MACMOM57's SparkPeople Blog MACMOM57's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Happy Wednesday <img src=""> These little guys let me know that spring is just around the corner. I just love seeing them. So far 7 have been born with more to come. Happy Wednesday friends. Wed, 4 Mar 2015 07:04:07 EST March in like a lion! Poor dear bird. <img src=""> Mon, 2 Mar 2015 09:59:36 EST Welcome March Its a new Month, a new week and a new day. We can do it. <img src=""> Sun, 1 Mar 2015 08:13:08 EST Nice thoughts <img src=""> Thu, 26 Feb 2015 17:57:54 EST Who doesn't love a cute kitty? <img src=""> Wed, 25 Feb 2015 11:42:16 EST For a bright cold Tuesday Just a cute picture to brighten your day. <img src=""> Tue, 24 Feb 2015 08:21:46 EST My back yard. <img src=""> Sat, 21 Feb 2015 20:43:48 EST Happy New Year Many blessings for a healthy and successful year. <img src=""> Thu, 1 Jan 2015 12:34:48 EST Soothing words. <img src=""> Mon, 29 Dec 2014 10:46:31 EST Just a little humor. <img src=""> Sun, 28 Dec 2014 09:04:24 EST Love this one. <img src=""> Sat, 27 Dec 2014 10:57:16 EST It's Friday! <img src=""> Fri, 26 Dec 2014 19:55:30 EST Merry Christmas <img src=""> Thu, 25 Dec 2014 07:46:26 EST Happy Wednesday <img src=""> Wed, 10 Dec 2014 20:33:54 EST So funny. <img src=""> Mon, 8 Dec 2014 20:27:29 EST Happy Thursday All. <img src=""> Thu, 4 Dec 2014 11:05:51 EST I really like this. <img src=""> Tue, 4 Nov 2014 19:57:38 EST Happy Halloween! <img src=""> <BR> Is that not the cutest kitten? Fri, 31 Oct 2014 21:49:46 EST It's Friday enough said. <img src=""> Fri, 15 Aug 2014 07:38:08 EST Words to live by. Many sad things happening right now in our world. <img src=""> Thu, 14 Aug 2014 17:49:06 EST Too Funny! <img src=""> Wed, 30 Jul 2014 20:57:27 EST Have a great day all. <img src=""> Thu, 17 Jul 2014 14:30:39 EST Sunday blessings <img src=""> Sun, 6 Jul 2014 21:23:11 EST More thoughts. <img src=""> Sat, 5 Jul 2014 20:53:55 EST Something to think about <img src=""> Thu, 3 Jul 2014 18:19:40 EST Wise words <img src=""> Wed, 2 Jul 2014 18:02:24 EST So cute. <img src=""> Thu, 12 Jun 2014 20:23:54 EST Good thinking. <img src=""> Thu, 29 May 2014 09:55:35 EST Happy Tuesday Friends <img src=""> Tue, 27 May 2014 07:16:00 EST Have an awesome Thursday. <img src=""> Thu, 17 Apr 2014 06:56:38 EST Something you don't see every day. So the other day we were doing yard work. Have a ton of branches down from the ice and snow. Well we also have very smoochie ground. Lil Green got stuck. So my DH called the neighbor. Here come the draft horses. Bless their hearts but it was to slippery for them even. Just a fun picture not every day you see a pickup truck pulled out by horses. Love where we live. This neighbor also has black and white sheep called Jacob they escape sometimes and I find them in the back yard. Way cool by the ... Tue, 25 Mar 2014 13:05:15 EST Very wise. <img src=""> Tue, 11 Mar 2014 18:43:25 EST Some thing to think about. <img src=""> Sun, 9 Mar 2014 18:05:25 EST Humor helps when losing weight. <img src=""> Sat, 8 Mar 2014 20:32:53 EST Happy Friday friends. <img src=""> Fri, 7 Mar 2014 11:12:25 EST We must support each other. So cute. <img src=""> Wed, 5 Mar 2014 20:44:31 EST More great words. <img src=""> Tue, 4 Mar 2014 10:14:23 EST Nicely worded! <img src=""> Sun, 2 Mar 2014 17:22:54 EST So cute <img src=""> Sat, 1 Mar 2014 17:07:38 EST My Love Letter. For the BLC 24 Violet team week 5. <BR> Dear Nancy <BR> I know you thought you would never in your life have a weight problem but you were dealt a hypothyroid. Something someone in the family also had or has. Over the last 7 years you have been through 3 surgeries on your shoulder and 3 on your knee. You work through the pain on both. You are a strong person and are going to get through and take care of the hypothyroid. It's going to be a slow process but as they say slow and steady win th... Mon, 17 Feb 2014 17:55:11 EST Words to live by. <img src=""> Sun, 16 Feb 2014 13:34:08 EST I love the things I find on Facebook. This is just too cute. <BR> <img src=""> Sat, 15 Feb 2014 14:43:54 EST Happy Valentines Day <img src=""> Fri, 14 Feb 2014 20:53:39 EST Happy thoughts on a icy day. <img src=""> Wed, 5 Feb 2014 11:01:05 EST OMG this just cracked me up. Sorry for the language. <img src=""> Mon, 3 Feb 2014 18:16:21 EST A to Z about me. A is for Age: 56 <BR> <BR> B is for Booze: not a drinker but will have a beer about once a month. <BR> <BR> C is for Car: 2002 Saturn L300 - Who's name is Pluto <BR> <BR> D is for Dad's name: Dan <BR> <BR> E is for Ego: nope <BR> <BR> F is for Favorite song or music: I love the music from the 60 and 70 but will listen to some newer stuff. <BR> <BR> G is for Goof off thing to do: playing games on my iPad <BR> <BR> H is for Hometown: Wheaton, MD still live in the same county I grew up... Thu, 23 Jan 2014 08:57:44 EST Wednesday <img src=""> Wed, 22 Jan 2014 10:44:41 EST Sunday <img src=""> Sun, 19 Jan 2014 08:11:04 EST Nice quote have a great Saturday friends. <img src=""> Sat, 11 Jan 2014 11:08:38 EST Love this one if it was only true. <img src=""> Fri, 10 Jan 2014 16:40:36 EST