MAWMAW101's SparkPeople Blog MAWMAW101's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community My Weekend Motto! <img src=""> Sat, 22 Oct 2016 12:37:50 EST Team Spirit! <em>213</em> <em>304</em> <BR> I received a "boxing gloves" goodie from the "100 Days" team today, thank you Gill. It does indeed take a "fighters" spirit to change your life to good healthy living consistently because there aren't many ads for broccoli or cauliflower but lots for fast food and empty calories! <BR> <BR> I have been through these lessons before and in looking back, I can see how they are now part of my daily life. <BR> Looking ahead I remember the next section (Put... Wed, 19 Oct 2016 07:07:03 EST Doctors - Best Doctors in the world: <BR> 1. Sunlight <BR> 2. Rest <BR> 3. Exercise <BR> 4. Diet <BR> 5. Self Confidence and <BR> 6. Friends <BR> Enjoy a healthy life! <em>381</em> Mon, 17 Oct 2016 09:13:54 EST Shooting Stars Today I want to give a shout out to the wonderful folks on the Shooting Stars of the 5% Challenge team. What a great week, I'm proud to be among you. <BR> <em>386</em> <em>381</em> Sun, 16 Oct 2016 12:09:07 EST WooHoo Today is going to be awesome! Hope yours is too! <em>247</em> Fri, 14 Oct 2016 08:47:44 EST Thank You <em>220</em> <BR> Thank you to all the wonderful Sparkers who encourage me every day to be an active member of this great (free) website. <BR> Prayers for all those who are suffering in flooded areas. <em>458</em> Wed, 12 Oct 2016 08:16:03 EST Keeping promises..... Keeping promises..... <BR> Most teams I'm on have special goals that I've signed up to do. One of those on the 5% team is to post 3 blogs each week. <BR> This seems to be a hard one for me because when things are going bad, I tend to hide and not share. When things are going well, it feels like I'm bragging. <BR> <BR> The title of tomorrow's lesson on the "100 Days" team is Do It Anyway so today I will post the blog and hope it helps just one person keep going without making eyes roll bec... Tue, 11 Oct 2016 11:39:12 EST Matthew All my thoughts and well wishes for the people affected by the storm! <em>458</em> Fri, 7 Oct 2016 06:25:58 EST Thank You! Oh how nice have great company on this journey of healthy living! <BR> I sincerely thank everyone for your continued support. <BR> <em>247</em> Thu, 6 Oct 2016 05:33:15 EST Team Spirit Some teams are very active and some aren't but I will say that every time someone checks in, starts over, or joins a challenge, it is like having a good friend from the past come for a visit! <BR> <BR> Keep showing up dear Sparkers any time you can, I am always glad to hear how your doing! <BR> <img src=""> Wed, 5 Oct 2016 13:23:53 EST Friends Sometimes when I look at my homepage I realize how many friends are pictured there and then I start checking to see who is still active. <BR> Today was my lucky day when I chose to contact one of my very first friends here that I have been able to meet in person a couple of times. That makes the connection even more special. <BR> We had a wonderful chat and I feel blessed! <em>437</em> A nice "rainbow" moment. Tue, 27 Sep 2016 20:07:42 EST New Challenges New Challenges <BR> Challenges are one of the ways for me to keep from going back to square one. However, I realize that I have set myself up in several at the same time. <BR> At first there was a bit of panic as I tried to figure out how to be accountable to all of them until I remembered the bottom line for success in every one is the same. <BR> It's about the food.... <BR> It's about the activity..... <BR> It's about being healthy!!! <BR> So it is with joy that I begin the 5% Challenge ... Sat, 24 Sep 2016 05:39:37 EST July and August <em>298</em> It has been a really wonderful summer for me. <BR> We have had some nice vacation days, enjoyed our new great grandsons and been in good health. <BR> <em>550</em> The Farmers Market has been full of good produce so the freezer is ready for winter. <BR> <em>414</em> Summer time went way too fast but I did manage some reading and relaxing on the front porch. <BR> Retirement is awesome! I am grateful for every day! <BR> Sat, 17 Sep 2016 18:20:06 EST My month of June It always seems that the days just fly by and if I don't slow down at least once a month and bask in the gratitude I may not remember just how awesome my days have been. <BR> One of the lessons I have learned is to "look for the rainbows". <em>437</em> <BR> All medical tests are good, still no medications, although my doctor did recommend Vitamin D. <BR> We were blessed with a precious new great grandson. <em>176</em> <BR> The scale is finally moving down. <em>192</em> <BR> T... Thu, 30 Jun 2016 17:20:26 EST My month of May! May is usually the best month of my year. So far it is shaping up to be excellent again this year. <BR> Trip #1 was a day out with friends to "The Azalea Path", a beautiful garden that we enjoy visiting each spring. <BR> Trip #2 was a Mother' day weekend with all our children and several grandchildren to the wedding of our youngest son and his beautiful bride. Now we get to enjoy pictures of the Paris honeymoon on Facebook! Next week they are going to Italy! <BR> Trip #3 is a "girls we... Wed, 11 May 2016 07:56:14 EST Day# 91-100 Put it Into Action Day 91 -- 100 Put It Into Action <BR> <BR> Day #91 Obesity Is a Condition <BR> This is a concept I have never thought of before but it makes perfect sense to me because I have lost and regained weight many times in my life. <BR> I remember the first time I read a medical record that described me as a "post-menopausal obese patient" but until this lesson I had not thought of it as being a condition that I can learn to control but that I will always have. <BR> To be the healthy person I w... Fri, 8 Apr 2016 07:46:29 EST Day 81-90 Long Term Success Lessons learned from the book "100 Days of Weight Loss" by Linda Spangle <BR> Day 81 -- 90 Long-Term Success <BR> Day# 81 Unhook the Chains <BR> The behavior chain begins with frustration <BR> which leads to a few comments, <BR> which leads to me going off alone, <BR> which leads to the "heart hunger" that needs nurtured. <BR> Because with these lessons I've learned that it is "heart hunger," I now use nurturing ways to cope instead of food. <BR> <BR> Day #82 Last-Straw Eating <BR> The o... Thu, 31 Mar 2016 05:27:46 EST Day #71 - 80 Day 71 -- 80 Growing Stronger <BR> <BR> (TODAY I AM ALMOST 75% THROUGH THE BOOK! ) <BR> The name of this book is "100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle! <BR> Time to put lessons in action and actually work on weight loss! <em>9</em> <BR> In the first lessons I faced what I was doing, then why, and now time to use the lessons daily. <BR> <em>521</em> <BR> Day #71 It's too Hard! <BR> No it's not....I have accomplished many hard things in my life. <BR> My "magic notebook" has a ver... Mon, 21 Mar 2016 06:38:47 EST Day # 61-70 <em>213</em> <BR> It's funny that this morning when I saw we are at the end of another section of the book, I was thinking I almost can't wait to go through the book again. <BR> It feels like the days are passing by so fast that I need to go through it again and slow down to really get the lessons into habits. <BR> <BR> From the book "100 Days" by Linda Spangle, which I've posted on the Team page and only copy here because I want all the things I'm learning about myself in one place. <B... Thu, 10 Mar 2016 10:53:52 EST Day #51 - 60 <em>213</em> <BR> Today I am actually on lesson 64 of the "100 Days" that I began on January 1. I joined the team and post there but wanted to copy my thoughts on my Sparkpage so that I can have them together because they go by so fast. <BR> Can you believe it is already day 64 of the new year? <em>198</em> <BR> <BR> Day 51 - 60 Emotional Eating <BR> Day # 51 <BR> What is a emotional Eating? <BR> When I began this "100 Days" book I did not think I was an emotional eater. I was sure... Thu, 3 Mar 2016 07:30:58 EST Day #42 - 50 My lessons from the "100 Days" book by Linda Spangle <em>386</em> <BR> Day #42 Make it Matter <BR> Any time you sit on the fence regarding your food and exercise plan, you'll almost always fall to the wrong side. That is a powerful statement! <BR> To get past this roadblock MAKE IT MATTER! <BR> My first reason to stay on a healthy food and exercise plan is to stay off the medications all my friends are on. <BR> The ambivalence sometimes comes between checkups when I can fool myself ... Mon, 29 Feb 2016 08:33:32 EST Day # 41 Day 41-50 Jump-Start Motivation <BR> <BR> Day # 41 Motivation is a Choice <BR> <BR> Motivation isn't in the junk drawer! <BR> "Motivation is a choice!" <BR> One thing that always seems to get me back to my healthy living plan is to start a new project or challenge. <BR> TODAY: <BR> Lent begins so for the "40" days of lent, I will make a choice to live my life choosing only what is healthy for me. Wed, 10 Feb 2016 08:35:56 EST Day 31 - 40 of "100 Days " Day 31 - 40 Listen to Your Body <BR> <BR> Day #31 Hunger Scale <BR> I have experienced every number on the hunger scale but I think I live in the 0 neutral number most days. <BR> When I am home all day I eat by the clock because my husband needs meds that require food. I eat when he does. <BR> Just now, while watching the weather channel, there was a food commercial that made me think it is time for breakfast. Amazing what you learn when you pay attention! <BR> I will wait until I'm be... Wed, 10 Feb 2016 08:26:33 EST Motivation for Today I just read this on a message board and it seems so true. Makes me know that this journey we are on to live a healthy happy life is so important. <BR> <BR> The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, answered "Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; h... Thu, 7 Jan 2016 06:47:12 EST Never Quit Pledge I copied this from JAZZEJR's blog from today. She re-blogged it from June 30 2012, when she got it from BBONET who got it from Musolf6, who got it from... <BR> <BR> Saturday, June 30, 2012 <BR> Taken from BBonet's blog <BR> <BR> Please respond that you want your name added to the bottom of the list. <BR> <BR> Never Quit Pledge <BR> <BR> Today, I promise I will not quit. <BR> <BR> I pledge that no matter, how many ups and downs I pass through, I will continue on my journey. <BR> <... Fri, 1 Jan 2016 12:12:21 EST New Year - 2016 <em>505</em> <BR> This morning I received a note from a friend who is leaving Spark. She was the first person to contact me when I joined and I am very sad to see her go. <BR> It made me think of the other people in my "friends" list who have come and gone over the past three years. <BR> <em>39</em> <BR> So why do I stay? <BR> Because I have never been able to keep weight off before (although I want to lose more). <BR> Because I have never worried about eating healthy balanced meals... Thu, 31 Dec 2015 09:15:44 EST Putting Lessons into Practice! Putting Lessons into Practice! <em>9</em> <BR> The recent blogs I have posted are based on lessons from the book, "100 Days of Weight Loss" by Linda Spangle. <BR> It seems a good time and place for me to put into practice all l have discovered about myself while I go through the next hectic weeks. <BR> <BR> I will take the lessons I've learned through the holiday season of family gatherings, a planned vacation and all the parties. I'm sure I will need to repeat some lessons to mak... Sat, 21 Nov 2015 09:28:09 EST Day #30 Postpone Eating Day #30 Postpone Eating <BR> Watch for places where you can postpone eating. Hold off as long as possible, especially with snack foods or sweets. <BR> Some of the places to consider: <BR> the bread basket or bowls of chips brought to the table before a meal, <BR> snacks set out on game night, <BR> plates of goodies brought for gift exchange. <BR> Take time to decide what you really want and then wait as long as possible before starting to munch. That way you can limit how much you will e... Wed, 18 Nov 2015 08:39:59 EST Day #29 Handheld Foods Day #29 Handheld Foods <em>29</em> <BR> This lesson is very difficult for me because it involves snack foods like chips, cookies, M&Ms, and my favorite which is popcorn. <BR> My way to deal with most of these is not to have them because I've never figured out how to stop when I open a bag of chips! <BR> The one regular food on the list that I do have is popcorn which at least has some fiber along with the salt and oil! <BR> If I really really want chips I do like I do when I want French... Tue, 17 Nov 2015 08:57:56 EST Day #28 Eating Because It's There Day #28 Eating Because It's There <BR> <BR> For sure this is an area that I need to take to heart. A lot of times when I've eaten, put the food away and been plenty full, I keep thinking about how good it was and have been known to go back for more just because it's there. <BR> <BR> I know that I need to keep certain things out of site because I will keep thinking about them until I eventually cave in and have some. This is why I still ask hubby to keep his "junk" food in his shop or his... Mon, 16 Nov 2015 11:00:17 EST Day #27 Eat Dessert When it's Special Day #27 Eat Dessert When It's Special <BR> <BR> In a restaurant in my small hometown is the sign "Life is Short, Eat Dessert First"! I will say there are very few times that I eat there, but when I do eat there I actually do eat dessert first! Their speciality is dessert and it is a special outing like birthday, anniversary or visit from an out-of-town friend when I go there. The opportunity to do this is probably six or seven times a year and I take advantage of it and love the desserts... Sun, 15 Nov 2015 11:51:03 EST Day #26 When Food Disappoints You Day #26 When Food Disappoints You <BR> <BR> Yesterday I mentioned that we need to plan for the things we know are coming, i.e. celebrations, holidays and even fun weekends! <BR> <BR> For me the first outing on my November list was a birthday party and the lesson of "when food disappoints" really fit. <BR> It was an "appetizer/cake/alcohol" kind of party. <BR> I don't drink so that was ok, I ate before I went so I just didn't look at the appetizer table. So far so good! <BR> <BR> So... Sat, 14 Nov 2015 07:01:47 EST Day #25 Smaller Amounts, Less Often Day #25 Smaller Amounts, Less Often <BR> <BR> Contrary to what we might think, it is not necessary to stop eating all our favorite foods to manage weight. Instead of avoiding yummy treats plan for them. It may be necessary to use the guideline: Smaller amounts, less often! <BR> <BR> By planning your favorite foods into your diet it is possible to enjoy them without regret. By using the idea of smaller amounts, less often you will avoid feeling deprived of all your favorites and you wi... Fri, 13 Nov 2015 11:43:20 EST Day #24 Eat for Satisfaction Day #24 Eat for Satisfaction <BR> <BR> For your brain to achieve satisfaction, you have to eat slowly, pay attention to the bites, and appreciate your food. <BR> If your determined you want to appreciate flavors, work on getting satisfaction from your food, not guilt or remorse. <BR> Savoring your food will help you feel satisfied. <em>4</em> <BR> <BR> Thu, 12 Nov 2015 06:52:42 EST Day # 23 Savoring Day# 23 Savoring <BR> <BR> I am truly amazed how hard it is for me to focus on my food. I have always said I don't care what it is, "I'll eat anything except coconut"! <BR> Turns out that was my problem because I didn't really taste the flavors in most things, I just ate them. <BR> <em>4</em> <BR> Another way to increase awareness of food is to use the concept of savoyring! <BR> This is an idea to take a piece of candy, like an Andes mint or a small chocolate candy and eat it bit by... Wed, 11 Nov 2015 06:49:07 EST Day # 22 Multitask with Food Day #22 Multitask with Food <BR> <BR> Because yesterday's challenge to be conscious of what I eat took total commitment, today I may have trouble multitasking and paying attention to my food since multitasking and eating is what I normally do. <BR> <BR> I think that when I eat with other people I can join in the conversation and am aware of the food because part of the conversation is about the food. <BR> However most of my meals are eaten alone (with TV, computer, etc) and those meals see... Tue, 10 Nov 2015 06:25:19 EST Day #21 Concious Eating Day #21 Conscious Eating--Eat With Awareness <BR> If you have ever eaten a cookie or a meal and looked down and had no memory of what you ate, this lesson is for you. <BR> It is the story of Bob (actually Phyllis) who has a habit of reading, watching TV or in my case sending messages while eating. <BR> <BR> Learning that the reason to eat is --to fuel your body and to appreciate flavors means my goal is to learn "mindful eating". <BR> <BR> Today: <BR> Slow down <BR> No other activities whi... Mon, 9 Nov 2015 06:27:41 EST Day #20 Half-off Special Day #20 Half-off Special <BR> Divide and conquer! <em>4</em> <BR> For an easy way to manage your serving sizes, use a concept called the half-off special! <BR> That simply means eat half as much as you normally would, or take half of the amount you want. If you can't stop yourself from finishing off everything, take a close look at your emotional needs. Maybe something else in your life requires attention or needs to be filled. <BR> <BR> What I learned from this lesson that I will im... Sun, 8 Nov 2015 10:55:34 EST Day #19 Eat Reasonable Amounts Day # 19 Eat Reasonable Amounts <BR> This I will say is probably one of my biggest downfalls. <em>4</em> <BR> I will admit that when I look at a canned item and it says "contains 7.5 servings" that my mind thinks "you are kidding!" <BR> I am trying to get better about it but I do believe that because we are getting better at reading labels that the manufacturers are getting better at the confusion! If we only take a quick glance at calorie content and pick the lowest it may be low beca... Sat, 7 Nov 2015 07:59:42 EST Day #18 Retrain Eating Habits Day #18 Retrain Eating Habits <em>4</em> <BR> This lesson continues with ways to leave extra food on your plate instead of continuing to be a part of the "clean your plate" club. <BR> <BR> Because I grew up in a large family with not a lot of extra food, the idea of leaving something on my plate is a hard one for me. <BR> But after getting used to watching my grown kids and grandkids being able to scrape their plates in the garbage and realizing none of them have weight issues, I can... Fri, 6 Nov 2015 08:47:38 EST Day #17 Stop Wasting Food Day #17 Stop Wasting Food <BR> Some people grew up with the clean-your-plate rule and even as adults find it difficult to leave anything on their plate because it is a waste. <BR> Of course not wasting food makes perfect sense and is important. <BR> But a new way to look at it is that if you are filling your gas tank and it gets full, you wouldn't continue pumping, spilling fuel on the ground. So why would you do that to your body? <BR> <BR> Every time you eat food your body doesn't need, ... Thu, 5 Nov 2015 06:44:20 EST Day #16 Nurturing Power of Food Day #16 Nurturing Power of Food <BR> <BR> This was a good day for this experiment for sure. My granddaughter (age 28) had minor surgery and is getting two rounds of chemo again this week. Because she is 3 hours away a lot of days are spent waiting for news. <BR> <BR> When your feeling stressed or sad or lonely, food does seem to make you feel better. At least initially, it calms your anger or anxiety and lifts your spirits. But how long does food keep working? The first two bites have... Wed, 4 Nov 2015 07:19:53 EST Day #15 First Two Bites Day #15 First Two Bites <BR> You may not realize it but the first two bites of any food will always have the most flavor. <BR> This lesson is focused on desserts mostly and the idea that if you take two bites and savor them, the next thing would be to decide if the rest is worth the fat and calories. <BR> Most of the time I will admit that I eat too fast and do not take the time to pay attention to the flavor and texture of what I'm eating. Thank heavens I don't eat dessert very often! ... Tue, 3 Nov 2015 06:26:11 EST Day #14 Morning affects Evening Day #14 Morning affects Evening <BR> <BR> Monday already? November already? <BR> This is why I continue to look for a better way to live. As I am planning things, life is passing me by! I plan to be healthy; I plan to exercise; I plan to enjoy each day, etc. <BR> I want to be the best ME I can be so it's time to work out the plan. <BR> <BR> As I continue on my 100 Days my next lesson is the importance of eating at regular intervals. Although I usually always eat breakfast, eating ... Mon, 2 Nov 2015 07:09:44 EST Day #13 Oops, I Forgot to Eat Day #13 Oops, I Forgot to Eat <BR> Very few times in my life have I ever uttered that phrase! In most of them it was a time I don't even want to think about because they were days of deep sorrow. <BR> <BR> When my hubby gets sick he isn't hungry and I worry that he should try to eat something with the meds he has to take every day. <BR> Me, I am hungry no matter how bad I feel. Luckily though, according to the chapter on the subject, that is probably better. I have been known to pass out ... Sun, 1 Nov 2015 10:14:17 EST Day #12 Day # 12 Fuel or Filler <BR> <BR> Keep in mind that fuel keeps your body running but filler often gets sent to your fat stores. <BR> Most healthy foods like lean meat, fruits and vegetables are fuel that keeps you going. <BR> Most sweets, chips and snacks are fillers. A lot of 100 calorie snack foods are fillers. <BR> <BR> I went back three weeks and checked what foods I had on the days when the fat and calorie content was over. It is very easy to check this. Go to Saturday, click... Sat, 31 Oct 2015 07:44:12 EST Day # 11 Purposes of Food My Magic Notebook is full of gratitude this morning, thank you all for the comments on this project. I also appreciate the prayers and good wishes for my granddaughter who is getting chemo. <BR> Day # 11 Purposes of Food <em>4</em> <BR> <BR> Days 11-20 Put Food In Its Place <BR> The next 10-day segment is all about our direct relationship with food and talking about appropriate reasons for eating..... <BR> <BR> Reason 1. To fuel your body <BR> Before Sparkpeople I was in a great ... Fri, 30 Oct 2015 07:09:29 EST Day #10 Appreciate Good Support Day # 10 Appreciate Good Support <BR> <BR> Wow this day is a trip back in time to when I learned to "just say thank you"! <BR> It is a lesson I need to think about often even now. <BR> <BR> Because I grew up in a home with only criticism, it has always been hard to take compliments or criticism very well but I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful lady who in her gentle way taught me the lesson over a quilt when I said, "but the stitches aren't all even"! I miss her so much, she was a gre... Thu, 29 Oct 2015 08:19:25 EST Day # 9 Here's What I Want This is a very interesting project I've undertaken. The best thing is the feedback from fellow Sparkers.....some of which make me see my world in a whole new light! <BR> Thank you all for your words of wisdom, they are appreciated. <BR> <em>247</em> <BR> My Magic Notebook took a beating yesterday (don't ask) so I'll not update that today. <BR> <BR> Day #9 Here's What I Want <BR> <BR> What I want from you... <BR> 1. If you see me eating something not on my food plan.....ignore it comp... Wed, 28 Oct 2015 10:37:49 EST Day #8 Help Me Please....... My Magic Notebook -yesterday <BR> Made my morning walk a "Walking Meditation"--finished with prayers for my granddaughter who is getting chemo. <BR> <em>458</em> <BR> The only change made to my tracker was to add fresh spinach to lunch and use Pam spray instead of olive oil in a recipe. It was a good day. <BR> <em>4</em> <BR> Day # 8 Help Me Please............ <BR> <BR> Actually I think I'm pretty good with other people just not as wise when I'm alone thinking of comments that we... Tue, 27 Oct 2015 08:07:52 EST