LADYGWEN25's SparkPeople Blog LADYGWEN25's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community The thing we fear the most is I CAN. Now i know some of you are wondering...what the heck do you mean Gwen? Fear of success... It's the GREATEST fear out there... It's easy to to fail... because by and large, it's expected. It's expected we will have bumps or hurdles in the road... Look at how many times many of you, self included, lost weight.. to only put it back on.. the yo yo effect.... We failed.... and then what do we do? We beat the SNOT out of ourselves emotionally.... crumble our own self esteem until we're a puddle of... Fri, 21 Jun 2013 07:50:06 EST 90 days to Ironman Lake Placid..who's idea was this?? GULP! <BR> <BR> the resounding thought in my head yesterday when i looked to my countdown timer on my phone.. YES I have one.. would any of you expect ANY LESS?? lol the thoughts in my head were: <BR> <BR> 90 days til IMLP... COOL!... WAIT.. 90 days?? that can't be right! check..double check the calender.. <BR> <BR> yup!!! <BR> <BR> GULP.... PANIC.... Can't breath.. CAN"T BREATH!!! <BR> <BR> holy COW.. 90 FREAKING days til IRONMAN! <BR> <BR> ok.. breathe in... hold.... breathe oo... Mon, 29 Apr 2013 16:15:47 EST Week 14 Ironman training For those of you who don't know... the Ironman training plan counts down.. not up.. this week has me @ 6 hours of training... OY! I've been struggling lately with a lot.. a nonworking HRM so i've been estimating.. I have a friend getting rid of one just because he upgraded to a newer model.. I"m currently using his. the accuracy seems to be spot on.. which has led me to 2 conclusions.. 1 i knew.. one i had suspected... the one i knew.. I'm not eating nutritionally WELL.. I've gotten better... Tue, 23 Apr 2013 10:40:18 EST Need a little help OK i Know i'm a motivator.. but even i need a swift kick in the butt of motivation some times.. <BR> <BR> OK some know i'm doing an Ironman this year in July.. It's heavy into cardio endurance training.. I've had to give way on some of my strength training. I NEED to start doing it again.. it's the only way i'm going to lose the 18 pounds i had to put on for training.. since i was at 130, my dr made me put on 20 so i'd have a calorie buffer for training since i struggled to keep weight on... Tue, 9 Apr 2013 19:37:23 EST Still here! Just behind the scenes Well I am still here.. still sparking away.. I enter my workouts daily.. my food...3/4 of the day.. Winter was an adjustment to upping my fitness.. working on strength.. Struggled with some of it as i was a little a burned out after MCM.. but i managed through with some slower weeks.. <BR> <BR> A month ago i started my IM training in the sense i need an extra months to get my adjust.. I've done the training last year for just my Half Ironman.. this week is my taper week..looking forward to ... Mon, 11 Mar 2013 12:14:46 EST Marine Corp Marathon wasn't pretty.. but i finished. Yupper... As i texted my friend and PT Grace at mile 17 while waiting outside the porta jon: Stomach Bug + Marathon= AGONIZING!!! Yup you read that one right.. Ran a MARATHON... TWENTY SIX POINT TWO MILES...WITH A STOMACH BUG... one of my roommates had it a week before... I was keeping my fingers crossed...i had an idea it was a possibility when Julie and i were walking around Saturday with her mom and our daughters.... But i decided to give the race a go.. I've never backed out of one yet... Mon, 5 Nov 2012 13:47:02 EST Why is my scale going the WRONG WAY??? ok.. i'm not a newbie here.. but sometimes even i go UGH!!!! <BR> <BR> Weighin this morning was...drumroll please....145...WHAT??? On and off 3 more times.. yupper.. the same.. <BR> <BR> SOOOOOOOOOOOO it's not like i don't know why... and i can even tell you... <BR> <BR> 1.) 2 very high salt day.... <em>46</em> <BR> <BR> 2.) and even though i started out yesterday with good intentions and was on track.. I over ate at the end.. <BR> <BR> 3.) Been feeling blah...(PMS) tired fro... Wed, 10 Oct 2012 11:53:28 EST Quest of an Ironma'm Blog 1: Support OK.. I know some of you are looking at this and going GWENNNN it's IRONMAN... and yes you are 100% right! However, my 7 yr old david... corrected me... on that i am a Ma'm... NOT a man.. So i will be an Ironma'm! Gotta love the way kids minds work.. Wonder if i can get the Ironman brand to change that. ;) Lol.. <BR> <BR> <BR> So Ironman.. What is it?? Well it's 140.6 miles of excitement, pain, fatigue, sometimes torture, loneliness.. BUT FUN! the breakdown is 2.2 mile swim, followed ... Wed, 3 Oct 2012 11:02:12 EST Even the most experienced of us falter. Yupper.. was doing well nutritional until after my Half Ironman... The weight with training for the HIM and slowly been creeping up some.. I wasn't worried about it as i've kept track of my measurements ..So i knew i was putting on muscle.. after the HIM i have put on 10 more pounds with training for a marathon... Some of it is muscle.. so i know is not... how do i know... <BR> <BR> 1.) i've been slacking with doing my upper body and core ST <BR> 2.) not necessarily tracking ALL my food.. ... Wed, 26 Sep 2012 09:07:12 EST Spark people and my Quest to be an Ironman Yupper you saw that right... As of July of this year.. I have signed up for Ironman Lake PLacid 2013... My family thinks i'm crazy.. But this has been a 2 year journey for me... with progressive training that was laid our carefully by my Cardiologist, GP, Endocrinologist, and CHiropracter ... I even followed a modified Ironman Training schedule for when i trained for my Half Ironman. My body needs time to build it's endurance and doing that worked out great because i was sore at all after ... Sat, 8 Sep 2012 10:04:56 EST MY first Half Ironman done with Sparkpeople! Yup you heard me.. HALF IRONMAN IS IN THE BOOKS!!! WHoot! and i could never had done it if i hadn't joined sparkpeople and lost the weight and GAINED the motivation... With Sparkpeople i found the most important person in my life: ME... Gone is the former fatty.. instead there is the self confident, energetic, robust , fearless, full of life ME! i thought i'd share with you my race report i wrote for the Musselman Half Ironman: <BR> <BR> my MM race report: Fed off the nerves of some fel... Thu, 19 Jul 2012 10:55:06 EST PR'D my FOrks 15K race by 13m06s! WAHOOOO!!!! <BR> <BR> <BR> the original race results i had from last year had it as an 18 minute difference.. But they were manually tracking us.. this year they had chip timing.. EITHER WAY.. i am SO HAPPY with this result.. TO top it off i was only 2 minutes behind my friend Julie.. Aka Frecks96! I"m getting faster! <BR> <BR> To make it an even MORE joyful occasion.. for those of you who've known me for awhile.. this is the race that seriously tore my IT band from the knee into my... Tue, 27 Mar 2012 09:20:49 EST Thanks to Sparkpeople, I have found JOY! :) I'm not talking about Happiness.. But pure joy.. that feeling that wells up inside you and just spills over no matter HOW MUCH you try and contain it... <BR> <BR> Now i hear you all thinking.. HAve you NEVER felt it before?? yes but NO.. I spent most of my life just feeling emotionally numb. Grew up in a not so pleasant household.. Yes there was moments of happiness.. but there were also moments of fear.. i learned at a very early age to emotionally shield myself... The VERY FIRST TIM... Sat, 17 Mar 2012 09:02:56 EST 2 Year Sparkiversary and what i have learned. OK.. yeah i missed MY OWN 2 year is a good thing.. Means i've taken everything i've learned on sparkpeople and been able to apply it to life.. Some days are good days... Some days i falter. And that is ok. If anything i have learned on Sparkpeople is there is NO SUCH THING AS PERFECTION.. you strive for it.. you'll fail at it.. The MOST we can do is just do the best we can every day. ANd if that means youpack on 10 lbs going through a divorce.. you know what ?? it ... Thu, 2 Feb 2012 13:49:08 EST Marine Corp Marathon.... to do or NOT to do..that is the question...I'm leaning more towards the DO side of life.. My friend Julie..aka Frecks96 is doing it.. i have triclub peeps that are doing it... It would be a nice race to do right around my birthday time. :) I know i'll have more than enough time to train for a marathon after my HIM in JUly.. It would be more shifting gears of backing of the swim and just keeping at the biking and increasing the running.. the HIM training will give me a good base to do this.... Thu, 12 Jan 2012 13:27:17 EST January Freeze series, 1 race done, PR'd all of 2011's series GO ME! finished my first Freeze 10K race at 59m08s...WHich is a PR of my entire 2011 Freeze series! i ran/chatted with Julie ( Frecks96) the whole time.. I threw the gauntlet down at her feet that the last race... we will RACE it.. SO i'm looking forward to the last race.. I"ve spent alot of time chasing JUlie down.. she's a fair and equal competitor.. SO this will be a nice matchup! <em>334</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> other than that.. I've been doing well. HAd another job interview.. had se... Wed, 11 Jan 2012 10:04:03 EST Being Naked put it all into perspective. Yeah i'm not kidding.... I swim at the Boys and Girls Club(BGC) during the day... and when they have there lap swim.. I"m usually with the senior citizen crowd... and i'm ok with it.. And don't go thinking it's because i can beat them at swimming..FAR from it.. In fact the current person i am trying SO HARD to beat is an 83 year old man they CALL Speedy... he's earned it... let me tell you.. I think he was BORN a fish... All of them are nice folks and they've taken me under there wing so to ... Thu, 5 Jan 2012 17:29:16 EST 2011 in review and my goals for 2012 to do a quicky month by month review of 2011: <BR> <BR> January: Signed up for and began triatholon training <BR> <BR> Feb: Almost died <BR> <BR> March: pushed recovery and aquired a pretty bad IT BAND injury nduring the forks 15K race. <BR> <BR> April: Numerous tests on Feb's health issues revealed I'm ok.. Extra training had saved my life during a perfect storm moment. <BR> <BR> May: Made the decision to listen to my body.. BOwed out of the BInghamton HM and Limped/ran the 5K portion ... Mon, 2 Jan 2012 10:30:16 EST Still here and what i've been up to! :) Yupper i'm still here even if i've been hiding in the background.. As some of you know I've been going through the divorce process.. Things are not moving as smoothly as i'd like.. But things are moving.. I've also been job searching.. which is time consuming and frustrating.. All the MLT job's in my area are currently frozen on hiring status.. I've interviewed for them all.. i know i'm there top candidate.. BUt in the mean time i've been interview at other places.. I have a lead as a Dental ... Fri, 16 Dec 2011 15:41:12 EST We have lost a fellow Spark member For those of you who knew Tammy, aka Kobebrown, she lost her battle with pancreatic cancer on 10/27. Her funeral services were this past monday. While i was unable to attend due to family commitments.. I was able to pay my respects to her family. She was a woman of good spirit and even in the face of adveristy never gave up hope and was the epitome of courage.... She was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer right around the same time i had my Syncope episode in February. She had emailed me the ... Fri, 4 Nov 2011 08:07:28 EST getting ready to go to my first HM tomorrow 10/16 Igotta say i'm a dork.. I've run the distance 4 times.. But races STILL Make me stomach tied in knots IDK WHY.. it's not like a CAN"T run it... sigh...OH well.. I think this will always happen.... So i'm going up early for there expo and packet pickup.. My daughter Liz has a band competition in the same town.. so we're staying overnight... In fact Liz and her BFF Beth, and BEth's mom, My SParkbuddy Nicole(nikkann) are ALL staying with me at the hotel Saturday night because we... Sat, 15 Oct 2011 08:44:19 EST thank you for the support and my upcoming first HM I just wanted to say THANKYOU to everyone who has privately emailed me or commented on my page, sent me a spark goodie, commented on my blogs.. thank you SO MUCH for all your support for my divorce decision... It's not the best time in life at the moment but i'm take it all in 1 day at a time. <BR> <BR> <BR> I also have my FIRST HM this sunday 10/16... I"m nervous... i've ran the distance 4 times.. but this is a RACE! I know i'm going to finish.. just trying to go for a good time.. my las... Fri, 14 Oct 2011 08:28:30 EST Some times it takes a HUGE amount of courage to move on. Upon my telling all of you of my asking my husband for a divorce i was surprised i recieved some backlash.. I want to let all of you i did NOT enter in this decision lightly... My children are a priority in all this. Liz is my first child... JOhn is her stepfather... I myself grew up in a home where it was VERY clear my parents were in a loveless marriage and BECAUSE they stayed together when they shouldn't have .. they were verbally cruel to each other... some times physically... and i wound... Thu, 6 Oct 2011 16:33:02 EST Sometimes Divorce is the answer to happiness. Before any of my fellow sparkfriends panic.. let me reassure you i am 100% ok. <BR> <BR> Last thursday, I asked my husband JOhn for a divorce. my feelings for him is something i have been struggling with all summer. We have tried marriage counseling in the past and it's just not working.. He's a good man...good father.. good FRIEND and always 100% supportive in everything i do...but i really don't think either one of us is in love with the other any more...And i just couldn't live this way. ... Mon, 3 Oct 2011 09:06:49 EST waiting is so HARD!!! WHINE! have i ever told you PATIENCE is NOT my strongest suit??? lol.. seriously it's been ONE WHOLE DAY!! WHEN are they going to CALL ME about the JOB!!! i KNOW they loved me... so seduce me with a paycheck offer already!!! I'm not cheap nor easy.. but i can certainly get the job done! <BR> <BR> <BR> Sigh... and even a busy days of errands and running here and there could barely take my mind off the job obsession.... tomorrow is a run day.. I will pound out the dermination into the pave... Wed, 21 Sep 2011 21:11:59 EST job interview today. I totally ROCKED IT!! oh YES I DID!!!! Now i just have to play the waiting game and see if the job offer comes in.. So keep your fingers CROSSED! and toes.. and legs.. and eyes and arms.. <BR> <BR> So until tomorrow sparkland.. it's gonna be another great day! Tue, 20 Sep 2011 21:05:48 EST JOb interview tomorrow More than nervous.. But i believe i can nail it.. I've prepped with some questions ahead of time...So here's hoping.. On the flip side i'm thinking i have a start of cold... UGH! so i'm definately goign to go to bed early tonight.. I need the sleep...still recouping from last week's monsterous workout week... <BR> <BR> So until tomorrow sparkland.. It's gonna be another great day! Mon, 19 Sep 2011 19:05:28 EST tired so short blog yes i did get my 40 mile bike ride in yesterday.. i also met some Tribclub friends out at a local pub to see how everyone was fairing with the recent flooding.. it was nice to reconnect with some of them... after that met another friend out... long day for me.. got home .. couldn't shut my darn brain off.. and then john's phone rang at 2am( he's on call).. yeah.. that kept me it was maybe 5 hours sleep last night.. Looking forward to early bed tonight to recoup. <BR> <BR> So until to... Sun, 18 Sep 2011 19:10:04 EST not much to day went to Fleet Feet today and got myself some new kicks.. On the way home a headashe started.. It's been high's and low's with it all afternoon and evening.. So i'm thinking it's fatigue from yesterday's long run.. going to bed early tonight as i'm supposed bike early in the morning with a friend... it will depend on how i feel... So .............. <BR> <BR> <BR> Until tomorrow sparkland.. It's gonna be another GREAT DAY! <BR> Fri, 16 Sep 2011 19:08:44 EST 13.1 miles in 2h06m29s.. a new PR! totally PR'd my last 13.1 mile run time by 15 minutes.. told you all i was full of WHEW.. i was only supposed to do 12.5 for training.. But a friend of mine asked me why NOT the 13.1... sigh.. darn bird in my ear ALL DAY... lol. so as i was getting close the the 12.5 mile mark.. saw the time .. and said .. you know.. I GOTTA KNOW.. my knees were fried, but i went for it... IT..................WAS...................<BR>AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! and of course.. i was jumpi... Thu, 15 Sep 2011 19:09:51 EST really productive day... i have had so much energy the last 3 days.. i think if you had hooked me up to a battery.. I could've powered all of the Southern Tier. today..i had so much energy i was shaking with it.. you should SEE how clean and organized my house and i also went for short bike ride.. 13.5 MIles.. PR'd My sprint tri race time of 12 miles in 40 minutes.. which means i shaved 18 minutes off.. Helps i was pedaling at a 16-19MPH speed most of the ALso did 45 minutes of ST.. I think i'm ... Wed, 14 Sep 2011 20:57:34 EST a walk and a run today.. i am pooped! Went on a 6 mile walk with my friend Jenn through the hills of Endicott.. then i did a 5.26 mile run after... WOW is my butt FEELING IT! haven't had that good of a workout like that in awhile. :) kinda liking it.. but we'll see tomorrow how SO all in all a good day.. Aidan had his horeback riding lesson tonight.. Itold his therapist that between school and the flooding emergency... he's been higly disorganized.. so he got to ride a horse named Ariel.. she's pretty fast.. and i... Tue, 13 Sep 2011 19:32:28 EST nothing happened today..THANK GOD! kids went to school... i went and walked with a friend in themorning.. took a short bike ride to see some of the flooding damage...came home got the kids off their buses...made dinner and now THEY"RE fighting sleep at 8:14pm.. Yup really exciting stuff here.. after the past week..I'lll take it! enjoying the cool down in the weather. makes running some of my longer distances earlier.. bike a tad bit breezier.. I need to remember to wear a windbreaker.. But even with the destruction around me... Mon, 12 Sep 2011 20:14:53 EST woke up to police at the front door. I kid you not.. apparently my crazy next door neighbor issued death threats to his own sister.. and it's a neighbor we've had to file police reports of harrassment and damage to our property on.. So we had SWATT surrounding our house.. GUNS OUT and ready to take him by force.. each end of the road was blocked off.. sigh.. so we were told to hover in the far side of our house away from windows..REALLY!! 1 day after getting home from THE FLOOD! we did and 20 minutes later after watching the SW... Sun, 11 Sep 2011 20:42:33 EST My family was so lucky with this flood I went out for a run to survey the damage first hand.. WOW the devastation.. i am just stunned.. the park near our house is STILL flooded... .. on my run i went to the street that was directly behind us.. people were pumping water out of their basements.. the house DIRECTLY behind me had water 1 foot INTO their front yard.. I am SO THANKFUL that we did NOT get the extra rain that was originally expected for thursday... otherwise.. I'd be pumping and taking stuff out of my basement too.. to a... Sat, 10 Sep 2011 16:43:15 EST Home after the flood. Just wanted to let all my sparkbuddies know me and my family are ok.. We stayed with a friend the last couple of days after we had the mandatory evacuation.. Lucky for me .. my house wound up being an island.. no damage..100% ok. tracked no food.. but i know i ate well and got a lot of exercise as we walked around looking and the flood water's rising and to keep up on the latest happenings.. plus.. not like we had much else to with out power at my friends wasn't bad.. we had w... Fri, 9 Sep 2011 19:13:16 EST i more day before school starts. even though i had pretty much everything done.. why is the day before school always so busy???run here.. run run there.. drop off papers here..pickup sign some more there.. couple of appts.. and hey! we're good..right?? yeah no... so HUGE debacle with aidan and special ed transportation.. basically it should be door to door.. they want to drop him off 1 block behind me.. Uh NO! he's AUTISTIC.. the attention span of 10 minutes IF someone is there to help him.. Oh.. and that block is right b... Tue, 6 Sep 2011 21:42:23 EST 10K in 51m32s...just PR'd my time again! I'm telling you... cold wet rainy 6o degree..MISERABLE day is MY PERFECT RACE DAY! lol.. it wasn't a race for me today.. but a tempo run... and since i've shifted focuse from HIM as primary to secondary and HM to primary.. it is GAME ON!! you want me to bring.. Guess what???it's been BROUGHT! i was so stoked when i saw that time today! I do still plan to keep up with the HIM training like i said.. but it's a secondary... i will finish it out.. SImply because i find all the cross training... Mon, 5 Sep 2011 20:14:04 EST been super busy and a 1/2 century ride! Still going at it with the HIM training.. over the last major hurdle with cyccling portion so ican concentrate more on the running and swimming...glad my season is winding down.. I did get a nice 1/2 century ride (50 miles) this weekend with a friend.. on his birthday no less and after he did part of a triatholon as a relay team.. today i took a break from training to recoup from the ride and spend soem time witht he family.. kids had a blast a the Syracuse Science Museaum..followed by a nic... Sun, 4 Sep 2011 20:57:08 EST Giving up So i've been thinking about this lately.. WHY do people just give up??? Because i don't understand it. Especially when there are so many alternatives out there.. WHY is GIVING UP the best choice of those alternatives.... You injure a leg... so you can't run.. but you can workout your arms.. core injur your arms.. well go for a walk instead.. why is it I hurt myself there for i do NOTHING is the best choice.. even when life gets hards... divorces, death's, loss of jobs... WHY i... Wed, 31 Aug 2011 20:25:18 EST someone has stolen my daylight! seriously it gets dark at 7:30ish now.. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! cutting my after work bike time from 4 lovely hours down to 2.5.. pout... sniff sniff... <BR> <BR> thank god john was able to come home right at 5.. because i was ready as soon he was home and i literally kissed him on the cheek and ran out the door.. Biked with my friend Ramon tonight. I was the pace booty which was ok.. We have a running joke about my trying to chick him.. So eh... it provides good motivation for me to s... Tue, 30 Aug 2011 20:24:32 EST Very Busy weekend! started with my friend Julie's(freck96's) birthay on friday night.. Had TONS of fun.. stayed out later than anticipated.. But i so need and enjoyed cutting loose.. it's been awhile and it was a TON of fun.. Saturday was my anniversary.. We went to WAtkins glenn to hike the gorge. JOhn had never been.. We did the stair trail all the way up and i was kind and we did the south rim walking trail on the way back. we then went to a local town bar called Maria's.. I had a DELICIOUS black and blue b... Sun, 28 Aug 2011 19:37:49 EST I AM.......... One of the things i love about long runs or cycles.. is it gives me a time to reflect inward and just think.. i find it helps pass the time and in addition i find it upliftingOn my latest run of 13.1 miles.. I did just that.. when so many of us sit there and can easily list our faults.. I decided to list my positives.. here is my list: <BR> <BR> <BR> I AM: <BR> <BR> a mother... <BR> ... Thu, 25 Aug 2011 14:23:53 EST long tiring day.. did NOT sleep well at all last night.. which snow balled into being exhausted all day... all i got in workout wise was some power yoga... which is ok..Looking forward to this weekend.. Hoping JOhn and i will be able to walk the Watkis Glenn GOrge on saturday for our anniversary... It's 8pm.. not much more to say.. so i'm off to bed with the boys... Until tomorrow sparkland... <BR> <BR> It's gonna be another GREAT DAY! Wed, 24 Aug 2011 20:08:32 EST Worst OWS EVER.. had to be taken from the lake by boat darn asthma kicked in at about 300 yards.. IDK what was in the water.. but breathing was difficult..Lucky for me i had made it to the second bouy..i was upset.. i haven't been to OWS in 2 weeks.. I needed to do this.... a couple of the swimmers stopped on by to check on me.. 2 stayed with me.. and i had pondered pushing through to the 3rd buoy and then shore .. but my lungs were really feeling like they were on fire adn i was having extremem trouble breathing.. I could hear the crackling..and... Mon, 22 Aug 2011 21:11:15 EST 13.1 miles in 2h21m47s..and nope it wasnt a race :) It was me having a wild hair day and pushing the limits.. the goal was to do 8-10 miles... which i gotta say .. withm y starting the run at 69 degrees and it went up to 79 during the run time.. It became easy to keep training pace.. In fact i was 40 seconds faster than my training pace.. Never once was i huffing andpuffing.. nor sore... In fact i have a confession to make.. this is not the first time i've ran this distance.. it's the second <em>334</em> but since my first 13.1 mile run wa... Sat, 20 Aug 2011 20:54:50 EST not much to say.. had a semi busy day.. House work.. yard work.. played withthe kids.. kind of a steady pace day... Looking to relaxing some.. a couple of appts for tomorrow.. And maybe some evening fun with friends... but i've been tired today so i thought it good to slow down and relax.. Looking forward to doing a long run or bike on saturday.. <BR> <BR> <BR> So i'm going to call it an early until tomorrow sparkland.. It's gonna be another great day! :) Thu, 18 Aug 2011 18:50:59 EST 6 months since my near death and moving on.. i have to say i have had some positive and negative feedback since that day.. By in large Sparkpeople has been HUGELY supportive.. I still read my 2/17 blog ... i read all your wonderful comments and support.. I kept and still read all the wonderful supportive emails i recieved... I have had some days where my sugar was hard to manage... Days where i was physically exhausted and knew it wasn't from exertion, but that it was due to my heart.. On those days.. when i need it.. your emails and th... Wed, 17 Aug 2011 13:39:55 EST Warrior Dash 8/14 w/pics ok because so many asked me for pics.. here it is... btw.. the HARDEST part about this race.. was this Warrior Dash you were running up, across, and zig zagging down a SKI SLOPE... obsticles were scattered in between... all 12 were not so bad.. the worst one for me was maybe the 2 story A frame cargo net one.. but when you have people scrambling around to get up around and over right next to you.. you have no time to be scared.. I ran it at a much slower pace because i went with a team of wom... Tue, 16 Aug 2011 20:34:01 EST Quicky tonight :) Did the Warrior Dash with some friends today.. AWESOME.. TOTALLY LOVED IT.. SO want to do another.. But it's late..I'm beat.. and as soon as i get my race pics developed as i had to use a waterproof disposo camera tomorrow.. I will do a full race report tomorrow with pics... <BR> <BR> So until tomorrow sparkland.. It's gonna be another GREAT DAY! Sun, 14 Aug 2011 23:03:36 EST