MALA77's SparkPeople Blog MALA77's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Gone but not don... Hey everyone. Hope you all are doing well. So I have been MIA from SP for a few weeks. But rest assured, I have NOT fallen off the wagon. I have just shifted websites and focus. I have started using, where they have some great FREE workout plans you can follow. I also entered a body transformation contest on there and I am praying that I win. But even if I don't at least I'll be healthier! <BR> <BR> I have also started Dr. Ian Smith's SHRED. Today is week 1 day 7 and I weig... Fri, 15 Feb 2013 16:05:00 EST Determined... When I am on the wagon, I am really on it. I look at all my fitness mags and buy more sometimes. But this time it feels a little different. I am almost obsessed with this (fitness/losing weight) but in a good way. I blogged about bodybuilding last week or so and have been thinking about it more lately for whatever reason. I also mentioned how my dad, when I was just a teen, said I should compete. (I was also in the best shape of my life back then because I was on the track team!!) But that th... Wed, 30 Jan 2013 13:44:32 EST Week 3 of Jamie Eason... Hey everyone!! For anyone who knows of Jamie Eason, either from or numerous fitness magazines..... I've been following her LiveFit plan and today started week 3 of phase 1. Well, halfway following it, last week I did what I remembered but didn't follow the plan exactly but wasn't too far off. But today was pretty good. I'm anxious to see what the results will be. <BR> <BR> Trying to find a fat burner that's not too unnatural. I have green coffee bean extract but have only be... Mon, 28 Jan 2013 17:10:21 EST It's FRiiiiDAY! Hey everyone. It's Friday and I'm so glad. And I don't even work but still, TGIF!!! LOL Today was a GREAT day at the gym, in fact I think it was the best workout all week!!! I did legs again, even though they are still sore from Wednesday's leg workout. But I didn't even feel the soreness while working out. I wonder why that is!!?? Then I did about 40 or so minutes on the treadmill (3+ miles) doing intervals of walking and jogging. I think... no I KNOW I sweat more today than the other days t... Fri, 25 Jan 2013 13:58:25 EST The Lady at the Gym... This morning while at the gym I saw this lady there that I have seen just about everyday since I got back on track. This lady is not the typical gym-goer. She is older and walks with a walker, the kind on wheels. When I see her walking, she is hunched over to reach and push her walker. I don't know if she hunches over to adjust to the walker or if the walker was adjusted to her being hunched over all the time, like she is unable to stand up straight. <BR> <BR> But anyway, I have to say that... Thu, 24 Jan 2013 13:55:33 EST The Scale.... I think I am doing pretty good with this scale-avoidance thing. In a recent blog of mine I mentioned that I used to get on it daily when I am trying to lose weight. But recently I have been doing pretty good about NOT getting on it. Some mornings I think about getting on there, I'm tempted. But then I'm like, No, I can wait until the weekend. <BR> <BR> So I wonder how long I really CAN go without getting on the scale....???? How long have any of you gone?? Maybe I can check my progress by j... Wed, 23 Jan 2013 22:13:01 EST Still hangin' in there... I am notorious for starting a workout/healthy eating plan and then not sticking to it. On again off again is my downfall. Right now, I'm ON again and I plan fr it to stay that way.... for more than just a couple weeks. 21 days to make a habit, right?? So one more week will put me at 21 days and then we'll see. <BR> <BR> Workout this morning was great. I did weights for about 50 minutes for arms and back, also threw in some abs. Then the elliptical for 35 minutes. Feeling great, not getting ... Tue, 22 Jan 2013 15:14:23 EST Awesome mood right now!!! Hey guys!!!! So this morning I got up (although I COULD have slept in because my kids are out of school today) and went to the gym. HAd an awesome workout - weights for legs, back and some ab work (45 minutes or so) and the 35 minutes of the elliptical. GREAT SWEATY workout!!! <BR> <BR> Now I am home watching MY president giving his inaugural speech. We were hoping we could be there but because my hubby has to work we couldn't go. Thankfully we WERE a part of history four years ago and we ab... Mon, 21 Jan 2013 12:18:38 EST Motivation... Just want to say that I love to see all these wonderful transformations on SP!!! I saw one today that was sent to my email and I was like, there is no WAY that's the same woman!!!! I know everyone on here has different bodies and different goals. But it's inspiring to see such great progress. Motivation comes and goes with me which I HATE!!! Right now, fortunately, I'm on the upswing and things are going well. I just pray that I can STAY motivated and never look back. <BR> <BR> Anyway, that'... Sun, 20 Jan 2013 23:25:39 EST Bodybuilding.... Have any of you ladies thought about it or ever actually done it?? I keep thinking about it as a goal to get my body in that kinda shape (not manish looking though, that's not hot at all - sorry) But I don't think I would ever actually compete. But ya never know. I find it amazing to see these women who once looked like me and now have the hottest bodies out there!!! And still I think that for me it's impossible - I've been pregnant 3 times and got 4 kids out if it!! (twins) and I feel like t... Thu, 17 Jan 2013 17:16:00 EST Day 3 today is day 3 of week 1 of Jamie Eason's LiveFit plan on So far so good. I just pray that I can actually FINISH a program since I have yet to so. The workouts are good and I like them so far. I've lost a few lbs this week so that's ALWAYS good. I will keep on goin and see what happens. <BR> <BR> <em>198</em> Wed, 16 Jan 2013 15:34:08 EST Who doesn't love FREE stuff??? So I spun the wheel on SP for that extra spin.... and I won a FREE SparkPeople workout DVD!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!! Who doesn't love to get free stuff?? LOL I know I love freebies. They said I'll get it in 3-4 weeks. <BR> <BR> That is all. lol..... <em>334</em> Tue, 15 Jan 2013 22:00:20 EST Something New... So I have been looking at and decided to start one of their programs (FREE programs!!! lol) The one I chose is by Jamie Eason, called LiveFit. I did day 1, weel 1 workout today and my arms are DONE!!! But that's a good thing. I'll TRY to keep at this program.... TRY being the key word since I am terrible at sticking to weight loss programs. But we'll see. <BR> <BR> Yesterday morning I did the Hot Chocolate 15/5K in Atlanta and it was great!! The weather cooperated with us, t... Mon, 14 Jan 2013 14:55:23 EST Saturday's Disappointment... So I got on the scale this morning and took my measurements. Not a SINGLE ounce was lost!!!! SO upsetting... BUT I did supposedly lose 2 inches in the waist which is good (If I measured right!) I will also say though, that it was that time of the month which usually means water weight gain and no weight loss. So, it is what it is. <BR> <BR> I went to the gym this morning to offset the Japanese food I ate last night. Still have half of it in the fridge. Which I may make my husband eat. One t... Sat, 22 Dec 2012 13:50:19 EST Another long day... I completed my 5-Day Inferno today. After that it was a day of ripping and running to different stores, only to end up buying ONE thing!! LOL Well, at least I burned some extra calories. My hubby and I then ended up goint to a Japanese Hibachi restaurant for dinner.... I'll be burning that off at the gym tomorrow morning!!! LOL ALl in all it was a good day, Pretty cold, but since it's the 1st day of winter I guess that's the way it's supposed to bem right?? <BR> <BR> Hope you all are stayin... Fri, 21 Dec 2012 22:43:52 EST Almost there... To the end of the week that is. I slept good last night, with the exception of my husband making noise and turning on the light when he woke up!! LOL Went right back to sleep though and was able to sleep til after 8!!!! LOL Kids are out of school so I was able to do that. <BR> <BR> Did day 4 of 5-Day Inferno this morning which included Turbo 45 and HIIT 15. I may even go to the gym this evening if I am feeling up to it. <BR> <BR> It's raining here today, has been all day so far. I wanted ... Thu, 20 Dec 2012 13:58:48 EST Day 3 and I'm pooped... Today is day 3 of my 5-day inferno with Turbo Fire. I wasn't even 10:30pm and I started dozing off on the couch watching HGTV!!! LOL I think all these high intensity workouts, some of them 2 a day, are catching up with me. Tomorrow calls for another 2-a-day. But I think I can hang for 2 more days. <BR> <BR> Today was the kids' last day of school before the holidays so me, my mom and mom-in-law took them shopping for Christmas gifts so I think that caught up to me as well. I hope I sleep goo... Wed, 19 Dec 2012 22:53:43 EST Day 3 and I'm pooped... Today is day 3 of my 5-day inferno with Turbo Fire. I wasn't even 10:30pm and I started dozing off on the couch watching HGTV!!! LOL I think all these high intensity workouts, some of them 2 a day, are catching up with me. Tomorrow calls for another 2-a-day. But I think I can hang for 2 more days. <BR> <BR> Today was the kids' last day of school before the holidays so me, my mom and mom-in-law took them shopping for Christmas gifts so I think that caught up to me as well. I hope I sleep goo... Wed, 19 Dec 2012 22:53:35 EST Finally sitting down... Been busy all day, or so it seems. Woke up, got the girls ready for school, got my situated for his entertainment while I went down to do my turbofire HIIT 20. WHEW!!! Showered, ate my light breakfast, cleaned the kicthen floor, vacuumed the den, dining room and living room, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the hard wood floor in the foyer which is a big foyer so then I started sweating again... AFTER I took my shower after my workout!!! LOL.... Was able to rest a little while before my mominlaw... Tue, 18 Dec 2012 21:47:47 EST 5-Day Inferno... Day one and it's all good so far. Tomorrow will be a little tougher though because of the two workouts involved. But as they say, no pain, no gain... or in this case, LOSE!!! <BR> <BR> I am determined and I just pray that this determination last this time. <BR> <BR> <em>334</em> Mon, 17 Dec 2012 18:25:33 EST Sunday Rest Day Sundays are usually my days off from working out. And today I am so glad for that because I am still feeling my workout from yesterday. But I am still be careful of what I eat as the weekends are sometimes harder for me to eat right, for whatever reason. <BR> <BR> Went to church and it was great as always. The pastor had me sobbing at the end though when he prayed for all the people in Connecticut who lost a loved one, and for the little children whose lives were taken way too soon. But God... Sun, 16 Dec 2012 13:48:00 EST Hello all... Hope you all are doing okay. Saddened by the events of yesterday's tragic events in CT. And also in China, which didn't seem to get much attention here in the states, but several students in a Chinese school were stabbed!!!! I read, though, that none of them died, thank God. <BR> <BR> On a lighter, way less sad note..... I LOST 7.2 POUNDS THIS WEEK!!!!! YAY!!!!! Tomorrow is my rest day and I am looking forward to it as I am still kinda worn out from this morning's workout (TurboFire 55EZ). M... Sat, 15 Dec 2012 14:55:37 EST 5 days in.... And I'm feeling good. My quads are still a bit sore but that's ok. I noticed that since I started back working out this week, my lower back hasn't bothered me in the morning like it has been. That's a good thing. A GREAT thing actuallym cua back pain is SO annoying. <BR> <BR> This morning I did TurboFire Fire 30, 80 squats and a short but effective arm workout with hand weights. One more workout before my rest day (I usually workout 6 days a week and rest on Sunday) Then on Monday I plan on ... Fri, 14 Dec 2012 11:30:51 EST Still goin.... Good morning guys!! <BR> <BR> This morning I did Turbo Fure 45EZ again. Seemed harder than the other day, possible because I am a tad bit sore from this weeks workouts. But hey, it's all good. I'll also be doing 75 squats later on as part of a facebook group challenge. <BR> <BR> I was reading someone's blog on SP and I guess I didn't pay much attention to the title of her entry. But in her blog she referred to "NSV" a lot and so did the people who commented. I was like what the hell does NS... Thu, 13 Dec 2012 11:43:24 EST So far so good... Day 3 of my return and all is well so far. 4.2 lbs down already!!!! Good start if you ask me!!! Nothing much else to say for now. <BR> <BR> Good day to you all!!! <BR> <em>244</em> Wed, 12 Dec 2012 11:10:47 EST Day two of my MILLIONth come back!!!! So this morning I woke up, arms sore, more sore than they were last night. But I did Turbo Fire 45EZ, different from the Turbo Fire 45 I did yesterday. Today's didn't have any HIITs in it. So I finished, and now I fel even MORE sore than this morning!!! LOL But that's what I gotta go thru to get back to where I SHOULD be. <BR> <BR> Oh and I have a 5k in just over a month and I am SO not ready for it. But honestly I am doing this one because it's a CHOCOLATE 5k!!! Hot Chocolate 15k/5k which ... Tue, 11 Dec 2012 14:03:11 EST Starting all over..... AGAIN!!! Since my husband left for Japan at the end of October I had just STOPPED working out. I don't really know why I stopped. I had started back eating bad and no workouts were getting done.... <BR> <BR> Until today. I decided that enough was enough. So this morning I went to the basement where we have our gym and did Turbo Fire 45. Good workout as always but I could tell that my form was not where it COULD have and SHOULD have been had I kept up with my workouts. But what can be done about it no... Mon, 10 Dec 2012 12:36:23 EST Today's workout.... was Jackie Warner's Power Circuit Training. I have not done this one in a while, probably a few months. I am pretty sure I will be sore tomorrow, especially since I used heavier weights than I normally use. <BR> <BR> Have any of you ever done any of her workouts??? I have that one and the Xtreme Time Saver 30 minute workout. They're both great workouts, but she doesn't count right with the moves. LOL So I have to count my own. <BR> <BR> I will either weigh in tomorrow morning or Saturday m... Thu, 25 Oct 2012 14:53:48 EST ho hum... Nothing much to say today. I did my Zumba workout this morning and burned about 630 calories according to my watch. I MAY try to get in a light weight lifting workout later on today. <BR> <BR> Week is almost over!! Hope you all enjoy your day!!! <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>381</em> Wed, 24 Oct 2012 11:15:56 EST nothing much... other than I VOTED TODAY!!!! I did my Turbo Fire fire 30 workout this morning. I debated on whether I should go vote 1st or workout 1st. I decided to workout 1st because I feared that if I didn't I wouldn't do it later. Then I showered, made my protein shake and got my son in the car and off we went. To the line that was at LEAST 1/4 mile long in front of the shopping plaza. Total time there was about 1hr and 10 minutes. That time included my son having to go pee. LOL And he was very good the... Tue, 23 Oct 2012 14:09:43 EST Happy Monday!!!! Hey all. Not much to write today. Started my day off with a circuit training workout that I kinda just make up as I go along. This is the workout I do when I watch GMA and Live! with Kelly and Michael. I worked out for almost an hour and a half. Burned almost 1000 calories. <BR> <BR> So far so good. It's cold as heck in my den though because we haven't turned on the heat yet. Think I'll go find a sweat shirt, some socks and make myself some tea!!! LOL GOOD DAY ALL!!! <BR> <BR> <em>334</e... Mon, 22 Oct 2012 11:52:21 EST My Day of Rest... This Sunday began by us going to the 9:00 service for church. We then went to IHOP for breakfast... well Brunch I guess since it was after 11am. I did good there - I ate the Healthy & Fit (or whatever it's called) Grilled Chicken Sandwich and fruit. But then I ate a few bites of my son's unfinshed pancakes. But just a few bites. ;o) <BR> <BR> Then we took the kids to Boo at the Zoo. (Zoo Atlanta). It was just like any other day at the zoo but they had people handing out candy and even some h... Sun, 21 Oct 2012 21:18:37 EST One word fun.... Found this on someone else's blog.... <BR> <BR> Not as easy as you might think! Copy and Paste into your own blog, change the answers to suit you. It's really hard to only use one word answers. <BR> <BR> Where is your cell phone? <BR> ottoman <BR> <BR> Spouse? <BR> yes <BR> <BR> Your hair? <BR> curly <BR> <BR> Your mother? <BR> home <BR> <BR> Your father? <BR> heaven <BR> <BR> Your favorite thing? <BR> family <BR> <BR> Your dream last night? <BR> forgot <BR> <BR> Favorite dr... Sat, 20 Oct 2012 16:06:46 EST Happy Saturday!! This morning I woke up and did Turbo Fire - Fire 45. GREAT workout!!! <BR> <BR> My 3 girls had softball games today (2 different teams) and they all won!!! WOOHOO!!! <BR> <BR> Staying on track with my food today doo. So far so good. I lost 2.2 lbs since my last weigh-in and this week was that time of the month so I think that's pretty darn good considering I usually don't lose much during that week. <BR> <BR> So anyway, I hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far!!! <BR> <BR> <em>38... Sat, 20 Oct 2012 15:50:22 EST Sore.... again!!! Ok... so thanks to that extra workout I 'discovered' yesterday on my Turbo Fire DVD, my butt is SOOOO SORE right now!!! OMG!!!! My whole booty and hammies are so sore. But that's good, again. It shows me that I was working those muscles and they obviously have not been worked in a while. My upper back is also sore from the back/arm moves that were in that same workout. <BR> <BR> I will be doing that workout again though, if not tomorrow then maybe Monday. (Sundays are my days off). <BR> <B... Fri, 19 Oct 2012 11:51:25 EST I discovered.... This morning I did my Turbo Fire HIIT 15 workout. I had planned on doing the Turbo Fire Tone 30 workout after that but I found something. Something I had never noticed before. Now I have had this TurboFire set for over a year but I usually do the cardio DVDs and not too much of the Sculpt/Tone DVDs (which I should). So on the menu of the Sculpt and Tone DVD there's another option. It said something like "Burn Circuit 1" or something like that. I was like, Hhmm... what is that??? So I pressed ... Thu, 18 Oct 2012 11:16:34 EST Sore.... So yesterday's workout, cucuit training, has got me a little sore. My upper back. I did those bent over flies where you kinda squat and lean over and then raise both arms out to your side with hand weights. I had 8 lb weights and did 2 sets of 20 or 25. I also did other arm workouts so... But this is a good thing. As they say - "no pain, no gain" right?? LOL So I'm good. <BR> <BR> Today I did Turbo Fire. My back was already a little stiff/tight. But then found out why (guys close your eyes)... Wed, 17 Oct 2012 14:49:38 EST cheated... So yesterday I rested since I worked out on Sunday, my normal day off. But in addition to not working out, I snacked way too much on the wrong things - nothing unhealthy but still. THEN we ate Chinese food for dinner!!! oh well,... I'm not beating myself up for it. I'm back on it today. Did a great circuit training workout this morning followed by a Jillian Michaels whey protein shake. <BR> <BR> <em>198</em> Tue, 16 Oct 2012 12:30:49 EST Sunday Workout.... I normally do not workout on Sundays but I did today. I did because last night my husband wanted to fry some fish with collard greens and pinto beans and corn bread!!! It was GOOOOOOD!!! LOL It didn't affect my weight so I'm good. But I still feel like I need to make up for it a little. So I did some jumps on the trampoline (500) and Zumba 20-minute Express, and some jump roping. <BR> <BR> Don't know what I will do tomorrow morning but I got plenty to choose from. <BR> <BR> Happy Sunday!!... Sun, 14 Oct 2012 12:34:42 EST WOOHOO!!! Lost 3 more pounds!!!! <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>9</em> That is all..... ;o) Sat, 13 Oct 2012 23:58:49 EST scared to get on the scale... So I can't even tell you when I got on the scale last. And this is something very new to me. In the past, all I have done is weigh daily when I am trying to lose weight. But recently I decided that I would only weigh weekly because I would get annoyed when the scale didn't move in a day. <BR> <BR> Well I have been working out and eating right for the most part, maybe it's that 80/20 thing where you eat right 80% of the time and not so good 20% of the time. It may even be closer to 85/15. Bu... Fri, 12 Oct 2012 12:01:06 EST Feeling good... Did some circuit training this morning for my workout and burned over 1000 calories according to my watch!! WOOHOO!!! It was a GREAT workout and I sweat a bunch. I MAY do some Turbo Fire tomorrow. It's kinda chilly here in the mornings so I would rather work inside, unlike yesterday when I went on my almost 5-mile walk/jog. But I ended up warming up pretty soon. <BR> <BR> Anyway, I am feeling good, eating good and that's what I need to continue to do in order to reach my goals. You keep it ... Thu, 11 Oct 2012 13:09:44 EST Hanging in there... The other week my sister and mom came to visit for the weekend. While they were here and a few days after they lefy my healthy eating and workouts pressed pause. But last week and this week I have done pretty good with a couple little treats in between, However, I have not yet weight myself. I have been doing my workouts each morning, yesterday even did a 2nd workout in the evening!!! I will continue to try my best to stick with this (again) because I have goals I want and need to meet. <BR> ... Wed, 10 Oct 2012 20:26:56 EST I am SO Sore... Today is day 2 of week 2 doing Jillian Michaels' Ripped in 30. Even before I went to bed last night I could feel my arms getting sore from yesterday morning's workout. This workout is NO joke. 2 days down and 4 more for this week. I gotta stick with it. <BR> <BR> Yesterday afternoon and into the evening I had the munchies. I hate when this happens. And it always seems to happen around the same time. BUt I am not beating myself up, after all, I didn't eat anything unhealthy and I didn't pig o... Tue, 11 Sep 2012 14:16:55 EST Day 1, Week 2 of Jillian's Ripped in 30..... OMG!!! It was a bit more difficult than last week for me. But that's the idea, it gets tougher each of the four weeks. This week involves plank jacks, squat thrusts, side lunges with a leg lift.... (that last one is definitely new to me, never seen it before!!) But I burned a good bit of calories - about 575 according to my watch!!!! <BR> <BR> So 1 down, 5 to go. Lord, give me strength!!!! LOL <em>28</em> Mon, 10 Sep 2012 10:25:53 EST Preparing for tomorrow - Day 1 of Week 2 JM's RI30 So the end of the day is approaching. Today was good. I rested my muscles (well, I did try some moves I saw online from Men's Health - hey women can do them too!! ;o) But other than that I rested. <BR> <BR> I ate ok too. The worst thing I snacked on was some veggie chips (which are so good). <BR> <BR> Tomorrow is my Day 1 of Week 2 of Jillian Michaels' Ripped in 30. Wish me luck!! I read some reviews today online and most were positive. I mean, it's Jillian Michaels. Not too much negative ... Sun, 9 Sep 2012 19:13:33 EST Sunday - My day of Rest So this morning, while lying in bed, I was trying to figure out if I wanted to work out today or not. All week (M-Sat) I have been working out with Jillian Michaels' Ripped in 30. And Sundays are normally my days off. BUt one of the things that's different about this DVD is that it doesn't say how often to do the workouts, unlike some of her others that say just do it for 5 days a week. But I figured that since this Ripped in 30 uses weights and ab work each day, that I'd continue with me Sun... Sun, 9 Sep 2012 10:09:28 EST