METALLICAT1's SparkPeople Blog METALLICAT1's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Life is lonely without Taz Friday morning was a bad time because the night before I gave Taz a bit of brownie and felt bad because it was a bit chewy for him. But when he was trying to eat it, the smell of his breath was bad. He finished the brownie and I told him I sorry it was so chewy and gave him some chicken. He was on my lap and when I hugged him, the same smell came through on the top on his head a bit. I knew then I had to make that call. So at 8:19 I called the vet and Vickki answered. I said who I was a... Sun, 22 Apr 2012 09:43:03 EST Hectic Holidays Merry Christmas everyone!! <BR> <BR> It's been very hectic and crazy around here. As for me, my knee surgery went pretty o.k. It was really screwed up. I've been getting gel shots and the last one is next Wed. I had to stop therapy though because my leg keeps shaking. It stops for awhile but anytime I start walking or doing something-like therapy, my leg starts to shake. My dr. wants me to see a spinal specialist and neurologist. I had a previous MRI on my brain and back, thankfuly th... Thu, 22 Dec 2011 20:04:02 EST Good-bye for now Hi everyone. Yes, I'm saying good-bye, I have to leave for awhile. A few fellow teammates convinced me to not totally quit, just visit once in awhile. Thanks to Kay for accepting the co-leader spot to help Jules. <BR> <BR> I'm leaving for my "sabbatical" because of too much going on in my life right now. My marriage is totally bonkers, hubby and I haven't talked to each other after a fight 3 weeks ago. He threw one of his temper tantrums again, words were said between both of us and i... Sun, 2 Oct 2011 23:34:12 EST Goodbye Sneaky Pi, until we meet again I can't believe it's been a week without Sneaky Pi. I was just thinking this morning, it all happened so fast. July 1st I went in for foot surgery and things were fine at home. Even after a few days home, at 3am because I heard Sneaker meowing and I jumped out of bed and walked fast as I could to check on Sneaker. I put the light on in the hallway and there he was, standing there with his fave toy in him mouth, looking where to go hide him. After that, the pain kicked in on my foot. So... Sun, 14 Aug 2011 10:44:59 EST I finally got to talk to ma's dr. I did it! I did it! Yesterday I was supposed to take ma to the hospital for her tests but in the morning she called to say since it wasn't raining I didn't have to come over-dad was going to doggie sit because Maggie is afraid of the thunder. I was thinking to myself great, I can do some work in the basement now it's dry, go through more of my books see what else to get rid of, etc. But I told her that I'll be over anyway. <BR> <BR> They left and it was me and the girls. I brought over ... Wed, 15 Jun 2011 08:30:17 EST That dreaded phone call I just got home a few hours ago. Last night around 8:30pm my dad called to say ma was sick again. I rushed on over and she was sitting in the living room, shaking and scared, trying not to cry.. She already took 2 nitro pills and her blood pressure was off the charts again. She was feeling really sick. Dad was with her but then he went to take out the doggies. I didn't have to ask what's wrong since this has happened before. But she explained things anyway. <BR> <BR> Dad went downsta... Fri, 20 May 2011 00:01:00 EST What do I do wrong? I feel like I'm being a bad leader to a great team. I'm having what's going on here at home make me not want to go on-line or answer my e-mail. I'm just not with it. The tension between my husband and me is getting to me...again. <BR> <BR> Let me go back to how all this started. It was Feb 1st when we got our blizzard. There were high gusts of wind making it like a white-out, even some thunder & lightening. And believe it or not, Rich went out for coffee! He and Tree-Rich-my nickname ... Thu, 10 Feb 2011 23:55:40 EST Can I trade in my husband for a caring model? Hi sweet buddies. My first blog of the new year and it's not a happy one. Today was the coldest day of the year - 0 degrees outside at 8am. I went to visit my ma. Later I called the vet to see how Taz was doing and they said he was doing fine and that I could pick him up. <BR> <BR> As I pulled away from the house I notice something wrong and pulled over to the side in the alley and notice my tire was F-L-A-T!!!!! I was super lucky I was in the alley by my parents. I didn't want to lea... Fri, 21 Jan 2011 23:17:41 EST This Old Cub That's the name of a fave video. It's about Ron Santo, one of the few Chicago Cubs legends. <BR> <BR> My husband came home and after tending to Sneaky Pi, he gave me some sad news - Ron Santo passed away early this morning from compications of bladder cancer/diabetes. I started to cry and went downstairs to check the internet. Sure enough it was there. He fell into a coma Wed in the hospital and died early this morning. He was 70 years old. <BR> <BR> Santo was a great 3rd baseman f... Fri, 3 Dec 2010 10:32:38 EST One down, One to go Finally, just one more craft show this Saturday. I really hope this one turns out better. I made just enough to get my table money back and to get the fluids for Sneaky Pi, maybe a bot of gas. I'd have to say disappointing. Some things went well like the squirrles, acorns and a couple Frankenstien hotpads... <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.spar... Mon, 18 Oct 2010 12:43:23 EST Too much at once Hi everyone. Sorry that I've not been around too much. Things have been really crazy. It's seems like there's too much going on at once. <BR> <BR> 1. Sneaky Pi - his health isn't the best in the world. But too explain it all would take another blog. Suffice it to say, though his health is failing, he's stable for now. I'm taking him in to the vet for fluids. I still can't seem to do it myself. <BR> <BR> 2. Ma - she had a health scare about a month ago. I got a call from my dad a... Wed, 22 Sep 2010 23:16:49 EST It's only Wednesday??? Is it really only Wednesday? It feels like it should be next week already! <BR> <BR> Sunday night - get a call from dad that ma is having an attack. And he adds a couple sarcastic comments to the deal. Ma was fine, I talked to her not 45 mins ago. I get there she was SUPER SICK!!! She had already taken 2 nitro pills each a 1/2 hour apart. I won't go into details but I felt so bad for her. Though I was sitting on the floor, Maggie next to me, and I'm on the notebook, she tells me she fe... Wed, 1 Sep 2010 09:41:39 EST Crochet, craft show, crochet, craft show.... That's the only thing going through my mind and seeming to be taking up my life-CRAFT SHOWS AND CROCHETING!! Now there are 2 craft shows and luckily they're a week apart. I'm really excited because my mom is coming with. She'll of course have her own space but it'll be great. After waiting decades for this to happen, finally it is. She always wanted to be in one with dad and his drinking everyday and me not really caring to go, she never went. <BR> <BR> I feel bad that we never did on... Sat, 28 Aug 2010 09:28:00 EST What a way to end an evening-to start a day! Hi everyone! I was doing great yesterday - got a nice walk in the morning. Went grocery shopping with ma & had a great visit, until I noticed my one toe was kind of dark on the bottom. I know, I've got Cubbie-blue nail polish but nails do grow with it on and it was underneath the polish I notice it. It even looked like it bled on the side. I showed ma and she thought of a bruise, me too. But when the heck did I bump it? <BR> <BR> O.K., go home, give Sneaker his meds. Was on the comput... Tue, 24 Aug 2010 09:15:45 EST Craft show troubles Finally a craft show ma and I can be in and there's trouble. I recieved the application for the craft show early July, e-mail. Copied one for me and one for ma. She sent both our applications and checks for the table spaces on July 7th. We each got 2 spaces so the checks are for $80. <BR> <BR> We've been talking about not having the checks cashed yet and wonder what's taking Lori, the person in charge of the craft show, so long to cash the checks. Then last Thurs I get an application in... Fri, 13 Aug 2010 10:16:44 EST My first year Hi everyone. This is my first year on SparkPeople. It's also been a very rough year. Last year loosing Tequila to cancer, this year Carbon Copy with his heart <img src="">They look like Siamese twinsTequila's on theleft <BR> Loosing a brother, my mom's dog Waffles. <img src="">Me and Waffles on Easter. <BR> That is very hard. But I still have my Sneaky Pi, though he is getting... Thu, 12 Aug 2010 02:49:54 EST Oops, They did it again!! Yes it happened again! <BR> <BR> Last week, when dad was supposed to get his kidney stint and didn't because he wasn't scheduled, he got on the phone with the dr who supposedly scheduled it and complained-my parents both went to the hospital I was doggie sitting. The only thing good out of all that was ma got her lab work and test done. <BR> <BR> Tuesday dad talked to the dr and it was to be scheduled today at University of Illinois Hospital which is a bit of a drive and in a not so nice... Fri, 16 Jul 2010 17:41:29 EST Don't listen to the Dr. wait for the hospital to call. I got up at 4:30am, gave Sneaker his med and some hard food-I told Rich to give him some Fancy Feast when he got up, posted and left. I got to my parents around 5:30am. It started drizzling when I left and was a down pour when I got there-takes about 15 min. They usually take Maggie for her walk around then so they waited for the rain to stop. About 10min later it did so they took her down the block and I got my crochet out of the car, two bags of yarn and towels. <BR> <BR> They left ar... Fri, 9 Jul 2010 08:21:06 EST Good Dr. visit for Ma I have to say that Dr. Troy redeemed himself yesterday. Ma actually had a good visit with some descent and believable answers. <BR> <BR> 1. Why is leg swollen? He said that is could be from an infection in her leg or even a blood clot. So he set up for her to have a Venous-Dopplar and bloodwork to be done. He had her take x-rays before the visit. He brought them up on the computer screen in the office and things were looking great. Nothing was wore down, broken, nothing wrong with them... Wed, 7 Jul 2010 08:41:59 EST Family Feud 2 Everyone, check out AMBUDMAN's blog titled Family Fued!!!!!!!! O.K., here it goes... <BR> <BR> 1. A scrubbie <BR> 2. Bug spatter <BR> 3. Flowers <BR> 4. T.V. dinner <BR> 5. Piano <BR> 6. Money <BR> 7.Sniff your crotch <BR> 8. Taste test <BR> 9. Nature <BR> 10. "It's a HOMErun!" <BR> 11. Hockey <BR> 12. 5 page essay <BR> 13. My pet laying on my lap <BR> 14. Parrot <BR> 15. Fave t-shirt <BR> 16.Skein/ball of yarn <BR> <BR> How's that? Check out AMBUDMAN's "Family Feud" blog entry to play! Sun, 27 Jun 2010 08:54:06 EST I've seen my dad, in spirit only Yes, I seen my dad's ghost but NO I don't need to call Ghost Hunters. <BR> <BR> It was sometime last week as I was going into the living room, I seen my dad in sitting in my fave chair. Couldn't miss that red hair, or whatever was left of it. He started balding at an early age. I remember his bald spot in the back. <BR> <BR> I don't know why he chose to see me now. I know I watch JAG alot, war movies like Green Berets with John Wayne and Kelly's Heroes with Clint Eastwood. But I guess ... Sun, 20 Jun 2010 09:23:22 EST Sneaky Pi's Vet Visit Here's a little update about the Sneaker. <BR> <BR> He hasnt' been doing well the last few days to where he even stopped eating Thurs. I even have to give him his meds by mouth which isn't as bad as I thought. He's throwing up more, at least 3 times Thurs. <BR> <BR> I took him to the vet yesterday. He got bloodwork done, weighed and gained about 5 oz. His heart, temp, teeth all look just fine. But he was a bit dehydrated and when the bloodwork came back, his potassium went down ... Sat, 19 Jun 2010 09:58:28 EST Me and Sneaky I really don't do blogs because it seems when I post things in the morning they are like my mini-blogs. But today I need to. <BR> <BR> I took Sneaky Pi for his yearly check-up and Dr. Dahl was worried about his weight loss, he was 12 pds this time last year & now he's 9, and something about his kidneys. Then Dr Dahl took Sneaker to get some blood and urine sample. Well, Sneaker being Sneaker, Dr D said they had a bit of trouble getting anything from him, he even hissed! But they got th... Sat, 12 Jun 2010 09:08:00 EST No Respect I had a great time at my Mom's yesterday. Dad had put in the air conditioners because the heat is on in Chicago! She even let me help her take down and put up blinds, yep I said blinds. They are from about 17 years ago, the metal ones. They're from Kirsh, who made all sorts of drapery stuff. I used to work at Wiebodts in the early 80s in draperies. And they are still looking great. <BR> <BR> Ma was talking about going upstairs in the attic to look for her beige doggie curtains she ha... Tue, 25 May 2010 08:53:09 EST Such fun Mother's Day Hey there everyone. I know ma had fun yesterday because I know I did. We met up with her and dad at Georgio's Restaurant for breakfast about 10:30am. They were soooo crowded. Rich and I got there first and got the last booth! We were waiting wondering what's taking them. Ma is TOTALLY on time! Then Rich asks if I got the right place. I can tell he was joking/serious But that was all I needed to hear, so I called dad and he said they were on their way, they made a stop at Walgreen's f... Mon, 10 May 2010 08:38:32 EST Trial results Hi everyone. I went to D.A.W.G. court yesterday to see if there was going to be a trial. I got there at 9am. The doors to the courtroom are supposed to open at that time, or with that particular judge, 9:30. At 9:15 they weren't open yet and this one gentleman made a comment. I told him the same thing happened yesterday but at least the doors were open at 9:15. We started talking about how the system wants you there at 9am sharp but then the judge drags his lazy ass and blames it on th... Thu, 6 May 2010 07:04:43 EST Bark in the Park: My 16th Year Good morning everyone! It was a great day yesterday. Had total fun. Even had fellow Sparker, Nora from Cat Lover's Team, join me. The weather for the first time was sunny and warm, and that's by Lake Michigan. <BR> <BR> We got there about 7:50am, after missing the first turn-off because I wasn't used to anyone with me and I was talking away to Nora. But got back on LSD - Lake Shore Drivve - and found the turnoff to Montrose Harbor. ALL THE DOGGIES!!!!! I was in fur-face heaven! A... Sun, 2 May 2010 09:00:45 EST Look out craft room, here I come! Good morning everyone, <BR> <BR> First and foremost, I'd like to thank you all for letting me be your leader. It's a slow start but I'm getting the hang of it. I wanted to make a few changes with the team today but my lazy but stayed in bed a little longer than planned so either late tonight or tomorrow morning, look for a couple new changes. Once again thank you for all your support, this is a great team, or should I say THE BEST team here and I love you all. And if any of you have idea... Sun, 18 Apr 2010 08:01:13 EST I thought I was having a bad dream... Yesterday I had a seizure. I had no warning or can figure out why it came - stress is (surprisingly) low, things are running smoothly (so far), take my medication everyday, nothing. Not even an "aura" which is like a mini, mini seizure. For me I call it a very freaky "deja vu" feeling. But at first , I thought I was having a bad, real, bad dream.... <BR> <BR> I was trapped somewhere and couldn't move, like something was holding me back, and if I didn't get loose, I was going to die. No... Thu, 8 Apr 2010 08:55:05 EST PetExpo: I'll take everyone! Went to the annual PetExpo with Buddy Melisa yesterday and had total fun. I hope I didn't wear out Melisa too much. It was at Arlington Racetrack, a HUGE horseracing place. It had so many rescues for dog like German Shepheds, Dalmations, Beagles, Shi-Tzus, etc. All sorts of Pet food vendors, craft people, vets to talk about your pets, animal shelters, Kitty shelters, you name it they had it. Even a cat show and a couple cute doggie shows with frisbees, and music. Service dogs, trainer... Sun, 21 Mar 2010 08:41:59 EST Mom's home! Thanks for your prayers & support, great SparkBuddies! Mom came home yesterday afternoon! <em>224</em> <BR> <BR> Friday I spent the whole day with her after going home-hers, and picking up a few supplies, book, fresh underwear, socks, etc. I got there about 10:50am, visiting hours started at 11am. Ma was dozing & I tried not to wake her but you know Moms, can't sneak past them even in hospitals. She said they gave her Zantex & it really knocked her out for some reason. She also said t... Sun, 14 Mar 2010 09:10:59 EST Mom's doing fine so far.... HI everyone, thanks for the prayers, just keep 'em coming please. <BR> <BR> Yesterday I got a call from Ma & she didn't sound good at all. I went over & she was shaky, afraid she was going to throw-up, had taken 3 nitro pills & aspirin. I wanted to call 911 right away but she said dad was going to take her to Little Co. of Mary Hospital. By calling 911 they would have to take her to the nearest hosp. which is Holy Cross Hosp. which is like Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital, if you remember... Fri, 12 Mar 2010 09:51:57 EST I can walk & drive again, YEAH!!!! Just went to the Dr. yesterday & he gave me the <em>250</em> for wearing gym shoes & driving. All in moderation of course. Have to keep soaking my foot because it's still swollen/puffy. But I fit into my Cubs gymshoes fine. I just loosen the laces on the right shoe so it's not too tight, don't want to push my luck. And I finally got behind the wheel of Dude last night. For those of you who don't know, I call my Chevy Blazer Dude, weird I know but he's my guy. I just took him from the... Tue, 9 Mar 2010 08:15:44 EST Carbon Copy - A Missing Valentine Friday I went to go pick up Carbon Copy's ashes. They are in an Egyptian-like urn but I plan to get a different one. I know you can't pick favorites out of your pets, just like you can't have a fave son/daughter, but with CC we had a special bond - both of us weren't the healthiest ones in the bunch. <BR> <BR> Fifteen years ago, I went to work to pick up a kitten I was getting from a co-worker. I even had a vet appointment for him, only I needed a name. I went into the office looking fo... Sun, 14 Feb 2010 10:44:12 EST Happy Birthday Carbon Copy! After yesterday's scare, I'll never be the same. Today I go for my foot surgery & will be thinking of Carbon Copy. He almost died yesterday, I'll admit it. But St. Frances let stay with me foranother day. CC gave me a scare last night, I prayed my heart out. I even went to tell hubby I thought he was dying, he wouldn't shut his eyes, the way he was laying. But CC got up walked around a bit. He slept on the Futon all night. <BR> <BR> CC was the first thing I thought of this morning, th... Fri, 5 Feb 2010 06:03:45 EST It's been 1 year... Hi everyone, yesterday was a combination of sadness, memories, & happiness. It was last year on that day I had to say goodbye to my Tequila. I said good morning to him, gave his kitty figurine/urn a kiss & told him I love & miss him. I tried not to think about it & going shopping with my Mom helped. Even though when we stopped at PetSmart, they had a kitty who looked just like Tequila, but chubbier. Same eyes, chubby, even had a big nose. I thought it was Tequila. I would have adopted... Sun, 24 Jan 2010 17:50:40 EST My "new toy" Good Morning. On Sunday, I got a "new toy." It's a Healthy Rider Energyplay 200 exercise bike. It's has - <BR> <BR> -Preset workouts for 20,30 45 minutes <BR> -Resistance <BR> -A place for iFit cards <BR> -Place to plug in your CD player & speakers <BR> -Two games to play while you're "riding"; Fat Blocker & Calorie Destroyer <BR> -It gives time, distance, MPH, calories burned <BR> <BR> I've used it everyday so far, including my hubby. But I think he likes to play the games, he stays o... Tue, 5 Jan 2010 08:08:17 EST No New Year's Resolutions for me... That's right, I'm not making any New Year's Resolutions. I'm making New Year's Goals. While soaking in a nice hot bubble bath this morning I was reading & thinking, baths often do that for me. During the past week I've been thinking about what I want to do with my life. My marriage is crazy, I've gained weight back that I happily lost, had a fight with my Mom that almost cost our relationship, lost a loving friend/pet to cancer, what else could go wrong? Don't answer that! So instead of... Thu, 31 Dec 2009 09:18:47 EST A great new start for a couple of Pit Bulls rescued from dogfighters. As some of you know I belong to DAWG, Dog Advisory Work Group. We are court advocates who stand up for the rights of animals, not just dogs, cats, horses, pigs, birds, whatever animal needs our help. <BR> <BR> Anyway, I went to court yesterday morning on a case DAWG's watching closely. Two pit bulls were taken in a dog fighting bust in Nov. '08. The there were 3 freaks-for lack of a better term-busted: one for owning a fighting dog/wagering on fight & providing the site for fighting; o... Thu, 3 Dec 2009 09:02:05 EST My first Pet awesome experience! Hi Everyone! <BR> <BR> I literally just got back from Midway Airport & with tears in my eyes & a smile on my face. I watched as the plane from PetAirways took off with 48 puppies/dogs, plus some that came in during the night, that came from puppy mills & rescues to New York to be adopted into new forever homes. I spent Thanksgiving at DoGone Fun!, a pet day care center who allowed us to use their training room & kennels, for the rescues. They came by van from Missouri to make a pit-stop ... Fri, 27 Nov 2009 12:53:06 EST The craft room is officially started! Finally - I started on my craft room! I got rid of a lot of boxes but still a lot to go. I started putting rubber mats on the floor, the kind you use for a kid's room, garage, basement that inter-lock. I'm going to be using a bunch of those. They come in a 4-pack & I've gotten at least 8 of them. Each square it 18x18. They still don't seem to cover much but I need them if I want to stand on the floor or else my feet/legs will kill me. Back too. Anyway, I got my fabric fixture together... Sun, 22 Nov 2009 08:25:42 EST It was 15 years ago today... Today is going to be a bit of a sad day for me. My Tequila would have been 15 years old today. Last night I checked the folder I keep for the Boys Vet visits and came across Tequila's adoptions papers. This is how that day started... <BR> <BR> I got up still sad because on Oct. 8th I had to say good-bye to Feathers, the skin cancer had really taken over his body-it started after he had a tooth pulled while getting his teeth cleaned. It put a hole in the side of his mouth so his whiskers/... Thu, 12 Nov 2009 08:58:12 EST A Day at the Races One of my fave Queen albums & great Marx Bros. movie. But seriously, today was the first time I ever went to the race track. A friend of Hubby's works for the city & every year his dept. goes to the racetrack. He invited us to go along. I have to say it was fun. We only won 1 race, a few bucks, but still it was great. All those pretty horses!! WOW! The unfortunate part was the buffet tables! The food was awesome. I really didn't pig out too much. Just enough to take care of all thr... Sat, 7 Nov 2009 19:49:14 EST It's calm again & time to "reset" Good morning fellow Sparkies! Whew! Things are finally calming down. Since I last blogged, Mom found out she had Shingles which is an adult form of chicken pox! It only took the doctor a few minutes to tell her. WOW! That was a first. He asked about the pain, she showed him her rash which started getting a bit worse than it was on Sunday in ER. Then he asked her if she ever had chicken pox. Shingles is a bacteria that lives in you then, especially if you're 60+ or have a bad immune... Tue, 20 Oct 2009 08:25:34 EST It's calm again & time to "reset" Good morning fellow Sparkies! Whew! Things are finally calming down. Since I last blogged, Mom found out she had Shingles which is an adult form of chicken pox! It only took the doctor a few minutes to tell her. WOW! That was a first. He asked about the pain, she showed him her rash which started getting a bit worse than it was on Sunday in ER. Then he asked her if she ever had chicken pox. Shingles is a bacteria that lives in you then, especially if you're 60+ or have a bad immune... Tue, 20 Oct 2009 08:25:28 EST It's calm again & time to "reset" Good morning fellow Sparkies! Whew! Things are finally calming down. Since I last blogged, Mom found out she had Shingles which is an adult form of chicken pox! It only took the doctor a few minutes to tell her. WOW! That was a first. He asked about the pain, she showed him her rash which started getting a bit worse than it was on Sunday in ER. Then he asked her if she ever had chicken pox. Shingles is a bacteria that lives in you then, especially if you're 60+ or have a bad immune... Tue, 20 Oct 2009 08:24:57 EST When it rains.... Hi everyone! Looks like I'm going to be off again for a bit. Like the saying when it rains, it POURS! And I don't just mean the crappy Chicago weather either. A couple of weeks ago it was me & my seizure. Now it's my poor Mom. <BR> <BR> Friday she called to see if I could come help her walk Maggie. She was upset because her & dad had a fight, at 5:00am-she called me about 6:30am, so dad being an ass*^%# wouldn't go. I was glad too. I met her at the park they go to, it was misty. Of ... Sun, 11 Oct 2009 09:42:13 EST I'm slowly going to start over Good Morning everyone. It has been a rough time since my seizure last Wednesday. Making sure I'm not doing too many things, trying to get rid of the headaches, eating right, etc. I haven't even done any exercises. I haven't even been noting my nutrition/fitness pages. Whatever it takes for less stress & thinking. But today I hope to start getting into the groove again. I'm going to try to keep a positive attitude. Seizures always set me back & this time I'm going to slowly restart eve... Wed, 7 Oct 2009 08:26:10 EST It's been 9 months, 5 days... ...since my last seizure. <BR> <BR> Yesterday was a very bad day. It started o.k. I had plans to mail Kim her books, find the patterns I put away for Annelies; get my desk cleaned off; move a couple of boxes so Rich can clean the funace so we can turn on the heat-it's getting pretty chilly here, 50 degrees at night. Brrrrrr. Anyway I had the books packed but not yet taped because Hubby used it last & I don't know where he put it. So I was at my desk, going through patterns, when I had a... Thu, 1 Oct 2009 10:49:43 EST How romantic... Good morning everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend. <BR> <BR> Our anniversary was yesterday...13yrs. I got up early to workout with my BOSU, boy do I need to work on my balance, shower & get ready for the day. When hubby finally woke up, he wished me happy anniversary. Then I only saw him for about 20 mins. So I spent the afternoon crocheting. He went for his usual coffee & also to do some studying. He came home, played on his guitar a bit, then asked if I wanted to go to Fox's f... Mon, 28 Sep 2009 08:49:06 EST