MCASKEY6's SparkPeople Blog MCASKEY6's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community 1 Month No Soda! It's very important to stop regularly and take stock of what you've accomplished. <BR> <BR> I have not had a diet soda, (or a regular soda) in a month. Today is the start of week 5 without a soda. In a couple of days it will be exactly 30 days without a soda. <BR> <BR> This is huge! I can't remember my first soda, I was that small. There was always Pepsi or Mountain Dew in the fridge. Most of my life soda has been my main, and often only form of drink. <BR> <BR> There were times (... Mon, 10 Apr 2017 13:11:24 EST I want to be her one day How many times have I looked at picture and thought, I want her body, her waist, her boobs, her bottom, etc. <BR> <BR> Well, I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and I came across a picture of an elderly woman. Sadly, it was a notice of Friend of a Friend's grandmother passing. <BR> <BR> But the picture stopped me. It was a woman who was 101 years old. She was overweight, heavily wrinkled, huge pours, and her eyes were sagging and watery. But she was setting straight in he... Thu, 6 Apr 2017 14:28:59 EST Unexpected results Monday morning I weighed 196lbs, today I weighed in at 194.4lbs. I did my measurements, the first time since early January, and I've lost 2 inches off my waist. <BR> <BR> While I didn't lose any inches anywhere else, I was still so pumped I took myself to the gym this morning. <BR> <BR> I've been struggling to get into a routine of going to the gym in the mornings. But with these kinds of results I don't think that'll be a problem in the future. <BR> <BR> Yesterday, when I was 196lb... Wed, 5 Apr 2017 11:31:04 EST 24 days without a soda I'm starting week 4 of avoiding sodas. I now drink black tea with a little honey in the mornings, and water throughout the day. <BR> <BR> I still get cravings now and again, but it's not constantly on my mind. I'm no longer planning trips to the store just so I can pick up a soda, or making up excuses to go to the vending machines. <BR> <BR> I have broken the muscle memory, automatic reach for sodas. I also don't feel so overwhelmed going out and trying to figure out what to drink wi... Tue, 4 Apr 2017 13:13:04 EST Struggling to increase calories It seems very counter productive, but I need to eat more. <BR> <BR> I'm trying to decrease saturated fat. The logical thing to do is cut meat and dairy. But in doing that I've created a huge hole in my daily calorie count. I am ravenous when I first get up in the mornings and when I get home for dinner, which tells me that I'm just not eating enough during the day. <BR> <BR> Also the boost in produce without the balance of protein and fats, has left me feeling bloated. <BR> <BR> I... Thu, 30 Mar 2017 12:00:38 EST Festival Food Blows. Ugh, I had a craving for carnival food. I was craving BBQ and fries, specifically. And there were a lot of festivals this weekend. <BR> <BR> I couldn't find any BBQ but I did find Fish n' Chips. But I tell you what, greasy salt, served pressed into the rough shape of fries and fish, eaten while sitting under a scolding hot sun, next to a fly infested trashcan, just isn't...good. <BR> <BR> I also had the warmest Root Beer Float of my life...with one pathetic, tablespoon dollop of vani... Mon, 27 Mar 2017 12:33:29 EST Life Challenge: Number 2 My Life Challenge Number Two; is to finish and publish a book. <BR> <BR> Don't get me wrong, I will put my heart and soul into it, but it doesn't have to be a great book. I'm not planning on being the next Shakespeare or Rowling. This will probably not be a ground breaking novel that insights deep thought or changes lives. <BR> <BR> I just want to be able to say, "Yes, I wrote a book." <BR> <BR> And if that happens to turn into a career with multiple novels...all the better. <BR> <BR... Fri, 24 Mar 2017 14:48:00 EST Two tiny dots, could be big trouble. About a year or so ago I noticed a tiny, whitish/yellowish dot forming under my right eye. It was hardly noticeable. Over time it grew a little larger and a second one started form under my left eye. <BR> <BR> Neither are large enough to be noticed by anyone but me, (and I had to point them out to people when telling this story) <BR> <BR> Still a strange discoloration is always something to be monitored. I looked it up online and learned that these little dots MIGHT be an indication of... Thu, 23 Mar 2017 12:47:38 EST 10 Easy Steps to Crush a Child's Body Image. How to help your child build a not so healthy body image. <BR> <BR> 1) Routinely grab their belly fat and proclaim, "If you can pinch an inch!" <BR> <BR> 2) Point out to them, that the cake they are eating, the one you'd baked the night before, is, "Nothing but sugar and empty calories" <BR> <BR> 3) Watch them trying on clothes and proclaim, with a sigh, "You look like a sack of old potatoes." <BR> <BR> 4) Comment often on how, when you were young you had a fantastic figure because you ju... Wed, 22 Mar 2017 17:26:29 EST Striking the balance. I really watch my Calories, Protein, and Saturated Fat. <BR> <BR> I'm trying to find a way of balancing those three things...and it ain't easy. <BR> <BR> Cutting out Saturated Fat absolutely decimates my Proteins. To increase my Proteins I have to jack up the Calories. <BR> <BR> I want to keep my Proteins above 60g, I want to keep my calories close to 1,600 (but not over), and I would like to get my Saturated Fat as low as possible (0 if possible) <BR> <BR> I try different combinati... Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:50:56 EST Where there's a way, there's a will ;) My main form of transportation is by bicycle. <BR> <BR> I learned long ago that I like biking more than I like driving. I bike to work. I bike to the grocery store. Nearly every place I have to go, I bike. <BR> <BR> This leads a lot of people to ask me how it's possible. How can I bike so far? How can I carry groceries? etc. They seem very impressed with my ability to balance some cans of soup and a bag of cat litter on my bike. <BR> <BR> Granted it's not always easy. There has... Tue, 21 Mar 2017 11:14:44 EST My First Vegan Meal I attempted my first "Vegan" Meal. <BR> <BR> Quinoa seeds mixed with Black Beans, Corn, Asparagus, Onions, Minced Garlic, a little Lime Juice, and some seasonings. <BR> <BR> It was decently tasty...right up until my co-worker sat down next to me with her left over BBQ Ribs. <BR> <BR> *Sadness* <BR> <BR> Oh well, I plan on jazzing it up a bit with some tortillas and spinach tonight. <BR> <BR> Mon, 20 Mar 2017 18:27:36 EST Back to the gym after two months. I am trying to write a novel. The problem is finding the time and energy to be creative and focused. <BR> <BR> This is a problem everyone has. But since everyone has the same problem, there's been a lot of people looking for the solution. <BR> <BR> I have heard from a lot of artists and writers, that the best way to make progress is to set an iron-clad routine. They all suggest you set aside one hour a day to work on your project, and it has to be the same hour every day. <BR> <BR> I'm t... Mon, 20 Mar 2017 11:34:17 EST Quinoa- if nothing else it's a fun word to say. One week without diet sodas! <BR> <BR> Next step is cutting back on saturated fats. <BR> <BR> Since I'm predisposed to be affected by saturated fats, I'm going to start testing out Vegan and Vegetarian diets. <BR> <BR> This is huge for me. <BR> <BR> My family raised our own beef and pork. Literally, my mother used meat, especially hamburger, as filler. Scrambled eggs, throw some hamburger in that. Salad, chop a couple of strips of bacon on that. Ice Cream, serve it on a steak.... Sun, 19 Mar 2017 11:07:53 EST New 23 & Me Results A few months back I took the 23 & Me DNA test. My interest was more on the ancestral side. <BR> <BR> But I also got the health results as well. I learned that I'm one of the rare people who is predisposed to weigh more when eating Saturated Fat. Basically, Saturated Fats affect me more than the average person. <BR> <BR> This could also be a contributing factor to our family history of heart disease. <BR> <BR> The other day, I got an updated report informing me that I'm also predispo... Sat, 18 Mar 2017 19:57:48 EST Need to do better with taking care of myself I messed up and didn't drink anything this morning. I cleaned house and then rode my bike to the store, twice (I was given a wrong item); and it was 90 degrees today. <BR> <BR> It was around 1pm that I finally had a bottle of water. It was a whole liter of water, but it was a little late in the day for a first drink. <BR> <BR> I also didn't think about drinking my tea until now...when my throbbing headache reminded me that dehydration and no caffeine is a bad combination. <BR> <BR... Sat, 18 Mar 2017 19:24:13 EST Day who cares, just give me the soda and step away! Just give me the soda and no one gets hurt! <BR> <BR> Ok, it's something like day 4 or maybe 5, I'm already losing count. I haven't had a soda, but I really, really, really, REALLY want one. <BR> <BR> I'm drinking black tea to try and balance out the withdrawal. But I'm still suffering from a headache. <BR> <BR> My neck is stiff. <BR> <BR> I went to bed at 9pm, and even though I was tired, I tossed and turned all night. I also had bizarre dreams all night. <BR> <BR> I'm unusuall... Fri, 17 Mar 2017 13:37:41 EST VICTORY!!!! I was downtown, surrounded by restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, and grocery stores, and I wanted a soda so badly! <BR> <BR> I was actively planning on stopping at this store, at that restaurant, at this convenience store, etc. <BR> <BR> But each time I made the conscious choice to keep going. I struggled so much. I had water with me, but I actually felt thirsty, because my body was trying to manipulate me into getting a soda. <BR> <BR> But I'm home now, I'm showered, i... Thu, 16 Mar 2017 19:53:52 EST Too Sedentary to Live? I'm trying to think of ways to make my life more physically demanding. <BR> <BR> My grandmother's generation had no idea what a "Gym" was. They didn't go "work out". They didn't, count calories or watch what they ate. They ate what they ate, they did what they did, and they stayed roughly the same shape their entire lives. <BR> <BR> Now granted, she was born before 1920. <BR> <BR> I recall an elderly British woman saying that when her children were small (in the 1950s) the prams d... Thu, 16 Mar 2017 17:23:29 EST Day 3 still no plan. I have not had a diet soda in three days. I didn't plan this. I had been telling myself that I was going to try quitting soda again; but that was an, 'in the near future, at some point, maybe next week' kind of deal. <BR> <BR> I just happened to run out of sodas, and I just haven't gotten around to buying more. <BR> <BR> Today, I made the first conscious effort to not drink sodas (well, first effort beyond laziness), I pulled all the ones out of my wallet. We have vending machines down... Thu, 16 Mar 2017 12:45:06 EST Just do it. I went to several of the author lectures at the Tucson Festival of Books this weekend and the message was the same; "Just do it." <BR> <BR> There is no trick to be an author, to writing, publishing etc. It just takes setting down and doing the work. Day after day, month after month, making the choice to put in the work. <BR> <BR> Well, that's so true with nearly every other aspect of life. <BR> <BR> Want a good relationship, day after day, month after month you have to make the choice ... Tue, 14 Mar 2017 14:32:07 EST Back in the Saddle...and I forgot my shirt. After a week of trying to take it easy and stay off my ankle, I decided to get back to biking to work, (because 2 hours on public transit to go 4 miles is insane) <BR> <BR> I was pumped this morning, I was ready. I had finally cooked a healthy meal last night, had it divided up and ready for the week. I packed everything up, and I was out the door on time. <BR> <BR> The ride wasn't bad. My sprained ankle apparently doesn't mind biking as much as walking. <BR> <BR> But the first indi... Mon, 13 Mar 2017 12:31:15 EST It's good for you, so they say. I went hiking on Sunday. <BR> <BR> It was a beautiful day, overcast, but not raining. Windy, but not cold. The light was perfect and made the mountains beautiful. The streams were running, but not too deep. <BR> <BR> On our way back down, I stepped wrong, tripped, and heard/felt something pop in my ankle. <BR> <BR> I then had to get up and hobble on a badly sprained ankle, nearly 2 miles, climbing over boulders and wadding through streams, to get back to the car. <BR> <BR> Monday, I... Wed, 8 Mar 2017 14:02:27 EST It's the thought that counts On Valentines Day, my roommate gifted me a box of chocolate, a box of gummy candies, and a jumbo cupcake. <BR> <BR> Several co-workers brought in chocolate, candy hearts, and even a basket of chocolate covered fruit. <BR> <BR> This morning, a co-worker walked by and left a handful of chocolates on my desk as a gift. <BR> <BR> I appreciate the love, but not the calories or the sugar cravings these gifts will bring. <BR> <BR> I have to drill it into my head that, just because its give... Wed, 15 Feb 2017 13:20:03 EST 5 years, what am I waiting for? I realized the other day, I've been on Sparkpeople for five years! Five years I've been actively working at becoming a healthier person. But my progress is muddy. <BR> <BR> Yes, I do exercise more than I have at any other point in my life. <BR> Yes, I do eat more vegetables, fruits, healthy proteins, and whole grains than I have at any other point in my life. <BR> Yes, I have cut out a lot of sugar, salt, and other things that are bad for me. <BR> Yes, I have lost over 30lbs and kept i... Thu, 9 Feb 2017 13:09:00 EST When the Storm finally parts and you can see the horizon. I'm finally out of my crisis state, and I can now focus on getting everything back on track. <BR> <BR> Kitty is doing fantastically. Pet Plan, awesome pet insurance, has sent me the reimbursement for his medical bills. <BR> <BR> The stress is finally off and I can get back to dealing with my day to day life. <BR> <BR> I am back on track with eating healthy. But my addiction to soda hit me pretty hard with all that was going on. So my goal is to work on kicking that habit again. <BR>... Wed, 8 Feb 2017 12:22:55 EST Day 1 (Again) I ran out of diet sodas yesterday evening. So I decided it's a good time to attempt to break my addiction with sodas...again. <BR> <BR> Mon, 6 Feb 2017 14:01:51 EST One Step Maybe not today, maybe not even tomorrow, but I can see a horizon and I feel like I can start making (tentative) plans. (here's hoping it's not just another train ) <BR> <BR> I feel like my world is a snow-globe and someone came along and shook it. But now everything is settling back into place, and while it might be different it's going to be ok. <BR> <BR> I rode my bike today, so there's that. I think getting back on track with my food will be harder. Mostly I'm eating oatmeal, bake... Thu, 2 Feb 2017 12:07:10 EST Relief It's a battle between the heart and head, logic and love, when a pet becomes extremely ill. You bond with them, you learn their personalities just as much as you would a person. <BR> <BR> Basically, you love them, and it doesn't matter if you think it's stupid to be so torn up over a dumb cat or dog, you're heart simply doesn't care. <BR> <BR> Certainly my heart doesn't. It doesn't care that the cat is older and has 5-6 years left. It doesn't care that the medical bills are reaching ... Mon, 30 Jan 2017 13:04:19 EST 2017 SUCKS! I've had so many people tell me how awful 2016 was, and granted for a lot of people it really was. <BR> <BR> Many famous people died, leaving fans saddened and those people's families grieving, <BR> <BR> But for me these 25 days of 2017 have decimated any and all troubles and sadness I faced in the whole of last year. <BR> <BR> I returned from Christmas vacation to my home being torn apart by construction workers. My place REEKED of tar and other horrible things. <BR> <BR> We learned t... Wed, 25 Jan 2017 12:43:16 EST Moved! And now to get healthy again. When I got back from Christmas I had a plan to get back on track. I hit it the moment I walked through my front door. There was no, "I'll do that tomorrow." <BR> <BR> I went straight to the store, I had two weeks worth of healthy food. I was giving up soda. I was going to the gym and biking. <BR> <BR> Then I got slammed with the news that I was going to have to move because my rental company is remodeling all the units and they need everyone out. <BR> <BR> I was scrambling, trying to... Wed, 18 Jan 2017 09:32:51 EST Stress and the body My mother suffered from heart disease nearly half her life. She had her first heart attack when she was only 41 years old. <BR> <BR> She always had high blood pressure, and a multitude of other stress related health problems. <BR> <BR> She was the kind of person who was always trying to solve everyone else's problems, taking on burdens that were not her's to carry, and never accepting help even when she desperately needed it, (no matter how much we tried to help). <BR> <BR> That sacri... Thu, 12 Jan 2017 13:09:50 EST Got caught Don't buy food you are ashamed to be seen with...that is a lesson I need to learn. <BR> <BR> I'm under a good deal of stress lately. What with suddenly having to find a new home, knowing I'm going to have a fight to get money back from my current landlord...the uncertain future all the way around. I've just bee feeling very overwhelmed. <BR> <BR> Because I have been having to race around tying down ends I haven't been as good to myself as I was when I first got back from Christmas. <BR... Wed, 11 Jan 2017 13:05:27 EST Just when I'm settled I have lived in my current apartment for a year and a half. I'm settled and comfortable. I'm an awesome tenant. I pay my rent on time and in full, I'm clean and quiet. <BR> <BR> But back in Oct my apartment was sold. The new owners have backdated memos, caused damage to the ceiling and left us without heat for a month. <BR> <BR> They are renovating several of the apartments...and oops forgot to tell us that they wanted everyone moved out. If I had not called about my lease renewal I ... Fri, 6 Jan 2017 16:17:07 EST Article about a 105 year old man bike racing, 14 miles Truth be told I bike a lot. I bike to work every day, I bike to the store, I bike for fun. In the past I used to commute roughly 20 miles by bike each day. <BR> <BR> But this is impressive. <BR> <BR> <link><BR>/01/04/508213332/105-year-old-cyclist-<BR>rides-14-miles-in-an-hour-en-route-to-<BR>a-world-record&<BR>&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=npr&ut<BR>m_term=nprnews&utm_content=20170104 </link> Wed, 4 Jan 2017 16:21:12 EST Struggling with Rewards I see the value in setting goals and rewards. I think it's very motivational to occasionally stop and take a look at how far one has come and reward the hard work, rather than solely focusing on the end results. <BR> <BR> My issue is, I struggle to come up with rewards. I'm such a hard person to shop for, even I don't know what I want. <BR> <BR> I set out a schedule of goals. Things like for each week of working out and eating right I get a small reward. For every 5lbs I lose I get a r... Tue, 3 Jan 2017 12:47:01 EST So what's the damage? My holiday plans were derailed, as they are every year. <BR> <BR> Instead of trying to eat healthy, I ended up with big slices of cake with thick frosting for breakfast and desserts and eating out a lot. <BR> <BR> Instead of kayaking on the bay, I ended up carefully painting murals on chairs (not that I didn't enjoy it, or wasn't happy to do it, it's just not very strenuous exercise.) <BR> <BR> But I'm home now, and the scale, tragically just read 201lbs. Now that could be the result of... Sat, 31 Dec 2016 11:09:08 EST Starting Planning for the New Year I have new information about my genetic make up and I'm working on next year's fitness plan, incorporating that new info. <BR> <BR> I learned two things from my 23 & Me DNA test. <BR> <BR> 1) I am sensitive to saturated fats. I will gain more weight eating these fats than most other people. <BR> <BR> 2) I learned that I have, "Fast-Twitch Muscles". Basically that means that my muscles have an explosion of strength and speed, but they fatigue quickly. In other words I'm a sprinter not a... Thu, 15 Dec 2016 14:08:08 EST Lunch, Check. Keys Check. Pants, Check. Shirt...oops. Got to work only to realize, I didn't have a shirt. <BR> <BR> Yep, I hit it hard at the gym this morning. Put in extra effort on the bike ride to work. Pulled out my work clothes and realized that I'd forgotten my shirt. <BR> <BR> I had everything else, but I think my boss might have frowned on me being topless all day; plus it gets cold in the office. <BR> <BR> I had to bike home again to get the shirt. <BR> <BR> I tell you what though, I didn't feel even a little guilty using th... Tue, 13 Dec 2016 11:44:16 EST It's not an, "Aha! Moment." It's a, "NO! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS! Moment." I haven't been that bad. I mean, yes, I've fallen off the wagon a bit. But it's December, who doesn't fall off the wagon a little in December? <BR> <BR> And for me, December also holds no less than seven work place Birthdays and about six friend's birthdays (mine included). So that's at least nine to ten meals out, and at least four cakes; on top of the cookies, cakes, candies, feasts, etc associated with the holidays. <BR> <BR> But really I haven't been that bad. <BR> <BR> Also my s... Mon, 12 Dec 2016 11:51:39 EST Birthday And Thinking About New Year's Resolution I started my birthday with a good workout. <BR> <BR> I briefly considered going on a hike after work. But then I remembered that I'd left my bike light at home, and there is no way I'm going to ride on streets that don't see a lot of bike traffic, after dark. I'm not nuts; no matter what people may say ;) . <BR> <BR> I try to avoid streets that don't see a lot of bike traffic, don't have bike lanes, etc. But the only way to Tumamoc has a bike lane but not a lot of cyclists go that way,... Tue, 6 Dec 2016 11:42:03 EST 23 & Me DNA Test Update!!! I got the results back from my 23 & Me DNA test. Turns out I'm the whitest of the white. I'm 100% European and 75.2% of that is Irish. <BR> <BR> I'm not a carrier for any of the genetic diseases they tested, so that's good. <BR> <BR> I can smell Asparagus in my urine. <BR> <BR> But the most interesting thing I learned is that I am in the 15% of people who are sensitive to Saturated Fat. <BR> <BR> That means that if I'm consuming more than 22 grams of fat a day I will weigh more ... Fri, 2 Dec 2016 18:40:42 EST Last New Years Update One month until 2017. (let me take a second for the shock to wear off) <BR> <BR> Ok, so my 2016 New Year's Resolutions were... <BR> <BR> 1) Get my roommate to help out more with the cleaning. <BR> <BR> Hahaha, What was I thinking. <BR> <BR> Ok, so no power is going to get a person to change if they really don't want to, and my roommate really doesn't want to. <BR> <BR> So I have two choices. <BR> <BR> I can scream at her and have massive angry fits every time I see her dirty dishes... Mon, 28 Nov 2016 13:11:44 EST What Happened to the Weekend? I had a three day weekend, and yet I did literally nothing. <BR> <BR> I ran some errands on Friday morning, but ended up with a massive headache, and took a 3 hour nap. After the nap I was just tired and ended up lounging around like a slug the rest of the day. <BR> <BR> Saturday, I had planned on doing a nice deep cleaning of the apartment. But I was just lazy and lethargic. I couldn't focus on anything. I did some dishes, cleaned the fridge and kinda cleaned the bathroom. <BR> <BR> ... Mon, 14 Nov 2016 10:32:53 EST Aftermath They say sleep is as important to weight loss as working out and eating right. Well, I didn't get any sleep last night. <BR> <BR> Nor do I think I'll be getting much rest for the next four years. <BR> <BR> When the news came in I was setting at my desk and a sudden wave of dispair washed over me. <BR> <BR> I was left thinking, Why should I work on my art? Why should I work on my novel? Why should I work out? Why should I try making friends? <BR> <BR> It's pretty obvious that all... Wed, 9 Nov 2016 08:33:27 EST Stress eating I have been trying not to think about what will happen today. <BR> <BR> I mailed in my ballot, I checked and it's been received and processed. <BR> <BR> So I have been trying to just push this whole mess to the back of my brain. I'm done I'm out. <BR> <BR> But I still feel the need for comfort foods today. I bought a soda. I've eaten chocolate. But I keep telling myself, that this is one day. I will make it through. <BR> <BR> Tue, 8 Nov 2016 12:47:04 EST A place for everything and everything in it's place I finally have a desk to do my art/craft projects on. I got it Saturday. Yesterday, I found myself gravitating to it all day. Every time I went to set down I'd go to the desk instead of the couch. <BR> <BR> I started sketching, while listening to Youtube videos, and I'm about halfway through a rather beautiful drawing (if I do say so myself). <BR> <BR> I feel more focused when I set there. I find myself, slowing down, taking my time, thinking things out, rather than slapping down a f... Mon, 7 Nov 2016 12:42:07 EST 23 and Me I have decided to do a DNA Ancestry & Health test. <BR> <BR> A friend of mine did it, and he thought it was great. He and I are both interested in ancestry. And I'm also interested in any hereditary health issues that might pop up. <BR> <BR> I know heart disease runs in my family, but complacency about heart disease also runs in my family. So does everyone end up with a "zipper" due to uncontrollable hereditary disease? Or is it due to a lifetime of eating bacon, butter, and potatoe... Sun, 6 Nov 2016 11:30:11 EST :( I did bad :( Yesterday, was a day of driving all over town. I left the house at 8am and didn't get home until after 4pm. <BR> <BR> I finally, found a nice computer desk ($25) and a nice office chair ($5) to set up as my craft/art area! It cost me $50 to rent a truck to bring it home; not happy about that, but still even with the truck cost, it was far less expensive than a new desk. <BR> <BR> I got all the usual errands, like groceries, etc, taken care of. <BR> <BR> But in doing so, I ended up eating... Sun, 6 Nov 2016 10:06:06 EST Day 4: No Sodas This weekend I ran out of sodas and decided to give quitting another shot. <BR> <BR> Monday, I missed sodas, but I was all gung ho to quit. <BR> <BR> Tuesday, I couldn't stop thinking about sodas. I kept thinking of ways I could end up somewhere, where I could buy a soda. "One won't hurt!" <BR> <BR> Yesterday, I didn't think about sodas at all. I very foolishly started thinking that perhaps I was over the hump. <BR> <BR> But this morning, I'm already back on the, "I want sodas!" ... Thu, 3 Nov 2016 12:48:09 EST