LAURALDENISE's SparkPeople Blog LAURALDENISE's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Struggling Through Disappointment I feel like I have been trying so hard for the past two weeks with no results. It is starting to get depressing, but I know I just need to keep pressing on. Its like I just cant get the weight to budge. I guess I need to focus instead on the fact that I feel so much better when I am not eating fast food and when I am more active. I just have to keep plugging along I guess. Wed, 26 Jun 2013 11:56:14 EST No Quitting I left Spark for a while and went back to weight watchers, however I did not see the results I do when I am here, so I am back! <BR> I know I can do this I just have to keep at it. Fri, 21 Jun 2013 11:47:25 EST New Year, New Goals I usually make some over the top, hard to achieve New Years resolutions that I never accomplish and feel guilty about giving them up after a few months, or weeks as some of them met an early demise. This year I set two very achievable resolutions for my health. Both of which are totally doable and should actually stick this year. #1: Go to the gym no less than four days a week. #2: Do no eat fast food more than once a week. And I should say that I have not had any fast food so far this New Ye... Wed, 9 Jan 2013 11:05:30 EST Christmas is Coming... I actually had someone look at me like I was crazy when I said I was getting back on my diet so close to Christmas, but I just couldnt put it off. Finals week led to a three pound weight gain, but I think a lot of it was water since I have been able to take it back off already. All that sodium and soda put a lot of water weight on it. Anyway, I am hoping for strength during the holiday, I know it will be hard but I also know the outcome will be worth it. I feel good and cant wait to start the... Sun, 23 Dec 2012 12:14:45 EST End of the Semester= Stress Level 20 I am trying so hard to not lose sight of my goal with the end of the semester looming. I am so stressed and have so very little free time. I am really struggling, but I keep on trying. I look foward to my workouts as my "down time" no homework, no housework, no reading material. Just me and the tread mill/ elliptical. It is the stress eating I am having issues with, the quick and the easy are calling my name, but so far I have been able to resist. Also the nagging voice in the back of my mind... Thu, 29 Nov 2012 12:06:09 EST Remember the Good Feeling This is my motto now. No matter how tired I am, how stressed, or how cold it is outside, I must remember the good feeling I get when I work out. I just feel so energized and so much better. I have less heartburn and more energy. I also can actually cope with my stress more if I have a little quiet me time at the gym. I love that feeling. Also, I need to remember the feeling of over eating and eatting lots of junk, I felt like crap for two days after overindulging at Thanksgiving. Remember the... Mon, 26 Nov 2012 22:18:42 EST Tomorrow is a new day So today I have every intention of starting my diet once again, but then I got sucked in to eating at one of my favorite burger places. But I figure tomorrow is another day and a fresh start. I really want to hit my first goal of five pounds, but its hard. I have to just keep going and just keep trying. I really dont want to get out in the rain tonight to hit the gym so its is most likey a workout video at home. I can do this! Sun, 11 Nov 2012 17:36:04 EST Small Victory Ok, it may not sound super exciting to those who run, but I shaved a minute and a half off my mile time. I am pretty proud. I have gotten up to 15 minutes of non stop jogging and I went from a 15 minute mile to a 13.5 minute mile. I also took off the two pounds I managed to put on last month and am that much closer to my first goal of 168. That will be the five pound mark from when I maade this goal. I am going to succeed this time, I feel it. This site combined with the book my sister told m... Mon, 29 Oct 2012 21:17:50 EST Just Keep Moving Ok, so today I went over by about 200 calories. I think that that is pretty good. I went to the gym and every day I get better at not making bad choices. Tomorrow is a new day and I feel stonger all the time. I just have to keep moving and keep working. <BR> <BR> Today was day two of running 15 min without thinking I would die. As soon as that gets easier I will up my time. My goal is 30 minutes by the first of the year. Sat, 27 Oct 2012 21:35:34 EST Back to Blogging I realized that I tend to do better on my diet when I blog about it. I guess putting my hopes and even my downfalls in writing helps me to stay accountable. I havent been just really terrible lately, but I havennt been doing just awesome. I am under so much stress that candy has become my crutch. I dont even have to bu it to have it handy, I work in a public place that has been revving up for Halloween. Thank goodness the stuff I like got packed up into goody bags for trick or treaters. Gone ... Tue, 23 Oct 2012 21:45:15 EST Motivation I am having such a hard time finding my motivation. I am so stressed, between work and class, that I just cant seem to stop the stress munching. My weight hasnt gone up, but it is not going down, and I know that I have my eating habits to blame for that. I just have to keep trying, each day is a new day right? I can do this, I just have to get on track and start eating right. Wish Me Luck! Thu, 11 Oct 2012 15:30:18 EST School Related Stress Eating Ok, so today I had a killer Human Anatomy test, and all I wanted to do after was hit the local cupcake shop. Instead I had a lovely cup of honey sweetened herbal tea and a slice of Pepperidge Farm Pumkin Bread, with nutella. I still felt comforted after a stressful morning, but for probably a half the calories. I plan to release the rest of the stress after work on the elliptical at the gym. I just have to remember that I do have a choice in what I put into my body and its time to make better... Mon, 8 Oct 2012 12:57:45 EST Back on Track I just recently decided to once again get serious about my health. I read all the magazines and book, I buy endless amounts of exercise videos, but I know they dont do any good uless I actually apply them. Starting today I am getting back on track. I know its not about depriving myself, but instead about knowing my limits. Only eating what my body needs for fuel. That is basically what food is for us right? I wouldnt expect my car to run on junk so why do I expect my body to? Its all a matter... Sun, 7 Oct 2012 14:06:56 EST