LILSHINE's SparkPeople Blog LILSHINE's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community J.J.Smith 10 day cleanse round #2 day 9 I try, I really do try to blog more consistently. I'm working my way back to a more stable, consistent routine. <BR> <BR> But today is day #9 and I'm really not prepared with my smoothies today. I had one leftover from yesterday and that will have to do for the work day. We're almost to day #10 again. As of Monday I was down to 272.5 which is about 3.5 loss. I've been on a consistent plateau since I started. I had to ask questions and reread the book to see what was possibly wrong. The Face... Tue, 11 Apr 2017 08:14:49 EST Yes I finished my Green Smoothie cleanse Good Monday Morning! <BR> <BR> I've been trying to make a post all last week, but I start doing other things and...well! <BR> <BR> So I did the 10 day modified cleanse by J.J.Smith and I lost a total of .03 oz😤 No it's not the program it's me. I had a cheat meal here and there. I didn't consume enough water. I didn't workout even though it's not necessary on her plan. My body requires it. I ate red meat. Well I did it before and lost weight but I didn't stick to clean eating. I didn't re... Mon, 27 Mar 2017 08:31:06 EST Day #1 of 10 day Green Smoothies challenge Good morning fellow Sparkers! <BR> <BR> I know it's been a brief moment but why look at the past. Dwell on my right now presence 🙄 <BR> <BR> Yesterday was really my day #1 but after packing my smoothie ingredients I left the Bullet blender cup 🏡. So no smoothie yesterday. I've had bronchitis for almost two weeks so my appetite has been a bit dull. I didn't eat much during the day but made a nice big chicken ranch salad for dinner. I drank 3 bottles of water and a cup of hot green tea wi... Wed, 15 Mar 2017 08:53:12 EST On a roll with blogging...yaaayyy me I'm here today again!! I'm focusing on trying to remain consistent and dedicated to my journey. It's not an easy thing to do but it's a few steps at a time and consistently that will create change. <BR> <BR> I didn't do great on all my goals but I did do something on each of them. I will get better this week. I made it to the gym twice last week. My goal was 3-4 days I think. The last day I went I didn't finish my 30 minute goal. I made it to 21 and that was pushing it. Between my back a... Mon, 6 Feb 2017 11:52:57 EST So far...making movement Thursday checkin to my week. I went to the gym on Tuesday. I plan to go today no excuses. I flaked yesterday trying to get my house project done. On my last room and had some Spray painting to do outside before dark. I'm kind of balancing my workouts and working on my home decor. Both take muscle and determination to get things moving. <BR> <BR> I'm struggling with getting my food intake in check. I can say I've successfully cut back on fast food. We would have that for dinner 3-4 times d... Thu, 2 Feb 2017 09:30:41 EST Happy Monday! Discipline to be Consistently moving forward. To make a come back...dedication, determination, consistency, a plan and most importantly ACTION is required. <BR> <BR> My downfall is/was consistency. I'm usually a dive in and run person. I fizzle out once the heat of the moment is passed. I recently read these words and it spoke volumes to me! <BR> <BR> STRIVE TO BE DISCIPLINE...MOTIVATION DONT LAST LONG! <BR> <BR> To be discipline is to remain consistent. To be motivated is but for the moment of the reasoning behind my efforts. Say a ... Mon, 30 Jan 2017 08:36:53 EST Am I really back this time? Well I hope so! I'm the master of the " to-do-list". I've finally accepted that if I make them shorter I'll accomplish more. Blogging on SP is always an item...but as you can see I never got to it. So today is my day one of coming back to SP and posting. <BR> <BR> I'm easing my way back to this lifestyle. This week I've been focused on increasing my daily water and my bathroom mini exercises. Arms = circles 15 forward same backwards or wall push ups and squats or kickbacks. Butt and arms m... Thu, 26 Jan 2017 11:33:20 EST So am I at the end of Bronchitis flare up? Jury is still out on that. I have finished my first round of meds. Well not exactly...I refuse to take antibiotics because I end up with that nasty, irritating "Y" that we get. I've taken almost the entire bottle of cough syrup and my cough is 95% better but it shows up at least once to a few times a day! <BR> <BR> I have made it to the gym every day this week besides one day. I had a migraine so I didn't go. I have every intention on going today as well. Maybe I'll do a make up day tomor... Fri, 21 Oct 2016 08:53:11 EST I'm back yet again but I'm back Today as I sit home awaiting the remnants of Hurricane Matthew I read a email from SparkPeople that reminded of this site. I have missed being here but I'm willing to give it another try. <BR> <BR> I'm currently at 266.0. I've been on a 30 day challenge with my Honey. Of course I have cheated regarding the things I said I wouldn't eat but I'm down 8.2#s since we started. I've had bronchitis for almost 3 weeks so my workouts have been cut down significantly. I finally got meds from doc now ... Thu, 6 Oct 2016 09:53:50 EST She joined me... Good day sparkies <BR> <BR> Hope you had a success day yesterday. I did pretty good. I felt really great yesterday. My body had a bit more energy. I wasn't as achy as I have been so that was a good start. <BR> <BR> I impressed myself yesterday by completing 95% of my to do list. The other 5% was dependent on something or someone else. I almost got in my 64 oz goal of water. I was at 61 ounces. I did my midday walk and felt a tinge better in the back. I stayed within my calories but my ... Thu, 24 Mar 2016 08:10:07 EST A bit late but I'm here tee hee Good day to ya <BR> <BR> Well I've been MIA for a teensy bit but I thought about you... <BR> <BR> I went last week to have my Assessment done at YouFit. Met with a great trainer who put me to work... lol. No was fun. We talked and he took a lengthy history. We set goals and made plans. Then he gave me some exercises I can do to build strength in my knee and recover. I also told him I wanted to focus on my arm jiggle. Well let's just say...he got me to squirm with all those... Wed, 23 Mar 2016 10:27:33 EST Thursday weigh in a bust <em>334</em> <BR> <BR> No seriously it was I gained 4#s!! Yeah right well that's what the scale informed me of this morning. <BR> <BR> I'm not buying into it though. Because as I look down at the scale...I also look down at one leg bigger than the other. I looked down at a swollen knee/leg. I'm trying to work on stretching and strengthening my knee again. Between that and the plantar fasciitis in the foot on the same leg...yesterday they gave me grief. This morning is... Thu, 10 Mar 2016 07:54:39 EST Walking on sunshine...don't it feel good? I have no clue why that song popped in my head at this very moment but...I feel good today. <BR> <BR> As for my goals yesterday: I drank water but not 80 ounces. I got to about 68 ounces. Walk well I did at the mall. I had an inspection job there after work...I guess that counts. I ate waaayyyy too much bread yesterday. I'm suppose to be cutting that out completely. Sooooo...this is what happens when I don't plan and prepare. <BR> <BR> So my goal toda is to do much better than yesterday.... Wed, 9 Mar 2016 08:14:38 EST Thirsty Tuesday...water....water Once I start drinking it I'm thirsty all the time. There's just something about consuming water that just hits the spot for me. I guess since our body is made up of a large percentage of water and without it we become dehydrated. I guess when I give it what it needs it wants more. Funny how those other beverages I like don't give me that same feeling!!! Hmmmmm...why do I keep consuming them??? <BR> <BR> I walked my 10-15 min. walk yesterday. My back was feeling it on the way home, but I wa... Tue, 8 Mar 2016 09:10:00 EST Monday's are amazing... Why start the week off with a negative attitude? Be glad you made it to this day! <BR> <BR> Well I'm feeling positive today. Self searching or soul searching is great! I love me, so facing me can sometimes be hard, but I've found that the things i face that don't make me happy are changeable. I know that changing these things, one by one will be an accomplishment instead of a defeat. This week I'm coming face to face with breaking bad habits. Getting out of my rut and being honest with ... Mon, 7 Mar 2016 08:39:04 EST You Cannot Overcome, what you will not confront...tdj A quote that stares me in the face everyday. Today it impacted me a bit more than when I first heard it Monday. <BR> <BR> Being honest with SELF is one thing most of us...if we're honest...find it difficult to do. Some of us find it hard to look in the mirror at ourselves or our bodies. What if we can look in the mirror and see the inside of our mind, heart and soul? This has been a journey I've recently began this week. I will not lie, it's not easy but it will be worth it in the end. ... Fri, 4 Mar 2016 08:22:33 EST I'm on a slow roll...but I'm rolling lol Today is day 18 of 21 (see other blog). I'm slowly turning it around. I've logged my foods for two days. I've been consuming a little more water every day. I'm not at my daily goal but getting more in me. Yesterday I got out and walked. It was about 15 minutes, but I did something. I ordered and received some compression socks and a new pair of sneakers. They were recommended to me for my leg and feet issues. <BR> <BR> I've been doing my bathroom visit 5-10 squats per trip. I've been us... Thu, 3 Mar 2016 08:01:11 EST Groove moving like a turtle Good Tuesday Morning! <BR> <BR> Still here...missed it yesterday but not this morning. Today is day #20 of a 21 day journey my daughter asked me to support her on. She's processing through a breakup and working towards complete healing! emotionally, spiritually and in health. We are walk this through together. We are also participating in a online group of 30 days of prayer. This months focus is to pray for your present or future spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, or someone you're loving rig... Tue, 1 Mar 2016 08:09:29 EST Mild success yesterday Thank you to everyone that stopped by my blog yesterday. Reading your comments today assured me that being back here is a great thing! <BR> <BR> I did take a little walk yesterday. I had a small job after work yesterday that required me to wait 20 minutes or more. So there's a rather large pond/lake in front of the location. I changed my clothes before I left work, which always keeps me on track. Once I dropped my car I took a stroll around the lake. My lungs were on fire, my back was on ... Fri, 26 Feb 2016 13:45:08 EST It's Been Months...but I made it... Hi!! I've been saying for weeks that I need to get back to SparkPeople and blog. Well I'm here today because I added it to my list of priorities. <BR> <BR> After watching so many episodes of My 600# life...I was overly inspired to get back to it. <BR> <BR> So updating...Last time I weighed was last Sunday. I was 270.4. I had gotten down to 262.3 before the holidays and this is my gain. <BR> <BR> My daughter moved back home after being on her own for 3 years. Insert hallelujah dance here... Thu, 25 Feb 2016 13:50:14 EST weigh in day and Accupuncture visit So for my weigh in...I'm at 265.0 this morning. I remember when 265.0 was my goal and I was struggling big time to hit it. I battled to get out of the 270s. When I arrived at 269, i struggled to get to 265. My most recent struggles have been to reach 250s. But what remains consistent...I'm still battling and not giving up. <BR> <BR> I was teetering at 261 for a while and then I had the surgery. I managed to gain some weight but I think it was more inflammation in my body. I've been having... Thu, 8 Oct 2015 07:58:47 EST Really...yes I'm working on getting back to this blogging Happy Tuesday... <BR> <BR> I had every intention to blog yesterday but I didn't. So in an effort to make it happen I grabbed my iPad and began right after my morning journal input <BR> <BR> So far so good on getting in a lil workout. I've been going to the mall and walking every day for the past week. I walked all last week. The first few days I could barely make half the mall before my back started screaming. Yesterday I walked the entire mall at a very good pace. I was able to walk the ... Tue, 6 Oct 2015 09:08:45 EST It's been a while But I'm here today. I made it thankfully through my lil armpit surgery <BR> I gained 6#s since I had it three weeks ago. <BR> I'm still in the 260s but on the other side of 265 @267.4. Not happy about that. I began working on moving back to the other aside all week. <BR> I live in sunny Miami or lately rainy Miami...and I'm suppose to minimize sweating!! <BR> So no working out. But I finally decided this week to go walk in the mall where it's air conditioner. Well so I thought. It was a b... Fri, 2 Oct 2015 13:18:05 EST Day 6 of 24 off to a crappy start but I'm not giving up on my goals. This week started off great. Being prepared is quite important. Monday was good, drank my smoothie, water consumption, got DRESSED for the workout but allowed excuses to keep me away. I went to target for items I needed instead. I could say as huge as this Super Target is...I got in some walking. But really...I'm not <BR> <BR> The next day decided to wing a smoothie recipe and instead of water added almond milk...definitely will not do that again!! Nasty nast... Sat, 22 Aug 2015 09:35:11 EST Finding resources...doing the homework day 1 of 24 day challenge Happy blessed Monday <BR> <BR> I spent my weekend being quite lazy or relaxed. I did a lot of research online regarding different health issues I've recently been diagnosed with. I will not be moved my what they say but knowledge is power and the beginning of overcoming. You can't fight what you dont know. No one smart enters into battle against the enemy without finding out what they're up against. That would be insane. <BR> <BR> I'm really against flooding my body with all types of pres... Mon, 17 Aug 2015 08:15:54 EST Happy Thrusday weigh-in day Okay I forgot to post this week. I was a bit confused this week. Had a doctors appt yesterday but for some reason I went on Tuesday I can't even explain that saga...but I did go back yesterday only to be told surgery. Nothing major...if you ever had armpit boils you know what it's like. NASTY!! Well this time they're going all in and dig it out from the inside and surrounding area. No let it drain, pluck out culprit and keep it moving. This sucker keeps moving alright...over a... Thu, 13 Aug 2015 07:54:47 EST Been a minute but here today happens....habits or desires are side tracked...but I'm here today! <BR> <BR> Quick update...I'm currently weighing 261.0!!! Have bounced between that and 258.0 for the past month. <BR> <BR> I'm still not working out on a regular basis. Dealing with herniated disc and toe numbness that prevents me from obtaining a good nights rest. But that too shall pass. Otherwise I'm doing well. Still trying to follow my goals and activities to get me to goal weight. I may b... Wed, 5 Aug 2015 07:56:35 EST Happy July...I made it ...weigh in day Good morning!! <BR> Yes I've been missing for a lil bit but you know how life is. <BR> <BR> I'm still on the journey though. Today is weigh in day and I'm happy to report I'm at 259.6!!!! I made it into the 250s by a thread but I'm there. I've pretty much maintained that weight for the past week or so. Im down 3.6 pounds for the month of June. <BR> <BR> I don't think I worked out one day in June. I just haven't gotten the get up and go yet. I'm struggling in that area. June was a rough... Thu, 9 Jul 2015 08:22:52 EST Is accepting change harder than making a change? I really believe both are a struggle for me. Had I been asked prior to seeing the results I posted a few days ago...I would have said I see neither as a problem for me. But boy was I incorrect. <BR> <BR> My focus has solely been on seeing results in certain areas that I was missing the evidence of change. My focus: belly fat...da rolls, back rolls, arm rolls and jiggle...oh let me not forget the scale!! <BR> <BR> While I was praying and focusing on these things my body (with Gods help) ... Fri, 19 Jun 2015 07:45:41 EST Photo comparison that opened my eyes <img src=""> <BR> <BR> The photo in the red skirt was taken last Sunday. I sent it to my daughter as she gave me the skirt for my birthday. I wasn't expecting the response I got from her "wow mom you're looking slim" keep up the great work. It took a while for me to get it. When I was at work last week people continued to comment about my weight loss. I'm still like really?? The pic on the left was in 2013 the st... Wed, 17 Jun 2015 07:51:00 EST June 10th almost mid point and what have I accomplished Self check up is a good thing...examining what's happening during the journey is just as important as at the end of the month. I'm still lingering or teetering right at the brink of the next goal of 250s. I'm determined to roll over this month. <BR> <BR> I am setting a 21 day goal of working out starting tomorrow. I may start today but have a dentist appointment after work today. I have been slacking in my workouts but I'm feeling pretty good these past two days so I'm going to try to get ... Wed, 10 Jun 2015 08:54:56 EST Happy to be... It's Monday and I'm happy to be alive to live through it. You should be too! <BR> <BR> Yesterday I loss an uncle and I also saw a post that a young cancer fighter went home to be with the Lord as well. Death has been around my friends and yesterday it hit my family. So be grateful you're still here. I'm sure one that loss their life would trade with you today! <BR> <BR> weekend was blah! Still not exercising. Feeling a lil better but not 100%! Stats are returning to normal bu... Mon, 8 Jun 2015 08:24:37 EST June and my weigh in Good morning <BR> <BR> It's June and I'm posting my official weigh in as of this morning. I'm 261.0 today. I'm officially 30#s down from my highes weight of my life! My goal was to be in the 250s by the beginning of this month. I didn't quite make it but I'm close. <BR> <BR> Focusing now on getting there and breaking the mental cycle that I face each time I get this close. I haven't worked out this week as I've had some weird health challenges. Hopefully they will pass and I can get wit... Fri, 5 Jun 2015 09:03:06 EST Late weigh in post but I'm here Good day....I'm excited today which must mean my weigh in was positive! Yep...yesterday was my official weigh in and I'm down to 261.6. On Wednesday I was 259.4 and I looked at the scale with no understanding it was not registering to me. I was trying to understand and I literally couldn't comprehend those numbers. After I thought about it I saw my blockage appearing to me and made me ask some questions of myself. Is this why my body freezes at the 260s?? Mentally I haven't been able to see... Fri, 22 May 2015 09:01:56 EST No weigh in today but updating Thursday is typically my weigh in day but...I ran out of my diuretic and BP meds but finally got them last night. I know without the water pill for a few days I would show water weight gain. So I'll weigh probably Saturday morning. <BR> <BR> I did get a weigh in at my doctors on Tuesday. I weighed at home first and I was 264.0. Got to doc scale and I was 258.0. I lost 6#s driving to doctors office lol!! Me and honey go at it because he swears my home scale is broken or wrong. I had to let... Thu, 14 May 2015 08:16:28 EST Weigh in day Getting it out the way....I'm at 264.8 today!!! I'm under 265.0 again and I'm praying for breakthrough. I've been eating well below my calories lately which can hurt me also. My appetite I can't say is low but I'm not seeing food as an interest lately. I eat but only because I need to. My breakfast has been the same two boiled eggs and either bacon or sausage. I may drink my morning smoothie as mid morning snack and most days I do. My lunch is small as I explained before I go to lunch late ... Thu, 7 May 2015 08:06:48 EST May 5 -Journey to discover why I crash/sabotage my journey I could only think of that title <BR> <BR> Just making sure I check in and blog. Yesterday was a strange day to me! Wasn't quite sure how I was feeling but it was weird. I had some obstacles at work and lately I've found myself engaged in conversations that are not me. I spent my evening before God because I know that was part of the strange feeling I was having. <BR> <BR> I started my journey and my journaling to enter into a space of self awareness. My focus this month is to... Tue, 5 May 2015 07:52:49 EST May goals Good morning <BR> <BR> I'm not out of the fight just yet. I know that this is a lifetime battle and when it gets easy I have to buckle down a lot more. As long as I'm in the struggle I know I'm right at the door of my breakthrough! So I continue to press forward. <BR> <BR> May goals: <BR> Don't quit, don't give in <BR> Keep guzzling my water ...aim for a gallon but no less than 80 oz <BR> Get moving at least 2-3 times a week <BR> Stay with my smoothies and push for full days periodically... Mon, 4 May 2015 08:41:43 EST I've been neglecting my Spark Good morning!! <BR> <BR> I've been such a dedicated employee that I've come in and went to straight to working. How dare I?! Lol. Well I made a conscious decision today to blog since it is the last day of the month <BR> <BR> Unfortunately I didn't meet my April goals 😡. I'm disappointed but I can't quite figure out why I can't break this weight of 265. Today my official end of the month weight is 265.2. I've bounced between that and 267 all month. Even with drinking my smoothies once to ... Thu, 30 Apr 2015 07:47:19 EST It's my birthday!! End of a challenge, weigh in & NSV Wishing me a very blessed birthday. I am truly honored that God has giving me another year. Today I am 51 years old and I must say I'm feeling fabulous!! <BR> <BR> I'm at the quarter mark of my 60 day smoothie challenge. It was a rough start but this week I must say I've been doing pretty good. Yesterday was the only day this week I didn't have any smoothies. I was out of the office distributing food all day so I didn't have time for food. I am more focused with it now and will continue on t... Fri, 17 Apr 2015 07:54:15 EST 22 of 27 and 8 of 11 how am I doing Good day! I'm hanging in there and refreshing my journey as of yesterday! <BR> <BR> I've been struggling to stay on track while life has been happening. I didn't work out at all last week. I did improve with my water consumption. I was a lot more focused. I added an app that scares me sometimes because it sounds like water going down the drain. It reminds me to chug. Which is really great on days I forget. <BR> <BR> Work has been busy so I stay engaged all day, which is a good thing. I w... Mon, 13 Apr 2015 07:48:14 EST Day #15 of 27 (day 1 of 11) - proving him wrong and losing too :) Happy Monday!!! <BR> <BR> Yeah I've been M.I.A. The Easter weekend has been busy. I haven't lost my mojo but it was a bit side tracked while I handle my Lords business. I'm back right now and hopefully no more distractions. <BR> <BR> Okay I got 11 more days until my birthday! And until my next weigh in. I ate a lot yesterday or should I say we had a lot of food. I tried but I had to quit. No force eating just because it's there. Well today I'm ready and will be on point always. <BR>... Mon, 6 Apr 2015 07:50:52 EST Day #11 of 27 breaking barriers Today's recap marks 3 days of working out! On top of my workout yesterday I completed my gallon of water!!! <BR> <BR> My workout yesterday was longer and a bit more intense. I rode the bike for 10 minute warm up. Hit weights for legs and chest. Finished my gym workout with a 10 minutes elliptical challenge. It was a challenge to make the full ten minutes. When I got home I worked on my back, and shoulders, did some stretches for my leg and a few crunches. Let's just say I was tired by din... Thu, 2 Apr 2015 08:16:19 EST Day #10 of 27 Starting to feel a spark Finally!!! I didn't go to the gym yesterday I had a mild headache and I really didn't feel like driving that way. I was dressed for a workout when I left work (key to my motivation) and I was determined to do something. I pulled into my driveway, pulled out my ear plugs, launched my iHeart radio app, my digifit app to track my workout and I hit the sidewalk for a brief walk. I walked about 10 minutes and those were a hard ten minutes. My aches were telling me to turn around so I listened. ... Wed, 1 Apr 2015 08:19:47 EST Day 9 of 27 weigh in day for March Oh well....I might as well get it in early 268.4 a gain of one pound!! The entire month I gained a pound and loss nothing. Well I went up and down but my lowest this month was 267. Oh well I keep pressing forward. I won't let the scale be my final result. I will trust the process <BR> <BR> So yesterday I said I wouldn't post my plan of action daily, I would post what I get accomplished. Yesterday I really talked myself into going to the gym. I debated between stopping to a park and doing ... Tue, 31 Mar 2015 09:23:56 EST Day 8 of 27 new week...what shall I accomplish Good Monday to you: <BR> <BR> Yeah I'm trying to convince myself that I'm full of energy and ready to get going! I'm not and I really can't quite figure out what's up with that!! I have very little energy. I could go right back to sleep. I sometimes take sleep aids to fall asleep. Lately I haven't had to and I fall off to sleep like bam! Even last night I was aware of my sleep pattern. I got up to go bathroom and went right back to sleep. I woke up when my alarm went off and dozed off ag... Mon, 30 Mar 2015 08:11:27 EST 5 of 27 ....I'm feeling some sort of way I guess in due time whatever it is will come forth. I feel tired and sleepy today. I went to bed at 8 because I was so sleepy and I'm still feeling that way today. But I feel like something GREAT is about to happen and I'm not even sure what it could be....I wait patiently on The Lord. <BR> <BR> Yesterday I did somewhat better in my eating journey. I only had one smoothie yesterday. I completed a little over half jug of water which is an improvement. My day was busy and I drank my first sm... Fri, 27 Mar 2015 07:45:49 EST Day #4 of 27 what a week I've been MIA for a few days, but I'm still here. As of my last post I was returning from visiting my daughter. The very day I left she returned to work. That night she missed a step while carrying a table down some stairs and she fell. As of now she may have fractured her ankle and tore or dislocated something in her knee on the same leg. She has an appointment with orthopedist tomorrow and my prayer is that there will be no surgery. She's been a trooper but of course mom wants to run to... Thu, 26 Mar 2015 07:47:50 EST Who goes on vacation and lose weight? Day #2 of 27 Me! me! Me! Yeah I'm shocked <BR> <BR> Well I weighed in this morning. Today is my second day on my birthday/60 day challenge. My starting weight 267.4...I'm down 2.8 from my pre vacay weigh in. <BR> <BR> I had a great visit with my girls. Ate real fancy like lol...basically ate like once a day. Typically the meals were huge and lasted all day, munched off the leftovers. Some meals I finished others I ended up sharing or tossing. I walked a lot on Sunday when we went to the ... Tue, 24 Mar 2015 08:19:42 EST Semi leave of absence I'm still around but took a little trip to visit my baby girl at the last minute. I'll be back soon but may also stop in while I'm away. I'm hanging out in big ole Fort Worth Texas and of course it's a bit chilly here for me. <BR> <BR> My daughter has a bad cold, which I'm trying not to partake in. It's in the 60s this week. Was suppose to rain but I haven't seen any yet. But their apartment is colder than outdoors. These ladies must have hot flashes. I think they keep the thermostat at 6... Thu, 19 Mar 2015 20:32:03 EST