MCONFESSOR's SparkPeople Blog MCONFESSOR's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community It Has Been a Long Week - and Will Be an Even Longer Weekend. I have been busy, busy, busy - something like 4 mid-week orders this week, and a ton of consultations and invoices going on. I have a wedding and a birthday this weekend, as well as being in the throes of planning/designing our Harry Potter party for next month. We also have three different sets of friends arriving from out of town throughout July, not to mention Canada Day, 4th of July, two friends' birthdays (that I am having the parties at my house for), four weddings, and about a dozen a... Fri, 24 Jun 2016 09:38:33 EST This Week Has Flown By. Intellectually, I understand that it is Thursday and that every day this week has been the same number of hours it always is. In every other aspect, however, I keep thinking "What?! How is it Thursday already?" My guess is because my Friday - Sunday are so incredibly busy that my mind wanted to mess with me and make the less busy days seem faster. ;) I have all of my little Minion graduation caps made, the cupcake toppers are printed, and all the ingredients are on hand. In theory, all syst... Thu, 16 Jun 2016 13:53:03 EST Gym Time! An evening blog! I am getting ready to head out to the gym and AquaFit. My husband and the three boys are going as well, so it'll be a nice evening. I appreciate very much that my 17 year old is so supportive in the gym aspect of things. He genuinely enjoys working out together, which is nice. I'm not some old hanger on that he tolerates. Haha. <BR> <BR> I also learned how to do the hair bun donut the proper way, thanks to a teen Youtuber. :) All of my hair is up and feels secure enough ... Tue, 14 Jun 2016 21:10:03 EST Two Children in Their 20s Now! It seems almost impossible to believe, but here we are. Two in their 20s and two teenagers. We're old people, for sure. Haha. A friend of mine just became a grandmother. Her daughter is 2 months younger than Ian, and 3.5 years younger than my oldest. It seems crazy to think about! I am happy to report that her daughter and new granddaughter are doing great, though. I just sent out a little Canada onesie that should arrive in plenty of time for the baby to wear it for Canada Day - in the... Mon, 13 Jun 2016 18:17:07 EST Weekend! Today was a wedding, tomorrow is full of birthdays (my Ian's being the most important, of course!), and then the entire week is graduation parties, birthdays, weddings, and work parties. I am literally dreaming about making cakes. <BR> <BR> Here is a photo of me and my husband from this evening. He is not really that pale, it was just the lighting. :) I hope everyone who sees this is having a wonderful weekend. I'll probably post a couple of party photos tomorrow or Monday. <BR> <BR> ... Sun, 12 Jun 2016 01:16:33 EST Ah, the Computer. I Remember This. Other than posting photos of baking creations, and consulting with clients, I haven't made being online much of a priority this past week. I've been very busy and used any free time to spend with the family. We also had our friends' son over for a couple of days while she was in the hospital having an emergency appendectomy. Her husband had to be at work, so we offered up our home for their 12 year old. Our boys and he had a nice time and it was obvious that it took his mind off of hospit... Mon, 6 Jun 2016 11:32:23 EST So Much Yard Work. I am exhausted. I spent a few hours doing outside work today. Ian was pretty happy to watch me, and the others came out and helped when I needed assistance moving heavier items (like the fire pit and large tree cupcake stand), but it was mainly just me doing my thing. It was somewhat relaxing, and a very good workout - although that was a secondary thing. I have a big birthday order for tomorrow, so I'll be hitting the kitchen bright and early. It may even be dark and early, but I'll be o... Sat, 28 May 2016 02:05:23 EST Wednesday! I continue to enjoy the AquaFit classes at the new centre and last night even got a friend to join me. I'm not sure she loves it as much as I do, haha, but I am glad she checked it out! I had a large cake to make before hitting the pool, but it turned out well. My house smelled like Guinness all day, though, which I could have lived without. <BR> <BR> Ian has been very 'right on top of me' recently. Last night was almost a write-off entirely where sleep was concerned. He sacked out right ... Wed, 25 May 2016 09:39:10 EST Holiday Weekend. We spent 4 hours at the gym/pool yesterday. Most of that was in the water, but we were all feeling the effects (in a good way) at the end of the night. <BR> <BR> I took platters of treats (photos below) into the RCMP, the fire department, and the lifeguard staff yesterday. Everyone seemed very appreciative. In fact, the head of the Aquatic Centre came out to talk to me. She was so nice and said she very much enjoyed the feedback about their staff (I had written notes inside the thank yo... Sat, 21 May 2016 13:11:17 EST Thursday AquaFit. Another great workout tonight. I really love it. I am so glad I am back to going. I'm irritated with myself for not getting back to it more quickly, but am just happy to be doing it again. :) I am also getting back into the habit of logging my food each day, so I am doing my best to get back on track and in the groove. <BR> <BR> My husband and I enjoyed our first day of our unplanned 'vacation' taking an afternoon nap (such a rare, rare, rare thing, so I greatly enjoyed it). We had fri... Fri, 20 May 2016 01:57:31 EST Post AquaFit Report. I really like the new instructor. She was energetic and friendly, and definitely kept us on task. At first I was a little concerned that I did not feel like I was exerting myself enough - I wasn't breathing too heavily or getting hot, but I quickly realized that while it did not necessarily feel exhausting AS we were doing it, I definitely felt the work once we were finished (and today). She seems to work the muscles better, and stays focused on toning and strength with aerobic/cardio work i... Wed, 18 May 2016 12:30:01 EST A Morning Entry. I figure if I start getting in the habit of doing this in the morning, I won't go a week in between posts, again. Maybe. <BR> <BR> We had a great time at the pool last night. It was just my husband, Ian (our special needs son), and myself. One of the lifeguards we have had a nodding acquaintance with came over to chat with us for a while. I thought he was going to tell us that Ian could not have any of the toys in the section we were in (which I knew was a rule, but it was mostly empty, I ... Tue, 17 May 2016 10:15:57 EST Where Did a Week Go? I may be somewhat silent in the blog, but I am still working at things. Today was my second weigh-in and I am down another 2 pounds. That was nice to see. I have been incredibly busy - I had so many orders this past week, along with SIX tastings yesterday alone. I'm beat, and our eldest son had some issues last night which caused some issues with my sciatic nerve. However, he has been doing much better today, and I am still determined to hit the pool with him, even if some of that time is ... Mon, 16 May 2016 19:32:31 EST Swim Fan. Not the crazy stalker movie of that name, though - I'm just a fan of swimming. :) <BR> <BR> We spent over 2 hours in the pool tonight, and I spent 45 of that actually swimming laps. Not all at one time, I broke it up into 5, 10, and 15 minute intervals in between playing with the kids. I also remembered my shampoo and conditioner this time, so my hair doesn't feel like so much yuck. <BR> <BR> Tomorrow I start back up with the Just Dance for real. The only form of exercise I like more t... Tue, 10 May 2016 01:07:50 EST Happy Mother's Day! I hope that all the Moms reading this are having a fabulous day. I have been working almost non-stop for the past two days to make sure all the orders got out on time, but quite a while I pre-planned having today OFF. :) I figured I'd earned it. <BR> <BR> I am looking forward to hitting the gym and pool tomorrow, but I am going to thoroughly enjoy doing nothing today. Well, nothing other than enjoying time with my husband and children, watching horror movies and bad reality shows, along ... Sun, 8 May 2016 12:38:29 EST A Somewhat Shameful Return. Well, I started the year off pretty lowkey, as far as fitness and food go. I wasn't out of control with eating or laziness, I just wasn't putting much effort into being great with it. That led to a lot of "Well, on MONDAY," or "On the first of next month," which eventually led to May and me wondering where almost half of the year had gone. <BR> <BR> Fortunately, my realization came at the same time a new fitness and aquatic centre opened not far from our home. It is a YMCA/YWCA, but unli... Thu, 5 May 2016 10:00:17 EST I Still Exist. If anyone still has this show up for them, I'm back. :) <BR> <BR> Very long story short - cutaneous melanoma. It was a very small growth that was caught VERY early. I had to have two excisions, several rounds of antibiotics, and a few months on Prednisone. If you're at all familiar with that, it is not the most fun ever. Due to the area the excision was in, it also caused a full halt of exercise - especially pool activities. So, I have been waiting it out. <BR> <BR> All of the meds en... Sun, 27 Dec 2015 23:48:37 EST Welcome, August. It is already AUGUST. Of 2015! I know I sound like an old person, but this year just continues to fly by. <BR> <BR> I got in over 18k steps yesterday and I never left my house. It was crazy. We hosted a Harry Potter Open House and had over 30 people at one point, and over 40 over the course of the evening. I was on my feet from sun-up to well after sundown, but it was a a great time. I WILL share a few photos in here, because it was active work. :) <BR> <BR> We are going to take the boys ... Sat, 1 Aug 2015 12:04:54 EST Emotional Health Matters, Too. I said I would keep this blog for my health/eating/diet/exercise things, but I think my emotional and mental health factor in there. <BR> <BR> My stepfather passed away this evening. He and my Mom had been together for 20 years. I'm very sad for her. He was never crazy about me, but there were fond feelings there and I loved him for being who my Mom loved. He has also been the only Grandfather the children really knew from my side of things. <BR> <BR> I hate that my Mom had to go through ... Wed, 29 Jul 2015 02:30:16 EST Down 5! Today marked the first weekly weigh-in now that I have re-started things. I am down 5 pounds, to the ounce. Lots of work has been put into this, but I still allow myself things that I enjoy - like my homemade GF blueberry muffins made with Greek yogurt, and my own carrot cake recipe. :) I am replacing my go-to chocolately treats with healthier ones (like those previously mentioned). I am eating salad a LOT, which is great for me. I'm getting in my 10k steps each day (usually more), I'm worki... Mon, 27 Jul 2015 19:26:36 EST I LOVED IT! AquaFit was FANTASTIC! I absolutely loved it. It is one hour straight without a single break. Constant movement. It focuses on every body part - and maybe some you weren't sure you had. Despite that, it was easy for me to keep up with the instructor. There were about 30 women in the class, all at roughly the same fitness level/body type. I wasn't in love with the fact that there is a glassed in overlook area that really attracts 'watchers' once the music starts, but I got over it pretty quick... Thu, 23 Jul 2015 12:08:01 EST Aquafit Night! Can I even tell you how much I hate the idea of wearing a swimsuit in front of people. I mean, yes, I wore it to the beach, but still. Ugh. HOWEVER, I want to look better (and feel more confident) in a swimsuit next summer, so that means sucking it up and dealing with being in one this summer! I hope this isn't too difficult. My friend swears it isn't (she went for the first class two nights ago. I had some intestinal issues and decided a pool was not the best place for me that night haha), a... Wed, 22 Jul 2015 16:47:47 EST Volkssporting! There is a thing called the International Volkssporting Federation. Aside from the name being awesome, haha, the group is also very intriguing. They have chapters in cities in over 40 countries around the world that organize walks for group members. You all get together and walk! It is to promote walking as a way to a healthier lifestyle, making new friends, and seeing your city. I think it sounds wonderful and believe I have talked a friend into starting it with me! Most walks are 5k or 10k,... Tue, 21 Jul 2015 12:27:11 EST A(nother) New Start. I'm not even going to launch into some explanation or excuses. I messed up. I was doing well with working on my health and weight loss - and then I wasn't. That's really the long and short of it. <BR> <BR> I've put back on most of what I lost - save 8 lbs. I'm going to consider that -8lbs a blessing and hold onto them. I've re-edited my goals on here, sat down and made out an eating and workout plan again, and have tried to get myself back in the right mindset. I am going to stop posting a... Mon, 20 Jul 2015 12:14:45 EST The Pool is Up. The pool has been installed and is being enjoyed regularly. We are also considering a family membership at the Base gym so we can all pursue our various health goals under one roof at one time. It also has an indoor pool, which Ian would love year 'round. :) <BR> <BR> Ian's 19th birthday party went amazingly well. He had such a great time. I may have already talked about that in here, but if not - now you know! His actual birthday was also fantastic. He really enjoyed all the festivities t... Tue, 16 Jun 2015 19:36:03 EST Waist Exercise Link Just want to remember where this is. :) Going to start it tomorrow morning. <BR> <BR><BR>?post=the_lose_your_love_handles_workout Tue, 9 Jun 2015 23:35:35 EST Dutch Apple Pie Baked Apples Let's face it, I'm going to want a sweet bite or three after dinner. That's just the way it is. I've tried to cut it out entirely and that throws me off course worse than anything. So, I allow myself those few bites and make sure I account for that in my day's numbers. <BR> <BR> With that said, not everything has to be chocolate and cream. :) Tonight I made a delicious apple dessert that can be made with as little (or much, I suppose!) sweetness as you want. The apple is the primary ingredi... Mon, 8 Jun 2015 23:51:02 EST This Isn't Even the Busy Part, Yet! It is difficult to believe that this was my last 'slow' weekend for the next 3 months! Yesterday we had our oldest son's birthday party. It was 6 days before his actual birthday (which is the 12th), but we wanted to make sure we could make it as special and 'just for him' as possible, so we had to work with the calendar. He had a fantastic time! He'll be 19 on Friday, but as he functions at about a 2-3 year old level in most areas, it was definitely not your typical 19 year old party. :) He c... Sun, 7 Jun 2015 14:26:00 EST Wedding Season is Upon Us. I kicked off the bakery's wedding season on Friday with a lovely teal and white function, and followed that up with a candy themed birthday on Saturday. I did Pina Colada cupcakes last night and will be doing banana bread, a cherry cheesecake, cookies, Buckeyes, and cupcakes tomorrow. Smuft and Gnome cupcakes on Sunday, and then it really gets busy. :) <BR> <BR> We have been able to stick with our weekend plans, though - with my husband and I taking time out for a date evening or day, and s... Tue, 26 May 2015 09:32:45 EST Photos! Military Reenactment and Lighthouse <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <img src=" Wed, 20 May 2015 10:08:31 EST Another Great Weekend. I feel incredibly Blessed to have had such a fantastic weekend. My husband had duty on Saturday, but thanks to the long weekend we still had two full days. On Sunday, we packed upa full picnic and met a few friends at the Lighthouse and old Fort to watch a military reenactment, visit, and tour the grounds. It was very nice and we Moms were able to wander off while the Dads kept up with what the kids were up to. We're fortunate that 3 of ours do not need constant supervision, but of course Ia... Tue, 19 May 2015 10:15:57 EST Stress Eating. Here's the thing - I don't do a lot of 'emotional' eating. When I am sad, eating only makes me feel worse. When I'm super busy, there is rarely time TO eat. When I am angry, I have no interest in food. When I am under everday normal life 'stress,' I can manage just fine. Really out of the ordinary genuine 'stress' seems to cause me to go into some kind of frenzy that rivals even the greatest of the Great Whites, though. What is up with that? So, I am having to really actively fight that toda... Thu, 14 May 2015 10:48:28 EST A Day of Nothing! Normally I would HATE 'doing nothing,' but yesterday afternoon and today I have really kind of enjoyed it. That makes me feel a LITTLE lazy, but not much. I've had a busy...every other day! Haha. In all seriousness, though - I needed the break. My ankle has been able to rest up a bit, I slept, I watched a nonsense movie that I picked, and I had gluten free pizza (a rare treat for me). I was wonderful, but this has been enough. I am looking forward to getting back to normal tomorrow. <BR> <B... Wed, 13 May 2015 20:26:01 EST Such a Nice Visit! It is almost 6:30am and we just got back from dropping my in-laws off at the airport to head home. We all had a wonderful week and are very thankful for the opportunity to have spent the week together. We made a trip to the light house and old fort, a garden and waterway, and had lots of quality time hanging out and visiting. The kids enjoyed playing games with Grandma and Grandpa, and Noah (our youngest - 14) really loved that Grandpa wanted to sit and watch nature documentaries with him. :... Tue, 12 May 2015 09:31:25 EST Fiesta Photos! We picked up my in-laws from the airport last night without a hitch and had a plate of food waiting for them when they got back to the house. After a short visit, we all turned in because we were ALL exhausted from a long day. Sometimes I imagine how tired I'll be at 76 and 81. It kind of makes me tired to even think about it. ;) <BR> <BR> <BR> Our dinner went very well last night. Eveyone had a great time and the company was quite enjoyable. Today is an inside day, I believe, as the wea... Wed, 6 May 2015 11:34:05 EST Cinco de Mayo. I am a bit late in posting yesterday's blog, so there may be two today - or I may make my blog about the 5th on the 6th. I guess it'll be a surprise to all of us! <BR> <BR> Yesterday I spent a lot of time prepping for today, as well as getting in another good chunk of walking. We're having our dinner party tonight and my in-laws arrive in about 16 hours. After that, the schedule is jam-packed. <BR> <BR> As a side note, my brother and I have always not-so-affectionately referred to Cinco d... Tue, 5 May 2015 08:10:59 EST Kids Help Phone Walk! (Photos) Today was the day. Thanks to the generous support of a few friends and the members of the ship my husband is currently posted to, I was the 3rd highest individual fundraiser in our city! I had a great time, helped a great cause, and got in a great bit of exercise - and won the grand prize in the raffle, a new pair of Nike's that will fit one of our sons! :) Not necessarily, of course, I was walking because I believe in the cause, but definitely a pleasant surprise! I am in talks with the coor... Sun, 3 May 2015 22:53:55 EST Another Day, Another Cake. No photos of this one, yet. I'll be making it later today. A somewhat regular of mine has ordered her birthday cake - a S'mores cake! It will be a fun one to make - simple, but tasty and festive. I am also stopping in Michaels on the way home from the delivery to pick up some Mexican theme paper for our Cinco de Mayo dinner party next week. <BR> <BR> How crazy does it seem that in a few days it will be MAY? I don't mean to sound like an old person here, but it feels like time is just flyin... Tue, 28 Apr 2015 11:24:07 EST Lovely Day at the Parks! (Photos) Yesterday we spent the majority of the day out and about. First, we met a few friends at an oceanside park for a wonderful picnic full of good times and good food. I had made a variety of mini quiche, bacon and cheese filled cresent wraps, spring rolls, cupcakes, baby lemon pies, and mousse shots. We all had a great time and 11 of us were able to casually visit for a little over two hours. <BR> <BR> Once we parted ways with out friends, our family went down to another park and the inner Har... Sun, 26 Apr 2015 09:53:12 EST Heavy on the Baking. Today was a big baking day. One of my regulars ordered a large variety box. Everything turned out well, though, and they were very happy. They are a great family. I love that the kids get super excited about being able to take my cookies in their lunch for school and have my homemade banana bread in the morning for breakfast. I am doing a birthday cake for them next week and a am catering dessert for their neighbourhood party next month. <BR> <BR> It was kind of cool and rainy today, so I d... Fri, 24 Apr 2015 00:36:40 EST Such a Gorgeous Day! Today was absolutely beautiful. Unbelievably sunny, nice temperature, good breeze, and just an overall great feeling day. All three of my sons and I went for a walk this morning and then played Frisbee for a while. We also pulled out our putting green machine for the back patio. I am also looking for a new patio set - hopefully by the first of May. My husband's parents arrive for their annual Spring visit on the 2nd. <BR> <BR> We have a busy May. They arrive on the 2nd, and I also have a b... Thu, 23 Apr 2015 00:06:02 EST A Good Day. Despite doing 3 hours of landscaping/outdoor work around our house (which was a workout of its own!), I was still able to squeeze in two walks and a hike today, in addition to four loads of laundry, homebaked Chicken Cordon Bleu for dinner, and a homemade low fat chocolate cream pie for dessert. It was nice to have a day 'off' and not have to spend the day baking. It's also nice to see the step count soar past 13k without even trying. <BR> <BR> I am feeling a bit of pulling burning discomfo... Tue, 21 Apr 2015 20:55:43 EST Confessions and Shame. Time for 100% honesty and accountabilty here. I suck. <BR> <BR> I've put on 10 pounds that I had lost last calendar year. I'm bummed, but trying not to beat myself up over it. I've also slacked off on working out properly and my walking. I could 'blame' a lot of things, but honestly - I just blew it. <BR> <BR> So, I gave myself some time off from SP and from obsessing about it. I needed to get my head back in the game and REALLY commit again. I didn't want to come on here, talk about how... Mon, 20 Apr 2015 23:37:24 EST Happy Easter! I hope everyone who still takes a look at this had a great weekend and an enjoyable Easter. I've been so busy that writing anything that isn't a quick FB status or business related is just falling behind. I haven't even read anything other than news and daily devotionals in at least two weeks! <BR> <BR> <BR> I have also put on a little weight. I know it is from erratic hours, lack of sleep, and sporadic eating habits, not a lack of exercise or over-eating, but that still doesn't make it an... Mon, 6 Apr 2015 20:53:15 EST Recumbant Bike? I am thinking of puchasing a real piece of gym equipment for the house, but I KEEP going back and forth between a recumbant bike and an elliptical. I THINK I want a recumbant bike and I think I've found the one. I keep having that "what if we never use it," thought, though, you know? I don't want this mocking me from the corner as I sit and glare back it it. Haha. I am pretty positive that I would actually use it a lot, however. It would be a good way to justify watching a television show. Ri... Sat, 21 Mar 2015 22:13:43 EST As It Seems... ...I am not eating enough. Isn't that a stupid thing? I need to up my calories, fat, and carbs to get things rolling again. I really do believe that is the core problem I am dealing with right now. I am honestly going to have to start setting alarms, or something, to keep myself on track. I get so busy that I just let it slide until it is later in the evening and then I just have some cottage cheese and a piece of seed bread and call it a day. I know it's a problem, but I keep thinking I'll s... Thu, 19 Mar 2015 10:27:50 EST A Long Overdue Entry. (Photos, of course) I know, I know. It has been forever since I have been on. I feel terrible about it. By the time I get finished each evening, I have no great desire to be online. That's a horrible attitude when it comes to SP, though, and I need to lose it. I'm trying - admittedly not very hard, though. <BR> <BR> I AM still getting plenty of exercise and eating properly, though. The four pounds I had put back on are off again, and business is actually too good. I am plotting out my break times now. Other tha... Tue, 17 Mar 2015 11:18:48 EST I Love Monday. Unlike the majority of the world, I love Mondays! It is usually the one day a week that I do not have anything that is a 'have to.' This week that is especially welcome. <BR> <BR> Yesterday we had visitors from out of town over for a nice luncheon and then we had local friends over for dinner. I put together a finger food spread and tiny strawberry shortcakes and lemon and Key Lime pie shots for dessert. For dinner, I switched to full meal mode and made a homemade lasagna, homemade garlic b... Mon, 9 Mar 2015 17:54:40 EST Getting My Groove Back. It doesn't matter how difficult it is getting for me to squeeze in REAL workouts, I am going to have to double my efforts. I'm moving plenty, but it's just not enough. I need the steady routine of structured workouts at set times. So, I'm going to get back to that. <BR> <BR> The pastor that my husband had when he was a child is in our area on vacation with his wife this week, so we are having them over for lunch on Sunday. I am looking forward to a solid reason to make a watermelon teapot a... Thu, 5 Mar 2015 18:29:52 EST Early Morning Blog. (Photos) I am SO glad to see Monday arrive this week! I have spent 12+ hours on my feet in the kitchen every day since Thursday, and then did the deliveries after that. Add to it, another 2-3 hours a day doing consultations, and it makes for a long four days - especially adding in keeping up with everything else. I had honestly planned on having a homemade lasagna for the family in yesterday, but by the time I had finished the orders and flew out the door (apron still on, no less), it just wasn't happ... Mon, 2 Mar 2015 07:52:06 EST