LILKATY's SparkPeople Blog LILKATY's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Still trying to find a workout I enjoy... Last week I started Piyo (Disclaimer: I'm not a coach, but have friends who are. I've tried the Beachbody community, and am not interested in any of it. However, this workout piqued my interest because I've always liked yoga and I prefer body weight strength training.) My goal is to stick with this for 2 months (as the program is laid out). <BR> <BR> So far, so good. I missed three days because I had family visiting. Maybe not an excuse, but I'm going to choose to focus on the 6 days I have ... Wed, 28 Sep 2016 12:58:54 EST Life isn't always easy, but it IS good. I'm moving my profile information to a blog entry so I can continue to look back on progress I've made and how life has changed. This is from when I rejoined SparkPeople in 2011. :) <BR> <BR> 12/20/2011 <BR> <BR> Life isn't always easy, but it IS good. <BR> <BR> The past year and a half has been full of ups and downs (call it "the good, the bad and the ugly"), but I'm still kicking. I left one job (#1) to begin another VERY stressful job (#2) (I learned from the experience, but probably w... Tue, 6 Sep 2016 14:52:26 EST Baby steps & small, important achievements Day 2 of logging, blogging and working toward my goals. <BR> <BR> I'm already using the food tracker to make healthier eating choices - and doing my best to stick with those choices. <BR> <BR> Now to continue. <BR> <BR> I'm skipping a party this afternoon to go home and mow my lawn. Knocks a house to-do off my list, avoids unnecessary calories, gets me home early and safely and adds activity to my day. Win, win, win, win. There will be other parties in the future and I will make an effort ... Fri, 14 Jun 2013 11:35:20 EST Where is it? So...I took some time off from SparkPeople. And from exercising regularly. And from not eating every cookie that comes my way. It happens, right? <BR> <BR> I've been trying to find my motivation to get up early and exercise or to find the willpower to eat healthier. My list of reasons to do it is long. But it's not what I would consider motivation. <BR> <BR> I've Googled "fitness motivation" and the like, but that hasn't helped. It returns nothing more than a bunch of websites full of "you ... Thu, 13 Jun 2013 14:20:26 EST Is my scale broken? For the past month or so on Spark People, I've been doing well...sticking with my 5K Running Plan (I'm in week 6) and making healthier eating choices. <BR> <BR> I'm incredibly conscious of what I put in my mouth. I'm moving every chance I get. Even on my workout days (I work out in the evenings), I'll choose to walk 2 miles at lunchtime with coworkers because, really, do I need an entire hour to eat lunch? <BR> <BR> Still, the numbers on the scale either don't move or they simply go up or d... Thu, 16 Feb 2012 16:53:24 EST