LIZARDREAMING's SparkPeople Blog LIZARDREAMING's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community day two with care, but still enjoying all I ate - just in measured quantities, down to 1850 calories for the day (1600 is my goal for daily calorie consumption) and TWELVE glasses of water. A huge increase. <BR> <BR> Woke up hungry, and am actually grumbling right now. BUT we have company who will likely want to go out to eat. Unlikely they will be ready to do so for another hour or so. We may just eat anyway and go to work and let them fend. <BR> <BR> Today began daily weigh ins again. <BR> <... Mon, 23 Jan 2017 08:40:46 EST after the first day yesterday set up my manual food diary. <BR> <BR> You know how when you are overeating, even though the weight is piling back on, you think, oh, I'm not eating THAT much! <BR> <BR> Oh yes I was! <BR> <BR> Yesterday just ate meals, kept the snacking (and my favorite thing to snack on while I cook is butter on chips) to a minimum. It was a BIG breakfast, but in general, just kept it to everyday meals less snacks. and it was still almost 2500 calories for the day! What must I have been ea... Sun, 22 Jan 2017 08:56:38 EST still struggling So in 5 weeks I have to be at an event in CA. This is business and its a busy two days with two different shows for presenting our product as well as running around LA to visit shops. <BR> <BR> Earlier last year had lost enough weight to go down a size in jeans AND HAD GOTTEN RID OF MY FAT JEANS. Now I have nothing to wear! <BR> <BR> Yet, I can't pull myself together to even cut back on my food. <BR> <BR> Time for a serious reality check!! <BR> <BR> First - the on line diary isn't worki... Sat, 21 Jan 2017 08:58:07 EST thanks Thanks to all those who have replied to my blogs with words of encouragement. <BR> <BR> I don't get out there often myself, but your comments are always welcome and appreciated!! <BR> <BR> <em>252</em> Sat, 21 Jan 2017 08:45:49 EST oh my this is going to be harder than I thought. Cannot seem to put it together to check in with SP each day, much less record my eating. at least I'm exercising again!! <BR> <BR> Have finally figured out something of a meal plan . . . I don't do cookbooks, or recipes, because there is so little overlap between His tastes and mine, plus what he doesn't want to eat and what I can't eat, and as we eat fresh, its all pretty seasonal. <BR> <BR> BUT <BR> <BR> I realized I can go through things like... Thu, 5 Jan 2017 11:10:41 EST sigh How quickly 12 lbs can be gained, and how long it takes to lose it again!! <BR> <BR> My own fault. Every day said I'd put the breaks on today, and every day I'd stuff my face. <BR> <BR> Then it was, its the holidays, do it, get it over with, and then back at it. <BR> <BR> bottom line is, I can't take any wiggle room, cause I wiggle it into being out of shape and sloppy fat again. <BR> <BR> Actually, I don't wiggle at all. <BR> <BR> I can take the weight a bit better if there's muscl... Mon, 2 Jan 2017 08:45:13 EST who do I blame this time Have just not been in tune with all this aspect of self-care. The past few days I've had the early AM dog walk and have been pushing some distance (not that anyone knows, but that's another part of the story), and realizing how quickly I've gotten out of shape. <BR> <BR> Eating out of control <BR> <BR> Lack of exercise in all directions. Had even updated my yoga DVD's to bring myself up and have let that lapse too. and sleeping badly because of a lack of exercise, etc. <BR> <BR> my Fit... Mon, 28 Nov 2016 21:40:20 EST yoga kicked my butt Doctor's visit yesterday yielded some supplements to deal with inflammation, an order to get my hands x-rayed, and then an appointment with a rheumatoidal specialist. Though the test showed negative for rheumatoidal arthritis, the fact that the first signs were so young, she decided let an expert see what's going on. Pin point the why, then we can know the how. <BR> <BR> When I went back to SP with new determination (where did that go?), was really pushing cardio and weights. Got caught u... Thu, 3 Nov 2016 10:45:26 EST going down for the third time It seems the harder I try, the farther from my path I go. Its not just about the eating. The exercise, which I looked forward to, is hard to get to. My Fitbit seems to need charging every other day and then I forget to put it back on for days - understand I've had this for like a year! Suddenly, I'm charging it often and forgetting it! <BR> <BR> So, I'm going to stop struggling and go with the flow. <BR> <BR> NOT eat like there is no tomorrow, but deal with other issues that are probabl... Tue, 1 Nov 2016 17:20:19 EST struggling Cannot figure out why its all a struggle and I can't get back into the groove <BR> <BR> Feel like a scratched record, skipping all over the place! Sun, 23 Oct 2016 09:46:43 EST friday sooo tired, not a good sleeping night with a pushy dog, a restless man, and a nosebleed in the middle of the night. <BR> <BR> And its not like this will be a restful weekend. <BR> <BR> But that's how it goes <BR> <BR> you just got to keep on keeping on Fri, 21 Oct 2016 18:01:52 EST thank you Thanks to all who leave little notes, reminders, encouragement. <BR> <BR> Am not a joiner, do not follow blogs, do not return the favor. Have tried, but it is just not who I am, for better or worse. I think the good thought, but just don't follow through <BR> <BR> But I do appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time to brighten someone else's day <BR> <em>304</em> Thu, 20 Oct 2016 10:33:14 EST day two How often I found myself reaching for, looking for, searching for <BR> <BR> SOMETHING <BR> <BR> but not because I was hungry, but because I'd gotten used to, once again, just stuffing crap into my mouth! <BR> <BR> Day one down, Day two to go. <BR> <BR> An understanding of the term One Day at a Time Wed, 19 Oct 2016 11:59:54 EST oh boy Almost a month since last on SP. Let one little disappointment get me down. Then a second small one came along and I just rode that wave!! <BR> <BR> Doctor's visit yesterday. Had wanted to be down to 200 before walking through that door, did I blow that or what! But, they were all impressed that I was down over 10 lbs since they last saw me anyway. <BR> <BR> Anyway, its nearly the end of October and I want to be in deep with good habits before T-day and the holidays roll around. Tue, 18 Oct 2016 12:47:38 EST dog walk Caught the morning dog walk today. WHEW! fitbit says 2.5 miles based on steps, but know from years of doing this walk with a GPS, its more like 1.5. Still, it was ups and downs. <BR> <BR> Came home TIRED! <BR> <BR> Need to do this morning often! Sun, 25 Sep 2016 11:59:49 EST still trying still trying. the mantra for the day <BR> <BR> better than giving up <BR> <BR> Fri, 23 Sep 2016 23:56:13 EST still struggling Am trying. <BR> <BR> Then I go to record my food and I'm OFF THE CHART! <BR> <BR> What is going on!! Thu, 22 Sep 2016 21:58:32 EST awareness have found that everytime I go down a size in clothes, get caught up in the feeling of thinness - like I've reached my goal! From certain view points is all WOW. and within that it is easy to lose track of the work that is yet to be done. <BR> <BR> Nothing wrong with celebrating, but can't let it go on too long or go to your head! <BR> <BR> So that's a bit of where I am. despite a slip this last week, when I put on the size 18 jeans and look down at them being loose in the leg (ignoring ... Wed, 21 Sep 2016 19:25:54 EST why? Why is it so easy to fall off the track and so damn hard to get back on it?! Tue, 20 Sep 2016 12:09:21 EST I'm back Let myself get bummed out and off course for nearly a week. <BR> <BR> Stupid little S**T. Was SOOOOO looking forward to showing off my weight loss at a gathering of friends next month and then our sitter (house/dog) cancelled and too late to get someone else. <BR> <BR> So no go. <BR> <BR> Stupid to give up a goal that I was SOOOO close to, because I wouldn't be able to show my new body off - although that wasn't all of it. We were going to be going for a weekend up in Monument Valley, Ut... Mon, 19 Sep 2016 12:37:50 EST tuesday that's what it is - Tuesday! <BR> <BR> bumpy start to the week, gotta get it in gear if I'm going to meet my monthly goal!! Tue, 13 Sep 2016 10:15:18 EST rest yesterday was a rest day, and still ended up with close to 10,000 steps! But no specific cardio other than what the dog gave me, and watched my eating extra careful. <BR> <BR> Back to the kettle ball this morning! <BR> <BR> <em>344</em> Mon, 12 Sep 2016 12:06:42 EST drink water Spark people is still working on the minimum of 8 glasses of water a day = 64oz. try adding 2 more they say. <BR> <BR> But it seems, and my own experience is adding to this, along with anecdotal evidence from others, that we should be drinking MORE water. <BR> <BR> some are saying 1/2 your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 200 lbs, you should drink 100oz of water a day. 300 lbs = 150 oz of water. <BR> <BR> Water, of course, does not have to be plain - you can lemon, stevia (or oth... Sun, 11 Sep 2016 10:26:51 EST argument for daily weigh ins! The Beck Diet, which I did dip into, advocates daily weigh ins, to make the scale a number, not a be all to end all in figuring out your progress. And she is right. Though am not following her instructions per se, am staying with the daily weigh ins. <BR> <BR> and combining that with my logging food, exercise, and water, am learning a lot about ME. <BR> <BR> Have learned that regardless of how active I am, how many calories I burn in a day, have to keep my calories IN equal or less tha... Sat, 10 Sep 2016 12:42:19 EST more steps The stand up desk has definitely increased the number of "steps" I take, putting the stepper at the desk has increased the effectiveness of those steps. <BR> <BR> BUT <BR> <BR> the stepper puts me taller and I was already at the max height of the desk, so have had to put the monitor up another few inches and am REACHING to use the key board. <BR> <BR> can probably find a way to elevate the keyboard if necessary. <BR> <BR> gotta keep stepping to keep sparking! Fri, 9 Sep 2016 12:18:11 EST more on sausage As the question has been raised, how to season sausages . . there are a number of commercial seasonings available, and will honestly say that's what I use. BUT they do have ingredients that many don't want to use. <BR> <BR> If you do a web search, you will easily find a number of different recipes for making sausages of all types. Like sweet Italian sausage using sage and fennel, some use a touch of sugar, some don't. Experiment with small batches until you get the tastes you want. <BR>... Thu, 8 Sep 2016 11:21:24 EST sausage I do like my sausage and don't really want to give it up. Even chicken and turkey sausage is fatty. <BR> <BR> With Pork loin on super sale this week ($1.77/lb) bought one for making some sausages. First trimmed the loin, taking off the fat and getting rid of a lot of the stringy attachment fibers. Then cut it into strips for the grinder. having already cut off two chops for lunch, ended up with 2 lbs of ground pork. <BR> <BR> Split this into two lots, one became bratwurst, the other b... Wed, 7 Sep 2016 19:18:41 EST Wednesday Scale says back on track <BR> <BR> Tummy says FEED ME! <BR> <BR> That's what happens when you go back to eating too much, you gotta get used to eating less all over again. <BR> <BR> Best fill in? A package of instant hot chocolate (real sugar) in 3+ cup of water. Lots of water, not really a lot of calories. The sugar is diluted enough that there is no real insulin rush, and you can make that last for a couple of hours, so no sugar HIGH and then CRASH! And it feels and tastes SINFUL!! ... Wed, 7 Sep 2016 17:04:21 EST water!!!!!!!!! slacked off yesterday on my water drinking and not just the scales show it! Slept poorly too. <BR> <BR> Back to my mason jar today!! <BR> <em>91</em> Tue, 6 Sep 2016 12:19:47 EST miss weight workouts A couple of days ago, the dog saw something she REALLY REALLY wanted, and pulled hard on the leash. Hard enough to do more than sprain my hand! Pinky swollen and black and blue, other fingers just swollen and stiff. Can't grab the kettle balls or grip dumbells. Even working with resistance bands is hard. Sticking to cardio, but every day not working the muscles is a day setting me back on my wellness level! <BR> <BR> <em>24</em> Mon, 5 Sep 2016 11:49:56 EST Sunday crazy weekend. Keeping to the program, I hope. Shopping day, and am going to be experimenting with some new tastes and ideas this week - as well as some of the same old, same old. <BR> <BR> Brisket was on sale, as was Pork Loin roast. The Brisket will be cut into two roasts, while the Pork will be cut up into chops and used to make sausage. Yes, I make my own LOW FAT sausage. VERY low fat, lots of flavor. <BR> <BR> Still trying to find my balance Sun, 4 Sep 2016 16:53:04 EST they're right! am sure you've seen the reports that diet trumps exercise in losing weight, and I'll say THEY'RE RIGHT! This week have been keeping up my exercise, but been sloppy in my eating. Oh, its all journaled and reported, so I know I'm eating between 300 - 500 calories a day over my 1600 (which is a maintenance level). My exercise is working to build muscles and tighten and tone. But the scale numbers are going UP UP UP! It doesn't matter that my total calorie useage is larger than my intake. T... Sat, 3 Sep 2016 11:50:29 EST another another week over, and another weekend begins. <BR> <BR> Fall is definitely in the air, but here in AZ, we still have plenty of warm weather coming. BIG storm last night, that is often the clearing out of one weather pattern for another. The last hurrah of the monsoon season maybe, with drier sunny weather ahead. <BR> <BR> Busy enough this year that got no seedlings planted, so bought lettuce, chard, broccoli and strawberries yesterday. Will get them all planted this weekend. And then... Fri, 2 Sep 2016 10:38:38 EST weights and measures day weight numbers did not reach goal BUT were 5.5 lbs down from 8/1 so that's no small accomplishment <BR> <BR> For any men reading this ; women have two waists. One is a naturally slim spot on the body just under the breasts which fashion refers to as Empire. Even the heaviest woman has this narrower spot from which all else flows. Then we have that secondary, though slightly larger in measurement, spot about an inch above the belly button. <BR> <BR> And when I measure, take two different ... Thu, 1 Sep 2016 10:55:21 EST all kinds of updates! Installed the Varidesk over the weekend, and yesterday was the first day using it. Can immediately say it adds more steps to my day! makes it easier to step away from the desk and the work for a moment, where the inertia of sitting kept me here. <BR> <BR> This morning moved my little stepper to the desk, so I can stand with one foot higher than the other, but also, when the feeling moves me - or the music does - I can do some stepping! <BR> <BR> Weight was up this morning despite good rati... Wed, 31 Aug 2016 10:50:42 EST zumba! after a somewhat lazy weekend, both with exercise and food, got up this morning and Zumbad for about 53 minutes. <BR> <BR> WHEW! <BR> <em>354</em> <BR> <BR> got my heart rate up to 122 (my target max, for my age, is 111), and I did break a sweat!! <BR> <BR> Now, just gotta keep up the pace and tighten up the eating program a little, and I should be on goal for this week!! <BR> Tue, 30 Aug 2016 10:38:35 EST pizza we haven't had commercial pizza in more than 8 months. . . . . so we treated ourselves tonight. Blotted off the oil, and I can't eat the crust - which saves BEAUCOUP calories! <BR> <em>480</em> Sun, 28 Aug 2016 20:39:17 EST what to write! supposed to post every day, and get it, I really do. Its part of having you face your reality. <BR> <BR> BUT <BR> <BR> not much to say! Trying to clear my desk so I can put up my adjustable height desk, and that's lead to getting caught up on paperwork, and all that other boring stuff <BR> <BR> So will post a shot of the sweater I FINALLY finished knitting. Seemed to have taken months - and it did - cause there were WEEKS when I did no knitting at all. Its not quite how I envisioned ... Sun, 28 Aug 2016 11:47:04 EST yawn Saturday <BR> <BR> Crazy week <BR> <BR> raining and cool <BR> <BR> Nap might be the high point of the day <BR> <em>102</em> <BR> Sat, 27 Aug 2016 12:27:49 EST another woo hoo day A few years ago struggled to do jumping jacks. <BR> <BR> Then life happened <BR> <BR> This morning, after a couple of hours of life happening, said, Hey, lets try. 10jumping jacks without even breathing hard!! <BR> <BR> That is definitely <BR> <em>244</em> <BR> able Fri, 26 Aug 2016 10:35:23 EST more More water! Yesterday did not do as well with water consumption (only 8 x 8 glasses) and my weight was up this morning. Seem to need that 9-10 glasses a day minimum to keep the weight levels consistent. So right now, its an apple cider vinegar cocktail: 2oz of ACV, 2oz of apple juice and a couple of drops of vanilla stevia in my quart mason jar of water (3-1/2C worth). That's my morning drink - after 2 cups of water before and during exercise. There will be another mason jar of water bet... Thu, 25 Aug 2016 11:23:48 EST skinny tall jeans Back when I was hoping to get into a size 18 by the time I went on vacation (2 months ago and didn't happen) bought a pair of size 18 Skinny Tall jeans. They were a large 18 and nearly fit; that being I could get them on, but not do them up. <BR> <BR> So this morning put them on and while still feeling a little snug on the thigh as I put them on, they were nearly as loose as the size 20 jeans I was wearing yesterday. <BR> <BR> which allows me to say I'm in an 18!! <BR> <em>244</em> <B... Wed, 24 Aug 2016 11:01:43 EST slip sliding back Over the weekend snacks appeared back on the counters instead of staying hidden in the cabinets. Hands just reached out on their own accord and began snagging forbidden foods and putting them into my mouth. <BR> <BR> As I was checking into SP and my food log in had the big <BR> <BR> DUH <BR> <BR> moment. <BR> <BR> Put them all back in the cabinet!! <BR> <em>198</em> Tue, 23 Aug 2016 12:04:13 EST UNFAIR! 2 months ago, my husband and I returned from our first ever vacation (31 years!). <BR> <BR> His 42 jeans were sliding - literally - off his body. My size 20W jeans were snug. <BR> <BR> Fast forward two months . . . I'm working out pretty much every day, dog walking, eating well, little to no snacking. He's walking the dog once a day and still eats on average 3 large bags of salty, fatty chips every week. I've lost 10 lbs, he's not weighing himself. <BR> <BR> Yesterday we went out and he ... Mon, 22 Aug 2016 09:24:07 EST finding time Will admit to getting sucked into the computer-sitting at my desk playing free cell. Don't get my work done, then I'm staying late to catch up. So this week am going to clear up my backlog, and next week I go to a standing desk, and hopefully that will give me incentive to not stand and play games, as well as make it easier for me to move away from the desk more often Sun, 21 Aug 2016 11:41:32 EST weekend madness finally getting some cooler weather, a couple of nights sleeping with the windows open instead of having to have the AC on. Evening dog walk, I can sort of jog to keep up with her and she's not getting overheated either. Of course, listening to the fat of my thighs slap together isn't actually music to my ears! But it does tell me I'm moving, and when I DON'T hear it anymore, I'll have reached new levels! <BR> <BR> So that's a goal, to not have fat slapping noises while jogging with th... Sat, 20 Aug 2016 10:47:36 EST another one bites the dust One week, one more pound. <BR> <BR> And another one, and another one . . . <BR> <BR> Yesterday, even though I felt I'd eaten well, again didn't go over 1200 calories! <BR> <BR> Have to be careful though, this is dangerous territory <BR> <BR> Then again, it pushed me over to that one pound lost!! <BR> <BR> Have discovered that I can take a package of regular hot chocolate mix (120 calories), put it in my quart mason jar, add 3 x 8oz of water, shake well, and that's my rich chocolatey dese... Fri, 19 Aug 2016 10:46:19 EST making changes and taking advantage Last night was out on Amazon getting some stuff I can't get locally, and let my fingers do the walking over to exercise equipment. Bought a heavy bag (actually, its a real light bag cause you are the one to fill it and make it heavy) and a Kettleball set. Have an 8lber, this is a set of 5/10 and 15 lb kettle balls. Pushing my limits, and expanding my kick boxing workouts too. <BR> <BR> Figure to add in some evening wind down yoga too, end of day stretches. <BR> <BR> Phone rang at 4am thi... Thu, 18 Aug 2016 12:15:57 EST inspiration While I'm actively getting rid of the fat clothes, have started pulling out the "for when I lose weight" clothes and hung them in the closet. Its not all I have to wear, but having them there, in front of me, reminds me immediately, what I'm doing. <BR> <BR> And since my closet is pretty much a walk in, and that's where my stepper is, am in there several times a day to see them, as I work with the stepper to go farther, faster! <BR> <em>206</em> Wed, 17 Aug 2016 11:23:10 EST Tuesday Tuesday Oh did I go over my calories yesterday! and kept my exercise down to a minimum. <BR> <BR> And guess what?! No big jump on the scale today for it!! Of course not. Know one day does not make or break a diet plan. <BR> <BR> But my legs feel better for having taken the time. <BR> <BR> One thing I'm not doing enough of is stretching after my work outs. particularly the front thigh muscles, which is why they were hurting so. <BR> <BR> Have to remember to give my body that break too <BR> Tue, 16 Aug 2016 11:29:25 EST