LSDALOIA's SparkPeople Blog LSDALOIA's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Shoulder Surgery II 1 week into recover from second shoulder surgery. First one was to repair a bicep tendon in June 2012. That progressed into full on frozen shoulder. <BR> <BR> The new surgeon has me out of a sling and doing passive range of motion exercises. Still a lot of pain and limited mobility, but hopefully this time it will go smoother. <BR> <BR> I have a long, long way to go before I can get back into P90X workouts. For now I'm going to have to watch every bite, which isn't easy since I just... Mon, 4 Aug 2014 10:26:11 EST The Big Question for an Entrepreneur: "How's The Business Going?" Every year I teach at a CLE event in Houston. <BR> <BR> This year I'm not feeling great for a few reasons. I have a shoulder surgery (again) scheduled for next week. I also have a nagging feeling that my little start-up should be doing better before I go under the knife. <BR> <BR> So, last night one of my friends asked: "How's the business going?" <BR> <BR> At first I felt doubt and disappointment. Then I realized it's been a full year since I saw my buddy. And then I was OK! In the... Thu, 17 Jul 2014 08:00:51 EST The Tipping Point So, here I am two years after my first surgery to repair a bicep tendon repair. I quickly progressed from surgery to a pretty severe case of frozen shoulder. It's been a mixed blessing. <BR> <BR> On the physical side, I still have very restricted mobility and pain. I am scheduled for another operation in a couple of weeks Hopefully recovery will go faster. <BR> <BR> On the professional side, the pain was so bad that I couldn't sleep and eventually quit my job. I launched a mobile recr... Sun, 13 Jul 2014 10:26:19 EST Celebrating 7 Years on SparkPeople It's hard to believe that I started sparking way back in 2007. <BR> <BR> Back then I was at the height of my career with a major retailer. I travelled every week and wanted to drop a few pounds, which led me here to SparkPeople. <BR> <BR> We didn't know what was coming at work. The recession created a new normal for many of us in the workplace. <BR> <BR> Over the next 7 years I finally got laid off from my job (I could see that coming for ages), took another job I really didn't like, had... Tue, 11 Feb 2014 08:50:06 EST Birthday Check-Up Sparkers, I'm writing this blog so when I look back next year, I can remember how far I've come. It's kind of long, so if you do read on, I apologize for the length. <BR> ________________________________________<BR>___________ <BR> <BR> Happy Birthday to me! <BR> <BR> Last year I was two weeks into my new life. I had just quit my job and had no idea what I was going to do next. I was in a lot of pain from my frozen shoulder and was exhausted from trying to work full-time when I could... Tue, 1 Oct 2013 08:50:13 EST Sparking my Life! My dear friend BRADMILL2922 wrote about his weight loss journey on my Sparkpage: <BR> <BR> "The first step really is the hardest to take. At least for me, I really had to convince myself that I could do it. It is strange but I also had to convince myself that I was worth it. It can be a pretty daunting task if you look at the macro of the whole thing. If you really think of all the time and effort and sacrifice that will have to be made, it can be intimidating. Start small with small goals. ... Sat, 21 Sep 2013 20:32:28 EST Come Escape On A Virtual Vacation It's been a few very stressful weeks at my household. I need a mental health break. So, let's daydream for a minute: <BR> <BR> You win the lottery and money is no object. You take care of your family, friends, and interests. You still have a bundle to spend, and you love to travel. What would you do? <BR> <BR> A cruise around the world? <BR> Rent a villa in Europe for a month? <BR> Go RVing? <BR> <BR> Sparkers, come dream with me. Let's go on the virtual vacation of a lifetime togeth... Fri, 16 Aug 2013 12:39:31 EST Need Stress Management Tips Sparkfriends, <BR> <BR> You know from my last blog entry that DH is going through very tough times at work. My heart goes out to him. He just wants to go into work, do a great job, and go home without drama. <BR> <BR> He suffers from anxiety, so this isn't helping. Last night we went to a LAMBDA Legal function and he was sweating uncontrollably. He got better as the evening went on, but it resumed later in the evening. Today he is in bed all day, sleeping. <BR> <BR> I'n concerned the... Sun, 11 Aug 2013 12:41:33 EST When Are You Too Old To Fight For Your Job? Sparkers, <BR> <BR> This was a hard week for DH and me. <BR> <BR> DH has worked for his company for 14 years. Always great reviews and increases. He's going to be 66 in a couple of weeks and hopes to stay at his job until he retires in 4 years. <BR> <BR> Recently his company wrote him up for something that happened 1 1/2 years ago. The incident didn't harm the company's reputation, financial situation, or expose it to a lawsuit. It was a relatively minor incident. As a result, they de... Sat, 10 Aug 2013 13:04:40 EST My Spark Spirit Yesterday was tough. I made my first formal presentation at a company. I didn't think I was nervous, but I sweated through my clothes. It was literally pouring off my face. Not cute. <BR> <BR> I'm not normally that nervous. But I am learning that I need to be much more self-aware. My body was clearly telling my mind something it didn't want to admit: showing a product in a formal setting for the first time is nerve wracking. <BR> <BR> I was so happy to get home and see responses to m... Thu, 1 Aug 2013 14:16:28 EST Entrepreneurship Spark Friends, <BR> <BR> I've dreamed of having my own business my whole life. <BR> <BR> Many of you know that I have a frozen shoulder as a result of surgery last year. I'm a hopeless optimist, so I'm taking advantage of this break in my corporate career to launch my own business. I'm developing software to help companies recruit and engage employees more effectively. I'm an HR person, and not a coder, so this is a new world for me. Fortunately it doesn't require a lot of hours in fron... Wed, 31 Jul 2013 08:35:23 EST Celebrating a 2 Week Spark Streak -- Food Tracking Haven't missed a day in two weeks. I've had good days and bad days. Some days I've gone way over my goals, but I've exercised faithfully. And guess what? I'm down a few pounds! I'm less than 3 pounds from my mini goal of 165. <BR> <BR> Like Tony Horton says....I love it, and I hate it. But it's working! Thu, 27 Jun 2013 12:05:43 EST Food Tracking....Day 5 It's still a drag, but it is eye opening!!! <BR> <BR> I realized I've been eating an extra 200-500 calories/day. I tried to be good yesterday when I had lunch with a friend, and then dinner at another friend's house. But when I tallied everything up, I was still over by a whopping 800 calories. The good news is that I was on the elliptical for 50 minutes before I went out for lunch, walked through the mall for a few hours, and wasn't very hungry today. Hopefully it'll all even out. <BR> ... Sun, 16 Jun 2013 21:30:05 EST The Kryptonite to My Weight Loss Program About 2 months ago I joined Spark Coach. I really like the daily motivation and check-ins. <BR> <BR> I'm not a numbers person, but I can spot a trend when I see it. A few weeks ago I realized that I was doing a fantastic job with exercise, check-ins, and other indicators. But I wasn't tracking my food at all, and I was getting very frustrated with my lack of progress. <BR> <BR> I have a dear Sparkfriend, EBETH, and we've been checking in with each other every week via Spark Mail. This... Sat, 15 Jun 2013 10:14:24 EST Mexican Coleslaw/5 Minute Fish Tacos My walking partner shared this with me. I created the recipes on Sparkrecipes, so if you try it, you can just import the nutritional info. (It's under Liz's Cookbook) <BR> <BR> It's so easy! <BR> 1 bag coleslaw mix (toss the packet of mayo) <BR> 2-3 avocados, finely chopped/mashed <BR> 1/2 red onion, finely diced <BR> Juice of 3 limes <BR> Cilantro and jalepenos are optional <BR> <BR> Toss together and chill for an hour. <BR> <BR> I served this with fish tacos: <BR> corn tortillas <BR> t... Sun, 3 Feb 2013 22:21:17 EST CELEBRATE Pride and Prejudice! Today's the 200th anniversary of the publication of one of my faves...Pride and Prejudice. <BR> <BR> It makes me so happy to think that this novel is still so popular after all these years. It sure cheers the aspiring novelist in me! Mon, 28 Jan 2013 22:33:10 EST Homemade is Best! DH and I both were sick this week. First I had a terrible upper respiratory infection. At one point I coughed so hard I thought I'd have to go to the ER. Needless to say, DH caught it and fortunately it wasn't as severe for him. <BR> <BR> Since we could barely move out of bed/off the couch this week, we made a quick trip to Costco and bought some chicken soup, a rotisserie chicken, mac and cheese, and a veggie tray. I usually love stuff from Costco, but I rarely buy any of their pre-made... Sun, 27 Jan 2013 19:59:43 EST Hello 2013!!! Dear 2013, <BR> <BR> I've been waiting for you...... <BR> <BR> 2012 was a tough year. I lost my job of nearly 14 years. I started another job quickly, but then had shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff. After surgery, my shoulder froze, and I had to quit my job and go on disability. <BR> <BR> 2012, you gave me the gift of walking away from a career that I didn't love anymore, and forced me to slow down and take care of myself. <BR> <BR> Many things became clear in 2012. I under... Sun, 30 Dec 2012 15:33:16 EST Frozen Shoulder It's official: I have a frozen shoulder. On my dominant side, of course! <BR> <BR> So, Sparkers, any ideas on how to work out around this? I have a five pound lifting restriction on my right arm. I'm good to go everywhere else, except I can't lift my arm over my head, behind my back, or out to the side. No planks, no downward dog, etc. <BR> <BR> I'm walking and ellipting but I can't move my arm enough to run. Any ideas on how I can mix this up? I want to try Zumba, but doesn't that r... Wed, 24 Oct 2012 15:40:29 EST Post-Op Shoulder Surgery Complications Sparkfriends, <BR> Anyone out there have post-op issues with shoulder surgery? <BR> <BR> I had my labrum and bicep tendon repaired in June. I diligently did PT through mid-August, at which point my doc took me off due to pain. Now I have more pain and far less range of motion than before the surgery. Oone doc in the practice thinks I have frozen shoulder, while my surgeon won't commit to what's causing pain and loss of range of motion. <BR> <BR> Anyone out there have a similar issue? Tue, 18 Sep 2012 13:16:23 EST Me and My Shoulder P90X....Insanity...Cathe....The Firm....I miss you all! <BR> <BR> I've been having shoulder problems for quite some time, and just learned that I have some torn cartilage/tendons in my shoulder joint. Unfortunately lifting is out of the question until I get it fixed. I cheat a little and sometimes do some leg work, but I absolutely can't work out my arms. Plank pose, even on my elbows, is a killer. <BR> <BR> So what's a girl to do? Work around it, of course! I've been getting on my ell... Tue, 22 May 2012 21:43:56 EST First Week at a New Job So, one week down, and I can honestly say I like my new job a lot. There is a ton of work to be done. The folks I work with seem pretty nice, but they are very untrained and unsophisticated. I am looking forward to putting structure into the environment. <BR> <BR> Too soon to tell how long I'll be there, but so far so good! I'm still looking forward to having my own consulting/law firm one day. I have one client and am doing some work on the side for them, so if it takes off I'll fina... Sun, 15 Apr 2012 15:25:04 EST Feeling Like It's My First Day of School Sparkers, <BR> <BR> I'm starting my new job tomorrow and it feels like my first day at a new school. <BR> <BR> I'm excited but also a little anxious about what I'm getting myself into. I worked in transportation/logistics for the last 20 years, so the financial services industry is a whole new world. Like transportation, I've discovered there aren't many women executives at my company. Which begs the question: What should I wear on my first day? Suit it up or a nice dress? Decisions, ... Sun, 8 Apr 2012 17:19:51 EST Offer Accepted! Spark Friends, <BR> <BR> This week I had a choice to make: <BR> Take a job for less money and a shorter commute, or make more and drive twice as long. <BR> <BR> I chose the shorter commute so I could have time for my morning workout. <BR> <BR> I still have a couple of other irons in the fire, but I am committed to having a new life with less business travel and more time for myself. I must get better about boundaries, but this is a huge step for me. <BR> <BR> Wish me luck! Sat, 10 Mar 2012 17:22:26 EST Three Weeks of Unemployment -- Choices Still Abound! Hello Sparkfriends, <BR> <BR> First, many thanks to those of you who've checked in with me and offered fantastic advice. It's been really helpful to blog about my experience, and I learned that it's good to do so. I'm sharing my experience in the hope that others will feel good about following suit. <BR> <BR> A study was done with unemployed engineers. The first group just sent out resumes. The second group sent out resumes and also networked. The third group sent out resumes, networ... Thu, 1 Mar 2012 09:04:30 EST Two Weeks Of Unemployment Sparkfriends, <BR> <BR> I'm two weeks into unemployment and am feeling pretty great. So far I've secured a job doing contract legal work. I'm interviewing this afternoon for an interim HR Director position. Although it's a good paying job, and I can ask for a permanent position there, the commute is pretty long (can be over 1.5 hours with traffic). <BR> <BR> I am really excited about an interview I have on Monday with a mortgage company. It's only a 30 minute commute, and it will pay wh... Fri, 24 Feb 2012 10:04:11 EST A Clean Office = A Sane Mind Sparkers, <BR> <BR> I don't know about you, but I just can't handle clutter around me. I can't seem to stay focused when there's lots of paperwork and stuff laying around that needs to be put away. It's distracting. <BR> <BR> This morning DH and I spent a couple of hours cleaning our office. YEAH!!!! It is fantastic! I have room on my desk and everything is neat and organized. Now I feel like I can truly make a fresh start on my next career endeavor. <BR> <BR> BTW, I also figured out... Sun, 19 Feb 2012 15:57:10 EST Job Search Update: Options Abound! Spark Friends, <BR> <BR> I am one week into unemployment and haven't started outplacement yet. Here's my to do list: <BR> <BR> ORGANIZE MY OFFICE <BR> Figure out how to get my Outlook gmail calendar onto my iphone (please send tips!) <BR> <BR> It is a mess and it's driving me crazy. I got so busy networking this week that I didn't have time to clean it. <BR> <BR> Here is my list of options that I'm exploring: <BR> 1. Temp agency legal work <BR> 2. Option to join a friend's law firm ... Sat, 18 Feb 2012 10:33:22 EST Wow! I am a busy unemployed person! OK, so here's what I've crossed off my "to do" list: <BR> Put away stuff from office <BR> Put away traveling stuff and suitcase <BR> Created list of references <BR> Selectively let network know I'm seeking work <BR> Walked 4-5 miles each day with my girlfriend <BR> <BR> WOW. <BR> <BR> I also landed a speaking engagement and.....a job! I am pretty sure I can sign on as a contract attorney for a "temp agency" for lawyers. I also have a phone screen for an HR Director position tomorrow. <BR... Thu, 16 Feb 2012 17:48:03 EST Networking Today I spent a lot of time networking. I drove to Richardson to attend a Dallas HR Executive networking meeting. We share leads at this group. It's great since we all try to help each other network our way into our next position. <BR> <BR> A lot of people think you should take time off and relax when you first get laid off. I agree with this -- to a point. In my case, I'm coming off of 15 years of heavy travel and a stressful job. I feel like I need to detox. However, as an HR profes... Wed, 15 Feb 2012 18:30:31 EST First Monday of Unemployment Spark Friends, <BR> <BR> I spent my first day of unemployment on Friday walking with a friend, and checking out the local unemployment services with another friend who's looking for work. I looked online and found about 10 jobs that I applied for, so wish me luck! <BR> <BR> I had the weekend to relax with the hub and now it's time to get busy. I feel so unorganized with the clutter in my house from my office and that accumulated while I was traveling so much on business. <BR> <BR> I'm t... Mon, 13 Feb 2012 11:29:39 EST The Positive Side of Job Loss Sparkfriends, <BR> <BR> I am hopelessly optimistic. <BR> <BR> Yesterday was my 5 year Sparkiversary, and also the end of my 13 year career with Office Depot. <BR> <BR> My first thought upon getting notified was: Whew! Now I can get off the road, eat right, and exercise! <BR> <BR> Yesterday was tough since my company didn't allow me to work notice, and I like to have professional hand offs. I'm an HR person, and people were crying as I left. I guess that's a sweet testament, but it s... Fri, 10 Feb 2012 18:08:49 EST The world'd geekiest motivator Sad but true: I am a total nerd. <BR> <BR> My 5 pound weight loss award will be a Dr. Who TARDIS mug. I can't wait to get it! The TARDIS disappears as your drink cools off! So cool! <BR> <BR> For those of you who have no idea what I'm writing about, Dr. Who is a BBC show. It's been around for 50 years (on and off). The Doctor is a time traveler whose spaceship, the TARDIS, is a 1950's police box. <BR> <BR> I want to lose 15-20, so I may be able to collect a whole set! <BR> <BR> Wha... Sat, 7 Jan 2012 09:44:04 EST Forks Over Knives Watched this intriguing documentary yesterday. I love my veggies, and don't eat much red meat. This movie advocates eliminating all meat (including fish) and all dairy. <BR> <BR> I'll try it! But, have you ever realized how much dairy is in restaurant meals? It's hard to eat vegetarian while dining out and avoiding dairy. <BR> <BR> Sparkers, what are your thoughts on eliminating food groups? I'm not a fad diet person but I am a fan of whole food eating. <BR> Thu, 5 Jan 2012 08:23:41 EST Iguazu Falls, Argentina Iguazu Falls are in the northern part of Argentina, where Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay meet. The river is the border between Argentina and Brazil. <BR> <BR> Eleanor Roosevelt famously said that Iguazu Falls makes Niagara Falls seem like small trickle. What do you think? <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <img src=" Mon, 26 Dec 2011 19:25:17 EST Pics from Buenos Aires Recoleta Cemetary <BR> <BR> They say it's more expensive to be buried here than to live in Buenos Aires. Unfortunately the impact of Argentina's financial crisis is evident here (you may recall it's been about 10 years since their economy crashed). Most of the crypts are in great shape, but there are a lot that are in disrepair. <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <img src="">... Mon, 26 Dec 2011 11:58:18 EST P90X2 Initial Impressions After 2 days, I'm impressed! Tony Horton's focusing on functional fitness in this version of P90X. There's a lot more stretching and core work so far. The series starts out with a core DVD, which is like core synergistics, but with an emphasis on foam rolling. Today I did Plyocentric, which is a lot like the old Plyometrics except it has a lot more stretching (and foam rolling). This version is exactly what I need since Insanity can be a pounding and the old P90X was a "guy's" workout (I... Fri, 16 Dec 2011 12:25:31 EST How Did Eva Peron Stay So Skinny? Sparkers, <BR> I am writing this from a computer at beautiful Iguazu Falls in northern Argentina (please excuse typos since the keyboard is different). <BR> <BR> Boy am I glad there are some "hiking" trails here. I am a little sarcastic since almost everything is paved and wheelchair accessible, which is great for a national park but not so good for a girl like me who needs to climb up a hill 50,000 times. <BR> <BR> The food here! The wine! Even me, who absolutely loves margarita pizza, ... Wed, 7 Dec 2011 18:22:02 EST Pictures from Tibet Sparkers, <BR> <BR> Here are some pics from our trip to Tibet last month. <BR> <BR> First, this is a huge Buddha carved on the side of a hill. It is over 1,000 years old, and it is just outside of the holy city of Lhasa. Lhasa is the capital of Tibet. <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> This is the view from the very first monastery in Tibet. There used to be over 6,000 of them, but the Chinese destroyed most of them during the inva... Fri, 1 Jul 2011 21:34:44 EST Me and my Panda <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Sparkers, <BR> <BR> I am trying to upload some pics from our recent trip to China, but patience isn't my virtue tonight. Stay tuned. I have a lot more panda pics, stuff from Tibet, and great food porn to share! <BR> Mon, 20 Jun 2011 21:41:20 EST Istanbul Streetscapes and S Turkey Archeology Inside Hagia Sofia, built in the 600's, AD: <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Sunset over the Europe side of Istanbul: <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Galata Tower, built in the 1400's: <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> The library at Ephesus. Books were taken from this to replenish the library at Alexandria after it was plundered. <BR> <img ... Fri, 4 Mar 2011 09:53:52 EST Food Porn II: Markets in Istanbul First, I have to share that DH never eats dessert. He ate this whole "pancake", which was stuffed with pistachios. BTW, that's not icecream on the side. It's a root that tastes like marshmallow that's supposed to aid digestion: <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> World's largest leeks: <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Pastries! <BR> <img src=" Wed, 2 Mar 2011 10:18:50 EST Food Porn from Turkey I know this is going to offend some folks, but it's just my humble opinion. I never was one for French food. Too many rich sauces, too prissy for me. I love Italian food, and when I went to Tuscany I thought I was in heaven. Then I went to China, and realized how deep their cuisine is. Now having been to Turkey, I have to say my favorite places to eat are China and Turkey. One of the reasons their food is so good is that it's simple. Just fresh ingredients and simple preparation. I am... Mon, 28 Feb 2011 11:49:22 EST Pneumonia! Sparkers, <BR> <BR> Most of you know that I am all about healthy eating and exercise. I rarely get sick, and I attribute that to my healthy lifestyle. Oh, and did I mention I'm a compulsive hand washer when I'm traveling??? <BR> <BR> Last week I had a bad cough, and wasn't feeling well. I was debating whether or not to make a business trip to LA. Most importantly, I wanted to make sure I was well enough to enter Turkey when we go there on vacation next week. Most countries take your te... Mon, 31 Jan 2011 15:54:18 EST Just Ask For It: Someone Will Answer..... A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog about Shakeology. I like it because it keeps me full, although that Greenberry is pretty weird, even for a green tea lover like me. <BR> <BR> I've been pondering whether to take the plunge and buy some, but I didn't like the idea of Beach Bodies automatically sending it to me every month. <BR> <BR> Well, just the other day my neighbor called to ask me if I'd like some Shakeology. He's doing a diet that calls for testosterone injections and all that ja... Sun, 2 Jan 2011 13:42:22 EST Shakeology Sparkers, <BR> <BR> I'm thinking about taking the dive and buying some Shakeology. I've tried the chocolate, and it's not bad with a banana in it. The greenberry....well, let's just say it's an aquired taste. The thing I like about it is that it keeps me full all morning. <BR> <BR> I saw a Consumers Report article a couple of months ago that highlighted the amounts of metals in many popular protein powders, but I don't think Shakeology was included. <BR> <BR> I usually make my own shake... Sun, 19 Dec 2010 19:21:37 EST Where's Liz? Sparkfriends, <BR> <BR> I am so sorry I've been a bad friend lately. I haven't been as active on my teams as I'd like. I have a lot going on right now: <BR> <BR> * I have a very stressful work situation. There is a lot of uncertainty about the future of my company. People are jockeying for position. I manage HR for a region, and I have a lot of backstabbing and infighting going on at the building I am based at. It is really bad, and I've decided that I will make a career change in 20... Sun, 21 Nov 2010 20:07:20 EST Eating Well A confession: I have turned into a 100% Eating Well magazine junkie! <BR> <BR> I first found out about EW from a personal trainer in Florida. I've subscribed for years. DH wanted some of their cookbooks for Christmas, so the other day I ordered a bunch of them, including "The Eating Well Diet". I figured what the heck -- why wait for the holidays? So, we're enjoying our early presents. <BR> <BR> If you don't subscribe, I urge you to at least go to their website and check out their re... Sun, 31 Oct 2010 14:28:50 EST Bei Hai Park Bei Hai Park is near the Forbidden City, and used to be used exclusively by the emperor. It has a bunch of neat gardens, an island, and many temples. <BR> <BR> Pensioners in China traditionally use parks for ballroom dancing, kite flying, and socializing. <BR> <BR> Bei Hai also contains a restaurant that serves food traditionally eaten by the imperial family. The wait staff still dresses traditionally. Check out the gilt and the shoes. How do they walk in them? <BR> <BR> I also loved t... Fri, 1 Oct 2010 12:24:52 EST Bai Women in China Don't Need a Gym Here are a few more pics from China: <BR> <BR> My DH's next ride. And he was hoping for a new Corolla! <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Some scenic shots from LIjiang, a 1,000 year old city that was the hub of the tea trade between China and Tibet. It is also home to many ethnic minorities, including the Naxi and the Bai. The Baii's are a matriarchial society. ... Mon, 27 Sep 2010 12:06:02 EST