back on my 3.2 mile walk after I injured my right hip while doing the C25K. With an impending move I'm not sure this walk is the smartest choice but I'm going to go for it anyway. We are going to keep a decent but not crazy pace and get the 3.2 miles down. <BR> <BR> Off I go into the night be back soon. Sun, 19 Sep 2010 23:14:07 EST 31 Days away... I took a 31 day break from spark people, the scale, and intensive exercise. I was apprehensive when I stepped on the scale this morning but guess what I'm down 5lbs. Yes I know if I would have stuck with spark I'd probably be down 10 or 15 lbs but Spark was starting to become an unhealthy obsession. <BR> <BR> This introduces one of the biggest problems in my life. I have two modes of thinking either I go all out every day making sure to do as much as I possibly can to accomplish my goal or ... Fri, 17 Sep 2010 16:23:39 EST Hiatus aka Runaway Alirght, Alright, Alright, I admit it. This past week has been well... a complete and utter escape from all things healthy. I may have eaten Doritos and handfuls of really bad for me cereal, I may have polished of an entire small cheesecake on my own, and I may have not done hardly any exercise over the past week and I don't have any good excuses... <BR> <BR> Well I do... I could think of a million reasons why I did what I did last week... are any of them good... probably not but you know we... Tue, 17 Aug 2010 11:40:28 EST Things that annoy me... Okay so I know for sure I'm going to get a great work out today. As soon as I'm done with this post I'm deep cleaning my house and poisoning the ants. They are everywhere. I think they come with children and husbands. I never had such a problem before and now they come daily since kids hide foods and what not. I'm done with it though. I've already said I'm going to let no one or nothing stop me from achieving my goals and this includes ants and a clean house and sanity. <BR> <BR> On other kn... Tue, 10 Aug 2010 15:36:49 EST