LEANJEAN6's SparkPeople Blog http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal.asp?id=LEANJEAN6 LEANJEAN6's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community SparkPeople.com http://assets2.sparkpeople.com/assets/nav/logo_spark.gif http://www.sparkpeople.com/ WE have choices-if we choose to! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5801292 Every new day--is like a clean slate---- <BR> I have choices--- <BR> Should I exercise?-(even though I am still kinda flu-y?) <BR> What should I eat?-(too much?----or-calculate the calories?) <BR> Should I be happy?--strong?---(even though I can't control outside events)-- <BR> To-day I shall be positive-even though the scales don't move as quickly as I'd like, I do see small changes ---- <BR> "Spark People" to me is like my daily university course-something that I strive to attain, every da... Mon, 20 Oct 2014 06:52:49 EST Sunday thoughts! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5800760 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/5/l1525334940.jpg"> <BR> And if we don't take care of ourselves, we won't stay strong! <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/5/l1504315933.jpg"> <BR> Weekends are really justa 'nother day when it comes to counting calories--- <BR> <BR> It's been a week of surviving a flu bug---I think I am on top of it! <BR> This weekend the post Blasto dog, we learned is afraid of wind---Crazy! The wind died down and she finally slept like a ... Sun, 19 Oct 2014 08:34:43 EST Me thinks we are almost in a new season--- http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5800248 Good morning Sparkly People!--We have cooler weather--plus 2C-- <BR> There are snow flurries way north of us- <BR> It IS late Fall in the North--so it is expected--- <BR> Last weekend, son#2, the Air Canada Pilot--plus son#4--brought the docks in-- <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/4/l1496371998.jpg"> It means the really really--end of summer---- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/8/0/l808648382.jpg">-It was Thanksgiving weekend--wet and foggy--- <BR> This morni... Sat, 18 Oct 2014 08:37:21 EST So much to say! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5799717 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/7/2/l729222210.jpg"> <BR> It's FRIDAY_-----and--a new day---- <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/2/l1254814377.jpg"> <BR> so-----here I am with "Hairdresser Hair"----trying to let it grow---so I can pull it back----but---don't know how long I can keep up with the longer "Dreads"-- <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/8/l1888547467.jpg"> <BR> <BR> I woke up this morning to Fat Cat throwing up----I ran for the K... Fri, 17 Oct 2014 08:30:53 EST Awesome thoughts about everything! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5799112 Good Morning Sparkly People! <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/2/0/l2046033540.jpg"> <BR> It's looking good this morning--That horrible flu is on it's way out-(maybe the flu shot made it go faster)-I even pried the ol' body off the couch----took Fat Cat to the vet for a blood test for his Hyperthyroid condition and his T4 was in the normal range---They all said he definitely looks better--no weight gain, but his body shape in more like a cat now and not a skeleton- <img src="http:... Thu, 16 Oct 2014 07:49:58 EST Yer inner voice! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5798515 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/7/l1718359827.jpg"> <BR> This is a picture of the Mall -here--which collapsed! <BR> --2 women were killed--amazing there weren't more--- <BR> To-day the task force looking into the collapse, are releasing their report. <BR> This happened almost 3 years ago--- <BR> This is a perfect example to "listening to yer inner voice"--- <BR> I stopped parking on the rooftop parking area, many years before it fell in. <BR> There was always a very evident w... Wed, 15 Oct 2014 07:21:32 EST Pep talk after a fun family weekend! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5797857 The Canadian Thanksgiving weekend is over! <BR> Praise the Lord!--- <BR> I love all the family getting together <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/1/l1163135533.jpg">--Grandkids playing basketball outside--- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/3/7/l378509138.jpg"> <BR> lotza food-----I made bread--Turkey soup--pumpkin pies----- <BR> This morning, I feel food, right up to my eyeballs---- <BR> Son#2 has a Drone--with a camera mounted on it-- <BR> He took some fabulous pi... Tue, 14 Oct 2014 06:52:41 EST A Pilot to the Rescue! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5797273 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/8/l1896917259.jpg"> <BR> We had our Thanksgiving dinner last night--- <BR> Here are all our Grandchildren--but 2 ! <BR> I am completely pooped to-day----- <BR> It's not the meal that is hard to do----It's putting away all the junk around the house, before the people come--- <BR> It really was fun though----All my grown children just love to be together--- <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/4/3/l430115408.jpg"> <BR> Here are son... Mon, 13 Oct 2014 08:32:02 EST Thanksgiving in my life! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5796695 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/8/l1852031885.jpg"> <BR> We are busy cooking turkey to-day---pumpkin pies--- <BR> It is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend here!- <BR> Son #2 the Air Canada Pilot is here with Granddaughter #1--- <BR> The rest of the family will be out for dinner--- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/2/l1261371049.jpg"> <BR> <BR> So--what am I thankful For?---- <BR> Lord love a Duck--so many things-- <BR> #1----I am alive--and healthy---- <BR> #2--... Sun, 12 Oct 2014 08:04:18 EST I took charge! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5796188 It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada- <BR> Right now son#2 the Air Canada Pilot is driving north--to our house-with his daughter. Son#1, #3, and #4 will all be here with their families for dinner to-morrow night. It will be a busy weekend in the kitchen, cooking the turkey--making Pumpkin pies etc-It will be a Family time! <BR> The docks will be towed in also-tied to shore-ready for winter. <BR> Yesterday, I was in "the depths of despair"---The dishwasher broke-the wash machine is "on th... Sat, 11 Oct 2014 06:52:52 EST In the Depths of Despair! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5795685 THE DISHWASHER BROKE-----AGAIN! <BR> We just paid the guy to fix it, 2 days ago----$300.00 <BR> I have a call in to get him back here--- <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/0/l1099908016.jpg"> <BR> I also have the Sears catalogue open on the kitchen table , looking for a new machine---- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/7/l1780784272.jpg"> <BR> This weekend is our Canadian Thanksgiving---- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/6/6/l666805573.jpg"> <BR> ... Fri, 10 Oct 2014 08:15:11 EST Flying with those Turtles- http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5795080 I am the world's best worrier---- <BR> No-one else need to worry about anything----because I do it all--- <BR> I am in my 70's-----Usually everything turns out--nothing really terrible has ever happened in my life----- <BR> So why do I worry? <BR> I mention this, this morning, because the news is not good--CBC radio --CNN----my cat has a life threatening condition--LOL----(not exactly in the same category)--Himself might hit a moose on his way into work--a lynx just might crawl up onto our de... Thu, 9 Oct 2014 07:28:20 EST Am I really worth it? http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5794476 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/3/9/l390349778.jpg"> <BR> ..another day ahead of us to get it right!--- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/2/l1270608552.jpg">I can look like that-----or-- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/3/l1315160998.jpg">-like this! <BR> But it will take some "mind over fat"--to get there-----doing the 30 minutes on the Dreadmill-walking the Germans (as in dogs)-in the rain----telling myself that I am worth the effort----and on thi... Wed, 8 Oct 2014 07:14:07 EST Taking a stand with Himself! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5793860 I used to be a junk food addict- <BR> I even used to sneak extra trips in to a fast food place--- <BR> It was my "comfort food"---living with 5 busy kids- <BR> And I still "sorta" battle this!- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/3/l1312879270.jpg"> <BR> It's a personal battle--- <BR> I could blame it on Himself----- <BR> You see, every Tuesday night, he likes to visit McDonalds--He is about as big as a minute- <BR> So, I have been trying to take ownership of my dilemma--- <BR> I... Tue, 7 Oct 2014 07:10:17 EST Wee Wittle Blog! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5793208 Good Morning Sparkly People! <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/4/l1403919522.jpg"> <BR> We can look like this poor guy-------OR............... <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/6/l1635119767.jpg"> <BR> ....we can start the day like this------It's our choice! <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/7/9/l791704255.jpg"> <BR> AND----WE BETTER CHOOSE TO EAT WISELY! <BR> Mind over fat!!!! <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/3/l1341856933.jpg"> Mon, 6 Oct 2014 07:07:42 EST Rainy Day and Sundays! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5792675 Yesterday I posted about changing the clocks---- <BR> I was wrong-It's Nov 2nd--- <BR> I guess I was ahead of my time----LOL----- <BR> I mentioned that I collect chiming clocks--- <BR> I also play the piano---- <BR> A funny thing--when I practice the piano, the 2 Germans (as in dogs) lay down on each side of the piano, and sleep---It is so cute to see! <BR> Now---as for Fat Cat---(an update)--the cat with the Hyperactive thyroid, who I booked to "put down" 4 times---- <img src="http://photos-... Sun, 5 Oct 2014 09:00:18 EST Too much time to think in a power outage! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5792130 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/1/l1184547756.jpg"> <BR> It's that time of year--AGAIN!----- <BR> Perhaps I can get a head start this evening---I collect Chiming clocks-- <BR> We must have over 50 of them--chiming all at different times-- <BR> You could say, the ""house is alive with the sound of music"!---- <em>334</em> <BR> <BR> So----this morning-----after reading several blogs----I began to wonder--"What does it take to be a success at weight loss?" <BR> Is it ""Det... Sat, 4 Oct 2014 08:45:09 EST One busy day- http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5791527 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/2/0/l2000886918.jpg"> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/4/l1451887136.jpg"> <BR> Up--and at-er here---- <BR> It's dark--and raining-----but mild!----soon I will hit the Dreadmill- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/4/l1466269343.jpg" <BR> The Germans (as in dogs) go for their Spa this morning----- <BR> It will be a busy day and difficult to get my steps in----but--I will--in segments- <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.sp... Fri, 3 Oct 2014 07:06:22 EST Be Awesome to-day! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5790913 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/9/l1948985352.jpg"> <BR> I need "happiness"-----this morning----Listening to the news on CBC radio is not "doing it" for me!----but------I did hear Liz Lyons from Texas talk about "FitBits"----or "Steppers""---little things one clips on them to measure yer heart rate and number of steps /day----How much difference does it make? <BR> And of course she found these wee devices really do make you move more-- <BR> I know it does me. <BR> In order t... Thu, 2 Oct 2014 07:26:21 EST Naked thoughts! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5790190 ---Hi there-----October 1st----a new month---- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/9/l1946494984.jpg"> I love this sweet person---- <BR> She is here to remind us that water is the only drink we need---and to remain calm--- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/2/0/l2098819713.jpg"> <BR> Stay strong-----don't eat the Chicken wings--go for more veggies and salad--- <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/7/3/l737076801.jpg"> <BR> Put the fork down------drink more... Wed, 1 Oct 2014 07:14:47 EST Downsizing! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5789522 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/7/7/l77633376.jpg"> <BR> This is a Grand Daughter----only 2 yrs old!--so beautiful! <BR> When I look at her, I smile! <BR> I just heard on CBC radio this A.M., from a man who is "down sizing"----his body weight-I liked the term he used-""Down sizing"-They had taped him as he walked-He was trying to talk and was short of breath--He said, he can't get over how hard it was to drag all the weight he carried, on the walk--- <BR> I want to DOWNSIZE--- ... Tue, 30 Sep 2014 06:58:32 EST A broken home! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5788871 Well, I come from a broken home! <BR> The lawn mower isn't working----son#4 says it can go forward, but can't go backwards-This happened yesterday--- <BR> I was in the kitchen with Grandson, and found water seeping up around the sink--- <BR> --long and short----It seems to be the dish washer---- <BR> This happened yesterday too! <BR> <BR> So----lots to do this morning--calls to make--to get stuff fixed--- <BR> There is nothing worse than water damage , is there? <BR> I handled it well----... Mon, 29 Sep 2014 07:41:16 EST Stop eating Crap! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5788299 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/2/0/l2074329986.jpg"> <BR> True eh????---- <BR> ---just because I made bread (AGAIN) yesterday--doesn't mean I get to eat it all! <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/3/l1312397094.jpg"> <BR> It has been warm here----like 32C in the day----and--yesterday, we cut grass----weed whacked the edges (my job)----and ---there were NO BUGS-----NO BLACKFLIES!! <BR> Lord Love A Duck, cutting grass is so much easier, not having to wear that ... Sun, 28 Sep 2014 09:01:19 EST Sex? http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5787767 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/4/l1466403359.jpg"> <BR> I just had to get that--"Have a good day" in----LOL <BR> I've been sitting here, reading blogs----some are hard to read, as my heart goes out to them----All of them are inspirational----and we are all trying! <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/7/l1738220818.jpg"> <BR> Yesterday I weeded ---and weeded-----the veggie garden---- <BR> It was hard to be happy when I came in----was so tired----Himself had cooked ... Sat, 27 Sep 2014 07:59:54 EST Pirates can be good! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5787206 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/5/7/l578688841.jpg"> <BR> He's back------and he wishes us all to be strong--to resist the candies in the stores--- <BR> Yesterday, here it was up to 93 degrees-the hottest day we have had all summer! <BR> The weather is a little mixed up. <BR> The trees here are vibrant-- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/1/l1140048814.jpg"> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/2/1/l2107926017.jpg">-my Scarecrows at the end of the driveway... Fri, 26 Sep 2014 07:48:46 EST I made Bread!-Youza! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5786576 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/2/l1217167019.jpg"> <BR> Yesterday I made bread--not in a bread maker--but--from scratch---5 loaves-- <BR> AND IT TURNED OUT! <BR> It tasted fantastic!-It was from the Mennonite cookbook, "Food that Really Smecks". <BR> And you know, making the bread really wasn't that hard to do--- <BR> That surprised me! <BR> Once I kneaded it (9 cups of flower but only a half a cup of sugar with all that)-I wrapped it in my sweater, and put it in the oven---... Thu, 25 Sep 2014 07:09:45 EST Youza! Whatta day! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5785922 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/2/l126731230.jpg"> <BR> Sparkly people rock!!! <BR> Sparkly people drink water-----move-----eat vegetables and fruit--and are happy! <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/2/0/l2073109762.jpg"> <BR> Good morning!-----It's going to be a fabulous day and we are a part of it! <BR> YOUZA! <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/9/l1942480393.jpg"> <BR> Enjoy life Sparklers! Wed, 24 Sep 2014 06:40:07 EST It is "to-day"! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5785271 This is the 1st day of FALL---- <BR> It is going to be 20C---so much milder! <BR> I feel like it will be the last chance to bring stuff in before the real cold hits. <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/1/l1136626223.jpg"> <BR> I have a piano lesson too----with my new piano lady---- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/2/0/l2070357251.jpg">-a favourite picture --my Grandkids playing in the leaves!-Look at the absolute joy they are sharing! <BR> Yesterday I did 9300 steps-... Tue, 23 Sep 2014 07:04:39 EST Himself does sorta Spark! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5784534 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/5/l1506374301.jpg"> <BR> It arrives to-morrow! <BR> For FALL---I am going to have patience with HIMSELF! <BR> HIMSELF----is unique!----He is originally from Jamaica----is Chinese--- <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/3/l1313734310.jpg">- <BR> And we met in Ottawa--in a hospital----(Here we are pre-kids!) <BR> <BR> Himself believes that he is always right---(It's a "Chinese thing"-I think!) <BR> And if he is not "right", then... Mon, 22 Sep 2014 07:08:00 EST Seasons a-changing! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5783931 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/9/l1907719818.jpg">This is a picture of what we call "The new Beach" --in our town. It was taken years ago, when our population was up around 30,000 people. Our population now is around 11,000. <BR> The mines have closed here----our mall collapsed-----and a lot of retirees left. <BR> This is the last day of summer--first day of fall to-morrow! <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/9/l1933387017.jpg">--This is the back road here---the ... Sun, 21 Sep 2014 08:50:52 EST Relax---can I? http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5783390 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/8/3/l836543805.jpg"> <BR> ......so......take time for yerself-----perhaps sit still--on the floor for 5 minutes/day---just veg-----allow yer mind to rest-----think calm--recite "C'-A-L-M"------don't allow yer mind to go anywhere------- <BR> In to-days world, we are zapped every minute, with stuff----- <BR> I worry about it ALL------and by 5pm, I am frazzled! <BR> I shall just think--CALMmmmm...... <BR> <BR> On the home front, Himself is still ea... Sat, 20 Sep 2014 08:40:07 EST Well---another day-and we are in it! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5782779 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/2/5/l255232600.jpg"> <BR> Determination----That's what this little fella says--- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/8/l1862961676.jpg">--This little girl (my Grand Daughter)-is a tough little cookie---She has an older brother who bosses her around-tries to pull the wool over her eyes (so to speak)-so she knows what she has to do to survive. <BR> I know what I have to do to survive too! <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/7/... Fri, 19 Sep 2014 07:38:20 EST Be awesome! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5782126 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/0/l100090847.jpg"> <BR> It's "mind over matter" to-day---- <BR> Stress was a large part of my day yesterday---- <BR> To-day is a new day----a fresh start----a positive attitude---- <BR> I am in charge of how I am going to look at stuff--- <BR> And-----to-day--I choose to be AWESOME----- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/7/l1740784530.jpg"> <BR> Look out world---Here I come! <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/2/0/l207752... Thu, 18 Sep 2014 07:29:43 EST Throwing in the towel--or the cat? http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5781421 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/5/l1506273693.jpg"> <BR> I just had to tell you about the Produce guy!- <BR> ....a little bit of inspiration here---- <BR> The Over active Thyroid cat----just threw up---- <BR> Oh woe is me----It's looking mighty much like ""the 1 pill/day is not solving his illness--my dilemma- <BR> You know, I'm about ready to give up-throw in the towel here with this cat- <BR> I'll keep you posted--- Wed, 17 Sep 2014 07:07:39 EST Fat Cat goes to Vet! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5780791 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/3/l1305255079.jpg"> <BR> I am ecstatic!!!-Yesterday I took Fat Cat, who is now thin, to the vet--- <BR> His appointment was Wednesday---- <BR> I took him yesterday--Monday--WRONG DAY! <BR> But-(the big "BUTT")--they took me anyway---Whew!!! <BR> I really thought they would euthanize him--that he was beyond help-- <BR> They weighed him--He has lost 7 lbs----(a lot!)--- <BR> I was crying---- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/7/6/l7627... Tue, 16 Sep 2014 07:27:29 EST Motivation! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5780098 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/2/9/l293410646.jpg"> <BR> Get out there and MOVE!---Lord Love A Duck!-----It will keep you from "seizing up"! <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/1/l1107167792.jpg"> <BR> And WE CAN eat healthy---- <BR> WE WILL drink water-----cold fresh water! <BR> And we shall get our exercise in to-day---- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/1/l1160102829.jpg"> <BR> It's all about being motivated! Mon, 15 Sep 2014 07:17:11 EST Justa wee thought on Sunday! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5779541 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/4/4/l448787151.jpg"> <BR> It is true-----It might be Sunday----a day of rest--but also a day to plan the meals----to get more fruits in the meals----veggies-----and to keep the ol' body moving--- <BR> A wee walk outside refreshes the mind---- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/2/l1224426410.jpg"> <BR> <BR> Last night, on the way home from town, (still daylight) we passed an enormous Moose, standing right on the edge of the highway--... Sun, 14 Sep 2014 08:30:37 EST I'm going to the Hokey Pokey place! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5778988 Well, it's Saturday--raining----much cooler----I feel ""Fall" is in the air! <BR> We have even had our new furnace on once in awhile in the early morning. <BR> Youza!---It means a new season is beginning---- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/3/l1367688100.jpg"> <BR> I am STILL not at ONEDERLAND-----4 pounds away---- <BR> So, what on earth am I going to do about it? <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/6/1/l614833351.jpg"> <BR> Serious business now--- <img src="htt... Sat, 13 Sep 2014 08:05:48 EST Lotza stuff to worry about-and now this? http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5778434 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/4/6/l461477710.jpg"> <BR> He's back--- <BR> Son#2 the Air Canada Pilot called this morning to tell me there will be a solar storm. <BR> He said that this could disrupt communications---Yikes! <BR> This son is in charge "of the sky"----keeps me posted as to all stuff happening above my head!---LOL--- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/4/l1427088673.jpg"> <BR> This is a picture he had taken awhile ago--- <BR> So--I looked up this "Sola... Fri, 12 Sep 2014 08:40:21 EST Fighting the fat---still! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5777716 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/7/l171242204.jpg"> <BR> Actually, I hate both---a lot! <BR> But--(that big "butt" again!)-the 30 extra pounds are the worst!- <BR> So, it's that time again--Dreadmill time-- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/0/l1037779891.jpg"> <BR> Walking the Germans-----practicing piano----taping up the mouth----(Lord Love a Duck-!)- <BR> It's Thursday <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/5/1/l510161612.jpg"> <BR> and we MUST fight the... Thu, 11 Sep 2014 06:57:13 EST Fat cat and the Piano! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5777056 We have had this terrible odour in the study--- <BR> And of course we blamed Fat Cat(who is now very skinny)--- <BR> To-day was the day I was going to pull the room apart---search for what we thought Fat Cat had done---and-------early this morning----in the bookcase-----was-----an old dish of cat food----must've been there for days---- <BR> One shouldn't jump to conclusions--blame the poor old guy---- <BR> I was going to rush him to the vet---- sooner than later-----put him out to the "great ... Wed, 10 Sep 2014 07:26:01 EST It's the front row! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5776347 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/7/2/l72839905.jpg"> <BR> Wake up!----- <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/8/l1865648652.jpg"> <BR> Some days---a pep talk is what is needed---- <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/6/l1612280472.jpg"> <BR> This might help--- <BR> Maybe it's good to go over what I've accomplished on Spark----this might stimulate me to continue on----- <BR> I don't drink pop--- <BR> I exercise a lot more-- <BR> I try very hard t... Tue, 9 Sep 2014 07:24:22 EST Monday and all is well! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5775652 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/2/l1278380584.jpg"> <BR> It was son#4's Birthday yesterday--- <BR> There was a party-- <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/2/1/l215509210.jpg"> Of course all the children love the get together---I do too!!! <BR> And----it was a great party!! <BR> To-day will be 21C--a lovely Fall day--- <BR> I hope to get ALL the water in---plus the exercise---- <BR> Fat cat, which seems amazing --is doing well-- <BR> Well, he looks funny--but--he at... Mon, 8 Sep 2014 07:43:48 EST We lost the POWER! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5775041 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/5/l1560188315.jpg"> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/2/3/l237308505.jpg"> <BR> Good morning!!!-----Happy Sparkly Sunday! <BR> We went to Son#1's restaurant last evening for dinner---- <BR> The Hydro (people in the US call it "the power")--went out while there! <BR> It went out in the whole town--- <BR> We live about 10 miles North of the town--- <BR> It was out there too when we got home! The house was quiet----- <BR> The Germans (... Sun, 7 Sep 2014 09:07:56 EST Shorter than ever! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5774419 It's a sunny , much cooler day---- <BR> The weight hovers around 204--STILL! <BR> It sure takes a long time to get the scales to move down---- <BR> I will continue to walk-----aim for 10,000 steps daily--- <BR> I will drink more water----after all water is the only liquid we need----- <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/6/0/l605890632.jpg">' <BR> Spark on----- Sat, 6 Sep 2014 08:25:13 EST I'm B_a-a-a-k!!!! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5774180 I said I would return---- <BR> Whatta crazy day---- <BR> The Germans did get to the groomer, and they not only look fantastic but they smell better! <BR> Rushing them into town for 8am--rushing back home to clean house---rushing back to town to retrieve the dogs----I didn't get any steps in this morning-- <BR> ----well--maybe 1500-- <BR> After lunch--a wee rest -(with my book)----and then------the big decision---what to do? <BR> Should I just forgo the ""steps "" for to-day? <BR> I needed 10,... Fri, 5 Sep 2014 19:40:18 EST I SHALL RETURN! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5773793 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/2/0/l2060133635.jpg"> <BR> 'Tis the weekend! <BR> This morning, the Germans (as in dogs) are off to the groomers-which is very much needed-----Swimming in the lake creates very bad odours on them! <BR> Before I go, I must tell you that Fat/Thin Cat--is still in the Land of the Living--even ate some million dollar cat food------ <BR> My weight STILL hovers---- <BR> Some drastic action will be required in the next 3 days--- <BR> I need that scale t... Fri, 5 Sep 2014 07:39:32 EST Broccoli and Griping! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5773122 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/4/l1408856738.jpg"> <BR> Well----at least with a workout, one feels like one accomplished a good thing ! <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/2/0/l2063516547.jpg"> <BR> For me, that is not griping---- <BR> Poor himself has heard it all---- <BR> "My Mother never pushed a lawn mower!" <BR> "I need more cord on the weed whacker!" <BR> "The mower is out of gas!" <BR> "How come I'm the overweight person-and I don't eat what you eat?" <BR> ... Thu, 4 Sep 2014 07:20:05 EST Fat Cat is still in the "World of the Living"--- http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5772401 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/9/3/l939029176.jpg"> <BR> This is FAT CAT---(who has seen better days)--- <BR> Yesterday I had an appointment to --""put him down""--as --to go to Heaven! <BR> Son#2-the Pilot, begged for him-----told me --"to let him be""-----to get out some canned salmon in him---plus----some milk----to get his innards working---- <BR> I did----- <BR> So------after all your well wishes that I would have the strength to----""pack him on his way to the great bey... Wed, 3 Sep 2014 07:01:22 EST Fat Cat may have to go to Heaven! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5771651 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/8/l1871397772.jpg"> <BR> This is SNOOP-----alias--"Fat Cat"---in his better days-- <BR> Well, he used to be FAT CAT----- <BR> He is pretty thin now-- <BR> He is about 15 yrs old- <BR> I have struggled with his weird body shape---till now- <BR> He is having a problem pooping-- <BR> I know what I have to do-----and unless things change--I will have to do it to-day. <BR> Snoop didn't always live with us-- <BR> He used to belong to son#4. <BR> I ha... Tue, 2 Sep 2014 07:04:26 EST