LITTLE1DER's SparkPeople Blog LITTLE1DER's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community IT'S A BOY! <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Karim Earl <BR> Born: 7/26/2013 10:10pm <BR> 7lbs 12oz, 21.5" long <BR> <BR> I went in at 7pm 7/25 for cervical ripening and induction everything went very well I progressed very steadily, however at 6:30 am I had my epidural placed at 4cm at 2:30 pm I was 9.5cm and all signs pointed to a evening birth however my epidural started to fail so they gave me a bump, and it lasted for 1.5hrs then baby landed on my scia... Tue, 30 Jul 2013 23:42:21 EST 37Weeks 4Days The full term waiting game has settled in. Not knowing when your entire world will be tipped on its side is exciting and crazy. <BR> I have been keeping productive: <BR> Cooked and packed meals for the freezer and bought some easy grab and go options too <BR> Hospital bag is 75% packed <BR> My pump arrived Saturday -I will sterilize everything tonight so it's ready to go <BR> I still have a sewing project to finish for the nursery <BR> I was able to spend some QT with my husband this last ... Mon, 1 Jul 2013 10:41:20 EST Part 2:As if a baby isn’t enough to think about… My DH got the Job! <BR> We are Moving to Africa! <BR> He got the call yesterday that they are trying to figure out how to pay him -ledgers and finance talk that I get the gist of but in the end if it is legal for them to pay him from the US if he is working in Ghana. Today he will let them know he is still on board pending the compensation package they put together for him. I am 75% thrilled, 10% nervous, 10% overwhelmed and 5% sad mixed with scared. I think that's fair and honest with the... Fri, 14 Jun 2013 10:40:59 EST Nesting! This nesting thing kicking in to high gear in the 3rd trimester is no joke! I have a million little things to do and no energy to do them, yet no fear they won't get done. <BR> Sunday I had a panic attack because there are no diapers for my baby in the house!!! I'm already a terrible mom right? (I'm not due for 7-8 weeks) I couldn't talk myself down I had to go to the store and get a small pack of newborns and size 1 and some wipes of course. The entire time knowing I was being irrational an... Thu, 30 May 2013 11:55:41 EST As if a baby isn’t enough to think about… I have a good life with many, many, blessings I am thankful for my family, my husband, his family and our friends. My Husband and I work hard and have been through a lot of ups and downs over the past eleven years but our love and faith in each other has never wavered. We have sacrificed through job transitions and educational goals and always managed to keep on top. Last year was huge for us, especially my husband, he finished his Masters, became a US Citizen, we bought a house and we fin... Tue, 28 May 2013 14:09:02 EST Feeling Huge & Slowing Down I am sneaking up on Week 30 for me this marks the final count down, 7-12 weeks of pregnancy left, lots to do and lots of hurry up and wait. My belly is getting bigger everyday it seems yet my weight has stagnated, I still feel good and have decent energy level but I also feel the slow down approach as the belly is slowing me down and "getting in the way" of normal movement like bending over to pick things up. <BR> Now that the weather has broke and our very late spring has begun, there is a... Tue, 7 May 2013 18:00:35 EST Week 27-Feeling Listened to & Happy With Pictures! So today was my ultrasound and consult with a specialist about weather or not I have high blood pressure and any issues with the baby. The ultrasound was awesome I have a perfectly healthy strong baby growing and measuring 6 days a head of the due date. The consult was great too, the doctor actually listened to me about the panic attacks, looked at my at home bp cuff and they checked my BP and I was 124/84 barely above normal. Since the baby shows no signs of me having high blood pressure... Fri, 19 Apr 2013 22:38:41 EST Week 26-Panic Attacks, Frustration and a Sigh of Relief... As I have mentioned before, I have white coat panic at the doctors office, it's frustrating to try to explain to the doctors that you can take your BP every day at home and it's fine but you come in and it high, my doctor believes that because I am over weight I must have high blood pressure period. The tricky thing is getting a correct diagnosis. That being said it has also made my pregnancy check ups a drag, not only am I at the doctors office all the time having panic attacks there is the... Tue, 16 Apr 2013 15:12:45 EST March In The Rearview Mirror March is admittedly my least favorite month. The weather is iffy, the winter seems to drag on and on and my energy is a mess. The good parts tend to be that the sun is warmer and once March is over the earth starts to come alive again, and so do I. <BR> This March has of course been a little different since this is the first March I’ve had a little diversion from the blahs with our little baby B. This March was the month I started feeling B move around, kicking and punching getting to kn... Mon, 1 Apr 2013 17:10:32 EST 22 Weeks and Counting So here I am half way through my 22nd week of this adventure. Baby B is kicking and moving around these days a I am feeling good over all. I feel like I have been very tired the last few weeks, maybe it's overwhelmed maybe it's genuine fatigue, maybe I am just in the March doldrums waiting for spring to, well, spring! I am definitely looking pregnant now but I'm not happy with my gain this month, how it seems to happen is I gain about 3-4lbs in a couple weeks and level off for a couple wee... Tue, 19 Mar 2013 13:50:37 EST 2nd Trimester...week 15-19 game plan I have had a great run so far, very little morning sickness all very manageable, been keeping my weight gain under control, and working on being as active as possible. I've been working hard on keeping my stress in check and monitoring my BP of course now in the 2nd Tri I am enjoying the low BP benefits that keeps my OB happy. <BR> This month my goals are to get everything straight with the insurance, taking a look at my birthing center, picking a clinic and doctor for the little one. I stil... Sun, 27 Jan 2013 22:39:39 EST Back to Being a Loner I don't make friends easily, especially with women, I am slightly introverted, kind of private about stuff, a little raw, and tend to back away when I think someone is too busy. Guys it's a little easier with but as a woman in a committed relationship for the best part of a decade having too many guy friends that aren't his friends can cause issues no matter what the situation. A couple years ago I posted a platonic friend ad on Craigslist and ended up connecting with a awesome woman who li... Fri, 18 Feb 2011 14:30:15 EST Garbage In Garbage Out! For Real! So for the past month I have been pretty loose about my diet and totally gave in to the winter blahhhs. I stopped working out regularly, I was eating more processed food and and less vegetables more starches and way more sugar and sweets. I even slacked on my vitamins and supplements which I never do! I tried to get myself back on track a couple weeks ago, did the 3 day prep recommended by the center for the post holiday get back on track. Did that felt a little better but had a pot luck an... Wed, 26 Jan 2011 11:25:12 EST "You're Getting Too Thin" I know it's out of love, I now sometimes it's thought as a complement. I have lost a lot of weight, I know, I made my initial goal, that's true. When I was 228, I thought 168 was not even attainable in fact I though 175 was a fine goal, The truth is I set a goal with out knowing what I would look like, what my body would be like, etc. <BR> I spent the day with a friend who is my weight loss buddy, she is awesome! She is also convinced that I just need to "tone up" which is true, but she is ... Sun, 9 Jan 2011 17:13:58 EST Lighten Up...It's Christmas! Ok I for one am behind the eightball this year: <BR> 1. I hate shopping <BR> 2. We had 2 blizzards on 2 consecutive Saturdays in December <BR> 3. Last weekend I was out of state at a wedding <BR> <BR> Let me just say, I don't mind being out the day before or even Christmas Eve for the most part, I have my list, I have my plan, I'm ready. I know I have no one to really blame for not having all my stuff done, it's all me; I try not to get frustrated, or stressed, just get in and get out. <BR... Thu, 23 Dec 2010 14:22:58 EST Keeping Your Mind in the Game I had a rough week starting balance and knowing how many caloies I "could" eat I ended up giving myself permission to eat the wrong things all week, plus a holiday...Yikes! <BR> But Saturday I went in, got my week 2 info and today I managed to stay on track and eat just what they told me to. I still have some confusion about carbs but I will give them a call tomorrow. <BR> I am however frustrated with how quickly those bad habits pop back up and the little voice that says "little1, you can h... Sun, 28 Nov 2010 23:26:39 EST I Need to Listen to My Rational Mind Ok...I am a bit of a control freak...just a little, so this weight loss plan worked well for me because the guides were simple easy to control. It kept my irrational, control freaky, part of my brain in check for the most part, I had my moments, but I got through it. Well now the balance phase is here and the rules are out the window! I'm ok fitting the extra food in and I like not having to absolutely say no if I really want a treat, more calories are cool! <BR> The issue is that I am u... Wed, 24 Nov 2010 10:19:44 EST SG Balance and Beyond-New Team Hello everyone, I started a new team for my SlimGenics friends who have made goal and are now working toward balance and continued success! That being always all are welcome no matter where you are in the program and I will still be peeking in on the Original SG site! Sun, 21 Nov 2010 21:05:37 EST Snow Day! OMG I hate snow! <BR> I know I live in Minnesota, I have lived in this kind of climate my whole life but I hate it! I have shoveled twice, slipped and slid to the store to pick a couple things up, rehung the drapes so they don't block the heat vents, cooked stew for my S.O. for after he gets done with his day of school. The roads are not getting plowed, our parking lot is a mess, I wanted to go do a little shopping today maybe get a new outfit or something. I didn't weigh in today, have a ... Sat, 13 Nov 2010 15:15:26 EST GOAL!!!!!!!!! Actually 1.25 under goal! Thanks to everyone on the team for the support and keeping me sane and motivated!! I can't believe I made goal! I am a happy happy girl! <BR> I have more goals, new goals and I will be writing about those later but today I am savoring this! This was my birthday gift to myself and I got it early! I have one more week of Active Weight Loss who knows what will happen but I Blow my Goal out of the water today!!! <BR> <BR> <em>236</em> <em>346</em> <em>334</em> <... Thu, 11 Nov 2010 10:31:26 EST Plateau...How Cruel You Are To Me! Yeah! I'm back to where I was 3 weeks ago! I never thought this last 20lbs would take this long. I took a little time out but came back ready, doing the plan working it all out. Bumped up the exercise started to strength train and challenge myself with my work out. I knew changing my work outs would slow me down, I just don't eat enough to build AND burn, that's fine. Next I started to see that the closer you are to goal the more my center seemed to "back off" on helping me. Next I hit 1... Thu, 4 Nov 2010 21:19:28 EST Perspective At 36 I would have never expected to get a call from my oldest and dearest friend, telling me that her Halloween party is cancelled because her husband is in the hospital ICU because of an Aortic Dessecion- a tear in one or more layers of his descending aorta. We are too young to be dealing with this, what do you tell your best friend when she asks "what if my kids don't have a father?" when you haven't even had kids yet? These are the calls we hear our parents talk about getting from their... Tue, 26 Oct 2010 00:05:47 EST small victories This weekend I had a "binge" that kind of put it all in perspective for me...Saturday I at off plan but ate light but had vodka, diet tonic cocktails. Sunday I went to have dinner with my family who are all on one plan or another so we ate light but not completely on plan for me. Sunday I also "binged" I guess I think of it as purposely indulging in off plan foods either for emotional "release" comfort, stress, entitlement, rebellion or just because. Well in the past, it would be a pint of i... Tue, 5 Oct 2010 00:07:46 EST 20 Years I am at the point in my life where I can start measuring things in "big" numbers like 20 years. I have no problem with my age, I greet each birthday with an "HaHa I win" attitude. It helps that I don't look my age (thanks you mom and dad for the good genes) Well it's been 20 years since I have weighed what I weigh right now. I never got below 180 on a very restrictive diet plan. I am encouraged to see what it's like to be below 180! I am in the process of reevaluating my goals and I may... Sat, 11 Sep 2010 11:47:41 EST What 100% Means? 100% is not having a brownie sundae to support the united way and not feeling guilty because you donated everything for the root beer floats you didn't have any of for last week's fund raiser. <BR> 100% is what made me go to the gym even though I was tired, I wasn't going to make it to the class I wanted to try and its a 20 minute drive in traffic. <BR> 100% is having my 100th salad since starting Slimgenics today for lunch <BR> 100% is getting all my foods and beverages in <BR> 100% is doing... Thu, 9 Sep 2010 23:00:16 EST Dear Gym We have had a good run you and me, you have given me my space when I need it, never calling when you haven't seen me for a while, no guilt when I don't make time for you. You seem to get exactly what you need from me month after month and all the while you are there, waiting for me to come back, ready for me to use you and leave again. Well I am mending my neglectful ways, I will make the effort to bring our relationship to the next level. I'm ready to put in the work, make time to spend t... Wed, 8 Sep 2010 22:55:42 EST 40 Down....20 To Go! I have had great success over the last 17 weeks the last 5 I have been off plan, traveling and enjoying the end of summer. Well, vacation is over, summer is over (Minnesota state of mind), and I have 20 pound to go to my goal. This plan is tough, and I had to be mentally ready to get back to it with the same resolve I had before vacation, I am there now. I still believe if you submit to the program it works just like they say, if you "cheat", don't measure your portions of meat, starch, and... Tue, 7 Sep 2010 21:45:05 EST Look at all you get not all you don't! So SlimGenics is a very restrictive diet in many ways; 111 items on the list excluding beverages and condiments and snacks. Yes, I've counted, that's me. Its easy to fall into a trap of thinking this isn't much for selection but 109 is a lot, I can say I have chosen to only to eat half of those and there is only 1 that I am allergic to, so my mission is to incorporate some of those other 50 foods. Pass on the veal, live, lamb and papaya. Veal makes me sad, liver is hard to come by, lamb i... Wed, 14 Jul 2010 20:04:43 EST Make the Voices Stop! So I am going to do this plateau breaker starting Monday and I am ready but It is Saturday, it is the week before my aunt Flo is visiting so I have some major insatiable appetite issues. Now I have this stupid voice in the back of my head reminding me how good I have been and all the foods I haven't had for 2 months and I should indulge now since I am going on the 7 day BioGenic deal. The other voice is reminding me that I'm not really missing out on much with the additional restrictions but... Sat, 10 Jul 2010 20:21:36 EST Plateau Breaker When There is No Plateau? I have consistently lost weight for 9 weeks minor slow down but I stepped up my exercise and changed a couple things around and have managed to have an average of 3.5pounds a week. I freaking lost 3 pounds over this weekend for crying out loud! So I was surprised today when the counselor whips out this 7 day plateau breaker sheet and tells me I should start it next week. I don't understand? What happens when I hit an actual plateau? <BR> Just stop eating all together? My blood pressure ... Mon, 5 Jul 2010 23:34:51 EST Week 7...Slow Down So my weight loss has slowed and that's OK because I put on my hottest pair of jeans and rocked that today. I also sat down a made a list of the positives, it seem silly but I suggest when you get in a funk, when things slow down, it helps to keep you going. Weight loss is as much physical as mental sometimes our brains get in the way. <BR> Positives: <BR> I have lost over 26lbs! <BR> I have stayed on plan this week <BR> I have gone to the gym three times this week <BR> I feel good <BR> I... Fri, 25 Jun 2010 18:30:30 EST My First Gain Well after a steady and rapid 24 pound loss over the last 5 weeks I had my first small gain, .5lb. I'm not worried about it, there was some wine involved in my weekend and a little off plan eating not to mention my monthly gift. My SG people seemed to think it was a "nip it in the bud" kind of situation and added 16oz more water for 3 days and one less fruit and starch for 2. I missed the fruit a little but not the starch, usually I can't figure out a second starch and just eat crackers or... Wed, 16 Jun 2010 20:17:03 EST Looking Back-Week 4 4-2 <BR> Memorial Day Weekend and I stayed on point the whole weekend with my food plan but I did slack off a little on the exercise because it wasn’t right but I hit the gym Friday and Sunday and I will go tonight after work unless the weather is still good then I might walk. Of course I am tired from the long weekend even tough I didn’t really do anything. It was all pretty quiet, visited the folks yesterday and hung out pool side, which was nice. Took a bunch of our clothes to GW; I hav... Sun, 13 Jun 2010 09:52:42 EST Looing Back-Week 3 3-1 <BR> Back on track from the weekend. Saturday was a challenge we went to the outlet mall and to a party; I ate half of a small fat free frozen yogurt at the mall, ate beef for the first time since I’ve been on the plan and drank a couple beers. Sunday should have been better but I didn’t plan well for the day so I was short on water and missed a snack because I fell asleep early. I worked a bit on Saturday and most of the day on Sunday so I didn’t “exercise” past lugging equipment and ... Sun, 13 Jun 2010 09:45:44 EST Looking Back-Week 2 Week 2-Day 1 <BR> This week I have to loose 4 lbs to stay on track. I think I can do it if I exercise every day. The weather is beautiful I am planning a long walks after work. Shoot I wanted to go and work at the clay studio tonight; if I work through lunch I can do both. <BR> Let’s talk Birthday party and falling “off the wagon”. Saturday was Sonny’s birthday party. First, since I knew what was coming it did work out; I worked all day for gardening so that was a fair amount of activity... Sun, 13 Jun 2010 09:43:22 EST Looking Back-Week1 I am just fnishing up week 5 and have lost 24lbs! Pretty cool, this weekend has been the World Cup (soccer) opener, It's a pretty big deal in my circle of friends and loved ones. in 2006 Ghana and the US were in the same group so the games were fun to watch and this time Ghana and Germany (Sonny's Home) are in the same groups and she won't even talk to Rasta right now. The Ghanaians just love the game, yeah if their team wins that's huge but if not they still get to watch world class socce... Sun, 13 Jun 2010 09:36:55 EST Looking Back- Week 0 Plan Day 1 week 0 <BR> Well day three ended well a 4.75lb loss total since I walked in the door the first time. I told R about how much it cost, how hard I thought it was going to be given our life style, what I was going to have to give up (drinks!) and that I needed him to support me 100%. He couldn’t believe how much it cost but I broke it down by week and he saw the logic. I know as I get smaller he will be more and more supportive. I am a little worried about Sonny’s B-day party but I... Wed, 9 Jun 2010 20:51:13 EST Looking Back Pre-Prep and Prep I have been enjoying rereading my little efforts and I have been stream lining them to suit this space taking out the parts that have no value in a weightloss forum...I started my prep on a Sunday and generally write Mondy - Friday. <BR> <BR> New Day <BR> I need to make myself a priority; take hold of my health, my weight, my career, and my life. These things I shouldn’t feel bad about being selfish about! I am 36 years old and don’t feel like I’m going any where, I have a good but dead en... Wed, 9 Jun 2010 20:23:10 EST From the begining... Here it is and I'm going to try to keep it all up I started this Journal when I took the plunge and joined SlimGenics. I'm going to break it out by weeks to get it all in so here we go.... <BR> <BR> April 27, 2010 <BR> Why I want to loose weight? <BR> <BR> Superficial <BR> =I want to look and feel hot <BR> =First time to Ghana to meet Rasta's extended family (I will be on display as the white American girl) <BR> =Rasta's Mom made me feel very bad about myself last year and I want to look g... Tue, 8 Jun 2010 20:31:20 EST First Blog-Catching Up I walked into the SlimGenics office April 27th, 2010 looking for information and one hour and $500 later I was signed up for a 24 week program to loose 60+ pounds. Since then I have been journaling for myself and now I have the option to post all my banter from the past 3 weeks or just start from here. I have lost 15lbs so far and am feeling (and looking) good. I will keep this short while I try to decide if I want to dump my journal on to this. Mon, 24 May 2010 23:16:06 EST