LKHENDRICKSON's SparkPeople Blog LKHENDRICKSON's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community sparkcoach trying this sparkcoach feature - have my 2 weeks free. thought I should actually write about the "daily visualization" otherwise I doubt I will put the time in and actually get everything out of it. <BR> <BR> <BR> Daily Visualization <BR> <BR> Imagine looking at your reflection on the day you reach your goal weight. How does it make you feel? Spend 30 seconds reveling in that feeling—and then go out and conquer your goals to make it a reality! <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> "Wow, I m... Tue, 14 Aug 2012 12:34:09 EST just about diagnosed with celiac disease so last week my doctor did a biopsy and said he thought i had celiac disease. the blood tests came back positive yesterday. still waiting on biopsy results but all the symptoms fit, so no reason to think the blood test was a false positive. <BR> <BR> not sure how i feel about it yet. annoyed that i have to change my diet agaun, but if it really makes me feel better & gets rid of the fatigue & anemia i will be thrilled! <BR> <BR> but now i have people suggesting i stop being vegetarian/vegan... Mon, 28 Nov 2011 00:40:54 EST trying again!! okay, i have not been doing well the past year plus, gained weight again. started grad school so have been very busy - but my eating sucks and i never exercise, so it really is my fault. <BR> <BR> wore my fitbit 4 days in a row now (yay!!!) but only one of those days did i get over 6k steps which is my goal and the other 3 days i was around 2500/3000 steps - awful. <BR> <BR> but i have been doing water aerobics at least once a week, sometimes twice for a month now - so that is good & i wi... Sat, 9 Jul 2011 10:02:56 EST coping with adhd I have been reading more about adult ADHD - ways to treat, how to cope with symptoms - how diet effects symptoms. <BR> <BR> Being diagnosed with ADHD was a turning point for me. I still spend a lot of time fighting it - thinking that I may be one of the overdiagnosed individuals who is just lazy. But when I really look at it objectively - starting medication for ADHD changed my life. I couldn't understand why people wanted to go to sleep - laying in bed was agonizing. I would lie there f... Sat, 9 Jan 2010 00:40:35 EST getting ready for the new year so i started being vegan again - the monday after xmas. finished day 2 & it's been pretty easy for me. but - i haven't been eating totally healthy - too much junk food & sugar! i'm working on it. i have been having lots of fruits & veggies. <BR> <BR> i'm torn about what to do about new years. we usually have fondue with tempura shrimp & beer cheese. i kinda have it in my head that it's a holiday and so we can decide to eat unhealthy. i mean - i know we can always decide to eat unhealthy - b... Wed, 30 Dec 2009 10:57:54 EST updated my main page my last post about my 2 week fitness plan was a disaster, i didn't do any of it. seriously - i don't think i did one thing on that plan. how pathetic am i. <BR> <BR> just updated my main sparkpage ~ thought i would add it here. from my page: <BR> <BR> Well, my journey continues. I’m not where I had hoped I would be right now, but I am content and comfortable. I’ve maintained 211-218 for almost the past year, with very little effort. So my body is comfortable at this weight, and I’m not h... Wed, 9 Dec 2009 12:45:14 EST my exercise/fitness plan what if i plan out my exercise the next 2 weeks and just put it out there? then people could help keep me to it, and i'll have to answer to someone if i don't do it <BR> <BR> Mon 11/23 (kyc) – 7a yoga <BR> <BR> Tues 11/24 (kyc & ps) – 730a walk <BR> <BR> Wed 11/25 (off work) – 7a yoga <BR> <BR> Thurs 11/26 (off work) – 10a walk <BR> <BR> Fri 11/27 (off work) – 10a walk <BR> <BR> Sat 11/28 (off work) – 10a walk <BR> <BR> Sun 11/29 (off work) – 10a walk <BR> <BR> Mon 11/30 (off work) -... Sun, 22 Nov 2009 09:54:24 EST what have i done to "gear up" for the holidays? nothing. <BR> <BR> i am so lame. all of my posts are the same (i think i even said that in my last post). i complain and i don't do anything. i used to be on a team at ediets where we would just say "just do it" or whatever - and i have a card up in my office saying "do it anyways" but i still don't. i just don't want to. <BR> <BR> i have a list of reasons i want to lose weight that i have been trying to read everyday which helps a little, but not enough. i feel like i don't really wan... Thu, 19 Nov 2009 14:10:00 EST gearing up for the holidays i feel like my posts are same old, same old. i need to get in some more exercise. i was sore tuesday after playing 2 softball games, but that isn't enough! my current steps goal is 8k a day. amazing - some days i make it and others i barely break 6k. i'm trying to keep it at the front of my mind and take more frequent breaks and do a lap at work. but it is hard when i'm trying to get my notes done, or i have to meet with a client - i feel like giving up that 2 minutes isn't possible - b... Fri, 6 Nov 2009 10:35:58 EST my eating :-) well, i am happy to announce my food has been much much better. not perfect, but so much better it is ridiculous. those 4 pounds of crap came right off, and now i'm back at my stable weight when i'm not really doing anything. <BR> <BR> now i just need to increase my exercise, b/c these last few days i haven't even gotten my steps in :-( my fitbit is really helping me be aware of that though which is great Fri, 30 Oct 2009 20:46:29 EST Took a few days off to be sick So, I posted thurs all this stuff & then I go to bed thurs night. Friday morning - early like 2am - I wake up vomiting (yuck, sorry!) and around 11a was the first time I felt slightly ok. It was bad, I haven't been that sick since our failed overnight walk. I couldn't sleep b/c things hurt so much & then I was crying from pain & frustration plus being sleep deprived. So yesterday was a bust-I never made it out of bed. And today I haven't hit 1k steps yet, buy at least I am keeping food down! ... Sat, 24 Oct 2009 22:26:52 EST here we go...a year later I'm going to try and blog again - I think it was helpful for me. <BR> <BR> I was just looking at my last blog post from over a year ago, and then looked at my weight loss in general --- not looking good <BR> <BR> Past Progress <BR> 10/22/06 - 262 (started sparkpeople) <BR> 5/28/07 - 269 (then i lost my job - my high weight) <BR> 11/25/07 - 245 <BR> 8/18/08 - 216.2 <BR> 12/10/08 - 205 (my low) <BR> <BR> Curren... Thu, 22 Oct 2009 13:52:17 EST past progress & future goals (updated) Past Progress <BR> <BR> 10/22/06 - 262 (started sparkpeople) <BR> 1/30/07 - 252 <BR> 5/28/07 - 269 (then i lost my job - my high weight) <BR> 9/4/07 - 252 <BR> 11/25/07 - 245 <BR> 5/6/08 - 244 (6 months of no progress) <BR> 6/3/08 - 238 (6 lbs in 1 month) <BR> 7/1/08 - 231 (7 lbs in 1 month) <BR> 8/1/08 - 221 (10 lbs in 1 month, 23 in 3 months) <BR> <BR> Future Goals (updated 8/18/08) - 216.2 <BR> <BR> my goal was originally 225 by 8/25/08 for minnesota but i reached that way ea... Mon, 18 Aug 2008 11:25:59 EST going vegan i'm trying to eat vegan as often as possible. i'm not saying that i am becoming a vegan right now, but i'm trying to limit animal products as much as possible. <BR> <BR> - 8/17: vegan l & d (had a pancake at a restaurant for breakfast) <BR> - 8/16: vegan b & l (had 3 bites of cake at a party) <BR> - 8/15: vegan b & l (had 2 shrimp at dinner) <BR> - 8/14: vegan day <BR> - 8/13: vegan lunch & dinner (had a muffin at b that probably wasn't vegan) <BR> - 8/12: vegan day <BR> - 8/11: vegan d... Fri, 15 Aug 2008 14:41:01 EST past progress & future goals Past Progress <BR> <BR> 10/22/06 - 262 (started sparkpeople) <BR> 1/30/07 - 252 <BR> 5/28/07 - 269 (then i lost my job - my high weight) <BR> 9/4/07 - 252 <BR> 11/25/07 - 245 <BR> 5/6/08 - 244 (6 months of no progress) <BR> 6/20/08 - 233 (on my way again) <BR> <BR> Future Goals (updated 6/20/08) <BR> <BR> 225 by 8/25/08 for minnesota (8 pounds in 65 days, 0.8 lbs/week) <BR> 210 by 1/25/09 for cruise (23 pounds in 218 days, 0.7 lbs/week) <BR> 195 by 7/1/09 for july 4th party (38 pounds in 3... Sat, 21 Jun 2008 18:58:15 EST exercise this week okay i haven't worn my pedometer in days - i don't know where it is!!! but last week i played waterpolo thurs, took 2-1 hour walks on friday, took the kids i was babysitting to the zoo and played/ran around with them for 2 hours saturday, and played 1.5 hours of ultimate frisbee sunday. but i wish i had my pedometer on so i could see all the steps!! <BR> <BR> plan this week <BR> <BR> Mon - weights & then swim (2p, after work) <BR> Tues - off <BR> Wed - weights & cardio (830p, after work) ... Mon, 21 Apr 2008 12:18:10 EST exercise last night i packed up my stuff and drove to the gym last night. the whole way there i was psyching myself up to swim and was trying to get excited and tell myself how proud i would be after i did it and i could add minutes to my sparkpage and it would give me energy etc. i got there and never went inside, i just drove home. i dont know what happened. why do i sabotogue myself? do i want to see myself fail? i was trying to think positively and do the positive self talk. i feel so pathetic. <BR> ... Wed, 16 Apr 2008 17:47:54 EST steps this is day 3 of wearing my pedometer and wow are my steps way lower than i thought. when i used to wear it regularly 2-3 years ago (at my previous job) i would get 8000-12000 steps in without a workout in. yesterday i was lucky i hit 2000 steps! is it possible it is that low? the first day was barely 4000 and i had a 30 minute workout in. i doubt the pedometer is broken. but wow - i didnt realize my step count was so low. ive been trying to walk around more to get things rather than e... Wed, 16 Apr 2008 17:44:24 EST good start today i was 15 minutes late to work cause i was packing lunch. peeled & cut carrots, hard boiled egg, cut pineapple, packed pad thai, got a granola bar. so im proud. wearing my pedometer again. have my swimsuit & stuff to swim at 4pm after work. <BR> <BR> wore my pedometer yesterday but cleared it before i looked at the final step count. boo. last time i checked i think it was 3900 or something really low. and that was after a 30 minute cardio workout. oh well. food choices were pr... Tue, 15 Apr 2008 12:59:21 EST schedule this week trying to figure out my exercise schedule this week. rach is finally on her thyroid meds so the doctor says she will start having more energy & motivation. i know its sad - i should be able to do this without her - but i dont think i can. <BR> <BR> Monday - Cardio & Weights 230pm <BR> Tuesday - Swim 4pm <BR> Wednesday - Cardio & Weights 830pm <BR> Thursday - Waterpolo 830pm <BR> Friday - walk around downtown after training before babysitting 12p-4p <BR> Saturday - taking babysitting kids t... Mon, 14 Apr 2008 11:58:55 EST the same old excuses nothing has changed. i look back on where i started on ediets 6 or so years ago. i actually weighed less then. what the hell have i been doing? i make progress and slide backwards. i had thought i had gotten to that place where i was just going to change and that would be it. but the last few months all that old laziness and not caring has come back. i know it is just a cop out and an excuse but in the moment i really don't care. i can identify that bingeing is a coping strategy for m... Thu, 10 Apr 2008 23:46:25 EST hungry its 4p i am starving. i ate a 100 cal pack while in the car but still hungry. came home, had a hard boiled egg. still hungry! drank some water and had 1 fruit snack (70 cal). i need to let the hunger subside. drink more water and wait it out... Mon, 3 Mar 2008 17:15:55 EST weekend recap & plans for the week so i was a lot more aware this weekend about my eating habits. i didn't record my food saturday but i did sunday and stayed under 2000 calories even after going out for breakfast. still need to make better choices but i am proud of myself for being mindful one of the 2 weekend days. next weekend i will record food on both days - otherwise i just ignore it and eat what i want and im pretty sure ruin my progress from the week. <BR> <BR> haven't weighed in for a few days so don't know where ... Mon, 3 Mar 2008 00:23:19 EST weekend recap i really have to be more aware of what i am eating on the weekends. i couldnt even update my food journal this weekend cause i didnt know how much i had eaten at ravis. its not that i have to be hella healthy but i at least need to be aware of how much and what i am eating!! <BR> <BR> plan for today is to go swimming after work. going out to dinner for ravis bday (indian!) tonight which is yummy. i will be good. brought all my breakfast/lunch/snacks that mommy made me today which reall... Mon, 25 Feb 2008 12:09:48 EST the morning after i weighed in at 247 this morning. wtf! i was 241.8 the beginning of the week! it must be a fluke. it will be back down tomorrow...right? <BR> <BR> went to ravi's party last night. drank, ate lots of pizza, a couple pieces of cookie pie. definitely too many calories and i wouldn't even know how to estimate it to add it to my log. i have been so "eh" about my food consumption. why? <BR> <BR> mom came and made me stuff for the week so i have all my breakfast/snacks which is great. wil... Sun, 24 Feb 2008 10:28:40 EST waterpolo tonight! waterpolo tonight and im so excited! i really enjoyed last week even though i sucked and i have fun exercising with rach & carolyn. marcia is even considering it which would be awesome! <BR> <BR> yesterday was okay. i didn't get time to exercise but i counted my walks to/from the united center since they were 10 minutes and very brisk. ill make up for it tonight. i took my vitamin and made okay food choices. stayed under 1800 calories and did a little better on fiber. <BR> <BR> weighe... Thu, 21 Feb 2008 12:38:44 EST morning choices well yesterday was just a disgusting amount of food. what is wrong with me? i added it all though. the nighttime cheetos and frosted flakes. blah. i even felt yucky when i went to sleep cause i was too full and i hate that feeling. but i am focusing on my good choices so that i keep it up and start making better choices. <BR> <BR> WIDRY (what i did right yesterday) <BR> - entered all my food <BR> - took my multivitamin <BR> - went to the gym <BR> <BR> <BR> so this morning i got up an... Wed, 20 Feb 2008 11:18:36 EST recommitting okay i entered all my food today even though i ate way way way too many calories. but i logged it which is most important. i need to get back into the habit of that before i worry too much about what i am eating (though i should still be aware). went to the gym after work today and swam straight for 30 minutes (front crawl) and then did 15 minutes of kicking and head up waterpolo swimming. it was a good workout. waterpolo is thursday again. it was awesome last week and i really loved it... Tue, 19 Feb 2008 20:10:38 EST i did it! finally went back to the gym! first time in awhile. but i know that was the hardest part. now i just have to do it! <BR> <BR> went and swam since my waterpolo class starts in just over a week. need to get my swimming endurance up. im worried its gonna be really hard. but fun! doing it with a couple friends so thats good. <BR> <BR> will also go swim after work thurs 4pm and fri 4pm. Wed, 6 Feb 2008 10:57:40 EST psyching myself up im really nervous about waterpolo. im psyching myself up to go swimming on friday after work at 4pm. ill pack everything tonight to bring with me. Thu, 31 Jan 2008 11:06:31 EST why? why am i having such a difficult time logging my food journal each day? i know its really helpful and effective. im actually doing okay with what i am eating. had a week a few back that i binged a bit and ate like crap for days in a row. but ive been much better. <BR> <BR> signed up for a waterpolo class with a few friends. starts feb 14 and i am really nervous. i dont want to be the fat slow girl that cant keep up. i know im fat and i cant help that right now but im scared i wont eve... Wed, 30 Jan 2008 11:27:37 EST saturday so i havent gotten anywhere with the exercise. but i have logged my food every day since i logged back in and thats a start. ive been watching my food choices and even though they arent perfect, im staying under calories. i really need to focus on fruits/veggies and fiber. and getting to the gym. one day at a time... Sat, 5 Jan 2008 10:15:36 EST this isn't a new years resolution!! i swear ive been doing it for years :-) hehe. just trying to be more consistent (again) <BR> <BR> i grabbed a few things to eat at work today before i left even though i didn't make my lunch the day before. an apple, banana, broccoli lean pocket. needed protein with my banana for breakfast so stopped at 7-11 for a hard boiled egg. im proud of myself for doing that! and i ate by 930am which is unusual for me. i know i should cause its healthy. <BR> <BR> im actually kinda proud of myse... Wed, 2 Jan 2008 10:43:20 EST fake weight loss? i weighed in a pound less than last week but i dont think it counts cause i barely ate anything yesterday. i was so busy and i forgot to bring food to work. i had a salad that i made at home when i stopped to pickup dinner and my stuff for class but forgot it when i went to class and i didnt get home until after 10p and was exhausted and fell asleep on the couch. <BR> <BR> i did well at the gym sunday but missed exercise on mon and tues. have plans to go tonight with a friend but this is th... Wed, 11 Jul 2007 10:33:39 EST weight loss i have finally lost the 9 pounds i gained after i lost my job in april. i feel good about that. its still frustrating to be at such a high weight but im proud of myself and know i can continue to do well if i just do my best every day. <BR> <BR> weekends are difficult. my eating is erratic and andrew is around. i should use it as time to be more active and i usually end up being less active. i did take a walk sunday which i feel good about but man was it hot! at least my shoes are work... Mon, 18 Jun 2007 18:38:08 EST exercise i got new shoes that help me so my ankle doesnt hurt when i walk. i have a membership at the gym where i can swim or use the treadmill or do an aqua or yoga class. i have a new bike at home which is great and some wonderful areas around here to ride around. i have a bosu ball (that i need to blow up) that will help me improve my strength. <BR> <BR> now...doing it! hah. Fri, 8 Jun 2007 18:36:41 EST late exercise i had planned to go at 3p today but was hungry and really didnt want to. so i decided i would wait and go when andrew went to hockey at 9p. and thats what i did. 35 minutes of swimming. cant wait to get my new suits. i should alternate days of swimming with walking/biking to increase my strength. go me! Fri, 4 May 2007 00:54:04 EST (no title) yesterday was my *day* that i didnt exercise. *rule* is that i can only take one day off of exercising at a time. even if i take off every other day it is still 3-4 times per week. and im aiming for more. so today i have to exercise. will leave at 3 to head to the gym. <BR> <BR> made a bad choice and grabbed a mcd biscuit on the way to a meeting this morning. wow they are high in calories. will have to do salad for lunch. Thu, 3 May 2007 13:16:19 EST exercise entry i didn't get to do the studio shoot today. i was bummed and went to the store and got food and binged while watching tv. i felt so awful and tired and sick and lethargic. i fell asleep. why do i do this? <BR> <BR> i drank some water and woke up and decided to go to the gym. wanted to swim but dont have a suit i can wear - should come in the mail tomorrow or thursday. <BR> <BR> went and used the bike. should have done 2-5 minute tries on the treadmill to strengthen my ankle but i only ... Tue, 1 May 2007 21:31:41 EST go bears!!! going to watch the bears in the superbowl tonight. reserved a table at a sports bar and it is all you can eat all you can drink. i am limiting myself to 3 drinks and having water in between. (we will be there from 4p-mid). with the food - i have no idea what they are serving. i just have to remember moderation. Sun, 4 Feb 2007 12:22:12 EST next week's plan M <BR> T - cardio and weights at harper (430p) <BR> W - <BR> R - <BR> F - cardio and weights at harper (330p) <BR> S - <BR> S - Sat, 3 Feb 2007 17:40:31 EST erratic schedule my sleep and eating have been so erratic. everything seems really hard. sometimes i forget to eat othertimes i have a large dinner. i sleep 2 hours some nights. 4 others. one day last week i slept 15. this is not helping me be healthy and lose weight! Sat, 3 Feb 2007 17:39:16 EST my weekend haven't felt great this weekend. basically laid around all day saturday is a half daze. so fatigued. today went to a bears game party (in the superbowl - wooo!) and ate a little bit of everything. some healthy, some not, but i recorded it all and it was about 800 calories. considering that counts as my breakfast and lunch and it is now 730p and that is all i have had it feels okay. <BR> <BR> my plan for the week is to meet my mom for cardio and weights on tues and thurs and then swim on... Sun, 21 Jan 2007 20:36:53 EST friday i wasnt feeling well yesterday but had promised to get some exericse in regardless. did 5 mins on the treadmill and 10 mins on the weight machines. but i was exhausted and didnt do more than that. but at least i am keeping my self in the mode of exercising regularly...right? Sat, 20 Jan 2007 17:22:48 EST vitamin i took my multi today! i have a container at work now so i should be able to take one daily with lunch -- no problem. right? Fri, 19 Jan 2007 12:49:25 EST consistency i need to do some basic things consistently. take my vitamin would be a good start. <BR> <BR> i am drinking my waters which is good. <BR> <BR> i was planning on meeting mom at the gym today at 430pm. i havent been feeling great this week and decided not to go. rested instead. i still feel kinda crappy but will go tomorrow even if it is just 20 minutes easy on the treadmill. Fri, 19 Jan 2007 00:00:00 EST starting my blog i've joined the community member team and need to start blogging! <BR> <BR> i've got some good plans laid but get lazy in executing when my schedule gets messed up. like today i wanted to swim at 7pm but the place was closed for the holiday. my plan for the rest of the week: <BR> <BR> tues - treadmill and weight machines at 4pm <BR> wed - swim at 7pm <BR> thurs - treadmill and weight machines at 4pm <BR> sat - weight machines and swim at 11am Mon, 15 Jan 2007 22:34:24 EST